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Google Web
UK Manufacturers - Chemicals
GeeJay Chemicals have been manufacturing and supplying silica gel
sachets and associated desiccant products in the UK since 1983.

Registered to BS EN ISO 9002:1994, we offer many variations from our
standard range of stock items, to individually meet customers moisture
protection requirements.

Items in store or transit can often be irrevocably damaged by water
vapour in the surrounding atmosphere that causes corrosion or mould

With the simple precaution of a safe and inexpensive desiccant silica
gel sachet enclosed with the item, these problems can be eliminated.

Silica gel will adsorb the offending water vapour and thus produce a
dry, low humidity atmosphere in which this problem does not occur.

*GeeJay Chemicals Ltd
16 Gosforth Close
Bedfordshire SG19 1RB
Tel: +44 176 768 2774
Fax: +44 176 769 2409


A H Marks and Company Limited is the UK's largest privately owned and
independent chemical manufacturing company, employing over 350 people
and operating from a single 11 hectare site at Wyke, near Bradford.

Chemicals have been produced at the Wyke site since 1877, when
dyestuffs were produced for the local textile industry.

Today, the company manufactures a wide range of specialised organic
chemicals for a variety of end use sectors. Key customers served
include manufacturers of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals
and monomers.

A H Marks' annual sales turnover exceeds ?55 million ($85 million), and
exports account for over 75% of the company's business interests, with
expanding sales in over 40 countries worldwide.

Supporting this strong sales performance is a commitment to quality.
The company is accredited to ISO9001, and is in compliance with Good
Laboratory Practice (GLP) and the Investors in People (IIP) standard.
During 1997, A H Marks was accredited to ISO 14001, the International
environmental standard.

A H Marks has a long tradition as an independent and privately owned
Company in the manufacture and supply of specialised organic chemicals.

The expansion of our agrochemical, intermediates and performance
chemical ranges will continue through our policy of reinvesting funds
generated back into the Company.

We recognise that our ambitions can only be achieved with the
involvement of all our employees and by building partnerships with
customers, suppliers and the community in which we operate.

A H Marks adopts a forward-thinking policy in all regulatory matters
which embraces best industry practices. We operate quality standards
which are appropriate to controlling and developing the major areas of
our operations including manufacturing, research and development,
health, safety and environmental, personal development and training.

*A H Marks & Company Limited
West Yorkshire BD12 9EJ
Tel: +44 127 469 1234
Fax: +44 127 469 1176


A H Marks has a long tradition as an independent and privately owned
Company in the manufacture and supply of specialised organic chemicals.

The expansion of our agrochemical, intermediates and performance
chemical ranges will continue through our policy of reinvesting funds
generated back into the Company.

We recognise that our ambitions can only be achieved with the
involvement of all our employees and by building partnerships with
customers, suppliers and the community in which we operate.

A H Marks adopts a forward-thinking policy in all regulatory matters
which embraces best industry practices. We operate quality standards
which are appropriate to controlling and developing the major areas of
our operations including manufacturing, research and development,
health, safety and environmental, personal development and training.

*C6 Solutions Ltd
Wheldon Road
West Yorkshire WF10 2JT
Tel: +44 197 755 6565
Fax: +44 197 755 6565


I H Laboratories was established in 1974 to carry out research and
production of hydrophilic materials for industrial uses. The first
application was for the manufacture of contact lenses. The materials
developed were marketed in the period 1975 to 1979 under the trade name
of Duragel, by a limited company of the same name created purely as a
sales company. In 1978 another company was formed, Duragel-Duralens,
which sold lenses in the UK, made in Sweden by Scanlens AB, who were
one of Duragel's largest customers. In December 1979, Duragel and
Duragel-Duralens were sold to Coopervision, a large US ophthalmic
manufacturer, later acquired by Pilkington and more recently by Wesley
Jessen Inc.

In 1982 I H Polymeric Ltd. trading as Polymeric Sciences was formed to
supply contact lens materials. Although this part of the business had
been sold, continuing demand by previous customers of Duragel as a
result of commercial decisions by Coopervision, led to a resumption of
these activities. Polymeric Sciences continues to supply contact lens
materials world wide, and includes both the French and UK contact lens
laboratories of Wesley Jessen PBH, Moorfields Eye Hospital in London,
and many of the UK contact lens producers.

In 1992 links with universities (Surrey and the Cranfield Institute)
were established to further enhance the development of new products and
applications. Patents include materials for contact lens applications
and a patent on deformable polymeric compositions which is of
importance in that it covers the principle of shrink recovery which has
potential applications in dental and construction products.

