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Company: Ege distribution Ltd
Address: Yukselis mah.2124 Sok. No:45/A
Zipcode: 07200
City: Antalya
Country: Turkey
Tel: 00902423452342
Fax: 00902423128424

Ege Distribution Ltd. has been mainly in the field of pet products industry for more than four years and has been producing especially beds,beddings and cushions,clothings and collars for small pets such as dogs and cats.We are very experienced in this industry and our products have been sold with Alter Ego label in the highly respectable chain stores such as Auchan , Manoprix, Jardiland ve Truffaut all around France.Apart from this production we have also started to manufacture textile products.Our main aim is to show the same succes in this field as well.We have only producing t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and tracksuits for now ,but we are planning to expand our business rapidly. Ege Distribution Ltd. has not got any relation with the internal market, therefore we are only exporting.

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