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-Translator directory - translation jobs

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Translation, consulting and web solutions in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Fara Al-Qabli Malay Translation Services
Translation, proofreading, editing, subtitling and voice over from English into Malay (Bahasa Melayu Malaysia).

Farsi Translation
Translation, editing and proofreading from Persian to English.

Translation in English<>Farsi of immigration and asylum related documents. Company based in the United Kingdom.

Fast Translator
Translation in all languages.

Translation and localisation in the IT field. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Feileastram Teo
Translation service from Irish to English and from English to Irish.

Feliu Translations
Foreign language translation services. Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, English.

Felix Saiz Translations
Technical translation between English and Spanish in the aeronautics field.

Translation of technical, commercial and cultural material, and authorised translation, in English/Spanish>Finnish. Freelancer Ulla Paasonen based in Finland.

Ferret International
Multilingual business services. Translations for business, technical, scientific applications.

Fidotext And Aber Schnell! Translation
Translation between English, German, and the Scandinavian languages.

English to Japanese technical translation.

Technical translation in Japanese, English, German and Spanish. Company based in Japan.

Financial Translations
Legal, financial and business translations from/into Hebrew-English and other European languages.

Financial and Business Translations
Translation in English and Spanish, in the financial, stock market and macro-economic fields. Bilingual site.

Fincom Financial Translations
Specializing in financial translations in Japanese, English and partly German.

Find Your Hawaiian Name
Translations between English and Hawaiian given names. Site utility impacted by popup windows.

Fine Translation Co., Ltd.
Specializes in translation, interpretation, and localization services covering technical documents, brochures and software manuals for Asian and European languages. [Korean, English, Chinese]

Finite State Machines
Java package which allows the specification and automatic translation of Finite State Machines. FSMs can be used to model a wide variety of processes, behaviours and interactions in arguably more suitable ways than just using Java alone. [Freeware]

FinnTeam Translations
Translations from Swedish, English or German to Finnish.
Translation in English and Finnish.

First Class Speedy Translation Services Inc.
Provides translation and consulting services to both local and international clients.

First Site
Translation in English and Polish. Bilingual web site.

First Translation
Translation in major European languages in the music and arts field.

Fitzgerald & Dionne - Certified Translators
French translations for the Canadian market.

Five Star International Communications
Translation in six languages. Based in Brazil.

Flamenco Translations
Translation in Spanish and English translations. Based in Vancouver, Canada.

Flavia Moraro Translations
Translations from English and Danish into Italian, in the technical field.

Flores Development Translations
Translation in Spanish, Italian and English.

Flores Translations
Spanish-English translation and interpretation.

Florida Transec
Translation in English, Spanish, and French, secretarial services, and interpreting equipment rental.

Fluent Services
Japanese translation, localization,and interpretation services. Based in India.

Flytone Translation
Translation and web site translation for Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese markets.

Flytone Translation Co.
Offering multilingual translation, interpretation and website localization services.

Focus Translations
Translation firm providing professional French to English and English to French document translation plus proofreading and editing of English text.

Folio Translation Services
Translation services based in South Africa.

Technical and business translation from Japanese to English.

Translation from German and French to English. Based in Mainz, Germany.

For Poetry
A literary webzine devoted to poetry, featuring established and new poets, also in translation.

Ford's Java Morse Code Translator
Morse Code Translation and Copy Practice. Includes random quotations to practice CW receiving.

Translation of letters, documents and manuscripts from Hungarian to English.

Foreign Affairs
Translation and interpreting in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian.

Foreign Ink Ltd
Specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai translation, typesetting and software localization.

Foreign Ink Ltd.
Offers translation and typesetting services. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Foreign Language Translation
Professional language translation services from Arabic to Zulu.

Foreign Tax Forms
Specializing in translation of 22 countries' corporate income tax forms.

Three agencies in one. Translation in European languages.

Formosa Translation Service
Translation from English to Chinese for tattoos, names, messages, web site and poetry.

Fortran 90 codes of John Burkardt
Translations of Fortran 77 packages Lapack, Linpack, Eispack, Quadpack, and others. Code for graphics, finite elements, random number generation, and other topics.

Foundation for International Services
Document translation and non-United States credential evaluation. Company based in Bothell, WA, United States.

Fox Translations Ltd.
Translation and language instruction in 20 languages of the world.

France Service, Gérard Fesselet
Translation in Swedish, English and German.

Francesco Antoniazzi Legal Translations
Legal translation in English and Italian.

Francesco Barbuto
Translation from English, French and Italian to English and Italian. Based in Italy.

Francisco Liaci
Translation in Spanish<>English. Freelancer based in Salta, Argentina.

Frank Dietz
Translation in English and German. Based in the United States.

