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-Translator directory - translation jobs

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Elisabeth Hill
Technical and medical translation.

Elisabeth John
Translation from English to German in engineering and business fields. Proofreading and web site localisation. Based in Germany.

Elite Translations
Translation in English, Chinese and Spanish. Based in the United States.

Translation, interpretation and web site translation from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic to Turkish.

Eliza Flint
Translation from German to English in technical and legal fields. Proofreading and web site localisation. Based in United Kingdom.

Elizabeth Turner-Guill
Translation from French to English.

Elizeth Labega
Translation into English from Dutch, French and Papiamento. Based in Monterey, California.

Elke Janssen-Aubele, Technical Translator
Translation services specialized on technical translation and documentation, including presentation services and proof reading; based near Munich (Germany).

Elleen C. Williams
Translation from French and Italian to English.

Translation, web site localisation and interpreting in Greek, Italian and English.

Translation in English-French/Russian/German /Italian/Portuguese, Russian-English, English/Italian/Russian/Frenc h-Arabic, and Arabic-English/Italian/Russia n. Company based in unknown location.

Elsa Wack
Translation and adaptation from English and German to French. Glossaryies, trilingual site.

Elyte Translation
Translation, proofreading and transcription in English-French-English. Company based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Site in French and English.

Translation company located in Pondicherry, India.

Emilio F. Gironda Calderón
English and Spanish translation service.

Emily Wood
Translation from English to German.

Emmanuelle Rivière
Translation in English and French. Bilingual site.

EnRus Translation Agency
Translation in English and Russian.

Translation, proofreading and editing in English and Spanish.

Encyclopedia of Telugu
A range of translations between English and Telugu, with the addition of a quiz to test skills.

Endeavour Translation Services
Translation to corporate and private clients in Asian languages.

English - Romanian Translation
Technical, economic, software and free website translations by certified Romanian translators. Quality links to Romanian language resources for the freelance translator.

English - Romanian Translations
Translation from English and French to Romanian, and from Romanian to English.

English Express
Translation in English and German, based in Berlin, Germany.

English Majority Text Version
E-text of revision of translation by Farstad and Hodges based on the "Majority Text."

English Online
Translation in Russian, English, German, French and Italian, and other languages. Company by Maxim Grishchenko based in an unknown location.

English Partner AB
Translation, web site localisation and proofreading in over 40 languages.

English Spanish Translation
Translation in English and Spanish, with free advice on translation issues and international trade.

English Spanish Translations
Translation in English and Spanish, based in the United States.

English and Spanish
Translation and interpreting in English and Spanish.

English into Russian
Translation from English to Russian. Glossaries and contact details.

English on the Job
Translation, correspondence, training and proofreading in English and German.

English to Arabic
English to Arabic machine translation software.

English to French Translator
Paris-based translation service.

English to Pig Latin Translator
Ensures proper capitalization, differentiates between "Y" as vowel and "Y" as consonant, and other refinements.

English to Portuguese Translations
Portuguese law graduate with many years of providing English to Portuguese translation services. Specialties: law, oil and gas law, business and marketing.

English to Spanish
Offering assessment tests of how many Spanish words one knows, as well as resources to dictionaries and translation services.
Services offered include design, database design, and translation services between English and Chinese.

English-French Translation Services
Translations, private or group language lessons. Site features some crostic puzzles in english.

English-German Translation Service
Specialising in advertising, economics, marketing, market research, pharmaceutics, politics, PR, tourism and travel.

English-German Translator
State-recognised translator, English > German. Areas of expertise: general issues, human rights topics, women, art, culture, travel and tourism, spirituality.
Translation from English to Norwegian of web pages and software.

English-Polish translation
Translation in Polish<>English. Married couple based in Poland.

English-Spanish Translations
Translation in English and Spanish.

English/Japanese to German Translations
Translations of manuals and technical/commercial documentation, plus website translations.

English/Russian/Polish Translation
Translation and interpreting from English to Polish, Russian to Polish, and English to Russian.

English4U French Translation
Specializing in French to American-English business related translations.
Translation of documents and web sites from Dutch to English.

Englishitalianspanish - Technical translation in English, Italian and Spanish.
Provide English to Chinese translation service.

Enso Company Ltd
Multilingual information technology services, translation, writing, editing, localization, internationalization between French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Enterprise Translation Server
Server enables a network to translate web pages, e-mail communications and internal documents to and from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Translation in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Company based in Mexico City, Mexico. Site in English and Spanish.

