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Useful business contacts

Is your company offering representation services to international exporters?
Is your company assisting buyers / importers?
Is your company providing b2b services?

Then register your contact info and short description here

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Our company specializing in :
1. incorporation and corporate services
2. legal advice to businesses
3. taxation
4. international trade law & contracts
5. shipping and transport law
6. corporate, investment and business law & legal agency in Romania
We are interested in cooperating with your firm or/and your partners.
If you and/or they have legal/business interests in Romania we can
provide legal assistance and/or advice. Our staff speak English,
French, Italian, Russian, Romanian. We have 5 offices in Romania and
cooperation agreements with law firms in other countries (Canada, USA,
Moldova, Austria, Turkey, Germany etc). In Bucharest we employ 5
lawyers with consistent experience in international trade law,
contracts law, shipping and transport law, property and real estate law
and corporate and taxation law.

We would like to recommend our business information service to
companies and business people all over the world ,interested in
business contacts in Poland. We are ready to quickly and successfully
find for you on the Polish market area:
* representatives * sales agents * distributors * business partners
* investment, co-operation or joint-venture possibilities.
We start our work immediately after receiving necessary information:
1. Information about You and your company: business category, company
profile etc.
2. Kind of business contact/relationship You are looking for.
3. Needs and requirements concerning Polish contact.
4.Your business or personal coordinates: name, company name, address,
phone/fax, e-mail.
Please, send this information in any form by e-mail or fax (we do not
impose a special form). Your address or phone/fax number is absolutely
necessary (not only e-mail).Your offer in an essential form will be
published in Poland in our own bulletin: " International Business
Offers" ( two editions monthly, few thousands subscribers). The basic
form of such publication is free. Besides, Your business or commercial
announcement (including pictures) may be placed on very attractive
conditions up to the end of 1999. We also propose more active method of
searching Polish contact and assistance if necessary. Any details
concerning our service may be adjusted in our direct correspondence.

Legal services in Eastern Europe - Romania
Romanian Law Firm offers the following services to it's romanian and
foreign clients:
1. Incorporating a firm in Romania - starting from US$250.-
2. Full legal advice & services for businesses - starting from
3. Legal services in all countries of Europe as well as USA, Canada and
4. Incorporating OFFSHORE companies in more than 20 jurisdictions.

We are located in the capital city of New Delhi. We provide
professional business development services to foreign organizations
interested in exploiting new business opportunities in this region. We
shall be happy to represent you, to help you explore this huge and
growing marketplace. Initially, you may consider utilizing our prompt &
cost effective services for:
- Market & Pre-Feasibility Studies,
- Promoting your products, technologies and services to the concerned
market segments,
- Identifying and qualifying agents, distributors, business partners,
- Contract research and product development,
- Identifying and developing reliable suppliers and vendors base,
- Setting-up collaborations, joint ventures, strategic alliances with
Indian partners etc.
For more information on our activities and for our references, you may
please visit our web site. We shall very much appreciate to know your
short and long term interests in the Indian marketplace. In the
meantime, could you please send us your literature / profile for our

Our company is seriously looking for companies who needs a sales
representative for their products in the Ethiopian market. As your
agents in Ethiopia, we offer marketing, promotion, booking orders and
sourcing buyers on commission bases.

We are a marketing consultancy specializing in assisting European
manufacturers of high end consumer products to successfully enter the
American market. We offer many services that are geared to the specific
needs of each of our clients: Identification of importers,
distributors, agents, etc. Work with many French, Belgian, and other
European companies.

We help overseas manufacturers to distribute their goods into USA
market. My company is different from other US importers because I
guarantee exclusivity to the overseas supplier in your particular
industry. We could provide a direct and transparent link between you
and your US customers. We could serve as a USA satellite office for
you. This exclusivity (the "virtual USA office") has proven to be an
attractive feature for overseas manufacturers seeking to establish USA
distribution networks at an affordable cost. Depending on the needs of
the particular client, we can:

Arrange for transport from your factory to a USA warehouse
Fulfill all import documentation requirements
Manage the unloading and storage of the product at a qualified USA
Distribute the product to US customers
Invoice and collect the revenues on your company's behalf
Address any operational concerns of the US customers.

