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UK Manufacturers - Chemicals
Albion Chemicals are the UK and Eire’s leading independent distributor
of bulk and packaged chemicals, with 14 depots strategically located to
supply your business, whether a large multi-sited organisation or a
smaller, single sited operation.

Albion Chemicals are unique within the UK chemical market,
manufacturing and distributing a wide range of Chlor-Alkali products
from 2 sites located within mainland Britain.

With strong financial foundations and continuous investment being made
into their manufacturing sites and distribution services, Albion is
well placed to supply the total chemical requirements of your business.

*Albion Chemicals
Albion House
Rawdon Park
Green Lane
Yeadon LS19 7XX
Tel: +44 113 387 9200
Fax: +44 113 250 0113


Formed in 1982, Arven Chemicals tailor makes many products, including
chemical cleaners and lubricants and presently services over 1700
customers. It has a laboratory in Heston, London, and a factory at
Runcorn, Cheshire, an area renowned for its chemical production.
Arven Chemicals is a Member of the National Vendors Database, and Link-
up - Railway Approved Suppliers, and is fully ISO9001 (2000) Approved.

We specialise on making products that deal effectively and safely with
difficult, potentially dangerous situations including products approved
by The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

Newspapers - We clean all newspaper inks, rollers, machinery, floors,
rails, etc.. We have a range of natural, enivonmentally friendly, water
based products that will clean solvent based inks. Say goodbye to
dangerous solvents. Health and Safety is important to you... It is to

Screenprinting - Arven Chemicals have the technology to clean your
blanket rollers, ducts and ink wells on all screen printing machinery

Analux Rollers & Gravure Printing - We have the answer to the cleaning
of Analux rollers & Gravure printing. Our products will make light work
of the process, save you time and money. We have a team of technical
reps who are ready to demonstrate this product for you.

Our range of production chemicals including Lightweight Iron
Phosphating Dip, Lightweight Iron Phosphating Spray, Soluble Cutting
Oil, Neat Cutting Oil, Food Safe Lubricant, Biocidal Water Treatment,
Metal Cleaner & Rust Preventative, Gas Leak Detector, Non Ferrous Metal
Brightener, Heavy Duty Spray Wash Additive, Neutral Spray Wash
Additive, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Brightener, Heavy Duty Solvent
Cleaner, 100% Synthetic Lubricant, Ultra Sonic Detergent Wax-Slip.

We have the complete range of products for cleaning and maintaining
your vehicles. From traffic film removers, Axle Washers, Wash & Wax
detergents, Glass Cleaners, Anti-Freeze, Decarbonisers, De-Icers,
Deisel & Petrol Coldstart, and products approved for the rail industry.

If you are involved in the scaffolding business, then Clip Lube, our
unique lubricating product can save your business thousands of pounds.
All those clips you'd given up as seized and unusable can now be
brought back to life within minutes. We recommend using Clip Lube in
conjunction with the Scaffolding Service Station by Arven Chemicals.

If you are involved in the Service and Repair Industry, we can provide
the chemicals and products that you want in your service kit, badged
with your company logo or brand name for that corporate, professional
look. It's also the ideal solution for fork lift engineers... your
company logo on aerosols and grease cartridges, for that professional

We manufacture the safe replacement for 111 Trichloroethane. Ozone
friendly, and us for details!

We specialise in all types of industrial flooring - providing
everything from anti-slip finishes, epoxy and polyurethane screed, fire
resistant and intumescent coatings, and can repair or resurface worn
and damaged floors.

Our network of representatives throughout the United Kingdom coupled
with our technical department based at our headquarters in Runcorn can
ensure both a speedy response and assist our customers in the selection
of the system which is most suited to their particular requirements.

Adequate preparation is all important where a flooring system is to be
installed. We usually carry out dust free Shot Blasting to remove any
existing contamination and to remove surface laitance to provide a
clean and sound mechanical key. Diamond Grinding, Planing, Sanding and
Acid Etching may also be used where appropriate.

*Arven Chemicals Ltd
12 Goddard Road
Astmoor Industrial Estate
Cheshire WA7 1QF
Tel: +44 192 857 6262
Fax: +44 192 857 5383


Atlas Polymers specialises in the formulation, design and manufacture
of a wide range of polymer systems and ancillary products. Our product
range includes 2-part Polyurethanes and Epoxy casting resins, Epoxy and
Polyurethane adhesives for bonding to a number of substrates, Primers
to aid bonding to a variety of materials, Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives
for specialist applications and PVC plastisols for a variety of uses.

We have nearly 20 years experience in the formulation and manufacture
of polymer systems and ancillary products, gained by servicing a very
wide range of markets and product applications. No application is
considered too small, or too large.

*Atlas Polymers Ltd
Unit 14b
Taff Business Centre
Tonteg Road
Treforest Industrial Estate
Pontypridd CF37 5UA
Tel: +44 144 384 4884
Fax: +44 144 384 4885


Avecia is a leading global fine and specialty chemicals company focused
on delivering innovative technology and service excellence to customers
across a range of high technology industries.

With unique capabilities in organic chemistry, biological & polymer
sciences and process technology, each of our business sectors offers
bespoke products and services to our global customers, supported by
highly focused technical expertise.

Avecia is divided into three divisions - Biotechnology, Chemicals,
NeoResins - with a rich history and long track record of innovation and
service excellence.

