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Google Web
UK Manufacturers - consumer products
At Autolok we pride ourselves on being one of Europe's leading
manufacturers of mechanical car security.

Engineering skills
A subsidiary of Midlands-based engineering group, A K Hughes Ltd,
Autolok is based in Oldham near Manchester in the UK.

We manufacture all our own products, converting raw materials into
top quality steel based finished products, and invest heavily in
research and development, designing new products to keep the
thieves at bay.

Autolok security products are sold in all the leading auto
accessory retail chains in the UK - and in over 25 countries
worldwide, including Europe, the USA and China.

Customer Service
Whether you would like leaflets, information, help with technical
queries and fitting, details of stockists or advice on obtaining
additional keys or replacement parts, our Customer Service Department
will be happy to help.

*Autolok Security Products Ltd
Park Lane
Oldham OL2 6PU
Tel: +44 161 624 8171
Fax: +44 161 627 3742


As inspired by the growing variety of today's high fashion, Lore has
designed a range of elaborate evening dresses, using luxurious fabrics
such as a fancy lace, 2-tone velour and novelty satin in order to
reinstate the glamarous look for the new age of evening fashion.

Our collection sports structuralwell fitted silhouttes, with patch
work and fringe detail. An exceptional range merged together by
precision stitching and skilled craftmanship. With the aid of
versatile fabrics, we have managed to create a flexible range,
whereby ne can have the agility to dress for different occassion.
All tyles are an ideal attache to compliment any evening of celebration.

Lore holds a distinguished relationship with a network of European
and Asion manufacturers, whereby we export leading brand products
and act as manufacturers agents for a number of European blue-chip
manufacturers worldwide. Lore's procurement facilities range from
complete sourcing of your products to export marketing of branded
goods direct from factory.

Lore's are specialitists in the field of contract manufacturing
strong relationship with a network of top quality manufacturers
in Europe and Asia has enabled us to produce (own-brand) products
to client specification, quantities and packaging requirements.

Lore undertakes all activities for locating suitable contract
manufacturers, new-product development, artwork creation
prototyping, through to supervisor of production, quality control,
delivery deadlines, packaging and shipping according to client
specifications and budgets.

If you are looking to source high-quality, low priced prodcuts
from Europe/Asia we welcome the opportunity of working with you
to create a portfolio of own brand products for you company.

*Lore Limited
40 James Street
London W1U 1EU
Tel: +44 207 486 9601
Fax: +44 207 224 3299


Panasonic and Technics are brand names for Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co Ltd. of Japan (MEI), one of the World's largest
manufacturers of consumer electronics and ranked 3rd on the Fortune
500 Electronics & Electrical Equipment Index.

The company was founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan by Konosuke
Matsushita and has grown from just 3 employees to over 260,000
people worldwide.

Since then the company has grown substantially and become a
leading supplier of consumer and business related electronics

Its headquarters is located in Bracknell, Berkshire and this is
supported by a national Logistics Centre in Northampton.

The company currently employs more than 500 staff and has an
annual turnover in excess of £700m.

There are also separate companies within the UK responsible for
the sales of industrial products such as components and computer
peripherals (Panasonic Industrial) and professional video and
broadcast products (Panasonic Broadcast).

Panasonic's parent company, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
Ltd., has also established a number of manufacturing plants in
the UK and in total the company now employs around 4,000 people
in the UK.

The UK operation is part of a significant European presence, both
in manufacturing, sales and R&D which now employs some 15,000 people
in total.

*Panasonic U K Ltd
Panasonic House
Willoughby Road
RG12 8FP
Tel: +44 134 485 3571
Fax: +44 134 485 3708


Generations of heating engineers and end users alike have long
associated the Potterton name with top quality, high specification
products that are easy to install and are reliable in service.

Founded over 150 years ago, and with more than 5 million boilers
installed, Potterton has entered the 21st Century at the forefront
of domestic heating technology as part of the UK's largest heating

All Potterton products benefit from world class manufacturing skills
and one of the largest and most experienced research development
teams in the industry. They are designed to be inherently reliable
and to meet the most demanding user needs.

Potterton aims to provide the very highest levels of customer
satisfaction. A team of over 200 highly trained specialists
engineers provide speedy on site service, 363 days of the year,
whilst the Potterton telephone technical support desk is available
6 days a week to deal with technical queries. In addition spare
parts are readily available through a network of approved stockists.

