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UK Manufacturers - Chemicals - Coatings
We developed our own products and manufacture them in Scotland where
we have a reputation for innovation and for environmental
responsibility in our product development.

Although most ACTEL products are water based making them among the
safest protective coatings products to use, they are effective and
proven in the hostile environment of the North Sea and onshore where
world class companies and structures have been protected since the
early 1980s.

ACTEL products have been Highly Commended in the Scottish John Logie
Baird Awards for Innovation and been honoured by the Queen Mother's
Annual Birthday Award for Environmental Improvement in 1997. The top
award was won by MacDonald's Restaurants who happen to specify one of
our products for use in their flagship restaurants in North America and
in the U.K.!

*ACTEL Coatings
Melrose TD6 9SQ
Tel: +44 788 080 5478
Fax: +44 788 080 5478


Alocit anti-corrosion coatings have an amazing ability to adhere to
wet, damp, oily and contaminated concrete and steel. Coating underwater
and in splash zones, using brushes or pumped systems, is as easy as
coating above water. Alocit have a uniquely successful record of
corrosion protection on sweating pipes, steel and concrete piles,
bilges, waste treatment works, hulls, bund areas and tunnels.

The Alocit 28 Series is a range of coatings and fillers with
outstanding adhesive and protective qualities. Tests by the US Navy on
damp and oily surfaces have shown adhesion beyond the range of their
testing equipment. Alocit Systems coatings are consistently top of the
tables in comparison tests on problem substrates. The 28 Series is one
of only three coatings listed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as
meeting its specifications for application on wet surfaces - and
neither of the other two listed can be applied underwater - in fact
nothing can be applied underwater with the ease and effectiveness of
the Alocit 28 Series.

Alocit have a record of successful applications going back over thirty
years - with case histories and testimonials that show coatings applied
in 1968 still intact, despite a lifetime of exposure to aggressive
waste products.

The Alocit range of environmentally friendly and cost-effective coating
products offers long-lasting protection under very challenging
conditions. Alocit's technically advanced coatings have been tried and
tested by companies around the world but despite their high
performance, Alocit products are easy to apply with uncomplicated
preparation requirements and the unique ability to adhere underwater as
well as to damp, salty and oily surfaces.

With offices around the world, Alocit has experts with the local
knowledge and experience to help you with advice and information. As
specialists in high technology coatings and application systems we have
solutions for a wide variety of difficult problems.

*Alocit Systems
3 Charles Wood Road
Norfolk NR19 1SX
Tel: +44 136 269 4915
Fax: +44 136 269 5350


Manufacture a wide range of coatings and associated chemical products
for the building, DIY and construction industry.

Antel Eclipse manufacture and produce a wide range of chemicals for
building, DIY & the construction industryour production is based on many
years of experience in the design, use and performance of chemical mixtures.

*Antel Eclipse (UK) Limited
25 Woolsbridge Industrial Park
Three Legged Cross
Dorset BH21 6SP
Tel: +44 120 282 7186
Fax: +44 120 282 3974


Antonine Printing Inks have been established as one of the United
Kingdom's leading independent ink manufacturers for over 25 years,
supplying the industry with quality flexographic and gravure printing
ink both at home and abroad.

Our portfolio is now as diverse as colour itself, with our liquid inks
producing quality print on a variety of substrates including kraft and
coated paper, corrugated and carton board, polythene, foil,
polypropylene film and many more.

Quality is, of course, not the only thing that we are proud of at
Antonine. Our production facility has been geared up to meet the lead
times that best suit our customers and our pre and after sales service
is designed to advise and assist our clients - often before they have
received an order!

Quality and service have been our watchwords and the key to our

*Antonine Printing Inks Ltd
Newhouse Industrial Estate
Scotland ML1 5RX
Tel: +44 169 873 3768
Fax: +44 169 883 2861


At API, we create complete supply solutions for our customers by
effectively combining the elements of excellence within our business.

Our products and technology, matching our customers needs, our market
focused structure and our approach to creating solutions have combined
to place API Coated Products Ltd at the forefront of the European
coated products industry.

API Coated Products Ltd is a member of the progressive API Group Plc.

We are Europe's leading speciality coater of paper and film.

API is dedicated to providing total customer solutions at all stages of
the supply chain.

We are committed to creating long term partnerships with customers and

We make investment in continuous improvement, World Class Manufacturing
and employee participation.

