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Archive import leads

Date: 29.10.2002

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[Argentina] Latex gloves making machine
[Australia] Cell-mobile phones
[Australia] Korean mail-room equipment
[Australia] Korean textile/wool garment
[Austria] Nirosta
[Austria] Ostrich incubator and hatcher
[Bangladesh] Cement paper bag manufacturing machinery
[Bangladesh] Circular knitting machine
[Bangladesh] Food products
[Belgium] Switching power supply
[Benin] All kinds of readymade garments
[Benin] Pharmaceuticals /foodstuff/cosmetics electrical
[Brazil] Polystyrene molding and frame machinery
[Brazil] Pumps
[Bulgaria] Machine tools
[Canada] Auto-adhesive label
[Canada] Nylon sewing thread
[Chile] 100% polyester dyed polar fleece fabric
[China] 2, 4-Dichlorobenzyl cyanide CAS: 6306-60-1
[China] Antimony
[China] Electronic cell phone shield & cell antenna
[China] Industrial tapes
[China] Mobile phone accessories
[China] Mobile phone scraps
[China] Polyester yarn
[China] Sewage disposal system
[China] Steel coil
[China] Sticky labels
[China] Still billet
[China] Tungsten filament
[China] Used weaving machines
[China] Walnut, cherry, European beech and African species
[China] Zinc sheets
[Czech Republic] Frozen products
[Czech Republic] Vertical blinds
[Dominican Republic] Pressure cookers
[Ecuador] Bond paper
[Egypt] 2000.000 M of steel wire rope
[Egypt] 2000.000M of galvanized steel strand wire rope
[Egypt] Brick making machine
[Egypt] Fiat tire screws
[Egypt] Used air conditions
[Egypt] Wire steel shaping machine
[France] Slewing ring, steel track undercarriage for excavators
[Germany] Car and truck engine parts
[Germany] Medical products (disposable)
[Germany] Remote-controlled racing cars
[Greece] Remolding / retreating tires
[Greece] Signaling equipment for railways
[India] Automobile parts
[India] Bed sheets, pillow covers for single, double bed
[India] Cell phones Motorola Panasonic, Nokia, Sony, Ericson
[India] Coated paper
[India] Cold plate and air cooler using thermoelectric module
[India] Cold plate and air cooler using thermoelectric module
[India] Electrical equipment
[India] Glue sticks from Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan
[India] High speed camera system for automatic recording
[India] HMS 1 steel scrap
[India] Knitting and textile machinery
[India] Machinery for Medical equipment
[India] Measuring equipment
[India] Polyester POY, nylon FDY, and viscose rayon filament
[India] Pouch lamination films
[India] PU / PVC coated polyester fabric
[India] Safety match manufacturing machinery
[India] Shuttleless looms
[India] TC (poly/cotton) regenerated fiber
[India] Yellow fin tuna
[Indonesia] Crude palm oil (CPO)
[Iran] Feeding systems for poultry
[Iran] Floor strainer
[Iran] Internal floppy drive (FDD)
[Iran] Mouse pads 3D
[Iran] Paper cup. plate
[Iran] Printer spare parts HP, EPSON
[Iraq] CNC turning m/c
[Israel] KM-32 oxygen mask (Russian)
[Italy] Band sawing machines
[Italy] Batida de cocco
[Italy] Complete machine for Kiwi chips production
[Japan] Leather shoes, brand sneakers, leather bags, other bags
[Japan] Pine mushroom
[Jordan] 50, 000 sets of man underwear
[Kenya] Blood bags
[Kenya] Computers and laptops
[Kenya] Electric fencing parts and accessories
[Kenya] Laundry soap
[Korea] 90min (800mb) CD-r
[Korea] Activated carbon plant to
[Korea] Auto calling router or auto caller
[Korea] Automatic ampoule filling machine
[Korea] Branded soccer shoes
[Korea] Dress shoes and boots
[Korea] Electromagnetic brake
[Korea] Fancy yarn
[Korea] Fresh water eel
[Korea] Health foods
[Korea] INA bearing
[Korea] Inexpensive briefcase
[Korea] Kraft paper
[Korea] Ladies fashion engineer boots
[Korea] New idea goods, promotional items, gag items, stationery
[Korea] Old aircraft
[Korea] Paper felt for roofing paper
[Korea] Roller blade inline skates, Roces inline skates in bulk
[Korea] Solar cell, PV
[Korea] Thermometer for crab cooker tank
[Korea] Toyota twin turbo supra
[Korea] Used cartridges of HP, Epson, Canon and others
[Korea] Wood free paper
[Kuwait] Choloroprene rubber
[Lebanon] Processed cheese
[Malaysia] Promotional booths and printing materials
[Malaysia] Space saver spare wheels / tires
[Mongolia] Digital cameras and webcams
[Mongolia] Network equipment
[Nepal] Photocopy papers
[Netherlands] Disposable lighters, disposable razors
[New Zealand] Garden coil hose
[New Zealand] House ware
[New Zealand] Wood working machinery
[Nigeria] Computer parts
[Nigeria] Computers parts & accessories
[Pakistan] Belting
[Pakistan] Blank kirt for printing
[Pakistan] Blanket & curtain
