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Google Web
UK Manufacturers - consumer products
Amar Hangers were established in 1994. It was set up as a partnership
as Amar Plastics.

We are injection moulders, predominantly based in the manufacture of
plastic hangers and in December 1998 we became a limited company.

We manufacture a wide range of hangers and have continued to expand our
operations to satisfy the requirements of our ever-growing customer
base throughout the UK.

Our in-house tool making facilities enable us to ensure our designs are
constantly updated and in line with our customers requirements - as
well as making special moulds to our customers' individual

We can help you further promote and enhance your company image by
adding your name and/or logo to your hangers. A lasting advertisement
at minimal extra cost. Printing can be done in hot foil or ink print,
and we will be happy to advise and assist you in choosing the right
design and production method. Complete our enquiry form for further

Ensure that the more delicate fabrics are fully protected by having
your hangers flocked to your exact requirements. Let your customers
perceive the care you take with the display and protection of your
valued products and thereby enhance their value and your company image.

*Amar Hangers Ltd
Unit G
Viceroy Works
Strawberry Lane
West Midlands WV13 3RL
Tel: +44 190 260 7313
Fax: +44 190 260 5936


Animal was conceived back in 1987 by two surfers who were really fed up
with continuously losing their watches in the water due to the straps
breaking under extreme conditions. They came up with a solution in the
form of a webbing and velcro strap that seemed to put an end to their

Setting up 'production' in a back bedroom at one of their mother?s
houses, they began to make small quantities of straps and sell them to
their surfing friends. The money raised paid for surf trips to far
flung spots in Oz and Hawaii where the pair sold more straps to fund
their storm chasing escapades.

The simplicity and rugged nature of the strap made it suitable for
crossing over into other action sports such as windsurfing,
snowboarding, skateboarding, and mountain biking. First and foremost a
functional performance product, the strap became a success and Animal
was born. Before long, Animal started to make sports watches. Aimed at
freesports enthusiasts, they were water-resistant, functional and
looked great on the wrist. These watches enjoyed phenomenal success and
are now a household name.

Animal is now a design-led sports brand, boasting an extensive team of
riders in each of it?s core sports. These are surfing, snowboarding,
windsurfing, mountain biking and kitesurfing. Our 'rider-refined'
programme means all products get tried, tested and tweaked by the
Animal pro team for real rider performance. This ensures that our
products excel in the harsh conditions found in today's active sport
environments. Animal has now grown into one of the UK's fastest growing
action sports brands, producing clothing, watches, eyewear, footwear,
luggage and accessories.

*The Animal House
Justin Business Park
Sandford lane
Dorset BH20 4DY
Tel: +44 192 955 6500
Fax: +44 192 955 6400


Imagine a place, a place where you feel an all over warmth, a quiet
peaceful harmony.

A place so enjoyable you don't want to leave That place is your shower
with an Aquatop 1700.

Aquatop 1700 is that rare product that combines leading edge technology
with basic science to operate something that truely makes a difference,
a working, efficient product that lasts a lifetime and costs nothing to

The Aquatop 1700 has been designed to make the most efficient use of
'Free Flow Condensing' as steam from your shower pases into Aquatop's
cooling chamber 'Free Flow Condensing' allows the water content in the
air to be extracted.

Dry warm air passes into your bathroom whilst the condensed water
returns to the shower.

Aquatop 1700 is one of the most innovative products to come along in
home improvement and will do everything we say it can.

A product that will virtually eliminate condensation save you money on
decoration, deteriation of fabrics and plaster.

A product that saves energy and is childs play to install, no wiring,
no plumbing, no holes in walls.

"It's as Warm as a Steam Shower"
Because Aquatop controls the environment inside your shower, even a
small electric shower unit will feel so much warmer.

Experience the Heat of a Steam Cabinet without the Expense!

A product that each time you take a shower, will give you an experience
of peace and tranquillity you have never experienced before.

Fit Aquatop 1700 to your shower and have the experience of a lifetime.

