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Google Web
UK Manufacturers - casting - machining - metal working
HP Inman manufacturers of quality precision pressed components and
suppliers of engineering sub contract services.

Originally established in 1972 HP Inman, through continued investment
in plant, machinery, personnel and training are able to provide a range
of engineering services second to none.

Flexibility - From concept through to completion we are renowned for
providing total flexibility and whether it's a one off job or a
production run of many thousands, customers can always expect the
same high levels of service and attention.

Diversity - Innovative, problem solvers HP Inmans have extensive
experience in manufacturing and supplying products ranging from small
precision components manufactured to tight tolerances right up to much
larger heavy duty and specialist applications. Suppliers to market
leaders in both the automotive, and aerospace industries HP Inmans
are able to provide cost effective solutions.

Quality - Through the use of experienced and highly qualified
engineers and the application of rigorous quality procedures we
are able to guarantee that all of our products are manufactured
to exact specifications. Accredited to ISO 9002 and working towards
an Investors in People accreditation HP Inmans are committed to
continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Research - HP Inmans have the capability and resources required
to design, develop and manufacture prototype applications for both
functional and aesthetic review.

*HP Inman & Co Ltd
Lower Clough St
Lancs BB9 8PQ
Tel: +44 128 261 3144
Fax: +44 128 261 2505


Established in 1850 William Hustler & Sons Limited have acquired
vast experience in all types of metal fabrications.

One-off innovative designs provided by our experienced engineers,
manufacture and supplied to your specialised needs.

The Capacity
An expansive range of facilities serving fabrication, repair and
modifications within our 20,000 ft2 works.

*William Hustler & Sons Limited
Unit 'A' Hollin Park Court
Off Upper Carr Lane
Leeds LS 28 5NB
Tel: +44 113 255 7884
Fax: +44 113 255 7899


The Home Of Metal pressings Full In House Toolmaking & Design
Facilities. The company was formed in 1980 and has grown by word
of mouth within the local area, based on quality and service.

We operate mainly H.M.E. power presses up to 100 tons with air feeds
and electric coil holders.

Working with ferrous - non ferrous & plastics. Producing all types
of pressings and sheet metal sub assemblies including drilling -
tapping - and assy work.

We are very competitive doing both large and small batches.

We have a fully equipped toolroom comprising of modern machines
and a full range of up to date inspection equipment.

We design & develop tools from drawings samples or your ideas.

"From conception to production we will try to ease the load."

*Lenic Engineering Ltd
24 Cradlehill Industrial Estate
East Sussex BN25 3JE
Tel: +44 132 389 6783
Fax: +44 132 349 1416


Lund Bros. & Co. Ltd. established in 1898 are one of the oldest Sheet
Metal Working Companies in Britain today.With a workforce of over fifty
employed at our two factories in Rustington, West Sussex, we have
undertaken an investment programme that ensures our ability to keep
pace with technological advancements. From the initial design concept
to the finished assembly Lund Bros. & Co. Ltd. pride themselves on
their working relationship with their customers.

Using modern CNC machinery, dimensional tolerances are maintained
throughout the manufacturing process. We believe that our programming
systems are second to none allowing an ever decreasing lead time from
the initial enquiry to the finished product. Having our own transport
we are not reliant on outside contractors, ensuring a reliable delivery

Specialising in enclosures for the electronics industry, Lund Bros. &
Co. Ltd. has built up a fine reputation as a leading manufacturer of
all types of Sheet Metal work. Our customer list includes the leading
companies in the Electronics and Aerospace Industries who require top
quality products at a competitive price. Lund Bros. & Co. Ltd. take
quality seriously and as part of that commitment all our welders are
Lloyds coded and Certificates of Conformity are available on request.

Lund Bros & Co. Ltd. offer a complete Sheet Metal Design Service. Our
skilled designers can transform customer design concepts into
economical and practical products. Three Dimensional Rendered Images of
conceptual designs can be produced for product visualisation.

The Company is happy to quote prototype and batch quantities of Sheet
Metal Work, Fabrication Work, Machining and Assembly. With the
exception of plating, most finishing is undertaken on site giving
complete control over the manufacturing cycle.

The Board of Directors of Lund Bros. & Co. Ltd. recognise that
the quality of products and services are essential to success
in business and the Company is committed to meeting customer's
quality requirements.

The Board also recognise that it is uneconomic to inspect quality
into products and therefore wishes to adopt assured methods of working
in order to obtain a 'right first time' culture.

Everyone within the organisation is responsible for the quality
of their work and quality must be the prime objective of all
Management. In order to achieve this, Lund Bros.& Co. Ltd. will
develop, implement, enforce and provide resources to establish
and maintain an effective Quality Management System that will include:-

Timely delivery of materials and services which are of a consistent
quality and in compliance with customer specification / contract

The identification of quality problems and suitable corrective /
preventive action.

Minimal waste.

Quality Assurance - in the form of regular reports, reviews and
records available to customers and third party assessment bodies.

Enhancement of the Company's reputation.

The Company recognises the importance of its employees in achieving
its business aims and therefore operates a planned system of training
within the Quality Management System, to ensure that the necessary
skills and motivation, exist at all levels in order to meet the
Company's policy objectives.

*Lund Bros & Co Ltd
Brookside Avenue
West Sussex BN16 3LF
Tel: +44 190 378 4242
Fax: +44 190 378 7126


We are pleased to offer a complete machining service for batch
quantities, one off's, prototypes, jigs and fixtures or complete
assemblies, with full technical support including a design service.
Let us be your machine shop.

M J Raven & Son machine shop have pleasure in offering the following
engineering services.

