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Hotel directory Finland

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Sokos Hotel Arina
Address: Pakkahuoneenkatu 16
Zip Code: 90100
City: Oulu
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 831 231 11
Fax: +358 831 231 23

Sokos Hotel Arina is now totally rebuilt and it's ready to serve
You again.

In order to satisfy the needs of business and leisure travellers
alike, all the 260 rooms of seven-store hotel are equipped with
modern telecommunication facilities. There are six suites and
rooms with a private sauna - and also two saunas availble to order
for groups.

In the hotel building there are two restaurants: Amarillo, a South-
wstern-style restaurant specialised in hamburgers, fajitas and
tortillas, and Provencal-style Fransmanni, famous for its
generous, rustic French cusine.

Rooms 259
Non-smoking rooms 171
Saunas 2
Superior rooms 31
Restaurants 4
Rooms with sauna 14
6 suites


Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Address: Gallen-Kallelankatu 7
Zip Code: 28100
City: Pori
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 201 234 626
Fax: +358 252 811 82

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is a town centre hotel with comprehensive services
by the lively Pori market place. The hotel has four restaurants, each
with a different atmosphere, in addition to a sauna and a gym.

Refurbished meeting rooms can accommodate up to 350 delegates.

Rooms 205
Non-smoking rooms 120
Saunas 2
Restaurants 4
Conference premises 6 (for 5-140 persons)
Garage 62 parking spaces (8,50 ?/day)
Leisure facilities
Rooms with sauna 6


Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Address: Koskikatu 4
Zip Code: 96200
City: Rovaniemi
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 201 234 695
Fax: +358 163 322 199

High standard hotel in the middle of the city with comprehensive
restaurant services.

Rooms 159
Non-smoking rooms 102
Saunas 3
Restaurants 5 (Fransmanni, Rosso, Doris Night Club, Bar Fransmanni ,
Pub Uitto)
Conference premises 1 (max. 40 persons)
Garage 76-space heated garage (5 ?/day)


Sokos Hotel Rikala
Address: Asemakatu 15
Zip Code: 24100
City: Salo
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 277 441 00
Fax: +358 273 331 88

Sokos Hotel Rikala is a lively and homely hotel in the middle of
Salo, walkin distance to all sport activities of the Sport park
of Salo.

The hotel is also well known conference hotel and the most
popular partying place in the city.

Rooms 69
Non-smoking rooms 23
Saunas 2
Restaurants 4 (Fransmanni, Public Corner-pub, Night , Rikala salit)
Conference premises 8 (for 450 persons)
Rooms with sauna 3


Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Address: Kauppatori 3
Zip Code: 60100
City: Seinzjoki
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 641 931 11
Fax: +358 641 931 12

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is a modern town centre hotel by the market place.
The hotel has four restaurants, all with a different atmosphere,
conference facilities and a comfortable sauna section. The Vaakuna
is located in the centre of the town's amenities and has good connections.

Rooms 144
Non-smoking rooms 109
Saunas 3
Superior rooms 5
Restaurants 4 (Fransmanni, Lou Lous, Botton Club, Freetime)
Conference premises 4 (for 10-30 persons)
Garage 350 parking spaces (free parking)
Rooms with sauna 1
Suites 2


Sokos Hotel Lakeus
Address: Torikatu 2
Zip Code: 60100
City: Seinzjoki
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 641 951 11
Fax: +358 641 951 90

Sokos Hotel Lakeus is a comfortable hotel in the centre of Sein„joki.
The hotel has five restaurants with a lot to choose from and meeting
rooms for up to 100 people.You can enjoy the heat of a sauna in 24
hotel rooms and in our sauna section, where there is also a Turkish
steam sauna. In the summertime you will find the sunniest and most
popular summer terrace of the town at our hop.

Rooms 110
Non-smoking rooms 71
Saunas 2
Superior rooms 4
Restaurants 3
Conference premises 10 (max 150 pers)
Rooms with sauna 24


Sokos Hotel Tahkovuori
Address: Tahkovuori
Zip Code: 73310
City: Tahkovuori
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 171 923 000
Fax: +358 171 923 001

Hotel Tahkovuori is a well-appointed holiday hotel located right in
the middle of the Tahko sports and tourism centre. Slopes, ski trails,
restaurants and other amenities are all within walking distance of the
hotel. The town of Nilsi„ is some 12 km away. The hotel offers a wide
variety of both summer and winter activities.

The hotel also features a first-rate A la Carte and dancing
restaurant with shows by top artists performing Finnish popular
music throughout the winter. In addition, the hotel has a playroom
and ball pool for children.

