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-Translator directory - translation jobs

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IK Translation
Translation and interpreting in Russian and English. Based in London.

ILA Translation
Translation, subtitling, dubbing and localisation in Indian languages. Introduction pages.

Translation in a range of European languages.

Free translation online and option to buy the software. English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

INF Translation
Translation and interpreting in Japanese, English and French, of technical documents and advertising copy. Company based in Canada.

INFOLINGUA : Natural Language Processing
References in computational linguistics, morphology, parsing, lexicography, text understanding, text generation, interfaces, automatic translation, CALL, speech processing, quantitative linguistics, automatic indexing, character recognition, literary computing, dictionaries.

INK Sverige
Multiple language translation, based in Uppsala, Sweden.

INL Translation Services
Translation in English < > Russian. Company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with offices in Russia.

IP Filter
Software which provides packet filtering and network address translation (NAT) capabilities for multiple platforms. Source code is available.

Translation, interpretarion and interpretation equipment. Services pages.

IPS Patcher
A small program which will apply .IPS patches distributed by the many ROM translation groups.

IQ Engineering
German to English translation based in Dublin, Ireland.

ISIS Korea, Inc.
Software and web localization, technical translation, DTP, and customized software solutions. [Korean, English]

Translation and localization between Japanese and English for IT with network related environment.

Translation and interpreting in English and Czech.

ITI - Institute of Translation & Interpreting
Based in the UK, the ITI is a professional organization with the aim of promoting quality in the field of translation and interpretation.

ITIA - Irish Translators' and Interpreters' Association
Society promoting translation in Ireland. Membership, leaflets, constitution and web links. Based in Ireland.

ITN Canada Ltd
Specializes in translation & Interpretation in Petroleum, Communications, Tourism, Transportation, Law, Agriculture, and International Trade industries.

ITP Europe
Translation, DTP and printing in European and Asian languages.

ITP Traducoes
Translation in Portuguese and English.

ITS Translation
Italian to English, English to Italian by native speakers. Done by email or land mail at an inexpensive cost

Legal translation in English, French, German and Spanish. Company based in Dallas, TX, United States.

Id Est
Translation and marketing assistance in English, Spanish and French, based in Montreal, Canada.

Id Werk
Translation in English and German, for publication-ready copy in the marketing, advertising and customer-relations fields.

Provides English and French translation services in business, technical and HTML/website areas. Based in Alberta, Canada.

Idem Translations
Translation and localization services specializing in the legal, life sciences, medical devices and technology fields.

IdiomaX - Translation software
Software downloads for translation between English, Spanish and Italian directly from word processors and Office applications.

Translation services in Swedish, English and Spanish

Ilana Lebowicz Hebrew Translations Services
English/Hebrew translation and interpretation services computer/technical manuals, books and documentation, commercial specifications, tenders, market research, advertising, general.

Ilbono Net
Translation in English, Japanese and Korean.

Ildiko MERY - Hungarian Translations
Translation from English and German into Hungarian, editing, proofreading, glossaries, Internet searches.

Ilse Arnauld des Lions, Language Service
A network of translators and interpreters which establishes contacts for clients with organisations, business enterprises, authorities and private individuals in England, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic.

Images of Taoism
Translation of Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching". Artwork features chinese calligraphy. Free download of "MultiMedia Tao Te Ching" software and information on purchase of cd-rom & web-based versions.

Imagiforce Corporation
Sales of Systran language translation software products.

Impact Digital Media
Providing web and graphic design, translation services, audio and video production, 3D graphics and animation, e-commerce and search engine submission. Based in Alberta, Canada and Georgia, United States.

Imtec Traduccions
Translation service based in Spain.

In Fidem Translation
Translation from English and Swedish into Norwegian.

In French Only
Translation in French, Spanish and English of advertising and marketing copy.

In Other Words
Translation, technical writing and web design in various languages.

In Parentheses Old English Series
Includes modern English translations of several Old English poems and selected prose works.