*Aquacrest UK Limited
Unit 7/8
Haven Light Industrial Estate
Gilbey Road
North East Lincolnshire DN31 5QR
Tel: +44 147 224 1233
Fax: +44 147 224 1233


Founded in 1972 Balcan manufacture a range of safety products, which
help companies comply with Health & Safety, Duty of Care and
environmental requirements.

The Balcan Emergency Life Line (B.E.L.L) is a quick and effective
throwing line, weighing only 6-8oz (200-250g) with a reach of up to 40
metres, a staggering 20 meters further than any other line. We consider
the B.E.L.L to be the most efficient life saving available and should
be carried by everyone. Our most famous rescue was at Niagara Falls
when only the B.E.L.L was able to reach two stranded students.

The Balcan FSL Lamp Crusher range provides the safe and controlled
crushing of all types of lamps. With their mercury content, fluorescent
tubes cannot be thrown away with normal waste. These crushers provide
the safest way of reducing volume into our special SOAKUP Sacks, which
are a simple way of containing and storing the debris ready for

The Balcan CompleteCrush Lamp on-site lamp crushing and disposal
service is ideal for those unable to justify the purchase of a crusher.
The service provides full traceability of waste to help companies
comply with Duty of Care and BS ISO14000 requirements.

The Balcan Bottle & Vial Crusher range reduce the volume of waste by up
to 80%. In addition they allow liquids to be separated from their
glass, or plastic containers which can help reduce their disposal
costs. Some clients have eliminated all of their disposal costs,
allowing the machine to pay for itself very quickly and achieve
considerable savings. These units are available to crush glassware from
4.5litre Winchester bottles, down to 1ml autosampler vials as well as
plastic scintillation vials.

The Balcan Hypodermic Needle DESTRUCTOR chops needles into several
pieces and removes the nib of the syringe to render it unusable.
Accepted by the WHO as the best device of its kind available and
awarded Millennium Product status, the DESTRUCTOR should be used by all
establishments using hypodermic needles to reduce needlestick injuries.
In addition to its Health & Safety benefits, it can save huge amounts
of money by the reduction of the requirement of plastic sharps
containers, which are commonly overfilled and sometimes stolen to be
sold on the black market to drug users.

*Balcan Engineering Limited
Woodhall Spa
LN10 6RW
Tel: +44 152 635 3075
Fax: +44 152 635 2256


The Baxi Fires Division was created in November 2000, with the merger
of two of the biggest companies operating in the home heating market.
Newmond Plc which included Valor, Wonderfire and Morso brands, joined
with Baxi heating Limited, which sold fires under the Baxi and Main

Already the number one fire company in the UK from the Valor,
Wonderfire and Morso brands, the addition of the Baxi brand makes the
newly named Baxi Fires Division even stronger and more dynamic than

Central to the new company's development plans will be new product
innovation and design. The various brands have been pioneers of many
features that are now standard across many products.

In the future it is envisaged that these innovations will come about
faster and in greater quantity than ever before - to give you, our
customers the very best product we can.

*Baxi Fires Division
Wood Lane
Birmingham B24 9QP
Tel: +44 870 606 1064
Fax: +44 870 606 1064


Beaumont manufacture a fabulous range of cast iron radiators and garden

Beaumont is part of a very long established cast iron foundry that
prides itself on the finest quality castings seen anywhere in the world
and that is because each item is individually hand cast in exactly the
same way as many years ago.

>From cast iron radiators to street lamp posts Beaumont manufactures
each item traditionally by hand with the emphasis still on a keen eye
for detail. This gives us quality control of the highest standards.

*Beaumont Products Ltd
Cleves Farm
Warks CV23 8TF
Tel: +44 178 889 9100
Fax: +44 178 889 1671


We are one of the leading companies in the UK making, supplying and
fitting top quality sliding Partitions, folding Partitions and
moveable/folding walls.

Whether your need is division of areas, security or for sound
reduction, Becker has a system for you.

