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Company: Odak international business services and manufacturing co. Ltd
Address: Mehmetcik Bulvari No:1/2
Zipcode: 17100
City: Canakkale
Country: Turkey
Tel: +902862178684 and +905335236867
Fax: +90 286 213 9411
url: www.turkishtradeassist.com and odakcon@gmail.com

We are an international business services company operating in Canakkale (Dardannelles) and providing consultancy services for our local and international clients since 2001. We also engage in the production of certain products including seafood and agricultural related products. Our international trade consultancy services mainly consist of;

Devising an export sales and marketing strategy for a specific geographical region,

Organising market visits,

Organising meeting itineraries in overseas markets,

Accompanying staff to new markets and to meetings with potential partners,

Providing interpreting services.

In addition to these services we also provide
Customs and logistics Consultancy - Assisting you on obtaining the most cost-effective and reliable quotes from the leading logistics companies operating globally or specializing in certain continents. Keeping you also up-to-date with the developments regarding the customs regulations and ensuring that each step of the procedure is completed rapidly.

Insurance Services - Insurance is an important aspect of international trade and an experienced business person needs to take into account all the negativities that may be imagined before completing a transaction. By minimizing the risks, the chance of achieving a higher profitability will directly be increased.

Company Search - We would conduct a company search in the field of your business and this would include the provision of a detailed company profile together with references from other companies that have previously engaged in trade with the target company.

Foreign Language Services - Translation of your document whether it be legal or simply business related and localization of your products and services according to the `local tastes and feels`.

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