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Archive import leads

Date: 28.02.2003

Click here for full buy leads and contact details

[USA] Duracell batteries, kodak film rolls, disposable cameras

We are looking to buy duracell batteries and kodak film rolls and disposable
cameras in bulk quantity.

[Yemen] Petrochemicals, safety products, lab equipment, teaching aids

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most leading firm
in Yemen since 1968. We have concentrated in importing and distributing
the following items.


If you are interested to join hands with us for a longterm fruitful business
relationship, please contact us.

[Canada] USB, firewire products

USB / Firewire / Accessories / Others?

[Mexico] Car accessories,furnitures, computer items,

Car accessories,furnitures, computer items,

[India] Lubricants

We are the importers of all types of Petrochemical Products. We are in
requirement of Lubricants such as Motor Oil, Engine Oil, SAE 40 grades.
Kindly arrange to send the price for the same. Our monthly consumption
is 5,00,000 Ltrs/month.

[USA] Lingerie, Swimwear and Accessory

Lingerie, Swimwear and Accessory

[Pakistan] Cams for Nissan air jet looms

We only require Cams for Nissan air jet looms to make for corduroy fabric
6,8,11,14,wales and 2x1 Twill. For this reson we need cams 5/1,2/2-1/1.
and also repeat gears of six repaet.


NISSAN Air Jet Loom
Type: LA 51-190
Serial No: 1201004 (We have 60 others with different serial number but same
type and same lot number.
Lot No: 27
Year of Mfg:1992.
Mfg. By: Nissan Motors Co., Ltd. Tokyo,Japan.

[Singapore] 500 sets of Motorola CDMA Fwt

We wanted to purchase 500 sets of motorola CDMA FWT any model.0

[South Africa] Car audio products

Importers of car audio products, car speakers, CD players,
radios, amplifiers.

[France] Liquidation products, surplus

We are an international trading company. We want to buy liquidation products,
destocking products, surplus… as raw materials, manufactured products,
materials of any activities.

[France] Granulated plastic, plastic waste

We are an international trading company. We are looking for producers of all
types granulated plastic, plastic waste.

[Pakistan] Used textile machinery


[Turkey] Phthalic anhydride flakes, Pentaerythritol

Phthalic Anhydride Flakes 300 ton/month
Pentaerythritol 100 ton/month
Soybeam oil or sunfloweroil 200 ton/month

[France] Foodstuff products, hygiene cosmetics, perfumes, garments

We are looking for producers able to deliver us great quantities of all
types of plastic waste, textiles, paper. We are looking for producers
able to deliver us great quantities of all types of processed foodstuffs
products, hygiene cosmetic, perfumes, garments, shoes, electric household
appliances, Hi-fi, computers, telecommunication all types of international
branded products in regular basis manufacture and in destocking.

[France] Civil engineering machines

We are looking for producers able to deliver us great quantities of all
types of civil engineering machines, second-hand petroleum and renovated
in regular basis manufacture and in destocking.

[Bulgaria] Computer products

We are interested in buying and importing in Bulgaria all kinds of computer
technologies and accessories- both second hand and brand new ones.

[UK] Branded cosmetics

We are interested in purchasing branded cosmetics such as Elizabeth Arden,
Clarins, Max Factor, L'oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Oil of Olay, etc

[Pakistan] Textile machinery

We are interested in the imports of following textile machinery. We shall
appreciate if you would kindly introduce our name to the leading exporters
of textile machinery.

List of Machineries:
1. Sulzer Projectile Looms Make 1972 and above. 110" 130" & 153"
2. Sulzer Ruti Terry Looms with Dobby 110"
3. Tsudakoma Water jet Looms working width 1700 mm and above.(two nozzle)
3. Murata two for one twisters(japanese)
4. Circular Knitting Machines.(Fukuhara preferred) 20/24/26 gauge - 28/30 Dia.
5. Tajima Embroidery Machines 15 yards and 21 yards. Model 1985 and above.
6. Sock knitting machines.