Room rates include free use of the hotel's sauna facilities daily
from 3 to 6 p.m. In addition to regular saunas, the facilities
include a Turkish bath, a small swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

Rooms 109
Non-smoking rooms 20
Saunas 2
Restaurants 2
Conference premises 9 (max. 150 pers.)
Special rooms 14 Family rooms
Rooms with sauna 45
Suite 1
Cabins 31


Sokos Hotel Viru
Address: Viru V„ljak. 4, Tallinn
Zip Code: 10111
City: Estonia
Country: Finland
Tel: +372 6809 300
Fax: +372 6809 236

Sokos Hotel Viru offers you all you can expect - all under the same
same roof, in the hart of the Tallinn city.

The new conference and festival centre, opened recently adjacent to
our hotel, offers a wide range of possibilities for organising meetings,
training events, exhibitions and festivities. Our professional staff, modern
facilities and state-of-the-art
equipment quarantee the success of your events.

Saunas 3
Restaurants 5
Conference premises 6 (max. 500 pers.)
Rooms with sauna 15
Suites 3
Rooms 516
Non-smoking rooms 331


Sokos Hotel Ilves
Address: Hatanp„„n valtatie 1
Zip Code: 33100
City: Tampere
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 201 234 631
Fax: +358 356 986 263

A high quality hotel in the city centre. The green city nature and
the running water are part of the setting of the hop. Amarillo,
Fransmanni, Masuuni, BallRoom and Ilves Night Club; the five
hotel restaurants all with different atmosphere, offer choices
for dining, socialising and organising different events. The
meeting rooms serve up to 300 delegates.

Rooms 336
Non-smoking rooms 208
Saunas 3 and 1 VIP sauna
Restaurants 5 (Amarillo, Fransmanni, BallRoom, Masuuni and Ilves Night
Conference premises 9 (for 12-300 persons)
Garage 187 parking spaces
Special rooms 8 junior suites and 1 presidental suite
Rooms with sauna 1


Sokos Hotel Tammer
Address: Satakunnankatu 13
Zip Code: 33100
City: Tampere
Tel: +358 201 234 632
Fax: +358 356 976 266

A traditional hotel, one of the oldest in Finland. Inside the hotel
new and old are combined in an innovative way.The hotel with its
restaurant Tammer forms an outstanding and unique service package,
with 20's style ambience creating a soft atmosphere and a place to
enjoy oneself. Spacious meeting rooms for 70 people.

Rooms 87
Non-smoking rooms 69
Saunas 1
Superior rooms 13
Restaurants 2
Conference premises 3 (for 20-60 persons)
Rooms with sauna 4
Suites 6


Sokos Hotel Villa
Address: Sumeliuksenkatu 14
Zip Code: 33100
City: Tampere
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 201 234 633
Fax: +358 326 262 68

A cosy and warm-hearted hotel, offering a friendly and special
environment. The hotel, built in an old grain storehouse, is located
by the Tullintori commercial centre.

Rooms 96
Non-smoking rooms 68
Superior rooms 15
Restaurants 2 (Eetvartti, Pub Ellunkana)
Conference premises 5 (for 12-100 persons)
Garage 350 parking spaces (8 ?/day)
Rooms with sauna 5


Sokos Hotel Hamburger B”rs
Address: Kauppiaskatu 6
Zip Code: 20100
City: Turku
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 233 7381
Fax: +358 223 110 10

A stylish and modern hotel in the hearth of Turku. Wide range of
restaurants under the same roof offer to the client handy possibility
to change the place and atmosphere when he wants it.

The restaurant world of Sokos Hotel Hamburger B”rs provides enjoyment
and entertainment from early morning to the wee hours. Seven different
restaurants can cater for a hos of different business or private

Rooms 346
Non-smoking rooms 220
Saunas 3
Superior rooms 10
Restaurants 8
Conference premises 8 (for 180 persons)
Leisure facilities
Rooms with sauna 2
Suites 6


Sokos Hotel Seurahuone
Address: Eerikinkatu 23
Zip Code: 20100
City: Turku
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 233 730 1
Fax: +358 233 722 00

A hotel with rooms of character and high quality in the centre of Turku.

Rooms 131
Non-smoking rooms 104
Saunas 3
Superior rooms 10
Restaurants 1
Garage 7 ?/day
Rooms with sauna 1
Suites 6


Sokos Hotel City B”rs
Address: Eerikinkatu 11
Zip Code: 20100
City: Turku
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 233 738 1
Fax: +358 223 110 10

An inexpensive choice close to the Sokos Hotel Hamburger B”rs in city
centre. The hotel reception, breakfast and other services are at the
Hamburger B”rs.

