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UK Manufacturers - casting - machining
Investment Casting offers significant cost savings by providing
close tolerance, near net shape, components which often require no
further machining.

We utilise a wide range of carbon and stainless steels, aluminium
and copper based alloys and the company has built a solid reputation
for high quality investment castings with cost effective solutions
to the most stringent engineering demands, both in the UK and

Since its formation in 1970, the Advanced Casting Company has
observed a total commitment to establishing itself as a major
force within the High Quality Investment Castings Arena.

Utilising a wide range of carbon and stainless steels, aluminium
and copper based alloys the company has built a solid reputation
for high quality, cost effective solutions to the most stringent
engineering demands, both in the UK and Internationally.

The key to sustained growth has been the 'Total- Service' package
offered by Advanced Castings, encouraging close collaboration
throughout design and manufacturing stages, ensuring maximisation
of the benefits of the Investment Casting Process. Using Rapid
Prototyping we can help you to develop products quickly whilst
reducing both cost and risk and can work with most commonly used
CAD formats eg IGES, STL etc.

The investment casting process offers numerous advantages over
the alternative forging, sand casting, fabrication and machined
from bar stock components -- these include:

Freedom of design
Near net shapes
Dimensional tolerances of 0.13 per 25.0mm can remove the requirement
to machine features in many cases
Total production flexibility, accommodating both high and low volume.

These inherent advantages, linked with the company's versatility
offer engineers in wide ranging spheres of activity, a unique
opportunity to place large or small projects in the confidence
that their demands will be met promptly, efficiently and

The Investment Casting Process commences with the production of
High Quality Wax Patterns from Aluminium Injection Tooling. These
are then mounted onto a wax runner system and the assembled mould
is coated several times with ceramic material and air-dried.

On completion, the mould is de-waxed leaving an empty shell which
is subsequently fired and filled with molten metal. The shell is
then allowed to cool and removed.

Castings are cut from the riser/runner system, linished, heat
treated (when required), straightened, sand blasted and passed
through to quality control for a rigid Inspection Programme.

Significant financial investment has provided customers with state
-of-the-art plant, process and quality control technology, which
through a continual upgrade policy ensures Advanced Castings Company
remains at the fore-front of Investment Castings Technology.

*Advanced Casting Company Ltd
Pipers Road
Park Farm
Worcestershire B98 0HU
Tel: +44 152 752 4257
Fax: +44 152 751 0316


Alderman Tooling are predominantly manufacturing engineers and
toolmakers. Our capabilities are impressive with a full service from
press tool design, to parts production and sheet metal work, including
CNC punching, laser and plasma profiling.

We also undertake all types of welding, including stainless steel
and aluminium; spot and stud welding, and brazing.

We have been established in Plymouth for 30 years, with annual
sales of 5 million.

Our 90 strong workforce is capable of producing up to 1.5 million
components a month, with our 24 power presses ranging in size from 12-
160 ton.

Our clientele list incorporates many blue chip companies, and
demonstrates our highly professional service, and high level off
commitment to 'value engineering' and quality.

*Alderman Tooling Ltd Bell Close
Newnham Industrial Estate Plympton
Devon PL7 4JH
Tel: +44 175 220 1200
Fax: +44 175 220 1199


Established in 1995 AS Sheetmetal was formed to provide our customers
throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe with well designed and
well constructed rotational moulds of the highest quality.

Our team of mouldmakers have between them over 25 years of experience
specializing in manufacturing rotational moulds ranging from the very
simple to the highly complex.

We are committed to investing in our people and equipment so that
we can provide the best possible value to our customers and have
recently added the unique BMC™ mould coating system developed by
Maus GmbH in Germany to our range of services.

Whatever the stage of your project we would welcome the opportunity
to work as part of your development team to help you to get the
most out of the Rotational moulding process.

Moulds are produced in a variety of materials including Mild
and Stainless Steel, Sheet Aluminium and we are now able to offer
combination moulds constructed from Sheet and Cast Aluminium
(in partnership with Maus GmbH) which can offer the best of both
worlds for particular moulds of certain size and complexity.

