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Archive pages

New importer / distributor profiles 30.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Importers and wholesalers of quality cut flowers, sweetheart & hybrid tea roses viz., aphrodite, capri, caramba apricot-orange, cubana, edon, eva, La parisienne, myrna's dream, peach calypso, prophyta, surprise, etc.

Importers of fresh cut flowers and foliage from the following countries
viz., Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Mauritius, Chile, Mexico, China,
Netherlands, Colombia, New Zealand, Equador, Singapore, Guatemala, South Africa, India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Israel, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Kenya, USA, Korea & Zimbabwe.

Importers and distributors of quality roses, carnations & assorted flowers, fresh & dried native, wild flowers, nuts, cones and foliage.

Importers and wholesalers of cut flowers & potted plants.

Importers of cut flowers and potted plants.

Wholesalers & distributors of silk flowers, berries, artificial foliage,
true-to-nature fruits and vegetables, containers, ribbons, ready mades,
accessories, floral supplies, etc.

Hong Kong
Wholesalers of all kind of flowers, artificial fruits & berries, artificial
flowers & seasons greetings, silk flowers, greeneries, etc.

Importers and wholesalers for the silk & artificial flower viz., rose,
orchid, peony, etc.

Wholesalers of floral, ribbon, wicker, craft, floral supplies and craft

Wholesalers and distributors of costume jewelry viz., angel jewelry, crystal
jewelry, anklets & toe rings, necklaces & sets, earrings, pins & brooches,
birthstone, body jewelry, 14k gold jewelry, religious jewelry, bracelet,
hair accessories, chains & keychains, heart jewelry, sterling silver
jewelry, trendy jewelry, magnetic jewelry, watches, children's jewelry, etc.

Importers of holiday decorations for spring, halloween, christmas viz.,
scarecrows, christmas picks, garlands, silk flowers, containers, berry
wreaths, artificial fruits and general decorations.

Distributors of artificial flowers, giant paper, silk flowers, picture
frames and related products.

Importers of artificial silk flowers, foliage, poly-stem flowers, flowering
bushes, plants & greenery, christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, swags,
topiaries, trim-a-tree decorations, christmas ornaments, candles & table top
and accessories.

Importers of dried flowers and exotics viz., mercedes, sphinx, forever, el
torro, grand prix, cinnamon, amaranthus, delhinium, statice tatarica, etc.

Importers, wholesalers & distributor of artificial flowers, artificial
foliage & trees, baskets, dried materials, ribbons, floral & craft supplies,
etc., viz., berries, fruits, vegetables,fall bushes & flowers, ceramic
containers, foam products, foil products & cellophane wraps, fillers,
garden flowers, grains & grasses, moss & wood Items, garlands, holly
picks & sprays, novelties, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 29.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers & distributors of silk & artificial flowers, plants, trees,
vegetables, fruits, viz., wreaths, candle rings, cyca palm tree, greeneries,
gerbera daisy, hydrangea stem, rose bud, water-lily, bird of paradise,
orchid, butterflies, birds, areca palm, wine holder, metal glass vase,
baskets, wicker baskets, fruit trays, trunk, candle holders, flowering
trees, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of flowers viz., foliage, seasonal flower &
seasonal foliage.

Wholesalers of novelty and domestic cut flowers viz., atropa, babiana, blue
lace, hepatica, sanguinaria, calla, kochia, stock, celosia, lachenalia,
eucomis, nigella, zinnia, nicotiana, eupatorium, orchids, oxalis, eustoma,
euphorbia, etc.

Wholesalers of flowers viz., spray chrysanthemums, hydroponics roses,
Colombian flowers, roses, carnations, poms, tulips, French tulips,
lilies, iris, freesia, hyacinth, etc.

Wholesalers of specialty cut flowers roses, hydrangea & herbs viz., viburnam
4h, wax eric, discolor leucadenron, dogwood flowering branches, emu eggs,
monstera leaf, myrtle, narcissus, trop pineapples, tuberose, tulip, tulip
assorted case, etc.

Wholesalers of flowers, foliages, tropicals, exotic greens, oasis products
viz., noble fir, balsam, douglas fir, white pine, cones and decorative

Distributors of organic flowers, fresh fruits, gourmet gift baskets,
vase, holiday wreaths and gifts.

Importers & distributors of cut flowers & foliage plants viz., calla lily,
gloxinia, primula acaulis, campanula, goldfish, primula obconica,
carnations, heather, pussy willow, cineraria herbs, regal geranium, clivia,
hibiscus roses (potted), cyclamen, hydrangea, shamrocks, citrosa, ivy,
somona, dish gardens, jasmine, zygo cactus, easter lily, kalanchoe, etc.

Distributors of indoor house plants, lucky bamboo (dracaena), ficus retusa,
money tree (pachira), and anubias (aquarium plants).

Distributors of tropical and blooming plants viz., dwarf hibiscus, azaleas,
hydrangeas, calla lillies, reigor begonias, sweetheart ivy baskets, lipstick
hangers, for the horticultural and floral industry.

Wholesalers of foliage, blooming plants, outdoor plants, dish gardens,
totem, topiaries, terrariums, bromeliads, orchids, lucky bamboo, etc.

Importers and distributors of tropical cut flowers & foliages viz.,
anthuriums, orchids, gingers, birds of paradise, heliconias, protea,
dendrobium, phalaenopsis, oncidium, etc.

Wholesalers of cubic zirconia jewelry viz., cubic zirconia bracelet, bangle
jewelry, brooches costume jewelry, fine silver jewelry, cultured & natural
pearl jewelry, ring costume jewelry, pendants, earrings, necklaces,
bracelets, bangles and brooches.

Importers and wholesalers of fresh cut flowers, bouquets & potted plants,
flowering plants, garden plants, conifers and shrubs.

Importers of fresh cut greens, exotic foliages, ferns, grasses, decorative
fruits and flowers viz., hypericum, nerine, solidago, aster, rudbeckia,
umbrella fern, koala fern, steel grass, star fern, hookeriana, baxterii,
coccinea, prionotes, chico, cocos, phoenix roebellinii, cycas revoluta,
heliconia, alpinia, stelitzia, ananas, rose porcelain, feather fern,
avellano, arbolito, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 28.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers of colonial teak furniture viz., dining tables & chairs, desks,
TV & China cabinets, bookcases, dressers, etc.

Wholesalers of variety of candles viz., votive, tea light, pillar, taper,
oval, fruit gel, aromatherapy, room spray, exotic collection, glass
holders, jars, etc.

Wholesalers of hand-poured contemporary & seasonal collections of candles.

Wholesalers of custom imprinted candles viz., banana nut bread, creamy
vanilla, highland heather, honeydew melon, lilac, orange cantaloupe,
pomegranate, pumpkin spice, rose, strawberry, patch, sunflower, sweet pea,

Importers & wholesalers of wide assortment of flowers viz., roses, tulips,
lilies, orchids, callalilies, hydrangeas, carnation, freesia, etc.

Wholesalers of fresh cut flowers & greens viz., lilies, ivory vendela, coral
movie star, pink peckoubo, vibrant magenta hot prince, striking purple rose,
blue curiosa, casa blancas, devotion, bergamo, stargazer, arena, carnations,
daisies, gerbera daisies, fugi mums, heliconias, ginger, birds of paradise,
orchids, etc.

Wholesalers of fresh cut flowers viz., acacia, daffodils lavender, fresh
poppy pods, extra large agapanthus, dahlias, leis-double protea, king,
ageratum, delphinium, volkerfrieden leis-single protea, pincushions, allium,
drumstick, doobie starts, lilac-california bush, pumpkin tree, allium in the
hood, dusty miller, lilac-dutch, pansy, amaranthus, echinacea, lily of the
valley, ranunculus, etc.

Wholesalers of fresh floral bouquets & cut flowers viz., english garden,
fantasy, dutch windmill, gingham madness, jambalaya, country farmer, meadow,
fire & ice, sea breeze, sun goddess, etc.