Each product is designed and made to the highest specifications and,
when installed by our team of experienced fitters will give the
appearance and properties of a permanent wall.

Becker partitions has a range of services that can be tailored to suit
your needs.

>From the initial concept we can help you to decide what type of system
and partition that will be suitable. From this initial step we can then
design the product around your needs and supply the final product.

If you decide that you want to install the Partition yourself we will
make the product and then deliver it to you.

If you cannot have disruption to an area during working times, we can
install any beams that are necessary and the Partition during the

If you have any other questions on the design and installation or even
the colours available, please do not hesitate to call.

*Becker (Sliding Partitions) Ltd
Wemco House
477 Whippendell Road
Herts WD18 7QY
Tel: +44 192 323 6906
Fax: +44 192 323 0149


Breamhurst Ltd and Dytran Ltd are sister companies based in
St Helens, Merseyside, UK.

Established in 1970 we have over 30 years experience in manufacturing
and supplying water based dispersions world wide.

Breamhurst Ltd manufacture a range of carbon black dispersions for a
wide variety of industries. These products offer not only high tint
strength but also specific properties such as high conductivity, low
sulphur content etc for specific applications.

Dytran Ltd are manufacturers of sublimation heat transfer printing inks
predominantly for the textile printing industry.

Both product ranges are offered with full technical support and where
possible we are happy to look at product modification to meet
customers' specific requirements.

Breamhurst Ltd manufacture a range of aqueous carbon black dispersions
for use in various industries.

Dytran Ltd manufacture aqueous sublimation heat transfer printing inks
for use in Flexo, Gravure and Screen printing applications.

Dytran dispersions are formulated for use in aqueous and
aqueous/solvent systems.

We currently produce a range of 21 shades including fluorescent and
deep penetration colours.

All products are supplied in 5kg and 30kg packs.

*Breamhurst Ltd & Dytran Ltd
Gorsey Lane
Clock Face
St Helens
Merseyside WA9 4SE
Tel: +44 174 481 1208
Fax: +44 174 482 0004


The British Connection Ltd is part of The Magic Group Of Companies. The
Group operates from its’ 17000 Sq Ft HQ facility in London, as well as
branch offices in Dubai (UAE) & India.

Established in 1995, The British Connection rapidly established itself
as a leading supplier of Quality Baby Layette to some of the largest
and most renowned multiple retailers in Europe. The list includes
Premaman (Belgium), La Halle Aux Vetements (France), Tout Compte Fait
(France), Metro stores (Denmark) and many more.

Through the strategic expansion of the group’s core product range, The
British Connection in tandem with their sister company Magicwell Ltd,
successfully expanded their respective apparel portfolios in 1998, to
incorporate Children’s Wear and accessories.

Through the implementation of a focused expansion strategy the group
have assembled a talented team of Designers & Quality Controllers. A
team who have contributed immeasurably towards our success.

*The British Connection Limited
150D Coles Green Road
London NW2 7JL
Tel: +44 208 453 7373
Fax: +44 208 453 7383


1932 Caldwell Investments incorporated as a Limited Company.

1995 Caldwell fully listed as a Public Limited Company on The London
International Stock Exchange.

1996 Caldwell invents and patents the Ninaclip.

1997 first Ninaclip product, the Nina Baby Parasol, launched at the
Kind and Jugend fair in Cologne.

2002 following the success of the Ninaclip family of baby parasols,
Caldwell decides to further exploit the unique attributes of the
Ninaclip and invents and patents their new integrated sun canopy, the

In addition to the exciting new developments based on the Ninaclip
invention, Caldwell continues it’s involvement in international trading
in basic non fashion cotton underwear.

*Caldwell Investments Plc
647 Roundhay Road
West Yorkshire LS8 4BA
Tel: +44 113 235 0632
Fax: +44 113 235 0792


Cambridge Traditional Products was set up in 1979 by Primary school
teacher and beekeeper, Adrian Perkins, having discovered an original
19th. Century recipe for beeswax furniture polish, using natural
ingredients. Using some beeswax from his hives, he made some polish to
this recipe, and found that it obtained a superb silky finish on all
kinds of wood, which out-performed all the products of the modern
industrial chemist.

