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UK Manufacturers - household products
A&M Robinson is a small family business which has been manufacturing
divan beds and mattresses in our Glasgow factory for 25 years.

We are dedicated to providing the quality and service which our
loyal customers expect, and , as the demand for divan beds has
diminished it has been our duty to respond to the needs of our
discerning clients with our choice of alternative beds and designer

The second generation of Robinsons is now directing the business,
combining a natural eye for style and beauty without compromising
the family’s traditional high standards of quality. Thus ensuring
we remain at the forefront of Scotland’s bedroom furnishers.

We are proud of our wonderful team, most have grown up with the
business, all pride themselves in the quality of their skills
and workmanship ..

We take the greatest pride in maintaining the integrity of our
mattress/bed manufacturing side, which has always been at the heart
of our business, so when it comes to choosing bedsteads and bedroom
furniture to add to our range, we have selected excellent suppliers
whose styles, quality and reliability match our customers’ tastes
and standards.

*A&M Robinson
1008 Pollokshaws Road
Glasgow G41 2HG
Tel: +44 141 632 0959
Fax: +44 141 632 0959


Artichoke has one goal - to create exceptional kitchens.
Everything we make is unique. Individually designed and created
for you. Each kitchen and every piece of furniture we produce will
reflect your home, your tastes and your needs. The projects we have
featured here are only an example of our work and because everyone's
requirements are different, so are our kitchens. Whatever your needs
are, there is a constant theme in all we produce - a dedication to
quality through design, skilled workmanship and a highly professional

Artichoke's quality is assured because we are responsible for
every part of the process, from design and production to
installation. Every item we produce is handmade at our workshops
and we take great pride in this responsibility. That is why
Artichoke's employees have a stake in our business and are so
passionate about what they do.

Artichoke is founded on managing director Bruce Hodgson's bespoke
kitchen and cabinet making business, which he started in 1993.
Artichoke has built upon and further refined the quality and
ethos of his original business idea - to make kitchens and furniture
of the highest quality, specifically designed for each individual
and their home.

Only the highest quality materials available are used for our
kitchens and furniture. Our timber is sourced from reputable
suppliers to ensure that it comes from well-managed and
sustainable woodlands. The company is based at purpose-built
workshops and design studios on a private country estate in North
Somerset. We also source a significant quantity of our timber
directly from the 400 acres of deciduous woodland on the estate.
This allows us to select and control the drying of our own English
hardwoods, with trees individually chosen and felled for our use.

We can supply a range of worktops in granite, slate, timber or
stainless steel. In addition we can advise on paint finishes,
lighting, splash backs and floor finishes. We have experience
with a large range of the best appliance manufacturers and can
integrate most appliances into a design.

The process begins with a discussion to establish a budget and time
scale for your kitchen and furniture. One of our designers will then
visit you to develop a brief for the project. The purpose for this
meeting is to understand your specific requirements and the space that
the furniture will occupy. This enables us to tailor our design to
complement the style and feel of your home and to meet your individual

We will then encourage you to visit our showroom and workshop. This
allows us to present to you our design solutions for your project, in
conjunction with specific and relevant examples of our work.

Artichoke's designers have many years' experience in furniture design
and project management. A dedicated designer looks after each client
and manages the project from the drawing board to completion. They
ensure the site and services are readied for installation. Our own
team of skilled craftsmen fits an Artichoke kitchen. At the end of
the installation the work is thoroughly checked by your designer to
ensure the project is completed to our uncompromising standards.
At every stage of the process you will be involved, informed and
encouraged to visit our workshops, where you can see your commission
taking shape.

*Artichoke Kitchen and Cabinet Makers
Long Lane
Bristol BS40 5SP
Tel: +44 193 486 3840
Fax: +44 193 486 3841


Sarah and Andrew Balmain first established Balmain & Balmain in 1987.
A family owned company, they design and manufacture classic furniture,
whilst combining traditional methods with the most up to date
technology in order to achieve the highest standards in furniture
making. Balmain & Balmain’s designs can now be found in homes as
far apart as Co. Cork, Invernesshire, Cumbria and Kent, internationally
Sarah and Andrew have shipped pieces to Holland, Germany, France and
Switzerland as well as Australia and the USA.