We have undertaken mould projects ranging from 10,000 Litre
tanks to small moulds with cavities of less then 0.5 Litre.
However regardless of the size each mould passes through our
rigorous Quality Assurance Procedure.

*AS Sheetmetal
Units 7 & 8
Polydon Park Industrial Estate
Milethorn Lane
Tel: +44 130 236 9110
Fax: +44 130 236 9110


Welcome to Atlas Plastics Ltd, one of the fastest growing plastics
fabrication companies based in the North West of England. Using our
many years of experience we are able to fabricate or machine plastics
to your specification, providing quality at a low cost.

We are capable of producing one-offs or 000s in our fabrication &
machining workshops. We can also help you design, troubleshoot or
install your product utilizing our many years of experience.

>From our earliest foundation to the present day our priority is to
develop a reliable, innovative, pro-active approach to our customers
needs. We firmly believe in building long term commercial partnerships
with our customers by providing much more than just a supply source.

We are always able to adapt our methods to suit most specific customers
requirements as well as offering a comprehensive, inexhaustible,
quality range of products and services.

We at Atlas can develop an entirely new product from your hand
sketch with dimensions.

We can manufacture 1 offs or 1000's with a quick turn round.

Our team of professional quality staff can develop the very best
products and provide a high standard of quality to all our customers.
We can offer you technical expertise either by Telephone Fax, e-mail
or a personal visit to answer your enquiry and give you the advice you

*Atlas Plastics and Fabrication Ltd
Units 6/7
Chanters Industrial Estate
Manchester M46 9BE
Tel: +44 194 287 7446
Fax: +44 194 287 7477


Everyone at Bighead Bonding Fasteners would like to take this
opportunity to welcome new visitors to our web site. We would
also like to thank returning users for making this site a great

Founded in 1966 Bighead Bonding Fasteners Limited are the originators
of perforated headed metal fasteners - Bigheads - which make up a large
and continuously expanding fastening system based on an invention made
by the Company’s founder and managing director, Ken Stanley. It’s
probably the most versatile fastening system ever devised.

We make and sell Bigheads - a unique range of bondable industrial
fasteners - to thousands of plastics moulders world wide. We enjoy
an enviable reputation for the range and quality of our products and
our matchless service. We despatch 98% of all customers' orders on
the day they come in.

For the complete picture send Today for a Price List, a ‘Specials
Brochure’, some samples and ‘The Bighead Book of Brainwaves’ which
shows how Bigheads solve fastening problems in 38 typical plastics
items in current production. It’s the practical designer’s ideal
sales pack - full of pictures and bursting with cost saving ideas
that are not available elsewhere. No product designer or student
should be without it. Bigheads help to make existing products better
and new ones possible so don’t miss out.

At Bighead we also design and make specials and supply R & D
prototype samples free of charge within a few days and without obligation.

Plastics moulders love Bigheads: here’s why...

All Bigheads have perforations which allow plastics or adhesives
to flow through their thin, steel or 316S11 stainless steel heads.
This feature locks them FOR LIFE into virtually any plastic product
regardless of the moulding process employed. Unlike point loaded
fasteners such as nails, screws or bolts no expensive drilling,
filling or “making good” operations are ever needed. This ensures
minimum labour needs and low in-place cost. Bigheads spread the
load, are very strong and won’t rotate or pull out. Quick, cheap
and easy to use they are also ‘secret’ even in the thinnest GRP
laminate. Highly finished surfaces are not affected.

Insulation contractors love them too.

Bighead hangers are great for fixing thermal and acoustic insulation
quilts and slabs to walls and ceilings. Contractors just stick the
pins onto a surface, impale the insulation onto them and secure it
with a spring clip.

For really seriously insulation needs we make GIANT Bighead hangers.
These are made to order in any length up to 400mm for fixing thick
layers of Rockwool, glass fibre blankets and slabs. They speed up
the lagging of large natural gas tanks, power stations and ships.
The operation is weld free and safe. In this application GIANT
Bigheads are simply stuck to the surface to be lagged at 500mm
centres across and down and an insulation material is impaled onto
them before being secured with a spring clip.