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of floral products viz., flowers,
plants, foliages and floral supplies.

Wholesalers of flowers, fruits, botanicals & other supplies viz., bottled
beverages, candies, cheese, cookies, crackers, nuts, preservatives, sauces,
sausages, snacks, tea & coffee, farm fresh fruit, canned meats, etc.

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of upscale artificial flowers,
christmas decorations and accessories.

Importers & distributors of permanent floral viz., fall, tropical, spring,
stems, christmas, greenery, home interior, etc.

Importers & wholesalers of silk flowers, foliage & plants viz., accessory,
birds, containers, cactus, floral-polysilk, greenery, ribbon, christmas
product, etc.

Importers & wholesalers of silk flowers, foliage, plants, trees, artificial
flowers, swags, garlands & pre-made topiaries, green bushes, floor plants,
christmas wreaths, decorative items, etc.

Importers & wholesalers of silk flowers viz., stem flower, plants,
premadeflower, garlands, swags, greenery, bushflower, fillers,
trees, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 27.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Importers and wholesalers of t-shirts, golf t-shirts,
cargo pants, etc.

Distributors of vintage & used clothing viz., chino pants, demim
cord/overalls, wool caps, duffel/pea coats, ski vests, cotton
t-shirts, hawaii shirt, polo, etc.

Wholesalers of vintage, used & recycled denim products viz., jeans,
jackets, shorts, etc.

Wholesalers of vintage clothing viz., polo/izod shirts, western shirts,
military, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of women's apparel & shoes viz., one shoulder
ring top, knitted front jeans, one shoulder top with buckles, air force
style ankle strap boot, cargo halter jumper, platform velcro mules, v-shaped
halter mini dress, etc.

Wholesalers of fresh flowers viz., raphaela, peekaboo, alsmeres gold,
konfetti, lily elite, waxflower, willow curly, bird of paradise,
eucalyptus silver dollar, misty blue limonium, etc.

Distributors of Johnsen Nurseries viz., stephanotis, larkspur, iris,
gardenias, hydrangeas, statice, gypsophila, eucalyptus, ivy calla,
lillies, leptospermum, tuberoses, heather, solidago, etc.

Importers and wholesalers of quality novelty items viz., flowering,
fruiting branches & vines, roses, domestic field flowers, etc.

Wholesalers of plus size & missy suits, dresses, hats & special occasion
apparel from the leading brands viz., D'orna, Couture Femme, Solini, John
Meyer, Voulez Vous, etc.

Wholesalers of branded & non-branded women's, men's & children's clothing
from leading brands viz., Ronnie Nicole, R&K, Karen Stevens, Perry Winkle,
Jessica Howard, etc.

Wholesalers of floral supplies viz., craft materials, decorative packaging
items, fancy ribbons, holiday merchandise, floral designers, craft
merchandisers, interior design professionals, party planners, balloon
designers, wedding planners, gift basket/decorative packaging services, etc.

Wholesalers of all types of arts & craft supplies viz., kids crafts, bridal
supplies, floral supplies, foamies, art supplies, home decor, christmas
supplies, paper mache supplies, seasonal crafts, wood craft supplies, etc.

Wholesalers of art materials to artists, schools, museums & other
public/private organizations viz., acrylics, board, brushes, calligraphy,
chalk, charcoal, clay, crayons, fabric paints, pencils, paper, pens,
scissors, watercolors, etc.

Importers & wholesalers of fine blooms & plants viz., sunflower, eucharis
lily, french tulip, calla lily, hyacinth, viburnum, flowering cherry, white
dogwood, lavander lilac, wax flower, circus rose, black baccara, ilios,
rose, leonidas rose, etc.

Wholesalers of fine art & art educational supplies viz., easels, paints &
mediums, watercolors, pastels, canvas, paper, premium watercolor paper,
brushes, painting accessories, famous painter films, school products, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 26.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers of men's apparel, specializing in work clothing, sportswear &
outerwear viz., pants, shirts, jackets, coats, polar fleece, shorts, skirts,
sweaters, knit tops, etc.

Wholesalers of quality apparel viz., jogging suits, coveralls, dresses,
sets, jackets, infant & children's wear, etc.

Wholesalers of sportswear & blank apparel to screenprinters & embroiderers
viz., bags, totes, aprons, denim, dress shirts, fleecewear, headwear,
henley-adult, infant wear, jackets, ladies wear, mock turtlenecks, shorts,
sportshirts, etc.

Importers and distributors of blank caps & straw hats for embroidery &
screen printing from the leading brands viz., Sportman, Valucap, Flexfit,
Alternative, Magic, Kati, Cap America, Adams, etc.

Wholesalers of polo shirts, t-shirts & various kinds of apparel such as
sports wear, casual dress & ladies fashion.

Importers and distributors of Italian men's wear & accessories viz., shirts,
pants, ties, sweaters, belts, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of promotional hats & caps viz., straw hats,
fur felt hats, wool felt hats, wool dress caps, wool baseball caps, suede
hats, cotton hats, western wool, cotton caps, leather caps, etc.

Wholesalers of scented candles & candle holders viz., scented votives, scent
blocks, jars, tapers, ball, glow, tealight, gel, floating, oil burners,
metal holders, pillars, etc.

Wholesalers of women's fashion accessories viz., Americana bag, evening bag,
leather bag, micro fiber bag, straw bag, vinyl look boutiques, cover ups,
dickies, earmuff, glove, fall handkerchief, hat stands, hat, baseball cap,
straw knit sets, muffler pareo, rain wear, ready to wear ruana, scarf clip,

Wholesalers of hats & clothing viz., flag hats, pashmina shawl, pashmina
top, pashmina poncho, woolen sweater, rayon top, rayon wrap, buddha statue,
bell & bajra, calendars, woolen caps, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of blank apparel to the imprintable sportswear

Distributors of blank t-shirts, fleecewear, towels, headgear, sport shirts,
athletics, outerwear, tank tops, sleeveless, sport shirts, shorts/pants,
intimates, etc.

Distributors of t-shirts, sportshirts, fleecewear, jackets & headwear to
screenprinters & embroiderers viz., caps, outerwear, childrenswear, women's
shorts, athletic wear, etc., from leading brands viz., Outer Banjks, Cobra,
Willow Pointe, Thousand Oaks, Towels Plus, Three Rivers, Anvil, Hanes,
Jerzees, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of blank t-shirts & apparel.

Wholesalers of leather apparels to the fashion and design industries.

New importer / distributor profiles 23.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers of cookware, giftware, glassware, home furnishings, sporting
goods, cutlery, toys, clocks & seasonal goods, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of quality clearance & liquidation merchandise
viz., athletic footwear, curtains, blinds, baby clothes, towels, sheets,
comforters, baby goods, diapers, dollar store supply, domestics, drug store
items, electronics, general merchandise, tools, hardware, furniture, hand
bags, office furniture, office supply, women's clothing, vacuums,
microwaves, lingerie, bras, panties, toys, cosmetics, perfumes, mixed
clothing, gifts, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of quality products viz., stainless product,
automotive, awards & recognition, badges, bags & travel, bandages &
dispensers, business & desk, calendars & planners, clocks & watches,
computer accessories, drinkware, electronics, first aid kits, food & drinks,
gift sets, golf products, healthcare, housewares, key holders, magnets,
notepads & cubes, pens & pencils, personal care, pocket & personal, sports &
leisure, stress balls, tools & lights, wearables, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of promotional products & gifts viz., cell phone
accessories, deodorants, sunglasses, automotive, backpacks, batteries,
binoculars, briefcases, calculators, cameras, clocks, cookware, cutlery,
dining, electronics, games, household, jewelry, keychains, kitchen tools,
leather apparels, etc.