[France] Stocklots of diapers

We want to buy diapers in stocklots or in destocking of great brand for
babies and children such as PAMPERS and ALWAYS. Please send us your
inventories along with photos.

[Mexico] Squid loligo opalescens 12/5 lb or 1/25 lb

Squid loligo opalescens 12/5 lb or 1/25 lb

[USA] Glow in the dark vinyl

Looking for glow in the dark vinyl, film, tape that is 24 inches wide
and 50 yards long, glows for over 8 hourse and if flexible to be
cut into shapes.

[UK] Computer products

I am in a process of setting up a computer and accessories shop in
Bristol. This would have web presence as well. I would like to
target individual market with added service. I would like to get
some Complete computer system (inc Monitor) and all the accessories
that you can buy in Maplin shops . I would prefer a UK supplier.

[India] Wheat for breadmaking

We are a Govt. of India recognised Export House having interests in
Imports, Exports & International Tendering.

Presently we are on the lookout for the following :

Wheat for breadmaking
Protein :- 13-14%
Qty :- 12,500 MT
Packing in bulk
We need offer on CIF Maputo, Mozambique basis.

Date: 27.02.2003

Click here for full buy leads and contact details

[Serbia] Country furniture from Indonesia

We are interested in to import in our country furniture from mahogany wood,
from Indonesia. So that, if you could please send us the list with
telephone numbers and e-mail address of all yours producers of mahogany
wood furniture.

[Australia] Dried sea cucumber

We need to buy Dried Sea Cucumber (Beche De Mer) and Dried Shark Fin at bulk quantity. For Dried sea cucumber, we require White Teat, Black Teat, Curry Fish, Green Fish, Lolly fish and Amber fish, all species required at every
size, but preferably bigger size. Products need to be well dried and cleaned.
For Shark fin, we require full set, little moon cut and well trimmed, unsalted,
well dried. Quantity required: 2 ~ 3 seafreight containers a week combined regularly.

[Romania] Bowling lanes, billiards and snooker tables

Bowling lanes and accesories, billiards and snooker tables.

[USA] Victorian style leaf frames, photo/card holders, brass hand clips

We are looking for someone to manufacture the following items for:

1. Victorian Style Leaf Frames. We need the frames to hold pictures of
the following sizes:


2. Brass “Peacock Fan” Photo/Card Holders with hearts. We require this
item in both pewter and antique brass finishes. The “circle” that holds
the photos/Cards needs to be “heart shaped”.

3. Victorian style Brass Hand Clips
We will provide more information on these items when contacted via email.

[Pakistan] mini and earth leakage circuit breakers

We are interested to import mini and earth leakage circuit breakers.We are
big firm here in Pakistan who import electric products from different
countries.We have our network in all over the Pakistan.So to give you a good
sale is not a problem for us.

[Canada] Lubrication related products, garage jacks,  couplers.

Lubrication related products, Hydraulic related products, garage jacks,
hose reels, couplers.

[USA] Proof coil chain grade 30 and twist link machine chain

Proof coil chain grade 30 and twist link machine chain

[Ireland] Perfumes free from alcohol

Perfumes free from alcohol ( otour - musk -arab perfume )

[Canada] Gift and novelty products

Ex.: Automotive, toys, etc...

I am interested in products to import to Canada and distribute over
the web via a web page and mail order. Any photos would be appreciated.

[Indonesia] veterinary pharmaceuticals

We're as importer and supplier that need the following veterinary pharmaceutical
(raw material of animal feed meal)products urgently:
1. Nystatin
2. Cholin Chloride 50%
3. Lysine-L min 98%
4. Methionine f.g. DL-min 98%
5. Colistin Sulfate
6. DI Calcium Phosphate
7. Olaquindox
8. Salinomycin 6%/12%
9. Vitamin B1 Mono/Hcl
10. Vitamin B2 F. Gr. min 96%
11. Vitamin B2-5-Phosphate Sodium
12. Vitamin B6 HCL
13. Vitamin C
14. Zinc Bacitracin 10% feed grade
15 Chlortetracycline 10% f.g.r
16. Clopidol
17. Arsanilic Acid
18. Calcium pantothenate DL-45%
19. Folic Acid
20. Furazolidone

Please quote us the CNF Price base on Belawan Sea Port - Indonesia with
competitive/best price.