[Pakistan] Car spare part/accessories
[Pakistan] CAT 777D off highway trucks
[Pakistan] Computer parts
[Pakistan] Copper cable
[Pakistan] Diagnostic/medical ultrasound machines
[Pakistan] Dyes for leather industries
[Pakistan] Electro plating
[Pakistan] Pana flex
[Pakistan] Pantyhose
[Pakistan] Pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery
[Pakistan] Poly/lycra fabrics
[Pakistan] Polyamide ribstop, polyamide lycra fabrics
[Pakistan] Seats
[Pakistan] Security devices & system
[Pakistan] Stainless steel scrap
[Pakistan] Used vacuum metallizing machine
[Pakistan] Wire rods
[Peru] Medical film for scan machine
[Peru] Stainless steel tube (industrial use)
[Philippines] Frozen pig skin
[Poland] Bearings, bolts and nuts
[Poland] Disposable polystyrene bowls
[Poland] HDPE, polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene
[Poland] Porcelain for garden use
[Poland] TCP/ IP web surveillance cameras
[Romania] Jeans material & equipment
[Romania] Offset printing machine ULTRASET -72
[Russia] 30 TFT LCD monitors
[Russia] Assemble kits for conditioners production
[Russia] Biological active food additives
[Russia] Leather
[Russia] Pharmaceutical products
[Russia] Plastics
[Russia] Professional cooking knifes, cookware
[Russia] Sports shoes
[Singapore] Bi-metal & heating thermostats
[Singapore] Caustic soda
[Sri Lanka] Glassware, kitchen racks
[Switzerland] Components, wiring system
[Switzerland] Trendy fashion jewelry and fashion accessories
[Syria] Surplus (sonder posten) card boards
[Syria] Yarn
[Thailand] Couche paper
[Thailand] Machine for PVC baby sheet
[Thailand] Pneumatic-hydraulic parts
[Thailand] Polyethylene printing machine for water bottle industry
[Thailand] Tray mats made of polystyrene
[Turkey] Acrylic fiber
[Turkey] Bearings
[Turkey] Chenille fabrics
[Turkey] Latex examination & surgical gloves
[Turkey] Lighter manufacturing machine
[Turkey] Optical lens
[Turkey] Polyester yarn
[Turkey] Rubber band
[Turkey] Scrap metals
[Turkey] Transparent acetate paper
[Turkey] ULV sprayers with motor
[Turkey] Wooden spoons, forks
[UAE] Products for defense supply
[UAE] Used 50kg bags
[UK] Branded toiletries
[UK] Khaki clothing
[UK] Retro-reflective high visibility tape, To EN471 standards
[Ukraine] Polyester tarpaulin, kirsa
[USA] Burner oil
[USA] Cable
[USA] Chargers
[USA] Coil steel
[USA] Cork and cork products
[USA] Dynamic splints
[USA] Engines
[USA] Generators and crystal powered radios
[USA] Head wear
[USA] IC excess inventory
[USA] Men’s casual pants
[USA] Metal cap and aerosol can
[USA] PET bottle line new or used
[USA] Promotional item
[USA] Russian wood pulp
[USA] Steel billets
[USA] Universal joint
[USA] Vacuum pumps
[Vietnam] Artificial wig
[Vietnam] Concrete truck mixer
[Vietnam] Construction machine
[Vietnam] Electric wire
[Vietnam] Illuminated push button switch, snap switch
[Vietnam] Laundry washcator
[Vietnam] Machine & technology
[Vietnam] Machine and paper
[Vietnam] Pill compressor machine
[Vietnam] Purified water bottling system
[Vietnam] Spring roll making machine
[Vietnam] Used fishing boat
[Vietnam] VoIP, IP PBX equipment
[Vietnam] Waste paper, kraft duplex, ivory
[Yugoslavia] White refined crystal cane sugar grade A

Date: 28.10.2002

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[Argentina] Machine/tools for garden and parks maintenance
[Argentina] PC accessories and parts
[Argentina] PC TFT monitor
[Australia] Dynamometers
[Australia] Fabrics
[Australia] Micro span suede - screen prints
[Australia] Nude figurine
[Australia] Screen prints of micro span suede fabric
[Austria] Multilayer and SMT printed circuit boards
[Bahrain] Paints, dashboard sprays
[Bangladesh] Copra for oil extraction
[Bangladesh] Paraffin wax
[Belgium] Grill
[Belgium] Marquisette knit fabrics
[Benin] GSM mobile phones
[Brazil] Fabrics
[Bulgaria] Computer parts & printers
[Canada] Carpet
[Canada] Christmas tree and light
[Canada] Elastic thread
[Canada] Foam handle
[Canada] Motherboards
[Canada] Motorcycle and parts
[Chile] Inflatable boats parts
[China] Chemical acetic acid, ethyl acetate, ethyl propionate
[China] Inverter
[China] Office collection
[China] Plastic ball (BB gun shaped plastic ball)
[China] Seamless tubes
[China] Silk yarn
[China] Solar energy/wind energy system
[China] Titled IC
[China] Used band saw machine
[Cyprus] Motorbike & scooter spare parts
[Czech Republic] Cable ties
[Czech Republic] Lathes
[Czech Republic] Vertical blinds
[Denmark] Boxes made of paulownia tree
[Egypt] Access floor
[Egypt] Diving & swimming tackles
[Egypt] Galvanized steel sheets
[Egypt] Raw materials for production tin plate packages
[Egypt] Screw making machine