Translation and proofreadin in German and English. Based in the USA.

Eoin B.P. McGirr
Spanish to English legal translations by an English lawyer with legal qualifications in both languages.

Epi-Olmec Decipherment
Study of a newly discovered text has confirmed the accuracy of translations published five years ago. (Archaeology Magazine)

Epistola VI
Translation by Paget Toynbee.

Equiberique: Andalusian, Lusitano and Lipizzan
Specializing in traing and classical dressage with Andalusian, Lusitano and Lipizzan horse. Listing stock for sale and offering dressage lessons. Located in Montreux-Jeune, France. English, German, and French translation.

Equinox Solutions
Offers training on PLCs, CNCs, motion control, industrial data communications, programming, translation and software.

Eric Dusart Traduction
Translation from English, German and Dutch into French. Based in Belgium.

Erich Schildhauer
Technical translation, software localisation, web site development and translation, technical writing and editing, copywriting, and curriculum development. Freelancer located in Hamburg, Germany.

Erja Hirvonen
Translation in English, Japanese and Finnish.

Erkki Pekkinen
Translation in English and Finnish.

Ernst & Young: Russian Legislation
A comprehensive and fully searchable collection of English translations of Russian legislation (free registration is granted at the discretion of the site owner); analysis of major changes in Russian tax legislation; daily news on legislative changes.

Ertaalbureau Vietnam
Translation and interpreting in Vietnamese, Dutch, English and French.

Esenar Language Technologies
Specializes in translations from German, Spanish, and French into English. Information about services and a company profile are presented.

Esenar Language Technologies Inc.
German, Spanish, French and English translation and language services.

Translation in the Romance languages, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Essence Translation Services
Translation, proofreading and interpreting in English, Chinese and Malay.

Essential Web Design
Offering mid to large size businesses integrated services including: graphic design, database design, hosting, web writing, custom web tools, and web site creation and maintenance. Offers translation services in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.

Et Seq Limitada
Offering Spanish-English certified translations to U.S. and foreign law firms, international business concerns, and individuals.

EtS Translations
Translation and proofreading in English > Swedish. Mattias Karn, native Swedish freelancer based in an unknown location.

Etc Translation
Expert translation and interpretation service for English-German based in Canada

Translation agency and frelancers specialised in food industry, medicine in Spansih and English

Translations from English into Amharic and other Ethiopian languages. Located in California, USA.

Ethiopia Translation Agency
Professional translation service, from English into Amharic and other Ethiopian languages.

Etienne Amblard
Translation and technical writing in English and French by a team of two.
Translation and interpreting in several languages. Site also in Italian.

Database and forum for translators and clients.

Eugene Kurov
Translation in Indonesian, German, Chinese, Malayan and English. Based in Germany.

Eulenhaupt Translation Services
Lawyer and translator, offering services for legal documents in English, Dutch and German. Based in Amsterdam.

Translation, consulting and international marketing. Links, individual pages and photographs.

Eurasia International
Certified translation in all major languages.

Eureco Group
Technical translation in all major European languages.

Polish Translation Agency.

Euro Terminology
By the European Commission's Translation Service. Banking, economics. Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish.

Euro Translations
Translations of technical and business documents into all the modern European languages.

Translation of visa related business invitation letters for Germany.

Offers a range of services for European businesses, including translation and interpreting, cross-cultural advice, market and industry research, and strategic consultanting.

Term bank of the European Commission's Translation Service. 5.5 million entries in 48 subject fields. Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

Eurolang Group
Translation, multilingual recruitment and tuition.

Translation, interpreting and tuition in German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian.

Polish agency offers translations from/into any language. Short terms and low prices.

Translation, publishing, editing and localisation. Based in the Ukraine.

Eurologos Group
Translation, adaptation, layout and web publishing on four continents.

Eurologos Kharkov
Translation company based in the Ukraine.

Translation in German, English and Spanish, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Europe Direkt
Translation in English and German to English of general and technical documents.

European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT)
An organization that serves the growing community of people interested in MT and translation tools, including users, developers, and researchers of this increasingly viable technology. The EAMT is one of three regional associations of the International Association for Machine Translation (IAMT), which counts a increasing number of members worldwide. The EAMT is the only organization of its kind in Europe.

European Consultants
Translation, copywriting and proofreading in English and Dutch. Company based in Belguim.

European Import Service
Network of over 1500 agancies across ten European countries offering translation in most languages.