[Iran] Safety products and instruments for oil and gas companies

We are looking for European Manufacturers of Safety and Instruments for
Oil & Gas Companies.

- Metal or Plastic Pipe Locators
- Global Valves
- Ultrasonic thickness meter
- Fire extinguishire System

and everything related to the oil and gas fields

[Korea] White duplex board, uncoated woodfree page, currency paper

We are looking for supplier of papers as follows

1. Uncoated white duplex board
600 gsm
0.9-1.0 mm thick
580 mm wide
application :laminated onto aluminum foils
quantity: 30-40 tons/.order
2. Uncoated woodfree paper
150-180 gsm
1.300 and 1,060 mm wide
quantity : 3-4 containers/order
Application :Not for printing
3. Matte coated paper
120 gsm
940 and 640 mm wide
quantity: 1-2 containers
smoothness is important
4. currency(bank note) banding paper
60 gsm
560 mm wide
260 kgs/roll
color : white
quantity : one container/order
we would need slitted banding paper(with printing and coating)
as well (30 mm wide)

[Portugal] Computers, printers, plotters, monitors, routers

My company wants to import : computers, large format printers an plotters
(outdoors, archicteture). Monitors, network switches, routers

[Germany] Hot rolled square steel billets GOST 380-94

Refering to the request our Prime client, we are in the position to purchase
90.000 M/T of steel billets and open L/C immediatly.
Following specs are needed.

The goods and specification
GOAST 380-94 (3PS/SP), (5PS/SP)
Dimensions 150 mm x 150 mm, length 11700 mm

[India] Flux-cored wires, tungsten rods, welding accessories

Flux-cored wires ,tungsten rods, and welding accessories

[India] Pipe in nace material

I am interested in pipe in Nace Material so i want the Dealer address
in India from were i can purchase these materials

[Jordan] Electronic parts and telecom products

We are specialized in selling (distributors) the following items:
- Electronics Parts
- Telecommunication

We will be grateful if you send us catalogues and list, which
include kinds of electronics.

[USA] Gsm phones for Africa market


[France] Jute bags, 10,000,000 pcs

Jute bags: 84 x 34 cm Quantity: 10,000,000 pcs

[South Korea] Home decoration items

We are looking for quality home decoration items for selling in
domestic market.

[Turkey] Wheat from Russia

We would like to import wheat from Russia and we would like to know the
possibilities to co-operate with your company. Our request from you is
could you please give us urgently total price for 4000 tons of soft
wheat and 2500 tons hard wheat, including all taxes, custom, loading
and transportation expenses for 5000 tons from the port closer to you
to ALGER. We will be glad, if you give us FOB price or CIF ALGER price.

The specifications of wheat are shown below:

Specifications of soft wheat :
Crop Nature :770-800 grams per liter hectoliter, Humidity rate :12-14%,
Protein:11-13%, Ash Ratio :1-2%, Quantity :4000 tons

Specification of hard wheat
Crop Nature :770-800 grams per liter hectoliter, Humidity rate :12-14%,
Protein:11-13%, Ash Ratio :1-2%, Quantity :2500 tons
Specifications: AS DETAIL
Quantity: 4000 KGS

[France] Rice

We are urgently looking for rice for earliest shipment - Crop2002 as
under.Please qoute your best FOB price:- Long grains - Crop 2002 (
commodity ) 1. Broken ( Less than 25 % ) 2. Moisture ( Less than 14.5
% ) 3. Foreign matter ( Less than 1 % ) 4. Package ( 50 Kg per bag ) 5.
Paying terms: Full Ammount Banking L/ C , Irrevocable, Transferable
50 % cashable in advance . 6. First trial shipment is 12,500 Ton per
ship . We look forward to hearing from you and appreciating your
comments about the Long Grain - Crop 2002 as soon as possible .