Engineering Machine Shop
CNC Lathes capacity 200 dia x 500 between centres
CNC Mills capacity 250 x 750
Machining Centre capacity 500 x 500 x 500
Centre Lathes capacity 300 dia x 1900
Full traceability of materials
Certificates of conformity (if required)
Design and build of jigs and fixtures
Full skilled labour force
Full technical backup

*M J Raven & Son Ltd
Unit 22 Patricia Way
Pysons Road Industrial Estate
Kent CT10 2LF
Tel: +44 184 386 6676
Fax: +44 184 386 6070


MC Engineering provides a modern, complete sub-contracting sheetmetal
service to a wide variety of industries, truly a 'one stop shop'

We offer a full planning and costing service along with advanced
CAD/CAM design, development and production facilities.

If your requirements are for laser cutting, CNC punching or bending,
painting, welding or complete sub assemblies, manufactured to ISO/BSI
standards then MC Engineering can offe competitive prices for large
and small production runs.

*MC Engineering
Unit 401
Axcess 10 Business Site
Bentley Road South
Darlaston WS10 8LQ
Tel: +44 121 568 6671
Fax: +44 121 568 6671


Welcome to our 10,000 sq ft custom designed, Metal Spinning Complex,
which houses our designated state of the art workshops our principle
activities in the Aerospace, Nuclear and pharmaceutical areas where
we manufacture precision spun, close tolerance components in Nimonic,
Inconell, Hastaloy, Titanium and Stainless Steel's.

In addition to this our general/commercial metal spinning cell
manufactures an extensive wide range of components in all materials up
to 2 metres in diameter. To further compliment our extensive range of
specialist services our Historical & Vintage section specialises in the
re-making of replacement parts of bygone years.

Please take some time to learn more about our unique & knowledgeable
customer services offered by one of the most successful companies in
this field over the last 26 years.

As soon as you enter the Metspin complex you will notice the many
different ranges of the metal spinning process in progress. Silver and
pewter goblets are sculpted by an artistic craftsmen, air conditioning
canopies and Venturis, measuring 8ft in diameter, pass by 'en route' to
the despatch area.

Jet engine intake and exhaust cones are formed in inconel and nimonic
steel by highly skilled craftsmen operating state of the art CNC
spinning lathes.

In a normal working week there is so much specialised work going on
performed by dedicated technicians who have individual specialities.

You could see a vintage car headlamp shell take shape in one workshop
alongside a traction brass chimney top for a 1890 steam traction
engine, a brass window bezel for a historic Victorian steam ship period
and Edwardian gas lamp shades and covers.

Whatever your interest in metal spinning production you can be sure of
a warm personal welcome if you wish to visit the Metspin factory and
inspect the 'end product' yourself.

Our continued investment in the latest state-of-the-art computer
controlled metal spinning forming machines allows us to offer a
complete in-house service to all our customers. We cater for a wide
range of clients, offering them all a high quality service as well
as high quality components.

>From the outset, Metspin invite you visit us to discuss your
requirements. This can help to fully evaluate the economics of your
requirements, and in many cases, due to new technology innovations,
find that the required components can be produced extremely cost

Metspin can assist from the initial design stage and also undertake
the entire tooling design and produce prototypes for customer's
evaluation before moving into full production output. Our range
of services include spinnings up to 1.8m in diameter.

Specialist finishing services are available, including lasercutting,
painting and polishing so that the component is available for immediate

Throughout the year our vintage and veteran restoration and
refurbishment facilities are continually being put to the test.
Museums, private restoration and preservation societies make their way
to our doors bringing with them their parts that they hope we can

Recent achievements cover such items as a brass embellishment that
adorns the top of a chimney stack on a magnificently rebuilt traction
steam engine, petticoats for steam trains that have been extensively
rebuilt, brass window bezels for canal boats and steamships, period
copper and brass gas lights, cooking and baking utensils for period
film sets, nose cone spinners for historical aircraft preservation

We ourselves derive great pleasure in being able to provide a unique
service working from old faded drawings, or the remains of a component
researching its history of manufacture working alongside many other
skilled craftsmen, who in themselves all have one thing in common - the
love of bringing back to life and recreating the past marvels of
Britain's great engineering heritage for all future generations to

If you have a project that you are involved in then give us a call as
we may be able to assist you in some way.

Our highly specialised precision metal spinning unit manufactures
components for the Aerospace, Marine and Nuclear Industries.

Our continued investment in the latest state-of-the-art computer
controlled metal spinning forming machines allows us to offer a
complete in-house service to all our customers.

Having attained ISO 2000, Metspin Ltd. are one of the few companies to
have achieved some of the most coveted Aerospace Approvals, awarded to
us by major UK-European prime aerospace suppliers to the M.O.D.Many of
the UK's leading Aerospace and nuclear waste industries look to Metspin
for their metal spinnings.

*Metspin Ltd
Southbourne Industrial Estate
Clovelly Road
Hampshire PO10 8PF
Tel: +44 124 337 3712
Fax: +44 124 337 4219


Established in 1989, an independent, privately owned Steel Foundry,
situated in the heart of the Black Country, Micron have been able
to build upon a wealth of specialist experience in the manufacture
of over 80 different Steel alloys.

We offer a versatile service to a vast range of end users.

Micron maintain a policy of continuous investment in production and
process control, utilising the latest flow coating technology for self
setting sand mould and core manufacture, cutting edge refractory
solutions, modern induction furnaces and laboratory resources.

Our metallurgical expertise is always at hand to provide the best
advice for material selection, casting design, heat treatment, and
mechanical properties.

We pride ourselves upon not only our ability to produce a variety of
steel alloys guaranteed to meet national and international standards,
but also in the manufacture of “custom made” alloys designed to enhance
the specific physical property requirements of the application or

*Micron Alloy Castings Ltd
Platts Road Industrial Estate
West Midlands DY8 4YR
Tel: +44 138 439 3247
Fax: +44 138 444 4860


The company was originally set up in December 1985 as Midas
Manufacturing by the Managing Director Mark Lock and since then has
been through various corporate changes during its growth to continue
to meet its customer's needs.