Rooms 60
Non-smoking rooms 45


Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Address: Rewell Center 101
Zip Code: 65100
City: Vaasa
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 201 234 671
Fax: +358 621 241 40

A comfortable easy-going town hotel in the centre of Vaasa by the
market place. The hotel is located in Rewell Centre shopping centre,
convenient for all the amenities and shops. Three restaurants.
Excellent parking facilities.

Rooms 143
Non-smoking rooms 104
Saunas 2
Superior rooms 10
Restaurants 3 (Amarillo, Amarillo Bar and at summer time Sky Bar)
Conference premises 3 (max 100 persons)
Garage (843parking spaces (8 ?/day)
Special rooms Business rooms 5
Rooms with sauna 3
Suites 3


Sokos Hotel Vantaa
Address: Hertaksentie 2
Zip Code: 01300
City: Vantaa
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 201 234 618
Fax: +358 985 785 555

A versatile centre for restaurants and conferences at Tikkurila
railway station, next to the Heureka Science Hall. In the
Tulisuudelma restaurant there is dancing and music Tue - Sat; four
restaurants in total - different ambience in three floors.Good
connections - by train from the front of the hotel to Helsinki
city centre in about 15 minutes, to the airport only 5 km by ring
road III.

Rooms 265
Non-smoking rooms 123
Saunas 4
Superior rooms 24
Restaurants 5
Conference premises 14 (for 6-250 persons)
Garage 79 parking spaces (10 ?/day)
Leisure facilities Gym
Rooms with sauna 1
Suites 8


Hotel Artos Evakkokeskus
Address: Kirkkopuistonkatu 28
Zip Code: 74100
City: Iisalmi
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 178 164 41
Fax: +358 178 149 41

Situated in Iisalmi town centre, in the heart of Yl„-Savo (Northern
Savo district), the eminent byzantine Karelian Orthodox Cultural
Centre with its domes blends in beautifully with the area. The
building radiates warmth and has an aura of old style coziness.

Approximately 70% of our customers are business-travellers and
30 % of them are tourists. In the report , which was made spring
2001, customers evaluated our hotel in a scale of 1-5.

The frescos in the great hall, which bring to life the message
and beauty of the ancient byzantine fine art, were created by
the Greek fresco painter Dimitrios Andonopulos. These wall
paintings are the first in Finland to bring together the fine art
and the beginnings of byzantine culture.

The stained glass window, which represents The Holy Trinity,
was created by the artist Viktor Nikitenko in St. Petersburg
in accordance with 19th century tradition.

Hotel Artos has 28 comfortable rooms which include shower, TV-
video, radio and telephone. Some of the rooms have a sauna and
there are twenty-two rooms for non-smokers and eleven of those
who suffer from allergies. The rates, which include breakfast,
are very reasonable.

The collection of icons and cult artifacts are from the churches
and tsasounas (Orthodox prayer rooms) that were left behind in
Karelia. The collection forms a diversified picture of the people's
religious life and dates to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The core of our cultural study is the collection of scale models
of churches and small tsasounas which are left in Karelia or were
destroyed during/after the second world war or in a later period.

In its entirety the collection consists of 80 scale models (1:100).
The churches and tsasounas create a historical insight into the opulence of
the Karelian shrine architecture of the 17th-20th centuries.

"Orthodox churches and tsasouna chapels of the ceded regions in
Karelia and Petsamo in 1939 - in virtual reality" ("Virtual Karelia")
multimedia- programme which was completed in the beginning of 1999 includes
all the shrines and graveyards from Karelia.

The watchers have the opportunity to exprience this journey with
the " Golden Cupolas"- programme. Various temporary art exhibitions
are arranged at the centre. Many of these are brought from old Russian

Hotel Artos provides conference facilities (maximum 100 persons)
with state of the art audio-visual equipment. The great hall in the
Karelian Orthodox Cultural Centre offers an exceptionally splendid
setting for gatherings and festivities.

The following catering services can be provided for groups and

Buffet lunches and dinners,coffee and tea with pastries, sandwiches,
cakes, etc.

Special meals prepared to your own individual requirements.

Specialities: Karelian festival buffet, Savo a'la carte,
Prince Dolgoruk's dinner.


Address: Veneenniementie 64,
Zip Code: 58200
City: Kerim„ki
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 157 699 00
Fax: +358 157 699 200

At Herttua and in the annexed Rehabilitation Center we know how to
take a good care of our guests.