[Pakistan] Pet bottles

We are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of PET Bottles
Manufacturing Plant to produce 0.5 lit, 1.5 lit and 5 lit bottles.

Date: 26.02.2003

Click here for full buy leads and contact details

[Denmark] Tea of high quality

We are interested in a supplier of fresh tea in very high quality.

[Nigeria] Canned foods

Canned foods,enriched with vitamins and calcium and proteins.

[Bangladesh] Mustard seeds

We want to import mustard seeds and rape seeds in large quantities

[Bangladesh] Embossed roller for making pvc leather/synthetic leather.

We like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a reputed
marketing company of artificial leather/synthetic leather in
Bangladesh. Our company is also engaged in importing embossed and
printing roller for making pvc leather/synthetic leather.

Presently we are desperately looking to import embossed roller for
making PVC leather. If you are able to supply us said items pls
offer us. We are giving few information about rollers which will be
required for you are as follows:

1. We are using release paper type pvc leather machine.
2. We are using pvc skin. We are going to product pvc artificial
leather (foamed).
3. We use chilled water for cooling the roller.
4. The products which is to be embossed, will be heated by
infrared heat @ temperature of 155 to 170 degree centigrade.
5. We do not use kerosine
6. Roller length will be 60 inches.
7. Dimension will be 8 inches
8. Roller weight will be approximately 200-210 kg.
9. We want hard chrome plated for both rollers.
10. Name of our machine manufacturer is JYI Taiwan industries Co.Ltd
(JTIC) R.O.C taiwan, model no. Jt 006012. 11. Bearing no. Of embossing
roller is 22218exw33 (socket type bearing).

After receiving your responce we will send you sketch of embossed and
printing roller. For your kind information our requirements is
minimum 20 pcs per year. Pls do not hesitate to ask any question
further you need to know.

[Bangladesh] Dyestuff, chemicals, yarn

We want to import all kinds of textile dyestuff, chemicals and yarn

[India] One complete dental chair

Require one complete dental chair in delhi.
(Already having two dental units.)

[South Africa] Alloy and metal wheels/realms

All kinds of alloy and metal wheels and realms

[Bulgaria] Frozen chicken, pork and beef products

We would like to import frozen chicken, pork and beef products. Also we
have strong interest in importing frozen mackerel, hake, hoki.

[Turkey] Automatic sliding doors

We look for producers of automatic sliding doors for use in elevator
systems. Only producers are allowed to contact Mr. Mustafa Darcan

[Germany] Italian wines

German wholesale company search suppliers of italian wines.If you are
interested to supply this product to Germany, send us please a notice
with the Code IDS 4604.

[Pakistan] School bags, children socks and leggings, caps

We are very much interested to import following items for children
1. school bags. With carton prints
2. children socks
3. children leggings
4. caps

Manufacturer /traders quote the best possible price.

[Russia] Fishmeal and soybean meal

Russian import-export company is interested in import of fishmeal.
Please advise whether you are in position to offer us fishmeal
with the following specification:
Protein -min 64%
Fat-max -10%
Moisture -10%
Ash-max -18%
Salt and sand-max -3%
Basis of delivery- CFR Kaliningrad,
St. Petersburg, Russia.
Payment: confirmed L/C.

We are also interested in import of soybean meal.

[South Korea] Non alcoholic beverages

We are a Korean Beverage Sales company. We have been importing from Eroup
the NAB (Non Alcoholic Beverage)for years. Our annual consumption is
around 240 containers at least. However Korean customers seems to prefer
the 12 OZ(355ml) Can , which is ususally in USA. So we are looking for
USA supplier now. 1. Tast (We prefer if the taste is similiar to the beer)
We are supplying them to places where the beer is not permitted so the
alchol content should be slightly less than 0.5 % (v/v) . 2. NAB in CAN
(355ml,12 OZ). If you can supply above ,please inform us. Your soonest
response will be appreciated.

[Tunisia] Mineral water

We are looking for a suplier for bottled mineral water in 1l and 1.5 l.
We need a 20 container/month. We need quotation CNF Dakkar.

