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Useful business contacts

Is your company offering representation services to international exporters?
Is your company assisting buyers / importers?
Is your company providing b2b services?

Then register your contact info and short description here

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Clients include global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical
device, lifescience, genomics and healthcare information
technology companies, associations and other organizations
in the healthcare economy. Executes global programs and
provides specialty services in a variety of areas, including
technology and public policy.

Founded in 1987 to meet the communications needs of the
emerging biotechnology industry, the firm offers unparalleled
experience in reaching the full spectrum of audiences
influencing healthcare, including clinicians, consumers,
payors, media and the investment community. The agency's
consulting practice, conducts market research and develops
marketing and commercialization strategies for development-
stage products and technologies.

With over 50 years' experience, we are one of the oldest
and largest exhibit designers and fabricators in the
United States. We partner with clients large and small
to provide integrated marketing and branding solutions.
We provide the best in creative design, high quality
fabrication, and expert exhibit installation and
maintenance. Our in-house marketing agency, offers
a full array of event management and creative services.
More than 3,000 clients come to us each year for a
variety of projects, including tradeshow exhibits,
live events, retail interiors, visitor centers and
showrooms, store fixtures, retail merchandising
units, museums, and more.

We are fully equipped to meet your challenges. We have
a network of nearly 2,000 experienced, creative, and
client-focused associates who will help you achieve
your marketing success story. With an in-house
marketing communications agency, an innovative and
award-winning design staff, and a quality management
and labor force, we provide complete attention to
every aspect of your project to get the job done,
meet your budget, and help you gain a discernable
difference in your marketplace.

One fifth of the world population live in South Asia , could you ignore
this huge market? We help business establish in this market. We could
represent you in Nepal, India and other parts of South Asia. We help Corporations/Firms to structure investments and form subsidiary
company, or establish strategic alliances, joint ventures, distributor
for products, or work as your representative offices for international
purchase and supply chain management. We will do all the necessary
job for international projects support. Just fax or email us
for further detail.

I like to introduce our company as one of the most dynamic
specialised business development firm in India for developing
/promoting/representing business interest of it's overseas
principals for various plant & machinery, products, technologies
and services to various industrial segments (both Government
& Private sector) in India. We also assist them in finding
suitable Indian Partner as Joint Ventures Partner, Licenses
/ Franchisee, Distributor etc.

Our list of clients includes both government and private
sectors including seven out of ten Industrial Group in
India. We have in past ten years have developed business
worth US $ 800 million for our overseas Principals from
Europe, China, Korea (Ssangyong group) from small equipment
(few hundred thousand dollars) to large EPC Contracts
(US$ 270 Million-Ansalado, Italy).

India,as you may be aware,is fast emerging as one of most
exciting market for the various New Projects having
combination of efficient technology, attractive prices,
quick delivery and good quality. This has made possible
for Indian Businessman to modernise as well as expand their
business in a very cost effective manner.

For this good reason,we have focussed ourselves on this market
segment and we are looking for a strategic alliance to act
as associate in India.Our services are right from identifying
the right opportunity/customer till the successful award of
the contracts which will make easy to develop business in India.
I am sure that this alliance will be a right direction for
the growth strategy and will enable the interested company to
take full advantage of the growth potential of the Indian market.

We look forward to the positive consideration from the interested
company and hope this may well be starting of the new millennium
business opportunities emerging from India, which one should
not miss.

Offers the benefits of over 25 years of communications experience that includes strategic planning, program development and management, media and analyst relations, internal communications, public affairs, crisis management, and writing. Through his firm he provides these services primarily to companies in the high tech, low tech/industrial, biotech, energy/environmental, and professional and financial services fields, as well as to non-profit organizations.

Industry Expertise:

Financial Services
Medical Technology

Consulting firm offering a full-slate of external communications
services to emerging companies in advanced technologies,
life sciences, biotechnology and health care.

Located in the Boston area, our team is composed of senior
level independent consultants who provide market research
and analysis, media relations, writing, Web, investor
relations, crisis management, and editorial services.

As a full-service, strategic marketing research firm, the company
prides itself on providing clients with the highest quality and
most innovative research design, data collection, and reporting
services available in our industry today. We utilize a full
range of qualitative and quantitative tools, including both
traditional and emerging e-based research solutions.

