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Useful business contacts

Is your company offering representation services to international exporters?
Is your company assisting buyers / importers?
Is your company providing b2b services?

Then register your contact info and short description here

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Comprehensive resource information about taxation of electronic commerce.
Prof. Claudia Gramaccia maintain this site entirely devoted to
e-commerce tax issues. Forum of discussion about major actual
topic are freely available.

Provides such consulting services as sourcing, processing and introducing
lots of products that may be interesting to both overseas and domestic
purchasers and buyers for their needs. As having excellent knowledge
and resources in China business environment, we are trying to the best
to serve our clients or the potential ones--to save your time, your money
and your patience.

We are trade, investment, financial advisory and financial restructuring
consulting firm. The main activities are raising fund for domestic and
international capital markets for domestic and international clients,
investment advisory, currency trade advisory, commodity trade advisory.

We are engaged in assisting importers-exporters for promotion of
their business all over the world. We do not charge any commission
on offering business contacts. Our services are offered through
membership only and to our member-clients only.

Provides a wide range of business services streamlined for the global
business needs of internationally active companies. Main services are:
business information, briefings and Internet services.

The group specializes in profitable, highgrowth global business
development for the technology industry. We help forward thinking
companies to develop global markets and achieve fast time-to-profit

We also structure global distribution agreements and provide
development funding to generate successful alliances and profitable
growth in targeted global markets. The members of our team are
uniquely qualified to provide the expertise, contacts and market
knowledge necessary to successfully penetrate global markets.

Low key business consulting service for foreign firms wishing to
do business in the Philippines. Specializing in business start-ups,
product sourcing, connections to government agencies, security
evaluations. Learn laws, customs, incentive programs and how
to protect your investment.

We provide business information reports on companies based
in the Middle East and Arabian gulf region.

We are here to serve you and the community with:
International student services.
International employment counsilling.
International visa & immigration.
Legal counsilling & legal information.
Overseas trade and commerce counsilling.
Export - import & foreign branch office / multi-national office
assistance and counsilling.

Company has started its activities in December 2001 aiming to offer legal,
consultant and auditing services. Our company has intention and ambition
to increase the profit of the Turkish companies in Bulgaria by solving
in the most suitable and practical way their problems on a technical level,
to provide an easier and faster way for performing their activities in the
environment of the Bulgarian market and thus to increase the amount of
Turkish investments; to give the maximum possible contribution to the
development of the relations between both countries.

UK Company formation and registration agents. Offering competitive
and efficient on-line incorporation service. Registered office and
company secretarial services available and general company legal

UK Company formation and registration agents. Offering competitive
and efficient on-line incorporation service. Registered office and
company secretarial services available and general company legal


Consulting company providing the following services:

- Access to business, economic, political, legal and cultural recourses
- A comprehesive business database as well as statistical and logistic data
- An effective market research and development plan
- Marketing strategies and skills to enter the Kosova ethnic market
- Intermediary and representative services with experts from all fields
- Government and Investor Mediation Issues

Start-up consulting management for import and export business.

Company provides consultancy to companies wishing to register outside
of the UK for financial reasons, including reducing tax burdens.

Company provides project management expertise to large companies and
organizations. We use unique management techniques that allow us to
transform strategic objectives into accomplished successes. We offer
business project management services, but also strategic consulting,
marketing plans, product launches, process improvement, cost
reductions programs and internet / IT strategy.

Hong Kong
We provide Corporate Strategy, Market Entry Strategy, and Deal Advisory
services for clients we care about in industries we know, as they seek
to expand in Asia. We provide time to market and time to value for
convergent media and specialty retail businesses - faster than
they ever thought possible.

We only work on a select number of engagements at one time, and we staff
them with industry and functional experts who know what it takes to
succeed in your business. Our team delivers 24 months market penetration
for your business in 6-12 months. We accelerate your time to value -
where you want it, how you want it and faster than you ever expected.

We are a comprehensive non-profit organization established by Laiyang
Municipal Government, which is mainly concentrated in the promotion
of foreign-invested projects as well as the service for foreign
investors. It is subordinate to Laiyang Municipal Commission of
Foreign Economic Relations and Trade (Laiyang COFERT). We have been
playing an active role in recruitment of investors and overseas
cooperation, offering a coordinated process of service to overseas
-funded enterprises from registration to construction and operation.

