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UK Manufacturers - casting - machining
Javelin Tools, specialists in design and manufacture of injection
mould tools, was established in 1983 and progressed naturally into
plastic injection moulding two years later. In early 1997 we started
production in our second site in Camberley, Surrey, bringing our total
manufacturing area to 33,000 square feet.

We have a range of latest microprocessor controlled injection
moulding machines from 22 tonnes to 480 tonnes including 2-shot.
The Javelin group is a leader in the design of tooling and moulding
of plastic components for a wide range of industries.

Javelin Plastics is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 with additional
quality processes and procedures that have been approved against
the rigorous standards laid down by our customers.

We provide cost effective quality mouldings which are delivered on
time from our 70 machines that run 24 hours a day.

>From the highly complex to the straightforward, components can be
moulded in a variety of thermoplastic materials, including Nylon,
Noryl, LCP, Polyester, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene,
ABS, Acetal, TPES, PES and PTFE, and where practical the use of
reprocessed materials. We are also able to colour these materials
if required by liquid, powder or masterbatch methods.

At Javelin Tools we design and manufacture injection mould tools
from your component designs and ideas. We welcome the opportunity
of being involved at the component concept stage to help develop
the design for tooling manufacture and 'mouldability'.

We are also able to finesse our tool designs with the use of
'Moldflow' software that can visually and statistically predict
cavity fill, weld lines and gassing, to ensure repetitive and accurate
production of injection mouldings. All this can be colour printed
or e-mailed.

We have the capacity to build every conceivable type of tool from
prototype to full-blown hot runner multi-cavity tooling capable of
producing sample quantities to millions of parts.

The proximity of the Toolroom to production and close interdepartmental
liaison, plus a company culture focused on low lead times and maximum
quality of service means that modifications and repairs are effected
quickly. Because we build the tools, we offer you free maintenance of
tooling, for at least 1 million cycles, while the tool remains in
productive use.

Javelin Plastics is approved to BS EN ISO 9002:1994. Our quality
processes and procedures have been approved against the rigorous
standards laid down by our customers. We employ as a norm Statistical
Process Control in our Operations and have SPC software to increase our
ability to monitor dimensional conformity. Additionally we have 3-axis
Coordinate Measuring Machines which are also able to print out
dimensional reports as required. We believe in taking quality back
to the machine, following a philosophy of defect prevention rather than
defect detection.

Our Quality Department's most recent purchases have been CNC Optical
Non-Contact Measuring Equipment, a Minolta Digital Colour Measurement
Device, and a Raw Material Moisture Content Analyser. The former is
used for measuring tiny features, including depths, by the use of
light reflection. The Material Moisture Content Analyser enables us
to check the moisture content of material prior to use to ensure it
is in optimum condition.

Everybody at Javelin is responsible for Quality and all of our
Operators are involved in our quality processes through their formal
monitoring of component attributes. We have a Quality Pack for each
component produced at Javelin, consisting of digital images of the
component, plus Attribute Check charts and other production and process
monitoring records.

Although moulding at Javelin Plastics forms the main part of our
activity, we also carry out ancillary and secondary operations
employing full time operators in this field, including pad printing and
ultrasonic welding. We have a fully equipped assembly room and carry
out component annealing processes where required. In our Assembly Room,
video scanning is used to confirm the accuracy of print quality and
part assembly.

We are happy to supply complete sub-assemblies, avoiding the need for
additional operations to be carried out by yourselves or other

*Javelin Plastics
Unit 1M Albany Park
Frimley Road
Surrey GU16 7PE
Tel: +44 127 664 446
Fax: +44 127 669 1174


Originally part of a US multi-national, A K Industries is now
privately owned following a management buy-out in 1996. Growth is
strong with an annual turnover in the region of £4.5m.

We have a reputation for excellent employee relations and have
a highly experienced and motivated team whose single-minded aim
is to meet and exceed our customers' moulding and associated
requirements. This company-wide culture provides a solid foundation
from which to develop the customer relationships and quality of service
that make us successful.

Our modern factory in Hereford offers a controlled environment and
is well placed to provide a fast and efficient service to our UK and
International customers.