Midas Technologies employs time served tradesmen, including
apprentices, and has an annual turnover in excess of 2 million. It
has been a BS EN ISO 9002 Registered Company since 1990. The Company is
now registered with the Loss Prevention Council who are part of The
Building Research Establishment.

The company designs, manufactures and installs bespoke fabrications
and plant for a wide range of industries. We offer computer aided
design facilities and undertake sheet metal work, fabrication, welding
(including coded for pressure vessels and CNC orbital pipe welding),
machining, fitting, assembly and site installation work.

Here at Midas Technologies we have 17 years experience of providing
quality metal fabrications and special projects. We regularly receive
testimonials from clients such as Perkins Engines who on completion of
their new engine test facility said...

"We appreciate the high standard of work carried out by Midas on this
project. Your input has been significant and critical. Your work has
been timely and your partnership approach has led to significant
savings enabling other project needs, you should be proud of your

We work with leading Architects and contractors to Supply exciting
metalwork features including:-
Canopies (HMV Oxford street photo), feature staircases,
Balustrades (incl glass), interior fixtures & fittings, sculptures
(photo), signage, public bars.

We manufacture process vessels, storage tanks, filters, Special purpose
machinery, chutes, hoppers, conveyors, Skid mounted packages, CO2
bottom injection systems, general fabrications. We are also able to
provide refurbishment of machines. CNC orbital pipe welding.

Motor bogie refurbishment equipment, pinion and gear pullers (photo),
general fabrications, armature cleaners, hydraulic stands. Exhibition
vehicles & trailers (photo)
New: Road rail vehicle adaptions.
Fire & water resistant electrical & mechanical enclosures.

Working with our & our clients designers we have made Cardan shaft
guards, cooling system pipe work, plenums, heat exchangers, flow rigs
(photo), fuel rigs (photo), Environmental suction & discharge units,
general fabs and special project work.

Fabrication of scrapers, tanks, pipe work, ultra filter skid packages
(photo), High security access covers (photo), water bowsers, sample
points, special projects.

*Midas Technologies (GB) Ltd
Unit A Roundhouse Close
Eastern Industry
Peterborough PE1 5TA
Tel: +44 173 334 2600
Fax: +44 173 334 6672


Many years expertise in precision turned parts and a well trained,
highly skilled workforce provide the grounding for MSP to develop new
techniques and processes.

The company commits considerable time and resources to the
investigation of new technologies both to ensure that we retain our
position at the forefront of the industry and to meet the changing
needs of customers.

Ever tighter manufacturing schedules due to the need for rapid JIT
response is just one of the customer-driven demands which MSP has
embraced. Others include 'zero defects', Advanced Quality Planning,
and a policy of continuously improving on excellence.

As a partner to help achieve your business objectives, both in product
performance and standard of its service, MSP is unrivalled.

One of the leading producers of high volume precision turned parts
in the UK, supplying most industries.

Capacity ranges from 6mm to 57mm diameter on Wickman multi-spindles,
and up to 65mm on CNC machines - ideal for small batch qualities.

Parts manufactured to ISO9002 standards, in steel, brass and aluminium.
A one stop shop for finished parts, with large secondary operations
area capable of handling most production procedures.

Reduced production cost for customers, thanks to specialist technical

A quarter of total production supplied to worldwide markets.

*MSP Turned Parts
Roman Way
West Midlands B46 1HG
Tel: +44 167 546 9100
Fax: +44 167 546 3699


MWA International Ltd has been manufacturing welding electrodes
since 1974. ‘Mactrode’ is the registered trademark symbolising
our range of welding electrodes manufactured in Great Britain.

We have recently re-developed our Nickel Alloy range for welding
Inconels, Monels, Hastalloys & Nimonics within the nuclear, chemical,
and petrochemical industries.

Our qualified metallurgists enable us to formulate all types of
electrodes, and using our own, on site, spectrometer we are able to
analyse and certify all electrodes.

Wear is one of industries biggest enemies and each year enormous
amounts of money are spent replacing worn or broken parts. It is to
reduce this vast drain on profits that our range of welding electrodes
has been designed.

Nowadays the active life of fatigued or worn parts can be extended, in
some cases doubled or even trebled, by either overlaying or rebuilding
with special weld metals. Such weld metals will contain properties
producing results far out-reaching those of the original base metal.
The savings not only drastically reduce the cost of plant, but also
allow extended production time without unnecessary interruption.

*MWA International Ltd
P O Box 17
West Midlands WS10 0AB
Tel: +44 121 556 6366
Fax: +44 121 556 5566


Osprey Metals was formed in 1974 to develop and licence its
technologies for the production of gas-atomised metal powders spray
forming technology and spray formed products. The company now uses
these technologies to manufacture an extensive range of alloy powders
for use in many applications and a range of controlled expansion,
spray-formed products in Si and Al alloys (Osprey CE Alloys) for use in
electronic applications.

Since 1985 Osprey has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sandvik
Group of Companies and therefore benefits from the resources of a
worldwide manufacturing and marketing organisation.

Gas atomised metal powders in any size range from 1-250 microns
Many years of production experience, combined with R&D resources,
create the ideal facility for the development of powders and atomising
technology, tailored specifically to customers' requirements.

We operate comprehensive argon and nitrogen gas atomising production
facilities, supported by ongoing research and development into the
fundamentals of the atomising process.

Accredited ISO 9001 standard (BS5750 part 1)

Quality assurance for production and research activities to the highest
internationally recognised standards.

'State of the Art' gas atomising technology.
Continuous development of products and the process.
Licensees, world wide, producing high quality spheroidal powder.

We manufacture the widest range of gas atomised metal powders in the

The applications for Osprey powders is as diverse as the product range.

*Osprey Metal Ltd
Red Jacket Works
Millands Road
Neath SA11 1NJ
Tel: +44 163 963 4121
Fax: +44 163 963 0100


Our tube and section cutting is based on a high level of expertise
that has been built up over the last 50 years. We pride ourselves in
the high level of quality and service that we have provided in the past
and are continuing to provide today.