The Balmains take enormous pleasure in inviting people into their
home and the relaxed atmosphere of The Old Rectory is the ideal
setting in which to view their bespoke sofas, chairs and footstools.
Sarah, who trained as a textile designer is on hand to give expert
advice on colour and fabric choice, whilst Andrew guides you through
the design process of creating your perfect piece of furniture.

With over fifteen years experience in the business, Sarah and
Andrew Balmain continue to make choosing their unique bespoke
furniture, a stress free and enjoyable experience.

Balmain & Balmain was founded over fifteen years ago, in rural
Dorset, to design, create and sell the finest quality bespoke furniture.

Since that time, we have slowly but surely evolved into one of the
UK’s finest suppliers of bespoke upholstered furniture. With our
flexible approach to style we embrace both contemporary styles and
more traditional, classic designs.

Furnishing your home is largely a matter of personal style and
preferred taste. Which is why at Balmain & Balmain we are delighted
to offer such a variety of furniture designs. Attention to the smallest
details can be seen throughout our range. From natural fibre fillings
to choice of leg designs, we will create the perfect piece of furniture
for you and your home.

Our furniture is all built to exceed the requirements of British
Standards for both domestic and contract use. The Frames are made
from plantation grown, seasoned beechwood. Frames are planed before
assembly and doweled, glued and screwed at all the joints. Seats are
made from coil sprung seat units set on steel laths. All models except
those with exposed legs are fitted with glides or nylon wheel castors.
Cushion fillings are either 100% Duck feather of Hollofil. HR50 foam is
available by special request at no extra cost. Unless specified to the
contrary, NO FOAM at all is normally used in the furniture.

We give a 10 year guarantee on all our frames and workmanship.

*Balmain & Balmain
Sanford Orcas
Dorset DT9 4SB
Tel: +44 196 322 0247
Fax: +44 196 322 0580


The Barn was estabilished in 1992 by Joe Falconer at 238 St Paul's
Road, Islington- the site of his London shop. Joe started by making one
off prices in a french rustic style built from old scaffolding boards.
Today, the Barn range of bespoke furniture is made from kiln-dried
redwood pine, rough sawn to leave the grain of the wood open which
lends a softer finish to the completed piece. Recently, due to popular
demand, Joe has introduced a range of furniture made from a selection
of hardwoods.

When customers visit the showroom they have hundreds of photographs
from previous customers to give them ideas. Joe will also go through
any ideas or designs that they have, to get it just right. You may
choose from range of wood stain or paint finishes.

Customers are welcome to visit the workshop in Camden Town to see
their furniture in progress.

Most of the furniture comes as a flat-pack but Joe can deliver and
assemble if required.

*The Barn Furniture
238 St Pauls Road
London N1 2LJ
Tel: +44 207 359 1614
Fax: +44 207 359 1614


Tired of trying to find a piece of wooden furniture that's just that
bit different, or a kitchen that you actually want to spend time in?

Tim was, that's why he set up Beachcomber.

By combing the beaches of Devon and Cornwall, delving into skips,
searching in salvage yards and clambering over demolition sites he
collected all the materials he needed to create his unique style
of handmade furniture and beautiful sculptured mirror frames.

Very soon his totally original designs started to appear in
galleries and interiors shops around the South West of England.

If you are the sort of person who appreciates owning an original
piece of furniture or would like to prepare your meals in a solid
timber kitchen using only the best reclaimed materials, designed
and built with only you in mind.

10 Bank Lane
Devon TQ9 5EF
Tel: +44 180 373 2306
Fax: +44 180 373 2306


Beaver and Tapley is a long established furniture manufacturer
committed to producing high quality modern cabinet furniture.

Founded in 1918, the company currently runs two ranges of furniture.

Tapley Elements is a long standing and established range of beautiful
furniture, for living and dining rooms. Its clean lines and modern
styling combine with infinite flexibility and superb quality to fit
in perfectly with your lifestyle. The range consists of 60 separate
pieces available in four real wood finishes.

Spirit is a new range by Beaver and Tapley for the living room. Its
exquisite occasional tables compliment its unique wall panel display
system and beautiful glass cabinets. Finished in real Beech, this
range boasts a number of stylish features, including slim matt alloy
door handles and handsome glass shelving and doors.