Currently the Company supplies specialist hydrophilic materials under
confidentiality agreements to international companies, in some cases as
the sole supplier.

The quality system is accredited by SGS Yarsley ICS to the requirements
of BSENISO 9002, BSEN 46002 & ISO 13488. The quality assurance policy,
systems and procedures that operate within the Company are set out to
meet and often exceed these standards.

Quality assurance is the planned and systematic actions necessary to
provide adequate confidence that the product will satisfy given
requirements for quality.

*I H Polymeric Ltd
73 Redhill Wood
New Ash Green
Kent DA3 8QP
Tel: +44 147 487 3346
Fax: +44 147 487 9337


Founded in 1830 James Briggs Ltd. now employs approximately 250 people.
With our history in the industrial revolution we produced specialist
lubricants for the northern based spinning industry.

It was in the 60?s that we recognised the need for speciality chemicals
to be produced in aerosol form.

Continual research and development led us to the forefront of aerosol
technology and dramatic growth then took us to our seven-acre site in
Oldham in 1987.

As we continued to expand we acquired a second seven-acre site in

Consistency and Quality has enabled us to form long lasting
partnerships with our customers, building on our extensive knowledge
and export success, enabling us to confidently expand consolidating our
position of being the market leader in speciality chemicals and

We hold a wide range of proven formulations, propellants and packaging
systems that can be filled on flexible speed filling lines for short
production runs or fully automated high speed filling lines for longer
runs, ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency, All geared to your
exact requirements.

*James Briggs Ltd
Salmon Fields
Oldham OL2 6HZ
Tel: +44 161 627 0101
Fax: +44 161 627 0971


Established on the site in Glossop, Derbyshire, U.K. since 1937,
Lancashire Chemical Works Limited operates in two areas of chemical

Production of Chromium Chemicals to serve the requirements of a number
of industries including Leather Tanning, Dyestuffs manufacture, Metal
Treatments, Polymer Cross Linking, Adhesives and Catalyst manufacture
together with several applications for a world wide customer base.

Toll Processing of Chemicals and intermediates - specializing in Spray
Drying, Spray Cooling, Fluid Bed Drying together with ancillary
operations such as Blending and Packaging of both liquids and solids.

Lancashire Chemical Works Limited was established in Glossop (by Dr.W.
Hene and Dr. R. Hecksher ) in 1937 for the production of a range
specialty Chromium Chemicals.

The company operates on a fully serviced 5 hectare site which
accommodates the two core activities which are:

Manufacture of Bulk and Specialty Chromium Chemicals serving a range of
industries such as;

Leather Tanning
Catalyst Manufacture
Dye Manufacture
Oil Drilling Fluids
Adhesive Preparations
Metal Finishing

Supplying these industries World wide

Toll Processing Facilities including;

Toll Spray Drying
Toll Spray Cooling
Toll Fluid Bed Drying
Blending of Powders and Liquids
Packaging, Warehousing and Shipping

All operations carried out on the site are structured to meet the
stringent requirements of a wide range of customers. The range of
Process Plants installed and on site Operations Support provide for
maximum flexibility and efficiency in completing client companies
orders with minimum lead time.

Operations Support is provided by;

Fully equipped Laboratories manned by Trained and experienced staff.

Maintenance Workshops manned by a team of highly skilled Craftsmen
carrying out both Plant Maintenance and Construction Operations.

The company is extremely proud of its wide client base including a
number of Global "Blue Chip" chemical companies.

By dedication to Product Quality and Timely Deliveries the company has
retained the loyalty of many customers for several decades.

*Lancashire Chemical Works Limited
High Street West
Derbyshire SK13 8ES
Tel: +44 145 786 0006
Fax: +44 145 786 8394


Lancaster Synthesis produces research chemicals catalogues which lead
the market in technical content and unique products. These publications
are supported by a global distribution network which aims to service
your needs in the time you specify. Catalogues are published in the UK,
USA, Germany, France India and Japan. Lancaster distribution and
service centres are established in all of these territories and others
- sales locations.

As well as the printed catalogue the range is available to search on
this web site and also in a sub-structure searchable CD ROM format in
several currencies.

The Lancaster Synthesis 2004 - 2005 catalogue sets the standard for
delivering a product range that is highly relevant to today's chemists
- in a format that offers unrivalled clarity and technical content.

Over 700 new molecules in this issue
2000 molecules exclusive to Lancaster
Specialised reagents and novel molecules as well as standard
Key product strengths include
-reagents for synthesis
-boronic acids
-fluorinated organics
-isocyanates and isothiocyanates
-chiral molecules
-organophosphorus intermediates
-acyl and sulphonyl halides

Almost all products available from stock
Bulk availability on most products
Many increased purity grades
New pack options

Many of our products are manufactured in house at our own state of the
art production facilities in the UK and India. Lancaster is also able
to utilise other resource within the Clariant group to support
manufacturing at all scales.

