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UK Manufacturers - home appliances
A J Wells & Sons Ltd, the manufacturers of the Charnwood range,
was founded in 1972 and is a privately owned, family controlled,
British company that specialises in the design and manufacture of
high quality wood burning, coal burning, multifuel, oil and gas
stoves. As the oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves,
run by second and third generations of the family, we are dedicated
to providing products of enduring design and of the highest quality.

In 1972, Alfred Wells and two of his sons, started a small
engineering business in Niton on the Isle of Wight. In the past
thirty years we have grown from our original small factory of
around 1500 sq. ft to our current site of over 50,000 sq. Ft.
We have always been keen to provide local employment on the Isle
of Wight and have seen our number of employees rise from the original
3 to over 75. We are very proud of our workforce who have rewarded
us by staying loyal to the company, with many staff having worked
with us for over 20 years.

This brings stability to the business ensuring that pride in
the company and the quality of our products is maintained.

Commitment to our staff is vital as is the commitment to invest
in the latest technology to ensure the highest quality. Over the
years we have installed our own Vitreous Enamelling Plant, CNC
controlled Press Brakes, Robotic Welders and a state of the art
Laser Profiler all of which allow pin point accuracy resulting
in superior quality.

Keeping the manufacture of as many parts as possible in-house
enables us to maintain full production control to provide our
customers with long-lasting products leading the field
technically in both operation and function.

Our Buying Policy

In our quest for the highest quality we source our raw materials
from only the very best companies. We aim to build strong
relationships with our suppliers so that we can be confident in
their quality, to maintain our high standards. We unashamedly buy
British wherever possible. It is our view that it is
environmentally unsustainable to transport heavy materials around
the world, on the grounds of small savings, when the world’s finest
materials are available here in the UK. For us, and for our
customers, we look for quality above cost. After all, the purchase
of a Charnwood is an excellent long-term investment and will be
the focus of your home for many years to come, long after the memory
of what you paid for it has gone.

Our Commitment to Service

As a privately owned, family company service is of utmost
importance to us. We strive to ensure that all our customers
receive the information and service they deserve.

We have a dedicated customer support team who are able to answer
your questions both before you purchase your Charnwood and after
it is installed. In addition to the office based team we have
qualified technical sales managers covering all parts of the
UK and Ireland.

This means that help is always available whether at the design
stage or later on.

It has long been our aim that not one of our customers will go
cold, for the want of a spare part, any longer than is
absolutely necessary.

All spares are normally dispatched within 48 hours and we offer a
next day delivery service if required to ensure that in the rare
event of a problem, your Charnwood is up and running as quickly as

We are proud of our service and our customers agree.

Our Environmental Policy

At Charnwood we operate a policy of caring for the environment in
all aspects of the business; from the products we design, to the
way we package them, to the way we transport them, to the way we deal
with disposal of waste products, to the vehicles we use, to our choice
of raw materials and, as we have already said, from where we choose
to buy them. These are just some of the ways we choose to make what
we do as environmentally friendly as possible. At the heart of the
design of the products that we make, is the attempt to achieve high
efficiencies, so that they will consume less of the earth’s
resources in heating your home. An example of this is our
woodburning stoves that use one of the few fuels that are
renewable within our own lifespan, thus conserving other fuels
that are diminishing over the years.

Other Businesses

In addition to manufacturing the Charnwood stove range we have
also developed three other businesses.

AJ Wells & Sons Vitreous Enamellers was originally set up to enamel
our Charnwood stoves, but now it has expanded into the enameling and
re-enameling of range cookers, baths and signage, for corporate and
private customers. Our clients include the London Underground
companies and major manufacturers of range cookers.

Anki Chimney Systems are importers of pumice chimney. As one of the
longest established stove companies we seized the opportunity to
import this range of exceptional pumice chimney as it is ideally
suited for stoves in both new-build and re-lining situations.

We hope this gives you a sense of who we are as a company, the rest
of the web site will tell you about our products and how to contact
us. Our aim is that by combining high quality products together
with excellent service, from a company dedicated to looking after
its customers, you can purchase a Charnwood with real confidence.

*A.J.Wells & Sons Ltd
Bishops Way
Isle of Wight PO30 5WS
Tel: +44 198 353 7777
Fax: +44 198 353 7788


Manufacturers of Central vacuum systems for cleaning and dust extraction.

If you are a Builder or Developer, you should incorporate a Beam
Vacuum System. It is the low-cost route to a high specification
offering the ultimate in convenience-living and customer

Whether you build apartments or mansions. Beam will always
distinguish your developments in a manner that no other built
in specification is able to match. No design or build alterations
are required and installation only takes a matter of hours.

Beams design and installation service is enjoyed by many of
the countries major developers: Why not join them?

