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Google Web
UK Manufacturers - cable and wire
Alloy Wire International Ltd. is a U.K. wire manufacturer
specialising in the production of high performance alloys, mainly
Nickel Alloys, but including Cobalt and Titanium Alloys.

These alloys might be used in any environment that requires
resistance to heat and corrosion but where the mechanical properties
of the metal must be retained.

Alloy Wire International was founded in 1946 by John Stockdale,
who had worked for Henry Wiggin as the Wire Mill manager. He formed
the company after he realised that there was an opportunity for a
manufacturer of small quantities of electrical resistance wire for
the developing domestic and industrial electrical appliance industry.

Over the next 25 years the company enjoyed a stable existence
without any significant growth. In 1971 the company was acquired by
a small engineering group as a move to diversify their interests.

At this time, Bill Graham joined the company, initially as an engineer
but in 1975 he was appointed managing director, a position he has held
to this day. During the past 25 years, the company has developed
significantly and become a respected company within the wire industry.

In 1991, the owners of Alloy Wire International decided that the wire
industry was not to be part of their long term plans, and offered the
company for sale. This was seen by the management team as an
opportunity to own the company where they had spent most of their
working lives and successfully undertook a Management Buyout from
the group. The current workforce has 100%of the control of all the
share capital of the company, a situation that creates interest,
loyalty and commitment.

Over the years the product range of Alloy Wire International has
changed from electrical resistance wire, to electrical resistance
wire and ribbon, and latterly to the specialist spring and engineering
alloy manufacturer that it is today.

Today's product range is primarily in the high performance nickel
and titanium alloys which are used in spring manufacture, medical
and jewellery applications, chemical and nuclear engineering and in
the aerospace and automotive industries. The size range is from 15mm
diameter to as fine as 0.025mm. Wire can be supplied in coil,on spools
or in straight cut lengths. The profile may be round, square or any
other special shape that the customer may require. The company holds
ISO9002 and Civil Aviation Authority approvals and has in-house testing
facilities for examination and certification of the wire properties.

*Alloy Wire International Ltd
Narrowboat Way
Hurst Business Park
Brierley Hill
West Midlands DY5 1UF
Tel: +44 138 456 6775
Fax: +44 138 441 0074


Amphenol UK Operations is an innovative and leading edge manufacturer
of both connectors and interconnect systems for applications
within the mil-aero and industrial markets.

UK Operations consists of two ISO 9001 divisions with 150,000
square feet of manufacturing space, allowing Amphenol UK to supply
the world with a diverse range of interconnect solutions.

Amphenol UK Operations is an innovative and leading edge manufacturer
of both connectors and interconnect systems for applications within
the mil-aero, telecom, and industrial markets.

Our products cover technologies within both fibre optic and copper
products. Specific recent solutions incorporate signal conditioning,
electro-optic transceivers and line protection units. Cabled systems
utilise overmoulding and open loom manufacture of both copper and
fibre products.

UK Operations consists of two ISO 9001 divisions with 150,000
square feet of manufacturing space, allowing Amphenol UK to supply
the world with a diverse range of interconnect solutions.

The Whitstable location manufactures Military and Avionics, RF
Connectors, Filter/EMP Products, Fibre Optics, Cable Assembly and
Hermetics products.

The Nottingham location manufactures Aero Engine Conns, Rail
Connectors, Industrial Connectors and Associated Cable Assembly

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect
products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets
electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-
ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.

The primary end markets for the Company's products are communications
and information processing markets, including cable television,
cellular telephone and data communication and information processing
systems; aerospace and military electronics; and automotive, rail
and other transportation and industrial applications.

358 Hall Avenue
CT 06492
Tel: +44 120 326 58900
Fax: +44 120 326 58516


Clarkin Electronics is a privately owned family business which has
been manufacturing a wide range of Quality Wiring Assemblies &
Cables since 1986.

- We are proud to serve Customers in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

- Our services include Product Design & Development through to

- In addition to volume production, we provide facilities for
Prototype and Low Volume users.

