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Gorsel Sanatlar Printing & Packing Co. - Turkey - [Packaging]
We would like to introduce ourselves to you as a Printing House with more than 32 years of experience specialized in offset printing ( books, catalogues, magazines, journals, periodicals, brochures, booklets, leaflets, flyers, shopping bags, corrugated boxes, p.o.p products, scratch off cards, etc. ). Gorsel Sanatlar Printing & Packing Co. has been founded in 1977 and it has set its main goals as providing the best service to its customers, becoming the best national producer and strengthening its position in international markets. Gorsel Sanatlar Printing & Packing Co. is one of Turkey's leading companies in its sector and makes production in accordance with international standards ( ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , FSC Certificates ).

GÜÇ PLASTIK IND. and TRADING CO. - Turkey - [bags]
We are the plastic bag producer in Turkey last 30 years. We are producing Garbage bags, draw-tape garbage basg, T-Shirt bags on roll, T-Shirt bags, Butcher bags, Freezer bags.

Sifa Olive Oils Co - Turkey - [food]
The firm keeping on its productivity till now was founded under the name of SIFA OLIVE OIL C. O. L. T. D in the begining of 2001. The plant is established at the center of hunderd of thousands of olive trees around it, with its 1650 m2 of enclosed and 6000 m2 of open area in Altinozu of HATAY province of Turkey and we made up principle to provide you valued consumer with superior quality of products. The Oils obtained from Oil picker along the year is analysed 2 times, firstly in our own Laboratuary and than Trade Bourse Laboratuary. Subsequently oils is taken into our factory for processing, packaging and at last, it is presented to market as brands of SIFANUR and GOLD DROP Aimed to expand the market share in both domestic and foreign, our company already has CARREFOUR (Mediterranean and Southeast regions) and YIMPAS Market Chains of which they are National Markets in Turkey.

BELLASET TRADE LTD. - Turkey - [crafts]
Bellaset Trade Ltd. is the manufacturer and exporter of Ginalli Ceramic Curling Iron. These curling irons are very practical to use and made by the highest ceramic quality. There are five types of iron to obtain different hair styles. These are 13mm, 25mm, Cone, Reverse Cone, Double Barrel Spring. Two main targets to market these product - professional hair styler and women.Training cd, fireproof gloves in the product box. Plese check our web site to see these products and training in the movie and please contact us to own the profit of this unique product's marketing.

AR-EL Medical Products Ltd. - Turkey - [health]
We take pleasure introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers all kinds of medical operation tables and chairs. AR-EL Medical Products Ltd. Company was established in 1968.We present the best quality on materials. As a proof of that our Products certificated with CE Mark , ISO 9001:2000 and TSE. Our Products 1) Gynecological Examination Tables 2) Delivery Tables 3) E.N.T Chairs 4) Operation Tables 5) Eyes Operation Tables 6) Hemodialysis and Blood Collection Chairs 7) Veterinary Tables 8) Doctor Stools 9) Hair Salon Chairs. We have many satisfied foreign customers, we exports our products more then 15 countries. For more information you may visit our web site and if you have any questions or commands do not hasitate to contact with us.

Ferkateks - Turkey - [garment]
Ferkateks is a well organized and operated Sourcing and Buying Agency, is located in a capital of export business of Turkey, Istanbul. Ferkateks is specialized in casual wear for all gender and age groups and Home Textile. We work with several large, vertically integrated factories with high annual production output. Having relationships with factories of varying sizes and production capabilities allows us the flexibility to execute both large and smaller orders across a wide range of product requirements. Due to being a full-service sourcing agent and passionate stickler for detail, we are all involved with every step of the production process, quality control and inspection throughout the manufacturing process and, finally, shipping.

MetalMarket Ltd - Turkey - [metals]
We are a steel and pipe producing and trading company having a biz valume of 200 mio dollars per year. Our export items are reinforcing bars, tubings, HRC, CRC, merchant bars etc.

ExpoTR [Turkey]
Turkish Exporting Directory The Business Gateway to Turkey, Directory of Import Export Companies in Turkey.

Seval Kablo Inc. Co. - Turkey - [energy]
Seval Cable, started production of energy cables on 1980 in Denizli/TURKEY. All the production are achieved by the procedures and regulations of obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001,TSE and relevant international standards. Having 25 year experince in cable industry we produce low voltage energy cables, installation cables. HO5V-U HO7V-U/R (NYA) /Pvc insulated, non sheated single core cables with copper conductor, HO5V-K,HO7V-K (NYAF) /Pvc insulated, non sheathed, flexible single core cables, HO3VV-F,HO5VV-F, HO7VVH8-F(TTR) /Pvc insulated, pvc sheathed ,flexible ,multi core cables, NYM -NVV / Pvc insulated ,pvc sheathed cables, NYY -YVV / Pvc insulated ,pvc sheathed 0.6/1kV

Oztek label inc. - Turkey - [Trade]
Oztek Label Industry and Trade Inc. is a branch of Oztek Group of Companies and one of the leader label companies in Turkey, which is a leading producer of woven and printed labels to the highest standard of quality through a fully integrated production line.In today’s global world, companies aim to reach more and more customers in all around the world with low transport costs. As Oztek Label Inc, we have partnership with Furtex( Russia) and Hallmark ( U.K).

