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computer security guide

Backup Direct | Online Data Backup
Online Data Backup for business. Secure, simple and affordable way to remove the hassle of tape backup. Risk Free Trial available.
Call 08701 417 437.

AISecurity - Offerings include policy development, penetration testing, monitoring, management, deployment, and emergency response.

Andrews, Grahame - Industry consulting in security marking, biometrics, ID cards and tagging. Associated with selectamark and the BMIF (boatmark).

Applied Security GmbH - Provides information security products and solutions. Offers consulting, planning and execution of security projects.

Aspect Security, Inc. - Services for securing web applications, including code review, penetration testing, scanning, and developer training.

BackWatcher, Inc. - Information security solutions and managed security services provider.

Black Sheep Networks, Inc. - A digital security consulting firm offering information security consulting and products.

Breakwater Security Associates, Incorporated - Network security analysis and managed integration and support services. Needs analysis, security policy development and comprehensive security assessments.

Bridicum - Attack and penetration testing, telecommunications and network security analysis.

Cambridge Network Security - Information security consulting firm specializing in risk mitigation services, which include network security assessments, network improvements, and monitoring and testing services.

Computer Security Products, Inc. - Server data security software and enterprise management solutions.

Control Consulting Corporation - IT security reviews, disaster recovery, project management and compliance auditing. CISA and CPA certified staff with PeopleSoft, AS/400, NT, HP-UX and DEC Experience.

Core-SDI S.A. - Security consulting and ethical hacking company in Argentina.

Covert Systems - Specializes in network penetration analysis, systems configuration and managed services.

CygnaCom Solutions, Inc. - Providing consulting services in public key infrastructure (PKI), cryptography, evaluation of security products and computer security.

DataScope - Provider of network security audits, CheckPoint NG Firewall/VPN sales and training, intrusion detection systems, and general security consulting.

Dataway - Network security managed services, consulting, and training.

Digital Defense Incorporated - Network security specialists with over 50 years combined experience. Services from vulnerability asessments and penetration testing to application development and security policies.

Digital Resources Group - Security and risk analysis, architecture design for electronic commerce, business case development, technology alternatives review, and project management. - Provides security audits, firewalls, secure VPN's, anti-virus software, security policy and administration, implementation, and vulnerability scans.

Echelon Consulting Ltd - BS7799, IT security, and critical systems assurance.

Edgar Danielyan Consulting - Independent security, Unix, and internetworking consulting and training.

Egis Security Solutions - Services include internal security assessments and VPN development.

Espiria - Provides information security solutions including network and firewall architectures, assessments, encryption strategies and development of supporting infrastructure components.

Ethical Hackerz Security Services - Assists companies with securing remote access, Internet and web content.

First Light Services, Inc. - Provider of information security professional services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Foundstone - Providing vulnerability management and protection, a full suite of services, and a curriculum of education.

GSR Consulting Group Inc. - Providing disaster recovery planning, internet security, and firewalls.

Guardent - Security and managed services, including audits, penetration testing, firewall and IDS management, virus control, vulnerability assessments.

Hagai Bar-El - Services include risk assessment, penetration testing and product and policy evaluation.

Halo Network Security - Based in Utah, providing managed security services, security assessments, training, and incident response.

Hammond Consulting - Provides network design and engineering with security and monitoring services.

Hylton Associates - Information Security management consulting.

Information Security Engineering, Inc - Specializing in virtual private networks, web access controls, public key infrastructure, security assessment/audit, penetration analysis, and information security planning.

InfoSENTRY Services, Inc. - Consulting services in information technology project management, systems security, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, offsite media storage, and election information technology.

Integrated Computer Solutions - A full service information security services company.

Interhack - A group of technology researchers specializing in large scale system development, cryptography, privacy, and security.

Internet Security Advisors Group - Specializes in security consulting, training, advisories, and security management services.

The Internet Security Agency - Providing firewalls, VPN, and certificate services.

Inter-Networking (Switzerland) AG - Specializing in integrated communication and security solutions for the intranet, remote access, and extranet.

InterSect Alliance - Specialists in intrusion detection and auditing, forensics, and security policy development.

iSecurePrivacy - Offers information security, privacy, and systems audit services. Specialties include internal audit services, HIPAA and GLB compliance services, network and Internet security, and OS/390 security.