In addition to injection moulding, we offer associated services
including project management, design, chrome plating, paint spraying,
printing and radio frequency shielding [testing]. We will work with
you to your best advantage - whether from design through to product
launch or in the supply of one or two services.

Quality, best practice and customer service are at the heart of
the Company, demonstrated by continued investment in the business and
its people. With a fully equipped Quality Department and quality
control procedures throughout the production process, we aim for 100%
customer satisfaction. Employees play a vital role in our success
and we are committed to Investors in People and a TQM culture.

AKI is an ISO 9002 certified company and are currently working towards
QS 9000 registration. AKI uses a range of procedures and equipment to
maximise quality control and ensure continuous improvement.

*A K Industries Ltd
Foxwood Court
Hereford HR2 6JQ
Tel: +44 143 237 5100
Fax: +44 143 226 3532


Kaby - Precision and production Sub - Contract Engineers,
manufacturers of high quality components and assemblies to customer
specifications - Since 1965.

We Offer You:-
Guaranteed Quality on time.
Fast Turnaround working 24hours a day.
Backed by the latest computer systems.
Diverse services from one source.
One-offs to high volume production.
Upto 20,000 hours capacity per week
Independently assessed quality systems to
ISO9002: 1994
BSI registered firm No. FM 12701

*Kaby Engineers
Upper Charnwood Street
Leicester LE2 0AU
Tel: +44 116 253 6353
Fax: +44 116 251 5237


Knight Plastics Ltd was formed in 1981 by ex-steel worker Fred
Wegener. It has now evolved into a major manufacturer of fire and
security alarm components, and one of South Wales' largest contact
plastic injection moulders. We have our own tool-room and extensive
links to 'Cardiff University Design Team' and are constantly looking
for ways to enhance and improve our products.

Fire and Security Products

Include magnetic contacts, junction boxes, panic buttons, door
loops, extension speakers and fire call points. Manufactured in
caring and professional environment by experienced staff under a
family business management. Design of new products is carried out
to the requirements of major installers - for example, our panic button
is large enough to be used by the biggest of fingers or disabled people
and has a silent action.

Injection Moulding

Injection machines ranging from 12 tonne vertical press to 1300 tonne
clamp force horizontal presses dominate the 27000 square foot factory's
to satisfy your requirements. Customer service is paramount and
flexibility of the business is ideal for the stringent requirements
of the demanding industries served, which include, amongst others,
television, electronics, office equipment, telecommunications and
building products.

Knight Plastics Ltd can deal with your project from idea to mass
production. Contact us and let us make your dream a reality !

*Knight Plastics Ltd
Unit 1
Clydesmuir Road Industrial Estate
Cardiff CF24 2QS
Tel: +44 292 046 5815
Fax: +44 292 048 9132


With 30 years experience of plastic moulding and toolmaking, Linton
Plastic Moulders have gained considerable knowledge of this specialist
industry. Allow us to advise you with our experience to produce new
ideas and products in a competitive, innovative way. Our dedicated
employees will work hard to service your needs and provide you with
the best quality products at the most competitive prices, and will
always be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Our company has modern injection moulding machinery, producing
components weighing up to 290 grams (11 ozs), and we have full
toolmaking facilities to back our moulding operations. Our tool
shop also has extensive experience in design of Vacuum tooling.
We can perform short batch machining on our advanced plant including
the following:

CNC milling machinery
Spark Erosion
Grinding, Surface and Cylindrical
Drilling and tapping
Conventional vertical milling machines

We also perform sub assembly and ancillary processes on site to
our customers' requirements, and can deliver and despatch direct
to end users when required. We currently supply moulded products
for the following end uses:

Radio and TV components
Electronic, Motor, Agricultural, Medical
Office furniture and equipment
Garden supplies
DIY and Leisure
Caps and Closures

Our company is also Underwriters Laboratories approved for flame
retardant material products.

Design and development of new proven parts with computer design to
enable rapid proto-type parts is available, allowing for early use
of parts for advertising and launch. Let us advise you to develop
new products and ideas with our 30 years of experience for tooling
and injection moulded part developments.

We can accommodate short or long runs, and production is provided
by 7 modern injection moulding machines. Sizes of components can be
competitively produced in weights up to 290 grams (11 ozs).