Herttua, a Conference and Rehabilitation Hotel is situated in
Kerim„ki on a beautiful, narrow stretch of land on Lake Puruvesi
in the Eastern Finland.

We are known by the friendly home-like atmosphere and the Savolax
sense of humour is found here at it's best.

Herttua provides a pleasant site for various purposes either you
like to have a holiday surrounded by beautiful nature or a top-level
meeting or conference.

Room Rates
June and August 2004 Rates
Seasonal Rates July 8 to August 7
Terms of reservation, payment and cancellation

It is all yours:

85 double rooms (also for allergic or handicapped)
2 suites (with saunas)
all rooms are non-smoking
restaurant licenced for strong alcohol drinks
3 bar cabinets
lot of space for meetings and seminars
a luxurious guesthouse built of wooden logs
two saunas and a fireplace room
a sauna on the lake shore and a smoke sauna
four practice golf courses with putting greens indoors
marked jogging trails and skiing tracks (1-11 km)
extremely beautiful and pure nature
Besides keep-fit facilities Herttua provides its guests with rooms
for seminars and meetings.

What matters for us is that our guests have their rooms and facilities
suitabale for their individual needs.

If you are looking for something different, we can arrange your
meeting even in the middle of the forest! You just name it!

At Herttua we have a large selection of meeting rooms from a
loghouse for 10 persons up to a conference room for 200 guests.

When your conference or meeting is over, it's time again to load
up your battery and go to the Fitness Room.

Many interesting sights are available at a short distance from
Kerim„ki and Herttua.

Within easy reach are Savonlinna and Olavinlinna which boasts
the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

The Arts Centre Retretti at Punkaharju with it's underground caves
is biggest of its kind in the whole Scandinavia.

The Valamo Monastery at Hein„vesi and the outdoor museum on the
island of Hyterm„ are worth the visit.

In addition, only a few minutes of walk away from Herttua you can admire the
biggest wooden church in the world, the Kerim„ki Church.

This masterpiece dates back to the year 1847 and seats over 3000
persons and the nave points towards the sky at the height of 37
metres (121 feet).


Ecker” Hotell & Restaurang
Address: K„ringsundsv 53
Zip Code: 22270
City: Ecker
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 183 8447
Fax: +358 183 8247

Ecker” hotel is beautifully situated, nestling in relaxing
surroundings near the sea. The proprietors, Ronald and Sirpa Karlsson,
run the establishment. Their personal care and long experience
guarantee that you will be well looked after. You will feel very
much at home here, whether you are on a short break with your loved
ones during the holidays or book the whole hotel for a staff meeting.

It goes without saying that you will be comfortably housed, yet here
with us you will find much more, good food, tailor made arrangements,
excursions, adventure, entertainment and music.

Hotel Specifications
40 rooms, out of which 9 spacious family rooms, 40 non-smoking
rooms and 1 allergy room. Maximum number of beds 130. All the rooms
are fitted with a shower, WC, hairdryer, telephone, radio and television.
There is a sauna and a large parking space. Close
to golf, fishing, swimming and sightseeing of historical interest.

Feast on fresh fish that has only just been brought out of land's
sea, the delicious steaks from the white-hot grill or, perhaps, a
big, juicy pizza. Try the specialities that you can only find here,
e.g. Plank Steak … la Ecker” Hotel! When the season is at its height,
you can dance to live music several evenings a week, both indoors
and out. Enjoy the magical atmosphere that can only be found during mild
Scandinavian summer nights. In the restaurant, we also arrange special
activities according to your specifications, birthday parties, company and
Christmas parties etc. Our wedding limousine is something quite out of the
ordinary! We collect the couple that is to be
married in a yank car with plenty of chrome and lacquer, if the
weather s good we travel with the sky as our roof. The car is the same
model that Elvis once drove!

Restaurant Specifications
Fully licensed, bar and dance floor. We serve … la Carte, lunch, everyday
fare, our own house pizzas and breakfast. Suitable for the
disabled, open-air restaurant with a terrace and dance floor, non-
smoking section.

Here with us you can choose between conferring in traditional ways
or in an adventurous manner with as many activities and as much fun
and games as you want. We dare to treat others to ourselves, do you

Naturally, you can choose a little of everything, starting with
a conference with all the latest facilities and then finishing off
with a pirate evening, fishing, canoeing or an adventure in the wilds.
Conference Specifications
Seats up to 70 people, modern audio-visual equipment, overhead projector,
television/video, slide carousel, CD, photo copying service, rooms suitable
for group work.