European Journal of Political Research
The European Journal of Political Research publishes original articles or English-language translations of major articles that have appeared elsewhere in other languages by political scientists and other scholars engaged in political research.

European Secretariat for Scientific Publications
SEPS operates as a link between universities, publishing houses and authors with the aim of promoting translation of scientific works in the various European languages to achieve a wide distribution of scientific culture around Europe.

European Translation
Translation in Dutch and English in the legal, academic and commercial fields.

European Translation Centre
Translation into all languages. Single page with covering letter.

European Translation Services
Translation in Flemish and English in the legal, technical and commercial fields.

European Translations
Offers fast reliable and adequate translation services in many European languages.

Translation and editing in Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Eurosis Conference Services
Operating in the UK and Europe. Translators, simultaneous interpretation and translation equipment for conferences and multi - lingual meetings.

Eurotext Translations
Translation in all main languages, localisation and desktop publishing.

Translation and editing in over 75 languages in the business and technical fields. Based in Paris, France.

Eurotexte Translation Portal
Portal for translators and editors with translator resources, contacts, glossaries and dictionaries.

Eurotraduccion - Translation in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

European language translation service. Includes all European languages.

Translation, desktop publishing and marketing consulting, in all European and Latin American languages.

Exact Translations
Translation services specializing in desktop publishing, word processing and documentaion in English and in French.

Exactaonline Translations
Low cost translations from Spanish, Catalan, English, Greek, French and Italian.

Excel Translations
Provides translation and software localization services in any language.

Excellent Translation
Translation from English to Spanish by native Spanish-speaker. American checks accepted; located in Mexico City.

English to French translation of technical manuals, documentation, catalogues, products. Based in France.

Excerpts from "The Spiritual Writings of St. Gaspar Bertoni"
Translations by Joseph Henchey. Inspirational quotations from the saint. Selections change regularly.

Exe, S.R.O.
Delivers professional product localization, document translation, and content creation services, providing expertise in technology and language.

Executive Linguist Agency - Translation and interpreting throughout the United States, with over 2 000 interpreters and translators in 150 languages.

Executive Services Greek Translation and Interpreting Centre
From all European and Balkan languages into and out of Greek. Technical, medical, legal and financial translations.

Exotic Languages Agency
Translation and interpretation services for business, legal, technical, medical, conferences and the entertainment industries in 152 languages.

Experiments in Plant Hybridization
English translation by William Bateson of Mendel's 1865 paper. Requires Adobe Acrobat to view.

Expert Translation Services
Certified translation in German, Hungarian and English. Specializes in Canadian and USA immigration documents.

Expert Translations
Translation and interpreting in English, German and Spanish.

Expert Translators
Translation, interpreting and language services.

Translation network in Germany, Spain and Hungary.

Export Booster
Web site translation and localisation in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Export booster
Website translation and consulting services.

Express International Translations
Toronto based translation, simultaneous interpretation and tour-guide services in all languages.

Express Russian Translations
Thousands translators are available for completing projects submitted to the RTN.

Express Translation
Translation and certified translation in Thai < > English. Company based in Phuket, Thailand.

FAMM Translation Services
Translate technical subject matters such as software and documentation

FATA - Finnish American Translators Association
Society for promotion of Finnish<>English translation. Membership information, freelance directory, translation competition and society history. Based in the United States.

FIE (5' end Information Extraction)
Gene sequence extraction of regions around the 5'-end (promoter) and/or the translation initiation site (TIS) of a gene.

The International Federation of Translators is an international federation of both professional and non-professional translation and interpreting associations.

FLATA - Florida Chapter of the American Translators Association
References, resources, events, membership and general introduction. Based in Coral Gables, United States.

FLS Global Languages
Translation, interpreting, consulting, editing and language instruction. Based in Charlottesville, United States.

FM Translation
Translation from French and Spanish to English by qualified translator/interpreter/tutor, based in the United Kingdom.

FVR & Associates
Conference interpreting, translation and equipment hire. Introduction, services and contact details.

Translation and language services in all European languages.

Fabienne Henriot
Translation and interpreting in English and French. Based in the UK Midlands.

Fabio Salsi
Web site translation and localisation from English and French into Italian.

Fabre's English-Gilbertese-French Word-List
Vocabulary and translations into English and French collected in 1847.

Facets of Software Localization: A Translator's View
Introductory guide to software localization

Facsimile Translations
Professional translators and native Russian speakers translate any text, from and to many languages. Specializing in business, telecommunications, computers and technical areas.

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