Linton Plastic Moulders has full Toolmaking facilities to support
our moulding operations. In addition, the tool shop has vast experience
in design of Vacuum tooling. Please feel free to talk to us about your
specific requirements.

The company also provides various secondary operation services,
including assembly and printing. Sub assembly and ancilliary processes
can be performed on site to the customer's requirements.

*Linton Plastic Moulders
Unit 3
The Grip
Cambs CB1 6NR
Tel: +44 122 389 2143
Fax: +44 122 389 4618


McLaren Plastics Ltd is an injection moulding company who have been
supplying their customers since 1960. Our reputation is based on our
commitment to provide the best service that we can to our customers.

We are only too aware of the difficulties facing business today. We
believe we must form close and continuing working partnerships with
our customers and provide them with the blend of quality, service and
price that the marketplace demands. Only this commitment to support
our customers to the best of our abilities will enable them to compete
in the marketplace.

*McLaren Plastics Ltd
Pentland Industrial Estate
Midlothian EH20 9QH
Tel: +44 131 448 2200
Fax: +44 131 448 2221


Micrometric is a laser job shop that gives a sub-contract laser
manufacturing and solution providing service to a wide range of
industries and customers.

Established in 1982, the company now has twelve laser stations
capacity and well over one million laser hours experience.

Micrometric is a European leader in the use of lasers for the
manufacture of precision components, this expertise being applied
to advantage on more general work.

The innovative use of laser technology and a commitment to giving
the best possible customer service, is key to the company’s ongoing
development and success.

The management and engineering team are extremely well qualified
to help companies achieve the most cost effective design from a laser
manufacturing viewpoint.

A policy of continuous investment in the latest laser and support
equipment has created a £3 million plus facility.

Micrometric are approved to BS EN ISO 9002 .

A broad range of high peak power Nd:YAG and high power CO2 lasers
provides our customers with a unique range of equipment capable of
machining a diverse range of materials and sections.

Multi axis and high resolution controls coupled with lasers ranging
from 5kW peak power Nd:YAG to 3kW CO2 offer an extensive capacity range
for the production of watch components through to tractor parts.

The lasers are used to profile, machine, drill, weld, etch and engrave
components. A controlled atmosphere glove box is used when hermetic
welding of components is required.

A range of CAD-CAM systems allow any complexity of part to be rapidly
programmed or revised. Drawings can be received via post, fax or e-
mailed using DXF or IGES formats.

A conventional CNC and Wire EDM machining capability supports the laser
activity. CMM equipment is available for QA activities.

Micrometric’s considerable expertise in laser production methods
provides a well engineered service, on a broad range of parts, from
prototype to full production.

The company’s CAD-CAM techniques combined with the lasers effectively
create an “infinitely programmable press tool”, allowing rapid response
to engineering instructions, the immediate inclusion of ideal design
features and the elimination of expensive and long lead time tooling.

The company’s laser processing capability lends itself to applications
which are difficult to do by any other means. This includes for
example, 1) machining small slots and holes down to 20 microns 2)
cutting very, hard, tough, soft, brittle or thin materials 3) profiling
thin wall tubular sections down to 1 mm in diameter. 4) laser welding
together small finish machined components.

Cost effective and novel solutions to customers manufacturing problems
are often achieved by combining laser machining with conventional CNC
and/or Wire EDM machining.

Micrometric use high cost, high technology laser systems to give our
customers what they need. This can range in supply from, very small
micro optic components through to large steam turbine parts; from
prototype to full production.

*Micrometric Techniques Limited
Doddington Road
Lincolnshire LN6 3RX
Tel: +44 152 250 9999
Fax: +44 152 250 1901


Morgan Marine was born from the ashes of the Morgan Berkley Company
in 1965 and has gone from strength to strengh ever since
Founded on the principles of Superb Quality, Excellent Service and
Total Flexibility, Morgan Marine is the trusted partner of British
Industries Biggest Players including:-

United Utilities
Western Power Distribution
Bryan Donkin
Air Products

With ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and the prestigious Investor in People
Award. Morgan Marine has the pedigree and the workforce to meet your

*Morgan Marine
Carmarthenshire SA18 3JG
Tel: +44 126 985 0437
Fax: +44 126 985 0656


NORCO GRP Ltd is a privately owned business which was formed in 1985 in
Poole, Dorset by William Robert Northey. Norco employs over 75 people
and specialises solely in GRP/composite mouldings for all industry.