Sis Auto Export & Import Co. - Turkey - [Auto]
We import and export all kind of auto spare parts since 30 years. We cooporate with many firms in the world in making good profits.

UC Bey company - Turkey - [Industry]
We are professionals who represent local manufacturers to the world. Our products are; 1. Air Compressors 2. Generators 3. Industrial Machinery - Concrete bricket&cobblestone producing plants. 4. Paperboards & products - Three different thickness types and several colors (e. G. White brown) 5. Automotive Spare Parts - Used Spare Parts for Tractors, Vehicles etc. 6. Metal Fittings - Any type of metal fittings for pipe lines, industrial machinery fittings etc. 7. Agricultural Machinery - Agricultural machinery for harvesting in a crop and other machinery types for other production processes in agriculture.

BCS Kimya Tic Ltd Sti - Turkey - [Chemicals]
BCS Kimya is Middle East office of BCS ( Basic Chemical Solutions LLC). BCS is U.S. based multinational chemical distributing and trading company.

Nassetti Medical Equipment Ltd. Co. - Turkey - [Health]
NASSETTI is the first company in Turkey addressing the medical market in a professional way. We are a manufacturer and distributor of products used in critical care environment. Wholly owned by Simed Health Care Group B.V. since 2005 and employing over 80 professionals, we concentrate on the designing, manufacturing, installation and after sales service of central medical gas systems, patient bedhead units, ceiling pendant systems, nurse call systems and ambulances as well as distributing surgical tables & lamps, sterilizers and emergency equipment from the companies leading the market. Our activities over the past 22 years have extended beyond the borders of Turkey, due to the fact that conformity for internationally accepted standards has been our primary concern in all our work. Today, Nassetti is able to provide solutions according to the standards applicable in Europe (EN, DIN, etc.) or the United States (NFPA, KKK-1822, etc.) or the United Kingdom (BS, htm, etc.). All our products are CE marked and we are an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified company.

Miteksan Giyim tic ve san ltd sti - Turkey - [garment]
Miteksan Clothing is manufacturer and exporter of mens suits, mens wedding suits, mens waistcoats and mens overcoats since 1974.

Natura tiles - handmade tiles [Turkey]
Natura Tiles is a family owned company, which we are making handmade tiles as plain, painted and relifed for walls and floors. All tiles are handmade, including the dyes, so it is natural that every tile has a different look. All these differences give a floating and warm effect to tiles. A Composition, which designed by handmade tiles, adds a personal, vibrant atmosphere integrated with art.When you combine wall and floor tiles, it is a must to see the diversity and quality that appears in the room. Our team designs tiles; besides, you are always welcome to send us your own private design with no price difference. We ship all over the world. Prices are quoted per destination and quantity.

UC BEY Trading Company Ltd. - Turkey - [Gifts]
We are a company established in the capital of Turkey. WEe are especially experienced in exporting food products as well as silver handmade jewelry. We are ready to supply any kind of requirement of importers. We would be glad to establish long lasting and reliable copperations.

Ceylan Elektronik Tic.Ltd.Sti. - Turkey - [Electronics]
CEYLAN ELEKTRONIK was founded in 1992 in Bursa; Turkey. The company imports and trades automation and electronics parts to industrial customers all over Turkey. The customer database is comprehensive with established relations with key buyers. The company has advertisements on nation-wide automation magazines and is participating nation-wide exhibitions regularly. It is able to offer 75.000 products from over 600 different brands. The company product portfolio ranges in Power electronic products; Fuses; Sensors; Time relays; Solid State Relays; Counters; Encoders; Tachometers; Encoders; Sensors, Temperature Controllers; Light Barriers; Modular Vehicle Dedectors; Radar Sensors; Temperature Controllers; Control Relays; Limit Switchs, Senkron Motors, Tacho Generators Magnetic Field Plate Sensors; Ultra Sonic Sensors; Switching Power Supplies; Motor Control Units, Frequency Converters and Softstarters.

Odak international business services and manufacturing co. Ltd - Turkey - [Industry]
We are an international business services company operating in Canakkale (Dardannelles) and providing consultancy services for our local and international clients since 2001. We also engage in the production of certain products including seafood and agricultural related products.

Yorktrade foreign trade - Turkey - [Food]
Yorktrade Foreign Trade is a trading company in Istanbul Turkey. Company has more than 150 contractors and specifically acticated in Food, textile and electronic industry. We can supply any product in this sectors. Our main market is Europe, USA, Asia, and Middle East.