Lancaster Synthesis also has exclusive distribution arrangements with
many of its suppliers, making Lancaster Synthesis the only laboratory
scale commercial source of many of its compounds.

Many of the products in the Lancaster range are exclusive. We are able
to retain this exclusivity because many of the compounds are
manufactured at our own production facilities. Typically we will
manufacture 3000-4000 of our range of 14000, although we have the
ability to manufacture more if we chose to.

Our production labs are situated in Morecambe (UK) and Chennai (India).
The UK facility is the largest with 73 Fume Cupboards while we have
another 24 in India. Both of these laboratories are staffed by
experienced chemists who have a wide range of synthetic techniques at
their disposal. We also have a significant amount of expertise in
scaling our work and as such we are able to support the vast majority
of these products into a small bulk scale.

Supported by state of the art QC facilities and equipped with
specialist techniques such as Wipe Film Distillation, Labodest
Distillation, Reaction Calorimetry and various chromatographic methods,
we are able to ensure that the quality of the products we manufacture
is of the highest level every time.

*Lancaster Synthesis
White Lund
Lancashire LA3 3PT
Tel: +44 152 436 101
Fax: +44 152 439 727


Lansdowne Chemicals Plc is one of the leading suppliers of chemicals,
supplying industries from printing to pharmaceutical. Whether developed
in our own laboratory, or sourced from our suppliers - our standards
always exceed expectations.

Based at Winstons House, Carterton, UK - Lansdowne Chemicals
combines a progressive and innovative business philosophy with
hard work, reliability and quality to offer a first class service
to its customers.

Across all aspects of our business, the use of new technology has
enabled us to consistently exceed expectations.

>From development in our modern laboratory, through production in our
automated manufacturing facility, to "just-in-time" delivery.

The manufacturing facility was constructed to produce highly
specialised chemical re-agents using the latest technology and
environmental safeguards. The fully automated plant consists of three
reactors giving total manufacturing capacity in excess of 2000 metric
tonnes per annum. The enclosed production process ensures that any
waste product is recycled back into production.

Our modern laboratory uses the latest methods and equipment that
enables us to maintain a rigorous policy of quality control, in order
to meet the stringent specifications that our customers require.

It is the Policy of Lansdowne Chemicals Plc to provide a level of
service that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.

The Quality Objectives will encompass;

Continual improvement of quality performance, by way of setting clear
objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them.
Educate and train employees in quality issues.
To develop a greater understanding of customer requirements.
To develop products and services where reasonably practicable to meet
customer needs.
To encourage high quality standards from all suppliers and contractors.

Through our Quality Management System, we are able to monitor the
quality of the service we provide. By monitoring the quality of our
service, it will help us to maintain, improve and develop our business.

Regular audits of our Quality Management System will be carried out by
competent Lansdowne Chemicals Plc staff to ensure that policies and
procedures are adhered to. The implementation of corrective action,
whether from internal audits, management reviews or customer feedback,
is seen as a vital part in the continuous improvement process.

We are committed to the ongoing training and development of our staff
in order to enable them to carry out their tasks competently and
safely. We continuously monitor and review the training needs of our
staff and review their progress as part of the annual staff appraisal

*Lansdowne Chemicals Plc
Winstons House
Oxfordshire OX18 3EZ
Tel: +44 199 384 3081
Fax: +44 199 384 1261


Mining and Chemical Products Limited (MCP) was formed in London in
1929 to take over the refining and marketing of Aramayo Bismuth in Europe.

When the Company's mines in Bolivia were nationalised in 1952, MCP
became the focus for global expansion of the Group, and following
ventures into Pure Drugs, Electronic Materials and Component
Distribution, MCP has crystallised into the Group we know today.

There are major companies in England, Germany and America, along with
growing subsidiaries in France, Italy, Spain and Belarus.

Bismuth and Minor Metals remain at the heart of the MCP Group. The
introduction in the 1970's of 'Rapid Prototyping' - a fast and
inexpensive process for the production of prototype and short-run
tooling - began a quarter century of intensive innovation and expansion
within the Group.

Product Divisions

However, with advances in the product portfolio being a key part of
MCP's strategic growth policy, six distinct product divisions now

Metals and Chemicals
Bismuth Chemicals
Low Melting Point Alloys
Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Technologies
Injection Moulding Machines
Patient Fixation Systems

International Presence and Customer Service

>From MCP's earliest days as a Bismuth specialist a global approach to
distribution and marketing has been called for. An International
presence is important too for raw material purchasing and trade in
scrap and residues. Our local companies and agents have become a key
factor in our determination to provide un-equalled customer service.