We provide a complete service: from first inception and development of
ideas, to plug and tool making, through to the final manufactured
product. We adhere to stringent quality procedures throughout all
stages of production, and in 2002 we achieved ISO 9001 accreditation on
our first assessment.

Our relationship with our customers has been built through trust,
reliability, an impeccable service record and of course, unique high
quality components. A key factor in Norco's success is our very skilled
and experienced workforce. We are so mindful of the need to maintain
standards that in 1999 we set up a company-funded dedicated training
facility, to help ensure that in future years our service and products
for industry remain second to none.

We are Investors in People, having been accredited early in 2003.

If the product you desire can be manufactured from composite materials,
then we will endeavour not just to satisfy but to exceed your

Norco GRP Ltd supplies over 500 different world class composite
mouldings to the marine industry. As marine specialists with over 25
years experience in the industry we offer the very highest standards in
glass fibre manufacturing and toolmaking. Our marine product range is
as diverse as it is unique—supplying major boat builders with anything
from vanity bowls to flying bridges.

We are accredited suppliers to Sunseeker International Boats Ltd and
Aqua*star Ltd. The following pictures show some of the exterior and
interior components we supply for Sunseekers. Click here for more about
our marine products, or about our finishing processes.

Featured on this page are just a small sample of the wide variety of
non-marine products we have fabricated recently. As with our marine
products, it is our ability to finish to a very high standard that sets
us apart from many of our competitors.

We enjoy a challenge, and we're pleased to discuss one-off products
that can be fabricated in fibreglass! One of the most interesting
projects we've tackled in recent years was to make the decorative
sundial that is mounted on the front of the Bridport Community Hospital
here in Dorset.

The original specification from the architect was for a bronze sundial
which would:

1. Be horologically accurate.
2. Weather (verdigris) over time.
3. Not weather on specific parts.
4. Have the authentic pitted external appearance typical of bronze c

Initially, our brief was to quote for preparing a fibreglass mould
from which a bronze sundial could be cast. However, this was
impracticable due to the temperatures involved, also because the total
cost of casting in bronze would have been much higher than the client
had budgeted for. So we decided to offer our client an alternative
method of production and a cost-effective solution, using a combination
of resin and bronze powder. What's more, we devised techniques for
meeting all parts of the specification.

The cost savings from using the resin and bronze powder approach meant
that the client only had to pay one-fifth of the price of casting in
pure bronze, and the hospital were delighted with the result. In fact
they adopted the sundial as part of their logo. And with the money they
saved by not using a pure bronze casting, they were able to add a
conservatory to the hospital.

*Norco GRP Ltd
Unit 2
450 Blandford Road
Dorset BH16 5BN
Tel: +44 120 263 2191
Fax: +44 120 262 1875


Customers are encouraged to consult Partridge Plastics at an early
stage of their product development in order to achieve the most
efficient and effective tooling solution using the latest Visicad CAD
CAM system. Partridge Plastics engineers have made major contributions
to the development of many household name products. by consulting with
our clients at an early stage we have been able to assist with product
usability and to our customer's overall profitability.

Some of the products to which we have contributed our knowledge and
expertise are illustrated on this Web site.

The wide variety of the Company's products can best be described as
universal i.e. from cable grommets to medical instruments.

As this shot of our factory shows, Partridge Plastics are equipped with
comprehensive range of modern moulding machines, providing capacity for
25-250 tonnes. A number of the machines have computerised control and
automatic colour dosing with full ancillary equipment. For certain
applications we are able to offer the use of a standard mould base
system with quick change inserts. This is ideal to provide lower cost
tooling solutions together with shorter lead times.

Partridge Plastics are specialists in producing highly technical
mouldings often in special materials. Close tolerance fits play an
important role in the acceptability of many of the mouldings so
shrinkage, wall thickness and surface finish are of vital importance.

A fully equipped toolroom utilising the latest machining technology and
staffed by highly experienced toolmakers, provides a fast and efficient
on the spot toolmaking service.

Located adjacent to the production moulding shop area, this vital stage
in the process of producing plastic products is very tightly integrated
with the moulding process.