Company has warehouse space in New York, Chicago, central Florida,
Memphis and Los Angeles. Good warehouse space in other locations can be
obtained when necessary.

Hong Kong
Local distribution distributor of Chinese or foreign imported products
in Hong Kong. We are distributor of imported products for the Hong Kong
market. We are doing our distribution in mainly ways of wholesaling and
retailing supported by series of organized advertising and promotion
campaign carried out regularly in many different media. With our huge
manufacturing network in China, we are in a upper hand in the
competition as we only buy directly from the manufacturers at lowest
possible price in a very wide range of product available for customers'
selection. Currently, we mainly deal in categories such as
digital/electronic consumer products, computer-related products,
novelty & premium items, hobby models.

We are buying agent office serving all importers of knitted and woven
cotton cloth; knitted and woven cotton basic home textiles.

Our main business is to assist the exporter/importer to market their
product in Thailand and to assist them source out products from
Thailand. Our service is differed from others as we operate face to
face with the customers and supplier directly on your behalf. Please
kindly visit our website and you will know the important key and
knowing why you must use our service. We have been serving many
customers and suppliers successfully.

Need equipment, materials or technology from India? We have been
helping overseas Companies save Money. how? By helping you source from
hundreds of Equipment manufacturers. We can ensure
that you buy at the best netto trade price possible.
Our sourcing services includes:
- Prompt quotation with discounts by fax, email or telephone
- Supply of Manufacturers original literature
- Small order consolidations to help keep shipping & import
clearance costs down.
- All inquiries and orders handled in strict confidence.
We supply:
- Hard-to-find Replacement / Spare Parts
- Industrial, Process & Construction Machinery ( Used or New )
- Testing & Measuring Instruments, Controls
- Electrical-, Electronic-, Hydraulic- & Pneumatic- Components
And are also open to other business opportunities. Your suggestions are
welcome in this regard.

Saudi Arabia
We are specializes in submitting services to any foreign company who
wants to introduce or marketing its products in Saudi Arabia or Gulf
states. You can have more information about our company by visiting our
web site. If you want to market any product in Saudi Arabia, please
provide us with all information.

Saudi Arabia
The main goal of establishing the company is to submit commercial
services to foreign companies' wishes to introduce and marketing their
products in Saudi Arabia. We think Saudi market is very good since we
are in Saudi Arabia don't have sufficient factories which meet our
needs. If you want to market your company products in Saudi Arabia,
please provide us with all information about your company and products.
For more information, please fell free to contact us and we will be
happy to provide you with any service.

Serbia and Montenegro
Our company is offering commercial representation services in Serbia
and Montenegro to European exporters and manufacturers.

Company: UAE
Our company is based in Dubai, UAE. We offer a comprehensive sales and
marketing package to our clients throughout the entire Middle East and
specialize in USA and European products. The company is European
managed and this year completed 20 years in the region. Our product
portfolio contains mainly hardware, automotive & industrial chemicals &
consumables, many of which are already established brands.

An individual agent location in Lithuania can represent your firm in
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. If you have need of some representative in
these countries, please contact me.

You want to increase yours business or to enter in the Italian market?
We are an active society of intermediations on the Italian market and
we can offer your products to the Italian companies.

Our company helps companies from Europe and US locate, position and
manage manufacturer's representatives and distributors in Asia.