Importers of beauty products, brushes, head wear, hair ornaments, bandanas,
beauty supplies, cosmetics, kitchenware, butane gas refills, bathroom
accessories, hair brush, kitchenware, nails & nail art, rubber band, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of general merchandise viz., toys, housewares,
gifts, holiday & seasonal, school & office supplies, health & beauty aids,
polystone, porcelain, picture frames, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of products viz., apparel, automotive, domestic,
electronics, furniture, hardware, housewares, shoes, sports toys, etc., from
the leading brands viz., Nike, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Tommy & Levis, etc.

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of sarongs & accessories, beach
jewelry, henna tattoos & stencils, crystal tattoos, sarong shell ties,
sarong coconut ties, cowrie shell jewelry, bone bead jewelry, hemp jewelry,
shell beach jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, fimo & bead jewelry,
necklaces, anklets, bracelets, high quality henna paste, crystal tattoos,
body adornments, etc.

Wholesalers of hair accessories, beauty supplies, jewelry, gifts,
stationery, keychains, lighters, etc.

Wholesalers of general merchandise viz., hair brushes, pens, boar & nylon
round brushes, brush & comb set, crystal sets, cushion brushes, fiber glass
flat brushes, fiber glass round brushes, hot curling brushes, miscellaneous
items, vent brushes, wire bristle brushes, etc.

Wholesalers of crafting supplies & home interior products viz., glass gems &
marbles, glass mosaic tiles, sea glass & river stone, paper tole pictures,
beads & cabs, glassware, vases, picture frames, shadow box frames, laundry
hampers, artificial flowers, chinese art, etc.

Wholesalers of christening, baptism, first communion, quincea¤era & wedding
apparel for children viz., baptism sets, shoes, gloves, crowns, invitations,
recuerdos, jewelry, etc.

Wholesalers of fashion accessories viz., sarongs, beach wear, artwear,
pareo, swim wear, beach wrap, short pants, summer clothing, mini skirts,
long skirts, beach bags, purses, batik bed cover, cushion cover, shell
beaded belts, fashion jewelry, etc.

Importers and distributors of artificial silk flowers, bush flowers,
handwrapped flowers, plants, swags, garlands, floral contains, picture
frames, christmas items, etc.

Wholesalers of tropicals, fresh cut flowers, lilies, roses, orchids, plants,

Wholesalers & distributors of quality apparel for children, babies & women's
casual wear.

Wholesalers & distributors of bras, thongs, panties, sleepwear, pajamas,
swimwear, sexy lingerie, plus sizes, strapless teen wear, bikinis bridal,
gowns, plus size lingerie, girl's thongs garter belts robes, maternity bras,

New importer / distributor profiles 22.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers of TV items, leather goods, Giovanni leather, jackets, apparel,
lighters, watches & clocks, novelty items, knives, cigarette lighters, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of silk flowers, greenery, cast iron, giftware,
dolls, knick-knacks, hardware, hand tools, swords, knives, etc.

Distributors of department stores liquidation, store returns & closeout
merchandise, salvage stock, overstocks and surplus merchandise products
viz., electronics, hardware, watches, toys, sporting goods, apparel, etc.

Wholesalers of antique & reproduction Chinese furniture, bronze pottery,
porcelain & ceramic items, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of excess inventory in closeout merchandise,
overstock merchandise viz., children's clothing, men's clothing, women's
clothing, mixed return clothing, mixed electronics, tools, furniture,
general mixed merchandise, domestics, housewares, shoes, jewelry, toys,
HBA's, giftware, sporting goods, hardware, etc.

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of general merchandise viz.,
groceries, baby products, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, hair accessories,
bath products, manicure, shaving lotions, deodorant, cologne/perfume, soaps,
dental, writing, note book, office supply, paper, envelopes, folders,
binders, coloring books, etc., from the leading brands viz., Procter &
Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Revlon, Nestle and M & M.

Wholesalers of innovative consumer products viz., binoculars, deluxe wall
clocks, electronics, household scales, etc.

Distributors of general merchandise viz., women's apparel, children's
clothing, men's clothing, sporting goods, tools/hardgoods, office supplies,
office furniture, auto accessories, custom jewelry, fashion accessories,
vacuums, microwaves, jeans, etc.

Wholesalers of gift products viz., fine pewter vases, tiffany style stained
glass, windchimes, picture frames, mugs, coasters, key chains, stationery
products, note papers, note cards, magnetic cards & pencils, etc.

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of gifts viz., home decor, garden
decorative accessories, tabletop products, fashion jewelry, fountains,
garden sticks, garden statues, wall hanging, decorative mirrors & frames,
wall plaques, home & office furniture, pillar candles, ball candles, gel
candles, candle stick, candleholder, stationary accessories, etc.

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of TV products, toys, novelties,
flameless battery operated lighter, cordless drill set, briefcase alarm,
air freshener for car dashboard, 3-way training exercise kit, etc.

Wholesalers of dry goods viz., clothing (men's, ladies, children's), linens,
coats, bedding, active wear, outfits, pants, shirts, tops, nightwear, etc.

Wholesalers of gifts & consumer products viz., games, tools, keyrings,
travel sets, personal care, stationery, calculators, memo holders, picture
frames, kitchenwares, wall clocks, etc.

Importers & wholesalers of home accessories viz., tools, hardware, auto
accessories, keychains, pocket knives, housewares, crafts, toys, hair care,
health & beauty, baby supplies, pet supplies, stationery, party items,
jewelry, candles, picture frames, paintings, ceramics, gifts, sewing
notions, general merchandise, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 21.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of fashion jewelry & general gift
merchandises viz., anklets, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings,
gift bags, boxes, cell phone holders, figurines, snowglobes, glasswares,

Wholesalers of silver & glassware products viz., perfume bottles, christmas
ornaments, candle holders, candy dish, oil lamps, silver bangles, silver
boxes, silver bracelet, pharaonic pendants, silver napkin ring, silver key
holder, business card box, silver pendant, silver necklace, etc.

Wholesalers of ceramic candle accessories viz., tart burners, electric
burners, votive holders, jar candle shades, toppers, etc.

Wholesalers of personalized pillow cases & tooth fairy pillows for children,
in designs ranging from angels to trains, as well as many sports-themed
designs viz., butterfly door alarm, cheerleader multi-charm bracelet, soccer
charm bracelet, basketball pillowcase, airplane tooth pillow, etc.

Importers of authentic lead crystal from one of Russia's most prestigious
glass producers viz., crystal vases, decanter sets, gift sets, serving
vases, stemware, souvenirs, etc.

Wholesalers of crystal figurines viz., animals, birds, candleholders,
christmas items, decorative items, flowers, legendary items, limited
editions, musical instruments, paperweights, patriotic items, pets,
religious items, etc.

Wholesalers of custom-made boats, supply replacement parts, promote pop-pop
boat races and festivals viz., lithographed boat, tug boat, kalakala ferry
boat, harbor tug boat, chimney boat, christmas tug boat, super tug boat,

Wholesalers of weathered wood furniture & other gift items viz., barnwood
birdhouse music box, birdhouse American flag roof, sap bucket antique
handle, bear in basket, bear white whistle for love, musical cowboy doll,
resin decoration broken bucket, etc.

Wholesalers of unique & diverse products viz., boticina marble, fossil
stone, coral stone, green onyx, white onyx, black marble, candle holders,
drink coasters bowls, trays, wine glasses boxes, jars vases, panters
bookends, paperweights marble, chess sets, obelisks, pyramids stone eggs,
spheres, figurines wildlife, sculptures multi-colored, onyx, etc.

Importers of unique gifts from Russia & Eastern Europe viz., fashion
accessories (amber, lacquerware, enamel, bone jewelry), tabletop &
collectibles, Russian dolls, porcelain, Ukrainian gifts, Lomonosov
porcelain, currency & coins, Russian jewelry store, Baltic amber jewelry,
silver jewelry, Russian lacquer, Kiev brooches, etc.

Distributors of fine silver & gold jewelry viz., sterling & amber rings,
earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc.