In-house toolmaking obviates misunderstandings that are often
associated with the use of outside suppliers, delays in modifications

QA procedures are carried out in accordance with each customer's
specific requirements.

Initially, "in progress" and "final inspection" procedures are carried
out by Partridge Plastic's own carefully trained and monitored

A full range of pad printing and and 2nd operation facilities are

Partridge Plastics assembles a number of customer's products using
special purpose in-house designed and manufactured equipment. The
Company will always make the necessary investment to provide customers
with the most cost effective production solutions.

*Partridge Plastics Limited
Unit E Northbrook Trading Estate
20 Northbrook Road
West Sussex BN14 8PN
Tel: +44 190 321 3178
Fax: +44 190 320 4684


Preform Direct supplies a unique range of factory produced plywood
profiles. It offers designers, shopfitters, manufacturers, exhibition,
joinery and building contractors the opportunity to incorporate shapes
into designs without the need for time consuming bespoke joinery also
eliminating tooling, jigs and ancillary framework.

Preform Direct offers a low cost and convenient solution to industry
with extensive stocks held locally throughout our European distribution

The technology to manufacture shaped and curved plywood in long lengths
has been developed over more than forty years. Several million metres
of material have now been supplied, operating in a multitude of
building environments across the world.

Investment in preforming technology and high capacity production,
allows a more cost effective product to be delivered to market. But it
is not only sheer volume that facilitates such cost savings. Processes
have been developed which enable laminates and veneers to be applied
during the forming of the shaped plywood substrate.

The result is a pre-finished and pre-balanced component, eliminating
the need for secondary processes and labour associated with finishing.

Manufactured under heat and pressure the preformed plywood substrate
has unrivalled balance and consistency thanks to its superior reduced
moisture content.

The substrate begins its life as a shape that has no inherent memory or
stress in its construction. When compared with conventional methods of
achieving curves produced from flat substrate, the Preform products
simply do not have the desire to return to a former shape. This reduces
twisting and movement that can often cause latent defects to occur.

Once a shape is tooled, its design offers you a modular solution time
after time. Unlike many other shaped substrates produced from manmade
materials, Preformed plywood can easily be adapted and worked.

*Perform Direct Ltd
2 Horton Court
Hortonwood 50
Shropshire TF1 7GY
Tel: +44 870 600 0985
Fax: +44 870 240 2985


As toolmakers to the plastic injection industry we understand the high
demands placed on Plastic Injection Moulders, an understanding that we
have built up over the last 15 years.

We know that the quality of your finished product depends on your
toolmaker. That is why we work closely with our customers to maximise
quality and efficiency in producing and servicing plastic injection

Our central location, with fast transport links combined with our own
collection and delivery, and our flexibility to operate on an
international level, means that you can benefit from our services,
wherever you are.

By using our toolmaking skills and technology we can offer the best
toolmaking service possible. To achieve this we have assembled a team
of expert designers and machinists, combined with heavy investment in
the latest toolmaking technology.

Our policy is to continue to invest in toolmaking skills and technology
so that we will always be able to offer the affordable quality and
efficiency which you require.

This enables us to offer you a total service from initial tool design
through to manufacture.

To manufacture your tools, we take your tool design and download it via
CAM software directly into our CNC machines, ensuring absolute accuracy
of your parts.

Our in-house toolmaking quality systems check the tool at all stages of
manufacture allowing us to identify and solve issues as they arise.
This ensures that a quality tool is delivered to you 'on time every

We offer servicing on all plastic injection tools, whatever their
origin. Whether it has been planned or is an emergency service, we
strive to ensure a rapid turnaround.

*Pro-moulds (Midlands) Ltd
Burma Road
Blidworth Industrial Park
Nottinghamshire NG21 0RT
Tel: +44 162 349 1313
Fax: +44 162 349 1314


RM Perforating is part of the largest perforating group in the World,
the RM Industrial Group, and supplies perforated metal sheet, from
stock or special manufacture, for industrial, architectural and design

Totally focused on perforation of metal and other materials.

Specialists, and the UK market leader, in custom-made perforated sheet

Supplying in coils, sheets, or panels,
Offering finishing services, and
Access to technical support and R&D facilities.