Our market and product experience is gained from over 50 years
experience in coating.

At API, we recognise that individual customers within each market have
different needs when looking for a suitable coated product. To meet
these individual customer demands we have Business Teams dedicated to
each individual Market. Click this link to move to our Market Focus
page and select the Market appropriate to you.

*API Coated Products Ltd
The Vineyards Industrial Estate
Gloucester Road
Cheltenham GL51 8NH
Tel: +44 124 251 2345
Fax: +44 124 257 6644


ACT has brought together the leading suppliers of conductive coatings
and gaskets to form a "centre of excellence for EMI / RFI shielding".

For the first time experts in paint-spraying, vacuum deposition,
electroplating and gasketing technology can work together to specify
the optimum shielding design. By sharing technical know-how, tooling
and production capabilities, the most cost-effective manufacturing
method can be specified.

Structured to respond rapidly to our customers' needs whilst ensuring
the very best in quality and customer service, ACT is totally committed
to solving our customers' problems. Technical advice and support in
shielding theory, design and the application of coatings and gaskets
will be provided at all stages of the product life cycle.

In addition to the application of EMI / RFI Shielding Coatings and
Gaskets, ACT can apply a wide range of decorative finishes and source
injection mouldings.

Flexible manufacturing processes ensure that excellent customer service
is provided at all stages of the manufacturing process from design to
production for both low and high volume applications. ACT is currently
working towards ISO9002 accreditation and can provide a full quality
plan for each coated part. Samples will be provided promptly in order
to evaluate various coating options and will form the basis of
subsequent process specifications.

*Applied Coating Technologies Ltd
Unit 4
Cleton Business Park
Cleton Street
Tipton DY4 7TR
Tel: +44 121 557 5324
Fax: +44 121 557 7064


Aquatec Coatings Ltd is a manufacturer of water based industrial paints
and coatings. We are one of only a few companies that specializes in
water based paints. This focus allows us to provide our customers with
both a range of established conventional coatings and also customize
our paints to individual requirements in terms of performance,
specifications and price.

We have been developing water based paints long before Environmental
Protection Agency legislation was announced and subsequently our
experience and knowledge of water-based technology allows us to react
quickly to any such customer requirements. Through our excellent
technical centre we can offer substantial technical backup and
extensive product development.

Sales, Production and Warehousing are all based at our site in Wrexham.
Our dedicated production facility uses the most up to date equipment
and are capable of manufacturing 5 - 1000 litre batch sizes.
Manufacturing/delivery lead times are typically 1 - 2 days with
finished goods held in stock for regular customer orders. Deliveries
are made through our own transport fleet as well as utilising outside

Aquatec Coatings Ltd provides a wide range of industrial paints and
coatings for many different substrates, such as metal, wood, plastic &

*Aquatec Coatings Ltd
Rock Road
Wrexham LL14 3YF
Tel: +44 197 882 2881
Fax: +44 197 882 1169


Bartoline Limited, a privately owned company trading since 1876, are
renowned as one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing and
packing solvents, adhesives, fillers and wood preservatives/treatments.

Bartoline Limited, a privately owned company trading since 1876, are
renowned as one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing and
packing solvents and wood preservatives/ treatments.

Operations are carried out from recently extended an ultra modern
factory complex located in the market town of Beverley, North

The Company specialises in Decorating Sundry Products which are
distributed extensively through wholesale, retail and trade outlets
throughout the United Kingdom and also to an ever expanding number of
countries overseas.

Together with products sold under the Bartoline label, own branding has
become a specialty and is available for larger customers capable of
taking sufficient quantities. The service includes everything from
initial design to finished artwork. Many of the UK's leading multiple
retailers take advantage of this facility.

Bartoline have established a strong corporate identity which has become
immediately identifiable on their customers shelves. The company
strives to ensure the containers used are the most suitable type and
are at the forefront of any new packaging innovation. All raw materials
used in the manufacturing process are also always of the highest

The Company continues to strive to meet exacting standards for the
future.ISO 9002 accreditation ensures that customers can always rely on
top quality products and consistency. This coupled with an ability to
provide an ever expanding list of satisfied customers with exactly the
right product at the right time and at a competitive price, means that
Bartoline continues to be the No.1 name in decorating sundries.