Wholesalers of music cd's viz., solo piano portraits & impressions of the
natural world by Edward Weiss, sunrise on the cove, torrey pines, tidepool,
coast walk, spindrifts, windansea, bird rock, ocean reverie, sea caves,
hidden beauty, seal beach, jewel of the pacific, etc.

Importers & wholesalers of handmade incense burners, jewelry, fountains,
wind chimes & gifts some with semi-precious stones viz., bracelets/anklets,
destiny bracelets, clocks, animals, wizards/witches, smokers, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of bags, boxes, giftwrap, tissue, shreds,
ribbons, cellophane, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 20.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers of milking equipment & animal identification equipment viz.,
milk processing & testing, animal identification, veterinary equipment,
feeding & watering, animal care, fly & pest control, animal control, parlor,
barn & milkhouse equipment, cleaning, clothing, etc.

Distributors of milking machines & dairy equipment worldwide & specialising
in rotary & herringbone milking systems viz., wash control, cluster washers,
maxi claw, orbiter claw, starlite claw, star claw, pulsator systems, vacuum
pumps, liners & shells, bulk tanks, etc.

Distributors of stainless steel bulk tanks of the leading brands viz., Surge
tanks, Sunset tanks, Digistar scales, Weightronix, Mueller tanks, Tecumseh
compressors, Copeland compressors, Deloval tanks, etc.

Distributors of electric fencing products & plastic electric fence
insulators viz., fence controllers, gauges of polytape, polywire, poly-rope,
fencing kits, equine fencing system, grounding equipment, hookup wire,
lightning diverters, gate handles & kits, controller parts, voltage testers,
batteries, etc.

Wholesalers of bird food ingredients viz., sunflower, millet, nyjer,
popcorn, canary, peanuts, safflower, tree nuts, etc.

Distributors of dairy, equine, specialty feeds & animal nutrition products
viz., fresh poultry, custom-cut meats, seafood, dry foods, frozen food
products, etc.

Distributors of minerals and ingredients to the feed & premix industry viz.,
cobalt carbonate, copper sulphate, copper oxide, iron proteinate, zinc
proteinate, manganese proteinate, milk & fat products, dairy & beef
additives, odor & sludge control products, etc.

Distributors of herbal and mineral feed supplements for poultry & animals
(such as livestock, pets, poultry, pigs, cattle, horses, etc.,) viz.,
herbal-mineral coccidiosis, herbal-mineral growth promoter,
respiratory-system immunity builder, etc.

Distributors of molasses, liquid by-products viz., cane molasses soluble,
vinasse, high-test molasses, etc.

Distributors of new & reconditioned coin operated amusement equipment viz.,
air hockey, bill changers, dart boards, foosball, jukeboxes, pinballs, pool
tables, etc.

Distributors of new & used amusement park rides viz., moser rides, action
arm/knights, bumper cars, carousel, coaster, dizzy dragon, ferris wheel,
flash dance, kiddie ferris, etc.

Wholesalers of all types of home & office accessories viz., electronics,
fund raiser items, gift baskets, health & beauty, holiday gifts, home
decorations, housewares, jewelry collection, merchandise kits, kitchenware,
garden decor, luggage, medieval legends, memo holders, business gifts,
patriotic products, product pictures, etc.

Wholesalers of gifts & home accessories viz., china glass, collectibles,
collegiate gift, corporate gift, stationery, tabletop, toys & games, floral,
furniture, garden gift, general gift, etc.

Distributors of New Zealand's wool duvets with excellence in woolen quilts.

Wholesalers of polished pewter serving & presentation ware for the retail &
catering industry viz., pewter baby gifts, pewter bed & bath, pewter bowls &
dishes, pewter candleholders, pewter casseroles & cookware, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 19.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of horticultural products viz., chemical applicators, safety &
storage, lawn & garden supplies, books & parts, fertilizers, injectors &
soil test equipment, greenhouse covering & greenhouse accessories, soil
conditioners, growing media, wetting agents, heating, cooling, ventilation &
humidification equipment, horticultural supplies, tools, landscape products,
power & manual horticultural equipment, plant containers, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of horticultural supplies viz., turf &
landscape management, greenhouse & nursery operations, lawn & garden,
commercial growing, ponds & water gardens, wild bird supplies, etc.

Distributors of horticultural products viz., lawn irrigation, low volume
irrigation, mist propagation, nursery carts, pipe fittings, pressure
regulators, pruning tools, pumps rooting hormone, shutters, solenoid valves,
spades, thermostats, timers, anti-transpirant, automatic roof vent, ball
carrier, batten tape, containers - greenhouse, containers - nursery, cooling
systems, crop cover, drip tape, fertilizer injectors, etc.

Distributors of agricultural structures for use in vineyards, berry, orchard
and nursery applications.

Distributors of agricultural, horticultural & industrial products viz.,
Polysack - shade cloth & net, Decade - shipping containers, Medius -
homogeneous horticultural foam, Dongjin - floral propagation trays, etc.

Importers of flower bulbs viz., Allium, Amaryllis, Amaryllis, Anemone
Giants, Crocus, Freesias, Fritillaria, Hyacinth, Iris, Lilies-Asiatic
Hybrids, Lilies-longiflorum-Asiatics, Lilies-Chinese Trumpets,
Lilies-Oriental Hybrids, Miscellaneous Bulbs, Muscari, Narcissi,
Paperwhites, Ranunculus, Scilla, Tulips, etc

Importers of finest quality topsize flowerbulbs viz., Allium, Amaryllis,
Anemones, Camassia, Chionodoxa, Crocus, Lily, daffodils, Tulips, Freesia,
Daylilies, etc.

Wholesalers of tulips, daffodils, speciality bulbs, landscapers, etc.

Importers and distributors of garden products from the leading brands viz.,
Hoogendoorn Automation Climate Control & Labor Management systems, Green
Meteor irrigation & gutter products, Oerlemanns plastics, Swingtec sprayers,
Berg carts, Mardenkro shading, Paskal clips, Bato buckets, Netafim
irrigation, Hanna instruments, MicroGrow climate control systems, Lankhorst
twine, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of hydroponics & specialty garden equipment
from the leading brands viz., Garden Blumat, Blumat Jr, Uflo Filter, Rush
BioStimulants & Nutrient Condition, SolarMax, Solaris Lighting, Sunmaster,
Timers, BioGrow, Organa-Add, Organa-Guano, etc.

Distributors of concrete equipment, parts & accessories from the leading
brands viz., Putzmeister concrete pumps/mortar machines, Bibko 100% concrete
recycling systems, conforms concrete pumping supplies, etc.

Distributors of new & used plant equipment to the asphalt and concrete
producing industries.

Distributors of specialized metal accessories, specialty chemicals &
prefabricated forming systems used in concrete construction and masonry

Distributors of insulated polystyrene forming systems from the leading brand
viz., Lite-Form.

Distributors of sound resistant, waterproof, fireproof & termite proof
exterior wall building systems made of insulated integrated concrete forms
for residential or commercial buildings.

New importer / distributor profiles 16.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of nylon, manila, braided, twisted ropes, cordage used for the
following purposes viz., safety, tie-down, and rigging lines, etc.

Distributors of cargo-handling & rigging equipment viz., blades, rigging
hardware, wire rope, cargo restraints, slings, chains, buckets, steel
products, mining supplies, wearing apparel, etc.

Wholesalers of wire rope, chains, steel cable & supplies viz., hooks,
swivels, fittings, stainless and galvanized cable, blocks, tie-downs, flat
hooks, triangles, thimbles, snap hooks, connecting links, turn-buckles,
clips, eye bolts, links, shackles, etc.

Importers and distributors of wire rope, chain rope, lifting gear &
accessories, etc., from the leading brands viz., Southern Wire Industries &

Distributors of marine & industrial products viz., yachting & industrial
rope, chain, cable, rigging supplies, wire, hooks & slings, eye bolts, pad
eyes, rope counter, rope cutter, sash cords, shackles, snaps, swivels,
thimbles, thurnbuckles, twine, etc.