[Germany] Microphones, headphones etc
[Greece] Toothpaste/mouthwash
[India] All kinds of yarns
[India] Copper ore
[India] Dehairing plant
[India] Dry fruits
[India] Electrodes
[India] Flyback transformer (FBT/ETH)
[India] FM or AM/FM portable radios
[India] Glass beads producing plant/machinery to produce around 50kg/hour
and 200kg/h
[India] Honey
[India] HP and Epson inkjet cartridges
[India] Jute bags
[India] Measuring equipment
[India] Metallic materials
[India] Nitric acid & ammonium chloride
[India] Pedicure scrubber stainless steel
[India] Pulses, cereals
[India] Railway line, grooved rubber pad, cranes
[India] Spices
[India] Textile weaving spares & machines, sulzer spares,
[India] Tube & tire patch
[India] Tube light fittings & CLF tings from China
[India] Watches and clocks
[Indonesia] Laptop new and used
[Iran] Animal feed/fish meal, soybean meal, maize (yellow corn
[Iran] Large touch screen monitors
[Iran] Nickel sulfate
[Israel] Blank CD-R, full package (CD-R inside slim case)
[Italy] Men’s and women’s sweaters, trousers, jackets, shirts
[Italy] Polyester, viscose yarn
[Japan] Aluminum oxide A21
[Japan] SWRM 12K steel billet
[Japan] Your product
[Kenya] Laundry soap
[Kenya] Medical goods
[Kenya] Plastic paper bag manufacturing machine
[Korea] Aluminum pouch packs
[Korea] Automotive filters
[Korea] Brand wrist watch
[Korea] Car DVD and portable DVD with LCD
[Korea] CCTV camera & capture card (board)
[Korea] Cigar jack
[Korea] Computer case / slim (mini) type
[Korea] Computer Pentium II
[Korea] Cotton fabric
[Korea] Denim, cotton fabrics stock
[Korea] Dental equipment
[Korea] Fancy yarn
[Korea] Garment stock
[Korea] Golden materials
[Korea] High name brand second-hand handbag
[Korea] Keyboard (slim or mini type)
[Korea] Ladies fashion engineer boots
[Korea] Latex gloves
[Korea] Mandarin fish (siniperca scherzeri)
[Korea] New idea good
[Korea] Non-ferrous metal scrap
[Korea] Non-ferrous scraps
[Korea] Stone necklaces
[Korea] Textile fabric (wool-70% + acrylic 30% )
[Korea] TFT-LCD monitor large volume
[Korea] T-shirts
[Korea] Unbuffed moleskin for FCL base
[Korea] Used/new computer
[Korea] Wireless phone duplexer
[Kuwait] Choloroprene rubber
[Kuwait] Pipes
[Kuwait] PVC pipes
[Kuwait] Steel products
[Latvia] Pliers, nippers, hammers, screwdrivers, sockets, sockets
[Malaysia] Gel facial mask with special ingredients
[Malaysia] Nokia phone
[Malaysia] Space saver spare tire and rim
[Malaysia] Speaker cable
[Malta] Mild steel bars
[Mexico] OPC drum, cleaning blade and Dr. Blade
[Mexico] Paperboard, plastic and material handling products
[Moldova] Sanforized cotton
[Morocco] Straps for ladies strapless clothes, brassiere
[New Zealand] House ware
[Nigeria] Children wears, optical frames, sunglasses
[Nigeria] Color TV sets, TV antenna with remote control
[Nigeria] Ladies` bras and panties
[Pakistan] Acrylic yarn
[Pakistan] Crude & refined sunflower /soya/corn oil
[Pakistan] Machinery & equipment
[Pakistan] Milk powder
[Pakistan] Mono sodium glutamate
[Pakistan] Nylon monofilament fishing net
[Pakistan] PET preforms
[Pakistan] Potato chips plant
[Pakistan] Sheets & coils
[Pakistan] Stainless steel sections
[Pakistan] Surplus stock
[Pakistan] Timber & timber allied product
[Pakistan] Tractors spare parts
[Philippines] Polyurethane panels
[Philippines] Vertical blinds, roller blinds
[Poland] Porcelain for garden use
[Poland] Rotary forging machine
[Portugal] Crude oil and D-2
[Romania] Offset printing machine
[Russia] Electronic spare parts
[Russia] Pipes and fittings
[Russia] Plastic (HDPE, LDPE) bags
[Russia] Silk and embroider machine
[Russia] Spare part for chairs
[Russia] Steam boilers
[Saudi Arabia] Consumer electronic products
[Saudi Arabia] Machinery for producing copper tubes, capillary tubes
[Singapore] Absorber
[Slovakia] Money detector key chain
[South Africa] House ware and life improving products
[South Africa] Machinery and technology, for the production of instant
soups, stocks, gravies and broth
[South Africa] Stoves fireplace
[Switzerland] Scooter
[Syria] Computer parts
[Syria] Fluorescent tube light
[Syria] Yarn
[Togo] Garment & clothing accessories
[Turkey] Ammonia
[Turkey] Bearings
[Turkey] Ethyl alcohol production
[Turkey] Excess prime or secondary steel sheet or coils
[Turkey] Locks, buckles, hooks, magnets, etc for handbags
[Turkey] Mesh fabric for lining
[UAE] Golf cars
[UAE] Truck used tire
[UAE] Voile and voile emb
[UK] Callaway HX Blue Golf
[UK] Cassava crisps
[UK] Motor bike spare parts and toys
[UK] Nalidixic acid
[Ukraine] Tools and abrasive material
[Uruguay] Machinery
[USA] Crude oil, jet fuel, Russian D2
[USA] Finger paints and kids poster paint