*Bartoline Limted
Barmston Close
East Yorkshire HU17 0LG
Tel: +44 148 267 8737
Fax: +44 148 287 2606


Since Bedec first began business in the early 1980s its first and
foremost objective has been to produce top quality water-based paints
that improve and out perform solvent based paint, both internally and
externally, as well as being environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Bedec were the innovators of water-based paint effects. These items are
now standard, and reproduced throughout the industry. The company have
a highly experienced team of chemists who firmly believe in developing
superior coatings that meet the demands of the modern world, with
durability, ease of use and without harming the environment. They have
now developed a new generation of outstanding quality water-based paint
to take us into the new millennium.

MSP is a new type of paint designed to use on any surface* without the
need to prime or undercoat. Just open the tin and paint. MSP will go
straight over most other paint, even bitumen, tar varnish and creosote.
It is completely safe, so safe it can be used on nursery furniture. Use
it all over the house. Use it outside the house. Use it in the garden,
even on decking. Take the headache out of painting-just use MSP.

*Bedec Products Ltd
Units 1&2
Poplars Farm
Aythorpe Roding
Essex CM6 1RY
Tel: +44 127 987 6657
Fax: +44 127 987 6008


Briwax has an impeccable heritage which dates back to 1860 when Henry
Flack started manufacturing polishes and blending waxes in East London
for cabinetmakers and woodcarvers. His business was acquired by the
Bollom Group (then known as J. W. Bollom & Co.) in 1961 and since then
the brand has gone from strength to strength in both the consumer and
professional markets.

In addition to Briwax Original Wax Polish, there is a comprehensive
range of professional products for both spray and manual application.
No wood care range has higher consumer brand awareness than Briwax and
there is a whole family of products suitable for retailing, including
cleaners and revivers, water stains, brushing lacquer, filler sticks
and touch-up water dye pens as well as the traditional waxes.

The Bollom Group has ISO 9001 accreditation and is a member of the
British Hardware Manufacturers Association and the British Hardware

The Bollom Group has held a Royal Warrant for over 25 years. Originally
in the name of company founder, Jack Bollom, it has been passed to his
son and the current Chairman, Martin Bollom. Royal Warrants are
accepted as a mark of recognition to people or companies who have
regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to certain
members of the Royal Family. They are reviewed every five years, have
always been regarded as a mark of excellence and are highly prized. All
companies with a Royal Warrant are recognised as sharing a total
commitment to the highest standards of service and quality.

Bollom House
Croydon Road
Kent BR3 4BL
Tel: +44 845 601 2905
Fax: +44 800 085 4663


COPON - E. Wood Ltd manufactures & supplies a unique range of single
and two component waterborne & solvent free protective coatings. Each
and every coating material has been extensively trialled and tested.
The Copon range is capable of serving almost every facet of industry.

Copon operates a quality management system compliant with the
requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000; we are one of the first companies
in the UK to achieve this new level of registration, after originally
achieving the ISO 9002 standard in 1989.

With over 100 years experience in the manufacture of high performance
coatings, Copon has an unparalleled record in a diverse range of
industry sectors - always looking to offer an innovative and cost
effective solution to coating problems.

Utilisation of the latest polymer technology available has enabled
Copon to produce an unparalleled range of solvent free and water borne
high performance coating systems.

Unlike its industry competitors, for the last ten years Copon has
devoted its entire research and development programme to innovative
water borne and solvent free resin technology.

Copon stands proudly ahead of its competitors with high performance
coating and finishing product which offer maintenance free protection
whilst complying with current and future impending environmental

*Copon-E Wood Ltd
Standard Way
North Yorkshire DL6 2XA
Tel: +44 160 978 0170
Fax: +44 160 978 0438


Originally founded in 1946, Dacrylate Paints has grown from a small
producer of decorative paints into one of the most successful
independent paint companies in the UK. This has been achieved by
providing our customers with a varied range of established industrial,
protective and decorative coatings of high quality, alongside more
dedicated specialised materials produced to the customer's own

Being independently run means that our efforts can be totally focused
on the needs of the industry and on long-term future developments. As a
result we were one of the first companies to introduce anti-graffiti
products to the UK market, and began work on water-borne coatings long
before EPA legislation was announced. Subsequently, our experience and
knowledge gained over the years has allowed us to respond quickly to
many requirements, and provide our customers with dedicated technical
support. Our commitment to quality is reflected by our accreditation to
ISO9002 (formerly BS5750 Part 2).

