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UK Manufacturers - Chemicals - Coatings
Traditional methods of adhering roofing systems often require
temperatures in excess of 500 - 800°c using gas torches, burners under
bitumen boilers and hot air or hot gas guns. This can lead to a serious
risk of fire and often increased insurance premiums.

Liquid Plastics Limited. have developed a complete built-up roofing
system which is completely cold applied thus eliminating any risk of
fire. Once in place the system achieves highest fire ratings and
provides seamless, waterproof protection for up to 25 years.

Decostik, Liquid Plastics Limited’s new cold fusion bonded roofing
adhesive, exhibits excellent adhesion due to its ability to penetrate
fibrous substrates and surface irregularities in non-porous substrates
forming an intimate cold fusion bond. The new cold applied formulation
exceeds the highest industry standards for roofing systems and avoids
the problems associated with hot works, such as a high fire risk.

Liquid Plastics Limited (LPL) is one of the world's leading
manufacturers of specialist surface coatings and seamless flooring
systems. Established in 1963 in Preston, England, the firm has
manufacturing facilities in South Africa and a subsidiary company in
Belgium, Pentagon Plastics n.v., which itself has a sales office in
Germany. The Liquid Plastics group sells its advanced products to
customers in almost 100 countries and is supported by an international
network of 65 distributors. Please refer to the 'International
Suppliers' section for further details.

LPL's high performance resin based flooring systems and coatings for
roofs, walls and hygiene control are relied upon by some of the most
exacting organisations in the world. For example, the company's liquid
roofing systems are consistently specified by companies and
establishments such as Marks & Spencer plc, BBC, Volvo and the Ministry
of Defence. Coca-Cola, HJ Heinz, Carlsberg, Del Monte and Ciba Geigy
are just a few of the multi-national companies who have used our
hygienic coatings.

All of LPL's products are designed to offer outstanding performance and
durability in order to provide customers with maximum cost savings.
Their exceptionally long design lives help to extend routine
maintenance cycles - thereby keeping labour and down-time costs to an
absolute minimum.

The Environment
Providing the client with dependable, cost-effective materials is
naturally a primary concern, but environmental responsibility is also a
key consideration. Since our formation, we have directed our research
efforts towards the development of water based and high solids systems
which minimise the need for potentially harmful organic solvents, and
yet exhibit performance characteristics that are generally far superior
to traditional solvent based materials. As a result, we have always
remained well in advance of stringent legislation and continue to lead
an international field in the search for ever more environmentally
responsible technologies.

Technical Support
In order to help customers choose the system that is best suited to
their individual project requirements, we offer a free site inspection
service. Details are available on request, either by contacting our
head office in Preston or our overseas representatives.

Underlining our commitment to reliability, we can offer both insurance-
bonded and manufacturer guarantees.

Quality Assurance
All of LPL's products are manufactured in accordance with the demands
of BS EN ISO 9000, the international standard for quality assurance.
Liquid Plastics was one of the first manufacturers in its field to
receive BS.5750 Part 1 accreditation and to achieve BS EN ISO 9001

In all our market areas - from weatherproofing systems for roofs and
walls, to hygiene control coatings and decorative and industrial
flooring finishes - we aim to provide our clients with products of the
utmost quality and a level of customer service that is quite simply

*Liquid Plastics Limited
Iotech House
P O Box 7
Miller Street
Lancashire PR1 1EA
Tel: +44 177 225 9781
Fax: +44 177 225 5670


Electrocoating is a method of applying various types of coating to
electrically conductive surfaces. The required coating constituents
are dispersed in water and contained in a special bath. After cleaning
and any other necessary preparations, the parts to be coated are
immersed in the bath and the coating is applied by the action of
electric current. After coating to the required thickness the parts are
removed from the bath and excess coating is then rinsed off and
recycled. The applied coating is hardened to achieve its performance

Electrocoating Advantages:
High material utilisation - only the parts that need coating are coated
Controllable and consistent thickness enables accurate costing
Ease of automation enables high production rates
Complex shapes easily coated
Engineering tolerances maintained by controlled consistent thickness.
Versatile decorative ability combined with high performance.
High Utilisation efficiency means high material conservation
Water-based application minimises Health & Safety concerns.
Minimised emissions, low VOC.

The Key Is Conformity
Electrocoat conforms to the shape of the part it coats.
Electrocoat conforms to the customers specification.
Electrocoat conforms to environmental objectives.

LVH Coatings Ltd. was founded in 1982. Our core business is
manufacturing and supplying specialist electrocoat systems to a variety
of industries. Key elements in our strategy have been have been
intensive quality control and continuos research and development. Our
success has been based on consistently providing high quality,
innovative products. We are a responsive organisation which has the
capability to custom-design systems using our own technology.
Extensive applications experience and a strong product range will
enable our future growth in specialist surface finishing. Our
production, administration and laboratory facilities are situated at
Coleshill, near Birmingham; the traditional heartland of UK
manufacturing. We operate on a world wide basis with partnerships and
local distributors who concentrate on efficient product supply and
effective service and support. Communication is an important factor in
such a global business. Accordingly we have extensive facilities
including ISDN based internet and video conferencing capabilities.