An important task for MCP is to develop further our markets in Eastern
Europe and Asia. The establishment in 1997 of MCP Technology in Minsk
has been the first step in this direction.

Demonstration centres are also important to ensure effective
communication with customers. Trained application engineers, operating
in purpose built centres, are best able to deal with client queries and
advise on the latest techniques and materials.

Market Leading Initiatives

With on-going customer service being critical to success, MCP enjoys
extensive dialogue with Universities and Institutes to ensure that our
concepts are always 'out in front'.

The Groups' central laboratories have been expanded and re-equipped and
are now housed in a state-of-art facility providing an unrivalled
service to MCP companies.

Quality control is at the heart of every successful business and MCP's
specialist High Purity Metals unit, now directly linked to the
Laboratory for optimum control, is a fine example of this philosophy.

The MCP Group has been famous for Bismuth since the 19th Century when
the founding Aramayo family owned a mine in Bolivia and exported the
metal to Europe.

Mining & Chemical Products Ltd (MCP) was fully incorporated in England
in 1929 as a processing operation and has shown solid growth since

The Company now specialises in five minor metals, including Bismuth,
Tellurium, Selenium, Indium and Gallium.

Modern high purity, chemical and alloy manufacturing facilities (ISO
9002 approved) are based in England while the German factory (MCP Hek
GmbH) constitutes the world's leading producer of Bismuth Chemicals.

These products comply with FDA and GMP standards. (Sales, distribution
and alloy manufacturing are also located in Connecticut, USA).

*Mining & Chemical Products Ltd
1-4 Nielson Road
Finedon Road Industrial Estate
Northants NN8 4PE
Tel: +44 193 322 5766
Fax: +44 193 322 7814


Molecular Products preserves life and protects the environment by
supplying chemical technologies for the production and purification of
breathable gases. Our unique capabilities cover :-

Sofnolime (soda lime) and Lithium Hydroxide for the removal of carbon
dioxide from closed systems in medical anaesthesia, military and safety

Oxygen Generating Candles for the chemical generation of pure oxygen
for the military, aerospace and safety industries.

Moleculite, Sofnocat and Activated Carbons for filtration of toxic
gases in critical respiratory, industrial and environmental control

Molecular Products Ltd specialises in the manufacture of chemical
absorbents, chemical-based devices and catalysts. These products are

To remove contaminants from gases and non-aqueous liquids
To maintain breathable atmospheres in closed systems
To control hazardous or unpleasant emissions from industrial processes
To preserve fruit, vegetables and flowers during storage and distribution

*Molecular Products Limited
Mill End
Essex CM6 2LT
Tel: +44 137 183 0676
Fax: +44 137 183 0998


Perstorp UK Ltd’s vision is to become number one in the UK OXO alcohols

At Perstorp UK, we are committed to quality. Whilst phrases such as
this abound in modern corporate culture, we say it and mean it. Our
industry’s primary variables – price and quality – are nearly
indistinguishable between competitors. In order to satisfy our mission
of being customers’ preferred supplier, we must therefore excel in
quality of service.

Since the incorporation of the acclaimed EFQM Excellence Model into our
daily operations, we have regularly reviewed and improved our mission
statement, values and processes. In 1998, we joined Excellence North
West to network on a regional basis with their members; at our first
attempt, we won the main 1998 North West Quality Award for Services
General (0-25 employees). We continue to attend their Business
Excellence Model workshops, sharing best practice days and other
membership activities.

The pathway towards business excellence should not be regarded as
finite. Central to our business philosophy is the cultivation of a
policy of continuous improvement – a desire to fine-tune our processes
so that we can deliver a higher quality of service to our customers and
greater profit to our shareholders.

As a measure of our commitment to the journey, the accolades we have
achieved are convincing – in 1994 we were awarded Investors in People
certification (re-certified in 1998); in November 2000, we won the
North West Excellence Millennium Award. At the 2001 UK Business
Excellence Awards, we were one of the first companies in Europe to be
presented with a European Recognition Certificate for Business
Excellence, by the European Foundation for Quality Management.

Although the recognition of excellence on such a platform is to be
welcomed, at Perstorp UK we regard these successes simply as bonuses.
After all, our main concern is not to fill a trophy cabinet or paper
our walls with certificates – the outcomes of our progress are not the
awards themselves; rather, they are indicative of the improvements we
can deliver to our stakeholders and, most importantly, our customers.

