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Company: Nassetti Medical Equipment Ltd. Co.
Address: Valikonagi Cad. Sonu Yapı Kredi Vakıf Binası 15/3 Nisantasi
Zipcode: 34363
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Tel: +90 212 234 11 41
Fax: +90 212 248 29 14

NASSETTI is the first company in Turkey addressing the medical market in a professional way. We are a manufacturer and distributor of products used in critical care environment. Wholly owned by Simed Health Care Group B.V. since 2005 and employing over 80 professionals, we concentrate on the designing, manufacturing, installation and after sales service of central medical gas systems, patient bedhead units, ceiling pendant systems, nurse call systems and ambulances as well as distributing surgical tables & lamps, sterilizers and emergency equipment from the companies leading the market.

Our activities over the past 22 years have extended beyond the borders of Turkey, due to the fact that conformity for internationally accepted standards has been our primary concern in all our work. Today, Nassetti is able to provide solutions according to the standards applicable in Europe (EN, DIN, etc.) or the United States (NFPA, KKK-1822, etc.) or the United Kingdom (BS, HTM, etc.). All our products are CE marked and we are an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified company.

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