We are equipped with the following cutting machines.

1. 6 fully automatic Circular Saws with 8 speed heads enabling any
type of material to be cut in any form (i.e. Tubes, Solids or
Sections) These are equipped with shell jaws to ensure thin
walled tube is cut without deformation.
2. fully automatic mitre cutting Saws enabling angles to be cut
with maximum efficiency
3. fully automatic band saws for cutting large diameter material
4. hand operated saws with facilities for cutting interrupted
perforated tube to exacting tolerances
4 Blade Grinding Machines

Due to the large cutting capacity we are able to turn your work
around in days rather than weeks or months. Sometimes this can even
be reduced to hours.

The Board of Directors and senior management are fully committed
to providing the highest standards of service, products and workmanship
to its Customers. In support of this, our Company systems and control
methods have been designed specifically to comply with the requirements
of ISO 9001:2000. Working to this Quality System is mandatory within
The Patent Ferrule Company Limited and all resources required to ensure
compliance and complete customer satisfaction will be provided.

Everyone in the Company team is fully trained and aware of their
quality responsibilities as well as our objectives in terms of customer
satisfaction and continual improvement; regular management reviews of
our Quality Management System ensure that all quality issues are dealt
with at the highest level. Continuous in-house monitoring of our
performance helps us to ensure we provide a service certain to give
complete satisfaction to our Customers. In addition to this we will
seek our customers perception of our performance and act upon these

We will provide high quality products and a prompt and efficient
service to our Customers. By means of this policy, coupled with
competitive pricing, we will maintain and expand our business.

In order to achieve the above we will endeavor to continually improve
the Quality Management system. As well as our customers requirements we
will ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory and legal
requirements for the products we provide.

*The Patent Ferrule Co Ltd
Units 1, 2 & 3
East Moons Moat Industrial Estate
Alders Drive
Worcestershire B98 0RF
Tel: +44 152 752 8925
Fax: +44 152 751 0533


PBJ Pipe Fabrication Ltd are experts in all aspects of fabrication
engineering. We complete work ranging from steel and metal buildings
to spiral steel staircases and fire escapes.

We are capable of working on a variety of materials including:
aluminium, mild steel castings, stainless steel and plastics.

Any job is considered from minor repair of castings to major plant
refits, steel structure work to all aspects of pipe work. We are large
enough to accommodate the most complex of tasks but small enough to
care for our clients on a one to one basis.

Expert pipe fabricators, structural steel fabricators and specialist
welders since the formation of the company in 1999, PBJ Pipe
Fabrications has provided a comprehensive range of pipe fabricating,
welding and pipe fitting with a nation-wide coverage with the highest
of standard and a service commitment, which is fast and effective.

We offer both in house and on site service for welding repairs, pipe
fabrication or structureal steel fabrication. We are fully conversant
with all types of pipe work systems i.e. gas, steam, air, water and
high-pressure requirements, also light medium and heavy fabrication
work. We also fabricate structural steelwork and site erection, and
general fabrication.

Our specialist welders are qualified and coded to the highest level,
therefore, we are able to handle welding of all materials including
exotic metals. We are fully conversant with current health and safety
requirements The company realises that speed of response is essential
and is often the critical factor in winning or losing work as is
completion of work within company deadlines and recognising this factor
we always strive to reach the customers needs.

Please bookmark this page and should you feel that you might require
our services in the immediate or distant future, please do not hesitate
to contact us, your enquiries would be welcomed and valued.

*PBJ Pipe Fabrication Ltd
Unit 6
Irlam Industrial Estate
Liverpool Rd
Tel: +44 161 736 5650
Fax: +44 161 736 5650


RT Metal Services is a sheet metal fabrication company situated in
the north east of Scotland. It is a partnership which has been trading
for over 20 years.

Since our conception we have built our reputation on our sound
innovative stainless steel fabrication.

We have a wide variety of clients which span many industry sectors
including pharmaceutical, automation, distilling and food and drink
processing / packaging. We pride ourselves on manufacturing anything
that is required for any sector, fabricated to your needs.

Our ability to work in close partnership with our clients continues
to forge long-term relationships, often as preferred suppliers, with a
number of major companies from various industries.

We have unrivalled experience and expertise in delivering products
that are a perfect match to your requirements.

RT Metal Services meets the needs of todays companies by combining
the best materials, a first class trade finish and a delivery date
that you can rely on.

Over the past 18 months we have been involved in an initiative
with Angus Council specifically the Dog Wardens, to develop and
construct a Dog Bin that can stand up to the abnormal behaviour of
today's society.The Dog Bins have been out in circulation for 15 months
and not one Dog Bin has had to be replaced. Through working to a
preferable specification set to us by the Dog Wardens we have developed
a Dog Bin that is Vandal Proof, Rust Proof, Fire Proof and Firework
Proof. Set out below is a description of various parts of the bin and
some corresponding advantages.

The bins are manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel meaning it is rust
proof even in coastal areas. Each one is powder coated red giving added
weather protection and making identification easy. They have a powder
coated stainless steel hinge unit and Galvanised Steel insert holding
plate with Stainless Steel Screws giving a double layer of protection.

The post unit is a powder coated mild steel material and has a rubber
lid stop to guard against finger nip when opening lid. Each post is
fitted with cement bar for ground fixing and extra Stability.

In addition to the Dog Bin Unit itself we can also provide all warning
signs which are powder coated white then receive a bright clear print
of warning. And the Fixing Band, Buckles and Hand Clamp Machine which,
secures the signs and makes them virtually tamper proof.

As well as the above bin R T Metal Services can also supply a
Galvanised Metal Liner to fit inside the Retriever Type 60 Plastic bin
giving it added protection.

We at R T Metal Services have no reservation in saying that the Dog
Bin we have produced is the best available product not only for its
operation efficiency but for the extremes for which it can withstand.