Avecia operates at the leading edge of technology investing ca 10% of
annual turnover in research, development and process technology.

The knowledge and skills of our international workforce of 2600+
employees have pioneered many important products which are in everyday

This statement of the Avecia Group's Safety, Health and Environmental
(SHE) Policy and Management System sets out the Avecia Vision and the
corresponding SHE Value statement which the Group has adopted.

The high-level SHE Value is supported by a set of broad-based
expectations that are described in simply stated Principles.

The Management System outlines responsibilities for senior management
and Operating Requirements for businesses and units.

All businesses, functions and sites throughout the Avecia Group, no
matter where they are located, are required to comply with these
Principles and Operating Requirements and to demonstrate their compliance.

Avecia's products are used in a wide range of industries. The list
below gives an overview of the main products as brand names or generic
application areas and the industries in which they are used.

The links on the product name connect to the relevant business pages of
the website where you can find either contact details or specific
information appropriate to the product.

*Avecia Limited
P O Box 42
M9 8ZS
Tel: +44 161 740 1460
Fax: +44 161 795 6005


Baxenden Chemicals is a world leader in polyurethane technology. It has
become a recognised, well-respected name in the urethane chemicals
market and is currently selling products to over 30 countries, via a
network of established agents.

The Company has the UK's largest polyurethane dispersions manufacturing
facility located in Droitwich, England and has achieved an excellent
reputation for problem solving and innovation.

In addition to the wide range of polyurethanes produced, Baxenden
Chemicals also manufactures polyesters, acrylic polymers, acrylic
emulsions and other speciality chemicals.

The Divisions that make up the Company are the Applied Chemicals
Division and the Speciality Chemicals Division. The Divisions operate
on three principles. Responding to customer needs with tailor-made
products and processes. Making that response swift, accurate and cost
effective. Both sites are ISO 9000 registered.

The Applied Chemicals Division operates in three broad areas: polyester
resins; solvent-based coatings and adhesives; and polyurethane
dispersions. The Division is the UK's foremost supplier of saturated
polyester resins for the manufacture of flexible urethane foam and
polyurethane elastomers. The Division's traditional solvent-based
textile coatings confer impressive waterproofing performance and a
major breakthrough in this area of technology has allowed the
development of breathable polyurethane coatings.

The Speciality Chemicals Division offers a wide range of polyurethane
prepolymers and crosslinkers, including novel patented high performance
blocked isocyanate products for use in automotive topcoats and coil
coatings. Many other products produced by this division are used
extensively in coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, inks and
binders for many applications.

The Speciality Chemicals Division also specialises in polyurethane
systems technology, including foam, thermal break systems and
polyurethane dispensing equipment. It manufactures a wide range of
foam systems including Rigid, Rigid Integral Skin, Flexible, Flexible
Integral Skin and Semi-Rigid Foam used to produce automotive mouldings
in addition to many other applications including, insulation,
construction and marine applications.

Baxenden Chemicals is a UK based joint venture owned by Crompton
Corporation and Croda International plc.

*Baxenden Chemicals Limited
Paragon Works
Lancashire BB5 2SL
Tel: +44 125 487 2278
Fax: +44 125 487 1247


be˛carta Ltd. has worked since 1985 on a wide range of novel and
established bioprocesses which include:

Amino acids
Amylase inhibitors
Carbohydrate-processing enzymes
Clavulanic acid
Macrolide antibiotics
Monoclonal antibodies
Novel antibiotics
Recombinant proteins and gene products

be˛carta has built strong and continuing partnerships with a variety of
customers throughout Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. The
company has worked with a broad range of clients from multinationals
such as Meiji Seika Kaisha Ltd and BASF to emerging biotechnology

We have extensive experience of both developing and industrial
processes with scales ranging from shake flasks to fermenters of over
700,000L volume.

be˛carta provides an integrated service for bioprocess improvement
starting from initial data assessment, progressing to the development
of appropriate media for all process scales and to evolving a coherent
strategy for achieving major increases in product yield by detailed
quantitative chemical, biochemical and chromatographic analyses and
metabolic kinetic modelling.

By mapping bioprocess metabolism, major unrecognised metabolites can be
quickly identified which are fundamental to process efficiency and
strain evolution.

be˛carta’s approach is unique as we do not set up a mimic of our
client’s process in our laboratories but analyse non-viable samples
taken on-site from all the various scales which are available.

Additionally, we offer a “data mining” service which frequently finds
relationships between feeds, operating factors and productivity.

Our service is flexible and client-orientated. All contracts are
carried out under strict terms of client confidentiality.

A partnership between be˛carta and in-house production and R & D
departments creates a powerful team which can rapidly realise the full
productive potential of microbial strains and cell lines.

*be˛Carta Ltd
48 North Portland Street
Glasgow G1 1XN
Tel: +44 141 548 4808
Fax: +44 141 548 4809


BIP Limited - since its creation in 1894, BIP has moved on to become a
world leader in the supply of thermoset plastics and chemicals with
manufacturing and distributors now located worldwide. We were the first
company to patent urea-formaldehyde resins during 1924, since which BIP
has evolved into a technology innovator delivering class leading
thermoset moulding materials, textile chemicals and paper chemicals.