In Touch Languages
Translation, interpreting and training in English and other languages. Agency based in Argentina.

In-Line Translations
Translation in English and Dutch, in the medical field.

InOneSearch Translator
English to/from Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Inaword Translation & Interpreting Services
A one-stop language services solutions provider, localizes Web sites & software, translates documents & interprets conferences in all languages for all industries.

Indo Trans
Translation service based in Washington DC, USA.

Indonesian Language Service
Business language services including translation between Indonesian and English.

Translation in Polish, English and Russian. Based in Poland.

Indy Translations
An Indianapolis based translation and interpretation company serving corporate clients locally, nationally and internationally in all major world languages.

Ineke Kuiper
Translation in English and Dutch, in the medicine, pharmaceutical and psychology fields.

Inez Meyer
Certified translator and sworn interpreter in English and German.

Info Link
English-Chinese web site translation, development and promotion.

Info Plus
Translation, software localization and IT consulting from English, German, French into Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian. Based in Canada.

InfoMarex International Translator Database
A database of translators and translation agencies for over 70 languages.

Translation, interpreting, web site localisation, and targeted marketing, in Russian, Spanish, German and French. Services, portfolio and links list.

Translation in American and British English and German, in the IT field.

Informatics Translation Specialised Service
Software localisation, proofreading and style review. Based in Brussels, Belgium.

Information Analytics
Offers design, hosting, domain registration, translation, and promotion, plus programming services. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.

Information Professionals Co.
Provides data processing services such as editing, indexing and abstracting, proofreading, and translation services.

Ingrid Christine Harris
Translation from French and German to English, specializing the aeronautics, mechanical engineering, transport, international law, medical and commerce fields.

Translation and interpretation services in over 30 languages.

Specializes in translation and related services; find out about services or apply for free lance work.

Inna Olson
Translation, transcription and telephone translation in English>Russian/Ukrainian. Freelancer based in Richardson, TX, United States.
Translation firm, owned and operated by an insurance professional, provides translation services to insurance and related industries.

Intellingua Japan
Translation, DTP and interpreting in Japanese and English. Located in Portland, Oregon.

Inter Americas Translation Services
Translation and interpreting in several industries and in many languages.

Inter Carte
Translation of culinary menus in German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Inter Group Corp
Translation, interpreting and consulting in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Company based in Japan.

Inter Technical Translations
Technical translations from major world languages, web-site localization, software localization, desktop publishing.

Specialized biomedical editing, translation and writing services including a course on writing papers for international publication.

Translation and interpreting in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Translation company based in Karlsbad, Germany.

InterPro Translation Solutions
Provides software and website localization, multilingual desktop publishing, and translation services in over 30 languages.

Translation, localisation and web design solutions, for medical and technical documents.

InterTranslations, Ltd.
Details on translation services from all major languages into Greek and vice-versa.

InterWorld Translations
Web site translation and localisation in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Translation, interpretation, organisation of conferences, audio-visual.

Intercultural Networking
Translation between English and Japanese. Based in London, England.

Word translator between Spanish to English, with an excellent database of search terms.

Translation in Spanish and Portuguese, based in Texas, USA.

Interlate Systems Inc.
Translation service company located in IL, offers written and oral translations for many world-wide languages.

Internation Translation
German-French-English translation, editing, interpreting and web design resource. Our staff translates only into their native language.

Internation, Inc.
Translation, voice-overs, dubbing, and subtitles.

International Bureau of Translations
Translation, interpreting and culture classes in Indianapolis, United States.

International Conference Interpreters
Spoken translation agency with a sign language component. Company profile and contact information; serves North America.

International Contact Point
Translation in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and other languages. Information on China and WTO.

International Corporate Translators
Translation and multilingual communication.

International Language Services
Technical translation, localization, editing and proofreading in all languages.

International Language Services
Translation in English and Spanish.

International Marketing Materials and Translation
Translation, brochure and poster pre-press, search optimisation, web design and digital newsletters in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

International Poetry in English translation
German, Austrian, French, Catalan, Latin American, Bulgarian and Russian poetry in English translation.