The Potterton brand can be traced back as far as 1850 when Thomas
Potterton started the firm in Balham, London, and it is one of the
oldest and most prestigious names in the heating industry. Potterton
completed the installation of the first ever gas boiler, the Victor,
in 1902, and rapidly followed up this innovative event with a
multiple installation of 16 Victor boilers in 1908 at Eugene Sandow's
culture institution.

Throughout the twenties and thirties Potterton led the way in
developing the gas heating market, with Potterton boilers appearing
in a number of distinguished addresses, including Nos. 10 and 11
Downing Street and the Odeon, Leicester Square. In the mid fifties
the famous Diplomat series of floor standing gas boilers was launched -
the first of the modern generation of boilers - and many are still
operating in homes throughout the UK today.

Potterton led the way again in 1973 when the revolutionary Netaheat
wallhung fan-flued boiler was launched, and thus set the standard
for current modern wall hung boilers.

In 1992 Potterton became part of the newly created Potterton-Myson
Group, part of the Heating Division of Blue Circle Industries, and
continued to lead the way in heating innovation with products such
as the first floor mounted fan-flued boiler, Kingfisher Mf, and
production of its five millionth boiler in the nineties.

In 1999 Blue Circle divested itself of the Heating Division,
and Potterton was sold to Baxi.

Today Potterton is one of the lead brands of Baxi Potterton, and
continues its commitment to innovation, service and developing
world class products for the 21st century heating industry.

Potterton aims to provide the very highest levels of customer
satisfaction. Heateam provide on site service 363 days of the
year via over 200 service engineers. Potterton telephone technical
support desk is available 6 days a week to deal with technical
queries. In addition spare parts are readily available through a
network of approved stockists.

Although boilers differ in size and whether they stand on the floor,
hang on the wall or sit inside a fireplace, probably the most
important difference is the way they produce hot water for washing,
bathing and showering. Traditional boilers and system boilers heat
water in a storage cylinder, typically sited in an airing cupboard.
Combination boilers heat water instantaneously (via a special heat
exchanger inside the boiler) only when you open a hot tap.

Traditional boilers are the simplest kind, with the fewest
components inside. System boilers and combination boilers are more
complex and tend to be larger because they always include the pump
which circulates water through the radiators, and an expansion
vessel to accommodate the increase in volume when it gets hot.

Traditional and system boilers with stored hot water systems are
best suited to family homes where hot water demand is usually greatest.
The average combination boiler is best suited to single households or
couples with modest hot water needs.

A Traditional Boiler
Traditional boilers are available in a wide range of designs and
outputs to suit almost any situation. Back boilers save space by
sitting inside a fireplace opening and are cost effective like-for-like
replacements. Wall mounted boilers can be small enough to fit inside a
kitchen cupboard and still be powerful enough for the larger property.
A traditional or system boiler (one with some system components built
into the case) can deliver lashings of hot water to several taps
simultaneously. You need space for a cylinder as well as a boiler but
modern versions are often surprisingly compact. You also have to
anticipate your hot water need but modern controls make it easy to plan
around your daily/weekly routine and the new generation of 'high
recovery' cylinders are designed to cater for unexpected demand.

A Combination Boiler
A combination boiler heats water instantaneously whenever you open
a hot tap, so you don't need space for a storage cylinder. In Summer
there's often a delay until it reaches working temperature but the
supply is endless. The temperature at the tap is dependent on the
temperature of the mains supply and the flow rate. In Winter the
delivery of usefully hot water can be very limited - perhaps taking
two or three times longer to fill a bath than a traditional system -
and simultaneous demand by a shower and, say, a washing machine can
result in a trickle at each. The latest models feature high outputs,
small stores or pre-heating systems designed to supply more hot water
and with minimal delay to save wasting water.

*Baxi Potterton Limited
Brownedge Road
Bamber Bridge
Preston PR5 6UP
Tel: +44 870 606 0780
Fax: +44 177 269 5420


Powell plastics has been operating as a precision injection moulders
in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK for over 25 years. We operate 19 moulding
machines of varying capacity with a full technical back-up team on site
24 hours a day, producing a diverse range of items from paintbrush
handles to video cases.

Our storage solutions range consists of a variety of products
particularly suited to small part storage applications with an
average of three new products being added to the range every year.

This range lends itself particularly to retail promotional activity
and is available in a variety of colours and packaging options to suit
different markets.