BIP’s tradition of being first in emerging technologies continues
currently with water-based polyurethanes, plastic blast media and
biodiesel the environmental friendly fuel produced from recycled
vegetable oils.

Products and Services – Thermoset moulders, around the world recognise
in the Beetle« trademark the quality benchmark for urea, melamine and
phenolic moulding compounds. Beetle« and Betafin« are indispensable to
textile manufacturers with pre-treatment finishing resins, auxiliaries,
wrinkle-free finishes, anti shrink wool PAE resins and water-based
polyurethane resins. Beetle« is the market leader throughout Europe in
performance resins for paper manufacturing and paper coating with amino
wet strength resins, hot filter food contact methylated resins, neutral
curing wet strength resins and paper coating resins. The surface
finishing industry worldwide relies on Beetle« plastic blast media to
meet the strict quality standards set by US military specifications.
BIP’s latest innovation is biodiesel produced from recycled vegetable
oils to prEN14214 standard under the quality trademark BIPSE.

*BIP Limited
P O Box 3180
Tat Bank Road
West Midlands B69 4PG
Tel: +44 121 544 2333
Fax: +44 121 552 6148


Bousfield is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Inks, Press room
Washes, Coatings and Fountain Solutions.

The company's administrative head quarters is based in Warmley, which
is a few miles outside of the city of Bristol. This facility includes a
state of the art coatings production plant together with a modern ink
and press room wash manufacturing unit.

Most of the company's fountain solutions are manufactured at the new
Etten Leur facility which is located in Southern Holland.

An important part of Bousfield's philosophy is to provide it's
customers with technical innovations in the area of press room
chemistry together with a first class level of technical support.

This is achieved through it's laboratory services and technical support
departments which are based both in the UK and in mainland Europe.

Part of Openshaw Group, Bousfield was formed in Bristol in 1981,
importing and selling litho printing inks from Europe.

The product ranges handled began to expand in 1984 when a graphic
supplies facility was added. Coatings manufacturing started in 1987.

In 1990 the company started to expand beyond the south-west of England.
This expansion continued and today Bousfield has national coverage,
providing customers with a local, responsive service.

In 1998 a major investment was made in a new press chemicals facility
and coatings plant which provided the company with a new level of
manufacturing capability in these areas.

In 2002 the company became part of Openshaw Group, a major manufacturer
of printing chemicals and a supplier to the printing industry.

In a rapidly changing market place, Bousfield has clearly recognised
that it must modify it's approach to the printing industry in a way
that reflects it's customers demanding requirements.

*Bousfield Ltd
Southway Drive
Bristol BS30 5JE
Tel: +44 117 988 8899
Fax: +44 117 988 8866


We are one of the world's leading petrochemicals companies offering an
integrated product range.

BP is one of the largest integrated oil companies in the world,
operating in 100 countries, on six continents and serving 10 million
customers everyday. Our petrochemicals activities are divided into a
number of businesses.

In the last ten years BP's Acetyls business has increased eightfold.
Today, BP is the leading free market supplier of Acetyls products and
now manufactures over two million tonnes annually in a global

The Acetyls business is built on leading-edge process technology and
its products are acetic acid and its derivatives; vinyl acetate, ethyl
acetate and acetic anhydride.

BP has developed its own best-in-class proprietary technology for the
production of acetyls, including the Cativa catalyst process - the most
significant development in acetic acid technology for over twenty-five
years - the Leap fluidized bed process for vinyl acetate production and
the Avada direct addition process for ethyl acetate production. Acetyls
are manufactured on five sites across three continents, with security
of supply being assured through back-integration into the key raw
material feedstocks.

Investment in Acetyls continues at a rapid pace with an acetic acid
plant in China, which became operational in early 1999 and another
world-scale plant in Malaysia that came on-stream in November 2000.
Major investments in a 250,000 tonne vinyl acetate plant and a 220,000
tonne ethyl acetate plant, both of which started up in 2001 in Hull
(UK), further enhance BP's position as a global supplier of acetyls

Acetyls products are largely used as chemical intermediates - both
internally and by our customers - in the production of derivative
products and find use in a multitude of everyday consumer goods.

Acetic acid, one of the world's most important chemicals, is used in a
variety of products from textiles to pharmaceuticals. Major
applications are in the manufacture of vinyl acetate, which has its
main outlets in paints, adhesives and coatings, and the manufacture of
ethyl acetate, which is used mainly as a solvent in various
applications ranging from printing inks to pharmaceuticals.

The range of end uses for acetic anhydride includes pharmaceutical
intermediates and cellulose acetate production.

BP is the world’s largest producer of paraxylene (PX) and metaxylene
(MX), the feedstocks for the production of purified terephthalic acid
(PTA) and purified isophthalic acid (PIA), respectively.

Aromatics links our oil and chemicals operations, managing the supply,
marketing and sales of our portfolio of aromatics products. These
include mixed xylenes, benzene, toluene and other aromatics streams. As
a global leader in the aromatics business, we maintain a high level of
customer satisfaction, hold leadership positions in cost and technical
support and strive to maintain an injury-free environment.

Ethylene and propylene oxide and their derivatives are important
chemical intermediates used in bulk industrial applications. Follow the
links to further pages for a business overview and product details.