International Services
Translation, localisation, voice-over and subtitling in all languages.

International Software Localization Group, Inc.
Multilingual localization engineering and language translation services.

International Translation Bureau
Translation, proofreading and editing in French, German, Spanish and English, in computing and IT.

International Translation Solutions
Translation, software localization, interpretation, multilingual DTP and marketing.

Internet Consultores
Translation, consulting and localisation in English and Spanish. Company based in Brooklyn, NY, United States.

Internet Promotions
Translation and web services in several languages.

Internet Resources for Translators
Dictionaries, newsgroups, associations, schools, and translation tools.

Interpreting and translation in English and Spanish in the legal, medical and business field. Located in Denver, United States.

Interpreting and translation in Spanish and English, for legal, maritime proceedings, simultaneous conference interpreting, and voiceovers. Federally certified.

Interpreta Translation Services
Offers translation from English to Slovak and from Slovak to English.

Translations and interpreting services from Portuguese into English and vice-versa. Offers simultaneous and consecutive translation for meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and international events.

Interpreters Direct.
Translation and interpreting, based in the UK.

Interpreters by Anglo Worldwide Languages
Interpreting in all languages, for business and organisations. Also translation and language training.

Translation, interpreting and revision in many languages. Company based in the United States and elsewhere.

Interpreting Services Corporation
Translation and interpreting, in the medical, legal and financial field. Single page.

Translations into and from 250 different world languages.

Intertel Translators and Interpreters Corporation
Interpretation and translation resources for numerous languages.

Translation from Slovak to English in the commercial and legal fields.

Technical translation, interpreting, proofreading, localization, transcription, desktop publishing and legalization into and from all major languages.

Company offers translation and localization of technical, economical, financial, banking, and marketing documents from/to English, German, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Russian.

Translation of technical and medical articles, patents and trademarks, and bids and specifications.

Irina and Eugene
Translation in English and Russian in the business, financial, legal, computer, oil, gas and construction fields.

Irish Gaelic Translator
Translate to and from Irish Gaelic, and listen to Irish Language phrases.

Isabel D. Brenner
Translation in German, English and French. Based in the United Kingdom.

Isabel Monteiro - Translator
Translation in English and European Portuguese.

Isabel Ruivo
Translation of poetry, lyrics and literature from Portuguese to English. Curriculum vitae.

Isabella Massardo
Translation from English and Dutch to Italian in the technical, medical and advertising fields.

Isavasya Upanisad
Text and translation of this ancient Upanishad, one of the premier source texts of Vedanta.

Israel Translators Association
Information resource for translators and clients. Consumer advice, browse members' listings, and seek or post translation projects.

ItaTrans Linguistics
Translation, interpretation, cross-cultural training and instruction from English to Italian.

Translation, proofreading and language services in Italian and English.

Italian Talk
Translation from English, French and Spanish into Italian.
Translation from Italian to English and vice versa. Company based in the United Kingdom.

Ivette Camargo, English-Spanish-English Freelance Translator
English-Spanish translation services offered for software localization.

J & J Montgomery
Translation services by a United States Certified Federal Court Interpreter. Membership in ATA and NAJIT.

J Codec Communications
Specializes in translation for small companies and personal homepages.

J-E Link, Inc
Japanese and English translation, rewriting services, lectures, and articles. Based in Pasadena, California.

J-E Translations
Translation between English and Japanese. Based in London, United Kingdom.

Technical translation between English and Japanese, of patent specifications and product manuals.

J-Tech Translations
Japanese to English translations by a chemist specialized in patents and journal articles. Based in Houston, Texas.
Translation of patents and documents related to the Biological Sciences. Offices in Kansas City.

JAC Translations
Translation, interpreting between Japanese and English. Based in London, United Kingdom.

JADE Communications - Translation, interpretation and proofreading between Japanese and English.

Translation, interpretation and localization in several languages of the world.