*LVH Coatings Ltd
Station Road
Birmingham B46 1HT
Tel: +44 167 546 6888
Fax: +44 167 546 6260


Monarch manufactures a wide range of corrosion control systems for the
protection of steel and concrete surfaces from corrosion and chemical

Our aim is to produce the highest quality corrosion control products at
economic prices baked by good technical advise and prompt efficient

To this end we are always trying to improve our products both
laboratory research and site experience.

Above all we listen to our customers needs andtry to develop
technically innovative materials to meet their requirements.

All of Monarch corrosion control systems are specifically designed for
their purpose.

Whether protecting steel or concrete against immersion conditions to
splash and spillage and environmental conditions or flooring with
combined mechanical and chemical conditions, each system has the right
combination of physical and chemical resistant properties to do its

Glass flake linnings and coatings are formulated from chemically
resistant glass and a wide range of chemically resistant resins to
produce coatings and lining systems with excellent performance

9 Agincourt Street
Monmouthshire NP25 3DZ
Tel: +44 160 071 2877
Fax: +44 160 077 2022


The Company was formed in 1988 as the result of a management buyout by
the company's Joint Managing Directors, Richard Slater and David
Baggaley. They took over the assets of the original paint making
company, which owned an old woollen mill (c. 1860) in the West Riding
town of Heckmondwike, and have developed these into one of the
country's leading completely independent paint manufacturers.

Although Norver Paints manufactures for both the domestic and
industrial markets, most of its products are oil based and emulsion
paints for domestic use, many of them manufactured as 'own label'
products, a practice which is becoming prevalent throughout a wide
range of industries. Products are also sold under its own trade names
of "NORVER", "WEATHERLINE" (grass marking paint) and "STORMGARD"
(masonry paint).

Customers are high street retailers, wholesalers, decorators'
merchants, supermarket chains and D.I.Y. independents and multiples
throughout the British Isles. They also export to EC countries, Africa
and the Middle East. They have their own sales force and a network of
agents at home and abroad. Distribution contracts with an efficient
transport company enable them to deliver one pallet to a small retailer
or thousands of litres to a major multiple, reliably and on time.

Paint making involves the use of volatile and hazardous chemicals and
legislation in the fields of Health, Safety and Environmental
Protection is voluminous, complex, and ever changing and requires a
considerable amount of time and financial resource to comply.
Protection of the company's workforce - which fluctuates seasonally
between 25 and 40 - is however paramount, as is concern for the

"The Company operates in a highly competitive market and it is
essential to maintain a value for money product range and a high
standard of quality and service if we are to achieve our objectives"
said Sales Director Fernando Vargas, "but in the light of our growth
over the last few years and the new product lines we are developing, I
foresee a continued growth of the company into the 21st Century".

Norver, the independent paint manufacturer, has moved into the 21st
Century with new paint cans, new colours and new products sure to sell
on sight.

Transparent cans are now being used for coloured emulsion and masonry
paint allowing customers to see the shades on offer more easily.
Display and merchandising are easier and more effective too.

Traditional colours. Adventurous colours. Soft colours. You will find
these, and more, in the new colour range for the new millennium.

*Norver Paints Limited
Walkley Mills
Spen Vale Street
Heckmondwike WF16 0PS
Tel: +44 192 440 8080
Fax: +44 192 440 2515


Peerless Plastics and Coatings are Europe's No.1 producer of U.V.
cured, clear and anti-reflective, abrasion and chemical resistant
coatings on Acrylic and Polycarbonate substrates.

It is a company with over four decades of collective experience and
technological development, together with a vision to provide the best
service possible to our customers. Thanks to forward thinking
principles, and constant investment, this vision is an ever developing

Based in Thetford, Norfolk, the £1.5 million purpose built factory
incorporates two fully automated coating lines.

One line is solely dedicated to the coating of sheets up to a maximum
of 2100mm wide and 6000mm in length. The other line with a coating
width of 1550mm and a height of 250mm is specifically designed and
dedicated to the coatings of mouldings, automotive lenses and other 3
dimensional products.

Both lines produce consistently high quality durable coatings for
upgrading most types of plastic substrates.

Today Peerless has the experience, technology and resources to provide
products second to none, together with the same commitment to the
traditional values that have made the business the success it is today.

Peerless pride themselves on quality, attention to detail and the
ability to tailor processes to individual company and market
requirements. Recent additions to their coatings range includes
Peeraguard Exterior which includes a 5 year warranty in Europe and
Peeramist which is an antimist coating.