- We work directly with our customers to ensure a complete
understanding of their requirements and specifications. Our
mission is to provide a professional service and high quality
products, and our technical expertise enables us to assist with
design improvements that achieve reliability and cost improvements.

- Our Global Purchasing Policy ensures cost effective solutions for
our Customers.

Clarkin Electronics has been manufacturing since 1986 and has
estabished itself as a Producer of a wide range of Quality Wiring
Assemblies & Cables.

We are situated in Workington, Cumbria - with a 6000 sq ft
manufacturing facility.

Our staff have many years experience in the Design and Manufacture
of Assemblies. This expertise enables us to assist Customers with
any Design problems. We can build Prototypes prior to completion of
specifications - thus enabling Beta testing and improvements before
Production begins. Our products are 100% tested prior to Despatch
enabling ship to stock deliveries onto Customer Production Lines.

The scope of our capability is wide ranging and we have a history of
supplying Assemblies into many market sectors, including the following.

Vending Industries

At our modern 6000 sq ft factory, we use integrated Computer
Controlled systems for both Production and Materials procurement.

Clarkin Electronics is fully committed to the total Quality of its
products. High Quality standards are set & maintained from Design
to Production.

*Clarkin Electronics
Unit 1 Thirlmere Block
Derwent Howe
Cumbria CA14 3YP
Tel: +44 190 064 576
Fax: +44 190 087 2475


Founded in 1987 by Des Smith & Simon Rycroft, Elmeridge Cables
provides a comprehensive cable diagnosis, design, manufacturing
and Consultancy Service for applications & Projects, such as rail,
Marine/Undersea, construction, power, voice/data/image transmission
as well as mechanical handling, lifts and other General Use

The Elmeridge problem-solving philosophy is based on the need
to understand customers' needs in depth before deciding on the
best cabling solution and cables supplied by Elmeridge are now
making a vital contribution to projects all over the world.

We have had a long association with one of the world's first
cable manufacturers, Lynenwerk in Germany. Over a century ago
George Victor Lynen's vision centred on the processing of copper
into products for the developing market for electrotechnical

In the eighties of the past century Lynen created the necessary
preconditions in his Hovermuhle factory to meet the new challenge.

In those early years, the methods for manufacture of copper wires
were already known to the "coppersmiths" of the Aache and Stolberg

Already in the 19th century the Lynen-Isaac's company operated a
process for rolling copper wires and rods. Therefore the decision
to take an active part in the developing technology in the
manufacture of electrical conductors was built on skills developed
over the centuries.

The construction of a drawing plant represented the first major
investment in the new endeavour. A chart dated May 1886 kept in the
Lynen archives outline the size and lay-out of this new equipment it
is the erection and commissioning of this which marks the very
beginning of the history of the Lynenwerk. In addition to the
wire drawing equipment a reliable source of energy was required. Water
power, available at the time, was not sufficient.

Therefore, as early as in 1885, plans were made to use steam power.

This required the erection of new buildings for which construction
permits were granted on June 12,1885. The expansion program was
completed in 1886; it resulted in a doubling of the original size
of the plant. After an extended shake-down period, the new 1886
factory was capable of producing goods which met market requirements.

The first finished product was bare wire, drawn on rod breakdown and
fine wire drawing machines in the wire drawing department. Further,
processing of the bare wire resulted in the first finished products:
lightning conductors.

Three years later, the range of manufactured insulated wires was
increased substantially: guttapercha-insulated wires of various
diameters and voltage ratings, two-conductor wires, cables for
lighting and dynamo wires. The preferred insulating material in
those days was guttapercha. The processing of this material must
have required many machines and installations since an entire building
was designated as "guttapercha plant.

Towards the end of the last century, the young Lynenwerk established
itself as a confident, rapidly growing company active on the European
markets. 180 different finished products were already listed in 1886,
including seven-conductor telephone cables and telegraph wires.