We are interested in marketing your quality products-especially if they
are new & unique- to customers in the USA & in a later stage worldwide.
At this time we will only consider products that can be send through
mail to the end consumer. Please send all information concerning your
company, product line as well as pricing, quantities available, etc. We
are a marketing company in operation since 1988, we service clients

Do you have a product that you want to sell in Australia and New
Zealand? Do you want to joint venture with an Australian and/or New
Zealand company? Do you need help in promoting your exports to
Australia and/or New Zealand? Do you want to create a local company and
produce locally? I have had many years experience in helping companies
access the Australian and New Zealand markets, and can supply
references. I hold an MBA from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
I will work on a commission, fee paid for services or joint-venture
basis with shareholding. Contact me today to access these lucrative and
sophisticated markets.

Consulting firm in Romania under Austrian/German ownership is offering
all services for your successful startup in Romania and Hungary.
Specific packages are available for startups, representation, analyzes
and enquiry on the respective market segment. Additional services
include term lease of office-space, instant offices, secretarial
services, advertising and marketing services, rental of chauffeur
driven cars, consulting on real-estate and human resources, contacts to
local authorities and governmental authorities, pre-selection of your
business partners and "cross cultural conflict management" for existing
business facing difficulties in efficiency and communication.

We help Finnish companies establish themselves in Mediterranean Europe.
This ranges from product export and distribution to the establishment
of long-term R&D or production locally. We provide similar services to
French companies wishing to penetrate the Baltic market and/or
establish a bas of operation in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Manufacturer representative seeks to represent established
manufacturers in the USA on a commission basis for the South Florida
area. 20 years experience in sales and marketing.

We can source any Japanese Electronics and Computer and Manga / Anime
Products. Please let us know your requirements and target price.

We provide imports and exports of all kinds of products between
countries with more troublesome diplomatic. Be it, USA-Cuba, USA-Lybia,
North Korea-South Korea or others. Import/export through us and get
your business done.

Company is located in France. Our objective is to focus and develop
international business opportunities for small or medium sizes
companies in offering customized solutions. We can deliver a full range
of services (import / export / Sales representation in France) in
various sectors, to answer your requirements:
1. We can collect information on your behalf and forward them
immediately to your attention for further actions.
2. We can offer outsourcing solution for a specific requirement.
3. We can act as a liaison between your office and the prospects
providing administrative services and assistance.
4. We can handle the entire sales process from initial contact
information to the end of the deal. We can act like an internal
export/import department and manage all your logistic and
administrative parts.
5. We can act punctually or establish long term partnership.

Our company is a privately held international trading and consulting
firm which partners with worldwide corporate management teams to
introduce products and services into new markets and to new consumers
around the world. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of
international trade - from Strategic Marketing and Distribution through
Business Regulation and Government Affairs.

We are a Kenyan based company and wish to represent any potential
exporter/importer of goods to Kenya as we have fully automated office
in the convenient position in Kenya and business experience and can
find business partners for your products. The writer is also looking to
be employed as Representative of your Firm based in the United Kingdom
but with the potential to develop markets for the products in Kenya and
E Africa in general.

Our company provides professional consultancy services to help your
company to position your products for global markets through various
Trade Forums, B2B portals and its own Network worldwide. Your search
for a partner in strategizing your Export/Import business would be met
through us. In addition to providing export marketing assistance to
Indian companies, we provide a variety of services to both local and
the overseas industry which includes:
-Market Research, Entry and Development
-Business/Buyer Representation
-Identification of Suppliers
-Advice on Privatization and Investment Strategies
-Assistance in International Transaction
-Contract Negotiations and Fulfillment of Contract Obligation
-Coordination of Production and Shipments
-Translation of Documents and Correspondence

New Zealand.
We are a marketing / advertising agency offering full range of
services. We understand that the knowledge we posses in the areas of
branding, advertising and marketing does not mean anything unless it
can produce powerful results for our clients to achieve their
objectives. Established in 1994, the company has carried out many
successful campaigns for an impressive range of clients in corporate,
manufacture, retail and service sectors.

We are a Spanish wholesaler dealing with Pharmaceuticals products, we
export to Africa and all over country in the world. We propose all the
range of products for human use currently available in the European
market, particularly in the Spanish and French. We want below you web page make us know and advertise our offer.