*BP Petrochemicals
Building A
Chertsey Road
Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex TW16 7LL
Tel: +44 193 276 7300
Fax: +44 193 276 7801


Brad-Chem Ltd supplies and manufactures speciality additives,
lubricants and chemicals for the lubricants, metal treatment and
associated industries.

Brad-Chem Ltd has acquired a wealth of experience over many years
associated with the lubricants, additives, chemicals and related
industries. We believe in high quality products and service. The mix
of 'distributed' products with in-house technical knowledge gives us a
unique capability to provide confidential technical solutions for many
industrial applications.

We provide a range of specially formulated Brad-Chem« products,
including additive blends, solid lubricants, corrosion inhibitors,
copper passivators, metalworking fluids, temporary protectants,
synthetic basestocks and lubricants. These are available for UK and
export markets.

We are the UK distributor for Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, The
Climax Molybdenum Company and The Fanning Corporation.

We are accredited to ISO 9002.

*Brad-Chem Ltd
Unit C4
Moss Industrial Estate
Lancashire WN7 3PT
Tel: +44 194 226 1024
Fax: +44 194 226 0036


As a major international manufacturing company Brunner Mond plays an
essential role in many areas of everyday life and has a firm commitment
to driving the pace of innovation and improvement within our industry.

The products we manufacture – sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate,
calcium chloride and associated alkaline chemicals – are key raw
materials for our customers who use them to produce many essential
everyday items.

>From the manufacture of glass, detergents and biscuits to the
production of life-saving dialysis treatments and the purification of
drinking water, a huge range of household and personal care
preparations depend upon our products and service.

For our hundreds of customers across the world we are constantly
setting new standards in service and quality to achieve the mutual
benefits that come from understanding, anticipating and responding to
individual customer needs.

High standards of environmental and safety performance are at the heart
of all our commercial and manufacturing activities and we take great
pride in being strong supporters of the communities in which we

Brunner Mond’s markets are served from manufacturing facilities in
Europe and Africa and all our products are supplied under the
internationally recognised ISO Quality standards.

The UK operation, with two sites in the North West of England, together
with the Company’s plant at Delfzijl in the North East of the
Netherlands, serves customers throughout Europe and as far afield as
South America and the Far East.

Our Kenyan operation, Magadi Soda, is 120km from Nairobi and leads the
Company’s business interests in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Company also has a sales and distribution facility in Durban, South

Brunner Mond is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers
of soda ash and associated alkaline products. The company has
manufacturing plants in Northwich, Cheshire, where it has its
headquarters; in Delfzijl, The Netherlands and at Lake Magadi in Kenya.
The Company also operates a transportation terminal at Durban, South

Brunner Mond’s principal product is soda ash, of which it is Europe’s
second largest producer and the UK’s sole manufacturer. The Company is
amongst the five largest producers of soda ash in the world.

It is also one of the world’s leading producers of refined sodium
bicarbonate and Europe’s second largest producer of calcium chloride

Salt is produced in Kenya, largely for the domestic market.

Soda ash is a vital constituent in a wide range of manufacturing
processes including those for glass, detergents and industrial
chemicals. Sodium bicarbonate is also used in the manufacture of a
diverse range of products including pharmaceuticals, bakery products
and personal care products such as toothpaste and deodorants. The
Group’s major markets are in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South-
East Asia.

The Company’s mission is to be the world’s soda ash supplier of choice.
Originally formed in 1873, since its re-creation as Brunner Mond in
1991 the company has supported an extensive programme of investment in
its products, plant, people and customer service facilities.

The Products

Brunner Mond’s products are essential in the manufacture of a wide
range of staple and specialist goods, with more than 1500 customers
worldwide as diverse as glass makers, bath additive producers, sugar
extractors and suppliers of haemodialysis treatments. All our products
are supplied from all our operations under the internationally
recognised quality standard ISO 9001:2000.

Soda Ash
Sodium Carbonate – soda ash – is the company’s primary product. 1.6m
tonnes are produced by the Group each year - around 1million tonnes
from Cheshire, 300,000 from the Netherlands and 300,000 from Kenya.

The most significant use of soda ash is in the glass and detergent
industries with other customers including those in chemicals
manufacture, water purification, polymer production, tanning, aerospace
alloys, effluent neutralisation, metal refining, sugar extraction and
cement manufacture.

Soda ash is produced synthetically at Brunner Mond’s plants in Cheshire
and in Delfzijl by the Ammonia-Soda process which utilises the locally-
available raw materials of limestone, coke and brine. At the company’s
Kenyan plant, trona (natural soda ash) is dredged from Lake Magadi

Sodium Bicarbonate
Crude sodium bicarbonate is an intermediate product in the soda ash
manufacturing process. At Brunner Mond’s Cheshire plants, this is
converted into refined sodium bicarbonate and processed into a range of
grades to suit different applications and individual customer needs.

More than 70,000 tonnes of refined sodium bicarbonate is produced each
year and supplied to 60 countries for a broad spectrum of uses
including the manufacture of dialysis products, cakes and biscuits,
animal feedstuffs, healthcare products, fire extinguishers, cleaning
agents and environmental neutralisation products.

Calcium Chloride Liquor

Calcium chloride liquor is produced in the ammonia-soda production
process at Northwich and Delfzijl. Its most significant uses are in the
formulation of oil well drilling and completion fluids in the oil
exploration industry and in the production of alginates, with other
customers including those in the refrigerants, food, pharmaceuticals
and chemicals industries.