*Beam Built-In Vacuums Ltd
Unit 4a St Martin's House
St Martin's Gate
Worcester WR1 2DT
Tel: +44 190 561 1041
Fax: +44 190 527 4621


The year 2000 saw Church Hill Systems celebrate twenty one years
as a provider of premium boiler and heating systems, marked by the
introduction of revised and remarketed product ranges to launch us
into the 21st century. But first, a brief review of our history thus

Church Hill Systems has always specialised in electrically powered
wet heating systems. First products included heat pumps, often used
in conjunction with large oil boilers to reduce running costs using
cheap off-peak electricity. Soon electric storage boilers were
developed, again storing useful energy during off-peak periods
and powered now by immersion heaters to give essentially silent,
long life, service free, operation. Electricity Council approval
was followed by Medallion Awards for various developments, including
housing, schools, offices, nursing homes, swimming pools and so on,
culminating the coveted Electricity Council Beta Awards for
installations at a communications centre in Scotland and a football
club in Northamptonshire.

1990 saw the introduction of modern tariffs with off-peak periods
during the daytime as well as overnight. Church Hill Systems
immediately launched the revolutionary 500 electric storage
combination boiler, adding in high performance mains-pressure hot
water supply to central heating, all in one integrated copper
cylinder and designed for location in an airing cupboard. To
satisfy demand, the Church Hill heat exchanger was used in the
Neptune range of hot water only thermal store cylinders, again
using off-peak storage to ensure high performance and reduce
running costs.

In 1997, again in response to demand, the 25 was introduced to
provide a small and low-cost option especially for up-market flats
in city centres but with emphasis on performance - a market it has
dominated since.

*Church Hill Systems Limited
4A Hinckley Business Centre
Burbage Road
Leicestershire LE10 2TP
Tel: +44 145 589 0685
Fax: +44 145 589 1341


Crosslee plc was formed in 1986 after Philips' Halifax factory was
sold to a management team headed by David Ross and Derek Clee, now
Crosslee's joint Chairmen.

The company's first White Knight tumble dryer rolled off the
production line that year and by 1990 Crosslee had become one of
the largest manufacturers of tumble dryers in Europe, producing
over 600,000 units per year, or one product every 12.5 seconds.
Soon after, the company was honoured with the Queen's Award for
Export Achievement. Today over 60% of production is for export.

1990 was a momentous year for the company. Having established
itself at the top of Europe's tumble dryer league, it bought a
second factory and diversified. Located in Flint, North Wales,
this factory produces gas and electric focal point fires and
barbecues under the Royal Cozyfires, White knight and Odell brands.

The next ten years saw further expansion of the product portfolio
which today includes Hostess heated trolleys and drinks coolers as
well as spin dryers, and Barbecues.

Tumble dryers, barbecues and trolleys are made at the Halifax
factory which shares a 45-acre (182,000 square metres) site with
the company's headquarters. Recently the factory has been expanded
with a new 25000 square foot (2500 square metres) extension.

BS EN ISO 9001 quality management systems are used throughout
the production process. All electrical products comply with
international safety standards, including BEAB, VDE and NEMKO.
All gas products have British Gas and BSI approval.

*Crosslee plc
West Yorkshire HX3 8DE
Tel: +44 142 220 3555
Fax: +44 142 220 6304


For over fifty years, Dualit toasters have reflected an attitude
that's fundamentally British. Dualit toasters can turn out hundreds
of crisp, golden slices per hour. They are gleaming, sturdy and
tough as old boots. And as much a part of British life as toast

Today Dualit toasters are recognised as the best in the world. Part
of a range of hard-working products they are designed to a standard
that remains unsurpassed.

*Dualit Limited
County Oak Way
West Sussex RH11 7ST
Tel: +44 129 365 2500
Fax: +44 129 365 2555


At Dunsley we are aware of chaniging lifestyles andhow needs
within the kitchen are changing. Dunsley has been an innovative
company since its foundation in 1952. All products are manufactured
to a BSI quality control systems. The Pennine has been built for
the 21st century, wether it be for a family kitchen, farmhouse
accomodation or the small caterer or hotel whilst retaining all
the advantages of a traditional cooker.

*Dunsley Heat Ltd
Huddersfield Road
Yorkshire HD9 3TU
Tel: +44 148 468 2635
Fax: +44 148 468 8428


Manufacturers of vaccuum cleaners.

In 1978, I became frustrated with my vacuum cleaner, it quickly
clogged with dust, destroying the suction. I set about solving this problem.

More than 5,000 prototypes later, I was at last able to launch
the DCO1, with patented Dyson Dual cyclone™ technology, the first
vacuum cleaner that didn?t lose suction.

We have now developed the Root12 Cyclone™ to give even higher
suction power to pick up more dust from your home.