So he took a deep breath, wrote a letter of resignation to the
Education Authority, and started work on his new business.

Now, more than 20 years later, Cambridge Traditional Products is
supplying this wonderful polish to over 1,000 shops and wholesalers in
the UK, distributing to a dozen or so countries worldwide, and has
expanded its product range.

With the current concern for the environment, and the movement away
from synthetic products, Cambridge Traditional Products is the natural
choice when you require products based on traditional recipes, using
natural ingredients, tried and tested over generations.

*Cambridge Traditional
1 The Maltings
Mill Field
Cambridge CB4 8RE
Tel: +44 195 425 1380
Fax: +44 195 425 1387


Carepac offers a huge range of packaged household, personal,
stationery, DIY and haircare products to outlets throughout the UK.

Stands are maintenance-free and tailored to suit your requirements.
They are fully adjustable for height and available in half and one-
metre widths.

They are convenient for customers and occupy a small space.
You will be advised on the siting of your stand by the Carepac
representative who will call at times to suit you and merchandise it.

Over 700 products are available from a range of household, personal
care, haircare, stationery and DIY.

All products are packaged, bar-coded and priced ready to sell. All you
have to do is take the money.

1 Regal Way
Oxfordshire SN7 7BX
Tel: +44 136 724 0736
Fax: +44 136 724 2625


Challs is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high performance,
specialist household cleaning products sold under the Buster and Max

Both Buster and Max brands are well known in the marketplace for their
consistency of quality, reliability and effective pricing. Products can
be found in supermarkets and independent hardware stores.

Set up in 1994 and expanding fast, Challs International Ltd is a
dynamic privately owned manufacturer of fast moving cleaning products
for homes and gardens.

Based in the UK, the company has a modern manufacturing, warehousing
and distribution centre to provide the best in quality, both in
manufacture and customer service. Included in the customer base is many
of the UK's leading retailers across the DIY, hardware and grocery
market sectors.

*Challs International Ltd
P O Box 7
Suffolk IP7 6DH
Tel: +44 870 603 0420
Fax: +44 870 603 0420


Manufacturer of central heating towel warmers for the plumbing and
heating industry.

*Cotswold Warmth Limited
Kerioth House
55 New Road
Herefordshire HR7 4AL
Tel: +44 129 927 0000
Fax: +44 129 927 1818


Creative Healthcare Limited are manufacturers of the renowned IMPEY
brand of showering and drainage products.

We are a progressive, expanding company manufacturing and distributing
specialists bathroom equipment for special needs and domestic use. We
are now nationally respected for innovation in bathing and showering

Design and planning: Starts with us listening to you, your needs and
suggestions which are then translated to our in-house technical team.
Drawings are made along with patterns and working models to test
practicality and reliability.

Quality manufacturing: All products are manufactured to the highest
standards, with rigorous testing and quality control. Every item is
traceable and carries warranties of up to 10 years on certain

Working with you: We work very closely with Local Authority
Departments, Architects, Housing Associations, Occupational Therapists
and Private Individuals. Advice is always on hand from our technical
staff who are ready to help at all times.

*Creative Healthcare Limited
Conquest Business Park
Cad Road
Near Ilminster
Somerset TA19 9EA
Tel: +44 146 025 6080
Fax: +44 1460 25 9800


Manufactures the Toilet Nanny and novelty product.

The "Toilet Nanny" comes in boxes of 40 products (and cases of 8 boxes)
Each box is supplied with a free flat-packed counter display unit.

*Cybernanny Ltd
P O Box 21100
Stirling FK8 1XP
Tel: +44 700 596 4557
Fax: +44 700 580 1448


Dartington Glass as it was originally called was established in 1967,
in Torrington, Devon, as a manufacturer of quality glassware.