A supplier of standard stock sheets in a range of materials and


As part of the World's largest perforating group, RM Perforating can
offer additional services along with a wide range of perforated

Bespoke perforation and various finishing services, to bring the
perforated sheet closer to the finished article.

Flanging, welding, notching, profiling, coating, etc.

A vast range of perforated metal standard sheets from stock, for prompt

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel,Galvanised, Aluminium, Brass.

Technical advice and support, on-site if required.

Access to the group's R&D facility for any particularly special perforation

In 1974 RM Perforating Ltd originally began as a trading company in the
UK, known as Rich Muller Ltd, selling products from the Danish company
Rich Muller A/S. Due to the success of this venture the following key
events followed.

1984 - A purpose built production unit was opened in Warrington,
Cheshire, complete with state-of-the-art machinery,

1998 - Rich Müller Ltd changed its name to RM Perforating Ltd as part
of a strategic group identity programme,

Today RM Perforating is part of the World's largest perforating group,
the RM Industrial Group (RMIG), which has a presence in a total of 14
European countries. All group companies work together to provide the
local customer with technical support, where required, and the optimum
perforation solution.

*RM Perforating Ltd
Adlington Court
Risley Road
Warrington WA3 6PL
Tel: +44 192 583 9600
Fax: +44 192 582 6326


Scie-Plas is owned by Biochrom Ltd who's parent company is Harvard
Apparatus Inc.

Scie-Plas Limited was founded in 1988 and is now one of the leading
manufacturers of electrophoresis and related laboratory apparatus in
the world. In the UK, Scie-Plas Limited manufacture under private label
agreements, for many of the leading suppliers of molecular biological
equipment including, Advanced Biotechnologies, Anachem, Belle
Technology Binding Site, Bioscience Services, Fisher
Scientific,Flowgen, Genex, Hybaid, Jencons Scientific, Kramel Biotech,
Merck, Philip Harris, Sigma Aldrich,Thistle Scientific, Ultra Violet
Products, USA Scientific Plastics and Web Scientific.

In 1995 Scie-Plas Limited entered into the overseas market and is now
represented either under it's own brand name or through private
labelling agreements, in 35 countries throughout the world. See the
distributors list.

At the present time, about 75% of Scie-Plas's business is concerned
with the manufacture of scientific products, the remaining 25% coming
from subcontract electrical work and general plastic fabrications.

Currently Scie-Plas employs 45 people, of which 35 are directly
employed in the manufacturing workshops, the remainder in
administration. The production procedures are now based on 'World
Class' manufacturing techniques, which continually control quality and
production times. In March 1997, the company was awarded ISO9002

In August of 1998, Scie-Plas Limited moved into a new 1,800 square
metre premises consisting of a factory, warehousing and offices. This
move has enabled the company to expand its production capacity by
purchasing additional machinery which is the most up to date computer
controlled machines available in the market place today.

Scie-Plas is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality
Gel Electrophoresis Equipment and Radiation Protection Products.

Scie-Plas is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of P.O.S. units and
general fabricated products.

Unit 3 Gainsborough Trading Estate
Old Road
Warwickshire CV47 1HP
Tel: +44 192 681 4093
Fax: +44 192 681 3975


Plastics industry expertise coupled with advanced marketing techniques
- that is what sets Seltek apart. We offer a wide range of high quality
products to injection moulders, mouldmakers, extruders, equipment
suppliers and end users of plastics as detailed below. We also offer
our knowledge and skills to third parties wishing to penetrate the
plastics sector using mass marketing and internet sales techniques. And
we are always looking to add new innovative products to our portfolio.
Whether you are looking for help in direct sales or seeking assistance
in bringing your own marketing efforts up to date Seltek will help you
find success.

Seltek Solutions are a company well versed in manufacturing industry's
requirements for a wide range of products and services. In particular
we understand very well the plastic processing industry including
injection moulding, blow moulding, plastic and rubber extrusion and
vacuum forming. We have software expertise that enables us to offer
software solutions in sales management, costing and estimating and
planned maintenance. We have a practical understanding of manufacturing
processes and environments that enable us to offer hardware products
too ranging from tooling through protective curtains to mesh filters.