*Powell Plastics
Somerden Road
East Yorkshire HU9 5PE
Tel: +44 148 278 5200
Fax: +44 148 278 5201


Established 1990. Based in Northamptonshire.

Although specialising in the music industry, we also provide cases
for computers, servers, outside broadcasting and marketing.

Over the years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and pride
ourselves in being able to offer our customers hands-on advice
regarding logistic design and usability.

Due to the diverse nature of our customers' requirements, we carry
no stock or second hand items; our flight cases are individually
custom built, and uniquely designed from the highest quality

All our flight cases carry a five year guarantee and can be with
you within five working days from receipt of order.

A flight case made to full flight specifications will be expected
to cope with all the abuse that life on the road can hurl at it.

But if cost or weight is a problem, then Lite Flight could be
your answer. Built to a similar specification, a Lite Flight case
incorporates lower gauge hardware & extrusions, with no compromise
on quality.

As well as the standard aluminium finish (stucco), we can also offer
a full range of coloured hard-wearing laminates. For a top of the
range flight case (full tour), we would use black diamond board as

*R J Flytes
Unit 6
Specialised Assemblies Complex
Higham Road
Burton Latimer
Northants NN15 5PU
Tel: +44 153 672 3451
Fax: +44 153 672 3451


Rhino Rugby Ltd are the World's leading Rugby Equipment Specialists,
established 24 years ago, and are Official Suppliers of Training
Equipment to the 2003 World Cup Champions - England Rugby, Cardiff
Blues, and Bath Rugby. We design and manufacture training and safety
equipment for Rugby clubs, Universities, Schools and Individuals,
and we also provide advertising pitch kits and branding information
for the IRB World Cups, and for all the top Tournament Sponsors,
including Zurich, Heineken , Parker Pen , Investec, Principality,
Prudential and Emirates Airlines.

We have numerous shareholders, who all take a keen interest in the
game of rugby, and they include International Players such as the
former England Captain - Phil de Glanville, and Nigel Starmer-Smith.

Our Board of Directors is chaired by Andy Ripley - of England and
the Lions, and the Company is run by Derek de Glanville and Heather
Quest,. with Tony Brooks completing the Board in a non-executive

*Rhino Rugby Limited
Free post PY2 097
Devon PL19 8ZZ
Tel: +44 182 261 0500
Fax: +44 182 261 6593


As the company enters its centenary year, Rudge & Co have seen many
dramatic changes throughout its history.

Based in the Highgate area of Birmingham, Rudge & Co was founded in
1901 by Mr H E Rudge making solid brass bathroom fittings. Today,
that tradition continues and although the technology has changed
during this period, the style and quality of the end products have
remained the same.

As Rudge & Co continue to conquer America, other areas of export
continue to grow including Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and
Canada. Other projects closer to home have included a recent
refurbishment of a luxurious hotel on Buckingham Palace Road
overlooking Buckingham Palace. Their architects chose Rudge &
Co's brassware for both its wuality and by 'demanding the best
the market has to offer'.

Rudge & Co's Own plating department means that many of the ranges
are available in up to 10 different finishes. Gold plating the roof
of a sikh temple is one of the more unusual projects undertaken by
the team team in recent months.

Rudge & Co are renowned for high quality kitchen and bathroom
brassware and were honoured in March 2001 by a royal visit from
His Highness The Duke of York who unveiled a plaque commemorating
the company's centenary year and central Television completed and
screened a profile of the company's achievement's.

Now estabilished as a leading quality brassware manufacturer,
the company works hard to develop close working relationships with
all its customers old or new.

*Rudge & Co
Rudge House
Leopold Street
Birmingham B12 0UR
Tel: +44 121 440 2633
Fax: +44 121 446 4239


At Scotbench we believe that our clients should get what they want,
without compromise. Why settle for an off-the-shelf solution which
does not fulfil your needs completely? Our design philosophy of
"If it can be drawn, we can build it" results in the right goods
for the right job everytime.

All of our own manufactured benches are made to order and a design
is prepared for the client before we commence manufacture. Our
preferred route is to discuss the application with the client and
then put forward a design together with costs for their particular
requirement.Our clients have found this approach particularly helpful
as it ensures that they get a useful, practical and correct solution.
Our benches can be categorised by the type of work for which they are
required-light duty/ standard duty/ medium duty/ heavy duty and the
specific type of work performed at the bench - assembly/ re-build/
test/ inspection/ analysis.