I am a French Consultant specialized in helping small and medium-size
companies exporting in France mainly in the leisure industry (swimming
pools, golf and tennis playground, leisure facilities. I am looking for
other companies which would be interested in exporting to France/Spain
or other European markets.

We are a marketing consultancy specializing in assisting European
manufacturers of high end consumer products to successfully enter the
American market. We offer many services that are geared to the specific
needs of each of our clients: Identification of importers,
distributors, agents, etc. Work with many French, Belgian, and other
European companies.

I support every company <for clients/contacts> - worldwide - to be more
successful in marketing its products (strategically and targeted) -
from and to Germany/Europe generally.

We are a Hungarian foreign trade company. We would like to offer you
our help making business connections.

Technical & legal Certification advisors Consultants Europe an
international orientated technical and legal organization with
expertise in the certification and testing of products that are to be
sold or traded on the European market. We assist organizations, such as
designers, manufacturers and exporters, in the CE marking certification
process and help them to meet all requirements needed for compliance to
the European directives for products.

Company with several years of experience in the international trading
markets. Our consultants are able to handle for you in any market
strategy such as: a franchising concept to a private label concept-
marketing. Company provides local marketing and sales services to
American and Western European SME-sized companies who want to market
their products and services in Europe and the Far East, in order to
gain joint-success in these specific local markets.

We are one of the leading on-off line marketing companies in Korea
having over 3, 000 manufacturers of various kinds of items as our
member companies we have established in 1988 and we made and enter into
business between foreign marketing companies and US. And we have close
connections with our government and trade related association.
What we are doing now are as follow:
a. To overseas market research for our members (manufacturers).
b. To import and export for our own and members.
c. To make MOU with foreign marketing companies.
d. To search buyers for our members.

We provide outsourcing service for local and foreign companies.
* Foreign trade operations (l/c, cad, cad, international
transportation, custom clearance, insurance, documentation.
* Providing full service to companies in abroad in representation
against local companies by means of consultancy, solving trust
problems, market searches, monitoring and forcing local companies to
work in compliance with the requirement of foreign customers.
* Providing information and investigation service to foreign companies.

We are project consultants. Always need companies interested in joint
ventures, providing technical know how and machinery for any projects.

International sales consultants specializing in consumer markets in
Latin America, Nigeria and South Africa. Special emphasis on house
wares and personal care items. We are not a distributor.

We are a group of successful international traders with hands-on
experience in 60 foreign markets. We have been assisting exporters
worldwide since 1964.

Eastern Europe fast-growing provider of credible, in-depth information.
From legal and government to business and science, our products and
services provide direct access to enormous information resources of
Eastern Europe and Newly Independent States (NIS) - former Soviet Union

We are a business service company located in Beijing, China. We can be
your presentation in China, providing you the market entry services
which include being your agent person in China, industry survey and
investigation report, information of local project, consultation of
China Laws and Regulations, searching the potential cooperation
partners, head-hunting service, and providing translation and tour
guide service.

Congo - DRC.
An independent business consultancy based in Lubumbashi, Democratic
Republic of Congo. Their core business is to provide the business
community wanting to expand their ventures into the central African
sub-region with complete business solutions focusing on export and/or
investment opportunities.

Business & management consultancy. Sourcing of products and services
for our clients.

Provides consultancy worldwide, specializing in market analysis of
chemical industry & pharmaceutical industry in China, especially in the
following fields/categories:
- Herbal extract & Traditional Chinese medicine;
- Pharmaceutical & Intermediate;
- Amino acid & Vitamin;
- Food additive & Feed additive;
- Fine chemicals & Basic chemicals;
- Miscellaneous chemicals.

Based in Spain, is specialized as a commercial import and export
office. We trade commodities between Spain and China, as well as doing
business throughout the world. Every year the list of our partners
keeps increasing and our dealing scope becomes various.

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