Would you like to know what the inhabitants of land eat, drink and
sing? Come along for a festive land evening. Savour the fish
delicacies of land with tar snaps as the accompanying drink. The
evening also includes a singsong with songs from land, a show by
talented locals and dancing. An evening to remember!

Land Specifications
Arranged for groups with no less than 30 participants, the offer
includes tar snaps, beverages, a three-course dinner cooked using
only raw materials from land and entertainment.

An adventure that is relished by both adults and children! Dress up
as a pirate and accompany Captain Morgan and his henchmen on a treasure
hunt. When you have found the treasure, then all of you will party together
on a sumptuous three-course dinner. This is something that that will weld
the gang at the conference together and it is something that you will all
remember and laugh at for a long, long time.

The pirate evening is also a suitable activity for a variety of
bigger parties, e.g. school outings.

Pirate Specifications
Arranged for groups with no less than 30 participants, the treasure
hunt lasts for about an hour, followed by dinner in restaurant.
The hunt takes place in the garden of the hotel, bring casual wear.

Experience Elvis - the King, loved by millions the world over. Many
have tried to imitate him, but the fact remains that Ecker” Hotell
is home to one of the better ones!

When Ronald Karlsson begins singing the celebrated songs of Elvis,
the sound and feeling are so close to the original, you may find yourself
wondering if it really is Ronald who's singing. An unforgettable opportunity
for every Elvis fan, and everyone else
as well!

Elvis Specifications
The Elvis show is arranged for groups throughout the year. At the
height of the season, Elvis performs several evenings a week and
forms a part of the regular dinner and dance.

Ecker” has a long tradition of hospitality and tourism. Here we
are used to looking after stressed big-city dwellers and guests
from far away. Enjoy nature at its most magnificent and the
fantastic scenery when the sea around land meets Ecker”'s

For those who like more activities for body and soul there is much
to discover at Ecker”.

Much to Discover

Ecker” Post and Custom House with art exhibitions, coffee shop,
museum of post office administration and post office.

K„ringsund's fishing village with its old fish stalls.

land's Hunting and Fishing Museum that shows the old hunting
and fishing traditions of land's inhabitants in a way that is
both instructive and exciting.

Game safari

Several fine beaches

Golf course

Bicycle and canoe rental

Ecker” Centre, which accommodates a full scale football ground, facilities
for track and field events and spaces for conference and cultural


Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara
Address: Rovaniemi
Zip Code: 96400
City: Rovaniemi
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 163 353 311
Fax: +358 163 187 89

The view from the top of Ounasvaara fell is quite magnificent: you
can see the town spread out below and the Kemiriver valley beyond with
Santa Park in the distance.

Nature really is right on your doorstep at the Sky Ounasvaara, which
has immediate access to the ski slopes, ski trails and in summer the
jogging tracks.

What is more, the most northerly golf course in the world is only a
few kilometres away.

The rooms and apartments are spacious and well furnished, many of
them with a sauna or bath in addition to the usual shower.

One Suite, 11 apartments, 47 rooms with sauna and 23 rooms with bath.
All 71 rooms have TV, minibar, a hair dryer and a kettle.


The panorama restaurant at the Sky Ounasvaara is one of the most
popular places for dining in town, and its Lappish specialities and
international cuisine are hard to beat.

The Foyer bar seats 60 persons, the panorama restaurant 250 persons.
There is also a panorama roof terrace - the ideal place to see the
Northern lights and the Midnight Sun.

Sky Ounasvaara Conference facilities

Auditorium for 110 persons, four conference rooms for 12-50 persons.

The beautiful Capital of Rovaniemi is situated on the Arctic Circle
at the junction of 2 big rivers. Unspoilt nature surrounds the town
which is a contrast to the modern and diverse services on offer.
What's more Finland's most famous man - Santa Claus has made Rovaniemi
his home.

Here are just a few examples of the attractions and activities on offer
in Rovaniemi.

Santa Claus Village and Santa Park
Arktikum museum
Local museums and art galleries
Famous Alvar Aalto architecture
Snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris
Ice Fishing
Rally Driving
Lappish winter Olympics
Skiing, snowboarding and X country skiing
Lappish programmes and experiences
Arctic Circle crossing ceremonies
Igloo dinners and theme evenings
Excellent conference facilities
River boat cruises
Midnight sun excursions
Summer sightseeing city train
Quad bike safaris
Well being programmes
Excellent variety of restaurants and nightlife
And much, much more.


Other cities

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