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Company: Ozturk Ilac San ve Tic
Address: Ataturk sanayi bölgesi meriç sok no:2 hadimköy
Zipcode: 80270
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Tel: 90 212 7712658
Fax: 90 212 7712731
url: http://www.ozturk.com

Our company, Öztürklaç tiç ve san.,is the biggest aerosol factory which produces its own product. Our factory has the capacity of producing whole kind of aerosol with more than 12000 m2-covered areas and also with a labor force of 140 people average. Our daily capacity reaches up to 150000-200000 aerosol cans.

Growing trends in cosmetic industry lead our company to add new products like hair gel, deodorant, hair spray, eau de toilette and shaving foam into our already wide product range. Some of our cosmetic products are brand name in some countries like Iraq.

We also produce all kinds of our plastic need in our factory. Our other products include insecticide,insect mat repellant,furniture polish,air freshener,lighter gas, dash board cleaner and kerosone.

We export %40 of our product to the countries such as USA, Israel, Russia, Pakistan, Romania, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Ukraine, Cyprus and some African countries.

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