*Dacrylate Paints Ltd
Lime Street
Notts NG17 8AL
Tel: +44 162 375 3845
Fax: +44 162 375 7151


Established over 25 years, independent specialists in rust treatment
and rust protection for industrial maintenance and production.
Expertise covers all aspects of paints and protective coatings.

Coatings and treatments for all types of industrial concrete floors.
>From economical paints up to heavy duty screeds, a complete range for
all situations.

*DG Protective Coatings
12 Banbury Road
Stratford upon Avon CV37 7TB
Tel: +44 178 974 0286
Fax: +44 178 974 0599


ICI creates, develops and markets products that make the world look
brighter, taste fresher, smell sweeter and feel smoother. Paints,
foods, fragrances, personal care. The kind of products you use every

Of course, the ICI Group is a huge international business. We employ
more than 35,000 people worldwide. Our product range is 50,000 strong.
And in 2003 our sales touched 5.8 bn. But now there’s an altogether
more human face to the company.

The ICI Group comprises the International Businesses of National Starch
and Chemical Company, Quest International, Uniqema, and ICI Paints - as
well as the Regional & Industrial Group, made up of businesses which
are more regional in their scope with principal locations in India,
Pakistan, and Argentina.

>From Technology to Education and Investor Relations to Graduate
Recruitment, this website will paint you a picture of how innovation
from ICI is ‘The Vital Ingredient’ in all our lives.

We have, and will continue to build, a portfolio of businesses that are
major players within their respective industries, bringing together
outstanding knowledge of customer needs with leading edge technology
platforms to provide superior products for our customers.

Through these attributes, we aim to create superior value for ICI
customers and shareholders, without compromising our commitment to
safety, health and the environment and the communities in which we

The ICI Group comprises the International Businesses of National Starch
and Chemical Company, Quest International, Uniqema, and ICI Paints - as
well as the Regional & Industrial Group, made up of businesses which
are more regional in their scope with principal locations in India,
Pakistan and Argentina.

Our paints brands are some of the most successful in the world. We
create some of the world's top-selling fragrances.Our starches and
adhesives find their way into everything from foods to building
materials, and from sports shoes to medical electronics. Our lubricants
make vehicle transmissions and fridges run smoothly, and The Vital
Ingredient in many personal and household care products comes from us.

ICI has changed so much and so quickly that sometimes it’s been
difficult for those outside the company to keep up. The fast pace of
change has meant than many former operations now belong to other
companies. If you are searching for a company that you think is an ICI
business but cannot find it listed below, you may wish to look at this
list of divested businesses.

*ICI Paints
Wexham Road
Slough SL2 5DS
Tel: +44 175 355 0555
Fax: +44 175 355 0555


With over 100 years experience in the manufacture of high performance
coatings, E. Wood Ltd has an unparalleled record in a diverse range of
industry sectors - always looking to offer an innovative and cost
effective solution to coating problems.

Utilisation of the latest polymer technology available has enabled E.
Wood Ltd to produce an unparalleled range of solvent free and water
borne high performance coating systems.

Any company wanting training in the application of E. Wood Ltd products
can access product training either at our head office training centre
or specific training can be arranged on-site.

E. Wood Ltd provide comprehensive commercial and technical support for
our customers worldwide. This is provided by our customer service
centre and technical information centre at head office and also our on-
site technical support team. Included in this support package are site
surveys and inspections, product recommendations, application, etc.

*E Wood Ltd
Standard Way
Northallerton DL6 2XA
Tel: +44 160 978 0170
Fax: +44 160 978 0438


The Company has been established since 1970. At this time it was a
subsidiary of a successful Wallcoating company and operated as the
Imperial Paint Company Ltd.

The company was reformed in 1977 and took on its present name at this
time. The present owner of the company purchased control in 1990.

Evertex is a superb heavy duty coating that has been manufactured in
the U.K since 1969 using a thoroughly proven formulation modified only
as technology has advanced. It is suitable for all properties and every
type of surface.

Evertex is manufactured using perlite. This product gives the coating
its texture and because perlite consists of many tiny air bubbles adds
to the insulating properties of the coating.