*Brunner Mond
P O Box 4
Mond House
Cheshire CW8 4DT
Tel: +44 160 672 4000
Fax: +44 160 678 1353


Catomance Technologies Ltd develops and supplies technologies for
industrial applications.

With extensive experience in product design and development, we supply
the specialist needs of a number of manufacturing industries including
textile finishing, leather processing and paper production. In
addition, we have developed innovative technologies for highway repair
and maintenance.

We market our products in over 50 countries around the world. Our
Export Centre is supported by a network of experienced agents,
distributors and licensees, and our UK Sales and Customer Service team
contains industry experts to advise on product selection and use.

All products are manufactured to ISO 9000 accredited quality standards.

In July 2003, Catomance was one of the first companies in its sector to
achieve registration to the new quality standard ISO9001:2000.

Catomance is a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited
testing laboratory.

We supply a specialist range of textile finishing agents including
antimicrobials and preservatives, insect resist treatments, water
repellents, softeners and lubricants.

For the leather processing industry, enzyme-based products are
available in addition to aluminium tanning agents, biocides and fat

Our water repellent treatments are used in the paper and converting
industries to manufacture a range of speciality items for the packaging
and construction sector.

A business opportunity is offered by our associate company, Emcol
International, in becoming a licensed manufacturer of a unique instant
repair compound for roads and runways.

Well-equipped laboratories provide a UKAS accredited service,
performing microbiological testing on a wide range of materials and

*Catomance Technologies Ltd
4 Caxton Place
Hertfordshire SG1 2UF
Tel: +44 143 836 0747
Fax: +44 143 836 0748


Manufacturers and distributors of Dyestuffs, Fluorescent Brightening
Agents and Auxiliary Products In the U.K. and world-wide.

Smithfield Works
South Lane
West Yorkshire HX5 0HQ
Tel: +44 142 237 8221
Fax: +44 142 231 0074


Chemipat is a major ISO EN9002 accredited UK Compounder of Adhesives
used in many industries, and polymer solution Coatings primarily used
within the fabric coating market. Allied to these is the
"Chemisperse" range of dispersed rubber chemicals and accelerators in
appropriate polymeric binders.

Chemipat is committed to modern, solvent free solutions for industrial
applications and works with customers to ensure complete fulfilment of

In the modern world new generation adhesives have replaced many
traditional mechanical fixing methods. Whether the bonding requirement
is for a new product or process, or to meet an established need,
Chemipat is able to formulate products to suit the most demanding
industrial applications and processes. Most applications, however, can
be handled using more economical, traditional adhesive formulations.

Accredited to ISO EN9002, and using state of the art laboratory
equipment and process technology, adhesives can be custom-formulated to
meet the customer's exact requirements.

Alternatively, Chemipat can work with customers, developing either
their own, or Chemipat starter formulations, and fine tunethese to meet
the exact performance criteria required.

The advances made in polymer technology in recent years enables the use
of structural adhesives in critical bonding situations where mechanical
fixings have previously been used.

Natural rubber was the original raw material in our industry. Over the
years it has been joined by many other synthetic polymers, but it is
still used in large quantities and indeed itself comes in different
varieties. After collection of the tapped latex, rubber is recovered
from emulsion by coagulation with formic acid, creating crumbs that
resemble curds of milk. The crumbs are washed, dried between rolls, and
compacted into blocks 67 by 33 by 18 centimetres (26 by 13 by 7.5
inches) in size and weighing 33.3 kilograms (73 pounds). The blocks are
then wrapped in polyethylene sheets and packed into one-ton crates for

Chemipat is able to utilise the differing physical characteristics of
each type of natural rubber to produce adhesives suitable for many
different industrial applications.

Today, natural rubber constitutes less than half of the rubber on the
market; the rest is rubber that is produced synthetically by means of
chemical processes that were partly known in the 19th century but were
not applied commercially until the second half of the 20th century,
after World War II.

The origins of synthetic elastomers can be traced to the first half of
the 19th century, when attempts were made to elucidate the composition
and structure of natural rubber with the eventual goal of reproducing
the material. In 1838 the German F.C. Himly obtained a volatile
distillate from the substance, and in 1860 the Englishman C. Greville
Williams broke down rubber by distillation into three parts--oil, tar,
and "spirit"--this last part being the more volatile fraction and the
main constituent, which Williams named isoprene. The Frenchman Georges
Bouchardat, with the aid of hydrogen chloride gas and prolonged
distillation, converted isoprene to a rubberlike substance in 1875, and
in 1882 another Briton, W.A. Tilden, produced isoprene by the
destructive distillation of turpentine. Tilden also assigned isoprene
the structural formula CH2=C(CH3)-CH=CH2.

The efforts outlined above were attempts to replicate natural rubber.
It was only when the search for chemical equivalence to natural rubber
was abandoned, and comparable physical properties were emphasized, that
synthetic rubber came into being. The choice fell upon butadiene (CH2
=CH-CH=CH2), a compound similar to isoprene, as the basis for a
synthetic product. Developed due to shortages of natural rubber
(particularly in war-time), Synthetic rubbers have proliferated over
the years, and there are now very many polymer types, all of which have
advantages for performing different tasks.