VAT Refund provide a specialist out-sourcing service to all levels
of business that wish to obtain their entitlement to VAT (value
added tax) refunds from European Union countries. Our roles is
maximizing the return and minimize the workload for our clients.
Act now to retrieve what is legally yours. Unclaimed funds amount
to billions annually and if unclaimed, revert back to the
various countries treasuries.

We are a Florida based consulting firm that offers a wide
range of products and services in import-export, international
business management, transfer of technology, public relations,
and venture capital.

Company assists small and medium size TMT (technology, media, telecom-
munications) companies in the transatlantic expansion phase. These
companies are already established in their domestic markets and are
seeking to expand operations overseas, either in the U.S. or Germany.

Take advantage of this service! It is unique in Romania. And when I say
unique I really mean it. There is no other natural or legal person
authorised as tax representative. You need more than an adviser now.
A team of professionals is here to deal with the tax authority on
your behalf:

- tax registration;
- drawing up tax returns;
- filling tax returns to the fiscal units;
- permanent assistance consisting of: assistance during the fiscal
inspections, appeals against controls, information regarding legislation news;
- exclusively for you, the R & S Stand-by service: permanent e-mail or
phone contact with your own legal adviser;
- advice for applying the tax treatise for double taxation avoidance in
a way that best suits your interests;
- reducing the taxes owed, without tax dodging methods;
- monitoring the filling and payment deadlines, as well as other
obligations imposed by the fiscal legislation;
- obtaining the fiscal certificate.

We are an auditing and accounting firm and we offer various services
to local and international clients including auditing, accounting,
international tax advice, consulting and corporate finance. We are
also a member firm of Alliott Group, an international worldwide group
which is spread all over the five continents. Obviously we use the
resources of Alliott Group which have over 500 offices spread around
the world to assist international clients.

Consulting firm which specializes in developing strategies for multinational
corporations and financial institutions in matters relating to international
financial markets, financial risk management, financial derivatives,
international banking, export-import, cash management and management training.

Company is focused on its goal - to develop mutually beneficial relationship
with our clients and providing practical solutions in timely and cost
efficient manner. When it comes to providing legal services in today’s dynamic
and fastpaced economy, your counsel must do more than keep the pace.

Our services cover the following fields of Turkish Law, including structuring,
advising and preparing necessary documentation and expediting required
applicatins with regulatory bodies: Banking - Finance Business Law - Capital
Markets Law - Commercial Law - Communications & Media Competition Law -
Construction Consumer Law - Environmental Law - European Community Law -
Financial Leasing Law - Foreign Exchange Foreign Investment Law - Insolvency
& Bankruptcy Law - Information Technology Intellectual Property (Trademark,
Patent. Know-How) Labor Law - Litigation Merger & Acquisitions Privatization
Law - Real Estate Law - Securities Law - Tax Law Telecommunications -
International Trade - Corporations & Business - Government Benefits - Family -
Franchising Insurance Education Health Administrative Energy Criminal.

Provides Professional Services and Facilities to help you launch
your business in China. PRC company registration, conference service.
Virtual office and serviced office service.

South Africa
Company is forging links between buyers and suppliers.
Marketing, business plans, sales, web design.

Consultancy as purchasers for ICT equipment (no software). Also recognized
as a kind of "lawyer"'s function in the ICT-wilderness. With other words
protecting customers against the dangers within the explosive growing
ICT market in a technical way. We guide our customers in making inventories
and strategies for their own organization up to negotiations and contractual
aspects when buying new equipment.

We assist some industries from the Northeastern of Brazil in their export
business. Products offered: roasted coffee; roasted and grinded coffee;
sugar cane brand. Also we manage foreign capital for industry investments.

Our is a Liaison/representation firm. We offer liaison/representation
services to prospective importers to source following items from India:
1. Bicycle and bicycle parts
2. Bicycle tyre & tubes
3. Hand tools
4. Auto parts & bearings.