Since then it has developed and evolved many ranges of crystal and
glassware based on its key skills of design and glassmaking.

The story began in the 1920's at the beautiful Dartington Hall when a
wealthy American heiress and her Yorkshireman husband; Dorothy and
Leonard Elmhurst founded the Dartington Hall Trust.

Based at Dartington, near Totnes, South Devon, their original vision
was to assist the economic regeneration of rural areas through a
combination of enterprises spanning business, education, the arts and
country crafts.

The Dartington Hall Trust soon became a multi-faceted concern with a
diverse range of interests from cheese making, carpentry, farming,
forestry and education through to the conducting of research into rural

During the early 1960's, it became evident to the Trust, that to the
north of the county there was an ever-increasing demand for new
industry due to population migration to the cities. This depopulation
and the lack of employment for young people were the basis from which
the idea of a glass-making factory evolved.

In order to provide the expertise required for this enterprising idea,
the Trust recruited the first Managing Director, Eskil Vilhemson, from
a Swedish Glass manufacturer, who in turn recruited a team of
Scandinavian glass blowers and brought them to Devon. The factory was
officially opened in June 1967 when it employed just 35 people.
Over the following years, glass blowing skills were taught to English
craftsmen, working originally to Scandinavian designs and later to the
work of British designers. Many of the original glass blowers remained
in Torrington and have been a key strength over the years in developing
Dartington Crystal into the leading name in English crystal.

Offering simple classic designs relevant to the current lifestyle,
Dartington Crystal quickly established an unrivalled reputation for
design leadership and fine craftsmanship.

Much of this success is attributed to the original Design Director -
Frank Thrower. Franks designs combined functionality with beauty - a
quality that still endures in our products today. He was also an
ingenious salesman and rapidly developed availability of Dartington
products throughout the UK and many other countries. This success
allowed expansion of Dartington’s hand making skills at the Torrington
site, which has also become a leading West Country tourist attraction.

The many prestigious Design Awards made to Dartington are recognition
of design excellence that has been nurtured with the best new design
talents available. In 1971 the Sharon Champagne Flute won a place in
the Victoria and Albert Museums top 100 designs. Like Sharon, many of
the company’s original product designs from the 1970's continue to be
ever-popular choices in today’s Dartington Crystal range.

As the Dartington Crystal business and its reputation for beautiful
products has grown so has its list of high profile clients. Unique
commissions from the worlds best known corporations include British
Airways, Cartier, Coca-Cola, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Tiffany.
Dartington have also been approached to produce work for well-known
individuals. The Company supplies many members of the British Royal
household and has many UK and international celebrities as proud owners
of Dartington Crystal.

*Dartington Crystal Limited
Devon EX38 7AN
Tel: +44 180 562 6255
Fax: +44 180 562 6263


Today's entertaining is all about relaxing with friends, and Denby
helps you drop the formalities. Distinctive designs and sophisticated
colours help you create just the right atmosphere, and reflect your own
personal taste. And why shouldn't you have the satisfaction of using
quality products everyday?

Denby tableware is exceptionally versatile and durable, and safe for
use in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer, giving years of
continual use.

Our aim is to match our customers' requirements for style and quality
in tableware. We watch trends in eating, interior design and fashion
closely, to bring you products that are up to date and reflect the way
people live today. In our range you'll also find elegant classic
colours that are always in style.

Our products are carefully made and checked in Derbyshire, in England,
using the best combination of craftsmen's skills and technical
knowledge. Each piece is unique, and goes through 25 pairs of hands
before reaching yours - but our glazes are harder than steel and our
preparation and recycling of raw materials is state of the art.

We are proud of our quality - and of the nearly 200 years we have been
working in ceramics.

Our history begins in 1806, when a seam of clay was found at Denby
during the construction of a road to link the industrial towns of
Derbyshire. William Bourne, a local entrepreneur, examined the clay and
recognised its exceptional qualities.

Production of salt-glazed pottery was started at Denby in 1809 and
William gave the onerous task of running the business to hisyoungest
son, Joseph.