Wholesalers of aircraft cable, chain, wire rope, rigging equipment, rope,
climbing gear, lifting slings, etc.

Wholesalers of rope, chain, wire rope, slings, nylon slings, lifting
equipment & rigging supplies, nylon slings, chain assemblies & chain ropes,
cordage (all types), mooring & dock lines shackles, hoists, winches &
blocks, load binders, etc

Importers and distributors of fine quality sisal baler & binder twines.

Distributors of wire rope, cable, rigging hardware & wire rope slings viz.,
blocks & sheaves, cargo tie-down, chains & lever hoists, cordage, hillman
rollers, lifting clamps & trolleys, rigging hardware, safety products,
slings, stage rigging, wire rope, etc.

Distributors of Al's flower pouch & products for the horticulture industry
viz., growing media, flats, plug trays, fertilizers, pots, flower pouch,
inserts, nursery trays, watering trays, hanging baskets, pot covers, peat
moss, stonewool, seeding equipments, watering equipment, plug dislodgers,
dibbling equipment, transplanters, flat filling, etc.

Distributors of burlap nursery squares, rolls, bags, greenhouse coverings
and other nursery products.

Wholesalers and distributors for nurseries, grower & landscape supplies
viz., bio barrier superabsorbents, mycorrhizae, slings, root control bags,
landscape fabrics, pruning shears florimulch, backpack sprayers,
nutri-pak(R), smart pots, etc.

Distributors of plant rooting hormones, controllers, misting & watering
accessories, watering systems, lighting & accessories, horticultural
products, etc.

Distributors of horticultural supplies viz., custom shade cloth, containers,
media, fertilizers, injectors, hand tools, carts, dollies, wheelbarrows &
cold frame structures, etc.

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of flowers, plants & floral supplies
viz., fresh flowers & greens, blooming & green plants, decorative florist
supplies, permanent flowers, baskets & pottery, ornamental items and
everyday florist supplies.

Wholesalers & distributors of benching, containers, fertilizers, greenhouse
repair, greenhouses, ground cover, heating & ventilation, injectors,
irrigation, labels & makers, landscape edging, lawn & garden, plant
packaging, plant protection, plant support, polycarbonate extrusions,
polyfilm & accessories, pot covers & sleeves, rooting/seeding, systems,
safety, seeders & propagation, shade, soilless media, sprayers, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 15.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of indoor & outdoor hidden fence systems & remote trainers
viz., dogwatch system, dogwatch indoor system, dogwatch remote trainers,

Distributors of gates & fences viz., aluminum ornamental fence, swimming
pool fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, PVC fencing, wood fences, chain
link fences, picket fences, privacy fences, post & rail fences vinyl, dog
kennel, chain link fences, automatic gate openers from the leading brand

Distributors of lamp posts, pallets & items for the lawn and garden.

Distributors of agricultural equipment's viz., application equipment,
harvesting equipment, hay & forage equipment, material handling equipment,
planting & seeding equipment, precision farming, tillage equipment,
tractors, etc for the advanced farming system specialized for harvesting
cotton, sugar & coffee, etc.

Distributors of agricultural products viz., dairy equipment, robotic milking
system, calf feeders, grassland machinery, mowers, rakes, tedders, etc.

Distributors of agricultural, industrial & turf equipment viz., air seeding
systems, bale choppers/shredders, bale wrappers, balers-round, blades,
buster bars, cultivators, disc harrows, earth & turf horse ring groomer,
aerators, etc.

Distributors of agricultural implements & forestry equipment, light
industrial, skid steer attachments, lawn & garden equipment, tractor, etc.

Distributors of erosion control materials & revegetation equipment viz.,
tackifiers, hydraulic mulches, bonded fiber matrix, hydroseeders, krimpers,
bark blowers, etc.

Distributors of maintenance & construction products for highway & site
development viz., stormwater drainage, geotextiles for erosion control and
base stabilization, road de-icing & dust control supplies, chemical
absorbents & abrasives, culvert pipe & small bridge replacement, etc.

Wholesalers of high-reach equipment, large booms, aerial boom lifts, scissor
lifts & lift equipments from the leading brands viz., JLG, Snorkel, etc.

Distributors of variable frequency drives, crane electric motor controls,
festoon cable systems, round & flat cable, radio remote controls and other
electrification products.

Importers and distributors of safety restraint systems, truck mounted
hydraulic cranes from the leading brand viz., Ricon Corporation USA, etc.

Wholesalers of wire rope, chain, cable & industrial lifting products,
cordage alternate lay, braided, bridge strand, bronze, nylon, cable laid,
poly/nylon, etc., from the leading brands viz., Cargonet, Mulox, Penco,
Redi-Grip, Saf-T-Grip and Tufskin.

Wholesalers of lifting, rigging, transport & mooring equipment, lifting
chains & fittings, chain rigging accessories, hoisting & materials,
handling, synthetic slings, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 14.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of greenhouses, solariums, conservatories, accessories,
replacement parts for hobbyists and commercial growers.

Wholesalers of greenhouses viz., stretch greenhouse, lean-to greenhouse,
double-wide greenhouse, gable greenhouse, econo greenhouses, deluxe cold
frame, gable cold frame, accessories for gardeners & growers, etc.

Distributors of address markers, decorative signs, mailbox posts, statuary,
sundials, doorbells, doormats, door knockers, doorstops, downspouts,
faucets, flags, fountains, furniture, garden bells, garden sheds, garden
signs, gazebos, gazing globes, gift certificates, greenhouses, hammocks,
herb markers, hose guides, etc.

Wholesalers of wide variety of fencing products viz., ornamental steel,
aluminum fence, chain link fence, vinyl fence, wooden fence & bamboo fence,
colored PVC fences, everlasting PVC styles, PVC gate hardware, razor coil &
barbed tape, custom fence design, baby guard fence, guard shield fence,
tools, etc., needed by fencing, architectural & construction industries.

Wholesalers of vinyl fencing & vinyl garden products viz., arbors, pergolas,
trellises, gazebos post & rail fence, privacy fence, semi privacy fence,
pool fence, picket fence, railing products, post caps, etc.

Distributors of fencing materials viz., decorative wire mesh, ornamental
fence, fence vinyl, fence wood, fence chain-link, access control systems,

Wholesalers of custom wood fence, decorative cedar picket, vinyl PVC plastic
fencing, chain link, security fence, post & rail, fences for pools,
ornamental fence, metal, iron, steel aluminum fencing, privacy slats, shadow
box, gates, access control products, etc.

Distributors of automatic gate operators, ornamental aluminum fence, vinyl
fence, basketball, backboards, vinyl arbors, gate openers, snow fence, etc.

Distributors of aluminum fence, vinyl products & fence accessories from
leading brands viz., Jerith, Delgard, Amerista, Bufftech for residential
fencing, gates, etc.

Distributors of chain-link fencing, ornamental cast iron & aluminum fencing,
gate operators & access control, garage door openers & replacement parts,
vinyl (PVC) fencing for swimming pool, home & garden security, dog kennels,
horses, farms & ranches from the leading brands viz., Bufftech, Jerith,
Ultra Aluminum, Master Halco, UniLatch, Hound Surround, MagnaLatch, Delgard,
Door King, GTO/Pro, OSCO, Aiphone, American Access Systems, Sentex,
Multi-Code, Stanley, LiftMaster, Linear, Genie, etc.

Wholesalers of wide range of vinyl, aluminum, steel, chain link, wood
fencing, vinyl (PVC) welded gates, vinyl (PVC) agricultural fence, vinyl
(PVC) railings, ornamental aluminum fence, ornamental steel fence,
ornamental driveway gates, wood fencing, chain link products, privacy slats
& wind screen, specialty products, gate operators, etc.

Wholesalers of vinyl fencing & decking products viz., ranch fence, privacy
fence, semi-privacy fence, picket fence, pool fence, decks & docks, railing
products, residential gates, ranch gates, post caps, etc.