Fungicide and Algicide is added to Evertex to give long term protection
to the film and will deter algae and fungi from disfiguring the

Fibres are added to heavy coatings to help give long term strength.
Evertex has to quite separate fibres, some quite short and some much
longer. These are both of a mineral nature to ensure that there is no
possibility that they will deteriorate over the long life of the

Evertex contains a very special form of wax that combines with the high
resin content to reduce the adhesion of dirt to the surface.
Evertex is a very complex material, far more complex than ordinary
coatings and holds the reputation for being the best wall coating on
the market.

Everflex the new wall coating from Everlac ( GB ) Ltd is based on a
brand new elastomeric resin that has been developed using the best of
today's modern technology. It brings a new concept to wall coatings
incorporating a series of much needed properties.

Years ago concrete was regarded as virtually everlasting but it is now
seen to be vulnerable to atmospheric conditions and a coating designed
to counteract these but also fulfil asthetic requirements is necessary.
Everflex meets all these criteria and this combined with its ability to
be applied extremely easily makes it the ideal wall coating for both
commercial and domestic use.

Older materials have relied upon plasticizers to give flexibility but
now modern resins have allowed the development of coatings that retain
their flexibility over a long period of time.

The flexible poloymers used to produce Everflex allow the surface it is
applied to, breathe allowing water vapour to escape and also providing
a lasting barrier against the destructive effects of Carbon Dioxide.

Everflex has excellent crack bridging properties and is highly
resistant to Grime and dirt.

It can be easily applied by roller brush or high pressure spray and has
a smooth satin finish.

Everflex Plastercoat is available for ceilings and is perfect for
covering imperfections, this can be applied by decorative rollers,
stipple brushes or by plasterers float.

*Everflex Plastercoat
The Maltings
Fordham Road
Suffolk CB8 7AA
Tel: +44 163 866 4241
Fax: +44 163 856 0015


Fiddes has a long, proud history of caring for wood that began with the
founder, Albert Fiddes, in the United Kingdom in the early part of this
century and continues to this day. Through nearly 100 years and four
generations, the name Fiddes has become synonymous with quality not
only in the UK, but across Europe, Asia and the USA through a network
of established, appointed distributors.

Fiddes has always had a progressive outlook, and today operates from
modern, purpose built premises, utilising the very latest technology to
develop and produce a comprehensive range of woodfinishing materials
from the very finest raw materials available.

Fiddes have adopted a policy of continual investment in both people and
technology, striving to provide the most complete and competitive
package of products and services for the wood working industry. This
policy of reinvestment has provided Fiddes with the opportunity to
offer their clients the highest standards of quality and service,
whilst also remaining competitive in the market place.

These new investments have provided Fiddes with a platform on which an
extensive programme of reorganisation and expansion has recently been
undertaken. This has lead to the development of safer, more
environmentally friendly woodfinishes, typified by the introduction of
the highly successful Supreme Wax Polish range in 1996.

Fiddes continue to invest in technology, recently installing and
commissioning a new, fully automated Supreme Wax production facility,
further increasing productivity to meet client requirements.

A dedicated Export Department, supported by an advanced computerised
sales processing system ensures all orders are swiftly despatched,
maintaining Fiddes position as a leading player in the global wood
finishing market.

To this day, Fiddes continue to develop a strategy aimed at retaining
the allegiance of their customers, both through the manufacture and
distribution of the highest quality woodfinishes, combined with
research and development through an active environmental policy.

Formulated to offer excellent results on bare or sealed wood, Fiddes
Supreme Wax Polish contains a unique, environmentally friendly blend of
waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. Available in
seven carefully selected shades, the Supreme Wax range exhibits
significant advantages over many traditional toluene based wax

Supreme Wax is virtually odour free, easy to apply, and once buffed to
the desired sheen level, provides a depth of finish that revives and
protects any original patina.

Fiddes Woodfinishes manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of
Wood Dyes & Stains, which once applied offer a beautiful and unique
depth of colour. Choose from a selection of Waterbased, Oil and Spirit
based dyes that exhibit a clean, consistent appearance, combined with
excellent lightfast properties.

Fiddes range of Wood Dyes & Stains allow you to create new and exciting
colour shades or to simply match an existing decorative style, ideal
for use on cabinet work, doors, floors and all interior wood surfaces.
All colour shades within their range are totally intermixable, offer
excellent penetration and enhance the beauty of all natural wood grain.

For over four generations, Fiddes have blended the finest natural
Shellac to produce a range of French Polishes that have become
internationally established throughout the fine woodworking and antique
restoration market.