Known as 'Joseph Bourne' the pottery prospered and soon built up an
international reputation for its quality bottles and jars. These
bottles held anything from ink, polish and medicines to preserves and
even ginger beer.

Salt glazing was a popular method of decorating stoneware at this time.
Common salt was thrown onto the kiln fires when the embers were at
their hottest. The salt vapour combined with the surface of the pot to
produce a shiny brown surface coating.

Times were changing and in the late 1800's glass bottles became less
expensive and replaced ceramic containers. Denby Pottery diversified by
extending its kitchenware range and developed richly coloured glazes
which were to become Denby's trade mark.

By the 1920's Denby's functional kitchenware (from pie dishes, jelly
moulds and colanders to 'hot water bottles') could be found in many
homes along with decorative vases, bowls and tobacco jars which were
all stamped 'Danesby Ware'. This was the generic name given by Denby
Pottery to all its decorative and giftware ranges.

In the 1930's 'Electric Blue' (shiny blue) and 'Orient ware' (matt
blue/brown) became classic giftware ranges and today are popular with
collectors. Kitchenware became more colourful with Cottage Blue, Manor
Green and Homestead Brown - all of which remained popular until the early

Radical steps to change Denby's product range were taken in the 1950's
when the pottery became predominantly a producer of tableware (ranges
now included cups, saucers and plates). Denby continued to employ the
best designers to ensure the transition was successful and this
expertise produced such best sellers as Greenwheat (1956), Echo and Ode
(1950's), Studio (1961) and Arabesque (Samarkand in the USA - 1964).

The 1970's brought a revolution in 'oven-to-tableware' - Denby's
striking designs and practicality alleviated the need for separate
cooking dishes and more decorative plates for serving. Denby could
withstand oven temperatures and Gypsy (1971), Troubadour (1971),
Cotswold (1973) and Romany (1970's) all graced the 1970's table with

By the 1980's 'casual dining' became more popular and ranges such as
Imperial Blue and Regency Green were able to fit into both formal
entertaining and family gatherings.

We continue to build on this proud heritage with our contemporary
ranges such as Juice, Energy and Reflex which reflect today's informal
style. We owe much of our present success to the skills of earlier
generations of craftsmen. Most importantly, Denby has not lost sight of
the reasons for its popularity as generations have grown to expect
leading designs combined with a tradition of quality and durability.

*The Denby Pottery Co Ltd
Derbyshire DE5 8NX
Tel: +44 177 374 0899
Fax: +44 177 374 5081


EPSON (UK) Ltd. is a European sales and marketing subsidiary of the
Seiko EPSON Corporation , a global manufacturer of printers, computers,
watches and other technology products. EPSON products are designed for
a wide range of customers in business, government and the home.

EPSON's history spans over 100 years with a heritage that began in
watch making and led to the invention of the world's first quartz watch
along with many other technology "firsts".

EPSON (UK) Ltd. is responsible for a number of international sales
territories outside of the U. K. and is increasingly pursuing pan-
European policies and making an active contribution to shared European
ventures which are coordinated at Seiko EPSON's European headquarters
in Amsterdam.

EPSON is one of the world's largest producers of printers and
manufactures POS printers for a wide variety of tasks. The experience,
which results from the sale of more than 200 million POS printers and
printing mechanisms, is built-in to all our products. Due to our wide
range of printer products, you can be sure to find an EPSON printer
that fits perfectly into POS application.

"With our robots, we want to make your production more efficient and
reliable. To this end, we offer you comprehensive support. Utilise our
expertise and our long years of experience."

Campus 100
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP2 7TJ
Tel: +44 870 241 6900
Fax: +44 870 241 6900


Fernox are Europe's leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial
water treatment products. Founded in 1964 Fernox has established an
unmatched position within the water treatment industry through
research, product development and a customer focused strategy.

Our aim is to deliver cost effective, high performance solutions to all
central heating and water problems.