Material can be Free Issue for toll coating or purchased as a complete

The Peerless service and quality control complies to their BSI
registration for ISO 9000:2000 accreditation. Peerless long term
commitment to quality includes the future acquisition of QS9000
Automotive approval.

*Peerless Plastics and Coatings
16-20 Howlett Way
Norfolk IP24 1HZ
Tel: +44 184 275 0333
Fax: +44 184 275 0770


Manufacturer of decorative sundries and paints for the Retail DIY
market, including Stain Block and Evenceil.

Are you at your wits end with cracked and damaged walls, or fed up with
your old unfashionable Artex or woodchip - but don't know how to go
about preparing them for painting?

Wait no longer, as Polycell has the solution with the launch of
SmoothOver - a range of easy to use whole wall solutions, which promise
to revolutionise the way in which you prepare walls and ceilings for
painting. It's a quick, easy and inexpensive DIY alternative to

Depending on the extent of damage to the surface of your walls or
ceilings, select either SmoothOver Cracked and Damaged Walls or
SmoothOver Textured Walls and Ceilings. Equipped with the unique
Polycell SmartSmoother you can quickly and evenly apply SmoothOver
with an easy sweeping action. The result is perfectly smooth walls
ready for painting without the need for plastering.

So now you can have the smooth walls you've always wanted or if you
decide to move you'll be one step ahead.

*Polycell Products
ICI Paints plc
Wexham Road
Berkshire SL2 5DS
Tel: +44 175 355 0000
Fax: +44 080 037 1423


Polyvine strives to develope the most technically advanced acrylic
products and with over 20 years experience you can see why Polyvine has
gained world-wide recognition.

Manufacture specialist water-borne decorative paint finishes for the
paint effects market.

*Polyvine Ltd
Severn Distribution Park
Burma Road
Gloucestershire GL13 9UQ
Tel: +44 870 787 3710
Fax: +44 870 787 3709


The Wood Preserving Division of Osmose Inc is based near Atlanta,
Georgia USA. The Company has been established since 1932, and serves
many pressure treated wood markets all over the world.

Osmose (UK) has developed into this country's leading timber
preservative supplier by uniting its customer focus philosophy with the
products and expertise of several established wood preservation

Protim Ltd was initially formed in the mid 1950s and introduced the
Prevac low-pressure wood preservation plant. In 1991, under ownership
of Burmah Castrol, Protim Ltd merged with canned preservative
manufacturers Solignum (an established brand for over 100 years) to
form Protim Solignum Ltd.

Protim Solignum Ltd continues to be the market leader in low-pressure
preservative technology.

In 1999 Osmose, who supplied mainly high-pressure preservatives,
recognised the importance that Protim Solignum Ltd would play in its
development strategy and acquired Protim Solignum Ltd.

In July 2000, Protim Solignum Osmose purchased the European timber
preserving business of Rentokil Initial plc, again strengthening its
market position and expanding the product range.

Known now as Osmose (UK), we offer all aspects of timber preservation
across all market segments. We offer expertise in:

High pressure systems
Low pressure systems
Anti-sapstain products
Canned preservatives and decorative products
Decking accessories
Remedial preservation products
Timber treatment plant design and manufacture
Pressure treated timber marketing services


To differentiate our products in the market place we segment them into
3 market areas. Each market segment is serviced by an eye-catching
recognisable brand.

At Osmose we believe that quality preservation and promotion is the key
to success. Our customers are of paramount importance to us, and
ensuring that they are supported in the market place with marketing
services is a key objective.

Fieldhouse Lane
Bucks SL7 1LS
Tel: +44 162 848 6644
Fax: +44 162 847 6757


All Stokes production takes place in its Sheffield plant, certified to
BS EN ISO 9001. In 1986 the company was one of the very first 10 paint
manufacturing sites to be awarded BS 5750. Being surrounded by the
steel industry and the ancillery heavy and light engineering, has
inevitably resulted in Stokes having an advanced on site laboratory for
producing cutting edge speciality finishes.

The emphasis on development has never been more important. Today,
Stokes is concentrating on reducing emissions of Volatile Organic
Compounds (V.O.C.'s), and wherever possible is developing
environmentally friendly "green" products.

This has led to the formulation of a number of high solids and water
thinnable products. This range, exclusively manufactured by Stokes,
fully complies with the 1998 V.O.C. limits specified in the 1990
Environmental Protection Act.

Stokes Paints the specialist coatings manufacturing division of R.J.
Stokes & Co. The company has been trading since 1899 and today is owned
and run by the grandsons of the founder.