[Indonesia] Low cost SDRAM from China

WANTED : low cost SDRAM (Used, Refurbished or made in china)
memory modules PC 133 64MB/128MB No Brand is OK. direct from
manufacturer in China. Please offers your price list.

[India] White refined sugar

We require every month minimum 250 tons of Indian white refined
sugar. Payment against letter of credit. Plese quote your lowest
offer CNF Dubai.

[South Korea] Reinforcing rod

We are one of the trader company dealing with Reinforcing Rod in
Korea. We have a big order from my friend in Myanmar. The
quantity will be 1,000M/Ton per month if the price is suitable. So,
please inform me the best of the best price / Time of Shipment /
Manufacturing Capacity / Available Quantity. * Quantity : 1,000
MTon/every month * Method of Payment : L/C * CNF Yangon Price *
SIZE : Dia.6.5~more than 32 any size which you can supply. * Grade :
ASTM A615 Grade 60 Deformed bars are required for general
constructions and any size (Diameter: 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,
14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm ~ 50mm) whichever it
may be used.

[France] Liquified gas, 300.000m3

Please quote for liquified gas: GPL Quantity: 300,000 m3

[Iran] Character modules (LCD)

We would like to order the following standard character modules (lcd) :
Module size : 53 x 20 x 8mm Display area : 36 x 10mm
Character size : 16 characters x 2 lines 1.85 W x 2.75H mm (5x7 Dots)
1.85 W x 3.15H mm (5x8 Dots) 16 pin connection Quantity : 1000 -
5000 Pcs If you are in a position to offering , please let us know your
rock bottom price mentioning the origin , specification , packing and
delivery time .

Date: 25.02.2003

Click here for full buy leads and contact details

[Canada] Flexiblade flexible adjustable laryngoscope

"Flexiblade" flexible adjustable laryngoscope made by Arco.
I am inquiring regarding the availability of this product for
distribution for Canada. My company has extensive knowledge
and contacts in this field as we spent 30 years selling
Olympus flexible intubating larygoscopes across Canada.

[Canada] Grape tannin or tannic acid

We are looking for a grape tannin or tannic acid supplier. We are a large company here in montreal and our last supplier for this item is no longer available.

[Italy] Used cars

Used cars ,popular cars like renault peugeot volkswaghen opel fiat
lancia ford ecc ecc

[USA] Incandescent lamps


[Spain] Mobile phones

Mobile Phones

[Iran] Contactors, relay, Mccb, Steel material

The contactors,Relay,MCCB, made by european company, Steel Material,Plates,Steel beams,Pipe

[Mexico] Plastic resins such as P.P. MI 12

We buy, plastic resins such as P.P MI 12, off grade and prime, and we buy
"USED MOLD" for plastic injection molding for toys and house wares.

[USA] Metal halide lamps, compact florescents bulbs

Metal halide lamps, compact florescents bulbs

[UAE] Beech wood lumber

We are a Building Material Company takes this opportunity to introduce
ourselves as one of the leading traders of all kind of American Malaysian
& European Timbers in U.A.E & G.C.C. We are looking BEECH WOOD LUMBER
better quality with your best C&F Dubai prices. Please let us know the
availability also.

[Canada] Athletic footwear

I would like to buy athletic footwear for my business. Brand names like
Nike, Jordan, Reebok, Adidas, etc is what I'm looking for.

[USA] Decorative objects, jewelry, textile

Decorative objects, textiles, jewlery, and other ethnic items.

[Mongolia] Poultry equipment, gold melting equipment

We are looking for:
1 poultry equipment from china, korea.
2 Gold smelting equipment (EU)

[Taiwan] Ginkgo Biloba capsule and German health products

Our company is an import goods company in Taipei, Taiwan. We are very
interested in the Health products which manufacture by the industry
in Germany and would like to have more information about such companies
and their products. Would you please send us your illustrate catalog
and price list? In the mean time, we are looking for the product --
Ginkgo Biloba 1000mg (with Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 24%) softgel capsule.
As one of my clients required, they would like to order this kind of product.
Our terms are as following:
1. We would like to import it in bulk, therefore, please kindly quote
us your best price best on 300, 000 caps or 500, 000 caps.
2. The color of softgel capsules is brown. The sample will be send
after your confirmation.