We would be delighted to assist you with your requirement for
workbenches no matter where your location. However we do not have
personal sales representation in some areas so these enquiries are
dealt with using modern types of verbal and written communication.
Some indeed prefer that we do not make personal visits and we are
happy to liase with them remotely. We do sell successfully to
companies far from our facility without problem and have a long
list of satisfied clients who have chosen this preferred route.
All you have to do is let us know what size/ height/ type/ colour
of benches you require together with a list of accessories you might
want to fit to the benches i.e., Upper shelves, lower shelf, power
rails, drawers, cupboards lighting, tool rails, louvre panels, bin
rails, special fixtures, etc. We can design benches for you if you
feed us with the performance criteria give us an idea of what you
want. In turn we'll send you a quotation based on your reqquirements.

Pallets and Stillages
Similarly, like our benches, opur pallets and stillages are made to
order basing our designs on information we source from our clients.
Our designers and engineering production staff will liase with
clients then produce quotations based on these requirements. Before
we commence manufacture we prepare comprehensive design drawings
showing exacltly what we shall build.

>From a single stillage to specifically designed storage unit,
Scotbench is proud of a wealth of experience together with a broad
knowledge gained over the years to apply to all steel fabrications
for materials handling and storage application. A range of pallets
and stillages is available in a wide variety of capacities while at
the same time we offer a comprehensive design service for those
goods requiring a bit more thought and attention.

All of our products are designed to last. We take our product
quality issues very seriously and would welcome any comments about
our products constructive or otherwise.

Polbeth Industrial Estate
West Calder
West Lothian EH55 8TJ
Tel: +44 150 687 1757
Fax: +44 150 687 3400


Shepley, the award-winning Manchester based PVCu frame manufacturer,
was founded in 1986 and we have since grown to become one of the
UK's leading fabricators.

Offering market-leading PVCu windows, doors and conservatory
systems together with business support services, Shepley provides
specialist home improvement retailers with top quality products
and a total business solution.

In today’s competitive marketplace you can’t afford to gamble with
the future of your business and changing suppliers or switching to
out-sourcing are decisions that, quite understandably, require
careful consideration. Through our experience of working closely
with long standing customers, many of whom have at one time
manufactured their own products, we understand that in the long
-term it is only the partnership approach that will benefit both
installer and supplier. For this reason it is the aim of Shepley
to offer customers:

• A range of market-leading PVCu products specifically designed
to cater for the majority of replacement & conservatory

• Product features & benefits that provide retailers with a real
competitive edge whilst satisfying the needs of the more
discerning homeowner.

• Consistent & reliable quality levels allowing installation teams
to install without the aggravation of unnecessary remedial work.

• Ordering, delivery and enquiry systems that help you to monitor,
manage and keep control of your business.

• Total business solutions including marketing and IT support
services to help your business grow.

• A partnership approach - a friendly, close and open manner of
working with customers.

The Shepley range is the culmination of 17 years of continual
product development through sourcing high quality components and
creating a market-leading range of PVCu home improvement products.
Whether its PVCu windows, doors or conservatories, Shepley has a
policy of continually developing our product specification to
surpass the demands of our customers and the needs of the most
discerning homeowners. By providing superior products, we can
significantly reduce remedials and help you maintain a competitive
advantage in the high street at generous profit margins.

Technically, Shepley's products are impressive, with two 70mm
fully welded and internally glazed window and door systems featuring
multi-point locking, a range of profile finishes, quality furniture
and a wealth of styles and options.

In 2001, Shepley launched our own pre-fabricated conservatory roof
system, which has proved to be a popular addition for an increasing
number of customers who recognise the benefit of buying the whole
conservatory from one supplier. Designed with the customer and
installer in mind, including product innovations ranging from
ornate internal claddings, cast aluminium crestings, factory
fitted components and full pre-assembly prior to delivery - this
hassle-free option offers the convenience of pricing, ordering,
delivery and after sales support from one single company.

We have worked hard over the years developing an ordering &
delivery system that not only double checks details are correct,
but also keeps you the customer informed at all times. When up to
50% of our top customers used to manufacture their own frames
before coming to Shepley, we realise how important it is to keep
the control in your hands. With a dedicated customer service team
having direct access to Shepley’s production and logistic system,
each customer is looked after individually, and enquiries are dealt
with quickly and easily.