*Stokes Paints
Little London Road
Sheffield S8 OUH
Tel: +44 114 258 9595
Fax: +44 114 250 9836


Renotex Ltd is wholly owned by Walltex Coatings (Manufacturing) Ltd of
Wakefield, U.K. who have, since 1975, been manufacturing coatings and
building maintenance products for trade and retail applications. Direct
from the manufacturer, we offer top quality products, expert guidance
and back-up service.

Products have been used by local authorities, housing trusts, various
banks, building societies and insurance companies, landowners and
thousands of privately owned properties of every description - from
houses to hotels, factories to sports centres not only in the U.K. but
world wide.

*Renotex Limited
Pollard Street
Lofthouse Gate
Wakefield WF3 3HG
Tel: +44 192 482 0003
Fax: +44 192 482 9529


Resin Surfaces is a leading manufacturer of high performance resin
based industrial floor and wall finishes, which are frequently
specified and applied worldwide. For almost two decades Resin Surfaces
has established itself as the standard bearer for quality, reliability
and service unequalled by its competitors.

Resin Surfaces wide range of floor and wall finishes are designed to
meet all industrial health and safety requirements.

Product design and development is in accordance with the best practices
and this combined with state of the art manufacture and unrivalled
levels of customer support have ensured Resin Surfaces position at the
forefront of the industry.

In addition to manufacturing quality products Resin Surfaces Limited
undertakes technical surveys and on site advice where required and will
arrange for competitive quotations for necessary preparatory work and
application of any of the company's flooring and wall systems.

The company also offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and
cleaning products to ensure ongoing aftercare service and protection.

Resin Surfaces Limited is an active member of FeRFA, the Resin Flooring
Association and is recognised and associated with the British Coatings
Federation. In addition the company is registered ISO 9002 and has
achieved the 'Investors In People' award.

*Resin Surfaces Limited
Titan House
Lowick Close
Newby Road Industrial Estate
Hazel Grove
Cheshire SK7 5ED
Tel: +44 161 483 1232
Fax: +44 161 483 2565


Roger Needham & Sons Ltd. is one of Europe's leading industrial ink and
marking device specialists. We have over thirty year's experience in
solving a vast cross section of marking problems and our comprehensive
range of BRITINK stock inks will meet the requirements of most
industrial applications.

To become Europe's preferred supplier of specialist industrial inks and
marking devices by consistently providing outstanding personal service
and the highest quality products.

We are a UK based manufacturing company selling to a world wide market,
with production facilities in Shropshire and Manchester. Head office,
research and development laboratory and main distribution is from our
site at Whitchurch, in the heart of rural Shropshire. Technical Sales
for our Ink Systems Division is provided by a satellite office in

We are Europe's leading industrial ink specialists with 35 years
experience in the manufacture and supply of inks and marking devices,
The Needham Group is uniquely placed to offer cost effective solutions
to industrial marking, coding, stenciling, stamping and printing

We are also a long standing member of the Rubber Stamp Manufacturer's
Guild and an associate member of the British Office Systems and
Stationery Federation.

*Roger Needham & Sons Ltd
Unit 2B
Civic Industrial Park
Tel: +44 194 866 2629
Fax: +44 194 866 5045


Manufacturer of exterior woodstains, wood-dyes and Furniture care
products under the brand names Ronseal and Colron.

Ronseal Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international paint
manufacturer, the Sherwin-Williams Company, which is based in
Cleveland, Ohio and is the world’s largest coatings company.

Ronseal is based at Thorncliffe Park in Sheffield in the UK and also
has a thriving business in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Our aim at Ronseal is always to provide products that meet exactly your
requirements; that is why we spend a lot of time listening to what you
have to say.

We then take that feedback into our R & D Laboratories, and using the
very latest technological advancements, we can then deliver innovative
new products and the quality service for your DIY and project needs.

This is an ongoing process and, coupled with our no-nonsense
advertising and marketing, and our extensive consumer education, these
innovative new product developments will continue to help us lead our
categories, meeting and exceeding your requirements in the future.

*Ronseal Limited
Thorncliffe Park
Sheffield S35 2YP
Tel: +44 114 246 7171
Fax: +44 114 245 5629


Manufacturer of wood finishes, wood dyes, floor finishes, speciality
paints, decorating sundries, strypit paint and varnish stripper.

*Rustins Limited
Waterloo Road
London NW2 7TX
Tel: +44 208 450 4666
Fax: +44 208 452 2008


Manufacturer of exterior paints. Range includes masonry and gloss
paints and preparatory products.

No matter how great your house may look on the inside, what people
notice first is the outside. Make sure you make the right impression by
using Sandtex, the U.K.'s No. 1 exterior masonry paint brand.
Developed by experts, Sandtex® is the foolproof way to give your home
an instant facelift and protect it from the elements.

*Sandtex PaintTalk
PO Box 37
Hollins Road
Lancs BB3 0BG
Tel: +44 870 240 1127
Fax: +44 870 240 1127


Sealocrete is the UK's leading independent manufacturer of lightside
building materials, chemicals and construction products.