*Bighead Bonding Fasteners Limited
Units 15/16 Elliott Road
West Howe Industrial Estate
Dorset BH11 8LZ
Tel: +44 120 257 4601
Fax: +44 120 257 8300


Birkby's Plastics specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly
of plastic components for automotive and specialist industries
worldwide using state-of-the-art technology. By offering cost-effective
technical solutions with best practice quality systems, Birkby's is
well placed to take on the toughest competition and ensure complete
customer satisfaction. Today, Birkby's delivers quality exports....
tomorrow, the company is set to break the mould, taking the plastics
industry into a high tech future.

Established in 1867, Birkby's was a pioneer of industry in Spen Valley.
It grew to be the biggest employer in the district. Trams were the boom
industry at the beginning of the 20th Century and Birkby's started to
dominate overhead line materials production and electrical insulation.

During World War One the brothers worked with Leo Baekeland, inventor
of Bakelite. Birkby's became the first British firm to manufacture
moulded articles.

Although Birkby's retained its other interests (tanning, carding of
fibres and textile machinery manufacture), plastics eventually
dominated and it was the ability to spot trends and evolve that ensured
the survival of the company.

The Automotive industry was next to boom (1920s) and Birkby's was well
placed due to its involvement with the trams. It produced dashboards
(sawdust filled phenolic), fuse assemblies and boxes, light reflectors,
clutch discs and brake linings. London Passenger Transport was its
biggest customer.

In 1926 Birkby's started producing telephone handsets for GPO. Later
it also produced parts for wireless's (another boom industry),
including plastic casings, knobs, valve bases, coil bobbins and
loudspeaker chassis.

In the same year, Birkby's became Birkby's Limited. It was one of
the founder members of The British Plastics Moulding Trade Association,
formed in 1932.

In the 1950's the company started producing thermoplastics (acrylic)
as well as thermoset plastics (phenol/formaldehyde). It moulded the
first acrylic telephone cases.

In 1958, the last family tie, Freddie Birkby retired and Birkby's was
sold to its biggest customer; AT&E. The name was kept due to its local

Birkby's expanded with a new thermoplastic moulding shop.

In 1961 Birkby's was taken over by the Plessey Company. This took
it into the defence, avionics and electronics industries. The ownership
lasted 28 years during which sales increased tenfold.

In February 1968, a disastrous fire caused '2.5m worth of damage.
Within 48 hours 10 presses were working and whatever work could not
be done on site was subcontracted out. A new injection shop was
completed by the end of the year with three times the original area.

In the 1970's 1.8 million telephone sets were produced per year.

In 1972 Birkby's merged with Viking Industrial Plastics to become Birkby's
Viking Ltd.

In 1974, the thermoset Moulding Shop was closed, there was no more demand.

In 1975, Viking were bought out by Birkby's and the company reverted to
Birkby's Plastics Ltd. The main sales were in telecommunications, as
far afield as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

In the early Eighties Birkby's made major investments in its site,
buildings and technology. Its relationship with Ford strengthened,
getting all Ford's instrumentation business.

Birkby's became pioneers in the use of CAD in the plastic moulding
industry in the 80's.

In 1989, the company was bought out by GEC Siemens only to be sold
to the Marubeni Corporation a year later.

Under Marubeni the company has undergone a massive modernisation.

Birkby's underwent restructuring in 2002 to facilitate growth and
development in manufacturing excellence and technical capability.

Birkby's offers a full service from product design through to JIT
manufacture of mouldings, product stands and cabinets, metalwork and

Specialisation in 'Value Engineering': Optimisation of material
properties, ease of manufacture and assembly using latest technologies,
assurance of quality.

Birkby's offers turnkey services for complex assemblies, using a
wide variety of components with its injection mouldings. The company
engineers according to guidelines for safety and the environment
and conforms to international specifications.