Polyurethane adhesives can be supplied based on a large number of
different urethanes. One and two-pack systems are available to suit
many applications. Chemipat is able to formulate products to suit many
industrial applications and processes.

Used where UV light is present, and with a wide service temperature
range, Chemipat acrylic adhesives can be compounded to give different
chemical characteristics when compared with the standard bulk-
manufactured polymer. This enables them to be used in many bonding

*Chemipat Ltd
Sherborne Street West
Salford M3 7LF
Tel: +44 161 835 1420
Fax: +44 161 839 3543


Performance chemicals and treatment programmes by Chemisolv.

The fundamental approach ensures that the problem is addressed via the
best chemical technology and not just by the most appropiate off-the-
shelf product. Chemisolv's unique approach is to custom research and
formulate a product, or develop a quality programme to solve the
specific problem identified by a customer.

As no two customers needs are identical, the Chemisolv Custom Blend
range is ever-increasing. In addition, Chemisolv can supply products
from an extensive range of surface-active raw materials, which includes
anti-foams and polyelectrolytes.

Chemisolv gives you the independent answer. Chemisolv's skilled
industrial chemists will look at your specific problem and apply their
chemical expertise to produce quality custom blends, perfectly matched
to your requirements.

It is the policy of Chemisolv Ltd. that the management and employees
are committed to providing the products and services that customers
require. All employees will work to maintain and improve all aspects of
our customer related activities.

To achieve this objective the company operates a quality system to
comply to BS EN ISO 9001 : 1994. All employees are required to work to
the procedures therein.

*Chemisolv Ltd
Centre Buildings
Carrington Business Park
Manchester M31 4SG
Tel: +44 161 775 4488
Fax: +44 161 775 4407


Haltermann Products is your source for hydrocarbon-based specialties
and solvents, esters, natural alcohols and derivatives. This includes
printing ink distillates, high purity hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon
propellants, test and reference fuels, as well as performance esters
and surfactants. The long list of industries using these products
includes plastics processing, leisure, coatings, fine chemicals,
cosmetics, graphic arts, metalworking and automotive.

Haltermann Products' head office is based in Hamburg, Germany, where
the company was founded by Johann Haltermann in 1898. Since the year
2001, Haltermann Products is a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.

The core business of Haltermann Products is the production and
marketing of hydrocarbon based specialties and solvents, esters,
natural alcohols and derivatives. Added to these are service activities
for third parties, such as contract blending, research and storage.

Throughout its history, Haltermann Products has consistently
demonstrated an innovative approach to product development and
manufacturing. Haltermann Products' market leadership position has been
sustained through exceptional attention to product quality and customer

Sales organizations all over Europe and in the U.S., as well as an
extensive network of sales representatives in all other industrialized
markets, make Haltermann Products a global supplier of custom and fine

The product portfolio includes printing ink distillates, high purity
hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon propellants, test and reference fuels, as
well as performance esters and surfactants.

The company's range of specialty chemicals is supplied to a broad
spectrum of market sectors, in particular, the pharmaceutical, fine
chemical, cosmetic, graphic arts and automotive industries.

*Haltermann Products
All Saints Refinery
Cargo Fleet Road
Middlesbrough TS3 6AF
Tel: +44 164 224 8555
Fax: +44 164 225 0369


CMS Chemicals is a speciality chemical company operating Central Europe
where we have our own production facilities. We also work in
partnership with other manufacturers in this region when specialist
knowledge or technology is needed to meet the varied requirements of
our customers. Our focus is on building our position by consistently
satisfying market needs through responsible chemistry. To this end we
are able to offer a wide range of products for applications in many
different industries.

Over the last ten years we have built up close partnerships with a
number of well-equipped organizations with highly qualified personnel.
Our joint ventures with these partners have proved to be useful in
utilising fully our common capabilities.

CMS is a dynamic organization with extensive R&D support and aproduct
range from drugs to coatings, from dyes to peptide building blocks. Our
business is international and serves diverse markets with high added
valus. Our volumes range from grams to tens of tonne. Often our
products are developed to individual custome needs and we also
undertake custom manufacture under strict confidentiality agreements.

*CMS Chemicals Limited
9 Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RR
Tel: +44 123 583 1160
Fax: +44 123 583 1161


For more than 30 years Comma has been synonymous with quality
automotive lubricants and car care products. A major player in motor
oil and car care products, we still treasure the passion for our
customers that inspired our original family business. We aim to be
first choice for our customers through performance and innovation.
Our Passion for Performance is the foundation of everything we do,
from our status as Caterham Cars original fill, to our obsession with
product innovation and quality. Designed with the automotive enthusiast
in mind, our products have proven themselves at the highest levels of
British Motorsport , many taking top consumer motoring honours. We're
working hard to put the Passion back into motoring through the support
of key motoring events.

With our main plant in Kent, in the southern United Kingdom and a
branch in Weert, Holland, our products are available throughout the UK
and the European Union. Our export division services the Middle and Far
East, Australasia and Africa.

*Comma Oil & Chemicals Ltd
Dering Way
Kent DA12 2QX
Tel: +44 147 456 4311
Fax: +44 147 433 3000


Paint Stripper for Polyester and Epoxy Polyester Powders.

A Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane) free paint stripper.