*Perstorp UK Ltd
Cambridge House
37 Bramhall Lane South
Bramhall - Stockport
Cheshire SK7 2DU
Tel: +44 161 439 0900
Fax: +44 870 740 6060


Oakmere Technical Services Ltd. was formed in 1983 in the County of
Cheshire, United Kingdom.

In year 2000 we relocated to our present premises in Tarvin, Nr.
Chester, a rural location, but convenient to the U.K. motorway system,
the central railway terminal at Crewe and deep sea port of Liverpool.

Our works are equipped with 1,200,000 lts of storage and blending
capacity and in addition to the range of products offered we can
manufacture product to meet our customers bespoke requirements.

The Company is accredited to ISO 9002 quality standard and is
authorised by H.M. Customs and Excise to receive and process
hydrocarbon oils under refinery, bonded user and bonded warehouse

The range of wood preservative is approved by the Health and Safety

We manufacture and supply creasote product which meet the
specifications of British Standards Institute, West European
Institutes, America Wood Preservers Association and any other
specification requested by our customers.

The Company is approved as a supplier to British Rail and British

Export Markets include. United States of America, Morocco, Greece,
Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Eire.

Product is supplied in bulk ships, bulk road tankers, 1000 lts. Ibc, or
205 lt. drums.

D.I.Y. Grades
There is a very strong market requirement in the U.K. for creosote for
use by the general public.

Oakmere Technical Services Ltd. is the leading supplier of this
product, supplying in excess of 60% of the market requirement.

Product is supplied in two colours, dark and golden, and is offered to
customers in road tanker for further packaging and distribution in 4lt,
25lt, and 205lt, containers to the retail and wholesale trade outlets.

*Oakmere Technical Services
Unit 9
Pool Bank Business Park
High Street
Chester CH3 8JH
Tel: +44 182 974 2100
Fax: +44 182 974 2109


Pentagon Chemical Specialties Limited was re-established as an
independent, privately owned UK based company following the Management
Buy Out from Dow Chemicals in May 2002. Pentagon was financed with the
assistance of Vision Capital Group, a London based investment company.
Importantly, the company was purchased without the use of venture
capital funds which means that there is no requirement for an exit plan
to pay back venture capitalists. This offers long term stability of
ownership to our customers.

Pentagon has been manufacturing at its Workington, UK site since 1975.
During this period it has been part of the Suter plc and Ascot plc
groups which also encompassed the former Chemoxy International and
Mitchell Cotts businesses which remained with Dow following the MBO

The company manufactures a range of speciality and fine chemicals for
an array of industry uses on a contract, custom or toll manufacture
basis and is also a world –wide exporter of its own range of products
through its local agent network.

Pentagon has a proud track record in introducing new techniques to
solve complex chemical and chemical engineering problems. Flexibility
together with speed of response and professionalism are essential
ingredients for our continued growth and success.

Strict confidentiality and protection of commercial and technical
interests are of paramount importance to our customers and we can
demonstrate both integrity and reputation in this area.

If you are seeking a specific compound, wish to scale up a reaction,
develop a process or simply need to review the options, we are here to
help you to deliver a quality product and service.

At the centre of Pentagon Chemical Specialties operations is a long and
established reputation in the market as a quality contract manufacturer
and processor of custom chemicals. Innovative, responsive and
committed, we are known for delivering a very high level of customer
service in the manufacture of specialty, performance and fine

A key strength is our independence. Increasingly, the industry is
characterised by large multinationals and trading groups... Pentagon
gives you freedom to choose a contract manufacturer with no close
corporate links.

Pentagon also offer an broad portfolio of specialty and fine chemicals
with applications in a wide range of consumer products which touch the
lives of almost all of us daily.

Our 13 acre multi-plant facility at Workington, UK is equipped with an
extensive range of reactors in stainless steel and glass, each with an
array of reaction capabilities.

Introduction of new products and processes is the cornerstone of
Pentagon's business and we have an enviable track record in this area.
Development chemists, analytical chemists and chemical engineers work
together as a closely knit team on programmes which area tailored to
each client's requirements. We positively encourage multifunctional
meetings with our customers to ensure that we are all working towards
the same goal, the product you want, where you want, when you want it.

*Pentagon Chemical Specialties Ltd
Cumbria CA14 1JJ
Tel: +44 190 060 4371
Fax: +44 190 066 943


Welcome to the Sinobrom website. The company is based in Europe and the
USA, it is a world leader in the synthesis of speciality bromine
compounds. An internal capacity of 50,000mts of Bromine provides us
with a solid foundation from which we can offer a wide range of
bromochemicals in research to commercial quantities.