It currently exports to over 80 locations in more than 20 countries
Turnover at Liversedge is currently '50m - there are over 500 employees
at the site.

Birkby's Detroit Technology Center was launched in December 2001
to support the North American automotive industry.

Parent company, the Marubeni Corporation, is the 6th largest company
in the world with one of the largest business networks. It comprises
200 offices and 650 affiliated companies in 90 countries. Its annual
turnover is US$16763m and it has 60,000 employees worldwide.

31st March 2003 - Management Buy Out by Ian Hunter - Managing Director;
Andrew Bullivant - Finance Director and Stephen Harrison - Operations
Director. Birkby's looks forward to the future with plans to stay ahead
of the plastic moulding industry through new innovations and customer

Birkby's is proud of the service it is able to offer its customers,
ensuring speed, accuracy and excellent cost management from concept
through to delivery.

Birkby's has proved, time and time again, that being proactive in all
aspects of injection moulding and utilising its extensive resources
and expertise brings measurable benefits to its customers.

*Birkby's Plastics Ltd
Headlands Road
West Yorkshire WF15 6QA
Tel: +44 192 441 4200
Fax: +44 192 440 0051
Email :


Bristol Panel Formers started trading in 1988 with it's core business
as laminate fabrications but we soon found a market producing cubicles,
access paneling systems and associated fittings. We do not maintain a
stock of cubicles - each installation is custom made to suit that
particular site with due regard for any peculiarities, unusual site
dimensions or other conditions.

Please note that all items are made to order to the size and colour
required. As such all items are costed to suit that particular site.
We welcome all enquiries but there is no price list.

*Bristol Panel Formers
606 Central Park
Petherton Road
Bristol BS14 9BZ
Tel: +44 127 583 0544
Fax: +44 127 583 0563


Established by Frederick Carville in 1928, Carville is one of the
World’s oldest and most experienced plastics machining companies.

Over the years, Carville has developed a range of specialist techniques
for the heat treatment, precision machining, forming, bonding and
polishing of plastics and other non-ferrous materials. Carville’s main
area of expertise is with acrylic material also known as Perspex,
Plexiglas and Polycast.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification, the Carville facility is
equipped to produce plastic component parts in either prototype or
production batch sizes. We support a diverse customer base operating
in aerospace, automotive, biotech, medical, scientific, semi-conductor
and high end consumer markets.

Carville offer full range of manufacturing and machining services.
These include:

Heat Treatment and preparation of Plastic Materials
Autoclave casting of special materials in controlled environments
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Plastics Bonding and Cementing
Plastic Polishing and finishing
Product Assembly & Final Testing

The Carville production facility is located to the south of London
in the historical town of Dorking in Surrey. The facility is supported
by good road, rail and air links.

The manufacturing facility is equipped to produce high precision
engineering component parts in plastics and other non-ferrous

Precision machining of plastics and non-ferrous materials.

Operating to ISO 9001:2000, Carville is a World leader in the
precision machining of high accuracy component parts in acrylic,
plastics and other non-ferrous materials.

The Carville facility is equipped with a full compliment of modern
ovens and CNC machining centres. This equipment allows Carville to
offer a combination of both conventional and diamond machining to
clients operating in aerospace, automotive, biotech, defence, medical,
electronics and high end consumer products.

Carville precision machine a wide range of plastic component parts
such as manifolds for the handling of liquids and gases, lenses and
graticules for vision and inspection systems and pen bodies for fine
writing instruments.

*Carville Ltd
Station Road
Surrey RH4 1HQ
Tel: +44 130 688 1681
Fax: +44 130 687 6265


CB Frost & Co are a rubber and plastics mouldings, fabrication and
extrusions operation manufacturing custom designed products in
silicone sponge, foam and rubber materials. With the accent on
quality and service together with our extensive knowledge of British
and European technical standards such as BS6853 C.B Frost are at the
leading edge of the rubber and plastics industry. Working closely with
engineers, designers and manufacturers across a range of industries
world-wide we can offer the highest quality materials to serve your
gasketing, sealing and insulation application needs.