Warehouses for Lynen products were established in Berlin, Bremen,
Halle, Magdeburg and Munich as well as in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich
and Brussels. At the turn of the century, the rapid growth of the cable
works required a further expansion of the energy supply. A second, more
efficient steam engine was installed and electrical energy was used for
the first time. In the second decade of the new century, main emphasis
was put on the manufacture of lead-sheathed cables. In 1910 a sum of
41.000 Gold Marks was paid for an electrically powered lead press - one
of the largest investments made at that time for a single machine.

The equipment suppliers of Lynen illustrate the Company's worldwide
connections: taping machines from France, braiding machines from
England and a stranding machine from the U.S.A. (F.A. Selson
Engineering). A 25 years of cable production, Lynen products were in
use worldwide. Starting initially with four warehouses abroad, by 1911
there were already nine. Cities such as Milan, Rotterdam, London, Libau
in Latvia (then in Russia and now in the Soviet Union), Santiago de
Chile and Yokohama in Japan are mentioned in the old records.

Rapid technical development in the following decades required
additional investments. For almost each new product new equipment
was needed. In the late twenties, when Lynen developed plans for the
manufacture of low voltage, paper-insulated lead-sheathed cables, a
hydraulic lead press was procured. Other equipment was constructed and
built in Lynen's own facilities: stranding machines with integrated
paper taping heads, armouring machines with jute serving and steel band
taping heads and asphalt impregnating tanks.

In the mid-thirties, Lynenwerk was among the first manufacturers who
introduced the use of new insulating materials. Preliminary tests were
made to insulate copper wire with plastics. The machines used for this
purpose were originally modified from rubber processing equipment with
successive changes to adapt to the specific properties of the new
materials. After World War II plastic insulation became equally
as important as rubber insulation. In the early 1950s, PVC occupied a
dominating position as an insulating material. Nonetheless, Lynenwerk
concentrated on the development of cables with improved rubber
insulating and jacketing compounds, such as chloroprene. Chloroprene-
jacketed cables were particularly well suited to meet the requirements
for buried cables. These jacketing materials combined good abrasion
resistance, high flexibility, tensile strength - in excess of 150 kg
cm, elongation at break - over 300%, and cold impact resistance to
about -30 C.

They were found to be highly resistant against mineral oils and fuels,
soil chemicals, acids, mechanical damage due to cuts, shear or
compression stresses. They were furthermore weatherproof, ozone-
resistant, and resistant to solar radiation. They displayed a high
thermal stability up to 80 C and were resistant to micro-organisms.

Their water and gas permeability was very low. They were flame
retardant and met operating requirements in the tropics. Even more
stringent quality demands to-day are met by new and further improved
rubber formulations. The flame retardant "Lynilit" cable satisfies the
highest safety standards.

In the sixties, Lynenwerk designed and introduced 'Lyniport' cables
for which patents have been granted worldwide. The Lyniport cable
features a thermoplastic jacket in which glass yarn bundles are
embedded, thus greatly enhancing the tensile strength of the cable,
especially important for aerial cables. In comparison with competing
products, Lyniport cables are lighter and have better transmission
properties. After extensive testing, the "Deutsche Bundespost" (German
PTT) agreed to the introduction of Lyniport cables in its
telecommunication networks in the mid-seventies. In the following
years, the Lyniport system was further improved so that the cable
design could be used for buried and underwater applications. Apart from
its use for telecommunication purposes, the Lyniport construction has
been also approved for power applications.

With Lyniport, Lynenwerk has set a new trend in the cable technology
worldwide. In recent years, Lynenwerk has developed a reputation as a
custom cable manufacturer. Its know-how of over 100 years and its
dedication to the most up-to-date technology serve as an assurance to
customers that it will offer the right solution for any cable problem.
As a result, the number of processed materials grows continuously. By
the use of an increasing number of electronic controls and by
automation, Lynenwerk's production lines have become more versatile.
An integrated test system controls and assures that all Lynen products
meet high quality standards. The Lynen cables are identified by several
methods: green identification thread, VDE tracer tape, jacket imprints
indicating compliance with national, international and European Common
Market standards.

