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Company: Guzelis Porselen
Address: Uzuncarsi, Havanci Sok. No:15/1 Mercan Eminonu
Zipcode: 34450
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Tel: +90 212 528 37 02
Fax: +90 212 526 38 74

Guzelis Porselen is one of the leaders of the kitchenware industry in Turkey with its nearly half a decade long experience and presence in the market. Since our establishment in 1958, we presented a stable progress towards success. Starting with the same office located in Istanbul Mercan acting as a wholesaler of glassware and porcelainware, we gradually grew up to be a manufacturer by building an enamel cookware factory in 1979 and a further one of non-stick cookware in 1994 together with our liaison offices in the USA, Krgyzistan and Macedonia. To date, Guzelis Porselen products under the brand name ETERNITY reaches to the handsome kitchens of housewives and professional chefs in more than 38 countries worldwide.

ETERNITY, Porcelain Enamel on Steel Non-Stick Cookwares, is an example of perfect quality and modern technology. The raw materials and spare parts used in the manufacturing meet the ISO 9001 quality standards. Our enamel and nonstick production facilities are located in the outskirts of Istanbul on an area of 3.800 and 11,200 square meters respectively. Fully automatic machinery and computer controlled systems used in the production line results in a manufacturing capacity of 250.000 pieces per month.

ETERNITY performs beautifully from kitchen to table with its attractive colours and decorations and the toughest, longest lasting, most durable nonstick coating in the world provided by Excalibur, Whitford. It is easy to clean and scratch resistant, meaning it does not wear off for a life time even when you use metal utensils.

The philosophy of Guzelis Porselen is to place client satisfaction at the top of its priority agenda. We aim to provide high quality products with reasonable and competitive prices. Appreciating the importance of logistics for our clients, we use modern technology storage techniques in both of our warehouses one. Until today, we never failed to miss the delivery date of our goods.

Guzelis Porselen operates nationwide, existing almost in every corner of Turkey including retailing. Our international customer portfolio is spread into an area of more than 38 countries.

We have an integrated product line, ranging from cookware to porcelain tableware and glass drinkware together with glass serving trays, all of which can be supplied in the same decorations. To have a good understanding on our products, we invite you to either view our web site or take a look at our full range catalogue. Our highly qualified team of international sales would be more than happy to serve you whatever way if you need any assistance. Let's allow our consumers to enjoy cooking and serving their dinner with ETERNITY cookware, porcelainware and glassware!

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