The Everhot is a superb electric heat storage range manufactured
to the highest standards. The Everhot exudes all the classic good
looks, durability and reliability of a range but without many of
the associated drawbacks.

The Everhot comprises a large cast iron working surface, with space
for four saucepans, divided into a hot and simmer plate. Both plates
have variable temperature control and are bordered by a resilient
stainless steel surround. There is a large top roasting oven with
the added benefit of an integral radiant grill, and a bottom oven
operating at a lower temperature for slow cooking. Both ovens have
individual temperature adjustment to provide flexibility and
cooking control.

The Everhot is the perfect solution for those home owners who want
a traditional kitchen range, but could do without the traditional
installation and operational hassles. Providing the best of both
worlds, the Everhot gives quality cooking and background warmth
without sacrificing any of the control associated with modern
cooking methods.

Size- Despite its spacious top and bottom ovens and four saucepan
hot and simmer plates, the Everhot's innovative design means that
it fits into a standard 600mm wide kitchen unit space, making it
suitable for any size of household.

Weight- Built to withstand constant use for a generation, the
Everhot is incredibly solid, but weighing 250kg, the kitchen
floor should not need reinforcing.

Power Supply- Its extremely low electricity requirements allow
the use of a 13amp socket, avoiding the need for a permanent
30amp connection.

Installation- The Everhot does not need to be mounted on a
concrete base (as do other heat storage cookers). This reduces
installation costs and gives the flexibility to take it with you
in a house move.

Flue Free- Running on electricity, the Everhot requires no flue
- minimising installation costs and reducing energy consumption.

Control- Each oven/heating surface can be independently adjusted
to the temperature you require. (If a particular area is not
required for long periods, it can be switched off or turned down
without affecting the other areas).

Grill- Unlike other ranges, the Everhot has a full width grill
with independent control. This can also be used to rapidly boost
the oven temperature if required.

Servicing- The Everhot does not require annual servicing and, with
a little care and affection, will perform trouble-free, year after

*Everhot Kitchens
Coaley Mill
Glos GL11 5DS
Tel: +44 145 389 0018
Fax: +44 145 389 0958


Development of the FIFOS boiler range has been under-taken by
our experienced Technical team to provide an economical solution
to your Heating and Hot Water requirements.

FIFAS currently supply the FIFOS boiler through our distribution
network, to numerous Housing Associations and Local Authorities
throughtout the UK with resounding success. Initially the proposal
to replace existing heating systems with the FIFOS Electric boiler
was lukewarm, however following the results of various trials,
confidence in the product has overtaken the initial apprehension
resulting in HA's and Councils now specifying the boiler as THE
electric heating system.

*Fifas Limited
Fifas House
Unit 12
Murray Place
Righead Industrial Estate
Bellshill ML4 3LP
Tel: +44 169 884 4644
Fax: +44 169 884 9890


Glen Dimplex is a leading worldwide manufacturer of electric heating
and domestic appliances. The driving force behind the Group's success
is our portfolio of popular household brand names. Fundamental to our
development is a policy of continuous investment in these brands,
with a focus on product development and the upgrading of our manufacturing
process. Glen Dimplex is committed to the highest
standards of quality and efficiency, building strong, vibrant
and effective bussinesses.

*Glen Dimplex UK Ltd
Millbrook House
Grange Drive
Hedge End
Southampton SO30 2DF
Tel: +44 870 077 7117
Fax: +44 870 727 0109


Here at Glow-worm our commitment to engineering excellence is
demonstrated in every aspect of our comprehensive range of domestic
gas boilers. Our aim is to provide total quality in home comfort.
All new Glow-worm boilers are compliant with part L of the new
building regulations (Part J Scotland). Of course our number one
priority will always be your safety. You can rest assured that Glow-
worm, established since 1934 and part of the world's largest group
of domestic gas boiler manufacturers, has the track record you can
count on. In addition we fully support and comply with "benchmark",
the industry initiative to promote higher standards of installation,
commissioning and servicing which is why we also offer training to

We continue to invest in the cutting edge of heating technology
and this website illustrates the many new ways you can benefit
from choosing a Glow-worm boiler. We call it "Quality Through

Saving energy is important to everyone. Glow-worm's High Efficiency
technology helps to save homeowners money and helps protect the
environment. Therefore we are delighted to be recommended by The
Energy Saving Trust. Home comfort has many aspects, including the
peace of mind that comes with knowing you can always rely on safe,
efficient and trouble free high performance from your boiler. Glow
-worm were the first to introduce complete after sales back-up for
every boiler with Glow-worm Service. Available 7 days a week, 364
days a year, Glow-worm Service provides one contact number for local
service across the UK.