Sinobrom Limited also act as a exclusive distributor for some
speciality non-bromochemicals products such as Securistain and a wide
range of products for application in the textile, milling and baking,
plastics and water treatment industries.

Sinobrom Limited is a specialist company in the field of bromine
chemistry. The Company, established in 2001, now has offices in Europe
and the USA. Sinobrom has situated it's European offices in the UK. The
USA headquarters are in Cleveland Ohio. Sinobrom utilises the natural
resources of bromine found in the Shandong Peninsular of China to
produce a wide range of bromochemicals.

SinoBroms' bromine capacity is currently 50,000 mts per annum and is
drawn from deep underground wells located on the vast plains off the
Bohai Sea. This independent access to the primary product coupled with
the experience of our chemists, allows us to produce bromochemicals
using a wide array of reactions.

In addition to our experience in the manufacture of bromochemicals,
Sinobrom have a number of speciality products, which do not contain
bromine. Our history in the manufacture of bromates for the flour
industry and then the search for their alternatives has given Sinobrom
a foundation from which we are now able to offer a diverse range of
milling and baking products. We have a strong technical support team
for this range, courtesy of our long-standing relationship with LFI

We can also offer Securistain, which is an inhibitor that protects all
types of security papers from illegal alteration. More information on
this innovative product and the materials we have available for the
water treatment industry is given later. The complete Sinobrom range of
speciality chemicals is supported by a consistently high standard of
service, evidenced by the open invitation to existing and potential
customers to audit our process and procedures with the minimal of

Sinobrom has situated its sales headquarters in the U.K., where there
is the combined experience of over seventy-five years in the speciality
chemical industry. We also have PhD chemists on hand in the U.K. to
answer any technical questions that may arise.

If you are looking for a partner with both experience and expertise in
bromine chemistry then I guarantee a call to Sinobrom Limited will be
worth your while.

*SinoBrom Ltd
177 King Street
Cheshire SK16 4LG
Tel: +44 161 343 7289
Fax: +44 161 343 7384


Wherever you are in the world, there could be a tried, tested and
proven solution for pest control from one source. Sorex International.

Sorex International is a joint initiative between the companies in the
Sorex Holdings Group : Network Pest Control Systems Limited and Sorex
Limited . Sorex International, a fully integrated independent UK
business, offers one of the broadest ranges of branded chemical and
non-chemical products for the effective control of rodents, birds and

As well as supplying quality products with a worldwide reputation, we
also provide full support covering all aspects of regulatory,
marketing, technical service and training.

Continuous investment in our research, manufacturing, regulatory and
marketing teams ensures total customer service and quality control. As
a recognised leader in product stewardship, our responsibilities cover
every aspect of a product?s life, from initial research, through
production, distribution and after sales technical support.

A world leader with sales in over 40 countries, Sorex International
understands your culture, your language and your trading needs.

Whatever the market, whatever the challenge, Sorex International is
committed to exceeding customer needs and expectations.

Sorex International has dedicated resources to maximise the quality of
its products..

By concentrating the majority of our activities research and
development, manufacturing, packing, marketing and international
distributions at purpose built sites in the north west of England, we
are able to enforce the strictest standards of quality control over
every aspect of every operation.

It is only by pursuing such exacting standards that we are able to
guarantee consistency and reliability of product and performance, thus
ensuring confident customers and reassured users.

*Sorex International
St Michaels Industrial Estate
Hale Road
Cheshire WA8 8TJ
Tel: +44 151 422 6510
Fax: +44 151 495 1163


Sovereign Chemicals Ltd offers some 90 construction products in
addition to its damp-proofing chemicals, to help you build better.
These range from sealants and adhesives through remedial treatments to
products which preserve your work. You will see how extensive in the
Product List Page.

All these products have been developed as a result of a deep
understanding for your needs and have been researched by the company's
own scientists working in the most sophisticated laboratories. In fact,
Sovereign Chemicals Ltd has been responsible for some of the major
breakthroughs in building chemical technology.

You can be sure of obtaining the product which is exactly right for
you, by contacting any of our specialist sales personnel at
sales@sovereign. Before joining Sovereign Chemicals Ltd almost all had
worked extensively in the building trade, so you will find they talk
your language.

You will not only get the right product, we will also deliver it fast.
Sovereign Chemicals Ltd has 3 depots strategically located throughout
the country, each holding massive stocks. The company's own fleet of
trucks will speed your order to site within three working days.

Sovereign Chemicals Ltd is the respected name in the field of chemical
products for the building and construction industry. The company is the
acknowledged leader in dampproofing field throughout the UK with over
2000 Approved Contractors.