[USA] Food transport tanker trailers
[USA] Hard drives
[USA] Heater IM (resistencia)
[USA] Jewelry
[USA] Men/women suits
[USA] Monitors
[USA] PHS phone
[USA] Spring
[USA] Steel strapping material
[USA] Surveillance/ security
[USA] Switch rocker
[USA] Tin box
[USA] Tractor, generator and skidder
[Uzbekistan] Dry ice manufacturing equipment
[Vietnam] Auto door
[Vietnam] Automatic squid fishing machines; luminous tape
[Vietnam] Computer hardware
[Vietnam] Diapers production line
[Vietnam] Stainless steel
[Vietnam] Steel
[Vietnam] Steel billet & steel scrap
[Vietnam] VoIP, IP PBX equipment supplier
[Vietnam] Wood processing line

Date: 25.10.2002

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[Argentina] Medical disposable products
[Argentina] Router for telephone lines
[Australia] Sequin/bead fabric, motifs, trims
[Austria] Multilayer and SMT printed circuit boards
[Bahrain] Motor parts
[Brazil] Iron
[Brazil] Tire recycling machinery
[Canada] Drug
[China] 100% cashmere sweater for 21 gg, 31gg, 39gg only
[China] Automobile batteries regularly
[China] Canned lychee
[China] Electronic cell phone shield & cell antenna
[China] Extension board
[China] Levi’s jean, used, new
[China] N-amino ethyl piperazine (AEP)
[China] Nickel cathodes, nickel sulfate
[Colombia] Sandpaper, tapes for packing and adhesives tapes
[Cyprus] Medical - cardiology disposable
[Czech Republic] Lathes and machine tools
[Czech Republic] LDPE, HDPE
[Czech Republic] Used machines
[Czech Republic] Welding machines
[Egypt] Diving & swimming tackles
[Egypt] Printing machine
[Greece] Shoes for children
[Guatemala] Hydraulic cylinders for elevator
[India] Alcohol breath analyzers
[India] Colored glass tubes, sheets, etc
[India] Computer related excess stock-close out
[India] Fitted bed sheets
[India] FM or AM/FM portable radios
[India] GI wire
[India] PVC corrugated/ stretchable molded pipe for sink/ basin
[India] Rechargable batteries and chargers
[Iran] Air filtration media
[Iran] Food processing machinery
[Israel] Microwave oven
[Ivory Coast] request for original inkjet cartridge HP
[Japan] Wall paper/synthetic fiber
[Jordan] Vending m/c for cards
[Korea] Alloy wheel
[Korea] Bubble (air cap) sheet making machine
[Korea] Chemicals
[Korea] Cockroach & ant attractant
[Korea] Dental equipment
[Korea] Kidney beans
[Korea] Nylon yarn-polyamide 6 multifillament nylon yarn
[Korea] Sulfite paper and glassine paper
[Kuwait] Forming machine
[Malaysia] Chemical
[Mongolia] Tricycle, scooter, and doll carriages
[New Zealand] Baby wear
[New Zealand] Wood working machinery
[Nigeria] Equipment
[Nigeria] Men’s wears
[Nigeria] Underwear
[Pakistan] Brick producing plant from China or Taiwan- (3000-5000/hr)
[Pakistan] Compressors
[Pakistan] Copper cable
[Pakistan] Electric motor capacitors
[Pakistan] Glass beads producing machinery
[Pakistan] Label tape and buttons
[Pakistan] Micro fiber peach + PU 600MM Coating back side about 160 G/YD
[Pakistan] Notebooks, laptops, PDAs
[Pakistan] Refrigerator parts (made in Taiwan)
[Pakistan] Sheets & coils
[Pakistan] Spectrometer
[Pakistan] Timber & timber allied product
[Pakistan] Used computers and monitors
[Pakistan] Used, circular knitting machines
[Peru] Monosodium glutamate
[Romania] Various equipment for military use
[Russia] Twine balling machine
[Saudi Arabia] Filling machine
[Saudi Arabia] Machinery for producing copper tubes, capillary tubes
[Singapore] Polyester mosquito net
[Slovakia] Bimetallic components and valves
[Slovakia] Watch turn - benches and milling cutters
[Sri Lanka] Vegetable seeds
[Tanzania] Sewerage machines
[Thailand] Brasing, copper alloys
[Thailand] Lens cleaning cloth (optical cloth)
[Thailand] PVC flooring
[Togo] Any type of products
[Turkey] Acrylic fiber
[Turkey] All kinds of denim fabric
[Turkey] Caustic soda liquid
[Turkey] Filers (carbon black): N-220, N-330, N-660
[Turkey] Freight forwarding
[Turkey] HMS scrap
[Turkey] Pollester -pollamid: PES-dtex 1100, PA-dtex 940
[Turkey] Polyester yarn
[Turkey] Shoes
[Turkey] Softeners: stearin (acid stearik), naftolin ZD
[Turkey] Touch screen restaurant POs system hardware
[Turkey] White filers: borusil -P, ZnO
[UAE] Hardware, electrical and building material
[Ukraine] PET-granulated, dried squids, dried white baits
[Ukraine] Used or refurbished laptops/notebooks and peripherals
[USA] 35mm single - use camera
[USA] AC power inverter
[USA] Branded HBA's: diapers (Pampers and Huggies)
[USA] Geneva his and hers watches in gift box
[USA] Gillette products (Mach 3, Gillette blue, etc)
[USA] Intel processors PIV 2.4Ghz OEM tray
[USA] Men/women suits
[USA] Mixing bowls
[USA] MSG and acetic acid