Established in 1934 the company's innovative waterproofing,
dustproofing and coloured concrete admixtures played a major role in
construction in the Second World War and in rebuilding postwar Britain.
Sealocrete produces over 90% of its products in-house so that it can
maintain quality control and offer superior customer service.

Sealocrete products include concrete admixtures, adhesives, decorating
products, floorings, wall coatings and concrete repair products.
Sealocrete products are available through Builders Merchants across the

*Sealocrete PLA Ltd
Greenfield Lane
Lancashire OL11 2LD
Tel: +44 170 635 2255
Fax: +44 170 686 0880


We develop and supply inks and pre-press chemicals for customers all
over the world.

Sericol is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Quality Assured Company.

Service is the key feature of Sericol’s market approach.

We also offer:

Colour management systems
Screen making services
Technical and application support
Training in all aspects of screen printing and UV flexo narrow web
label printing
Professional guidance on environmental matters

Manufacturer and supplier of screen printing inks and stencil products.

*Sericol Limited
Unit 2
Britannia Business Park
Britannia Road
Waltham Cross
Hertfordshire EN8 7TU
Tel: +44 845 084 8989
Fax: +44 199 278 2602


Specialist Industrial Coatings Limited is a British company with its
head office in East Sussex, England.

For many years we have been engaged in anti-corrosion surface
protection works, specialising in the application of internal tank
linings. The world-wide scope of our activity enables us to offer a
fully comprehensive and competitively priced service.

Diverse industry sectors from oil refineries and sewage works to bulk
fuel storage installations and breweries,and including wineries,
tanneries, and water treatment plants.

"Protecting your products from the container and the container from
your products."

"As a specialist service company we are very conscious that quality is
vital in the work that we undertake.

The cost of failure is not just doing it again.

A small hole in the protective layer of a sulphuric acid tank lining
can rapidly become a serious problem.

Any contamination of food or drink stored in a tank with a defective or
sub standard internal lining could necessitate the disposal of the
whole batch of product.

The cost of a failed container is not only the repair cost, but also
the lost product, productivity and time.

The rules that we apply have been learned from many years of

Choose the right materials for the job
Correct preparation of the surfaces prior to treatment
Apply the coating as specified
Thorough Quality Control Testing throughout the process

There are no short cuts; we use the right material, the right tools for
the job, and we test the result until we are satisfied.

By adding an impervious neutral barrier to the internal surfaces of
bulk storage vessels used in industry, we are able to ensure the purity
and safe containment of your product. This internal lining is
permanently bonded to the steel, or other substrate, and is designed to
last the lifetime of the vessel.

With the growth of the company in recent years we are now able to offer
a wide range of services, from the selection and recommendation of
paint and coating materials, supplying the equipment for performing and
quality control testing of the work, performing the actual work for you
or to supply a site management and supervisor inspection service team
(ISO 9002 accredited).

The world is changing, standards are improving and we are moving with
the times."

*Specialist Industrial Coatings Ltd
P O Box 135
East Sussex TN39 4XZ
Tel: +44 142 473 3474
Fax: +44 142 473 4605


MacDermid have a long tradition of product innovation and as a result
hold over 600 patents worldwide. Wherever markets and customers demand
performance and quality from materials and operations MacDermid will
provide innovative products and exceptional customer service. The core
business activity is the supply of technology and products to
engineering industries throughout the world.

MacDermid are committed to responsible and sustainable innovation for
their industries and the challenges of a changing world. Developing
environmentally compliant processes and improving performance of
existing systems is an investment MacDermid continues to make. Our
track record of process invention and product evolution helps our
customers define new market opportunities.

One of the greatest challenges we face is to live up to customer
expectations for high quality and fast response service. We try harder
than anyone we know to meet these expectations. When our customers put
their trust in us, to solve challenging problems, we use every resource
at our disposal to resolve them. Our advanced product programs have
helped us develop a proactive service capability.

MacDermid Incorporated is in the international business of researching,
developing, acquiring, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing, for
optimum profit to us and our customers, specialty chemicals and systems
for the metal and plastic finishing, electronics, graphic arts and
offshore oil industries - in accordance with accepted ecologic and
social considerations.

Our Customers
We will create an industry image that automatically causes people in
the industries we serve to think first of MacDermid. We will justify
their action by first thinking of the customers' needs - what's right
for them makes it right for MacDermid by supplying a total system
including processes, know-how and services that assist in meeting all
their needs.

*MacDermid Plc
Palmer Street
Birmingham B9 4EU
Tel: +44 121 606 8100
Fax: +44 121 606 8300


We are the UK market leader and global supplier for insulating resins
and varnishes for the electrical, electronic and associated industries.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products and we have
obtained ISO 9001 as proof of our commitment to quality assurance.