The firm was founded in London by Newman Richardson, shortly before
the end of the first World War, to deal in government surplus. (There
never was a Mr Beaver or a Mr Tapley. The name was invented by Newman
to sound as if the company was old and established.) This led to sales
of regimental ties and from that to screw-up tie presses.

They in turn led to trouser presses which were a great success
because imports of the wood or plywood panels, already cut to size,
allowed a low selling price. However, in the early thirties the public
seemed suddenly to realise that these trouser presses, unlike their
electrically heated successors, did not really work and the bottom,
so-to-speak, fell out of the market. What to do with the panels?
Answer, tea trolleys. That's how Beaver & Tapley became furniture

The firm made and sold an increasing range of occasional and some
bedroom furniture, with a break during the war, selling it wholly
on price. In 1956 Roger Richardson joined his father Justin in the
business. Together they realised that relying for their business
on nothing more than being cheaper than their competitors was not
the long term way forward. They therefore decided to use top flight
designers, to advertise nationally and to sell on quality and design
and not on price.

The first venture was the Penguin Bookshelf, designed in collaboration
with Penguin Books. This was sold under an adaptation of their trade
mark, and advertised by inserts in Penguins. It was an overwhelming
trade success, with orders from almost every furniture retailer in
the country - and just as great a public flop. With hindsight,
calling it the Penguin Bookshelf was a mistake. People thought it
was only for Penguin books and the design, shelves and uprights in
a square frame, was right in its wall hanging version but not for
the floor standing model. The fifties were too early for the idea
of wall hanging for something as heavy as books.

However, the firm was convinced about the wall hanging idea.
Saving space in the smaller rooms of the new houses - only one
floor but four walls in every room - and was determined to succeed.
A visit in 1960 to the Cologne exhibition by Roger and the designer
Robert Heritage, where they saw a Swedish range of cabinets and shelves
supported by wall fixed wire ladders, pointed the way forward.
Do away with the constricting ladders, provide a concealed fixing
batten for each piece, and you have space saving furniture with
complete freedom of arrangement. The first wall fixed range, Tapley
SL (SL for spirit level because there was one in every batten) was
launched in 1961, and finally withdrawn in 1978 when it was overtaken
by its successor, Tapley 33, which was first sold in 1975. So called
because the first cabinets were all thirty three inches wide. The
reason for the change was the need to provide an adjustable fixing
device. Multiple piece arrangements of Tapley SL had shown that no
walls are truly flat and a mechanical means of lining up was essential.
The patented metal wall bar, which comes with every wall fixed piece
of Tapley 33, was invented by the firm's South of England Rep. He
became free-lance and has since designed every item in the range.

Floor standing pieces were soon added, but the separate sale of
tops and bases, which gives the floor models as much flexibility as
their wall hung counterparts, was not brought in until 1983. Burgundy
Oak was introduced as the alternative to Teak in 1980, but it was a
further ten years before Light Oak became the third finish option.
Cherry was introduced as a fourth finish in October 1999.

Today, there are over 120 models in the range. However only one of
the original list, the LC33 wall fixed cupboard, had lasted the course
unaltered, and even the name has changed, now Tapley Elements. The
ongoing success of the company through Tapley Elements is, of course,
due to both its design and to efficient manufacture in a very well
equipped factory. However, a third ingredient is the firm's consistent
policy of never introducing items similar to ones made by other
furniture makers. The wall fixture is obviously unique, and so is
the ingenious Folding Bed. One of the dining tables has a patent and
the corner TV/video units are breaking new ground. In one way the
wheel has come full circle, with the very successful TAMS all media
storage unit bearing a coincidental but uncanny resemblance to the
wall hung Penguin Bookshelf. Newman and Justin Richardson would be
amazed and amused to see what has happened over the firm's three
generation story.

The Future of Beaver & Tapley

In March 1998 the Richardson family sold the company to a team of
three, Tom Absolon, Roger Latham and Anthony Garside. The new
management have invested, and continue to invest heavily in the
company, to effect improvements in product quality, the level of
service provided and to ensure the continuity of Beaver and Tapley

The firm has recently been awarded the ISO9002 quality standard, and
as of March 2001 has relocated to new factory premises in Nottingham.
The move was necessary to allow the company to expand, and to increase
flexibility in its production techniques.