Lynx House
Nottingham Road
Derbyshire DE56 1JQ
Tel: +44 177 382 4141
Fax: +44 177 382 8123


Heta UK first started distributing stoves manufactured by Heta AS in
Denmark in 1991. Heta UK is owned by John Opie, one of the UK's leading
woodburning stove specialists. The product range includes traditional
cast iron multifuel to minimalist Danish designer clean-burning wood

Arguably there cannot be a true "multifuel" stove simply because
of the differences between coal and wood. Coal is a dense hard fuel
with a high calorific value needing a fair amount of air for
combustion, and produces a lot of ash and sometimes clinker. Wood
on the other hand is about half the density of coal and has around
half the calorific value of coal by dry weight. Wood needs little
air to burn and produces very little ash. To summarize; coal can
produce about four times the heat of wood for the same volume, but
wood will burn faster and release its heat quicker.

Wood is an environmentally friendly fuel. Trees grown for firewood
regenerate in a very short time whilst cleaning up the atmosphere
as they grow, with the great advantage of not adding to the
greenhouse effect in any way.

All Heta stoves are multifuel in as much as they will all burn a
mixture of coal and wood. We suggest that a small amount of
housecoal "helps" wood burn on all the stoves or that The Kosi is
an ideal solid fuel stove that will happily burn on a diet of
smokeless coal only. The Scanline and Vision and View stoves are
predominately woodburners in that they are tested and approved in
Denmark and Germany for use with wood but are perfectly good at
burning a mix of fuels. These stoves have special characteristics
such as Skamolex vermiculite lined fireboxes, preheated combustion
air and large clear glass doors that allow for superb flame patterns
to be enjoyed at maximum efficiency .

*Heta UK
The Street
Hatfield Peverel
Essex CM3 2DY
Tel: +44 124 538 1247
Fax: +44 124 538 1606


Manufacturers of floor care appliances, vacuum cleaners, laundry,
washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers.

*Hoover Ltd
Merthyr Tydfil
Mid Glamorgan CF48 4TU
Tel: +44 168 572 1222
Fax: +44 168 572 1222


At Hotpoint we believe passionately that it is our job to make
your lifestyle easier. We recognise that the kitchen is the heart
of the home and influences the smooth running of your life. We
also know that in the real world none of us has enough time to run
our homes as perfectly as we would like. So we have put a lot of
thought into every detail and spent a great deal of time listening
to you and taking the way you live into consideration.

Relevant Features

By listening to you, we can develop features that you really want
and guarantee that they deliver positive, real-life benefits. Our
designers work hard to ensure that product innovations are easy to
use, genuinely helpful, and make use of new intelligent
technologies which allow you to be in control.

Great Performance

We know you expect high quality performance you can depend on. Our
appliances are designed to the highest standards in the industry.
Whether it is energy efficiency, speed, silence, size, innovative
technology or choice of programmes, you can be certain that we've
thought of it. Because great performance makes your life easier,
helping you to manage your time and keep pace with modern life.

Stylish Designs

We know that looks are very important to you. Hotpoint appliances
are modern and stylish and designed to look good in your home. But
good design also means ensuring they are a real pleasure to use.
Our designers take time to consider every last detail, so that they
can make a door, a handle or a shelf easier to use.

Real Reliability

We know how much you depend on your appliances and as the UK's best
selling appliance brand, we have earned your trust across many years
by delivering products that work over and over again.

Superior After Sales Care

Once you've bought your appliances, we don't stop there. Our After
Sales Care is second to none so you can be sure that we will be
there to support you quickly and effectively.

Merloni Elettrodomestici UK Ltd
Morley Way
Peterborough PE2 9JB
Tel: +44 870 442 7665
Fax: +44 870 442 7665


J P Burners are specialist manufacturers of Chinese Wok Burners and
other Ethnic Cooking Burners. We supply all the major Manufacturers
of Chinese Cookers in the UK.

The Phoenix Burner was designed and Patented by John Poole in 1993
and rapidly became a clear market leader. The Burners are designed
primarily for Chinese Cooking and but can also be used for Indian
& Thai cooking and Bar-B-Que.

Our range also includes a unique Turbo Burner which is ideally
fitted at the manufacture stage but can be fitted to many cookers

We supply a full range of spares for Chinese Cookers & Kitchens,
burners, gas valves, pilots and Thermocouples and Extraction
System spares including Disposable Filters, Washable Filters and
Baffle Filters.

*J.P. Burners
36 Buckland Road
Leicester LE5 0NT
Tel: +44 116 246 0400
Fax: +44 116 246 0400


Manufacturers of domestic appliances viz., kitchen machines, hand
mixers, toasters, cookers, microwave, coffee machines, etc.

New Lane
Hampshire PO9 2NH
Tel: +44 239 247 6000
Fax: +44 239 239 2400



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