The Best Available Technique for paint stripping most metals including

Following are the products that we manufacture:

Metal Process Chemicals
Non Methylene Chloride Paint Strippers
Methylene Chloride Paint Strippers
Caustic Paint Strippers
Alkaline Cleaners
Acid Cleaners
Dewatering Fluids

Catering Hygiene and Janitorial
Machine Dishwashing Detergents
Machine Glasswashing Detergents
Rinse Aids
Tannin Remover
Beerline Cleaner
Laundry Detergents
Hard Surface Cleaner
Cleaning and Sanitising Powder
Heavy Duty Degreasing powder

Swimming Pool, Spa and Sauna
Tile and Liner Cleaner
Filter and Cartridge Cleaner
Spa Bath Essences (Fragrances)
Sauna Milks (Fragrances)

WR-STRIP is a low volatility stripping medium based on Benzyl Alcohol.
It is designed to remove polyester and epoxy polyester powder coatings
from most metals including Aluminium with minimal attack on the base
metal. There are other Benzyl Alcohol based materials on the market
which definitely can attack alkali sensitive metals - So Beware!

BJ-STRIP is a heavy duty non methylene chloride stripper particularly
used for jig stripping and automotive wheels.

EC-STRIP is a variant of WR-STRIP designed to remove acrylic
electropaint from steel substrates.

The plant required to get the best from WR-STRIP is shown in detail by
clicking on Process Overview.

*Confederate Chemicals Ltd
Mochdre Industrial Estate
Powys SY16 4LE
Tel: +44 168 662 7158
Fax: +44 168 662 7580


We are a BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited
independent manufacturer of fine organic chemicals. Product
applications cover the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, detergent,
photographic, food and fragrance industries.

The company has sales of over ú20 million per annum, 65% of which
are exports to markets including the USA, Germany, Eire, France,
Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, India, Korea, and Japan.

Contract Chemicals was awarded the Queens Award for Export in 1997
Contract Chemicals is a leading independent UK based manufacturer of
fine and speciality chemicals. Specialising in amination, bromination,
cyanation, epichlorohydrin, Friedel-Crafts and thionyl chloride
chemistries, we produce a range of own multi-application products as
well as offering over 25 years experience in contract manufacture.

Established in 1977, Contract Chemicals has grown significantly over
the last 25 years to become a leading international supplier of fine
and speciality chemicals. Our success has been achieved through a
commitment to continuously improve our competitiveness, and by working
to the highest levels of accreditation for quality, health and safety,
environment and management systems, an essential requirement for all
our customers.

Our key product markets include agrochemical, pharmaceutical,
photographic and flavour and fragrances, all highly regulated
industries characterised by an exacting requirement for quality and
consistency. Products from our extensive range can be found in
everything from market-leading antibiotics and anti-hypertension drugs
through to photographic paper and salt and vinegar potato crisps.

Recognising the global demands of our industry, we have an extensive
network of committed, professional overseas agents, who have helped us
to consistently generate over 60% of annual turnover from export sales.

To remain at the forefront of specialised organics production we
continue to invest in our multi-purpose manufacturing facilities
located in Knowsley, UK. The headquarters site has increased total
reactor capacity by over 25% in recent years, further strengthening our
position as the independent contract manufacturer of choice.

*Contract Chemicals Ltd
Penrhyn Road
Knowsley Business Park
Merseyside L34 9HY
Tel: +44 151 548 8840
Fax: +44 151 548 6548


Croda International is a global leader in specialty chemicals, sold to
a wide range of industries.

Our business is based on partnerships: partnerships with our customers,
our suppliers, our co-workers worldwide; Quality: high quality, high
performance specialty products; Service: solving our customers’
problems and meeting their needs; Innovation: creating cleaner, safer,
more effective products.

Our principal partner and source of both raw materials and inspiration
is Nature herself, who provides us with a wealth of mainly plant and
vegetable resources which are transformed by Croda’s chemistry into
perhaps the widest range of natural based specialties available
anywhere in the world.

Croda represents a new era in natural based specialty chemicals. Our
goal is to create competitive advantage for your business by providing
innovative solutions, products and services.

Our global network of companies offers a complete package of products
and technology backed up by comprehensive technical/customer support.

*Croda International Plc
Cowick Hall
East Yorkshire DN14 9AA
Tel: +44 140 586 0551
Fax: +44 140 586 1767


Since our formation in 1989, we have developed and diversified into all
areas of carbohydrate research, synthesis and analysis. We have a range
of over 250 catalogue products plus carbohydrate building blocks and
combinatorial libraries. At the same time we retain a flexible approach
to tackling new projects and challenges in the areas of carbohydrate
chemistry and biology.

Oligosaccharides. We have a unique range of simple and complex
oligosaccharides that have been obtained by synthesis, isolation and
degradation. They include O-linked structures, blood group A,B,O and
Lewis antigens, core structures and sialylated compounds. We specialise
too in a range of antigens with the terminal Gala1-3Gal (Galili)
determinant. We are developing an unrivalled range of complex N-linked
structures and offer many disaccharides and sulphated sugars derived
from glycosaminoglycans.

Glycoconjugates. We have developed an extensive range of
neoglycoproteins, neoglycolipids and biotinylated sugars using
proprietary linker technology and can offer several linker sugar
combinations with different chain lengths. We can also make affinity
matrices using this and derived techniques to suit customer

Carbohydrate Building Blocks. We can supply an extensive range of
modified carbohydrates that can be used for coupling reactions and
complex syntheses to save time in customer work programmes. These
products include trichloroacetimidates, thioglycosides, glycals, amino
sugars and carboxylic acids.