*Elmeridge Cables Ltd
2/3 Saltdean Park Road
Saltdean, Brighton
East Sussex BN2 8SN
Tel: +44 127 339 1810
Fax: +44 127 330 8284


HCP Cables Ltd is a trade supplier of computer cables and accessories,
and all suppliers and retailers within thecomputer trade are
invited to browse our e-catalogue. However, please note that access
to pricing information requiresregistration which is subject to
manual review to confirm status.

If you are a retail customer or end-user, please follow the
Retail Sale link.

The e-catalogue contains descriptions and (where available)
pictures of each product, though all specifications aresubject
to change without notice. To confirm the exact current specification
of any product, please contact us directly.

All products carry a 1 year warranty, subject to our terms and

Though every care has been taken in the construction of the web-
site and the compilation of the e-catalogue, errors andomissions
are excepted. A contract to supply goods is not formed until an order
has been placed by you, and manuallyconfirmed by us.

Originally trading as "Henderson Computer Products", and incorporating
as a company in May 2003, HCP Cables Ltd. has been trading since 1994,
and specialises in the distribution of computer cables and accessories
to the computer trade.

With a keen eye for quality, competitive pricing, and considerable
stock on hand, HCP Cables quickly built a reputation for being the
"people to do business with", and years of trading have enhanced that

Quality - When sourcing products, HCP do not automatically select
the cheapest! This commitment, coupled with strict quality control
procedures, results in extremely low failure rate/returns rate for your

Keen pricing - HCP cables are importers for the majority of their
product range, and for some lines are the sole importers. This results
in the ability to offer low prices whilst maintaining a healthy and
viable company trading record. These qualities make HCP an ideal
supplier for building a long-term business relationship with!

Stock Availability - HCP Cables have multiple warehousing facilities,
genuinely holding stock for immediate availability in trade quantities.
Fulfilling even larger orders ex-stock helps avoid the protracted so-
called "shipping times" of other suppliers!

*HCP Cables Ltd
16 Olds Close
Olds Approach Industrial Estate
Herts WD18 9RU
Tel: +44 192 377 7728
Fax: +44 192 377 6523


Our competent and experienced staff deal promptly with all enquiries
and orders in a friendly and efficient manner.

Our highly experienced and skilled team, each focused on his or
her specific task, ensure continuous inspection during all production

We carry a vast range of stock in all sizes and colours to ensure
quick and immediate response in processing all urgent and ongoing

As well as continuous inspection, rigorous final inspection
ensures quality conforms in full to the relevant product

Established in 1979 by my father, Terence Hill, Hilltop Products began
life in a loft conversion at the top of my mother and father's home,
this slightly unusual origin giving birth to the company name Hilltop.

Terry, then an engineer at a local Volex Wiring factory, continually
struggled to find a supplier who could produce high quality coloured
and printed cable markers, usually at short notice, to meet what was
then and remains today, the demanding Automotive Wiring assembly

As such using his experience gained over many years, Terry started
to design and manufacture his own products, and very soon found steady
demand for his services.

>From this Hilltop gradually became more of a family concern and
quickly developed a reputation for competitively priced high quality
products, many of which are individually tailored to meet customer
requirements, and in all cases backed with a service we believe
second to none values which we still hold dear.

Hilltop remains very much a family concern and we are proud to
have amongst our customers some of the U.K's major cable harness
and assembly manufacturer's supplying the Automotive, Aerospace,
Electrical and Electronic Components Industries. We would only be
to pleased to supply names and contacts for a reference to our service
and quality records.

ISO 9002 approved, the company have invested in the most up to date
and efficient sleeving and marking machinery. We work within a
continuous improvement operating strategy, which encapsulates a
combination of individual skills and attention to detail, this
couple with our experience of the industry creates quality service
that everyone at Hilltop are proud of and determined to maintain.

Both myself and my brother (Partner) Bryan, or indeed any member of
our staff are always available to discuss any of your requirements.

