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shoppingcart software guide

eBanyan Ecommerce Software & Shopping Cart Solution
eBanyan is a world leading company providing Ecommerce software, Shopping Cart Software and Business Management Tools for Resellers and Dealers. Our Software is built for small to midsize businesses needing quick e-commerce deployment without using valuable IT resources.

A-A Software - Application integrated with PayPal and can be integrated with any payment gateway. - Software for merchants, helping them build online stores without HTML knowledge. Demo store available.

Alexa Web Search: 1AutomationWiz - Review of the ecommerce, autoresponder and automated marketing site product.

AmiCart - Low priced application for Windows 2000 server. Source code is available. Vendor will install also.

AShop Software - File downloader software with affiliate sales support written in PHP and using a mySQL database.

Astrosell - Application for small to medium businesses integrated with FrontPage and Dreamweaver built sites. - Compatible with various payment gateways including, Verisign. Quick to setup. Hosting options available.

BazaarBuilder e-Commerce Shopping Cart Software - Customizable to fit into any website design with facilities for online credit card handling, order processing, sales reports, stock control, European Union sales Tax handling.

BestCart - Customizable, scalable application with inventory control designed for ISPs, hosts and webmasters. - A fully automated PayPal and Money Order program equipped with PayPal's IPN technology.

Bizar Shopping Cart Software - Application designed for merchants, designers, ISPs. Operates on Windows, Unix, Mac.

BlueCart - ASP system for Internet retailers and mid sized businesses.

BugMall Shopping Cart - Customizable application available for Windows and Unix platforms. Downloadable install files.

BV Software Commerce - Low-cost application for small businesses and web developers. Developed in .NET and uses Access and SQL Server backends.

CandyPress.Com - ASP application for small to medium business. Various payment gateways. Access or SQL Server backend.

CartIt - For small to medium business, has NT and Unix offerings with plugin for MS FrontPage. Works with ASP, PHP, any database, any HTML editor.

Cartnetwork - Customizable solution with secure 128 bit encryption. Includes 30 day trial.

Censtore - Application with an affiliate program, Fedex and UPS lookup, order tracking, gift and special section.

Cf_Ezcart - ColdFusion application which can be used with database engines in Access, MS SQL Server or MySQL. Standalone purchase or free with hosting.

ChargeCart Merchant Shopping Cart Software - Includes cart, store manager, affiliate tracking/managing. - Customizable secure application for online store.

Clickstore - Customizable online catalog, ready for affiliate program marketing, multi language, multi currency. Demo available.

Code 9 Software - Offers e-commerce solutions such as shopping cart applications, and catalog building software. Includes demos, information about the product, and support page.

The Cold Fusion.Pro Commerce Cart - Database version of the JavaScript.Pro Shopping Cart using Cold Fusion, SQL, and JavaScript.

Cyber Now - Application with option to buy or rent. Other products and Perl programming service available.

CyberCart - Perl script compatible with Unix or Windows. Works with Dreamweaver, Frontpage or other html editors. Integrates with Authorizenet, Verisign, Linkpoint, PayPal.

DomainCart - Online storefront application marketed by Zaygo.

Drag and Drop Shop - Unique user interface utilizing drag-and-drop paradigm. Software customization required by staff for each site.

Easy Cart - Application that can be deployed rapidly. Includes web hosting service.

Easy Shopping Solutions - Application for small to medium businesses. For ASP/IIS servers and uses MS Access database. Downloadable demo.

e-Bridge Server - Installed in Microsoft Access and supports all ODBC compliant databases, it runs on NT servers.

eCatalogMail - Fully interactive, commerce-enabled catalogs sent to an opt-in subscriber's email inbox. Sends transaction data to any customer-specified URL.

ECHOcart PHP Shopping Cart - Open source shopping cart with many advanced features. MySQL back-end database, Unix platform.

E-Commerce Solutions - In addition to offering virtual storefront product, there is web design, hosting, custom programming.

101 Ecommerce Store Builder Software - Program for small busineses featuring secure server credit card transaction processing, online order inventory management solution.

Ecommerce Templates - Templates for Dreamweaver, Frontpage and Adobe GoLive. Demo available.

Ecomready - Product Eshop provides shopping application and the Pro version includes credit card processing for selected European countries.

Electricshop - Virtual storefront application including cataloging, product maintenance, category management.

Equipped for Sales - Provides a virtual storefront solution with an administrative control interface.

eShop Builder - Shareware written in Javascript and operates on Windows servers. Online demo.

eSolution Online - Markets World Cart product. Also, web hosting services.

eStore Express - Application for creating storefront. Creates invoice, packing slips and adjusts inventory. Download available.

eStoreSetup - System can be rapidly deployed without HTML or CGI. - Fully customizable storefront and backoffice. Monthly service available.

ezBasket - Application to develop a virtual storefront. Demo store available. - Builds online store through a point and click process.

eZooy - Secure application to creat virtual storefronts and web sites powered by Java servlets.

FastCart Corp - Offers product FastCart 2000 that builds online stores.

Fortune3 - Application with credit card processing and payment gateway. Can be bought as software with option to host with the vendor.

Grafix NetCatalog - Application runs on NT or Unix server. Options from low cost basic to enterprise application.

Hassan Consulting - A low cost application for Unix sites that supports Cybercash and Authorize.Net.

Hazel - CGI application written in C which runs on most Unix variants, and NT.

iCODE - Offers a fully integrated package including shopping cart, point of sale, and inventory control capabilities.