And this has been proven in public areas over the past 15 months.

If you would like to discuss the Dog Bins further or would like to
view a sample bin then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

*R T Metal Services
Unit 3
James Chalmers Road
Kirkton Industrial Estate
Arbroath Scotland DD11 3LR
Tel: +44 124 187 7208
Fax: +44 124 187 8586


Welcome to S W Fabrications, manufacturers of high quality sheet
metal work and light to medium fabrications. The company was formed
in 1989 and has been working from day one with various top quality
product manufacturers and service providers in industries such as
computer aided tuition, textiles, motor manufacturing, nursing,
residential and institutional organisations, and local district
councils. We have also undertaken projects third party for various

The company’s present site is at Healey Road, Ossett on a well-
maintained and secure site. At the present time, the production team
numbers 10 and the office team numbers 2. Staff are constantly on hand
to assist and initial enquiries are dealt with either myself, Dean
Crossland, or my partner Andrew Stubbs. Our premises are 7000 square
feet and are extremely accessible for easy transportation of goods,
both in and out.

We pride ourselves, as a small company, on our excellent standards
in customer relations and care which leads to speedy negotiation or
order. This in turn results in prompt production times and delivery,
which maintains customer satisfaction. We can offer a comprehensive
delivery service by using our own transport fleet or outside
contractors, depending on size and manageability.

We are frequently asked to look at projects which require third party
working, for example machining parts, bearings and drives, and we only
use the best suppliers and components.

*S W Fabrications
Thornes Lane
Wakefield WF1 5QJ
Tel: +44 192 433 0230
Fax: +44 192 433 0237


Cable, ties, tie, clips, buckle & pressings - metal ty-rap - Metal
electrical wire buckle clips tenby wiring clips and bespoke precision
pressings. Pressed metal components and stampings. These are a few of
the products manufactured at Saren Engineering pressworks Birmingham
West Midlands England United Kingdom Great Britain UK. We would be
pleased to submit our proposals for all your metal pressing

Saren Engineering Limited offers: The production of bespoke pressed
metal parts and components, light assembly products, electro
mechanical assembly, tapping and riveting work, bolted and screwed
sub-contract assembly and spot welding assignments.

Saren Engineeering pressworks also offers a high quality branded
metal pressings range of electrical wiring fasteners cable ties uk
tie and buckle/Tenby clips and are designed for both light and heavy
duty applications for strength and reliability.

Saren Engineering Limited recognises the individual contribution of
all its employees and is committed to expand their capabilities.

Employee awareness, perception and 'Pride in their Work' generates
customer satisfaction and excellence of the overall performance.
This 'formula' has produced a company that 'Competes with Confidence '
Investment in MRP and SPC are part and parcel of a strict cost control
system. Facilities like:-

Route Planning, Directing all stages of Production
Shop Floor Loading, Capacity Control
Management of work in progress and quick changeovers
Efficient turn around of orders
Key shop floor data retrieval

Benefits the Company's customers with economical solutions to low
as well as medium to high volume production.

Saren Engineering Limited is aware that the performance of its
management and workforce in regard to cost efficiency, quality
of workmanship, on time delivery, response to customers, active
communication and processing of orders to agreed programmes, is of
crucial importance to its customers.

For this reason the finest technical skills and equipment are
being brought together to provide their 'Customers with Permanent high
standards of performance, zero rejects, high quality pressed parts and
components, and the guarantee of complete customer satisfaction.

*Saren Engineering Limited
43 Great Lister Street
West Midlands B7 4LW
Tel: +44 121 359 4890
Fax: +44 121 359 6951


Securerail Limited UK is a leading balustrade and handrail
manufacturer, founded in 1996,operating from their own purpose
built factory and offices near York. The company offers a complete
service to include initial advice, detailed specifications and
production of in-house AutoCAD drawings for clarification of

Balustrade and Handrail Manufacturing is carried out within the
company's UK based purpose-built factory to offer cost effective
solutions that only the availability of in-house resources can achieve.
Being centrally located installations throughout the UK present no

Securerail manufacture and install the complete balustrading package
to meet a variety of demanding architectural applications including
bespoke designs, structural glass balustrades and the Sleekline System.
We are able to produce very basic low cost fabricated systems including
bespoke designs to structural glass balustrades and the Sleekline

Sleekline Railing is a proprietary system that is manufactured by
Securerail at its purpose-built factory to a tested specification.
Thoughtfully engineered with concealed joints to avoid unsightly welds
and feature clean line connections, Sleekline is offered in stainless
steel, polyester coated mild steel or combinations of both.We are
expert balustrades manufacturers and steel handrails manufacturers
and take great pride in our work.

We are also able to manufacture and install a range of other
Architectural fabrications including Entrance Canopies and Staircase
Structures thereby being able to offer a full package of Architectural

*Securerail Limited
Unit 16
Swordfish Way
Sherburn in Elmet
Leeds LS25 6NG
Tel: +44 197 768 1683
Fax: +44 197 768 1684


The company traded as Southway Engineering Company for 36 years and
was incorporated as Southway Engineering Cornwall Ltd. in September

During this period it has developed primarily into a quality
Stainless Steel fabricator with a "blue chip" customer base
specialising in supplying complete packages of engineering support
to those customers.

In the main, our customers are market leaders in the food
processing industry and the variety of worked performed for them
has included mixing vessels, platforms, walkways, conveyors, cyclones
and guarding systems.

In many cases, the package supplied has included design, manufacture
and installation.

At present, the company employs 20 people and the skills at shop
floor level cover metalworking in mild steel, stainless steel and
aluminium, coded welding in stainless steel and a small machining
facility as an aid to assembly of the end product.

A capacity exists to guilotine up to 3 metres of 6mm thick mild
steel and 5mm thick stainless steel. Thicker materials can be cut
with either of two plasma cutters.