Most recently, an exciting move has been to introduce a totally new
collection, SPIRIT. The new collection, a seriously contemporary
offering in American white Beech comprises 20 pieces, with a view
to growing it in the same way as Tapley 33 has grown (Tapley Elements
was just 12 pieces when launched as Tapley 33!). It opens an exciting
new episode for Beaver and Tapley, who are committed to introducing
new furniture to fit the lifestyle of ever changing customers. Like
Tapley Elements it is both ingenious and extremely flexible
(the wall panel configuration can be changed daily if you wish!),
and the stylish display cabinets have many of the same features that
made Tapley Elements so successful.

Do not worry though, Tapley Elements will continue to grow and
develop for years to come.

The future of Beaver & Tapley is bright, and this success story
of British manufacturing will surely go from strength to strength.

*Beaver & Tapley Ltd
Arnold Road
Old Basford
Nottingham NG5 1NJ
Tel: +44 115 877 7888
Fax: +44 115 877 7828


Betta Bedrooms and Kitchens has been established since 1966.

It’s this lifetime of furniture making experience that makes high
values and quality the company standard. Those ethics still hold
firm. We are committed to providing a superior service of
craftsmanship, design and of course value for money.

It’s inspiring choosing interior finishes for your home. What
better place to begin than with your bedrooms "a place for everything
and everything in its place" It's liberating to be better organised,
Leaving you more time for enjoyment with your friends and family.

There are many design options in our ranges which allow you to be
as creative as the imagination allows. For a better life choose Betta
Bedrooms & Kitchens.

*Betta Bedrooms Ltd
Dean House
Suthers Street
Oldham OL9 7TQ
Tel: +44 800 269 945
Fax: +44 800 269 945


Manufacturers & Stockists of:-

Nursery, children's & adult hand made and painted bedroom furniture,
free-standing or fitted. Radiator cabinets, storage cupboards and
shelving units. We can transform most rooms in the house. E-mail us
for our latest colour brochure.

Four poster, Princess, Captain and child's 1st beds and 'High
sleepers.' Three, four, five, six and nine drawer chests. Bedside
drawers/cupboards. Book cases for walls/floors. Toyboxes, desks,
stools and chairs. Cheval & dressing table mirrors. Wardrobes large
and small. 1/2 testers and TV cabinets, waste bins and wall mirrors.
Coat hooks and measuring sticks.

Natural wood or painted, Chartley's range of adult bedroom furniture
has something for everyone. Special sizes can be made to order.

You're sure to find something you like among our range of
stunning children's furniture. Choose from dozens of available
designs or bring us your ideas. We can paint anything you like on
the furniture.

We produce a range of radiator covers in varied styles, which can
be hand painted or left with a natural finish.

Chartley Bedrooms was founded in 1996, when mother-of-three
Lesley Richardson failed to find good quality, attractive and
affordable furniture for her children's rooms. Having discovered
instead a factory and workers raring to go, she set about making
the pieces herself!

The company became a real 'family firm' when husband Fernando
joined one year later and, now, Chartley Bedrooms manufacture a
full range of furniture to suit everyone from new-born babies to

Hand-crafted adult and children's furniture can be seen at their
showroom in the South East of England - either painted MDF, colour-
washed or natural pine, solid wood and veneer - the choice is
entirely yours. A team of skilled artists can add any design you
please, with stunning results.

Chartley Bedrooms is a flourishing firm, recognised widely
throughout the South of England for its high quality, individual,
practical yet pretty pieces.

Our Home Visiting Service adds that extra personal touch which
means our customers come back to us time and time again.

*Chartley Furniture Design Limited
Polhill Garden Centre
Badgers Mount
Nr Sevenoaks
Tel: +44 195 953 3676
Fax: +44 162 281 7970


We are specialist's in foam and fibre using only the highest quality
materials which can be made to your exact specifications.

Is your furniture sagging? If so, we can bring your furniture back
to life and give you the comfort you enjoyed as if it was brand new

Our foam products can be used for seat cushions, back cushions,
mattresses pet basket liners and much more.

They are used in homes, caravans, boats, nightclubs, hospitals and
hotels etc.