With a ‘can-do’ approach to problem solving we work in partnership
with our customers, developing design solutions for a variety of
applications. Formed in 1921, over the years we have developed a
reputation for excellence and innovation. If you are looking for an
experienced company with a modern flexible approach, we look forward
to hearing from you soon.

Although no longer a family business in the true sense of the word,
we do endeavour to continue the Frost tradition of attention to detail
and personal service that took so many years to nurture. We aim to be
totally professional in our approach to work, serving our customers to
the best of our ability. We promise quick replies to enquiries, maximum
information on materials and techniques and realistic delivery

Over the last two decades, we have further developed to meet the
changing needs of our customers, serving a range of industries and are
BSI registered operating a quality management system which complies
with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9002: 1992.

If you are looking for an experienced company with a modern flexible
approach — we look forward to hearing from you soon.

C.B. Frost & Co have many years of experience as a manufacturer of
sponge and rubber based products.

Our products are used in variety of applications within the
manufacturing industry worldwide. C.B. Frost products are used
extensively, for example, within the Component Supply and Defence
industries where we have developed a reputation for excellence.

We work closely with industrial designers and engineers — our customers
and their needs are diverse and we work together to deliver the best
solution. As well as our standard range of products we also specialise
in materials which meet high smoke-fire and toxicity standards. These
bespoke products are widely used in the Mass Transit Industry globally.

Whatever your requirements, if you are looking for an experienced
company with a modern, flexible approach, look no further.

The right material for the job is paramount for the success of the
application and in order to achieve a good life expectancy. At CB Frost
we are well placed to offer a wide range of materials to meet the needs
of the modern engineering industry. Plain or adhesive backed gaskets,
washers, sealing strip, pads, mats or coverings can be manufactured
from the materials shown, with various adhesive backings. Unless
specified all materials can be supplied in a range of thickness.

CB Frost also supply Rubber and Plastic Mouldings and Extrusions;
manufacture Rubber-Metal-Plastic assemblies; specialise in Adhesive
Bonding of materials and components. We are also a major distributor of
Adhesives and Room Temperature curing compounds.

*C.B. Frost & Co Ltd
Green Street
Birmingham B12 0ne
Tel: +44 121 773 8494
Fax: +44 121 772 3584


Established in 1982 C&H Plastics Limited is a UK based quality custom
injection moulding company offering customers in a wide variety of
industries capacity in the range of 40-550 tonne clamp forces for most
thermoplastic materials.

Our injection moulding expertise encompasses all aspects from initial
design and concept, through realisation to final production. Our modern
UK based plant includes a wide range of advanced injection moulding
equipment available to enable us to handle a variety of projects with
maximum efficiency.

The company is a private limited company founded in 1982 by Allan Cook
and Ian Hamilton, both having worked within the plastic injection
moulding industry for many years.

Having outgrown their original premises, the company moved to St Ives
in 1989 where they have continued to expand and now occupy in excess
of 25,000 sq ft of factory space. In 1991 the company achieved
registration with the British Standards Institute in recognition of
their quality of management.

As a trade moulder C&H Plastics offers its services to all types of
industries. In many cases offering help with the design of the moulded
product as well as producing the mouldings in their modern plant.

>From the "fag packet" sketch to a finished article produced to customer
requirements C&H Plastics are happy to be involved at any stage of your

*C&H Plastics Limited
Burrel Road
St Ives
Cambridgeshire PE27 3LE
Tel: +44 148 049 6959
Fax: +44 148 049 2105


Cranford Engineering is a state of the art toolmaking business
manufacturing steel moulds for the rubber industry. These moulds
produce rubber articles found in various commercial and domestic

Cranford Engineering has facilities for:

1. CNC turning, milling and spark erosion.
2. Producing machined parts using the latest version of NC Graphics
Machining Software (data can be supplied as IGES files on disk or
via e-mail).
3. A comprehensive spark erosion service with fast turnaround using
conventional copper or carbon electrodes (customers own electrodes
are acceptable).
4. CNC wire erosion service.
5. Bead blasting i.e. cleaning surfaces by the impact of very fine
glass beads carried by a jet of compressed air (small dry items
6. TIG welding of steels and alloys.
7. Drilling, turning, milling (turret/universal) and fitting.
8. Parts manufactured to customers specification.
9. Skimmimg cylinder heads, brake discs and drums, etc.
10. Removing broken taps, drills, studs and bolts, etc.