At one time we were ourselves producers but now concentrate on
assisting other companies to bring their products to market,
particularly where an internet presence is appropriate to the sales,
ordering and delivery cycle. We were one of the first companies in this
sector to understand and implement the powerful facilities provided by
a web site that was dedicated to the success of the business rather
than the prestige of the graphic designer! We are always keen to find
new products and services for our target market. We work closely with
our sister company NetSecrets who are not only a leading source of
professional web design services but one of the top search engine
positioning experts in Europe if not the world.

We aim to provide a useful online resource that enables our potential
and actual customers to understand what we have to offer, to make
enquiries easily and quickly and, where appropriate to place orders and
make payments for goods and services through our online catalog. By
concentrating in the main on online selling and ecommerce we keep our
overheads low, our prices keen and our service efficient.

We are based in a beautiful part of rural Worcestershire in the UK
Midlands and welcome visitors who wish to learn about our products and

*Seltek Solutions
Unit 23
Stockwood Business Park
Nr Redditch B96 6SX
Tel: +44 138 679 3274
Fax: +44 138 679 2154


Stuma Plastics Ltd is a well-established manufacturer of plastic
injection mouldings supplying a wide range of industrial customers in
the north-west, nationwide and in Europe from it's location Bolton.

The 80-strong company is a subsidiary of OSL group Ltd based in
Sheffield UK whose principal activities include steels, hydraulics,
seals, technical components, security systems and plastic moulding
among other engineering products.

With a range of moulding machines up to 360 tonnes, in-house computer-
aided design, tool manufacture, extensive warehousing facilities and
it's own transport fleet, the company ensures a high quality reliable
and responsive service.

Stuma Plastics operate a 3-shift 24hrs manufacturing operation and can
accomodate both long and complex production runs in a wide variety of
thermoplastic polymers to meet your most demanding requirements. New
tools can be put into production within 48 hrs of receipt.

Our plant list includes over 30 moulding machines in the range 20-360
tonnes and our production facilities also contain a specialist cell for
the moulding of 13 amp electrical components using Stuma's automated
pin insertion technology and vision-sensing equipment to guarantee zero
defect deliveries direct to customer's production lines.

In-house toolmaking facilities cater for small to medium size tool
manufacture supplemented by third-party toolmakers for the larger
tools. The toolroom ensures high standards and a prompt maintenance
service to ensure no disruption to your production schedules.

Skilled operatives, a strong, experienced and enthusiastic supervisory
team backed up by robust QA procedures ensure that our standards of
service are consistently of the highest.

Stuma Plastics are accredited to ISO 9002 for quality assurance

*Stuma Plastics Ltd
Atlas Works
Mornington Road
Bolton BL1 4EZ
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Techmould specialise in the manufacture of a wide variety of Thermoset
and Thermoplastic rubber mouldings along with the manufacture and
supply of many other associated products.

We have many years experience in assisting our customers to solve their
problems of design, material selection, tooling production, quality and
continuity of supply.

We are able to offer customers solutions which exactly meet their needs
covering quantities of 10's to Millions, using materials which, when
necessary, are specially compounded and coloured.

Our highly skilled workforce, using our Computer Controlled Vacuum
Chamber Moulding Presses, ensure that the usual scrap and moulding
faults associated with rubber mouldings does not occur and that out
high standard of quality is consistently maintained.

The more recent addition of Injection Moulding Facilities extend the
range of materials available and enable us to offer even lower cost
options to the standard materials and manufacturing methods.

We are happy to use a customers own moulds but where new moulds are
required our on-site Tool Room ensures a cost effective and efficient
service removing the delays often encountered by companies who use off-
site Toolmakers.

Details of the current range of products, materials and manufacturing
methods can be found by using the MENU. If you do not find exactly what
you require do not hesitate to contact us as the items displayed in
these pages can only show a small insight into our full range.

We hold certification to BSENISO 9002 Certificate Number 9549.

To complement the service we offer with our heat vulcanised rubbers,
we are also able to supply a range of Injection Moulded Thermoplastic
Rubbers. The use of this type of material is growing in popularity and
can be cost effective even when larger volume production is not

*Techmould Ltd
Unit 9
Knowsley Road Industrial Estate
Lancashire BB4 4RX
Tel: +44 170 622 7717
Fax: +44 170 683 0204


Vance Precision Technologies was established in 1996 as a processor of
castable and injection moulded polyurethanes for the electronics, solar
cell production, optical glass. ceramics, ferrite and quart industries.

