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Company: MGS Food Industries Inc.
Address: Karaagacli
Zipcode: 45080
City: Manisa
Country: Turkey
Tel: +90 236 2491556
Fax: +90 236 2491560

Rio Santo "tasty selections" was born as the original brand of MGS Food Industries Inc. which was established in 1989 with its plants of a total of 56.000 sqm2 which 19.000 sqm2 is closed.

The continuous evolution of tastes and market needs resulting in a diversification of food consumption, induced MGS to improve and to conform its productive capacity of more than 10.000 tonnes of tomato products and to process 13.000 tonnes of various fruits and vegetables with a production of more than 20 millions jars and cans per year.

Rio Santo offers selective tastes, flavours and natural colors which provides the opportunity to show your life by adding to your dinner tables exciting Rio Santo specialities.

Rio Santo uses only selected raw materials, preserved in a natural way through MGS high technology, under oil or slightly seasoned to enhance genuinity and taste following the Mediterranean culinary tradition.

Rio Santo has made objectives in order to protect and improve the common environment during all before and after hygienic production processes. Thus made RIO SANTO brand fully stand behind MGS's "certified quality" of its products.

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