We will locate manufacturers, develop them and get items at competitive

We are a professional company dealing with imports & exports of various
commodities, representative of buyers/sellers in India, and are also
providing various other services i.e. market survey, consultancy in
exploring new market and liaisoning with Government and private sector,
when required.

Marketing Consulting services: Market studies, test sales, marketing/
manufacturing partnership searches, distribution planning and
mapping. Our consulting team's industry network and expertise covers
brand foods and beverage products; consumer electronics and computer
products; industrial electrical and electronics equipment and systems;
industrial automation and instrument products; transportation and
material handling equipment; logistics automation.

We are an export marketing consultancy working in partners with SMEs
who want to export to different markets including the European
Union, Central and Eastern European countries, North Africa and the
Middle East. We will work in partnership to help in the packaging,
production and marketing of the products in new markets.

We help SMEs to research the markets they want to penetrate and
assess whether their product or service has potential to work
in these markets.

We offer searching for you of the Ukrainian business partners, exporters, importers, service in advancement of your production on the Ukrainian market, information services. Company is the ideal starting point for anyone involved in international trade or anyone who wants to do business with Ukraine.

We can help you expand your business to the UK and break into other
European markets. London-based consultancy helping international
entrepreneurs assess and research the UK market. Our aim is to help
you avoid the pitfalls of launching into a new country and to ensure
your UK venture is a commercial success.

We help overseas manufacturers to distribute their goods into
USA market. My company is different from other US importers
because I guarantee exclusivity to the overseas supplier in
your particular industry. We could provide a direct and
transparent link between you and your US customers. We could
serve as a USA satellite office for you. This exclusivity (the
"virtual USA office") has proven to be an attractive feature for
overseas manufacturers seeking to establish USA distribution
networks at an affordable cost.

Depending on the needs of the particular client, we can:
Arrange for transport from your factory to a USA warehouse
Fulfill all import documentation requirements
Manage the unloading and storage of the product at a qualified
USA warehouse
Distribute the product to US customers
Invoice and collect the revenues on your company's behalf
Address any operational concerns of the US customers.
Company has warehouse space in New York, Chicago, central Florida,
Memphis and Los Angeles. Good warehouse space in other locations
can be obtained when necessary.


Experienced lawyers will form and register companies in
most popular jurisdictions offshore and onshore: USA, UK, Panama,
Gibraltar, BVI, Cyprus, SVG, Nevis, Seychelles. Assistance with opening
non resident tax free bank accounts in Europe and the Caribbean.

Our company can be a quality partner to companies that:
- want to get acquainted with the business environment in Slovenia, countries of former Yugoslavia or EU accession candidate countries;

- are looking for strategic or long-term partners in this part of Europe

- are looking for partners to help them establish international consortiums in order to be able to participate in European and other tenders

- are looking for experts from various fields of consultancy

- would like to transfer know-how, experience or good practices into any of the countries mentioned above

- wish to promote their products and/or services in the countries mentioned above.

Law & Business company based in Turkey.
Our services are:
1 - Import - export
2 - Prove of bureaucracy for turkish customs
3 - Opening companies for foreigners in TURKEY
4 - The market investigation in TURKEY
5 - Distributoring agrements & contracts with TURKEY

Company offers the following consulting, marketing and information services
for foreign companies planning to start/expand their business activities
in Ukraine:

- Searching for potential partners for your company in Ukraine;
- Joint venture foundation assistance;
- Databases of Ukrainian importers;
- Commercial monitoring of Ukrainian companies offers;
- Placing orders at Ukrainian manufacturers;
- Providing representative services;
- Informational adaptation of your company in Ukrainian market;
- Providing comprehensive information on local companies’ stability
for those who want to start business with Ukrainian partners.

If you need some representant who speak italian, french, kroat, english
here we are! We are able to represent your firma in slovenia let us
know, please. Daniel Majcen-manager

Agency, representation, assistance in Turkey We are a representation
company in Istanbul Turkey. We offer a complete range of services for
the companies that wish to sell in Turkey. We work on company
representation, search for importers, dealers or importers, organize
your advertisements, help you take part in fairs and exhibitions,
congresses and we also do business visit assistance.