Over the last few years the company has diversified into manufacturing
of stainless steel and plastic components for vanous processes within
our customers' industries. Within our modern, state of the art
machining facility, we can manufacture components to our customers
requirements. Due to our design and development, we can manufacture
jigs, fixtures and special purpose machinery.

Year on year we continue to grow due to the company policy of re-
investing in the latest technology and the further development of
skills for our staff.

Over the years, Vance Precision has built up a wide client-base ranging
from businesses in the semi-conductor and telecommunications industries
to industries in coal mining, petro-chemical and food and drink.

Vance Precision Technologies is one of Scotland's brightest up and
coming companies.

*Vance Precision Technologies
1 Jamestown Business Park
Levenbank Street
Alexandria G83 8BZ
Tel: +44 138 975 5010
Fax: +44 138 975 5876


In addition to continually designing new fish farming equipment,
Westwood Mouldings Ltd are also Industrial Moulders and offer a design
and manufacture custom moulding service. We have over 20 years of
expertise and experience to offer. Our facilities are capable of
handling any moulding contract, be it for the transport industry,
electrical supplies or architectural aids. So please contact us with
your moulding requirements, and we will be happy to give you a

A chance enquiry from Howietoun Fisheries in 1973 has led to an
involvement with the fish farming industry which has lasted nearly 30
years, during which time the company has developed a large range of
tried and tested equipment from hatchery troughs to large sectional

Although the main market has always been fish farming, Westwood
Mouldings have a vast knowledge of glass reinforced plastic moulding
for most industries.

The company prides itself in bringing ideas to reality and - from its
factory on the outskirts of Edinburgh -can mould almost anything to
customers' specifications.

*Westwood Mouldings Limited
Unit 5
Port Edgar Marina
South Queensferry
West Lothian EH30 9SQ
Tel: +44 131 319 2301
Fax: +44 131 319 2302


Wye Valley Precision Engineering Ltd. is a family owned and run
business, specialising in the compression and injection moulding of a
wide variety of rubber polymers across a broad spectrum of business
activity and operating from a 30,000 sq.ft. factory in Ross on Wye.

Wye Valley has achieved its reputation to date by manufacturing
precision mouldings which have normally been short to medium runs for
the aircraft and electronic connector market when electrical grade high
performance rubbers are required for the moulding of inserts with high
density contact configurations.

More recently a long run capability has been developed enabling runs in
excess of five million parts per annum for the automotive trade to be
made. In addition, vast experience in other market areas has
strengthened the all round ability of the Wye Valley team and provides
an extremely solid base for both the company and its clients for the
future, especially in hi-tech applications.

Components are supplied to a wide variety of industries including
aerospace, automotive, electronic, marine, medical, and many more.

Over more than thirty years expertise in producing components by
injection, transfer compression, and compression methods is now in its
third generation of this family business.

Products are manufactured to customers own specification, MOD, British
and American standards.

Rubber to metal or plastic bonding is undertaken as required, high
capacity, ultrasonic degreasing methods being employed.

Wye Valley staff at all levels are total dedicated to customer service
and most have been at the company for between fifteen and twenty five

With the ever-changing introduction of new ISO standards and controls,
Wye Valley Engineering is proud to announce the recent awarding of ISO

As ever Wye Valley strive to be the best and ensure that their name
becomes synonymous with quality. This standards shows that Wye Valley
are not prepared to stand still and move to ensure that their customers
really are getting the best that money can buy.

The company is committed to achieve and maintain standards of quality
in which our customers shall have full confidence. To meet this
commitment, we operate quality procedures approved to the requirements
of BS EN ISO 9001-2000.

The manufacture of natural and synthetics rubber mouldings, with
associated mould tools and raw materials, for electronic, military, and
commercial applications, together with aerospace applications under
SBAC Technical Specification TS157 approval.

*Wye Valley Precision Engineering (Holdings) Ltd
Station Approach
Ross on Wye
Herefordshire HR9 7AQ
Tel: +44 198 976 3519
Fax: +44 198 976 6662



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