Sterling Technology has a number of UL approved products and in
addition we are a member of the UL Client Test Data Programme with the
ability to test varnishes, resins and insulation systems to UL 1446.

Dedicated to the electrical Equipment Manufacturing and related
industries for over 100 years, Sterling remains committed to the design
and supply of chemical systems for the insulation, consolidation and
protection of rotating electrical machines, coils, transformers,
printed circuit boards and electronic devices.

Comprehensive R & D facilities ensures products are designed and
formulated to Users' particular requirements and that Sterling remains
at the leading edge of technology taking account of Health & Safety
matters, Environmental and Energy Conservation considerations.

Design and Manufacture of High Performance Surface Coatings

Alongside its wide range of electrical insulation products, Sterling
also produces specific coating products for use in electrical
applications such as switchgear enclosures, transformer tanks,
radiators and related applications. Maintenance paint systems are
supplied for electricity transmission towers, telecommunications masts
and rail trackside equipment.

Most of Sterling's future development is aimed at the introduction of
compliant products to assist customers in achieving reductions in
potentially harmful emission levels.

Sterling's resin technology covers a wide range of chemical types
including Polyesters, Epoxies, Silicones, Acrylics, Polyurethane's,
Polybutadienes and composite systems.

Sterling's UK site has dedicated facilities for the manufacture of a
wide range of Polyester resins and varnishes from Pilot Plant batch
sizes to full-scale production.

The comprehensive product range gives Sterling the edge over many the
competitors and enables Sterling to provide unbiased, balanced
recommendations in the choices of products best suited to the users

Sterling's onsite facilities encompass VPI, and all methods of
impregnation, encapsulation, coating and finishing. Spray booth
facilities are also available.

Sterling works closely with equipment suppliers to provide solutions
whether for dip, trickle, VPI or mixing and dispensing requirements.

Sterling's products are used in the manufacture of many diverse
everyday and industrial products, including:-
Microwave oven transformers
Power Tools
Aerospace and Avionic components
Railway traction drive motors and diesel electric locomotive
Capacitators and Lighting chokes
Automotive starter motors, alternators and engine management
Diesel and gas turbine driven generators
Electronic components and assemblies, Telecommunications
Domestic and industrial washing machines, refrigerators, heating
and ventilation fans
Other electrical insulation products such as mica tapes,
sleevings, pre-pegs and composites
Industrial motors from low voltage f.h.p units, to mining and
general drive motors up to high voltage large horse power pump
motors and power station auxiliaries etc.

Sterling has many years experience in supplying and servicing export
markets worldwide with both direct shipment and through a well
established and expanding distributor network. In recent years Sterling
has expanded their presence in the global market and now hold a
significant market share in exports to the Far East, Australia,
Scandinavia, South Africa and Eastern Europe.

*Sterling Technology Ltd
Europa Gate
Trafford Park
Manchester M17 1DU
Tel: +44 161 848 8411
Fax: +44 161 848 0966


Johnson Matthey Catalysts are the World's largest manufacturers of
organic titanates, which it markets worldwide under the Trade name,

This useful family of compunds has become so important that in certain
areas they are virually indespensible. They owe their success to their
versatility acting as adhesion promoters, catalysts, crosslinkers and
surface modifiers.

Our business is highly customer focused. We have aligned our resources
and capabilities so that we are best placed to serve our customers.

Our investment in Research and Development means we are constantly
striving to develop our products, ensuring our customers have leading
technology at their disposal.

Johnson Matthey Catalysts is the industry leader in thixotropic agents,
supply the worlds leading coatings producers. Our VERTEC product range
in the Decorative Coatings market means every time we load a brush or
roller with emulsion paint we are guaranteed a thick even finish with
no brush marks or running.

*Johnson Matthey Catalysts
28 Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road
Cambridge CB4 0FP
Tel: +44 122 322 6160
Fax: +44 122 343 8037


Tetrosyl manufactures and distributes products in the car care,
lubricants, refinishing and D.I.Y. markets. with a reputation for
innovation and creative new products and marketing.

Tetrosyl is the market leader in the UK with its CarPlan, Wonder and
Carlube brands, and leading car care supplier to national DIY and
grocery multiples as well as traditional car care retail outlets.

With a program of exciting new products supported by effective
advertising and PR activity Tetrosyl is continuously communicating the
benefits of its brands to the consumer through press campaigns,
motorsport, television, exhibitions and sponsorship.

Tetrosyl trades with over 75 countries worldwide and has subsidiaries
in several countries.

Tetrosyl is the largest supplier of car care products with 47% of the
UK retail automotive market with the CarPlan, Carlube and Wonder Wheels
brands. Tetrosyl is also the leading car care supplier to national DIY
and grocery multiples as well as traditional car care retailers.