We produce results that are on point, on budget and on time.
But we also go beyond that. What makes us different than
other research companies is that we deliver more than data,
we produce insights. We identify the strategic implications
of our findings and make the results actionable. In order
to do this, we commit to a full partnership with you,
providing end-to-end service. We put together a team of
the highest caliber researchers whose training and experience
match your specific needs. This team works to fully
understand your strategic objectives, which then allows them to
design an appropriate methodology and carry out the research

A Boston based government relations and business development firm
dedicated to bringing strategic relation consulting skills to
businesses in order to forge better ties to the public sector.

Builds partnerships at the state level on behalf of our clients
to help impact public policy at the state and federal levels.
We have a proven track record of success in achieving specific
deliverables that are value-added to their government affairs
and business units.

We provide strategic help with elected officials, their staffs,
and other senior state officials. With the shift in oversight
on a number of industries and issues, this becomes increasingly
valuable for companies. We don't replace their state government
affairs staff — we are a resource to them and help them
leverage memberships in various state-level associations such
as the National Governors Association, Republican Governors
Associations, and the New England Governors Conference.

We specialize in helping build public/private partnerships at
the state level—where state government is a customer or
partner in a business venture, helping reduce the size
of government or better delivering state services. We
represent clients that help states with revenue issues and
support on-line services. We work hard to help these
clients build political capital. We look for ways for
them to help state and local officials do their own jobs
better, to bring new services to constituencies, to
look for ways to improve local government, and to find
new sources of revenue.

We are successful because we work daily to build and maintain
personal relationships with elected officials and their
senior staff. We offer quick studies on complex policy
issues, and are experts in the political and public
policy process.

We serve as a consultant and research company to foreigner investors who want to develop commercial relations in Turkey. We can:

a) Supply any Turkish product for the optimum prices and quality
b) Serve as a distributor of your products to be exported to
Turkey, and perform the necessary market research for you,
c) Supply logistics for your in-market products
d) Form international trade consortiums
e) Build an Office for you in Turkey and make it ready to use

For more than 14 years our company has been shaping marketing and public relations strategies, driving campaigns, and delivering results for our clients.

Working with established Fortune 100 companies, or new ventures just out of
the starting gate, we help high technology clients harness PR and marketing
tools to build brand success.

Full service communications agency providing comprehensive
counseling in public relations, marketing, advertising,
promotions, media & special events, sponsorship research
and consulting in a variety of industries.

Our experience enables us to collaborate and deliver
campaigns with the insight and the knowledge of the
international market. We maintain a global approach
and a network of correspondents in Europe.

Our staff of professionals has established relationships
with journalists and the media. We have an excellent
and successful record in creating angles, story ideas,
organizing press conferences, arranging interviews and
assisting clients with the media. We have an incisive
understanding of how the media works. Our campaigns
have sharp definition, are direct and effective.

Campaigns include product launching, developing brand
awareness, stimulating sales, cross promotions and
marketing. The agency has developed marketing and
communication programs that increase brand awareness
in their respective fields. The campaigns utilize a
wide range of communication tools blended with
imaginative & creative techniques. This positions
the client in a positive image before the media
and promotes high visibility.

Over the years our company has successfully maintained
a range of clients from small non-profit groups to
some of the world’s most successful companies. Our
counseling is research-based, pragmatic and strategic.
Our agency constitutes a professional staff with a
strong commitment to integrity, values and performance.

We are an international consulting firm based in Portland, Maine
and Boston, Masschusetts, USA. We assist our clients in global
market research, export growth, strategic planning and
project development initiatives.

With offices in the United States, Canada and South Korea, over
100 companies have partnered with us to expand their North
American sales since 1990. These companies consider us as their
outsourced sales and marketing department focused on building
and managing efficient North American sales networks.

Through an effective approach, we work with these companies
towards the results they deserve by using proven strategies
and market development methods.

Companies partnering with us benefit from our extended network
and gain access to respected distributors nationwide who are
very important to their success. In addition to securing a
solid sales network, we stay with you for the long run by
managing your North American sales, negotiating on your part,
and providing reports on a regular basis.

For international partners, company will work as your U.S. based “Purchasing Consultant” and locate the American made products that you are looking for.

For U.S.A. partners, company will support you as “Export Consultant”, providing
all necessary logistical and procedural guidance.