IT GlobalSecure Inc. - Computer and network security solutions for business executives and organizations.

iTcon - Specialized information security and networking consultancy company. We specialize in large corporate and governmental projects.

John Soanes Associates - Provides computer, network and Internet security services for UK businesses, including the ability to remotely manage critical systems such as email servers and firewalls.

Kenneth O. Zoline and Associates - Specializing in management consulting for networking and security.

LAN Security Audit - Offering ethical hacking, penetration testing, and internal policy reviews.

The Legnem Group, Inc. - Provider of high level Unix, Windows NT, Cisco and Internet security expertise on an emergency or scheduled basis.

Logicon Information Assurance Services - Providing consulting services in policy development, planning, asset identification, system and network testing, product testing, product integration, and incident response.

LURHQ - Specialise in intrusion detection systems, firewalls and enterprise security monitoring.

Mercury Information Technology, Inc. - Computer network security products and services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Merdan Group, Inc - Security engineering services and products for the Government, Health, Financial, and Cable TV/Satellite industries.

Meta Security Group - Information security company specializing in network security, detection and response, risk mitigation, assessments and managed services.

MSH Consultants, Inc. - Internet security, firewall consulting, and training. CheckPoint Firewall-1 and ISS SafeSuite certified instruction.

NeoComm Pty. Ltd - Information security consultancy firm specialising in penetration testing, security review, policy development and vulnerability management.

Netcraft Network Examination - Security service providing assistance in identifying vulnerabilities in customer networks and providing up to date security information to subscribers.

NetDefend Consulting - Physical and information security consulting firm providing assessments, audits, architecture, and process evaluation.

NetFrameworks Security - Specializing in advisory consulting, training, penetration analysis, intrusion detection, incident response, risk assessment, VPN, public key infrastructure (PKI), identity management, policies and procedures, smart cards, and biometrics.

Net-Patrol - Audit-related support and training.

NetPlus Consulting - Security services include corporate firewalls, security audits, virtual private networks and security management. Also provides network consulting and design services.

Network Management Solutions, Inc. - Offers network security and IT consulting services to the corporate sector.

Network Presence, LLC - Professional services firm specializing in designing, managing, and securing enterprise computer networks

Network Security Assurance Group - Provides consulting in risk assessment and information security auditing.

Network Security Corp. - Provides design, development,implementation and management of enterprise-wide network security solutions.

New Dimensions International - System security services, training, risk assessment, design, and consulting.

Norman Data Defense Systems - Specializes in data security solutions, access control, virus control and firewalls. Also provides general data security analysis and consultancy.

NotesLink - Services offered include risk assessment, IDS implementation, system hardening and policy management. The site contains information about the company and its services.

nSecure Software Pvt. Ltd. - An Indian company providing services in security policy preparation and review, penetration testing and security log analysis.

Obit - Security specialists from the Netherlands.

OnlineSecurity - Services include network security, investigating Internet and digital thefts and frauds, and in providing high-technology litigation support.

OpenService, Inc. - Offers network and security threat management services.

Pacifica Technologies - Offers vulnerability assessment services for corporate security andprivacy policies as well as physical, network, infrastructure and application security infrastructures.

Paladin Technologies Inc. - Information Systems, security and network consulting services. Professional services and products for medium and large companies.

Paladion Networks - India-based security consulting and implementation firm, specialising in enterprise security, firewalls, vpns, smart cards, and ids.

Paradox Networks & Security - UK based network security consultants, specialising in penetration testing, server hardening, telecommunications security and systems integrity assessment.

Para-Protect Services - Providing services in computer security incident response, penetration testing, network threat identification and assessment, and intrusion detection and analysis.

Parkinson Howe Ltd - Provides BS7799 information security, PKI and business continuity related management services.

P2B Consulting - Cleared information security consultants provide Infosec consulting to government and commercial clients within the greater Washington DC area and nationwide.

Perfecto Technologies - Developer of automatic application-level Internet security products. Also provide remote security audit service.

Perimeter Services Group - Offers consulting services in the areas of network devices maintenance and configuration, security policy and development, network planning, and vulnerability and penetration testing.