The most important type of mould produced is for injection moulding
machines with a platen size of 500mm x 400mm. In this process the two
halves of the heated mould are held together under hydraulic pressure
while the rubber compound is injected, again under pressure, into the
cavity. A few minutes under heat and pressure cures the rubber
compound, forming a moulded component corresponding in shape to the
cavity. The cured rubber component is extracted from the mould when

Moulds for compression moulding presses with a platen size of up to
500mm x 500mm are produced as press fixtures. Small moulds referred to
as "hand " moulds are usually smaller than 250mm x 250mm and are not
secured to the moulding press. Compression moulding consists of closing
the two halves of a hot mould under hydraulic pressure with a suitably
sized piece of moulding compound between them, squeezing the piece of
moulding compound into the cavity with the excess extruding from the
edges until the mould is closed. After several minutes of heat and
pressure the material cures and the moulded product is ready to be
extracted from the mould.

Cranford Engineering make steel moulds for the rubber industry whilst
serving the local community as general engineers.

*Cranford Engineering
Craddocks Parade
Surrey KT21 1QL
Tel: +44 137 227 2380
Fax: +44 137 227 3776


Dearing trade moulders Plastics Ltd established 1986 and continues
to be managed by the founding co-directors. Totally self-contained
Precision manufacturing operation working with a huge variety of
complex components and materials. We offer a comprehensive range
of services including injection mould tooling a high quality high
volume production capability, injection tool design combined with
the flexibility required for smaller batches. Dearing Plastics Ltd
looks to offer a personal, high quality service for the management of
new products from design, development to the finished component
assembly product.

dearing plastics injection moulding component assembly plastic
injection moudling injection tool design specialist moulders injection
mould tooling trade moulders.

We provide modern production facilities with machines ranging from
15 tonnes up to 320 tonne capacity working in a wide range of
thermoplastic materials and also offer insert-moulding facilities.
Totally adaptable workforce giving 24-hour weekday specialist moulders
and weekend working as required.

General trade moulding and sub-contract plastic injection moudling
work to a wide range of industries including, automotive, electronic
and electrical, packaging, caravan and leisure, bingo, shop-fitting,
printing, chemical and petrochemical plus many others. A continual
programme of investment in plant ensures we are at the forefront of
technology, meeting the demands of many injection mould tooling markets
with the versatility to adapt to changing demands as they emerge.

Total project management from concept to finished product, including,
consultancy on product development and material choice, tool design
and manufacture, moulding, packing, storage and distribution. By
sharing our expertise with our customers, we optimise ease of
production, cost and performance. We believe in working in partnership,
keeping our customers informed and involved as much as injection
moulding they require.

Dearing Plastics Ltd established 1986 and continues to be managed by
the founding co-directors. Totally self-contained Precision
manufacturing operation working with a huge variety of complex
components and materials.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including a high quality
high volume production capability, combined with the flexibility
required for smaller batches.

Dearing Plastics Ltd looks to offer a personal, high quality service
for the management of new products from design, development to the
finished product.

*Dearing Plastics Limited
Unit 12
National Industrial Estate
Bontoft Avenue
National Avenue
Tel: +44 148 234 8588
Fax: +44 148 247 0255


DMS Plastics are vacuum form and injection moulders of plastic
producing components for an extensive range of industries. We have
the facilities to design, produce tooling, form, cnc trim, paint,
lacquer and assemble components to fully meet customer requirements
and specifications.

The cycle starts with an enquiry which has most likely originated
through a recommendation. Consultation with customers often leads to
an involvement in the design of a product to optimize the material and
subsequent forming. DMS Plastics have their own pattern and tool shop
where tools are designed and produced. Formings are then produced by
vacuum forming, drape moulding, compression moulding or injection
moulding depending upon the type of material and the application.
Painting and lacquering facilities further enhance the aesthetic
appearance of our customers products where required.