Assuring you of our prompt attention to all your requests at all

*Hilltop Insulation Sleeving Products Ltd
Kirkstead Way
Warrington WA3 3PY
Tel: +44 1942 723101
Fax: +44 1942 273817


With the recent UK merger of Contact Connectors and Oskar Lapp,
both companies are now trading jointly under a new company name: Lapp
Limited. Their complementary product ranges and resources offer
increased benefits to the customer with additional technical and sales
support from the combined Lapp and Contact teams who are now based in
one location.

Since the merger of the 2 Lapp Group companies in the UK - Oskar
Lapp (trading as Lapp Cable) and Contact Connectors, Lapp Limited
have moved to new premises to facilitate the company's continued growth.

Our new premises is in Perivale Park, Middlesex. Perivale is next
to Perivale (NW London) Tube Station and within easy reach of
Central London and Heathrow, with easy access to M40 and M25.

As Perivale is over twice the size of the old facility in Standard
Road, we can increase our Cable Stocks and also increase our
capacity, accuracy and speed for Connector and Cable Gland products
and deliveries.

In addition, we have a new and more efficient storage system
for components - Picomat, which is a 7.5 meter high automated
storage system.

*Lapp Limited
Unit 3 Perivale Park
Horsenden Lane South
Middlesex UB6 7RL
Tel: +44 208 758 7800
Fax: +44 208 758 7880


Mainco is a new Wire Rope Splicing independently owned Company, based
at Redditch in Worcestershire.

The Company was formed in September 2001 with help and guidance from
the Redditch Chamber of Commerce's and Business Link Services, by
husband and wife Mark & Monica Johnson after working for a midlands
based wire rope company, obtaining a combined total of 28 years
experience within the Wire Rope industry.

Specialising in all Wire Rope Splicing Applications and Assemblies,
in galvanised finish or stainless steel, including hand splicing of
all wire ropes including non rotating, and the manufacture of wire
rope plaited flat belt slings.

Mark has received the lifting equipment engineers association (LEEA)
diploma for the specialised subject lifting gear general.

With constant improvement and investment to expand into the future,
aiming for the highest quality and accuracy of our finished products.

Mainco have now become a steadily growing company.

Offering a bespoke service of assemblies to individual requirements.

Mainco has been assessed by Gunnebo UK and is now an approved
supplier for all there small diameter wire rope assemblies.

We are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction, and aim
to meet the demands of modern industry.

The company is slowly building it's reputation by offering customers
a fast and efficient service using high quality materials at
competitive prices, and will never sacrifice quality to achieve
a low price.

Mainco always offer a prompt and efficient service and would welcome
the opportunity to quote for any of your wire rope requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Mainco is committed to ensuring that our customers needs are fully
understood and are courteously and appropriately satisfied by the
provision of products fit for their intended purpose.

We recognise that our customers are our business and that continuing
success and customer satisfaction will be greatly assisted by our
continuing self-improvement programme with the ultimate aim of getting

'Right first time, every time'.

Unit A13
Imex Business Centre
Oxleasow Rd
East Moons Moat
Worcestershire B98 0RE
Tel: +44 152 783 0520
Fax: +44 152 783 0521


The National Spring Company is a family owned and run firm
established in West Bromwich since 1928. Employing local people with
many years experience in the industry, we are continuing the long
tradition of skilled metal working in the region, manufacturing for
both domestic and European markets.

We are keen to supply customers for all of their requirements, covering
most types of wire-forms, pressings and springs, in most types of
material and in any required batch quantity.

We are the leading supplier in the UK of interlocking clips and
all types of tube adjustment used in the scaffolding and construction
industry in particular. A few of these variations are shown here and
also in our colour / CD brochure.

We have a wide ranging press capacity and wire-forming machinery,
and can cater for all batch sizes in all metals.

We can offer the services of our own fully equipped in house tool-
room, ensuring that all of our springs, pressings and wire-forms are
made accurately and quickly, and all tooling is fully maintained.

As you would expect, we manufacture a wide range of coiled springs in
a variety of materials. We specialise in manufacturing to customer
specifications, and we can produce springs which have precisely the
dimensions you require, giving the correct load.