Portcullis Computer Security - Information encryption and data security specialists. Providers of information security products and services.

PROplus Systems, Inc. - Leading edge software products and services solving the problems of enterprise security, using Java, COM, and LDAP.

Reichardt Informatik AG - Tailored applications for encryption, compression and archiving.

The SANS Institute - Resource for computer security training and information.

Scanit - Provides vulnerability assessment and security auditing services in Belgium.

ScannerX - Vulnerability reconnaisance service that remotely evaluates the security of websites, internal and external networks and externally visible systems.

Secant Networks - Data Security Solutions - Comprehensive IT security solutions including VPN, firewall, authentication, encryption and intrusion detection services.

Secure Commerce Systems - Provides e-commerce information technology and security products, services and training.

Secure Network Group, Inc. - Information security system and network design, implementation, management and monitoring. Intrusion detection, firewall, and remote access consulting.

Secure Solutions - Network design and integration services, specializing in information security, network support, and assessment.

Secure Technology Solutions - Provides home and business network security services and hardware.

Secure Wireless Lan Solutions - Independent wireless network and IT security company serving small to medium businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Security Audit and Control Solutions - South African consulting company specializing in information security and risk management. Services include IT and security audits, vulnerability assessments, education and training.

Security Professional Services - Specializes in information security assessments, web application security, policy, and complience issues.

SecurityElements, Inc. - Professional services firm offering security assessment, implementation, and education services. LLC - Provider of Internet security e-services

SecurNET - Internet security audits, threat assessment, counteroffensive security planning, and site security certifications. Site largely under construction.

Setec Security Technologies Inc. - Providing internet security and consulting services, in addition to tools, news and related resources.

SolSoft - Suppliers of network security policy manager software and consultancy services.

Spectrum Systems, Inc. - Our primary business is helping our customers manage and protect their network / information assets more effectively.

@stake - Full range of digital security consulting services.

Strong Internet Security - A Swiss company offering consulting services in virtual private networks, SSL-based server applications, X.509 certificates and security on wireless LANs.

S.W.I.S. Group - Consultants for analysis, strategy and implementation of secure data systems.

Systems Solutions Group - Supplier of network security solutions for Windows NT, Unix, Linux, and MAC systems in the Enterprise environment.

Tahmah, Imc. - Provides security and network consulting including audits, penetration testing, Windows 2000 and NT, UNIX security, VPNs, e-commerce, intrusion detection, firewalls and monitoring.

Teksafe Technologies - Security assessment services and security consultative services for information based security and physical security systems.

Tempest, Inc - Providing Faraday and RF shielding to prevent eavesdropping on signals produced by electronic equipment.

Three Pillars - Information security consulting, training and management company.

ThunderStore - Content monitoring, antivirus, encryption, access control solutions.

Timberline Technologies - Customized on-site security workshops. Security consulting services for IBM mainframes, UNIX platforms, Windows 2000 and Windows NT servers and workstations.

Unified Access Communications - Boston network security firm providing Linux products and services in intrusion detection, firewalls, and virtual private networks.

Vanguard Integrity Professionals - Mainframe security software, security and RACF conference, and security training and consulting.

Veridyn Inc. - Network security consultants specializing in IT security assessments, policy development, and ethichal hacking.

VGS, INC. - CISSP certified consultants specializing in AS/400 and NT information security, disaster recovery, written security policies, risk analysis, business continuity planning, and information security.

Vigilinx - Provides a complete line of digital security solutions, including security advisory consulting, integration services, investigation/forensics services, managed security services, knowledge products and training.

Vision Development Group, Inc. - Consulting and training in network security and Internet protocols (TCP/IP). Vulnerability testing, resolution services, and related products. Web hosting and design services.

WhiteHat Security - An Internet security consulting firm and audit provider specializing in web application security for commerce and communication of corporations around the world.

WholeSecurity - Performing external and internal security audits and security software implementation.

Wilson Consulting - Provides network security auditing and analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, remediation, information security policy and procedures development, and business continuity planning for small to medium sized businesses.

Woodside Consulting - Offering training and consulting services in the areas of web, network, and host security.

Zendia Systems LLC - Network security for Windows NT, Unix, Linux, and MAC systems in the Enterprise environment.


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