We are a company based in the most commercial area of New Delhi, India
and maintain a fully furnished office of 2000 sq ft on the main
approach road of the locality. We are working with a staff of about 20
people, experienced in various discipline. We are looking for companies
wanting to promote their business interests in India. We would give all
support and assistance to the company whose product is acceptable to
the Indian market and comes under our preview of operations.
We are also in a position to get any work done at the highest
government level in the ministry as well as the bureaucracy.
We would appreciate getting all the relevant information at the first
instance and the scope of work desired by the interested companies.

We can distribute your products or represent you in Africa & the Middle
East, we can joint venture with you for maximum mutual benefits, we can
help you lower your production and capital costs by half ! We are an
international free zone that just opened up in Tangier, Morocco with a
potential for any company to reach 1.5 billion customers in Africa,
Europe and the Middle East. We offer office rentals, storage facilities
for your products in transit or for distribution, factory rental, duty
free & tax benefits, low cost labor force, representation of your
company and products by our staff plus enjoy all the benefits of a free
trade zone and be an exhibitor in our permanent expo center where you
can meet potential buyers from major international
companies. Our free zone is located near Europe, Africa and the Middle
East and it offers you the opportunity of the millennium.

Are you need to representing in Romania. Please contact us.

Sell your products to the Baltic States (Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania) and
adjacent markets through our services. Please contact us and visit our
web-site for further information.

As your agents in Finland we offer marketing, promotion, booking orders
and sourcing buyers on commission bases agreement 5% max on fob sales

Our firm is looking for companies/products to represent in the United
states for distribution. If you are looking to export from Your country
into the united states contact us for information And possible
representation. We have a large product range. Nothing is to big or to
small. Our firm is dedicated to making your product sell.

Our firm is looking for companies/products to represent in the United
States for distribution. If you are looking to export from your country
into the United States contact us for information and possible
representation. We have a large product range. Nothing is to big or to
small. Our firm is dedicated to marketing your product sell.

We are a global trading house and International Trade Promoters engaged
in the Export, Import of various commodities all over the world. We
provide consultation to the International Business market and locate
the best manufacturer or distributor (In India) for any item, and
negotiate the best terms for you.

We can help your company in getting your import requirements of the
various products from India at a very reasonable price along with the
high quality of the product(s).

Bulgarian business information system- info-business. We offer all kind
business information related to Bulgarian and Russian market. We can
find new business partners and clients for your goods.

We buy and assist with a trade relationships between suppliers and
buyers. Please send us you offer or request and we will try to Assist
you. You can look in our information commodity exchange for a articles
an manufacturers and traders you can post your offer direct to business
offer bulletin board. We are in your service.

One of the leading companies in marketing foreign communities, and we
will be pleased to market your products. We hope that you send us
details about the prices of your products, symbols of them, catalogues,
and means of payments of your products.

We are a consulting firm specializing in advising foreign companies on
the market entry possibilities for the Hungarian market, by means of -
* Market research, product feasibility for Hungary;
* Advise on legal, customs, import licensing, patent requirements by
the Hungarian law;
* Locating proper local distributors, partners, joint venture partners;
* Arranging for the set up of a Hungarian representative office,
Hungarian sister company or other Hungarian legal entity;
* Arranging for the set up of manufacturing, assembling plant in
* Locating Hungarian Investment possibilities;
* Professional legal advice on issues associated with the given project
by chartered Lawyers;
* Professional customs advice by registered Customs Agents;

We have been successfully representing products and companies since
1975. We were founded in Switzerland, and now have offices in the USA
and Canada. We totally evaluate all products before we accept to
represent. We work with serious companies who understand that they must
make an investment to properly introduce their company and their
products into the North American Market. We are a professional fully
staffed company, and we offer all services. We are well introduced with
buyers in a wide area, such as industrial products, and consumer
products. We do get results for our clients. Our main interest is to
introduce you and your products into the market in the shortest
possible time. Email or fax us with your phone and fax numbers.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading business
consultant group who have various business experience specialized in
import & export business and marketing. Since we have been conducting
market research for various items, we would like to provide market
feasibility study for your products in Korea. The benefit of our
service is you can know current Korea market situation for your
products exactly with very low service fee. That is, we provide you
with both high quality service and low fee. We can find out your main
competitors and their prices. And we also provide you with market
analysis and market strategy. In other words, we basically analyze how
you can succeed in Korean market. For your information, we have
marketing specialists who have earned their MBA degrees in the U.S. and
have a long marketing experience. We are sure we can provide you with
optimal value for your success in Korea. For your reference, if you
have any visit schedule to Korea, please let us know. We are welcome to
see you and can find a good business partner for your benefits in
Korea. If you need any information, please let us know. Your favorable
reply will be highly appreciate.