[USA] Nokia 8310, 7650 and 891
[USA] Non-woven PP bags
[USA] Perfumes
[USA] PS plate
[USA] Red bull energy drink
[USA] Step-down transformers
[USA] Tide
[USA] Used laptops PII and higher
[Uzbekistan] Dry Ice manufacturing equipment
[Vietnam] Auto door
[Vietnam] Bimetal bushing for leaf spring of vehicles
[Vietnam] Soybean for animal feed
[Vietnam] Waste paper, pulp, paper
[Vietnam] Wood processing line

Date: 24.10.2002

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[Argentina] Aerosol valves
[Argentina] Batteries boxes/cages for cars
[Argentina] Machines and components for the manufacturing of steel vacuum
[Argentina] PC accessories and parts
[Argentina] PC TFT monitor
[Bangladesh] Computer & accessories
[Bangladesh] Computer accessories & computer related products
[Brazil] Toluene diisocyanate
[Bulgaria] Plastic glides
[Canada] Elastic thread
[Canada] Optical lenses, frames sunglasses
[Chile] Inflatable boats parts
[Chile] Knitting machine
[China] Adhesive
[China] Decal and label
[China] G30 (G95mm) glass envelope
[China] Glass for lighting
[China] Granite
[China] Office collection
[China] Reverse parking sensor
[China] Silk yarn
[China] Titled IC
[Croatia] Civil engineering product, repair products
[Croatia] Twill cotton and poly cotton
[Cyprus] T-shirts
[Denmark] Electronic components
[Denmark] Razor blades and razors
[Egypt] Electric products-electronic products-polymers-chemicals
[Egypt] Material of PET
[Egypt] Polyester yarn
[India] Household items
[India] Knitting and textile machinery
[India] Long pepper
[India] Poly textured 84D, 154D & 300D yarn from
[Iraq] CNC turning m/c
[Italy] Audio cables for musical instruments
[Italy] Cotton
[Italy] Men’s and women’s sweaters, trousers, jackets, shirts
[Kenya] Computers and laptops
[Korea] 100% wool underwear for winter season
[Korea] CCTV camera & capture card (board)
[Korea] Chop stick (made by wood)
[Korea] Clock (small metal or aluminum)
[Korea] Cotton fabric
[Korea] Fancy yarn
[Korea] Golf putting greens
[Korea] HDPE, MDPE, PVC and petroleum jelly compound
[Korea] Used machines for water packaging, plastic film
[Korea] Wireless phone duplexer
[Malaysia] Cosmetics
[Malaysia] Dashboard wood veneer products
[Mongolia] LAN, modem, network adapters are possible
[Morocco] Beech wood, etc
[Morocco] Sewing thread/ embroidery yarn/viseline
[Netherlands] Polyresin products for gardens and lawns
[Netherlands] Wild forest mushrooms
[Nigeria] Ladies` bras and panties
[Nigeria] Optical frames best quality
[Nigeria] Pharmaceuticals drugs
[Pakistan] Different Dupont brand fabrics
[Pakistan] Fabric
[Pakistan] Fan balancing machine
[Pakistan] Multi port valve
[Pakistan] Nail files
[Pakistan] Narrow fabric printing machine
[Pakistan] Polyethylene (PE) rigged film
[Pakistan] Potato chips plant
[Pakistan] Solar cells and complete equipment
[Pakistan] Stainless steel scrap
[Pakistan] Stock left /leftover
[Pakistan] Used embroidery machines
[Philippines] Cotton wastes
[Poland] Alkalization machine
[Poland] Stretch films
[Saudi Arabia] CD holder
[Saudi Arabia] CDR, cameras, webcams
[Saudi Arabia] Machine for making cellophane container
[Slovak Republic] Key-chain
[Spain] Baled LDPE
[Spain] Cotton and poly cotton fabrics
[Spain] NOKIA 5210
[Switzerland] Lighter
[Switzerland] Plastic safety fencing
[Switzerland] Scooter
[Syria] Yarn
[Thailand] Tooth brush holder
[Turkey] Acrylic and blended yarns
[Turkey] Curing means: vulkacit merkapto, vulkacit DM
[Turkey] Dipping means: latex 41 %, ammoniac 25 %, rezorcin 50
[Turkey] SKI-polyisoprene, SBR-1500, SKD-2 polybutadien
[UAE] Scarves
[UK] Khaki clothing
[USA] High-pressure lamps
[USA] PHS phone
[USA] Refined gold
[USA] Steel shelving
[USA] Stick pens
[USA] Various lighters
[Vietnam] Plant to produce motorcycle engine

Date: 23.10.2002

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[Argentina] Jute fabric & jute soles
[Argentina] Raw material
[Australia] Razor wire
[Australia] Vitamins & natural assets
[Bahrain] Motor parts
[Bangladesh] CNG filling station
[Bangladesh] Gift wrapping paper
[Bangladesh] Jute yarn manufacturing plant
[Bangladesh] Textiles chemicals and raw goods
[Bolivia] Stocks of textiles
[Bulgaria] Rape - seeds oil
[Cameroon] Textiles stock lots
[Canada] Designer bag, apparels, accessories, watches
[Canada] High tenacity polyester thread
[Canada] Nylon sewing thread
[Canada] Scrap metals, ships for demolition
[Canada] Used ships and aircraft
[China] 3D wheel mouse
[China] Automotive engine
[China] Nokia 5120
[China] PET scrap and other PSF materials
[China] Shoe polish
[China] Sun glass
[China] TPU sheet
[China] Umbrella totes