Importers & distributors of automatic sliding gates for residential purposes
viz., transmitter, gear rack, hitch bearing, bottom roller, nylon guide,
solenoid lock, vibrator censor, DC motor, AC coil & electronic control

Wholesalers of access control systems & gate operators viz., radio controls,
barrier arm gates, access controls systems, solar gate operators, mini
storage systems, keypads, gated community packages, card readers, phone
entry systems, replacement parts & boards, accessories for all applications,

Wholesalers and distributors of gate & access control equipment & perimeter
security products viz., battery backup - beacons/horns, CCTV intercoms -
long range proximity, power supplies, prison detention systems, radio
controls, retinal scan, locks, door openers, gate operators, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 13.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of electrodes, igniters, flame rods, terminal connectors, and
accessory items for gas and oil fired equipment.

Distributors of kitchen & bath accesories, plumbing, HVAC, kraftmaid
cabinetry, tubs shower whirlpools, moen faucets, broan, etc.

Distributors of cod, haddock, bluefish, cusk, hake, monkfish, ocean catfish,
perch, pollock, lemon sole, yellowtail, fluke, turbot, etc.

Wholesaler and distributor of HVAC/R equipment including residential and
commercial controls, draft controls and venting equipment, and hydronic and
steam specialties, etc.

Wholesaler and distributor of seafood and seafood products from the leading
brands Morning Catch, Lucien Prince, Sea Premium, etc.

Distributor of fresh and frozen fish.

Wholesaler and Distributor of controls and control Systems for heating,
ventilation and air conditioning from the leading brands viz., Honeywell,
Barber-Colman/Siebe, Robertshaw, Johnson, etc.

Distributors of fish, sushi, desserts, caviar, spices, crab cakes, smoked
items, pates & mousse, sausages, gumbo, crawfish, frozen pasta, holiday
foods, shrimp, etc.

Wholesalers of heating & air conditioning part & accessories used for
heating, cooling, motors, HVAC parts, compressors, etc.

Importers and distributors of high quality fresh, live & frozen seafood
viz., tuna, crab, oyster, salmon, scallops, seabass white fillet, catfish,
clams, etc.

Wholesaler of seafoods viz., copper river wild salmon & groundfish.

Distributors of cooling systems for controls, electric motors, air
conditioning & refrigeration, equipment hardware, etc.

Importers of fish and seafood products viz., fish meal, fish oil, mackerel
and fish by-products.

Distributors of HVAC/R controls

Distributors of finest heating & air conditioning equipments from the
leading brands viz., Bryant, Carrier, Tempstar, etc.

Distributors of HVAC equipment viz., diffusers, grilles, registers, and fire

New importer / distributor profiles 12.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Importers of finest mosquito lumber, burls, turning blocks, exotics hard
woods, etc.

Importers, Wholesalers and distributors of seafood items viz., shrimp,
aquet lobster, conch, king klip, tilapia, mahi mahi, lobster, bait
shrimp, nile perch, haccp, fishfinder, etc.

Wholesalers of building materials, custom floor plans, & home package from
leading brands viz., Hawaii Homes, Alaska Homes, Great Northwest Homes, etc.

Importers of chemical raw materials for the following fields water
treatment, petroleum chemicals, industrial chemicals, feed,
pharmaceuticals and speciality chemical markets.

Importer and distributor of high quality frozen fish fillets Viz.,
pollock,sole, cod, swordfish, tuna, mahi mahi, snow crab, orange
roughy, squid scallop, shrimps etc.

Distributors of Thru-the-W, Water Source & Unit Ventilator from the leading
brands viz., Mcquay International, Zoneaire, General Electric Zoneline, etc.

Distributor of fresh and frozen seafood viz.,Pier 12, Captain Nick, Harbour
Point, Signature series along with other leading brands.

Wholesaler and distributors of canned salmon, fresh and frozen salmon, roe
products, dogfish, speciality & gift, fish fertilizer, etc.

Wholesaler and distributor of hvac equipment, parts from the leading brand
viz., comfortmaker, ICP Commercial, Emersion, Eubank, Malco, Tempstar,
Airquest, etc.

Distributors of clam meat & juice, cakes & stuffings, soups & sauces,
mussels & littleneck clams, speciality items, breaded seafood, etc.

Wholesaler of fresh and frozen seafood frozen bottom fish fillets, whole
bottom fish, whole salmon, trout fillets, live shell fish, live lobster,
prawns, scallops, shrimp, smoked products, scampi, breaded and battered
products, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of wall window & air conditioners, room heater
pumps, PTAC units, mini splits, wine air conditioners, swamp coolers,
central units, air coolers, heaters, etc.

Distributors of sea food viz., baccala, blowfish, bluefish, bonita, ocean
pout, oysters, parrot, perch, pollock, redfish, clams, butterfish, etc.

Importers and distributors of frozen shrimp and sea food viz., fresh water
shrimp, black tigers, ocean water, brazil pinks, rings, farm white, etc.

Distributors of custom built pumps and high efficiency boilers from leading
brands viz., AC Tech, Adamson Global Technology Corporation, Ammark, Baldor
Motors & Drives, Canariis Inc, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 09.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesaler of upscale food & non-food products viz., beverages, breads,
pastas, choclates & confections, cookies, crackers, pancakes, waffles, jams
& jellies, nuts, puppy & kitty treats, sauces, snacks, soups, spices &
seasoning, syrups & toppings, etc.

Wholesalers of building material & paints such as siding, roofing, paints &
stain, louvers * ventilation, windows, shutters, nails, screws, guns,
ladders, sccaffolding, shingle hoists, siding bricks, brushes & rollers,
thinners, solvents & removers, etc.

Wholesalers & distributors of building materials viz., drywall, joint
compound, drywall tape, cornerbead & other drywall metals, cementboard, wall
& ceiling texture, plaster, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of farm fresh produce viz., potatoes, fruits
such as bananas, cigarettes, candy and beverages, etc from leading brands.

Distributors of construction products including doors, windows, mouldings,
nails, lumber, and hardware from leading brands viz., L.J. Smith, Simpson,
Owens Corning, Marvin, HB & G, Tube Base, etc.

Importers of fine food & wine viz., beans & vegetables, confections, jam,
syrup & honey, cookies, crackers, breadsticks, olive oil & vinegar, tomato &
sauces, cakes, wines & beverages, etc.

Wholesaler of building materials viz., access paels, adhesives, anchor
bolts, anti hydro, garbage bags, glue, grinding disk, gunite wire, rafter
ties, rags, raincoats, riprap, road mesh, rods-all thread, etc.

Importers and distributors of metals and scraps, ingot molds & engineered
castings, chemicals, china ware, laundry detergents, charcoal, & groceries,

Wholesalers of building materials viz., roofing, siding & accessories,
insulation, windows, doors, specialities, paneling, ceiling tile, wood
products, nails & fastners, etc.

Importers and Distributors of highest quality organic fruits & vegetables,
fresh produce, flowers, deli & bakery products viz., Cheese, meats, salads,
smoked fish, bread, cake, cookies, condiments, speciality grocery, etc.

Distributor of high quality building material viz., hardware, hand tools,
power tools, lumber, paints & sundries, plumbing, electrical, lawn & garden,
fastening, wire & chain, fencing, automotive, houseware, etc.

Importers and distributor of speciality building and remodelling products
viz., lumber, wood flooring, PVC decking, fencing, moulding, columns &
posts, etc.

Wholesalers and Distributors of forest products viz., wood stakes & lath,
Spruce Pattern, Fascia & Trim, Durawood Douglas Fir Decking, Btr Rough Green
Douglas Fir Cuttings, etc.

Importer and distributor of high quality almomds,apricots, prunes, custard,
cornflour, long grain rice, easy cook rice, cherries, mixed peel, etc.