Although we are not a specialist spring stockist, we can offer a
very competitive price and delivery on most batch quantities for all
types of compression, extension and torsion springs (as seen right).

We can assist in the design for all torsion, extension and compression
springs, by calculating the required information. We have auto-coiling
machines for larger batches and in house facilities for small quantity
batches to be made by hand.

We have a particular expertise in wire-forming, with many years
of experience of manufacturing components related to the automotive,
construction and safety industries to name but a few.

Our in-house facilities allow us to bend wire into all shapes, ranging
from wire 0.3mm in diameter up to 15mm.

Shown right are a few shapes used in the leisure and marquee ndustries.

We are able to bend most metals, most commonly including mild steel,
carbon spring steel, stainless steel (and all other non-ferrous

The coiling and assembly of various components is shown (right).
Mild steel rings and R-clips are often considered to be standard items,
we can offer many of these from within our standard range of
manufacture, however, if you need the wire-form or spring to be
completely to your specification, we are able to be flexible to suit
your precise requirements.

The National Spring Company is the leading manufacturer of
components for use on Aluminium Scaffold Access Towers, supplying
interlocking clips, adjustable leg retainers and various other springs
and wire-forms used in the industry throughout Europe. We have
considerable experience in supplying this industry with a wide variety
of products, some of which are shown on this page.

These are all manufactured in house, and we are able to supply any

These clips are also used on a variety of other applications, such
as safety tripods and marquees, or anywhere where quick, safe and
easily accessible tube adjustment is required.

We manufacture a wide range to suit individual requirements, with
slight variations in strength and location in the unit.

Our tube adjustment range can cater for all sizes, as well as
manufacturing any of our standard components to suit any size of tube,
we also offer the facility for single and double button tube adjuster
springs (as shown bottom left). Linking clips to fix cables or tubes
alongside each other are available on request.

We can offer some items as standard, but we are specialists in
designing springs to suit your precise requirement at low cost and
high quality.

The National Spring Company is approved to BSEN ISO 9001.

Our facility for in house design and manufacture allows us to
quickly manufacture prototypes and produce working drawings.

The National Spring Company Proprietor George Griffiths (Springs)
Limited (the Company) has defined, documented and implemented
a quality management system, relevant to customer expectations and
needs, in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000.
All staff are trained to understand, implement and maintain the
system. It is the responsibility of the Company’s management to
ensure that the requirements of the standard are implemented.

The Company’s organisation is structured to ensure that the
responsibilities, interrelations and authority of all personnel
whose activities affect quality are defined. Personnel having
particular quality system responsibilities have roles which are
defined to allow them the organisational authority and freedom to
carry out their duties described in the standard.

The Company has allocated resources and trained specific personnel
to identify and undertake internal audit activities.

We are members of the (IST) & (SRAMA) and have testing facilities
and laboratories at their disposal if required.

*The National Spring Company
Grafton Road
West Bromwich
West Midlands B71 4EL
Tel: +44 121 553 1188
Fax: +44 121 500 6430


Founded in 1959, Resistance Wires was one of the early producers of
electrical resistance wire and ribbon. When Rowallan Wire acquired the
company in 2002, it seemed obvious to retain the name.

The philosophy of the company is quite simple...

We give the customer exactly what they want, precisely when they want
it, in the packaging they prefer.

To be able to offer the quality of service that we believe our
customers deserve, we hold extensive stocks of finished and semi
finished materials in wire, ribbon, strip and profiles, allowing us to
react quickly and efficiently to a customers needs.

Resistance Wires Ltd is a UK Manufacturer of Resistance Wire and
Ribbon. Below is a list of alloys we hold in our extensive stock.
Throughout our website you will find details of our services and the
range of products we supply.

As a leading wire manufacturer with a wealth of experience, we are
confident we can help you with your requirements for electrical
resistance wire. We manufacture element wire suitable for hot cutting
or Polystyrene cutting, bag sealing, heat shrinking, band heating,
injection moulding or Plastic moulding. In fact we can supply any
resistance wire in packaging you prefer to meet your needs.