Our logistics system supports our specialist salesmen and ensures a
first class service to customers.

We have a commitment to quality and the safe use of our products and we
always formulate products with the safest available raw materials. The
introduction of Envirotech Injection Fluid, based on a unique synthetic
solvent, and the introduction of Flurox based wood treatment products
are excellent examples of this responsible policy. We also run Training
Courses, which lead to recognised qualifications. These courses are
held regionally and at our Barrow Head Office.

Endorsement of the quality of Sovereign Chemicals Ltd products can be
seen from the fact that the company was awarded the Royal Warrant in
1987 as a result of its building chemicals being used with great
success in several Royal residences.

To be awarded British Standards Institution Registered Firm status is
one of the highest accolades that any company active in industry can
hope to achieve.

The company must satisfy the demanding requirements of BSEN ISO
9001/9002 as it applies to manufacturing systems and product quality.
Sovereign Chemicals Ltd was the first company in the damp-proofing
field to gain BSI approval for its whole range of products.

*Sovereign Chemicals Ltd
Park Road
Cumbria LA14 4QU
Tel: +44 122 987 0800
Fax: +44 122 987 0850


Johnson Matthey Catalysts brings together a greater breadth of
experience and expertise across precious and base metal technologies
to create a new force in catalysis – focused on working in partnership
with customers.

Johnson Matthey Catalysts is one of the world's leading catalyst
companies with strengths in process catalysis, environmental catalysis
and fuel cell technologies.

For our customers in the process and related industries, Johnson
Matthey Catalysts develops and manufactures the catalysts that optimize
chemical processes, refines precious metals from these catalysts,
provides process technologies and services and supplies research

Formed in 2003 following the acquisition of Synetix from ICI, Johnson
Matthey Catalysts brings together two companies with leading positions
across the global catalyst market, both with strong traditions of

Johnson Matthey has developed precious metal products and technologies
for almost 200 years. Our process catalysts and technologies enable the
manufacture of chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavors and
fragrances and crop protection products.

With the acquisition of Synetix has come expertise in base metal
catalysis and chiral technologies. Synetix invented the syngas process
to revolutionize ammonia and methanol production, and pioneered
hydrogenation to gain leadership in oleochemicals and edible oils.

Our integrated capabilities are among the strongest in the process
industry. With these new and enhanced strengths and scientific and
operational capabilities, we are now even better positioned to meet the
needs of our customers world-wide.

The Benefits of Working Together with Johnson Matthey Catalysts.

At Johnson Matthey Catalysts, our people are our strength. Going beyond
simply providing products and services, we develop tailored solutions
for challenging opportunities. Our in-depth practical knowledge enables
us to optimize the performance of our products in the customer's plant
by applying a unique blend of process, design and engineering skills.

Our dynamic groups of scientific and commercial personnel are the
catalysts for your competitive advantage.

Johnson Matthey Catalysts working philosophy is an absolute focus on
building strategic partnerships with customers. Enduring customer
relationships lead both to a deeper mutual understanding and to the
protection of developing technology. Confidentiality, integrity and
quality are the components of our Johnson Matthey philosophy.

Together with Johnson Matthey Catalysts, you can look forward to
working with a dedicated team of people with a firm commitment to
building strong customer relations and the will to create and implement
solutions for your challenges in catalysis.

*Orchard Road
Tel +44 176 325 3000
Fax +44 176 325 3573


Since the mid 1980's Synprotec has carried out over 400 projects
covering an impressive range of organic chemistry. Products and
processes developed by Synprotec are in successful operation on four
continents, and currently we are providing support for over 10
pharmaceutical intermediates. Our product experience covers a very wide
range from complex chiral intermediates to ultra high specification
electronics chemicals.

*Synprotec Ltd
303 Clayton Lane
Manchester M11 4SX
Tel: +44 161 223 3344
Fax: +44 161 220 8778


The Company was founded in 1987 and has already been recoginised as
being among the world's leaders in advance textile chemical products.

The company has expanded into a 45,000 sft building which houses a
laboratory, offices, production facilities and warehousing. Plans are
well estabilished for further growth.

Carefully researched and developed products are precisely formulated
for a wide range of textile treatments. The advanced laboratory is
backed by equally modern reactor processing equipment for a wide range
of chemical products.

Texchem is renowned for its bleaching and preparation products, dyeing
auxiliaries and finishing products. These are reinforced with a support
range of anti-foams, anti-slips and anti-pilling solutions.

Texchem's exceptional portfolio of products is sustained by streamlined
customer service and a positive stock holding policy which ensure that
all Tecxchem products are available for immediate call off.