Wholesaler and distributor of tools, supplies for fencing, plumbing,
waterworks, welding & steel, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 08.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of books from the leading publishers viz., Graphic Arts Center
Publishing Company, Alaska Northwest books, WestWinds press, Whitecap books,
Epicenter press, Wolf Creek books, The CIRI Foundation, Roundup press, W W
West Inc, Alaska Native Heritage Foundation and Stoecklein Publishing
specialized in the following subjects such as regional, gardening, photo
essay, nature, travel, cooking, and children's.

Distributors of all graphic novels & trade books, action, fantasy, romance,
comedy, underground titles, shonen jump, action, video, books, backlist,
magazines, etc.

Hong Kong
Distributors of electronic materials viz., wire, resin, adhesives, discrete
and semiconductor components.

Importers & distributors of books & gifts related to Armenian culture &
history such as directories, bibliographies, yellow pages, almanacs, cook
books of Armenian, Persian & Middle Eastern in the English language,
publications about Armenians & Iran, books on how to learn Armenian,
dictionaries and other books related to Armenians both on audio-cassette and
in book format.

Distributors of Latin American, world literature, business communications &
commercial production, contemporary literature in translation, emphasizing
narrative, poetry, essays, etc.

Distributors of Afro-American greeting cards, Kwanzaa cards, African
American, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic American, Videos &
DVD's, audio cassette, autobiography & biography, business-law-medicine,
childrens books, cooking, education & guidance, general interest, history,
music-art-theatre, pc compact disc, poetry, religion, social issues, sports,
posters & postcards, womens issues & interests, etc.

Distributors of civil engineering books, bio-science books, alternative
medicine books, electrical engineering book, pharmacy books, mechanical
engineering books, dental books, etc

Wholesalers and distributors of full line electric, plumbing, HVAC,
cabinetry, outdoor power equipment, home products & accessories, etc.

Distributors of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian language learning
materials viz., books about Asian art, history, literature, Japanese haiku,
Chinese commerce, Korean political history, literature from Vietnam,
Confucian philosophy, diverse selection of textbooks, software, films, DVD's
and books.

Distributors of Asian award-winning children's books viz., adventure,
biographical novel, classical novel, general fiction, historical novel,
kung-fu story, mystery & detective, romance, science fiction, translated
fiction, etc., for bookstores, libraries and schools.

Distributors of South Asian books from India on various subjects and in
various Indian languages viz., Islam, Jain, Journalism, Language
& Literature, Science, Magazine, Medicine, Mehandi, Music, Dance & Theatre,
Nehru, Osho, Philosophy & Religion, Politics, Govt & Military Science,
Punjabi, Rabindranath Tagore, Science & Technology, Sikhism, Tibet, etc.

Importers of Persian books in Farsi, Farsi - English or English - Farsi
translator viz., Chehreh Haye Moosigi Iran-faces of Iranian music, Ganjineh
Akshaye Iran-treasures of Iranian pictures, Jone Jonon-calligraphy album,
Dastoor Zabon (Shiveh No) English grammar, etc.

Distributors of therapy materials for speech-language pathologists and
related professionals viz., speech and language disorders, learning
disabilities, social skill difficulties, general developmental delays,
autism, cognitive delays, brain injuries or strokes, etc.

Distributors of occupational & environmental health & safety books for
physicians, nurses and management professionals viz., Toolbook for Health
Care Redesign Hansten, Ruth & Washburn, Marilyn, Dictionary of Epidemiology,
John M, Epidemiology-Principles & Methods-MacMahon, Brian & Trichopoulos,
Dimitrios, etc.

Distributors of vehicles for communicating medical information.

Distributors of educational medical materials, viz., AIDS & STDs Education,
Alcohol/Drug Education, Biology, Career Education, Child Abuse, Children of
Alcoholics, Conflict Resolution, etc.

New importer / distributor profiles 07.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of wide variety of books in entertainment and other subjects
viz., self & home improvement, Science, education, business books, etc.

Distributors of scholarly journals, electronic books and re-digitized

Distributors of books, travel maps, and tarot decks, viz., Self-help,
health, fitness, natural health, natural medicine, vegetarianism, organic
gardening books, Intelligent Patient Guide series-books on cancer for people
with cancer and their families, book on herpes, cookbooks and tarot books, etc.

Distributors of books viz., history, transportation, crafts, cooking,
gardening, aviation, food & wine, quilts etc.

Distributors of ethnic cookbooks, literature, proverbs and folktales in
Czech, German, Scandinavian, Finnish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Slovak,
Scottish, Ukranian and Irish descent.

Distributors of fiction, children's books, cookbooks, travel guides,
gardening books, etc.

Distributors of books viz., self help, humor books, popular gift books,
butterfly artwork prints and posters such as The road to success, Achieve
your dreams, Motherhood is not for wimps, Piano chord, Guitar chords, etc.

Distributors of wide range of books viz., African, American, Greek, Ibo &
Spanish titles on environment, cultural diversity, nature & fascinating
stories for adults and children.

Wholesalers & distributors of wide range of books viz., Coming to
America-The Kids' book About immigration, Losing uncle Tim , Let's talk
about feelings-Ellie's Day, What's a virus anyway? The Kids' Book about
AIDS, The divorce workbook-An interactive guide for kids and families, Let's
talk trash- The Kids' book about recycling, Love and anger-The parental
dilemma, Safe at last-A handbook for recovery from abuse, I want to play, etc.

Distributors of character education materials & educational services for the
catholic and christian communities viz., scripture, the documents of the
church, the best research in pedagogy and catecheticsis.

Distributors of a variety of study & reference materials specialized in
accounting and aviation.

Distributors of books, videos, training materials, tools, and softwares for
the foodservice, restaurant and hospitality industry.

Distributors of an array of illustrated, non-fiction coffee table books on a
wide range of subjects such as children's books, art, animals & nature,
crafts & how to books, transportation, mythology, travel and general

Distributors of a variety of youth entertainment products focused in three
areas viz., entertainment, comic book publishing & toys such as feature
films, DVD/home video, video games & television & character based apparels,
collectibles, snack foods and promotions.

New importer / distributor profiles 06.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of album stamping, presses & accessories, photo & scrapbook
album, repair disbound books, bind dissertations, restore antiquarian books,
slip cases and archival boxes.

Distributors of books, viz., Beyond the Bookstore-Brian Jud, Past, Present,
and Future-Jason Epstein, The complete guide book to Marketing-David Cole,
The complete guide book to Publicity - Jodee Blanco, How to work with
Printers & Graphic Imaging services to assure quality, Stay on schedule &
control costs-mark beach, Jump start your book sales-Tom & Marilyn Ross,
Kirsch's handbook of Publishing Law-Jonathan Kirsch, etc.

Wholesalers of non-returnable comic books & related merchandise such as news
& information in the comic book industry viz., batman mini-bust, superman
and lois lane holiday 2004 collector's plate, ans-cyborg maquette,
zatanna animated statue, premier collection white queen 12" statue, thor
statue, marvel universe-longshot bust, modern era X-men-sabretooth medium
statue,barbie as Halle Berry catwoman doll, hellboy movie 8-inch previews
exclusive action figures, etc.

Distributors of books & professional development materials, videos in the
latest hot topical areas in the educational arena featuring famous authors
and gurus including well known names such as William Glasser, Howard
Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Thomas Lickona, Thomas Armstrong, Bruce Buehler,
Spencer Kagan, Sandra Reif, etc.

Distributors of educational textbooks viz., classical, arts, philosophy,
political science, public administration, science, modern languages, Latin,
Greek, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

Distributors of books in English on Korea-related topics viz., Korean
language textbooks, dictionaries, Korean history & culture, art, travel,
cooking, novels, folktales, politics, children's books, etc.

Distributors of school paperbacks, teaching materials, young adult
paperbacks, and short stories viz., Abel's Island, The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Ajeemah and His Son, etc.

Distributors of supplemental materials for grades pre-K through 12 viz.,
remedial, multicultural, advanced placement materials, etc.