A&E Textile Co - Turkey - [Garment]
A&E is a well orginized textile agent located in istanbul, Turkey.

A & E is specialized mostly in ready wear, however we're able to offer other textile segments such as home textile. We work with several large, vertically integrated factories with high annual production output. Having relationships with factories of varying sizes and production capabilities allows us the flexibility to execute both large and smaller orders across a wide range of product requirements. Due to being a full-service sourcing agent and passionate stickler for detail, we are all involved with every step of the production process, quality control and inspection throughout the manufacturing process and, finally, shipping.

A & E offers you opportunities to meet with your expectations by our talented and experienced team of employees. We look forward to initiating a business relationship with you. According to your requirements, we can provide you samples and fabric swatches as soon as you get in contact with us.

Should you need more information about A & E, please do not hesitate to contact. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ege distribution Ltd - Turkey - [Animals]
Ege Distribution Ltd. has been mainly in the field of pet products industry for more than four years and has been producing especially beds,beddings and cushions,clothings and collars for small pets such as dogs and cats.We are very experienced in this industry and our products have been sold with Alter Ego label in the highly respectable chain stores such as Auchan , Manoprix, Jardiland ve Truffaut all around France.Apart from this production we have also started to manufacture textile products.Our main aim is to show the same succes in this field as well.We have only producing t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and tracksuits for now ,but we are planning to expand our business rapidly. Ege Distribution Ltd. has not got any relation with the internal market, therefore we are only exporting.

Guzelis Porselen - Turkey - [Cookware]
Guzelis Porselen is one of the leaders of the kitchenware industry in Turkey with its nearly half a decade long experience and presence in the market. Since our establishment in 1958, we presented a stable progress towards success. Starting with the same office located in Istanbul Mercan acting as a wholesaler of glassware and porcelainware, we gradually grew up to be a manufacturer by building an enamel cookware factory in 1979 and a further one of non-stick cookware in 1994 together with our liaison offices in the USA, Krgyzistan and Macedonia. To date, Guzelis Porselen products under the brand name ETERNITY reaches to the handsome kitchens of housewives and professional chefs in more than 38 countries worldwide.

ETERNITY, Porcelain Enamel on Steel Non-Stick Cookwares, is an example of perfect quality and modern technology. The raw materials and spare parts used in the manufacturing meet the ISO 9001 quality standards. Our enamel and nonstick production facilities are located in the outskirts of Istanbul on an area of 3.800 and 11,200 square meters respectively. Fully automatic machinery and computer controlled systems used in the production line results in a manufacturing capacity of 250.000 pieces per month.

ETERNITY performs beautifully from kitchen to table with its attractive colours and decorations and the toughest, longest lasting, most durable nonstick coating in the world provided by Excalibur, Whitford. It is easy to clean and scratch resistant, meaning it does not wear off for a life time even when you use metal utensils.

The philosophy of Guzelis Porselen is to place client satisfaction at the top of its priority agenda. We aim to provide high quality products with reasonable and competitive prices. Appreciating the importance of logistics for our clients, we use modern technology storage techniques in both of our warehouses one. Until today, we never failed to miss the delivery date of our goods.

Guzelis Porselen operates nationwide, existing almost in every corner of Turkey including retailing. Our international customer portfolio is spread into an area of more than 38 countries.

We have an integrated product line, ranging from cookware to porcelain tableware and glass drinkware together with glass serving trays, all of which can be supplied in the same decorations. To have a good understanding on our products, we invite you to either view our web site or take a look at our full range catalogue. Our highly qualified team of international sales would be more than happy to serve you whatever way if you need any assistance. Let's allow our consumers to enjoy cooking and serving their dinner with ETERNITY cookware, porcelainware and glassware!

Miraj Group Co. Ltd. - Turkey - [Household]
MIRAJ Group Companies - Mechanical group specializes on cooking appliances including gas and electrical cookers, bbq, ovens, table-top, free-standing, built-in models. MIRAJ Group Companies - Textile group specializes on leather work gloves which come in many styles for different work conditions.

MGS Food Industries Inc. - Turkey - [Food]
Rio Santo "tasty selections" was born as the original brand of MGS Food Industries Inc. which was established in 1989 with its plants of a total of 56.000 sqm2 which 19.000 sqm2 is closed.

The continuous evolution of tastes and market needs resulting in a diversification of food consumption, induced MGS to improve and to conform its productive capacity of more than 10.000 tonnes of tomato products and to process 13.000 tonnes of various fruits and vegetables with a production of more than 20 millions jars and cans per year.

Rio Santo offers selective tastes, flavours and natural colors which provides the opportunity to show your life by adding to your dinner tables exciting Rio Santo specialities.