As “Manufacturing Rep/Agent”, company will be your marketing arm and place
your “Products ” into new foreign markets.

Team of qualified, trained and experienced professional including engineers and MBA's, providing consulting and facilitation services to exporters and importers, foreign investors and foreign companies having business interests in India for all their requirements of regulations, licenses, govt. clearances, and representations.

Our many years of experience in the field of export consulting is the primary reason for our ability to deal with your international export needs,
professionally, and efficiently.

Our international personnel from more than 25 different countries has a wealth
of experience in international sales management and export consulting. This guarantees fast and efficient solutions to your exporting problems.

Ideal for expanding your business to Germany, Hannover, Bremen, München, Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Mainz, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Köln oder Berlin.

We are a consultancy company, specialized in Dutch-Polish business development. We link Dutch and Polish companies, through:

- Selection of Dutch and Polish Business Partners, Distributors,
Exporters and Importers
- Market Research
- Recruitment and selection of Polish workforce for work in the

One of South East Asia's largest independent marketers of
personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning products.
Our success is driven by effective research program that
ensure quality standards are met. We have highly-energized
marketing strategies that has made our products and brands
as a household names in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei,
Hong Kong, China and Indochina.

We seek representatives for Eastern Europe and East Africa
to distribute of wide range that includes mass to medium
range of toiletries for ladies and men, cosmetics and
skin care, household cleaning products, fabric care,
dental care, etc.

We are a Singapore based trading company with a broad networks
within the South East Asia market. Our partners and associates
have vast experiences conducting business in this region.

We are focusing to expand our market capability and will like to
share with you and your esteem organization. We provide a one stop
solution for our customer from handling their shipment in the
logistics area to connecting buyer or seller around the S.E.A.. We
are looking forward your favorable reply and to have a long term
business relationship with yours.

Offers consultation and establishes contacts. Provides analysis,
organization, co-ordination, implementation and monitoring
of from one competent source - on site.

Currently provides the following services:

• trade fair stands, corporate events and parties
• POS activities, promotions
• trend research and advertising
• branding and marketing
• Internet and graphic design
• public relations and press work
• establishing contact with new and potential clients
• CRM: personalized, individual care for your clients,
partners and VIPs on your behalf

Professional trading company specializing in helping
foreigners develop business in China.

Monthly publication aimed at providing useful information on
trade issues to Australian exporters and companies interested
in exporting to Australia. It is composed of general Australian
trade news, export and import news and information on
specific services and trades.

German trade specialists with over 15 years of experience in European
trade offer company representation and warehouse services in Germany:
we are situated in the middle of Europe (near Dusseldorf)with the
best motorway, airport and rail connections. On our 15000 m2 site we
have about 5000 m2 warehouse space, 600 m2 offices, conference
facilities etc. We can market and store your products for very
competitive rates or on commission base.

We offer a complete business solution to companies worldwide wishing to establish or improve their European business. A privately owned company headquartered in Shannon, Ireland, PIE provides its clients a total Turnkey solution for European
business including Sales, Fulfillment, Pan European Technical Support, Debtor Management, Tele-Sales and multi-currency Credit Card Processing. Partners In Europe (PIE) is today recognised as the largest, longest established and most
successful Virtual Subsidiary (VS) in Europe.

With it’s pan-European Direct Sales Force and centralised European Warehouse, clients products can be quickly sold into this dynamic market. It is a low cost entry ticket to a vast market.

Company details:
Company Type: Distributor
Product Types: Mainly Hardware/Software, but not limited to this sector.
Business Area: International/ Worldwide
Year Established: 1993

Global sales team corporation that provides worldwide sales solutions for manufactures, farmers, industry, producers, importers, and exporters. We are trying to provide businesses with a fair global market price for their products. It is
free to list your companies products on our website. When you list your products, we sell them worldwide through our sales team and website. It’s a win, win situation. Our goal is to increase your sales. We sell your products.

We are looking for trade partner in Europe to work with us on genuine Thai products. We represent a wide range of Thai products from industrial, such
as adhesive tape or gypsum, to consumer, like frozen seafood, halal food, chicken, to handicrafts, beauty care and jewelry - gold and silver.

We provide international marketing assistance to all the companies
that want to import or export their goods. For any information
do not hesitate to contact us.

