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Company: Sifa Olive Oils Co
Address: Yenisehir Mah. Altinozu
Zipcode: 31750
City: Hatay
Country: Turkey
Tel: 903263114060
Fax: 903262145460

The firm keeping on its productivity till now was founded under the name of SIFA OLIVE OIL C. O. L. T. D in the begining of 2001. The plant is established at the center of hunderd of thousands of olive trees around it, with its 1650 m2 of enclosed and 6000 m2 of open area in Altinozu of HATAY province of Turkey and we made up principle to provide you valued consumer with superior quality of products. The Oils obtained from Oil picker along the year is analysed 2 times, firstly in our own Laboratuary and than Trade Bourse Laboratuary. Subsequently oils is taken into our factory for processing, packaging and at last, it is presented to market as brands of SIFANUR and GOLD DROP Aimed to expand the market share in both domestic and foreign, our company already has CARREFOUR (Mediterranean and Southeast regions) and YIMPAS Market Chains of which they are National Markets in Turkey.

On The other hand We are continuing to export our products to USA with FDA registration number, Canada, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, QATAR, Bahrain, HOLLAND, Saudi Arabia and MERSIN FREE ZONE with huge amount supplying capacity. As we have 10. 000 tons of Olive Oil processing and filling capacity annually, Sifa Olive Oils is proven itself in Sunflower seed Oil and Olive Pomace Oil as well. Our Olive Oil which is produced and packaged with professional sense has a unique taste and flavour which comes from olives in ALTINOZU terrains. Our firms products and updated prices of which are certified by TSE (Turkish Standard Institute) TS EN ISO 9001- 2000 Quality Management System and BS EN ISO

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