*Resistance Wires Ltd
Lochwinnoch Road
Inverclyde PA13 4DY
Tel: +44 150 587 1851
Fax: +44 150 587 3985


Shrinktek has for almost 20 years specialised in the supply of heat
shrinkable tubing. Now probably the largest stockist in Europe,
Shrinktek can despatch most items from stock at competitive prices.

Our product range varies from economical commercial sleevings to high
technology options manufactured to the relevant national and
international specification requirements.

All products can be certified to specification under the auspices of
Shrinktek's ISO9001 approval.

We have a comprehensive cutting and marking facility and can provide
our customers with bespoke kits or cut piece requirements. In addition
to the vast range of tubing products, Shrinktek also supplies a range
of braided sleeving in a variety of materials, heat shrinkable shapes
and heat shrinkable insulated crimp splices.

The European warehouse is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, from
where a highly efficient facility ensures a rapid worldwide customer

Shrinktek sleeving is available in a variety of material types designed
to operate at a range of temperatures from -65C to +260C. The tubing
can be either thinwall or medium wall and supplied with or without an
adhesive inner coating. It is all flame retarded or self extinguishing
, has a range of shrink ratios, from 2:1 to 4:1, and can be supplied in
a variety of colours.

Our products vary from economical commercial sleevings to high
technology options approved to a variety of MIL specifications and
to UL224/CSA. Our European warehouse is based in Cheltenham,
Gloucestershire, from where a highly efficient distribution facility
ensures a rapid customer response.

You can find out more on each of our products by using the Product
Index to the right. In order to make it easy to see which product is
best for you own requirements the Product Usage Key should help.

*Shrinktek Polymers International
Unit A
Staverton Technology Park
Gloucester Road
Glos GL51 6TJ
Tel: +44 145 271 4900
Fax: +44 145 271 4959


Our aim is to be a profitable, specialised supplier of Aluminium wire
for the vacuum metallising industry.

We will achieve this by fully trained staff delivering high quality,
consistent product on time to our custumers.

We will continuously invest in improving our customer service and
manufacturing technology.

*Welding Alloys Ltd
The Way Fowlmere
Nr Royston
Herts SG8 7QS
Tel: +44 176 320 7500
Fax: +44 176 320 7501


The Westminster Wire Factory is a leading provider of plastic-coated
wire display stands in the UK. It provides its customers with
greetings card and postcard displays, calendar displays, displays
for plush and fancy goods, and many other products.

Westminster provides a complete in-house design facility, and
is willing and able to provide individual solutions to individual
problems. The products are of a very high quality, as is the commitment
to service. As well as being a wire stockist, the company also designs
and manufactures component parts for the engineering industry, and
offers high degrees of accuracy, and at very competitive rates.

There are tremendous resources for design and problem-solving at
Westminster, coupled with a desire to make your display solutions
practical, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

Westminster is an international company trading from its large
freehold premises in the South of England. With excellent logistical
connections to airports, ports, rail and road links, it is well
served to distribute to almost any location globally.

Our factory in Wareham, Dorset, UK uses Wafios CNC (computer numerical
control) machines for wire bending and manipulation. Wafios are
a major manufacturer of wire working machinery, and in particular are
the world leaders in the development and sales of computer controlled
wire bending and spring making machines.

We are able to plastic-coat in house, giving a durable, quality
finish to our products. Products may also be plated or painted in
a range of colours, where appropriate, or may be left self-colour.

Our automated process ensures that we are accurate, efficient and

Our premises have been totally geared to an efficient product flow,
and this in turn has resulted in lead times that are extremely
favourable to our customers.

Our employees are all multi-skilled, and extremely experienced in
the work they do.

We believe that our suppliers are some of the best in the industry,
and we are extremely pleased to work with them to ensure that the
quality of our raw materials results in the very best possible finished

*The Westminster Wire Ltd
Unit 9
Westminster Road
Dorset BH20 4SN
Tel: +44 192 955 0085
Fax: +44 192 955 0095



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