Company located in Turkey would like to act as your primary contact and
representative office. Our staff is ready and quite capable of handling
any issues involved with buying, selling, bargaining, inspection of
goods and transportation. In addition, we source any and all Turkish
goods, no matter what they may be or the quantities. Our staff is
fluent in Turkish, English and Arabic and our main office is located in
the heart of Istanbul. We also provide distribution services for a
number of businesses worldwide, clients provide their
brochures/catalogs/samples and any other information they have to our
company and we in turn send out that information to potential clients
who have inquiries regarding their products. Please let us know if we
can be of service to you!

Our company has been authorized to assist Vietnam with trade. Our
mission is to find and bring business people to Hanoi to meet with top
government and industry related officials. Whether you want to
manufacture there alone or in Joint Venture, import, or export, we will
get you the information you require.
What licensing do I need? What is the cost? What taxes are there? How
do I get approved for import or export? We are a US company with a
Vietnamese-American employee in our Ho Chi Minh Office. Do you want a
JV partner? We will locate one for you. We can even offer you a
monopoly for your product, in most cases, for the 80 Million people of
Vietnam. This is a burgeoning, untapped market. Let us help
you get in on the ground floor.

Representation Office in the U.A.E.
Offered: An Office, functioning as one of the well respected
Manufacturers' Reps in Dubai with Facsimile and Email/Internet
connection, available for the sincere and committed
Manufacturers/Exporters (of Lingerie, Garments, Household and Sundry
Products) willing to establish regional office in the Middle East on
long term basis. Very competitive package offered along with necessary
Visas. Those interested may please send us their company profile.

Company located in Turkey would like to act as your primary contact and
representative office. Our staff is ready and quite capable of handling
any issues involved with buying, selling, bargaining, inspection of
goods and transportation. In addition, we source any and all Turkish
goods, no matter what they may be or the quantities. Our staff is
fluent in Turkish, English and Arabic. We also provide distribution
services for a number of businesses worldwide, clients provide their
brochures/catalogs/samples and any other information they have to our
company and we in turn send out that information to potential clients
who have inquiries regarding their products. Please let us know if we
can be of service to you.

Company has 35 years experience on the international business and
offers high skilled services for companies interested to invest in
Brazil. With a Global view and participating in many segments, OPUS can
offer you the best entrance for the Brazilian market. Company has
activities on the import, stock and distribution in the whole country.

Are you in need of representation in Romania contact us.