CarPlan is well respected in the UK and internationally for developing
innovative and technically superior products offering unique benefits.
An example of this is T-Cut Color Fast, which combines paintwork
cutting properties with a top quality pigmented polish to outperform
anything else on the market.

Tetrosyl invests in heavyweight advertising and promotional support.
Examples of this include Carlube perimeter boards at premiership
fotball grounds, Carlube sponsorship of the British Touring Car
Championship Grid Girls and Title sponsorship of the Carlube TVR

Tetrosyl also supplies one of the broadest ranges of preparation
products, paint, compounds, and consumables via a distributor network
to bodyshop and other end users.

The "system approach" with unique inter-related products means they can
either be used as a comprehensive system for repairing damaged cars
etc. or as high performance stand alone products in their own right.

The Unimask Universal Masking system, unique to Tetrosyl offers a quick
and easy solution to the time consuming task of preparation prior to

T-Cut Fast Compound and T-Cut Fast Glaze give an unsurpassed
performance for today's bodyshops.

Carlube Triple R motor oil developed in association with Lotus
Motorsport is now original equipment in all TVR and Morgan cars.

*Tetrosyl Limited
Bevis Green
Lancashire BL9 6RE
Tel: +44 161 764 5981
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Thortex is a division of E Wood Ltd, a company which has specialised in
the manufacture of repair and protection systems since 1882.

Thortex high performance specialist coatings and repair products have
been applied throughout the world to protect and maintain buildings,
structures, machinery and equipment from aggressive and industrial

The Thortex range of repair, maintenance and protection products are
suitable for use in most industrial or commercial environments. Thortex
understands that different industrial and commercial sectors have
specific repair and maintenance needs.

The protection of buildings in all commercial and industrial areas is
essential to ensure they are designed appropriately for the activities
carried out within them and also to ensure the standard of the
buildings is maintained as required.

The product range includes protection systems for floors, walls and
roofs. This range of products ensures that whether the client requires
protection to the internal or external fabric of the building, Thortex
is able to offer a high performance and cost effective solution.

Thortex is recognised as a world leader in the development of water
based and solvent free coatings and these products are particularly
suited for building protection.

The diverse range of building maintenance products available ensures
that whatever the requirements, Thortex will be able to offer a

Thortex manufactures a comprehensive range of coatings for the
protection of metal and mineral surfaces operating in a wide range of
industrial and commercial environments.

Typically the protection required will be to combat the potential
damaging effects of corrosion or chemical attack to the existing

The Thortex range of corrosion protection systems offer long term
protection to metal and mineral surfaces and the Thortex range of
chemical protection systems offer protection against aggressive
chemicals found in all industrial processes.

The diversity of corrosion and chemical protection products ensures
that Thortex is able to offer systems that are specifically designed to
the application where they are required. This ensures that Thortex is
able to offer the most appropriate protection system to combat the
corrosion or chemical attack that is occurring.

The maintenance and protection of machinery and equipment is critical
to industry.

Thortex offers a range of high performance engineering and repair
products designed to ensure high quality repairs to machinery and
equipment can be carried out with the minimum of down time.

The Thortex engineering products are designed to offer protection
against abrasion and other types of mechanical damage such as impact,
erosion and corrosion.

Thortex engineering repair systems have been developed as easy to
apply, high performance solutions providing strong and long lasting
repairs to all types of engineering equipment.

Very often the speed at which engineering equipment can be put back
into service ensures huge cost savings can be achieved.

The Thortex range of engineering repair products are compatible with
ferrous and non ferrous metals, most plastics and rubber and have
proved themselves to be superb permanent repair solutions.

Thortex engineering products have excellent chemical resistance and are
suitable for use in permanent immersion conditions. Thortex engineering
repair systems will provide long lasting, corrosion resistant and wear
resistant rebuilding and repairs for most engineering equipment.

Division of E Wood Ltd
Standard Way
North Yorkshire DL6 2XA
Tel: +44 160 978 0170
Fax: +44 160 978 0438


Leigh's Paints are the largest independent manufacturer of high
performance coatings and passive fire protection products in the UK,
and have over 140 years experience providing coatings solutions to a
wide variety of industries and supplying major construction companies

Through continuous innovation, and a commitment to the environment,
Leigh's offer a full range of protective coatings for the most exacting
conditions with full technical support.

Founded in Bolton in 1860 by William and Joshua Leigh - the W and J in
the Company name - Leigh's initially owed its prosperity to its
building and property interests; paint remained a sideline until the
turn of the century.

It was left to the second generation of Leigh's, William Hamer and
Herbert, to set the paint business on a firm footing and it was Herbert
Leigh in particular, who concentrated on developing 'ready-to-use'
paint for ships, and the famous Leigh's Marine White was born in 1924.