[China] Used band saw machine
[China] Used notebook computer
[Cyprus] Medical - cardiology disposable
[Cyprus] Motorbike & scooter spare parts
[Cyprus] Refrigerators
[Cyprus] Toys
[Czech Republic] Stainless steel netting
[Denmark] Computer part & accessories
[Dominican Republic] Labeled machines
[Egypt] Core carton
[Egypt] Polyester yarn
[Egypt] Steel billet
[Egypt] Thermoforming blister machine, etc
[Egypt] Wire steel shaping machine
[France] Acrylic products
[France] Polypropylene chips
[Germany] Doctor/wiping blades (of plastic)
[Germany] Remote-controlled racing cars
[Germany] Smoke detectors
[Greece] Mother of pearls, seashells & corals
[Hong Kong] Curtain fabrics
[India] Beaded bags & computer products
[India] Beauty and slimming equipment
[India] Box making/stitching machine
[India] Brazil sugar
[India] Centrifugal pumps
[India] Christmas season lighting
[India] Copper clad laminate
[India] Diode in 4007
[India] Gifts, novelties, promotional items, toys
[India] Grain
[India] Hydrochloric acid
[India] Mole skin woven and knitted fabric
[India] Musical key board [electronic key board]
[India] Partitions, panels, castings and decorative
[India] Petro - products
[India] PNT
[India] Polynosics from China and Taiwan
[India] Railway line, grooved rubber pad, cranes
[India] Seamless low fined 'U' bend tubes
[India] Seed potatoes
[India] Stainless steel tiffin carriers
[India] Used / broken AZS / ZAC / electrocast blocks
[Indonesia] 2nd hand or used computerized sock knitting machines
[Iran] PVC twist films
[Iraq] Machinery for glass container production
[Ireland] Cotton bags
[Italy] Edam
[Italy] Medical equipment and medicine
[Jordan] Trousers, gent’s shirts, quilts, pullovers, blankets
[Korea] 2nd-hand Aoki blowing machine
[Korea] 430 stainless steel
[Korea] Adapter
[Korea] Agricultural combines & tractors
[Korea] Amber and flint glass bottles
[Korea] Anglers head wear (cap, hat)
[Korea] Annealed ductile iron castings
[Korea] Automotive filters
[Korea] Billet
[Korea] Blue jean
[Korea] Body, bath products & cosmetics
[Korea] Carbon black
[Korea] Child restraint system (car seat)
[Korea] Cosmetic
[Korea] Cotton fabric
[Korea] Cubic zirconia
[Korea] Curtain fabrics made of 100% polyester
[Korea] Disposable plastic apron
[Korea] Feet massage
[Korea] Golf putting greens
[Korea] Hair nets
[Korea] Hard anodized cookware
[Korea] Ladies underwear
[Korea] Latex gloves
[Korea] Low carbon special steels
[Korea] Newly marketable items
[Korea] Nylon yarn-polyamide 6 multi filament nylon yarn
[Korea] Plastic detergent
[Korea] Silicone liquid injection machines
[Korea] Soccer shoes
[Korea] Used cartridges of HP, Epson, Canon and others
[Korea] Wet towels for Korean restaurants
[Korea] Wireless mouse & wireless keyboard
[Korea] Wooden chopstick
[Korea] ZF transmission parts
[Lebanon] Canned mushrooms
[Lebanon] Cream processed cheese
[Lebanon] General items for trade
[Libya] Aluminum sulfate, boric acid, borax, sodium silicate
[Libya] BMW 2001, 2002. 5 series
[Malaysia] Mixed scrap integrated circuits or sorted integrated
[Malaysia] Used plastic injection molding machine
[Mauritius] Sweetened condensed milk
[Morocco] Sewing thread/ embroidery yarn
[New Zealand] Nido instant milk powder it tins
[New Zealand] Quilting, cadding machine
[Nigeria] Computers and computer accessories, pharmaceutical
[Pakistan] Artificial jewelry
[Pakistan] Chemical use in dying & processing industries
[Pakistan] Compressors
[Pakistan] Electric motor capacitors
[Pakistan] Embroidery machine
[Pakistan] First aid antibiotic swabs
[Pakistan] Gems testing instruments
[Pakistan] Looms in 153
[Pakistan] Seafood
[Pakistan] Steel sheets
[Pakistan] Textile (spinning) machinery
[Pakistan] Used blanket & curtain
[Pakistan] Used electric motor & their scrap
[Pakistan] Viscose rayon filament yarn
[Pakistan] Welding cable
[Peru] Powder milk, bananas, peas
[Peru] Toys
[Philippines] Solar panels and products
[Poland] 100% polyester lining
[Poland] Knitted fabrics
[Poland] PET copolyester 9921W 9922 W clear
[Poland] Rotary forging machine
[Romania] Used Minolta copy machines
[Russia] Benzoyl chloride
[Russia] Korean car batteries
[Russia] Sisal twine
[Russia] Tissue waste paper
[Russia] Twine balling machine
[Saudi Arabia] Daewoo brand new engines
[South Africa] Brass wire 65/35 copper nickel (round)
[South Africa] Plastics/polymers
[Spain] Compatible batteries for notebook
[Spain] Desk watches in stainless steel
[Spain] Waste and scrap copper or aluminum cables
[Sri Lanka] Military Clothing
[Sri Lanka] Sports goods
[Syria] Yarn
[Taiwan] Facing lathe
[Taiwan] Small engine and outdoor power equipment
[Taiwan] Steel plate
