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Household - Cyprus


Company: Dagli Cosmetics & Cleaners
Zipcode: 5522
City: Famagusta
Country: Cyprus
Tel: 0090 392 366 5753
Fax: 0090 392 366 4855
url: http://www.dagli.com/

Dagli Cosmetics & Cleaners is a leading manufacturer and exporter of personal care and home cleaning products in Cyprus, Europe. Our mission is to continuously renew and upgrade our product offerings to exceed our clients expectations in a competitive manner and to offer them niche products in today's competitive markets.

The dynamic and market-oriented approach of the company has enabled us to grow our production to more than 15 brands (like PAX, DAX, CLEEN, ESTIV, DROPY, SOFF, QUICK) and 250 products during the five years following the start of production in 1998. Current production carries a wide selection ranging from shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid soap, hair styling gel and shower gel to washing-up liquid, dishwashing machine products, laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, fabric stain fighters and all types of household cleaners.

In March, 2004, we acquired the internationally recognized BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate in accordance with our mission. ISO 9001 now certifies our product and service quality, organizational harmony, smooth production and continuous R&D operations. Every single batch of production is tested in our Quality Control Department to ensure that our products are of the same exceptional quality and standards every time we produce. Please contact us for more information on our quality testing procedure.

Dagli, with its more than 20 years of experience in the marketing of consumer products, is now interested in extending its presence to new markets. Please contact us for more information on representation of Dagli products in your region.

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