DMS Plastics is a well established manufacturer of plastic components
utilising a variety of processes;

Vacuum Forming
Pressure Forming
Injection Moulding
Twin Sheet Forming
Drape Forming
Line Bending

Tooling can be manufactured "in house" using Wood, Resin or Aluminium.
We can also offer a complete design service, and work in partnership
with many of our customers to develop an idea into a successful
finished product. If required we can produce tooling from CAD data
supplied by the customer, e-mail enables technical data to be exchanged
quickly and efficiently.

Vaccum Forming
DMS Plastics have extensive experience in vacuum forming various
components using a wide range of thermoplastic materials including ABS,
HIPS, Acrylic, PVC, Polycarbonate, and PETG, material thickness ranging
from 0.5 to 8.0mm can be processed, utilising the latest "state of the
art" CNC controlled equipment.

Pressure Forming
Pressure forming can be offered as a cost-efective alternative to
injection moulding. The process allows very sharp definition and
therefore greater surface detail, than would be possible using
conventional vacuum forming.

Benefits include;

Ability to achieve different surface textures on the same component
Undercuts are possible
High definition possible
Considerably lower tooling costs compared to injection moulding
Ideally suited to low production volumes

Most of our components can be trimmed using 5 axis CNC routers for
guaranteed consistent quality, but we can also offer conventional saw
and guillotine methods if required.

DMS Plastics produce components for a wide range of industries
including Aerospace, Signage, Building, Gaming, Vending, Agricultural,
Invalid Appliances, Riot Equipment, and Automotive.

We despatch, mainly using our own transport, with regular deliveries
throughout the country. We also have arrangements to transport into
many european countries.

DMS Plastics Ltd formed an Electroplating division in 1993 in order
to fulfill a Nissan signage contract. The need to offer a “turn-key”
operation of Vacuum Forming, Chrome Electroplating, together with
component assembly was paramount in meeting the customers quality and
delivery requirements.

The following four years showed a steady growth in the Plating of
Vacuum Formed components as DMS expanded this unique service to various
industries including Automotive, Gaming Machines, Drinks Dispense to
name but a few. As the expertise in the Electroplating of Plastics grew
so was the need to progress into the electroplating of injection
mouldings and offer a sub-contact plating service to compliment the
plating of vacuum formings.

This diversification started in 1997 and has progressively grown into
an important part of DMS’s business, servicing industries such as
Shower/Bathroom, Point of Sale, Electronic, Domestic and Automotive.
The introduction at the end of 1998 of an extensive Gold plating
facility offering two colour shades of Gold together with Chrome
stripping / conversion capability and the introduction of lacquering
facilities further enhanced the range of finishes available.

*DMS Plastics Limited
Lingen Road
Ludlow Business Park
Shropshire SY8 1XD
Tel: +44 158 487 4679
Fax: +44 158 487 6013


Established at its present site since 1967 Douglas Plastics Limited
has built up a reputation as one of the UK's leading trade injection
moulders. From its site in Douglas with easy motorway access, Douglas
PLastics offers a complete precision moulding package from concept,
design and tooling, to the finished product.

Douglas Plastics Ltd has a wealth of experience in manufacturing from
the most sophisticated materials including ABS, PBT, PPS, PC, POM as
well as the more common Thermoplastics.

Micropreocessor controlled injection moulding machines, ranging from
50 tonnes to 720 tonnes, enables the company to manufacture a
comprehensive range of mouldings from as small a gram to 3650 grammes
in shot weight.

Douglas Plastics Ltd is committed at all levels of the company to the
highest quality. The ISO 9001:2999 quality assurance standards have
been awarded to the company and the recent introduction of the closed
loop control machinery, three point X,Y,Z measuring equipment and
latest state of art Roboticsreflects the company's continous efforts to
consolidate and improve on existing standards.