[Thailand] Brackets, wire, o-ring, chain
[Thailand] Lens cleaning cloth (optical cloth)
[Thailand] Playstation 1 and 2 consoles
[Thailand] Polyester quilting (blanket) plant
[Thailand] PVC flooring
[Thailand] Starter drive, pinion gear
[Thailand] Used/second hand computer & accessories
[Thailand] Vending machine factory
[Togo] GSM mobile phones and computers, inkjet cartridges of all kinds,
already made garments and textiles and foot wears of all kinds
[Tunisia] Plexiglas
[Turkey] Acrylic and blended yarns
[Turkey] All kinds of denim fabric
[Turkey] CCTV equipment
[Turkey] Coordinate measuring machine
[Turkey] Magnesium oxide
[Turkey] Military standard monitors
[Turkey] New items, gifts
[Turkey] Optical lens
[Turkey] PU/PVC nubuck and leather
[Turkey] Shoes
[Turkey] Stock lots of sport shoes
[Turkey] U-V coating machine
[UAE] Camouflage netting
[UAE] Carbon black N330
[UAE] Scarves
[UAE] Tetra ethyl lead (TEL)
[UK] Khaki clothing
[Ukraine] PET-granulated, dried squids, dried white baits
[Uruguay] Machinery for fabricates midsole and outsole
[USA] Hydrogen peroxide 35
[USA] Jet fuel/REBCO/D-2 gas oil
[USA] Jewelry, belts and watches
[USA] Knitting machine needles
[USA] Micro R/C, bit char-G cars
[USA] Thermal fax paper
[USA] Used textile machinery
[USA] Vacuum cleaners
[USA] Water heater
[Uzbekistan] Raw materials for PET
[Vietnam] Hydraulic presser 3, 000 tons inquiry
[Vietnam] Pill compressor machine
[Vietnam] Plastic of PA E 62-51
[Vietnam] Steel milling production line
[Yugoslavia] Additives for petro-chemical industry
[Zaire] Nokia 8310 cellular phones

Date: 22.10.2002

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[Australia] Consumer massages devices
[Australia] Sequin/bead fabric, motifs, trims
[Australia] Vitamins & natural assets
[Bangladesh] All kinds of paper products
[Bangladesh] Jute yarn manufacturing plant
[Bangladesh] SONY UPP-110HG (high glossy) video printing paper
[Bangladesh] System auto car wash
[Bangladesh] Toilet/tissue paper
[Belarus] Super-concentrated
[Belgium] Airbag inflator
[Belgium] Ink cartridge for printer
[Benin] Cosmetics
[Benin] GSM mobile phones
[Cameroon] Laptop computer system, mobile phone, garment
[Canada] Ballast & lamp for fluorescent light
[Canada] High tenacity yarn
[Canada] Natural sea sponge
[Chile] Steel flanges
[China] Automated assembly line for the tuyere of center air
[China] Business card scanner
[China] Butadiene
[China] Daily products: toys, stationery, electronics, footwear, others
[China] Decal and label
[China] Epoxy adhesive
[China] Fabrics
[China] Fresh garlic
[China] Geotextile
[China] Internet phones VOIP
[China] LCD polarizer
[China] LDPE sack
[China] N-amino ethyl piperazine (AEP)
[China] Naphthalene
[China] Nylon ottoman
[China] Profile grinding machine
[China] Samsung GSM A 408, T100, A 288, A628
[China] Stearic acid
[China] Trap mouse
[China] XLPE insulated cables
[Colombia] Denim fabrics
[Colombia] Integrated circuits, transistors, micro processors, fly
back, transformers and electronic tuners
[Colombia] Polystyrene expandable
[Colombia] Used or new bowling center, equipment and accessories
[Cyprus] Machinery and equipment - refrigeration
[Czech Republic] Cable ties
[Czech Republic] Fittings
[Czech Republic] Lathes
[Czech Republic] Stainless steel netting
[Denmark] Electric vehicles
[Denmark] IBM, Compaq and HP
[Dominica] Car accessories
[Egypt] Chemicals
[Egypt] Diving & swimming tackles
[Egypt] Escalators
[Egypt] Overhead cranes
[Egypt] Packaging machines for macaroni/ noodles
[Egypt] Security system
[Egypt] Sport shoes
[Egypt] Tin plate packages machinery
[Egypt] Woodworking machines, portable powered tools
[France] Electronic scooters
[France] Stainless steel, plastic steel, copper
[France] Stock lots of branded perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries
[France] USB memory stick
[French Guiana] 500, 000 reems of A4 copier paper
[Germany] Fire lighter incl. camera
[Germany] IDS 3317 moulds and tools for shoe industry
[Germany] PC-terminal
[Germany] Smoke detectors
[Germany] Tuna in oil
[Greece] Car batteries
[Greece] Chemicals
[Greece] Digital satellite receiver & indoor antennas
[Greece] Electronic locks, card locks, scales, electronic
[Greece] Metered aerosol valves
[Greece] Mother of pearls, seashells & corals
[Greece] PVC resin
[Greece] Shoes for children
[Greece] Stationary, printing, packaging
[Hungary] High-quality non-fat and regular powdered milk
[India] 100% polyester fabrics in grey and plain dyed
[India] 100% polyester yarn
[India] BB cup threading machine
[India] DAP fertilizer- 250, 000 MT
[India] Deodorants/after shave lotion/perfumes/colognes
[India] Edible oils