United Kingdom
Export European Products to China Market We have set up overall
marketing and distribution networks in Europe and Products Recourcing
in all of China. We can supply and promote the exporting all kinds of
Products "Made in China" to Europe and other services for consulting
and investment. We also help to export European products to China
Market. The products we handle with including: Agriculture, Forest,
food products, Household Electronics, Computers, Air-conditioners,
Mechanical products, Optical-electronic products, Chemical products,
Light industrial products, Special products, Building materials, Metal
and Non-metal materials and their finished products, Textiles, fabrics
and clothing fashions. If you want to buy our products or want our help
for enter-into our marketing and distribution system, please contact
Our company include the following products and industry:
1 Textiles and Clothing products(Cotton & Leather)
2 Mining and Smelting of Ferrous Metal
2.1 Forging
2.2 Alloy Iron
3 Melting and Processing of non-ferrous Metal
3.1 General Non-ferrous Metals
3.2 Rare Metals, High Purity Metals
4 Construction Materials and Non-metallic Mineral Products
4.1 Construction Materials (cement, bricks, tile, gypsum,
lime, stone, ceramics, paint, plastic)
4.2 Non-metallic Minerals (salt, carbon, silicon, phosphorus,
asbestos, mica, glass, borax, marblelite)
5 Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
5.1 Daily use (washing products, matches, batteries, fat,
refined chemicals, cosmetics, toothpaste, essence, perfume,
shoe polish, mosquito repellent incense)
5.2 Intermediates, Dyes, Fine Chemicals
5.3 Non-organic (chemical fertilizer, calcium carbide)
5.4 Organic (explosives, pesticide and herbicide, biochemical products)
5.5 Rubber (tires, tubes, tape, synthetic rubber)
5.6 Plastic
6 Metallic Products
6.1 Daily use (cooking utensils, gas utensils, enamel, lock making)
6.2 Industrial (tools, cutters, alloys, steel rope, iron wire rope,
7 Manufacturing Equipment
7.1 General (pumps, valves, compressors, air-conditioners, boilers,
conveyors, lifts,, welding, pressure devices, Power Transmission
Products, environmental protection and public safety)
7.2 Heavy Machinery (mining, engineering, metallurgical, forging,
coining, loading and unloading, tools)
7.3 Special (electrical, chemical, plastic, timber,
construction, textile, paper making, candy, food processing)
7.4 Petrochemical
7.5 Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Fishery
7.6. Electrical
7.7 Instruments, Measuring, Cutting and Balance Tools
7.8 Light Machinery
8 Electronics
8.1 Industrial Components (communications, radar, broadcasting,
8.2 Household
8.3 Computers and Parts
9 Hand Crafts and Toys
10 Medical
11 Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Animal Husbandry Processing
11.1 Food
11.2 Forest Products
12 Chemical, Silk Cotton, Wool, Linen Textile (including Finished

Company is an official trade promotion organization of North-West
Russia, providing assistance to foreign companies in establishing
contacts with potential Russian partners, suppliers and customers.

Bulgarian business information system- info-business. We offer all kind
business information related to Bulgarian and Russian market. We can
find new business partners and clients for your goods. We buy and
assist with a trade relationships between suppliers and buyers.
Please send us you offer or request and we will try to assist you.
You can look in our information commodity exchange for a articles an
manufacturers and traders you can post your offer direct to business
offer bulletin board. We are in your service.

We offer our services as a Sourcing Agents we work on a commission
based on Quantity & Product. We offer very competitive prices and
timely quotes we have direct contact with Sellers that are Ready
Willing and Able to supply the following: Olive oil (all kinds), crude
and Refined Soybean & Sunflower oil in bulk-drums-bottles )Other Crude
and Refined Oils (Corn, Palm, etc..) spices, Sugar, Rice, Lighters &
pens, T-shirts. And many other supplier's products that we have contact
with. If you have a requirement for any of the above products mentioned
or not mentioned please contact us with your LOI to receive an accurate
price quote. These are real suppliers so we like to do business with
real buyers.

We are an international trading house dealing in over 100 products
globally. We wish to place orders for all the above products for our
buyers in India, Europe, Africa, and USA. inform us in detail about
your products. It will be best to send your catalogues so that we can
select the items and give our detailed specifications. We have our own
offices in Hong Kong, India, Germany, Dubai, Zimbabwe and USA.

Your partner in Finland. We act as marketing agents for your products
in Finland, if you wish to export to Finland, just send us a message.
We can help you also locate products from Finland.

Our firm provides consultancy and assistance services
Relating to foreign trade and investment.
Our services are focused on:
1- your Moroccan market
2- your Moroccan partners
3- your Moroccan business development. Please kindly note that our
consulting firm does not act as an importer/exporter nor as a
commission agent. Our services are offered to exporters, importers and
manufacturers in order to help them to maximize their overseas
potential and minimizing risks associated to foreign trade and
investment in Moroccan market. Please feel free to consult us, our
vocation is International marketing, our fees are reasonable and We
would be pleased to work with you and fit into your budget
requirements. Language: Arabic, Francais, English

Like to introduce your products to Asian market especially Malaysian &
Singapore market? We can be at service by promoting your products here.
Our strategies: Show room display, booth promotion( exhibition/shopping
complex), Local advertising & local buyers list. All overhead charges
covered (fax/telephone/e-mail/staff assistance).

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