We have won many industry accolades including the double of
consecutively winning the Manufacturer and Fabricator of the Year
awards. Proof of Shepley’s ability, through our excellent
production processes, to provide retailers with comprehensive
guarantees and top quality products tested to meet or exceed
the criteria set by the industry’s accreditation’s and standard

Customers need their deliveries on time, every time. That’s why
our transport service continually assess the logistics of the fleet
and plan the most efficient delivery runs for our customers. An ever-
expanding fleet of 42 tonne Scania articulated vehicles ensures that
customer orders are delivered on time, anywhere in the UK.

Our typical customer will normally stand head and shoulders above
most PVCu installers as we actively seek to do business with the
larger, established and reputable firms. The following case studies
provide an insight into Shepley's customers.

With a wide range of expertise gained over the years, nobody is
better placed to listen, advise and, where necessary, supply the
support you need to succeed. Knowledge is the key. With Shepley,
you should no longer feel like a retailer who has got to do all the

Through Shepley’s comprehensive marketing support package, customers
have reaped the rewards of increased sales leads and improved
conversion rates. We recognise that no company is the same and so
we can cater for your individual needs through a tailored marketing
and design service, covering most areas of marketing from advertising
to open-days.

Furthermore, our dedicated IT department can assist in providing
solutions to make the day-to-day running of your business much more
manageable, professional and effective. Providing industry-specific
retail software packages and offering expert advice on matters ranging
from accounts packages to hardware options, our IT consultancy service
is a priceless addition for all Shepley customers.

*Shepley Window Systems Co Ltd
Shepley House
Outram Road
Cheshire SK16 4XE
Tel: +44 161 339 2433
Fax: +44 161 343 3684


'Simpsons' is the trading name of Classic Showers Ltd., an
established family business based in Guildford.

The Company designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of
top quality bath screens, shower doors and enclosures to suit the
most diverse of situations and tastes. For over 20 years we have
successfully produced beautifully designed doors and bath screens,
built to withstand the rigours of modern living.

Our range offers unprecedented quality, manufactured using 5 & 8mm
thick toughened safety glass to BS6206, combined with the strength
of aluminium extrusions. Up to 100% thicker than the average used by
most manufacturers. Simpsons unique seals ensure a perfect watertight
fit. The products are individually built by hand to a very high
specification, which is why the company are able to give A Lifetime

Benefit from our experience, help and advice is available to all
our customers when choosing the ideal shower door, bath screen or
enclosure for your home.

*Simpson Marketing
Unit 7 Riverway Industrial Estate
Surrey GU3 1LZ
Tel: +44 148 330 3711
Fax: +44 148 330 3041


Welcome to Skulls Direct. We are experienced designers and
manufacturers of macabre props for film, TV, display and collectors.
We have new products being added to our product range all the time
so please be sure to bookmark us and to check up regularly to see
the latest designs from our studio!

Skullsdirect has been manufacturing a range of quality reproductions
for many years for museum display, feature film production, theatre
and stage work.

We are now able to offer these products to the private collector.

Our design studio and workshops are based in the UK outside London.
All modeling, mould-making, casting and hand finishing is completed
on site.

All the products are hand finished and inspected to the highest
standards before shipping.

All our products are cast in high density "Herculite". A compound
that is VERY strong and ideally suited to demanding high resolution
casting. Moulds are made in latex from the sculptured original
"masters" and each casting is hand poured and then dried in a
commercial hot air oven. Upon removal from the latex mould each
piece is inspected for quality and then the task of hand completion
begins. This is a process of many stages and includes filling, rubbing
down, detail enhancement and finally the application of the realistic
bone finish by our art department. Click here for details. This
intense degree of individual attention to detail results in each
piece having it's own unique character, making each skullsdirect
piece a true collector's item!

*Skulls Direct
8 Dynevor Gardens
Essex SS9 2RG
Tel: +44 170 247 8251
Fax: +44 170 247 8251


Originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications
Engineering Company), Sony’s roots go back over half a century to
1946 when it was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. In the
crippled post-war Japanese economy Ibuka and Morita made their
living repairing radios and manufacturing small numbers of
voltmeters whilst looking to develop a future in designing and
manufacturing new electronics. Perhaps surprisingly, their first
electronic innovation was an automatic rice cooker. Its success was
limited but it was the first in a long line of innovations which
continue today.