Frank Dowling, freelance translator & interpreter
Freelance German to English translator for business texts and correspondence, computers and ICT, electronics and PCB technology, mechanical and automotive engineering, television and radio, marine and tourism.

Frank Fisl
Translation and language services in Czech and Slovak.

Free English Polish Translation
Translation in Polish and English of short phrases.

Freelance Vertalingen
Sworn translation in Spanish>Dutch. Freelancer based in the Netherlands. Site in Dutch, English and Spanish.

Freelance translator from English into Italian
Translations from English to Italian in the computing, engineering, telecommunication and marketing fields.

Freeland International
Translation in English<>Chinese in all subject fields. Company based in Michigan, United States.

French Language Solutions Pty Ltd
Sydney (Australia) based company offering high quality English-French translations ready for printing or web publishing.

French Translation
Provides English to French translation of all types of documents. Includes examples of previous areas of work.

French Translation Services
Translation and interpreting in French and English. Based in Bath, UK.

French Translations
Specialising in English to French translation of medical, technical, scientific, musical and entertainment-related material as well as general documents.

French and English Communication Services
Interpreting between French and English, and translation of documents in international and Canadian French and US English.

French and English Translation
Offering general, technical and web site translation. From marketing to computerized thermal printers for oil drilling.

French-English Translator
Translator and proof-reader, mainly from French to English. Bilingual site.
Translation, editing and proofreading of texts and web sites in French and English.
Online translations from English into French for general business, web sites, insurance and medical fields.

Fushiki Pty Ltd.
Japanese-English translation in the finance field. Based in Australia with office contact in Tokyo.

Future implications
Translation and interpreting in Japanese in technical and business fields. Based in the United Kingdom.

Fuxia Art
Offers multimedia, design, copy writing, and translation services.

GBC Translations
Translation from Japanese to English. Based in Fukushima,Japan.

GC Translations
Translation, proof-reading, transcription and formatting and DTP services from and to English and Spanish.

GE Trans
Program for translating German texts into English, also useful for translating individual English words into German. Translation database exceeds 225,000 words, with many scientific and technical terms.

Technical and patent translation and proofreading from German to English.

GER International Inc.
Specializes in recruiting and relocating expert workers and academics from Eastern Europe to work in the United States. Includes staff, company profile, and translation in several foreign languages.

Translation in English and German.

GLOBI Worldwide
Provider of translation, desktop publishing, design and web sites.

GLS Language Services
Offers translation, interpreting, language training and voice-overs. Details of services and company background information. Based in Glasgow.

GMS Worldwide
Language consulting, translation, interpretation and corporate language training based in Spain.

GR Consultants
Freelance writers specializing in writing for the web, technical writing and business correspondence; provides translation services into English, German, Italian and Hungarian.

GT - Traducoes
Translation, interpreting and language teaching of major European languages. Fun page and services.

GTK+ for Free Pascal
Official FreePascal GTK+ translation

Gabriella Loisi
Translation from English to Italian.

Gaiane Khatchatrian
Translation in Russian and English, in legal, governmental and financial fields. Single page resumé.

Translation in 20 languages, in the business, finance, technical and health fields. Rates and services.

Translation of shareware and freeware software in exchange for one site licence, from English to French.

Gauteng Chapter of SATI
Translators and interpreters' chapter of the South African Translators' Institute.

Gene Oh
Translation from English to Korean.

German <-> English Dictionary
Two-way word translator with about 165,000 entries and several search options. From the Chemnitz University of Technology.

German Connection
Translation by two translators in English and German.

German English Translations
Translation, proofreading, ghostwriting from/into German and English.

German Language Centre
Translation in English<>German. Company based in Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom.

German Language Communications
German software localization service, web translation, translating and interpreting in all languages, cultural and international consulting, VIP services, free quote.

German Language Service
Translations English to German and German to English by native German professional, specialist in holistic and alternative therapies, psychological, spiritual and ecological subjects.

German Lingo
Translation, editing, proofreading and transcription in German and English by native German speaking jurist.

German Link Translation Services Inc.
Certified translations of legal, medical, personal documents, immigration papers and marketing materials. Voiceovers.

German Old Script Translation Service
Specialize in church records, letters, civil and military documents in the Old German Scripts.

German Solutions
Translation in English and German, and German language courses.

German Translation Bureau
The translation buro provides general, academic and literary translations (English<>German) and cross-cultural language services to assist with specific language requirements.

German Translation Services McQuillan & Associates Pty Ltd
English <=> German translation, conference interpreting, localisation and subtitling service based in Australia. Experienced free-lance translators with a wide range of subject areas.

German Translations
German translations by experienced native speakers.

German, Hungarian and Spanish Translations
Translations Spanish Hungarian and from German into Hungarian.