Rio Santo uses only selected raw materials, preserved in a natural way through MGS high technology, under oil or slightly seasoned to enhance genuinity and taste following the Mediterranean culinary tradition.

Rio Santo has made objectives in order to protect and improve the common environment during all before and after hygienic production processes. Thus made RIO SANTO brand fully stand behind MGS's "certified quality" of its products.

Dekora Marble and Travertine Co. - Turkey - [Stone]
We currently produce a variety of marble,granite and travertine products (borders and medallions) using waterjet cutting machines with ultrahigh pressure at our own facility in Turkey. Apart from marketing our own products, we are capable of making custom-made designs for your specific projects. For further information, you can visit us at our web site or contact our firm directly.

Ceres Tic.Ith.Ihr - Turkey - [Food]
Our company is the exporter of Bozok Olive & Olive Oils and Paksoy Olives. We export Black & Green Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil Soap, different kinds of Olive Purees & Olive Jam. All of our products are made in Ayvalik/TURKEY & produced from Ayvalik olives. Ayvalik, according to its nature & soil productivity, is the best area in Turkey where the finest olives are grown. For details & samples contact us from our e-mail address.

Yildizlar tekstil tekstil san. ve. Distic ltd - Turkey - [Garment]
Yildizlar Tekstil is a Turkish company who manufacture high quality clothing products in both woven and knitted fabrics at reasonable prices, in all over Turkey and also supply all kind of closeout, surplus, liquidation, overstock apparels in each category for both adults and children.

Ozturk Ilac San ve Tic - Turkey - [Cosmetics]
Our company, Öztürklaç tiç ve san.,is the biggest aerosol factory which produces its own product. Our factory has the capacity of producing whole kind of aerosol with more than 12000 m2-covered areas and also with a labor force of 140 people average. Our daily capacity reaches up to 150000-200000 aerosol cans.

Growing trends in cosmetic industry lead our company to add new products like hair gel, deodorant, hair spray, eau de toilette and shaving foam into our already wide product range. Some of our cosmetic products are brand name in some countries like Iraq. We also produce all kinds of our plastic need in our factory. Our other products include insecticide,insect mat repellant,furniture polish,air freshener,lighter gas, dash board cleaner and kerosone. We export %40 of our product to the countries such as USA, Israel, Russia, Pakistan, Romania, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Ukraine, Cyprus and some African countries.

Dagli Trading Ltd. - Turkey - [Household]
Dagli Trading is now the leading manufacturer of personal care and household cleaning products in North Cyprus with over 15 brands and 250 product types. Our quality formulations and packages are developed in accordance with the latest developments in the market together with the cooperation of European and American chemicals suppliers.

Our personal care line includes;
*Shampoo and conditioner
*Foaming face wash
*Shower gel
*Hair styling gel
*Liquid hand soap

Our household cleaner line includes;
*Laundry products
*Dishwashing products
*General cleaners (kitchen, bathroom etc.)
*Fabric and room freshners

You can find detailed information about our products at our website

Oksijen Ic ve Ds Tic. Ltd - Turkey - [Food]
We ,as Oksijen Foreign Trade Co. Ltd., are settled in Izmir and would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most reliable foreign trade company in Turkey.

As a result of having long term experiences in our domestic market and in multinational environments we had a very rich portfolio of suppliers here in Turkey.

Our profession is on food products ;
-Dried(Dehydrated & Sundried) vegetables and fruits: Tomatoes, parsley, eggplant, celery; apricot, fig, raisen, pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, mint, etc.
-IQF fruits and vegetables
-Ready to serve dishes like soup, stuffed vine leaves.
-Fresh& preserved chestnut.
-Pickles; pickled hot & sweet pepper.
-Organic foods.

Export Promotion Center of Turkey/ IGEME - Turkey - [Trade]
IGEME, which is the only public organization in this field, was founded with the aim of developing and promoting Turkish exports. In line with its objective IGEME acts as an intermediary in establishing business contacts between foreign importers and Turkish exporters. Thus, it contributes to both parties providing a two-way service, enlightening Turkish businessmen and furnishing foreign importers with information on economic conditions, market prospect, exporters and regulations in Turkey. IGEME performs this function in a series of activities which can be categorized in five main areas, research and development, training, trade information, publicity and promotion, and international relations.
A travel portal of thousands of links to city guides, tour operators, and hotels in Turkey, as well as a variety of other topics of interest to travelers. If it has anything to do with travel to Turkey, you’ll find it here!

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A & E [Turkey]
A & E is a well organized and operated Textile Agency located in Istanbul, Turkey. We are ideally situated to execute with skill and efficiency the sourcing, manufacturing and shipping needs of retailers and importers. A & E is specialized mostly in ready wear, however we are able to offer other textile segments such as home textile. We work with several large, vertically integrated factories with high annual production output.



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