Ibuka and Morita were global thinkers. They realised the need for
a global brand which crossed cultural and language borders in order
to expand the business in the US and later Europe. TTK was already
being used by another company so a new name, Sony, was conceived.
The name Sony derives from the Latin word sonus meaning sound and
the English word sonny-boy - a term used by the Americans in the
1950's to denote a bright youngster.

Although the name of the company was not officially changed to
Sony Corporation until 1958, the first Sony branded product was the
TR-55 transistor radio which went on sale in 1955. This was shortly
followed by Sony’s world first "pocketable" transistor radio. Sony’s
UK history began in 1968 when Sony United Kingdom was founded in
London. Six years later Sony became the first major Japanese company
to open a factory in the UK. Today there are two factories, both in
Wales, at Bridgend and Pencoed, which between them manufacture
broadcast cameras, television sets and components for the UK and
export to other countries around the world. Indeed, Sony was awarded
the prestigious Queens Award for Export on four occasions in the 80s
and 90s. Today Sony UK employs around 4,500 people in functions
including Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing. Sony’s UK Headquarters
are located at Brooklands, near Weybridge, in Surrey, on the site of
the old Brooklands Racing Circuit, just inside the M25.

Sony products can be found just about everywhere in the world.
Together with this global profile comes a global responsibility
towards environmental awareness and action. This is why we address
this issue on many fronts. An internal ecological programme traces
our products and the consequences of their use from conception
through to their final disposal - so that we can learn to minimise
the ecological effects of everything we do. Employee training
increases awareness and dozens of other environmental efforts add
up to a serious commitment to a sustainable environment.

We are also using more environmentally friendly materials when
producing our products. This includes modifying the flame-retardants
we use to make them less harmful in product such as our home video
decks and recorders, DVD players, VAIO laptops and monitors. Some
of our latest DVD players include new glass epoxy, multi-layered
wiring boards containing alternative flame-retardants based on
phosphor and nitrogen compounds which are environmentally friendly.
We are also using recycle-friendly packaging, such as the innovative
"one-piece" box used for Sony VCRs. Developed in co-operation with
Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. the one-piece box was awarded the
WorldStar Award '98 from the World Packaging Organisation.

Sony has adopted the internationally recognised ISO 14001
Environmental Management System. We continually re-assess our
activities and strive to improve our current environmental management
systems. This includes environmental awareness training for our
employees, as well as ongoing evaluations of the ecological impact
and economic performance of our operations. All Sony Manufacturing
sites in the UK are accredited to Environmental Management Standard
ISO 14001 and Sony UK's main office in Weybridge, its Logistics Centre
in Thatcham and Centre in West Drayton are also accredited to ISO
14001. The TV Manufacturing plants in Wales have won many prestigious
awards including the Queen's Award for the Environment and also the
Wales Environment Award.

*Sony Customer Information Centre
Pipers Way
Thatcham RG19 4LZ
Tel: +44 870 511 1999
Fax: +44 870 511 1999


Once upon a time there was a beautiful soap powder called Surf.
And this beautiful soap powder was used by a lot of beautiful women
had kissed many frogs in their time. Surf made sure all these
Princesses stayed clean and bright in their gowns for the princes
that were bound to come along any minute now.

For over 50 years we the makers at Surf have been testing and
improving our detergent for you. We want you and your clothes
looking and smelling yummy. And what a lot of experience we have
to do that!

We know all the right ingredients that need to go in our washing
powder and we've been perfecting the formula over the last 50 years.

Surf stands for everything fresh, clean and bright when it comes
to clothes. We've got all those stains beat and we guarantee to
remove 99 of the top stains. We're that convinced that if you're
not happy we'll give your money back.

We've tried to make it easy as possible for you - we've got 3
luscious fragrances in powder and tabs. No one understands better
than us that you all want laundry time brightened up and there to
be as little hard work as can be. You can give us a ring at any
time if you need help, advice or just want a quick chat.

*Surf Careline
Lever Faberge Ltd
3 St James's Road
Kingston Upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2BA
Tel: +44 080 044 4200
Fax: +44 080 044 4200


Tefal is the world leader in non-stick cookware.

But not only that... Tefal is a global brand of Groupe SEB, a
world leader of small domestic equipment with products sold in more
than 120 countries.