We are an international trading company with associates in Europe
and the Middle-east. We deal in a variety of products like
1) Plastic Scrap - PET, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, etc. 2) Metal
Scrap - all non ferrous metals. 3) Wood Products -MDF, PB, MFC, OSB,
plywood, laminate floorings etc 4) Paper - ONIP, SMK etc. 5)
Laminates - decorative, compact & industrial high pressure laminates
6)Polyester film - packaging, lamination, sun control, release foil
etc.7)Handicrafts -wooden and iron 8) Dairy products - butteroil,
whey, lactose, SMP & WMP. Looking forward to your enquiries.

In these competitive times you need quality products for your customers.
Today you require efficient availability of those quality products. Company
is committed to develop exciting quality assurance programs, which helps to
control costs. Company offers inspection and sourcing services for surgical
instruments, dental instruments, veterinary instruments, fishing tools,
manicure & pedicure instruments, cutlery and swords. Leather garments, sports
goods, sports wear, motorbike jackets & gloves, martial art uniforms &
accessories, soccer balls, jogging suits, textile garments, working gloves
and protection accessories.

We are a leading international business service provider host of professional services out of India. We act as trade facilitator for companies intending
to import or export.

Do you want to improve your European sales?
Are you looking for business partners in Europe?
Do you need translations for your brochures and other documents?
Do you need a proper business address and / or warehouse space in Europe?
Do you need a business guide who accompanies you on business meetings?
Do you need help with negotiations or with the enrolment of the foreign market?

If one of the answers is "YES" you can contact us. We are based in
Germany, the centre of the European Union, the largest economic area
in the world. We can provide you with all professional services:
Office - Warehouse - Business Services - Accountancy - Invoicing -
Agency etc.

Our services are competitively priced and will lead to a proper approach
to the European market. If you are interested in what we have to offer,
please e-mail us.

We are an active company in the international trade, offering to
his customers all types of Brazilian products directly from the
factories, negotiating several different types of home furniture
and wood in general, with quality and competitive prices,
respecting the demands and the international environmental norms.

We can supply & source all Australian products especially heath
care and skincare products e.g. shark cartilage capsules, creams,
oils, supplementary medicines etc. Our service is prompt &
prices are competitive.

Let me have a pleasure to introduce ourselves to you as a Leading Buying
Ageny (Sourcing & Inspection) dealing in Home Textiles and Garments.
The reason to write you this letter is to offer you our services as an agent,
if you are working with Pakistan and would like to have best quality goods
or intentions to work with Pakistan. We could be your representative.
We can do sourcing and conduct inspections of following articles.

Bed Linen.
Table Linen.
Towels & Bathrobes.
Garments (Woven and Knitted).

An aggressive and credible group, is keen on meeting more serious
business partner and desired to seize any opportunity our clients
offer to us so that are always ready to response your reply timely.

We have sourced thousand kinds of products in the largest Asia market
at the best price. If you want to import from China, we are ready
to be your quality supplier in the coming season.

We source items for our overseas buyers in India on 5% service charges.
Our website shall furnish all the details you may like to have.

FTL/LTL based company and now we are expanding to Air & Ocean Import
needs. We can help you with Custom clearance, Delivery all your import
requirements. We can move shipments anywhere in North America at
excellent rates, whatever you desire, we can help get goods their in a
timely matter. We have been around for the last 7 years and growing
day by day.

Our company has in his database clients with viable projects in
different fields of activity like agricultural, tourism, hotels,
civil building construction, supermarkets, industrial plants
and many others in Romania.

We are searching financing companies or individual persons able to
invest money in this projects which can provide loans with

We prefer Insurance policy like colateral concluded with Insurance
companies like Eagle star, Standard life, royal Sun Aliance, Zurich
Insurance than means Prime European Insurance Companies.

We are a consulting company in the UAE and have a company setup
to market and channel products for IRAQ. Contact us for details.

We are one of the leading CHA, freight forwarders and provide total
logistics solution having branches all over our country.

Our core business is to launch and promote franchise companies overseas.
To this effect, we represent a number of established companies that
seek market entry, via country master franchises around the globe. We
represent exclusive companies and offer excellent prospect to the master
franchisee and the territorial franchisees.

Ours is a team of qualified professionals involved in sourcing and export
of various items from India. We can source the goods for you from India
as per your requirements. We are also involved in development of soft
wares and websites as per clients requirement.