GermanEnglish Translation Service
Freelance translations and language services GermanEnglish by native German speaker, living in UK; specialist for holistic and alternative therapies, esoteric, spiritual and ecological subjects, literature and fine art.

Wroclaw-based bureau provides translation and interpreting services from most languages into Polish.

Gertrude Edtstadtler-Pietsch
Interpreter and translator, in the veterinarian field.

Gestuet Falkenhorst
Colored German Warmblood Sporthorses, specializing in breeding high quality Warmbloods in Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, Perlino, Champagne, Leopard and Pinto color. Stallions, information, breeding contract, and links. German and English translation.

Giampiero Romani
Technical translations in English>Italian in engineering, construction and industry sectors. Freelancer based in Italy.

Giancarlo Avellino
Translation in English and Italian. Based in Naples, Italy.

Gianna Pantazides-Gravezas
Translation, proofreading and editing in English and Greek, based in Athens, Greece.

Sworn translation in French and English.

Gilberto Guedes
Brazilian freelance translator, living in Sâo Paulo, offers translation services from English into Brazilian Portuguese.

Giorgos Paschalidis
Translation of English, German, French and Dutch into Greek.

Gita Saar
Online translations with verses by Shankaracharaya and D. B. Gangolli.

Glaucia Translations
Translation in German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Translation and interpretation in Russian, Romanian and other European languages.

Translation and copywriting in English and Dutch, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Global Banking Law Database
Translations of Russian laws on Banks and Banking Activity, Insolvency of Credit Institutions, and the Central Bank from the database maintained by the World Bank and IMF.

Global Connections
Translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and audio/video production services in all languages.

Global Consultants
Specializing in financial, management consultancy and training. Also audit and translation services.

Global Conversation
Translation and web design in German, English, French and Spanish.

Global Language Services
Interpretation, translation and language learning, based in Glasgow.

Global Languages and Cultures
Translation, interpretation, voice-over, localisation and DTP in all languages.

Global Multilingual Translations
Translation in English, Italian, German, French, Russian and Japanese.

Global Translation Network
Portal for translation jobs with profile editing features.[Warning: sign-up is a 30-day trial].

Global Translations
Translation, interpretation, proof-reading in all European languages.

Global Translations Services
Translations between Spanish and English. Web sites, business documents, press releases, brochures, and catalogues.

Global Understanding
Web site translation in English>Spanish/Chinese, aimed at the online Hispanic market in the United States and Latin America. Company based in the United States.

Global Vision Strategies
Offering cross-cultural training, relocation, translation services and global management training for employees and executives on foreign assignments. Based in USA.

Global Web Translate
Translation and web design in all languages in the legal, medical and financial fields.
Written translations in French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Rumanian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish.
Offers translation, design and globalization services. Related articles. Based in California.
Translation, foreign credential and work experience evaluarion firm. - Courses for translators and localizers
Desktop Publishing courses, Language Engineering Courses, Software Internationalization Courses, Software Localization Courses, Translation and Interpreting Courses. - On-line help for translators and localizers
Lists on-line forums where translators, localizers and computer professionals can ask for help. Links also to the support pages of the most used products in the industry.

Globe Language Services
Translation of foreign educational documents for United States equivalents.

Globus Translations and Communication
Translation, proofreading and editing in English and Spanish.

Translation, marketing localisation, in English and Chinese.

Greek translations including dictionary services.

Gobchai Kongsangchai
Translation of official documents in Thai and Dutch, based in Amsterdam.

Translation in Japanese, Spanish, German and Basque. Company based in Northern Spain.

Gold Coast
Translation and technical documentation in Japanese and English, authoring, data management, archiving and distribution. Based in Osaka.

Golden Fox Translations
Translation and interpreting in English and Portuguese, based in Brazil.

Golden View
Translation and localisation in English>Chinese/Japanese/K orean, in the localisation and technical fields. PC and Macintosh DTP capabilities.

Goodwill Vezina Translation Services
Goodwill Vezina specializes in providing technical, legal and general translations in French, Spanish, and English.

Translation of text and web pages between English and Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Graeme Lorimer
Technical translation in a range of European languages.

Grainger Financial Translation
German-to-English financial translation services

Grapevine Translations
Grapevine Translations offers accurate, prompt, and culturally sensitive Korean-English translation services.

Greek Translation Services
Translations from English, Italian and Spanish to Greek.

Greek Translations
Translations from English, Italian, Spanish to Greek , by a licensed local translator.

Translation by a translator in Greece.

Green Crescent Translations
Translation in Brazillian Portuguese and English. Co-operative based in Brazil.

Green Mountain Language Services
Offers translation, interpreting, proof-reading, tutoring, consulting, narration, and tour guide services. Based in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada.

Greg Burt
Translation in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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