Tefal owes its origins to a Frenchman, Marc Grégoire, and his wife,
Colette. M. Grégoire, a keen fisherman, wanted to make his rod reel
in more smoothly and, in the 1950's, experimented to see if a non
stick coating might provide the answer. It did! But it was his wife
who made the real breakthrough by gently suggesting that coating the
cooking pans would have a more worthwhile application by making them
easier to cook with and simpler to clean.

Now, Tefal is the number one name in non-stick products and small
appliances, operating in over 120 countries.

Tefal remains committed to making household tasks easier and cooking
results better, through a constant flow of new ideas and technology.

*Tefal UK
11-49 Station Road
Langley Slough
Berkshire SL3 8DR
Tel: +44 845 602 1454
Fax: +44 845 602 1454


At Total Laminate Systems, we strive to exceed customers'
expectations. This simple philosophy to business has been our key
to becoming one of the UK's leading laminate fabrication companies.

We manufacture on two sites located in Oxfordshire and Dorset. The
Dorset factory was designed and built, for us in 1999 and is equipped
with the latest Homag panel processing and handling equipment, an
investment of three million pounds.

Our main activities are producing production runs of cut and edged
decorative panels for the furniture, boat building, shop fitting
and construction industries. We also manufacture system products,
such as washroom cubicles, panelling wall systems, which can be
tailored to suit individual requirements and are supplied complete
with all the necessary hardware and fitting instructions. Brochures
and swatches of high pressure laminates, worktops and decorative
melamine boards are available to promote our products and aid in

*Total Laminate Systems
11 Nimrod Way
East Dorset Trade Park
Dorset BH21 7SH
Tel: +44 120 287 7600
Fax: +44 120 286 1638


Custom made iron and steel work from our forge in Kent, Barbeques,
Gates, Railings, Arbours, Obelisks, Rose arches, Gazebos, Pergolas,
Sweeping, Spiral or Straight staircases, Garden Furniture, Bar-B-Q's,
Weathervanes, Candlesticks, Chandeliers, Wall lights, Fire Baskets,
Fire Canopies, Fire Screens, Fire accessories - Trivets, Toasting
forks, log rollers etc, Balconies, Balustrades, Security Grills,
Tables and Chairs, Barbecues, Ornamental wrought iron work.

Be it fine and decorative or robust and functional, good design
and craftsmanship will always bring pleasure to those that rest
their eye on the work of an expert.

Come along to the Village Forge and we can guarantee a listening
ear and a design that suits your style and budget.

The Village Forge is a family run business established in 1975.
The proprietor, Trevor Lewis has thirty five years experience and
specialises in using both the traditional and modern skills. All of
the work is hand made. Items can be forged to any size or
specification, either to the customers requirements or from the
Forge's own designs. A distinctive part of the work is in the
ornamental and architectural assignments as is the repair service

All iron work can be galvanised or zinc sprayed on request for
rust protection, which will be guaranteed for 20 years.

Our traditional forge and skilled blacksmiths specialise in one
-off designs and commissions where all work is carried out to the
highest standards. Whatever your requirements or ideas, from fully
featured traditional wrought ironwork to more utilitarian fabrication.

*The Village Forge
Unit 1C Tenterden Station Estate
Station Road
Kent TN30 6HE
Tel: +44 158 076 4875
Fax: +44 158 076 4875


Polished wooden, and glass surfaces need extreme care and attention
if they are to retain their original qualities of beauty and finish.
Unique folding table pads and mats offer complete protection and keep
tables, sideboards and other hard working surfaces blemish free. The
Unique pedigree based on years of service to British homes, quality
furnishers and department stores, is testament to the quality of our
product. Craftsmanship built into every folding table pad and place
mat that we produce.

Unique folding table pads and mats are heat resistant and water
resistant, with in-built padding to absorb all surface pressure.
They are tailor-made to your specification and you can choose from
a range of colours.

Unique Table Pads and Mats can be produced to cover all household
surfaces including dining tables, serving tables, sideboards and
cabinets. Table pads can also be produced to cover commercial surfaces
including desks, workstations, boardroom tables, drawing boards,
conference room tables (to allow for demonstrations of hard objects).
Table mats and pads have many uses in schools and colleges etc.

*Waterside Mfg (Unique) Ltd
Unit 15
Waterside Mills
Oldham Lancs OL3 7PF
Tel: +44 145 782 9030
Fax: +44 145 782 9015



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