We are an English-Italian couple and we are interested in offering our language skills and knowledge of the Italian market to help people start up, extend or improve business relationships in Italy.

In particular, my husband's experience in the field of marketing throughout northern Italy puts us in a good position to carry out tasks which are more difficult from a distance. If you are interested, please contact us.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as trading and distributing company operating between Europe and the Iraqi market with own show rooms, offices, and warehouses etc. From our study and acknowledge of our market we know there are great opportunities for a reliable and serious producer’s to start for investment in our country therefore with a pleasure we will offer advises for the future business in Iraq. And we propose all investors and manufacturers to invest and sell their product by us on partnership or joint venture basis according to the needs of Iraqi Markets.

Furthermore our firm can also increase your exports through our connections, which has an extensive international network through our offices which are operating and covering the all regions in Iraq. We also provide comprehensive information on the market upon request. You are welcome to e-mail us with your offer to discuss possible business co-operation.

We hope you will see a worthwhile opportunity in our proposal and we are convinced of the fact that this co-operation for both sides will be favourable.

Discovery, development, creativity and relationships are the
cornerstones. Add vision, instincts, and a sense of where
things are headed and you have the qualities that make us an
extraordinary marketing agency. This synthesis represents an
invaluable resource to people in business that appreciate the
distinction between keeping in step with your competitors and
keeping a step ahead of them. We truly believe there are no
marketing challenges we cannot master.

Through well-seasoned instincts and hard work, our integrated
marketing communications capabilities and our creative ideas
form a wellspring of welcome solutions for our clients and
for you.

Client services include:
- strategic marketing planning
- marketing communication programs
- marketing & business plans
- trend analysis
- consumer & competitive analysis
- brand development
- product positioning
- market research
- creative campaign development
- graphic & computer design
- print advertising
- brochures & catalogs
- media planning
- review and analysis
- public relations
- promotions
- press releases
- event planning and coordination

We offer sales, marketing and remote office solutions for small - and mid-size
European companies planning to enter the North-American marketplace. We
are a highly flexible organization that can meet your every need – from basic
sales representation services, to larger initiatives requiring execution of a
focused and aggressive marketing and sales plan.

We are the first private HR agency in Yugoslavia. Our offer to
you covers:

- Headhunting
- Recruitment
- Training

We are writing this letter to introduce ourselves with the objective of
looking into the possibility of doing business with you. We are import
- export company specializing in general imports and general exports of
agricultural products such as oilseeds, pulses, beeswax, civet, honey,
coffee, hides and skins. We also do some business representation and
agency. We are a fast growing company with a vision based on hard work
and built on integrity.

Our company is a subsidiary of a company in Stockholm - Sweden, mainly
engaged in the business of import, export and commission agency
activities. We get a lot of market information and support from our
head office who are well connected in Europe, financially strong and
backed with skilled and experienced man power.

It has been 12 years since Ethiopia threw away planned economy and
headed on a market economy, opening its doors to foreign investors
and businessmen. There is a vast opportunity to do business in this
country considering that it has been closed for 17 years. The
financial sector has been revised in the light of the market economy.

Private Banks and Insurance companies have flourished and foreign
exchange regulations have been lifted. Usages of Letter of Credits
are normally practiced as methods of payment. Since we have been
in business for so long, we know who is who, and how business
deals are transacted in Ethiopia. We can be your link to this vast
market of 67 million people. This is a market yet to be explored.
Let us join hands.

If you are looking for business partner to distribute and promote your
products in Vietnam, we are here to be with you. We are a member of
Vietnam Young Business Group of Companies where we are dealing in
many fields such as:

- Automobile distributor
- Business consulting
- Real Estate Investment & Management
- IT & telecommunications
- Fashion
- Manufacturing
- Distribution & retail
- Investment & Stock broking.

With our strong operation in Vietnam, and proven record of successful
business we are confident to provide following business supports to
foreign companies:

- Marketing/product research in VN
- Distribute products/services: base on our wide operation in Vietnam,
we can deal with any products from FMCG to Hi tech products.
- Invest and set up J.V. to manufacture in Vietnam.
- Invest in real estate.

Description: We provide the following consulting services:
- Provide food promotion strategies.