We continually drive to improve the quality of our products and
services and to deliver technical leadership to our customers.

Fernox have developed a range of products to help maintain the
efficiency of central heating systems and to ensure their long term
protection against the damaging effects of corrosion and limescale. The
Fernox range of protection and restoration products helps meet the
recommendations of the Benchmark code of practice, and Part L Building
Regulations, facilitating both pre-comission cleansing and exsiting
system cleansing and protecting.

Limescale remedies, leak sealers, repair products and general plumbing
sundries complete the Fernox product range, all designed to deliver
industry leading solutions to plumbers and heating engineers.

Fernox is the UK's market leading brand of domestic and commercial
water treatment products. Fernox provides the perfect answer to prevent
scale and corrosion, thus maintaining the efficiency and extending the
life of any system.

Extensive research and development has resulted in a range of products
to protect the home against the damage that water can cause. This range
includes protective products such as central heating protectors,
limescale preventers, anti-freezes and sterilisation kits, together
with remedial products such as central heating cleansers, limescale
removers and leak sealers. Quick-fix products then complete the range
for emergency repairs.

Fry Technology specialises in the production and sale of high quality
solder alloys and fluxes supplied for a wide spectrum of industrial
applications. A significant proportion of these products are designed
for the plumbing industry for use in domestic and industrial systems.
Its comprehensive range of highly effective solders and compatible
fluxes is designed to produce perfect joints, quickly and cleanly ?
whilst meeting health and safety and environmental requirements for
potable water supplies.

Cookson Electronics
Forsyth Road
Surrey GU 21 5RZ
Tel: +44 148 379 3200
Fax: +44 148 379 3201


The company has been in existence since December 1989 and is associated
with other wholly owned technology companies including high technology
computer companies within the group. If you are looking for quality
networks or computers then FONEcandy will be pleased to pass on your
information to other FONEcandy Group member companies to help you.

We specialise in Business Phones as well as general retail Mobile

FONEcandy Inc. UK is based in the heart of the UK for strategic
purposes of distribution due to the excellent road networks from base

*FONEcandy Inc
Link House
Leek Road
Stoke on Trent ST2 7AH
Tel: +44 178 253 7000
Fax: +44 178 254 4810


We are London's leading specialists in simulated fur coats, designing
and manufacturing exceptional quality jackets for traders throughtout
the UK

13 Queensway
Middlesex EN3 4SE
Tel: +44 208 805 5055
Fax: +44 208 805 5055


We design and manufacture wire goods and have been established for over
thirty years. We manufacture a wide range of wire products for a
variety of applications. Traditional skills are employed alongside
modern machinery to provide an efficient, cost effective, quality
product that meets customer requirements. There is no difference
between large or small orders, both are equally welcome and we give
every product the same care and attention to detail.

We specialise in problem solving and offer a customised design service.
We would be pleased to work on your behalf to produce the right concept
to meet your needs.

Prototypes are skilfully and economically made using a variety of
skills, tools and materials to meet the customer's specifications.
Close involvement with our customers ensures that the final product
meets with their exact requirements.

*Gold Bros Ltd
Arches A, B & C
408 Ellingfort Road
London E8 3PA
Tel: +44 208 985 7926
Fax: +44 208 985 7294


As manufacturers of wine kits and beer kits, Hambleton Bard - founded
some 25 years ago - is one of the oldest and most established homebrew
suppliers in the world. We started in the 1970's as manufacturers of
beer kits using only high quality malt, hops and yeast. Beer making was
our main business for many years. We developed and patented our unique
homebrew beer kegs (pressure barrels) and the CO2 system at the same

In the 1990's we started our own manufacturing of wine kits from high
quality grape concentrates and specialized in two types : high quality
slow fermenting and superfast, extreme ones. We spent a considerable
time sourcing the best grape concentrate factories and the best grapes
available for home winemaking and we designed ultra tight quality
control procedures right from the first production day. It was well
worth the effort - we are now the leading quality producer in Europe.