In addition to its moulding facilities, Douglas Plastics Ltd can offer
a compltete processing capability including Tampo printing, ultrasonic
and heat insertion, ultrasonic welding, sub and full assembly.

*Douglas Plastics Ltd
Douglas Industrial Estate
Strathclyde ML11 0RA
Tel: +44 155 585 1398
Fax: +44 155 585 1065


Dudley Associates Ltd was created in 1995 as a 'one-stop-shop' to
specifically operate in the niche area of rapid high grade aluminium
tool manufacture, quality inspection and low volume injection moulding.

Our Clients are companies requiring high tolerance technical mouldings
on very small lead-times typically for development or pre-production
purposes, and who may require from 1 to 50,000 parts from such tooling
to support their project following approval stage.

As well as the supply of components for development use we find that
the tool life of up to 50,000 shots can also match the life of certain
Client product in many cases. As such they use our services for
aluminium prototype tooling that will actually serve as production
tooling but at greatly reduced cost and lead-times.

Unlike many other alternative prototype tooling techniques, the
components produced from our tooling are moulded in production
engineering thermoplastics, to very high tolerances, and are
indistinguishable from parts produced from steel production tooling.

Dudley Associates specialise in the rapid manufacture of high-grade
aluminium injection mould tooling for prototype, pre-production, or low
volume production use and the moulding and inspection of associated
plastic components on very short leadtimes.

Prototype and Development
Components for environmental and functionality testing in production
materials and which are more representative than parts made by other
prototyping processes.

Low volume production parts
Where conventional tool costs cannot be justified aluminium tooling can
be capable of supporting production volumes of anything up to 50,000

Fast entry to market place
We can help you reduce the highly critical lead-time between design
concept and the reality of components reaching market or approval.

Lower Costs
Typically traditional steel tools are 50% more expensive than our
equivalent aluminium tooling and lead times are longer.

*Dudley Associates
3 Elizabethan Way
Leicestershire LE17 4ND
Tel: +44 145 555 8825
Fax: +44 145 555 8780


Elekem specialises in the fabrication of PTFE components utilising
a range of processing techniques from isostatic forming and lining
through to CNC machine finishing.

Our customers both at home and overseas cover a broad base of industry
including Foodstuffs, Fluid Handling, Paper Manufacturing, Chemical
Plant Servicing, Railway Traction to various Engineering Applications.

Our policy is to provide the best possible service to our customers
for both repeat and new product requirements.

We have specialised in the development of many new PTFE products over
the years and are always happy to lend advice and assistance.

The company operates a quality management system approved to ISO
9001:2000 and the demanding product standards of several national and
multi national industries.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a high performance polymer material
which on its own or filled with various fillers has over the years
found an ever increasing number of applications throughout industry.

The well known non-stick quality of PTFE, its excellent resistance
to most chemicals and corrosive conditions and its properties as an
electrical insulator have led to the development by Elekem, in
conjunction with the customer, of a wide range of products.

Fillers can be added to PTFE in varying proportions and combinations
in order to increase the materials mechanical strength or resistance to
wear or creep. Examples of some of the many materials which can be
blended with PTFE are:

Glass fibre, Graphite, Carbon, Bronze, Stainless steel, Ceramic,
Ekanol, Mineral fibres, Molybdenum, PEEK

Thus PTFE can be tailored to suit the specific requirements and
conditions of the proposed application.


There are many applications where PTFE based materials are used to
take advantage of the non stick characteristics of the material on one
surface, the other surface being bonded to a suitable support plate.

For bonding of PTFE to be effective it is necessary to chemically treat
the surface to be bonded to allow suitable adhesives to "wet out" and
key themselves to the surface of an otherwise non stick material.

We use this chemical etching process for product preparation:

For items needing to be bonded by the customer at the assembly stage
As complete items supplied bonded to supports or housings
Or as a service provided to customers free issue material.

*Edlan Elekem Ltd
Prinny Hill Works
Blackburn Road
Lancashire BB4 5HL
Tel: +44 170 683 1535
Fax: +44 170 683 1549

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