In 1929, Philip Leigh-Bramwell entered the business, the same year as
the Company's well known Hawk and Trumpet logo was first registered.
Since those early days, the company's paint operation and markets have
grown substantially through natural evolution and strategically planned
acquisitions, both in the UK and with the formation of joint venture
manufacturing companies elsewhere in the world.

Today, after nearly 140 years, Brian Leigh-Bramwell is the latest
chairman, and fourth generation of the Leigh family. Under his
leadership, Leigh's has become recognised as a leading supplier of
specialist coatings and paints for the protection of steel and other
surfaces both within the UK and abroad.

The Company has achieved this position by striving for the highest
standards of quality, integrity and service to its customers. Leigh's
is now the biggest independent paint manufacturer in the UK.

Leigh's intend to go from strength to strength as a consequence of our
strong market led culture, and a commitment to globalisation. Our
determination to innovate, by working jointly with our customers to
produce exactly the products and services needed is the cornerstone on
which we will continue to strengthen our reputation for technical

*Leigh's Paints
Tower Works
Kestor Street
Bolton BL2 2AL
Tel: +44 120 452 1771
Fax: +44 120 438 2115


W.S. Jenkins is a small family business established in 1921, moving to
its current location in Tottenham in 1931.

Founded by Mr F.K. Humphrey and Mr F.J. Baldwin and later joined by Mr
W.S. Jenkins, the company is now run by the fourth generation
descendants of Mr Humphrey. This continuity, inherited expertise and
attention to quality is the cornerstone to the success and reputation
that W.S.Jenkins enjoys.

W.S. Jenkins & Co Ltd.. exports its products worldwide, providing both
traditional and modern wood finishing materials and a comprehensive
range of sundry products. Included in our extensive range are products
sold under our trade names, PARIMOVA paint strippers, HARRELLS wax
polishes and STAINAX which is a range of coloured water-based wax

We appreciate that technology moves forward and are continually
developing and improving our products, whilst acknowledging that with
some products, such as our French and Wax polishes, the utilisation of
the highest quality raw materials manufactured to our traditional
recipes produces the finest products on the market.

We are able to produce small batches of products to the customers own
specification and enquiries outside of our standard product range are

We have experienced wood finishing technicians available to advise on
customer requirements and to provide technical backup to our vast range
of products.

Well known in the trade for the quality of their products, the company
uses only the finest ingredients in the manufacture of their
comprehensive range of materials.

The Company offers a prompt, reliable road delivery service to all
areas of the U.K. and can arrange international shipping for our
overseas clients.

*W S Jenkins Wood Finishes
Jeco Works
Tariff Road
London N17 0EN
Tel: +44 208 808 2336
Fax: +44 208 365 1534


Innovation and inspiration from our wide range of speciality metallic
inks, pigments and carbon black dispersions.

If you're looking for brilliant, novel and decorative metallic effects
or simply functional performance from bronze, copper and aluminium
pigments, then this site has something for you.

So if you're an ink maker, printer, colour-specifier, designer,
consumer brand owner, paint manufacturer, plastic masterbatch maker or
other potential user of these products.

"Wolstenholme International has a long history serving customers in the
global ink and coatings markets. From its early beginnings, over 60
years ago, as a UK based supplier of bronze powders, the Company has
developed into a world leader in its chosen field of metallic pigments,
speciality pigments, speciality coatings and speciality dispersions.

Wolstenholme International's core strategies focus on technical
excellence and innovation, manufacturing excellence, and strong market
and customer delivery to promise. Our objectives drive us to continuous
improvement in servicing our customers' needs in a rapidly changing
market place, providing cost effective solutions and opportunities for
their robust profitable growth. We believe strongly in the ability of
our people and offer them opportunities for personal improvement and
development wherever possible.

We welcome the challenges that face us in a competitive environment,
where only the best survive, and continue to work tirelessly to
maintain and develop our business".

Making our customers happy is the key to keeping them.

We aim to provide the best products, we continually set and measure
service standards and we welcome open communication between our company
and our customers.

Owing to the global nature of the Wolstenholme International business,
we have a team of Customer Service Co-ordinators dedicated to the
processing and shipment of orders to their regions of responsibility
and a team providing Technical Support in all product areas.

This service extends to our regional locations in the United States,
Europe and Asia and involves daily liaison with our extended 'family'
of agents and distributors worldwide.

We develop all of our technologies in house and pride ourselves on our
track record of technical excellence and innovation.

A culture of Total Quality Management underpins all manufacturing,
encompassing people and processes.

Wolstenholme International has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation and
employs Lean Manufacturing techniques which are rapidly becoming the
international language for achieving and practicing Operational

*Wolstenholme International Ltd
Springfield House
Lower Eccleshill Road
Lancashire BB3 0RP
Tel: +44 125 476 0099
Fax: +44 125 487 3009



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