Carbohydrate-based libraries. In our Libris joint venture, we are able
to offer libraries for combinatorial chemistry. These ranges include
libraries based on 5 and 6 membered carbohydrate scaffolds, nucleoside
analogues, plus terpene, steroid and alkaloid glycosides.

Analytical Services. Our analytical service covers all aspects of
biomedical and food carbohydrates. For glycoproteins we offer a full
glycosylation service including monosaccharide composition,
oligosaccharide profiling and sequencing, and molecular mass by mass
spectroscopy. For polysaccharides, methylation and fragment analysis by
NMR spectroscopy can be provided. Other services include analysis by
HPLC and electrophoresis.

Dextra can also offer services related to drug development including
stability trials to ICH guidelines and method validation for both API
and formulated products.

*Dextra Laboratories
Science and Technology Centre
Earley Gate
Whiteknights Road
Reading RG6 6BZ
Tel: +44 118 935 7000
Fax: +44 118 926 7917


Epichem's original product offering was primarily a line of ultra-
high-purity metalorganic chemicals. Thanks to proprietary adduct
purification techniques, our facilities yield volatile compounds of Al,
Ga, In, As, P, Zn, Fe, Mg, Sb, N, Te and Cd with purities unmatched in
the industry. The metalorganics are used in the growth of thin films of
compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide and indium phosphide.
A wide range of electronic and optoelectronic devices are made from
these materials including light emitting diodes (LEDs), lasers,
detectors and solar cells. We also manufacture chemicals used to grow
thin films of diamond and silicon carbide, high temperature
superconductors and optomagnetic materials.

We have since added dedicated facilities for the production of the
gases, boron trichloride and silane. These are used in the silicon
industry, for the production of semiconductor devices. Silane is also
used to produce thin glass coatings, e.g., for double and triple
glazing. Boron trichloride can also be used in the pharmaceutical

As a result of the Inorgtech acquisition, Epichem oxides and nitrides
now offers metal alkoxide, alkylamide and beta-diketonate precursors
for advanced materials technology. These products are used in a wide
range of applications such as ferroelectric, ferrite, superconducting
and piezoelectric thin films, barrier films in VLSI technology and
antireflection coatings. Application techniques include metalorganic
chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD), atomic layer deposition process
(ALD), sol-gel, spin-coating, dip-coating, spray coating and vapour
infiltration, depending on the desired material property.

Since the re-organization of the Epichem Group, the new Epichem Surface
Coatings group has emerged. This sector produces chemicals for
application to various building surfaces to protect from weathering,
frost/thaw damage and graffiti. "Dynasylan BSM" is a water repellent
product which will offer the ideal protection when applied to surfaces
such as brick, mortar, concrete, etc. and act as a protective coating
so that damaging weather conditions do not permanently destroy the
building surface. "Protectosil Antigraffiti" treated surfaces are so
repellent to coatings and paints, that they act as a deterrent to
further graffiti "tagging", and really speed up the cleaning process.

Epichem has dynamic customer service teams in the UK and the US, and
a network of agents in all other countries to take care of customer
support worldwide. The Customer Service department liases closely with
sales and production to give appropriate dates for a fast and reliable
supply of material. The teams work closely with the customers to build
lasting relationships, ensuring that Epichem maintains its reputation
of being a reliable, fair and trustworthy company. Epichem prides
itself in the good standard of service that it provides through an
exceptional customer service department.

*Epichem Ltd
Power Road
Merseyside CH62 3QF
Tel: +44 151 334 2774
Fax: +44 151 334 6422


Excalibur Chemicals Limited has been supplying premium quality
innovative solutions to all types of industry since 1990. Our range is
broad and varied, and our reputation depends on the consistent quality
of our products and the dependability of our service.

*Excalibur Chemicals Limited
40 Baldwin Way
Dudley DY3 4PF
Tel: +44 138 440 0690
Fax: +44 138 440 2223


Our core business is the manufacture of Flutec« Fluids
(Perfluorocarbons) to a high specification. These perfluorinated fluids
are inert liquids and gases containing only fluorine and carbon atoms
making them non-toxic and non-flammable. Their unique chemistry gives
them a remarkable combination of properties making them suitable for
applications in many industries.

F2 Chemicals Ltd, established in 1992, is widely known for its
expertise in organic fluorine chemistry. In February 2000, F2 Chemicals
Ltd was acquired by a conglomeration of Mitsubishi Corporation, Asahi
Glass Company Ltd and Miteni SpA and is currently operating globally
in a vast range of sectors through and in partnership with its parent

Quality is of the utmost concern throughout the production process.
In-process and final product testing is conducted by our QC department
using up to date equipment whilst our QA department monitors all
aspects of product quality throughout the process.

With the development of numerous medical applications for Flutec«
Fluids, FDA accredited cGMP compliance, which reflects and supports our
quality orientated production process, was an important achievement for
F2 Chemicals.

We endeavour to design our quality systems to fully support all our
customer needs.

*F2 Chemicals Ltd
Lea Lane
Lea Town
Nr Preston
Lancashire PR4 0RZ
Tel: +44 177 277 5800
Fax: +44 177 277 5808

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