Fiddes offer a selection of different types of flake and powdered
Shellac mixed to traditional, proven formulations that are suitable for
both brush and rubber application. A selection of "Sprayable" Shellac
Polishes have also been formulated and are available on request.

*Fiddies Supreme Wood Finishes
Florence Works
Brindley Road
South Glamorgan CF11 8TX
Tel: +44 292 034 0323
Fax: +44 292 034 3235


Founded in 1925 Firwood are specialist manufacturers of surface
coatings and paints for industrial applications.

Quality in both its products and service is of the utmost importance
and Firwood is approved to the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems
Standard. Products are developed in the Company's own Laboratory
facility and undergo extensive testing. An on site Technical Centre is
used for the performance and application testing of products as well as
training of internal staff and customers.

Production is carried out at Firwood's own manufacturing facility based
in Bolton England. The modern manufacturing facility has plant capable
of batch production from 5 to 6,000 litre capacity and includes
specialist equipment for both solvent borne , high solids and water
borne products. Automated tinting systems are used for the manufacture
of small batches and colourr availability includes BS, RAL, NCSII and
Munsell Shades.

Firwood's extensive product range is designed to satisfy most
industrial needs. From fast drying metal finishes, quick dry high
flash, polyurethane's, epoxies, stoving finishes, and high performance
coatings to a comprehensive range of industrial and decorative
finishes, Firwood have a paint to suit. Browse through our Product
Range for more information.

*Firwood Paints Ltd
Oakenbottom Road
Tel: +44 120 452 5231
Fax: +44 120 436 2522


Are experts in specialist paint manufacturing offering professional
advice and services to give you the newest and most sort after coatings
available. Unlike any other company Hallam Factors have the ability to
create customised paints to your specification.

Hallam Factors Ltd are professional paint wholesalers with over 20
years of experience in the colour matching expertise. Working to strict
British Standard 5750, all our products are the best in the industry.
With our colour computer we have the means of achieving any colour to
an accurate match. With our 50 year archive we can mix every car and
commercial vehicle colour, old and new on-site within minutes and will
have it dispatched to your door within 24 hrs.

Traditionally we are specialists in automotive paints but also have a
large range of industrial, decorative and woodfinishing products.

The main focal point to our business is paint manufacturing; supplying
specialist paints to large commercial vehicle, aerospace companies and
the ministry of defence.

Our specialist paints consist of:

Night glow (glow in the dark)
Ultra violet glow
Light reflecting sparkle

These products are very popular for use in health and safety floor
markings in poorly lit areas such as nightclubs, runways, garages, car
parks and road signs.

We also do a large range of custom special effect paints such as:

Chroma multi tone flip iridescent (New)
Special Pearls
Mirror metal flake
Mirror Chrome (New)

We have been supplying our specialist paints for more than 20 years to
the aircraft & transport industry, multinationals, the MOD and other
large organizations. These companies insist on using our products for
refinishing their vehicles to decorating their workshops and offices.

Our name is spreading for quality and service. With most projects,
tight deadlines are dictated and customers required goods at speed.
This is something that Hallam Factors have taken into consideration and
we therefore offer a next day delivery on every stocked product, both
off the shelf and manufactured.

Mirror Products is the manufacturing division of Hallam Factors Ltd.
All paints solvents and chemicals are made here using only the finest
raw products. Only carefully balanced pure resins and virgin solvents
are included in our products.

Mirror Products are packaged on-site. This allows us to offer
alternative labeling. If your company would be interested in purchasing
'own brand' products, this can be arranged.

*Hallam Factors Ltd
379 Penistone Road
Sheffield S6 2FL
Tel: +44 114 232 3188
Fax: +44 114 233 8958


Hi-Tech Coatings is the market specialist in the development and
manufacture of high-performance coatings used by the printing and
packaging industries.

We offer the broadest range of clear coatings designed to perform on
your specific application equipment. Our experience and knowledge of
polymer formulation and coating machinery ensures that you benefit from
the latest innovative developments, which can be practically applied by
your coating equipment.

Hi-Tech Coatings can service all your coatings needs: from high gloss
to full matt finishes, functional barrier coatings, and products which
display specific resistance performance.