*Texchem UK Ltd
Holmes Mill
Holmes Street
Lancashire OL12 6AO
Tel: +44 170 671 1990
Fax: +44 170 671 0985


The UK Cleaning Products Industry Association, UKCPI, represents UK
producers of cleaning, hygiene and surface care products, in other
words, products associated with cleaning. They range from soaps,
washing powders, household disinfectants, air fresheners and polishes,
to the wide range of professional cleaning and hygiene products used in
industrial and institutional applications.

Many of these products support the everyday lives of millions of
consumers. As well as their more obvious uses in the home, they
underpin the cleanliness of food preparation, hospitals, schools and
catering establishments.

UKCPI brings producers of these products together into one unique and
comprehensive industry body.

UKCPI builds upon and expands the original Soap and Detergent Industry
Association (SDIA), one of the longest-established UK trade
associations representing soap and detergent manufacturers and
suppliers for nearly 50 years.

*UK Cleaning Products Industry
1st Floor Suite
Century House
High Street
Cheshire CH3 9RJ
Tel: +44 182 977 0055
Fax: +44 182 977 0101


Universal is a chemical research and development company which has been
established for 25 years with a production factory at Kirkby Industrial
Estate, Knowsley, Merseyside. UK.

Products include:
Sodium Aluminate Liquor,Aluminium Chloride and Alumina chemicals
Granular Zeolites
Supported Metal catalysts. Raney type Chemical Recovery related to
inorganics particularly in the above fields

Research into re-use of materials and pollution prevention has enabled
several areas to be resolved.

*Universal Chemicals
Headland Development Site
Yardley Road
Kirkby Industrial Estate
L33 7SS
Tel: +44 151 549 1071
Fax: +44 151 546 8803


Venchem, is a small Company with an established reputation throughout
the chemical Industry for the manufacture of mainly specialist
application organic chemicals. A large part of Venchem's business is in
the custom manufacture of fine chemicals, often to specifications which
may be superior to those offered elsewhere in the marketplace. We also
offer a significant portfolio of fine chemicals on our own behalf as
well as merchanting, toll manufacture and process research and
development in our own laboratories. Again, many of the fine chemicals
in our own range are manufactured to high specification or are
customised to suit end application.

Vessels in our manufacturing facility include glass and glass lined
vessels from 20 to 2500 litres capacity and stainless to around 1000
litres. Heating is by hot oil to a maximum of 300 degrees C. or by high
pressure steam.

Venchem works closely with it's customers to ensure that the highest
levels of product quality are acheived. Our own internal quality system
backed up by proven analytical procedures and experience assure that
quality is maintained.

*Venchem Ltd
Knotts lane Chemical Works
Lancashire BB8 8AA
Tel: +44 128 286 1198
Fax: +44 128 286 0020


Warwick International is a leading supplier of speciality chemicals
that is recognised both for excellence in customer service and product
quality. Warwick International is part of Sequa Corporation of the USA,
which has a turnover of $1.8 billion.

With headquarters in the UK, chemical distribution companies in Spain,
France, Italy, Portugal and South Africa as well as offices in Latin
America and the Asia-Pacific region, Warwick International manufactures
and markets speciality chemicals for a diverse range of industrial

Warwick International is the world leader in bleach activator
technology for detergent applications and markets the MYKON™ bleach
activators based on tetra acetyl ethylene diamine (TAED).

Our team dedicated to serving the global household product
manufacturing industry includes sales and customer service backed up by
scientists working from our fully equipped performance evaluation,
agglomeration/granulate development and research and development
laboratories, which include in-house detergent test facilities.

Over the past 20 years, wash temperatures in Europe have been reduced
to 40C and wash cycle times have been shortened driven by the need for
energy and water conservation, the use of more synthetic fabric blends
and greater use of coloured textiles.

In many parts of the world, wash temperatures in the range 20 to 40C
are now common, with cycle times as short as 15 minutes.

In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for
good home hygiene. At low temperatures where there is no thermal
disinfection this provides an additional challenge for the detergent

MYKON™ bleach activators based on TAED are multifunctional ingredients
used in a variety of detergent applications. They are used as part of
the bleach system in a detergent formulation with a peroxygen source,
e.g. sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate to provide:

Bleach activation at low temperatures
Effective biocidal activators

Typical use includes:
Domestic laundry detergents
Automatic dishwashing
Bleach boosters
Laundry soak treatments

Industrial and institutional laundry - although MYKON™ products are
suitable for general laundry needs, for specific biocidal requirements
we recommend the WARWICK B Series of products.

*Warwick International Group Limited
Flintshire CH8 9HE
Tel: +44 174 556 0651
Fax: +44 174 556 1353



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