In folding capacity, the company has a 3 metre x 80 tonne press
brake, a 2.5 metre Hydrofold machine and a 50 tonne power press.
The utilisation of this facility is aided by own manufacture of
the necessary tooling.

Punching and perforating is facilitated by use of a Strippitt
machine with a digital readout and a duplicating arm together
with various fly-presses.

Complimenting the above is a Pullmax nibbling machine, 3 sets
of rollers of varying sizes up to 1.25 metres x 6mm plate, a vertical
bandsaw, a horizontal bandsaw, a circular cut-off saw and an abrasive
cut-off saw.

In addition to our coded welding capability, we can offer to our
customers certificates for pressure testing and material control.

Southway Engineering offers a wide range of services including:

Metalworking in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
Coded welding capability
A small machining facility
Guilotine up to 3 metres of 6mm thick mild steel and 5mm thick stainless
Thicker materials can be cut with either of two plasma cutters.
Folding capacity, the company has a 3 metre x 80 tonne press brake, a
2.5 metre Hydrofold machine and a 50 tonne power press
Punching and perforating is facilitated by use of a Strippitt machine
3 sets of rollers of varying sizes up to 1.25 metres x 6mm plate, a
vertical bandsaw, a horizontal bandsaw, a circular cut-off saw and an
abrasive cut-off saw.
Pressure testing and material control

*Southway Engineering
Station Road
Kelly Bray
Cornwall PL17 8ER
Tel: +44 157 938 2261
Fax: +44 157 938 3935


Speedweld Engineering are specialists in all types of welding and
fabrication. We offer an individual service to both the private
and commercial sector. Long established, we pride ourselves with
the quality and craftsmenship of all our work.

Architectural Metalwork design and fabrication offering a unique
service manufacturing to individual specification. Our work has
included commissions from the Brewery and Leisure Industry.

If it's gates or railings, a dream architechtural focal point for
your home or that much loved old car restored to its former glory or
just made road worthy to pass the MOT, please contact us and we shall
be happy to discuss your requirements however big or small.

*Speedwell Engineering
Unit D
Parsons Farm
Farley Hill
Berkshire RG7 1UY
Tel: +44 118 973 2500
Fax: +44 118 973 2500


Situated on the outskirts of Stafford near to junction 14 of the M6,
we occupy 16,000 sq. ft and are equipped with modern welding and
fabrication equipment. We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to aid with
design and jig manufacture etc.

Our experience in welding and fabrication covers a wide range
including structural aluminium for the stage lighting industry,
pressure vessel work in stainless steels, aluminium and carbon steels,
general fabrications, One-offs, batch work and reclaimation work in a
wide variety of materials. Our welders are currently coded to BSEN
287/288 for the welding of aluminium grade 6082 T6.

Both the company and the workforce are approved by RWTUV, we are
of course prepared to code to other standards and materials where
appropriate. We are well acquainted with the demands of production
and maintenance today, our approach is flexible, we are willing to
tackle short lead times and deadlines.

One our main activties is the manufacture of aluminium stage
lighting truss systems and associated components, which are
predominantly exported into Germany. These range from small
lightweight structures often used in TV studio's, exhibitions
and conferencing, through middleweight systems typically used by
touring bands or in auditoriums, to larger heavier systems used to
stage large outdoor events.

Aluminium welding and fabrication has been at the forefront of our
business from the beginning.

*Stafford Engineering Fabrications
St Patricks Street
Staffordshire ST16 2PN
Tel: +44 178 522 0922
Fax: +44 178 521 3338


Our ambition is for continued growth and profitability created
through long term business partnerships that allows for involvement
in design and process for manufacture that generates genuine cost
savings and increased profitability for all involved.

The competition in steel fabrication is extremely fierce with many
good companies in our sector, only the best businesses will continue
to succeed.

As a good supplier we produce quality products, delivered on time
at the right price.

Our current long term business partnerships which help convey this
fact include

JCB Excavators : Alstom T&D : Unipart : Boalloy : Clive-Smith Cowley :

In addition to quality, delivery and price we always look at
the product requirements and its current manufacturing process - our
goal is to achieve genuine cost savings for our clients. It is our
philosophy that if we can help to increase both of our companies
profitability, there are long term benefits for both parties.

*Staffordshire Forgemasters Ltd
Unit 1B & 1C
Ring Road
Chasepark Industrial Estate
Chase Terrace
Staffordshire WS7 8JQ
Tel: +44 154 368 3378
Fax: +44 154 368 5051


Welcome to, the one stop construction industry's shop
window for buyers, specifiers and users of light gauge steel building
components manufactured in accordance to BS2989.

If you are revamping offices, headquarters, clubs, hotels or
leisure centres, you can purchase direct from us.

Don’t fumble through out-of-date publications, simply submit
your "labour wanted" Ad to Fixers Corner, the free, up-to-date
classified section, or submit your resume if you are looking for

Fixing tool manufacturers and suppliers are more than welcome
to advertise and promote their specialist fixing equipment at

In locations where security is paramount, Steel Stud galvanised
Palisade Fencing deters and provides maximum protection from intruders.

*Steel Stud UK
Chatto Road
Devon TQ1 4UE
Tel: +44 180 331 6161
Fax: +44 180 332 6663


Stockport Sheet Metal has been established on the same site for more
than fourty years. Our commitment to producing only the best product
has lead to the purchase of three new CNC controlled machines. An AMADA
Aires 245 Turret Punch Press, an LVD Shape 80 tonne Press Brake with a
2.5 metre opening and full computer graphics, and a Megaform 30 tonne
Press Brake with a 1 metre opening.

The press brakes and the turret punch press have improved our service
and delivery performance. Our prices which are competitive due to
efficient working practices and low overheads, have been further
enhanced by these developments.