Translation and interpretation from English, German, Norwegian and Czech to Slovene and Czech.

JCK Translation
Translation, web page localization, desktop publishing and typesetting in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

JEC Scandinavia
English to Norwegian technical translation, proofreading, editing, and web site localization.

Translation, technical translation, localization, into and from Japanese, English and Chinese.

Offers general translation services in Japanese and English.

JN Productions
Japanese and English translations for advertising campaigns, tourism promotions and business presentations. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

JNF Associates
Japanese and English translations of business, legal and technical documentation.

JPNZ International
Translation and publishing of Japanese vehicle handbooks and workshop manuals. Based in New Zealand.
Translation of Japanese patent-related documents into English, primarily in the electronics and related fields. Based in Huntington Beach, California.

JR Services
[Flash needed] Translation and machine translation agency, focusing on Indian languages.

JRD Translation
Technical translation services into European Portuguese.

JSC Programmist
Translation in English and Russian. Based in Belgorod, Russia.

Translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation between English and Japanese. Based in the United States.

Translation in Japanese, English, and German. Company based in Japan.

Jackie Armijos
Translation from English to Spanish.

Jacques Lacava
Translation, voice over, crosscultural training, localisation and interpretation in French. Based in the United States.

Jako Olivier
Translation between English and Afrikaans, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Otjiherero, Sesotho, Shona, Swahili, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Based in South Africa.

Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)
Small selection by Persian poet Rumi in English translation.

James Gray
Translation and proofreading in German > English. English native freelancer based in Vienna, Austria.

Jan Cambridge
Interpreting and translation in English and Spanish in industrial, commercial, legal and healthcare settings.

Jan Liebelt
Translation and subtitling with dedicated subtitling equipment, in French, German and English.

Jan M. Zenker
Translation in German, Arabic, French, English and Russian. Based in Germany.

Jan de Zwaan
Translation in English, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Based in Australia.

Janet Heard-Carnot
Interpreting and translation in French and English. Sworn freelance translator in the Court of Appeal of Rennes. Based in France.

Janis Veveris
Translation from English and Russian into Latvian.

Janis Veveris (Mr.)
Translation from English and Russian to Latvian.

Janny Translator
Translation of business documents, web sites and promotional materials from English to Spanish.

Japan Association for International Chemical Information
Translation of Japanese scientific/technical documents into English.

Japan Communications Inc.
Translation, interpretation, web site localization and promotion services in Japanese and English. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Japan Financial Translations
Agency seeking Japanese translators in the legal and financial fields.

Japan Translate
Translation and interpreting from Japanese to English, Russian and Polish, in the fields of banking/securities, insurance/finance, law/contracts and consumer electronics.

Japan Translation Center
Translation, interpreting and creative planning in various languages.

A full-service translation agency, offering Japanese and English translation, interpreting, web localization, and cross-cultural consulting. Based in Campbell, California.

Technical translation and interpreting in Japanese and English.

Japanese Business Cards - Translation and typesetting of business cards into Japanese.

Japanese Language Service - Offering tutoring, translation and interpretation.

Japanese Language Services Ltd.
Specializing in the translation of Japanese technical documentation into English and the provision of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. Based in London, England.

Japanese Link
Japanese-English translation service based in the United Kingdom.

Japanese Medical Translation
Japanese to English Medical and Pharmaceutical translations. Based in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Japanese Translation
Translation and typesetting in Japanese.
Translation of both HTML and graphics to Japanese. Based in Chicago, Illinois.

Technical translation and interpreting in German and Japanese.

Jason Translation Services
Bureau with over 450 subcontractors. Based in the Netherlands.

Jasper Hoskins
English translations of works by Anselm of Canterbury and Nicholas of Cusa. Also articles on translation and about topics in these two authors' writings. All in PDF, and file sizes can be very large. St. Anselm's treatise on free will, for example, is 1.6M.

Jatco Patent Translators
Translation of patents and other technical materials from Japanese and European languages into English.