- Publish a monthly newsletter consisting of information on
businesses. There will be a nationwide circulation to ethnic
supermarket owners, major distributors and buyers of food

- Market food and personal care items to retailers in California.
Our aim is to educate the U.S. market about ethnic products that
are available from various countries. For further information on
advertising in this newsletter or other consulting services,
please feel free to contact us.

Organization specialized on Customhouse Broker services, also dealing with coordination and operative procedures inherent to Foreign Trade. We has developed projects of diverse sort and complexity, some of which include: industrial specialization projects, opening and control of fiscal wharehouses, special certifications of the industry state department, import of capital
goods, etc.

Law firm basically engaged in the field of intellectual property. Our
services are wide ranging covering numerous aspects of intellectual
property which encompass trademarks, patents, industrial designs,
copyrights and unfair competition as well as services related to
trade names and domain names.

Hong Kong
Company provides the following services:

1)establishing Hong Kong limited companies
2)registration of trademark, patents and design
3)taxation consultation
4)claim for personal injuries
5)recognised individual voluntary arrangement(IVA)
6)personal bankruptcy and company's winding up
7)chinese and english tranaltion
8)handle commercial, tenancy and family disputes

Business Intelligence Services in Europe since 1987 Forwarding and
Logistics Services Europe. Customs clearing and VAT administrators

New Zealand
Translation services - English-German/German-English. 24-hour
service Market research services - New Zealand and Germany
Import/export assistance - intermediaries and agencies - New
Zealand and Germany Foresight based strategic business planning.

Dominican Republic
Market research and international marketing services.

Design consultants specialising in brand identity. Our services include: corporate identity, product branding, brochure design, web design, interactive websites and online stores, information design, direct mail, print management and copywriting. We offer a friendly and professional service - we bring London agency
level creative without the associated costs.

Advice and contractual services, the establishment of companies and
commercial unions, member of the organ of control in the companies,
assignment/acquisition of firms and quotas of participation,
transformation, merging and scission of companies, co-operations of
breaking-up, winding-up of firms and companies, agreement of joint-
venture, service for firms passing through a crisis, financial advice,
participation to the managing and executive organs of the firms,
political statement of marketing, control of management, management,
factory book-keeping, advice for balance sheet, analysis of balance
sheet, advice and fiscal service.

Engineering software consulting with international clients in chemicals, refining, power plants, electricity producers and design and engineering fields.

Find suitable partners for my clients from different industries and assist them in applying the business visas so that they can visit and cooperate with
their partners.

Company is a consulting organisation which helps small and medium
size companies to enter french market, by providing a turnkey service
(i.e: market survey, organising trade show and customer visits) as
well as a long term partnership.

Our firm provides information services in production made in Ukraine.

We provide assistance to overseas suppliers who wish to sell in
India. We deal in Telecom,computer, IT, sofware and consumer
electronic products

Our team is loaded by professionals from industry having experience marketing procurement and project consultancy. Presently we are sourcing H.B acrylic yarn/acrylic wool/blends/acrylic/cotton/blends, cotton & p/c yarns for some of leading exporters.

The promotion of trade in, and with, the UK through the provision of
project management, business development and event coordination
services. Benefits from these services can be derived by non-
UK companies wishing to identify UK strategic partners.

International management consulting firm providing strategy and organization change services to fortune 500 clients. Founded in 1981, company has operated as a lean, agile alternative to traditional consulting firms, helping clients leverage growth strategies across industry boundaries.

We combine our deep expertise in four major markets-financial services,
consumer broadband, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing-with
state-of-the-art approaches to help clients look beyond conventional
answers, develop new insights, and achieve business breakthroughs.

An internationally recognized consultant and trainer specializing in sales and marketing as well as employee training enhancement programs. He possesses over 25 years of; hands-on senior sales management assignments and responsibilities for a variety of industrial concerns before turning his activities to helping others
improve their performance. He is well-seasoned-respected veteran in the
training environment with international notoriety, by addressing groups
and leading seminars worldwide.

We serve as a consultant and research company for foreigner
investors who want to develop commercial relations in Turkey.

We can,
a) Supply any Turkish product for the optimum prices and quality
b) Serve as a distributor of your products to be exported to
Turkey, and perform the necessary market research for you,
c) Supply logistics for your in-market products
d) Form international trade consorsiums
e) Build an office for you in Turkey and make it ready to use

Consulting for innovation, patents, new technologies, engineering, market research and transport systems.

Business information and commercial intelligence specialists.

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