Hi-Tech Coatings is committed to providing our customers with
environmentally friendly solutions for their coating requirements. We
therefore offer water-based and ultra-violet curable coatings which do
not create atmospheric pollution. This environmental policy extends
throughout our operation, from the initial laboratory formulation
through to full-scale production; every stage of the coating process is
assessed to minimise or eliminate pollution.

Contact Hi-Tech Coatings in your local area if you wish to solve a
particular coating problem, or enhance the performance of your existing
coated materials.

*Hi-Tech Coatings Ltd
Triangle Business Park
Wendover Road
Bucks HP22 5BL
Tel: +44 129 661 4363
Fax: +44 129 661 4383


INDESTRUCTIBLE PAINT is an independent specialist coating company
dealing in the manufacture of engine coatings, air frame and defense
paints, marine paints and general industrial coatings.

We are committed to product innovation and quality, as can be seen from
some of our approvals by companies such as Rolls Royce, Pratt &
Whitney, British Aerospace, Volvo and many others.

As an approved manufacturer and stockist to ISO 9002 and BS 5750, we
have been supplying coatings to the aerospace and other industries
since 1978. We have recently obtained a SMART Grant (Small Firms Merit
Awards for Research and Technology) from the DTI to further increase
our specialised knowledge in high temperature coatings and
applications. We believe that this award will result in a wide range of
new products and coatings being developed for the future.

We are also constantly researching new products to reduce the
environmental impact of any products that we manufacture. In line with
this we are researching water based materials, chromate replacements,
and other products in line with the latest UK and world wide

We manufacture small specialised ranges of products down to half a
litre, which we can deliver world wide. Our commitment to the aero
engine industry means that we can supply a range of unique products in
the smallest quantity necessary, ex-stock, for delivery immediately to
any point in the world.

Indestructible Paint also takes pride in making good quality general
industrial products and has an extensive range which can be called
upon. In addition, we manufacture materials to order for onward sale by
companies in other industries such as goldsize, strippable coatings,
aerosol paints and many others. Please contact us for further details.

In addition, as a quality traceable stockist, we provide value for
money product sourcing of other materials essential to our UK and
Export customers. From oils to solvents, sealant compounds to 'hard to
find', foreign manufactured products, Indestructible Paint provides a
service second to none.

*Indestructible Paint Ltd
23-25 Pentos Drive
Birmingham B11 3TA
Tel: +44 121 702 2485
Fax: +44 121 702 4338


WELCOME to the International Marine Coatings Website. As an integral
part of the shipping business, our objective for is to provide a resource that is both informative and
educational, keeping you up to date with the latest news from
International Marine Coatings and reporting on the key issues within
the global Marine Coatings Industry.

International is the leading supplier of high performance Marine
Coatings and forms part of Akzo Nobel, a market driven, technology
based company specialising in Coatings, Chemicals and Healthcare.

For over 100 years, International has successfully provided solutions
to the global marine industry's constantly evolving needs and earned a
reputation of trust and quality.

Technology leaders in TBT free antifoulings, abrasion resistant
coatings, ballast tank coatings and fouling control systems for vessels
being built, repaired or maintained, International marine coatings are
engineered to deliver proven performance in service whilst representing
value for money.

We believe our winning formula is a policy of 'Constant Revolution' -
an on going commitment to develop new products and services, clearly
focussed on maximising our customer's return on investment in
shipbuilding and vessel operation - worldwide.

Protective Coatings
The largest manufacturer of heavy duty, high performance protective
coatings for steel and concrete. International Protective Coatings
offer a range of added value products for the construction and
fabrication industries, as well as a range of solvent free tank linings
for storage safety and environment protection.

Innovative market leaders in yacht paints worldwide with major brand
names including International, Interlux and Epiglass.

*International Coatings Ltd
Stoneygate Lane
Tyne and Wear NE10 OJY
Tel: +44 191 401 2417
Fax: +44 191 401 2561


John Myland Limited have specialised in the manufacture of high quality
wax polishes, paints, lacquers, stains and shellac polishes since 1884.

Mylands have been supplying furniture manufacturers, restorers and
polishers with wood finishing materials for over 100 years.

Due to growing interest in wood care, we have adapted these products to
be used by people with little experience in woodfinishing.

Cleaning and reviving your furniture can be mastered in a few minutes.
Removing old and tired finishes and re-applying a new finish to wood is
a little more complicated, but can easily be achieved with a little

Although French Polish is the general term for all types of shellac
polish, it is also a polish in its own right. There are many blends of
shellac polish that have been developed over the years. The following
products listed represent the bulk of those currently sold.