Jaume Ferro
Translation and software localisation from English to Spanish and Catalan.

Java Morse Code Translator
Translates text to Morse Code. Downloadable freeware java script.

Java Wiki/Webtrans
Webtrans: a document translation architecture in Java. Wiki: an application of Webtrans which is an editable website. 

Javier Sancho Durán
Translation from English and French to Spanish.

Jean-Luc Crucifix
Translation in French, English and Spanish. Based in Canada.

Jean-Luc Hofmann
Translation and localization in English and French in the IT and telecommunication fields.

Jeffrey J. Dixon
Translation in English and French.

Jenet Peers
Services provided by a freelance translator working from French into (British) English. Bilingual site. Based in Anglesey, UK.

Jenny Harry
Japanese to English technical translation, medical writing and editing services. Based in Bondi, Australia.

Translation and desktop publishing in Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Dutch.

Jess Carranza Language Services
Translation from Spanish, French and German to English and Tagalog, and post-translation/pre-press copy editing.

Jessica Cohen
Translation, editing and proofreading in English and Hebrew.

Jessica Spengler
A freelance translator and proofreader offering translations from German into English and proofreading of English texts.

Jesus Calzado
Translation in the automotive and software fields. List with translation of Spanish idioms.

Jetten Text
Translation in English and Dutch.

Joanna Krahelska
Translation in English and Polish.

Translation in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Company based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Jobs for translators
Translation resources and list of translation agencies, translation portals and software reviews.

Translation agency dealing in German, English and Spanish. Located in Munich.

Johan Eide
Translation from English, German, Swedish or Danish to Norwegian. Based in the United States.

Johanne Ostendorf
Translation and proofreading from English into German. Bilingual web site.

John Benjamins
Academic publishing program in linguistics, psychology, literary studies, translation studies, philosophy, art and art history.

John Garside
Translation in various European languages.

John Hadfield
Translation in English, French, Spanish and German.

John Hayduska
German to English translator based in Germany with a special focus on IT, telecommunications and technology-related marketing copy.

John Hutchings
Scientific and medical translation of French and German into English.

John Lejderman Translations
Translation from French to English in the IT field.

Johnny Bombasar
Technical translation in Portuguese<>English in the electronics, software, automation and business fiels. Freelancer based in Italy.

Join the Future
Technical translation in English and German.

English to French translation.

Jonathan Golan Business Translations
Translation in Hebrew and English, in the financial and technology fields.

Jos Meijer
Translation in Dutch, English, German and Spanish. Multilingual site.

Jose Antonio V. Azevedo
Translation in English and Portuguese.

Jose F Bernal
Translation in English and Spanish. Located in North Carolina, USA.

Jose Ruivo
Technical translation from English to Portuguese.

Joseph Butler
Translation, editing and writing in German and English.

Joshua L. Sigal
Freelance translator. Client list, samples and rates. Bilingual site.

Joy Vriens Traductions
Translation from French and English to Dutch.

Translation from English to Japanese by native speakers. Based in Sunderland, England.

Julia Barbalace
Translation in English>Russian. Freelancer based in Portland Maine, United States.

Julia Berkenstat
Translation in English and Portuguese.

Julia Bogdan Rollo
Translation in English, Romanian, French and Spanish.

Julia Makushina
Translation from English to Russian.

Julian Vulliamy Translation
Translation and interpreting in Greek and English.

Juliane Schmitt
Translation from English and Dutch to German.

Julianus Translations
Translation and localisation. Based in Budapest, Hungary.

Julie Neill
Translation and proofreading from German, French and Spanish to English. Based in Northumberland, United Kingdom.

Julien Thomas
Technical translation in English > German. Native German freelancer based in an unknown location. Site in German and English.

Jungle Jane
Translation from English to German.

Translation of corporate and litigation-related documents for law firms and financial institutions by qualified lawyers.

Just French Translation
English to French translation service based in Huntington Beach, California.

Interpreting and translation in English, French, German and Italian.

Jutta Schandel
Translation in English and German.

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