[India] Electronic check weighing scales
[India] Fitted bed sheets
[India] Hollow cathode lamp
[India] HR coils
[India] Measuring equipment
[India] Mechanical carousals
[India] Metallic materials
[India] Mole skin woven and knitted fabric
[India] Nickel sulfate
[India] Nigerian teakwood logs
[India] Nylon filament yarn
[India] Paraffin wax
[India] Plastic chairs and other household items
[India] Scrap latex gloves
[India] Stearic acid
[India] STPP, borax penta, citric acid
[India] Suxamethonium chloride
[India] Tape coat materials
[India] Tattoos and the imitation jewelry
[India] Telurium dioxide
[India] Titanium dioxide B101
[India] Triethylene pentamine
[India] Viscose filament yarn
[India] Wiper water pump
[Indonesia] Equipment
[Indonesia] Mobile phone
[Iran] Motor cycles parts
[Iran] Plastic foam making machine, fully automatic
[Israel] Hands free car speakers
[Japan] Fabrics
[Japan] Raw material for plastic pressure pipe
[Japan] Wooden furniture folding table
[Korea] 100% silk underwear and pajamas for women
[Korea] Audio and video blank cassettes
[Korea] Billet
[Korea] Chinese glass
[Korea] Enamel cookware
[Korea] Fishmeal plant
[Korea] Frozen sweet corn
[Korea] Goods for baby
[Korea] Low carbon special steels
[Korea] Night binocular
[Korea] Nylon yarn-polyamide 6 multifilament nylon yarn
[Korea] Polyester / polyester blended suiting fabrics
[Korea] Small motor
[Korea] Small motor (capacity: 110 ~ 220V)
[Korea] Some decoration goods
[Korea] Stone necklaces
[Korea] Tableware hand painting
[Korea] Tire wheel
[Korea] Tissue in vinyl bag, plastic bottle, music box
[Korea] T-shirts
[Korea] Uniform
[Korea] Used cartridges of HP, EPSON, CANON and others
[Korea] Various used construction equipment
[Kuwait] Car accessories
[Kuwait] Electric appliances
[Lebanon] Woolen polishing pad
[Malaysia] Second hand refrigerator and washing machine
[Malta] Packing tape
[Morocco] Aluminum chairs
[Nepal] Pashmina shawl, pashmina and woolen sweaters
[Netherlands] Fresh wild forest mushrooms in big quantities
[New Zealand] Baby wear
[Nigeria] DVD player
[Nigeria] Leather goods & accessories
[Nigeria] Motorcycle parts
[Nigeria] Pharmaceutical chemicals
[Pakistan] Decorative lights
[Pakistan] Display racks
[Pakistan] Glass beads producing plant/machinery
[Pakistan] Italian furniture
[Pakistan] Medical equipment and disposable
[Pakistan] Mobile/cellular phones (GSM 900/ TDMA 800) & accessories
[Pakistan] Radio sets
[Pakistan] Trimming accessories
[Pakistan] Used blanket & curtain
[Pakistan] Used computer parts
[Pakistan] Used computers
[Pakistan] Used knitting machines
[Pakistan] Zinc ingot 99.9 %
[Philippines] Bottles
[Poland] Chemicals for pharmaceutics and pesticide industry
[Poland] Machine for plastic processing, forms, tools boxes, screws
[Puerto Rico] New cellular phones
[Romania] Air conditioner, freezers, refrigerators
[Romania] Heating equipment and fittings
[Russia] Building materials
[Russia] Heating systems
[Russia] Overruns, liquidation, buy-back, surplus, over stock
[Singapore] Round polish white rice
[South Africa] Used PCs & monitors & notebooks
[Spain] Metal gifts
[Sri Lanka] Gas cartridge (propane)
[Switzerland] Gift items, medals, buckles
[Switzerland] Used car engine
[Thailand] CD-R
[Thailand] Drill, tap, reamer, end mill, indexable carbide insert
[Thailand] The high precision of ball bearings
[Thailand] Wireless credit card payment terminal
[Tunisia] Equipment for steel production
[Turkey] Locks, buckles, hooks, magnets, etc for handbags
[Turkey] Shoes
[Turkey] SKF brand ball bearings
[Turkey] Soap wrapping + labeling machine
[UAE] Female instantaneous coupling - valves
[UAE] Nomex fabric/& Velcro zip
[UK] DAB digital radio products and systems
[UK] Hard drive chassis
[UK] Pasta making plant for Ghana
[UK] Rhamsan gum 100 Kg
[UK] Sawing machines
[UK] Sports wear, leather ware, bags, nappies etc
[Ukraine] Automobile parts for cars
[Ukraine] Grinding balls
[Ukraine] Quality food
[Ukraine] Spare parts for European, Japanese, and US cars
[Uruguay] Medical equipment
[USA] Infant's wear stock lots.
[USA] Military accessories, no arms
[USA] Motorcycles and scooters
[USA] NOKIA 8290 and 3360
[USA] Steel strapping band & stretch film
[USA] Stun guns
[Uzbekistan] KOMHO tires
[Vietnam] Equipment for artificial wood board processing
[Vietnam] Monitor and case
[Vietnam] Plastic PA e 62-51 for motorbikes' parts
[Vietnam] S/S belt conveyor
[Vietnam] Screw units machine

We are looking for all kind of toys for children. Also looking for handphone fronts with different design for Nokia models 3310, 8210 and 8310.
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