*John Myland Limited
80 Norwood High Street
London SE27 9NW
Tel: +44 208 670 9161
Fax: +44 208 761 5700


We are an independent supplier of coatings, services and ancillary
products to the joinery manufacturing industry. Our goal is to make the
application process simple and straightforward for our customers, in
the short term and with a view to structured long-term maintenance of
the coatings system.

Our range of products reflects the growing concern for the environment
and the accompanying legislation. In most cases we can, if necessary,
offer a water based or compliant alternative to traditional systems.
Our staff has extensive experience in every aspect of the coatings
industry from production to application. We are happy to advise on any
subject from factory layout to maintenance of fully factory finished
joinery items.

Our suppliers are all market leaders in their fields and they allow us
to deliver an unrivalled quality of service and range of products to
our customers.

*Joinery Coatings
Nettlehill Road
Houston Industrial Estate
West Lothian EH54 5DL
Tel: +44 150 643 6222
Fax: +44 150 644 8826


Kalon Decorative Products is a market leader in a highly competitive
and mature marketplace.

Kalon Decorative Products is part of the SigmaKalon Group, a worldwide
player in decorative, marine, protective and industrial paints.

SigmaKalon's core business is the supply of decorative coatings, with
leading positions in France, the UK, the Benelux, Poland and Hungary.

The UK is SigmaKalon's second largest market for the supply of
decorative paints.

Kalon Decorative Products' activity is divided between the professional
and DIY markets. There is a network of 160 Decorating Centres from
which professional painters are able to source paints and decorating
sundries. The two major brands for the professional painter are
Johnstones and Leyland.

Kalon Decorative Products' activity in the retail sector is principally
based on the provision of private label to DIY multiples. This sector
also services the independent retailer with a retail branded range of
Johnstones and Leyland paints.

*Kalon Limited
Huddersfield Road
West Yorkshire WF17 9XA
Tel: +44 192 435 4000
Fax: +44192 435 4100


Keim mineral silicate paint systems were invented over 125 years ago to
provide longterm protective and decorative finishes for renders subject
to harsh climatic conditions. There are many examples throughout Europe
of buildings that have been decorated over 100 years ago with Keim
mineral paint systems that are still in good condition today.

Keim has been widely used and specified extensively throughout the UK
over the past 20 years for both external and internal projects. The
products have been used in all types of building projects from new
build to restoration and prestige conservation schemes.

In addition to traditional decorative work, Keim is also a market
leader in the fields of concrete treatment, fire retardant coatings and
stone restoration materials. To complement this generic family of
mineral silicate paint systems Keim also offers a comprehensive range
of ancillary products from pretreatments through to renders.

*Keim Mineral Paints
Muckley Cross
Nr Bridgnorth
Shropshire WV16 4RR
Tel: +44 174 671 4543
Fax: +44 174 671 4526


The Tikkurila Group produces paints and coatings for private consumers,
professional painters and industrial users. In 2001 the Group had a
staff of 2500 and net sales totalled EUR 445 million.

The whole staff aim at constant customer satisfaction by committing
themselves to the continuous improvement of quality in all operations
and products.

Specifying and paying attention to customers' needs, desires and
requirements in all operations.

Improving and developing the employees' professional skills.

Every employee participating in the decision-making that relates to his
or her work and in the development of the operational system.

Tikkurila Oy was established on 14 August 1862 on the bank of the river
Keravanjoki, about ten miles to the north of Helsinki, the capital of
Finland. In the course of 140 years what was once a small oil press has
grown into the leading paint manufacturer in the Nordic countries, with
the aim of becoming one of the top five in Europe within the next few

In the 1960s Tikkurila expanded its operations to cover tinting
technology as well, but the company has now returned to its roots ? the
manufacture and marketing of paint. The Tikkurila Group has production
facilities in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Poland,
Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. It also has sales companies in
Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary, Norway and
Denmark. Net sales in 2001 were nearly EUR 450 million and the Group
had some 2,500 employees.

On the following pages, our historical highlights have been divided
into 11 different eras. By clicking the headlines you will be able to
learn more about Tikkurila's past during certain periods.

Kelvin Way
West Bromwich
West Midlands B70 7JZ
Tel: +44 121 525 5665
Fax: +44 121 553 2787

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