Distributors of textbooks and course materials to distance education

Wholesalers of educational paperback for schools and teachers from preschool
through grade 12.

Wholesalers of college textbooks.

Wholesalers of wide range of books viz., separate college level, medical
level, high school level and trade level books.

Distributors of the popular pagemarker, line of bookmarks, custom-designed
bookmarks, custom ornaments, elegant magnets, pins in etched metal, etc.

Wholesalers of wide range of books viz., medical, technical, school &
college textbooks, trade, fiction & non-fiction, atlases, childrens, globes,
microfilms, magazines, periodicals journals, etc.

Distributors of wide range of books in European and Asian academic,
English-language books from the world's top universities and publishers
viz., Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), Goteborg University
(Sweden), Leuven University Press (Belgium), National University of
Singapore, Almqvist & Wiksell International (Sweden), Garant Publishers
(Belgium), J.C.B. Mohr (Germany), Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers (India),
Institute of Economic Affairs (Great Britain), Spokesman (Great Britain),
HES-DeGraaf (The Netherlands), Urim and Keter Publishers (Israel), Pensoft
Publishers (Bulgaria & Russia), and VSP Science (Netherlands).

Wholesalers of books, manuals, reports, tapes, CD s, shareware and CD-Roms
on popular subjects viz., business opportunities, self-improvement, career
and general interest.

Importers and distributors of unusual publications, aberrant periodicals,
saucy comic booklets, and assorted fancies.

New importer / distributor profiles 05.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Distributors of fresh quality west coast floral greens viz., salal,
boxwood, bear grass, christmas greens such as white pine, silver
fir, pinecones, christmas wreaths, door swags, garlands, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of fresh flowers, plants, floral
supplies and giftware.

Wholesalers of domestically produced, high quality home accessories
made from recycled raw materials viz., potholder rugs, traditional
leapfrog, baby blanket, corduroy collection, blankets, pillows,
drapes, duvet covers, shams, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of scrapbooking and craft supplies.

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of stuffed animals, animal
slippers, plush toys, teddy bears, kids cameras, kids backpacks,
mini porcelain dolls, etc.

Distributors of toys, videogames, collectible items, power rangers,
from the leading brands viz., Digimon, Gundam, etc.

Distributors of wide range of model railroading equipment, locomotives,
rolling stock, vehicles, structures, tracks, figures, etc.

Distributors of books viz., academic, children's, Spanish, computer,
general trade markets, small and independent publishers, etc.

Distributors of books, periodicals, cultural products in the field of
literature, history, political science, language, arts, etc.

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of maps and road atlases,
guidebook titles, map accessories, globes and digital geographic

Distributors of independent publishers in a wide range of subject
areas viz., Avant-Garde literature, Latin American studies,
Women's studies, etc.

Distributors of medical, scientific, business and law books.

Distributors of books, video and music products to libraries, book
publishers, movie studios, and music labels.

Distributors of Christian books and other products.

Importers and distributors of French, Spanish, German and Italian language
books viz., novels, anthologies of both prose and poetry, literature,
history, philosophy, language learning resources, dictionaries, and other
reference materials.

Distributors of books viz., general interest, computer and business books,

New importer / distributor profiles 02.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers and distributors of toys viz., matchbox diecast toys, magic box
display system, match box toys, match box cars, display cases from leading
brands viz., Lesney, Universal, Tyco, and Mattel.

Importers and distributors of unique folk art buttons, quilting & applique
buttons and other leading branded buttons viz., Beatrix Potter, Camp
Grandma, Paddington Bear, etc.

Wholesalers of macrame cord, beads, rings, purse snaps, chair frames, lamp
frames, project books, etc.

Wholesalers of handknitting patterns used for making sweaters for adults,
babies, toddlers, school aged kids, vest for adults, shawls, accessories,

Distributors of Opal sock yarn.

Importers of finest quality English needles & thimbles viz., John James
needles, English needles, felting needles, needleholster, needle threader,
knitting needles, ultra thimble, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of quilting and sewing patterns, sticthery
industries, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of hand dyed silk, wool, linen fibers and
ribbons, and embroidery chartpacks, etc.

Distributors of a variety of threads for machine embroidery, quilting and
lace designs viz., Aurifil threads, Aurilux, Lana wool, Cotton Mako,
Stabilizers, Beautiful Box, color charts, etc.

Importers of top quality fresh plants, beautiful silk plants, extensive
range of ceramic & terracotta pots & window planters, etc.

Importers and wholesalers of artificial plants, trees, flowers &
accessories, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of lucky bamboo dracaena stalks, money tree
pachira plants and bare rooted canes.

Importers and wholesalers of twigs, baskets & garden accessories catering to
florists, garden centers, craft industry, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of wide range of products specializing in
floral and home decor.

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of fresh flowers & floral products
viz., ribbons, butterfly, basic accessories, ceramic & galvanized
containers, latex balloons, balloon accessories, curling ribbons, ribbon
racks, mylar balloon, silk flowers, silk greenery, dried material, packaging
material, floral boxes, delivery trays, funeral accessories, candles, candle
holders & accessories, roses, carnations, greenhouse Californian grown
flowers, etc.

Wholesalers of specialized dried & preserved fruits & flowers, grasses,
preserved hydrangea, fruits, wreaths, roses, berries, pods, nantuket series,
birds, table tops, etc.

Distributors of floral, nursery and greenhouse supplies.

New importer / distributor profiles 01.04.2004

Full contact details of these companies (members only)

Wholesalers & distributors of classic and nostalgic candies, easter & retro
candy, penny candy, pinatas from leading brands viz., Mallo Cups, Zagnuts,
Sky Bar, Lollipops, Wax Candy, Shoe String Licorice, Nostalgic Candy, BB
Bats, Nascar, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of candy viz., bubblegum, chocolate, private
label customizable treats, gift boxes, toy mix bags, lollipops, jelly beans,
boxed chocolates, bulk chocolates, sugar free chocolates, chocolate
niniatures, foil-wrapped chocolates, candy-toys, sour candy, from leading
brands viz., Adams & Brooks, Allen Wertz, American Licorice, Amurol,
Annabelle Candy, Asher's Chocolates, Bee International, BestSweet, Brach's
Confections, Callard & Bowser, CandyTech, Cap Candy, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of candy, nuts, ties, gourmet, tobacco,
groceries, general merchandise, cigarettes, fritzie Fresh, etc.

Wholesalers of candy's from the leading brands viz., Brach's Candy, Bulk
Candy, Colorworks, M & M's, Jordan Almonds, PEZ Candy Co., Tootsie Rolls,
Willy Wonka, etc.

Distributors of Hawaiian shave ice products & accessories.

Distributors of ice shavers, snow cone, snow ball, hawaiian ice,
machines, flavors, etc.

Distributors of fine shaved ice products, snow cones, flavors, etc.

Distributors of liquid, frozen and dry egg products viz., standard whole
egg, free flow whole egg, standard egg yolk, free flow egg yolk, angel egg
white, standard egg white, eggs mix, frozen whole egg, frozen sugar yolk,
frozen salted yolk, frozen egg whites, etc.

Wholesalers of powdered, liquid, and frozen egg products viz., liquid whole
eggs, liquid salted whole egg, frozen sugar yolk, angel egg whites, standard
egg whites, frozen salted yolk, etc.

Distributors of eggs & range of egg products viz., whole eggs, egg whites,
yolks, peptex, hard cooked eggs, etc.

Distributors of egg and dairy products viz., shell eggs, egg products
(pasteurized or dried), UHT milk products, sour Cream, yogurt, premium
coffee, etc.

Distributors of eggs and egg products, fresh farm eggs and egg products,
organic eggs, freedom barn laid eggs, speciality eggs, etc.

Distributors of wall scrolls, anime related goods, posters, dvd's, cd's,
model kits, cards, snacks, etc.

Distributors of anime toys from the leading brands viz., DaJoint, Sekiguchi,
2da6 (Yee Da Luk), Japanese animatio, etc.


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