We manufacture:

Operating theatre housings
Laboratory cabinets and housings
Housings for the health and beauty industry
Lifting gear subassemblies
Enclosures and brackets for the fibre optics industry
Brackets and noise shields for the heavy truck industry

*Stockport Sheet Metal
Manor Works
Coronation Street
South Reddish
Stockport SK5 7PH
Tel: +44 161 480 5988
Fax: +44 161 477 0771


Sutton Castings - a complete service from prototypes for the project
engineer to complete sub - assemblies for the assembly line, backed
up by many years' experience and extensive quality controls.

Discussing your casting requirements with us at an early stage of
any project will ensure that we can help you to keep your cost's
to a minimum.

Sutton Castings has been making high quality aluminium castings
for over 30 years. These castings are supplied either raw or machined
for a variety of applications including heavy goods vehicles, offshore
lighting, railway equipment, mixing equipment, textile, chemical
and glass machinery, extraction and ventilation equipment.

Our customers rely on us to supply castings of the highest quality.
Our comprehensive range of machinery, machine tools and equipment,
backed up by a high level of technological expertise at all levels
within the company, ensures that we provide a flexible efficient and
prompt service.

Our experience in casting and engineering means that we can become
involved in a project from its initial design stages through to
prototypes, trials and on to full production of either raw castings,
fully machined and finished parts or sub-assemblies and final

*Sutton castings (Macclesfield) LTD
57 Roe Street
Cheshire SK11 6XD
Tel: +44 162 542 5911
Fax: +44 162 561 3633


Located in Malmesbury, Britains oldest borough, Sweetnam & Bradley
Ltd.,are sheet metal work specialists with a long and extensive
history. Our speciality is producing sheet metal components to
customers individual requirements, with technical help from our
experienced staff being available from the design stage to completion.

A comprehensive range of modern CNC press brakes of up to 50 tons and
2.5 metres,gives the company an impressive bending capacity.

CNC punching machines give our production process the speed,
accuracy and flexibility which our customers demand.

The Radan CAD/CAM facility ensures that setting down time is

For larger production runs our toolmaking department can manufacture
dedicated tooling for use by our power press section.

A wide range of stoved wet and electrostatic powder finishes can
be applied by our skilled staff. We also have a firm base of approved
plating sub contractors who we visit on a daily basis.

Items that require screen printing are printed in house by our
own skilled staff.

We deliver to customers by our own delivery vehicles wherever
possible to ensure a reliable and damage free service.

We believe that our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification proves
our commitment to providing the highest quality service possible.

Our approval testifies to the comprehensive nature of our quality
management procedures, but the true measure of the quality of our
work is given by the many national and international companies who
have been ordering from us on a regular basis for many years.

*Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd
Industrial Estate
Gloucester Road
Wiltshire SN16 0DY
Tel: +44 166 682 3491
Fax: +44 166 682 6010


We provide precision section bending and plate rolling services to
the engineering and building industries.

We pride ourselves on our rapid response, reliable delivery and
our very high levels of quality.

We work in partnership with you, offering advice and ensuring each
job is fulfilled to your complete satisfaction.

We are versatile, experienced and professional, and always keen
to approach projects that provide a challenge.

As well as bending and rolling, we provide machining, weld preparation,
welding, drilling and coating services.

Our capacity allows us to handle tubes, hollow sections and sections
right up to 610 x 229 x 140 kg/m on the x-x axis.

*The Section Bending Company
Houghton Rd
North Anston
Sheffield S25 4JJ
Tel: +44 190 955 0080
Fax: +44 190 955 0114


Established in 1985 V&F Sheetmetal are a sub-contract engineering
company manufacturing sheet metal products for the Lighting and
Electronics industries. Using the very latest in CNC technologies
to continually improve our performance we have become very competitive
and responsive to our customer's needs. Able to receive and send design
data as either DXF or DWG formats we can assess designs very quickly
for ease of manufacture. Also, we have a company wide production
management software system which allows all enquiries from quotation
to invoice to be traced and costed. This enables you to have confidence
in receiving an accurate price for new work and a consistent high level
of service.

We specialise in the manufacture of sheet metal components required
by the lighting industry including gear boxes, reflectors, spheres,
600 x 600 modules, 2D gear trays, fibre optics housings etc. With many
years experience in the Lighting industry we have all the tooling and
knowledge to manufacture cost effective products at the required
quality level to give you a competitive advantage.

Specialist sub-contract fabricators for the Lighting and Electronics
industries. Typical work for the Lighting industry includes projectors,
gearboxes, reflectors, 600 x 600 modules, fibre optics units etc.
and for the Electronics industry 19" rack mounted equipment,
enclosures, membrane front panels etc. With constant investment in CNC
production equipment, CAD/CAM and production management software a
very competitive and flexible service is offered. With over 18 years
experience of manufacturing V&F Sheetmetal are your first choice for
design evaluation, CNC punching, bending, press work and fabrication.
Small batch work up to volume tooled production can be accommodated
within our manufacturing facilities.

*V&F Sheetmetal Co Ltd
Unit 22 Mitchell Close
Segensworth East
Hampshire PO15 5SE
Tel: +44 148 957 7786
Fax: +44 148 988 9008


Garden trellis, gazebos, bandstands, columns, friezes, railings and
balustrading are some of the bespoke products designed and manufactured
by Victorian Lace, a family run business based near Chichester, West
Sussex, with 15 years experience in providing high quality aluminium
and metal products to both individuals and businesses in Sussex,
Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Victorian Lace specialises in decorative architectural metalwork
in traditional designs, cast in high-grade aluminium, which when
powdercoated will never rust, offering maintenance free long life.

Touring this website will show the type of decorative architectural
metalwork products we have produced. Whether you are looking for a
gazebo, bandstand, trellis panels, columns with corners and frieze or
railings and balustrade, these can be manufactured to the highest
specification in our workshop near Chichester, West Sussex. We also
offer a delivery and installation service which is available in Sussex,
Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Additionally, we have available both 2.5m and 5.0m mobile bandstands
which can be trailerised to any location. The 2.5m bandstand can be
incorporated into our Hexibit modular staging system which is ideal
for anything from weddings, garden parties to a concert stage or
corporate hospitality Champagne Pavilion.