In The Q - Storefront creation application with pre-built templates. Basic system in Perl and more advanced one in C++.

iShopsite - Customizable application with Unix/Linux and NT compatibility.

iStoreBuilder - Online storefront with tax calculation and shipping options module. Thirty day money back guarantee.

Jiffy Cart - Application to create and manage online storefront. Exportable to Quickbooks. payment gateway.

Lans Unlimited Shopping Cart - ASP application. Downloadable demo available. Html knowledge required.

LetMeShop - Customizable ASP application running in IIS servers with SQL backend.

Lynx Internet Solutions - Application to develop virtual storefront. Demo files available for download.

Mallpark - Car and order form systems adds to an existing site.

Mercantec - SoftCart product provides storefront solutions with various levels of features.

MerchantBeans - E-Commerce storefront builder. Supports shopping cart, catalog, credit card, content manager. Multi-languages including English, Chinese, Japanese.

MetaCart eCommerce Systems - ASP-based application with SQL database for small businesses and developers, including MetaCart Free and MetaCart2 for PayPal.

MidiCart - Application in ASP and PHP with item database in Access or MySQL. Includes free support.

Monster Cart - Customizable application to build a virtual storefront, which is leased on a monthly basis.

M1Shopper - Application written in Perl that will run against a MSql or MySql database engine on a Unix server. Can be configured to run from flat ASCII files.

Multi Level Store - Online storefront application with network marketing integration.

Mysimpleshop - JavaScript application that comes ready to use with upgrade to a fully credit card integrated version of the application.

National EFT - System offering a way to originate Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit, collections and disbursements from a personal computer.

NebuCart - Compatible with various payment gateways. Written in Javascript. ASP/Access database backend in Windows server. Planned PHP/MySQL for Unix/Linux.

NetPoint Internet Retailing - Suite of applications designed for retail chains to implement virtual storefronts.

Nordic Research - Application suitable for small to medium businesses. Credit card and check verification features.

One Stop Shopping Cart Ecommerce - Software with web based administration. Includes features, demo, pricing, and contact page.

OxCart xTRA - System for small to large size web stores. Features include catalogs/categories, featured items, specials, UPS shipping/custom shipping configuration, order tracking.

Pageville Shopping Cart - Database-driven application with FrontPage and Internet Explorer add-ins. Integrates with Authorize.Net, Verisign, PayPal, eTelcharge.

PayPalPartner Online Store Manager - Software is compatible with PayPal,, iTransact and other major payment gateways. Affiliate tracking, UPS shipping.

PDG Software, Inc. - Developers of E-commerce software, specifically shopping cart software. Includes support forum.

ProCart - Application created by, Inc., written in ASP, designed to be operated on vendor's hardware, and connected to existing website.

ProductCart - ASP application that ships with source code. Database options are Access and SQL Server. Created and marketed by Early Impact.

QuickCart - Multiple categories, product options, design tools, merchant accounts and PayPal. Free setup and demo.

QuikStore - Provides templates to create an individual looking site, complete with an SSL ready application, product catalog and shipping options.

QuikStore - Created specifically for web site designers, for small to mid-sized businesses.

SalesCart - Add-in for Microsoft Frontpage. Also offers a version for Unix systems.

SearchFit Shopping Cart - Application designed to for search engine optimization. Features, demo, purchase plans.

A Shop for Your Website - Application is compatible with Unix and NT servers, as well as FrontPage. Option to use PayPal.

Shop@assistant DB - A database-driven on-line shop creation package. Of UK origin, it has VAT support.

ShopFactory E-Commerce - Application for web developers and shop owners. Downloadable demo.

Shopping Cart 2000 - Customizable application that runs on Linux and other Unix variants. 30-day free trial. Affiliate program available.

Shopping Cart Software - Scalable application with software controls, and software inventory management.

ShoppingQ E-Commerce System - Storefront creation application for site owners, web designers, web hosts. Customizable templates. Various payment gateways.

Shop@ssistant - Offers basket functionality with stock control. Downloadable demo files.

Software e-Commerce - Application for Windows NT or 2000 server. Features, requirements, prices, order information.

Squirrelcart - Low-cost PHP and MySQL system with customizable template, designed for developer and merchant.

StarVisor E-Commerce - Allows a small business to create and maintain their sites through a web-based interface. Includes tax and shipping modules.

StoreForge Systems - Features product management, payment processing, and a customizable look and feel.

Store4Web - Low cost application for small business to create an online storefront.

Storext - Runs on BSD or Linux with Apache or Netscape server, PHP, Perl, MySQL. Can be integrated with PayPal,, others.

123tkShop - A PHP/MySQL system with theme-engine and plugin-detection.

UltraCart - Embeddable solution for small to large businesses with Verisign protection and secure servers.

Uniwin Software - ASP based application for Access/SQL Server. Downloadable files.

VP-ASP Comprehensive Shopping Cart - Application for business and developers. Can be standalone or integrated into any site. Windows or Unix platforms.

WebStore - Offers WebStore 400/400CS - a flexible, low cost, Perl application for Unix systems.

Why eCommerce? - Application featuring mail list management, online help, web enabled product entry, statistics, CRM.

WunderCart Shopping Cart Service - Cart and credit card processing that can be implemented for an existing site. Affiliate marketing program available to sell service.

X-Cart - A turnkey PHP application for business and web developers.

Your eShop - A browser based storefront and catalogue management system.

ZoomYrShop - Customizable software that doesn't require html or programming language to use. Can be integrated with any payment system.


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