We are currently growing fast on the export markets. With many new and
exciting homebrew products planned, we welcome export enquiries.

We are specialists in extreme turbo yeasts for home distilling, super
quality wine and beerkits and of course our patented kegs for

In the UK we produce turbo yeast, beer kits, homebrew kegs and
accessories. We supply the UK wine and beer homebrewing market through
wholesalers and selected retailers.

We have one of the most modern production lines for wine kits, located
in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where we mix different grape
concentrates, adjust sugars and acids etc before pasteurising and filling
into containers ready to be packed into the final box.

Quality control is one or our cornerstones. This is where all our grape
juices are checked before being approved for our products.

Hambleton Bard UK are experts in fermentation technology, we
manufacture the famous Alcotec range of superyeasts as well as extreme
high alcohol yeast types, essences, activated carbon, extreme winekits,
beerkits and everything else for your extreme beer, wine or wash
homebrewing. Wealso manufacture and supply accessories like kegs,
airlocks etc - in short - we are a full range homebrew manufacturer.

*Hambleton Bard
Unit 3A
Hartington Industrial Estate
Staveley S43 3YF
Tel: +44 124 628 1800
Fax: +44 124 628 0700


In the late 1980s, oil was virtually the last choice for central
heating fuel where mains gas was not available. Oil was perceived as
dirty and smelly. The boilers themselves were large, unsightly and
noisy. Hedley Mickleburgh, using his 20 years' experience in the oil
heating industry, set out to design a boiler that would overcome all
these difficulties. The result, after years of research and
development, was the unique Wallstar.

The invention of the Wallstar finally allowed people without a mains
gas supply to truly realise the benefits of oil central heating.

In 1990, Hedley joined forces with Jon Sapey to form the HRM Boiler
Company. The superb design of the Wallstar boiler, coupled with
Hedley's innovation and Jon's management and marketing skills quickly
established HRM as the market leader in compact oil fired domestic
boilers. To this day, the Wallstar is unequalled in design, quality and

Wallstar is cleverly designed so that the combustion equipment (burner,
oil lines etc) are housed behind the boiler within the thickness of the
house wall. This makes the boilers quiet, odour free and very compact.

Even though the Wallstar is ultra compact in size there has been no
compromise on the efficiency of the unit. In fact HRM Boilers Ltd has
been so successful in the design of high efficiency boilers that it has
been awarded a $250,000 Research and Development project in conjunction
with the Department of Trade and Industry, through their S.M.A.R.T.
(Small Firms Merit Award for Research and Technology) scheme. The
objective of the project was to dramatically increase, even further,
the efficiency of oil fired equipment without any significant extra
cost to the end user.

During the late 1990s, most of HRM's competitors introduced combination
boilers (combis). In response to the trend towards this type of
product, the company produced the Wallstar Combi. It was, and remains,
the only through the wall oil fired combi boiler on the market.

Increasing pressure to save fuel and protect the environment led the
Government to introduce new regulations on the energy efficiency of
homes in 2002. This presented HRM with yet another challenge - to
further increase the efficiency of their already highly efficient

More research and development led to yet another breakthrough in heat
exchanger design. Using the new design, HRM increased the efficiency of
their boilers by more than the required minimum to remain the market
leaders in this type of product.
The future

The future is bright for HRM and all those involved with it. The newest
addition to the Wallstar range is the Wallstar System boiler - the only
through the wall system boiler currently available. In addition to this
HRM is launching a new range of floorstanding oil fired boilers, named
"Weybourne". The first of this range of non-condensing domestic boilers
has a whopping nett efficiency figure of 93.6% - the most efficient
boiler of its class. Larger output models are due for release by 2004.

HRM Boilers continue to constantly research and improve upon oil fired
boiler technology, with more new and original products scheduled for
the next three years.

*HRM Boilers Limited
Haverscroft Industrial Estate
Norfolk NR17 1YE
Tel: +44 195 345 5400
Fax: +44 195 345 4483



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