*Victorian Lace
Unit 2
The Forge
Lockgate Road
Sidlesham Common
West Sussex PO20 7QE
Tel: +44 124 364 1963
Fax: +44 124 364 1767


Established in 1820, in Stockport, Cheshire, UK, W. H. Crossley Ltd.
is a sub-contract metal fabrications company, making to customers
specifications in a wide range of metals and forms.

In 1993 major investments in CNC fabrications processes enabled
W. H. Crossley to offer companies from many industries both highly
specialised fabrications and high volume, close tolerance products
and components.

In July 1998 W. H. Crossley bought out a competitor company in
Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK, and now operates from the two sites, giving
the company a greater coverage of the North West region of the UK and
more than doubling the capacity.

The two sites have very similar facilities. The ability to move work to
the other site in the event of breakdown or over capacity gives greater
flexibility to meet customers pressing requirements.

Standard drawings are manually input, or downloaded via modem link
or floppy disk. After tool-up and layout, parts are downloaded to the
CNC machines in the fabrication workshops. Job progress through the
workshops is closely monitored by the computerised production control

Goods are inspected, checked, palletised, labelled and delivered to
customers schedules.

Design Improvement and Value Engineering

Our engineering department will work with your design department
and suggest ideas that will reduce cost by simplifying the
manufacturing process and content of your product.

Prototype Service and Product Development Assistance

Skilled engineers will take your ideas and sketches and turn them
into product for evaluation and continue the development to market
with you. 3D colour illustrations of your concept can be produced for
presentation purposes.

Complex Fabrications

Our skilled engineers can design, develop and produce sophisticated
fabrications from concept to fully tested product. Examples of this
are particularly to be found in the transport industry, much of which
operates in a safety critical enviroment, typically vehicle control
cabinets, desks, underfloor frames and galley equipment.

Design and Build

A growing area within the company is the design and installation of
the cleanroom and ancillary furniture. The modular concept is capable
of meeting the most stringent standards of clenliness and a virtually
unlimited range of design requirments.

Product Assembly Facilities

Capabilities range from the simple assembly of point of sale units
through to fully wired and tested electrical cabinets. Typical examples
include train control equipment such as drivers desks, cab backwalls
and power distribution looms.

*WH Crossley Ltd
Worrall Street
Cheshire SK3 9BE
Tel: +44 161 480 2461
Fax: +44 161 474 7360


Woodcroft Engineering was formed by the present managing Director Mr
John Gath.

The company has expanded over the last 50 years and currently occupies
buildings in a company-owned site of 10 acres, being conveniently
situated in the heart of England adjoining the Midlands motorway
network and having easy access for heavy transport.

>From its inception, the company has been involved in the manufacture
of high precision components for the aircraft, automobile and
development engineering industries.

Frequently our knowledge and expertise assist in rectifying problems
at the planning stage of important projects and in the development
and manufacture of many major components.

Woodcroft Engineering is approved by NQA to BS.EN.ISO.9002 and hold
supplier accreditations for Rolls-Royce PLC. CQC103, FR Hitemp - Power
and Control Ltd. (formally GEC Marconi Aerospace Ltd), Hymatic
Engineering, Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering, TRW - Car Braking Systems
and ArvinMeritor - Heavy Duty Braking Systems.

It is the company`s policy that with the combination of trained
committed staff and modern equipment, the responsibility for quality
can be maintained from the:

Initial stage of production where by all incoming goods are channelled
through the Goods Inwards section where they are inspected or otherwise
verified as conforming to the specified requirements.

In - Process Control where by procedures and instructions are followed
to effectively control / monitor manufacturing process activities in
the factory designed to detect any adverse quality trends at the
earliest possible time to minimise or prevent production of defective

Final Inspection and Testing of components are carried out in
accordance with the requirements laid down by specifications, drawings
and customer requirements.

Woodcroft Engineering supplies a precision engineering and solution
solving service to the aerospace, vehicle and vehicle component
industries, covering prototype and development work through to quality
production requirements.

Considerable experience and skills have been developed in the machining
of a wide range of materials to include nimonic, titanium and light
alloys as a result of working in these industries.

Frequently our knowledge and expertise assist in rectifying problems
at the planning stages of important projects and in the manufacture
of many major components.

With the continual investment of high tech machines and equipment
and keeping up to date with production techniques allowing the
manufacture of the right product at the right time.

Woodcroft Engineering has continually invested in high tech
facilities, keeping up-to-date with production techniques allowing
the manufacture of the right product at the right time.

Our plant gives a wide scope enabling to produce both large and
small components from prototype to large production requirements.

With a turning capacity of 725mm in diameter and simultaneous 4
axis machining up to 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.5 meters in volume.

*Woodcroft Engineering Co Ltd
Rugby Road
Nr Coventry CV8 3GG
Tel: +44 247 654 2285
Fax: +44 247 654 2615


Established in 1991, Woodseats Engineering has gone from strength
to strength providing presswork, fabrication and product design to
businesses large and small.

We develop tailored solutions based on each client’s specific
requirements by drawing from our vast capabilities, industry
experience and proven methodologies.

Our end to end service provides you with a central source for all
your press work needs, our vast range and capabilities makes Woodseats
Engineering one of the most diverse and competitive manufacturers in
the UK.

If you are looking for a service which is not listed below please
do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements - we can
develop tailored solutions to satisfy your needs.

General Engineering Presswork, Special Washers, Light Assembly Work
Manufacture of Prototypes, Flat Spring Work, Electrical Components,
Production Drilling/Tapping, Press Tool Design and Manufacture, Railway
Parts, Hand Finishing, Promotional Pressings, Machine Finishing, Ladder

*Woodseats Engineering
Unit 3
Canal Works
Cadman Street
Sheffield S4 7ZG
Tel: +44 114 279 6143
Fax: +44 114 279 6143



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