We stock all grades of foam from extra soft to extra firm and all
our materials are hypo-allergenic, fire retardent and conforms to
the latest BS standards.

Our high quality hollow fibre polyester products retain their soft
and springy qualities over long periods of time even after being
mashine washed making them more resilient than traditional feather

Hollow fibre can be used for cushions, pillows, duvets, pet basket
liners/cushions, wheelchair liners, cushion bolsters and much more.

They are used in homes, caravans, boats, hotels etc.

*Clomac Foam and Fibre Limited
Unit 4
Hills House
Wellington Road
Merseyside L15 4JN
Tel: +44 151 734 5400
Fax: +44 151 734 2333


Inspired by the idyllic setting of the Cornish Countryside we
bring back the traditional ways of timber craft and give you works
of art as beautiful, practical furniture. Each project is undertaken
with a personal approach, designed and built to meet your individual

We do not use mass production line methods as so many furniture
companies at present do and believe the way we tailor our skills
to suit each piece creates a far superior product. Our timber is
of the highest standard, selected not only with quality but the
character of the piece in mind.

Because we value our environment we only use timber from
sustainable sources.

*Country Design
63 Crantock Street
Cornwall TR7 1JN
Tel: +44 163 785 0970
Fax: +44 163 785 0970


At Crabtree Kitchens we are committed to offering our clients
the highest quality product combined with superb service. A source
of great pride to our dedicated team, which includes 4 family members,
is the high number of personal recommendations we welcome as new
clients, as well as existing clients who come back for a 2nd or
3rd kitchen.

Our service ethos covers all aspects of our relationship with our
clients from the moment they first contact us. From inspired design,
manufacture and installation we work with you to create a unique
and ideal kitchen.

Unlike many kitchen companies we control our own production. We
have our own workshops in Bristol and take great pride in the
creation of our furniture. Timbers are carefully selected, panels
book matched and traditional joinery techniques used, to ensure
that our hand made cabinets are created to the highest quality.
Your choice of hardwoods includes maple, oak, cherry, walnut and
ash all of course from guaranteed sustainable sources.

While all our kitchens share certain characteristics such as
craftsmanship, attention to detail and the finest materials, no two
are ever the same. Each is the result of a unique partnership between
you and our designer, so you can be assured of a truly personal result.

We would be happy to discuss any particular look you have in mind.
Because of our commitment to giving real value for money, our
kitchens are backed by a five year guarantee. The real seal of
approval, however, comes from our customers themselves - the
testimonials (on the Home Page) speak for themselves.

We are proud of the fact that we control all aspects of our
furniture production, enabling us to maintain the high standards
that we set ourselves. We would be pleased to take you round our
Bristol workshops to see the furniture being built. If you are
interested, please do not hesitate to call for an appointment.

*Crabtree Kitchens
17 Station Road
London SW13 0LF
Tel: +44 208 392 6955
Fax: +44 208 392 6944


Cumfilux Beds Limited are manufacturers of hand crafted mattresses
and divans which are distributed to the general public through
over 1000 independent retailers and multiple outlets.

Cumfilux Beds, part of the Simmons Bedding Group was founded in
1980 and now employs over 200 people at its Dudley headquarters.
Cumfilux benefits from the substantial advantages of belonging to
a major bedding group. In particular, there has been substantial
investment in innovative design, improved manufacturing methods
and increased manufacturing capability.

However, we retain our distinct identity and autonomy and remain
true to our guiding principle of producing a full range of beds at
very affordable prices. Committed to a policy of continuous
improvement, Cumfilux has attained ISO 9001-2000, the international
quality standard and also holds the standard for Investors In People.

All our beds are made to order and where possible we will deliver
your bed to the retailer you purchased it from within 10 to 14 days
from receipt of order.

All our products carry a one-year no quibble guarantee and we have
a dedicated Customer Service Department to assist your stockist in
the unlikely event of a problem arising.

All our products are available in a range of sizes either with or
without storage. For details of the wide selection of drawer
options please go to the 'Storage Options' page. You also have a
choice of divan base, a hard top divan base for those who require
a firmer support or a sprung divan base for a softer feel. Whatever
your requirements, the choice is yours.

*Cumfilux Beds
West Midlands
Tel: +44 121 665 2000
Fax: +44 121 665 2000



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