[India] Stocklots of nonwoven fabrics

We are regular importers of all kinds of Nonwoven fabrics since past 4 years.
Now, we are looking for regular supplies of Stocklots of All kinds of
Nonwoven Fabrics like PP Spunbond, Spunlace, Airlaid Paper, Viscose,
Meltblowns, Wipes, etc.

[Morocco] Labels for fabrics, nylon taffeta label


We want to buy Label Fabric Suitable For Thermal Transfer Printing
35MM X 300M (OUT)(RESIN)

We are a serious buyer of Nylon Taffeta - Label fabric to be printed
on barcode printers.

[Italy] Shrimps, squid, cuttlefish and octopus

Shrimps squid cuttlefish octopus

[Egypt] Backgammon (wooden box)

-wooden box
-18 inch
-4 dices

[Taiwan] Leather jacket from Indonesia

Buy Leather jacket fish,H/G skin off,from Indonesia.

Date: 24.02.2003

Click here for full buy leads and contact details

[Senegal] Peanut oil in drum of 100 or 200 gallon
We are looking for west Africa market refined vegetable oil products. Here
the details: Type of vegetable oil products: peanut oil or grounut oil.
Package: in barrel of 200 l or 55 gallons. Characteristics of oil.
Humidity lower than 0,02%, a sourness lower than 0,5%, an indication of
peroxide of 10 ppm. Quality: isso 9002. Size per barrel: Cubic meters:
0.313200 Gross weights: 214 kg Net weight: 194.5 kg In general, one barrel
content 200 l or 210 l. Quantity: 4 x 20 container for a trial order.
Transport at: CIF/Dakar/port. Partnership: alliance.

[Benin] Cosmetics
We are looking for suppliers of cosmetics.

[India] ATX12V and SSI EPS 12V power supply
My company, Hulasi Metals Pvt. Ltd. is a 19` server rack and rack mount
server chassis manufacturer in India. We have requirement for (we want to
buy) ATX12V and SSI EPS 12V power supply with 2U size and 250W or more
output power. Quanity required: 10 units of each type. Please quote me
prices with power supply specifications. I look forward to hearing from

[Kuala Lumpur] Silver with purity 99.9
Wish to buy Silver with purity 99.9,the quantity required is 3 mt. Price
on 2nd fix LME. Delivery, Ex-Hong Kong. Product certification from
recognized houses.

[Indonesia] Quinine powder
Looking for 350 MTon of quinine powder, with following specs: *) quinine
content: 7% (Minimum) *) Water Content: 14% (Maximum) Price MUST be quoted in C&F Jakarta Port (INDONESIA) Payment must be L/C.

[Croatia] Oak strips (elements)
is interested in buying oak strips (elements) in following
dimensions and qualities: 25 x 50 x 250/300/350/400 mm quality I/III 25 x
80 x 1000/1200/1500/1850/2100/2400 I/II 32 x 80 x 840/1040/1210/1400 I/II
32 x 50 x 250/300/350 I/III 38 x 38 x 250/300/350 I/III 38 x 50 x
250/300/350 I/III 38 x 80 x 1170/1270/1370/1520/1640/1840 I/II 50 x 50 x
250/300/350/460 I/III 50 x 80 x 900/1000/1100/1200/1300/1500/1700/
1800/2000 I/II Quality description: I/II - without sapwood, knots and any
other defects, longitudinal wood structure obligatory (without deflection
of the wood fiber flow), no wormholes, no rottenness I/III - without
sapwood and any other defects, longitudinal wood structure obligatory
(without deflection of the wood fiber flow), sound knots (max. 5 mm
diameter) allowed, no wormholes, no rottenness If you have something to
offer please feel free to contact us any time at all.

[Syria] Linseed oil
Have demand for buying double boiled linseed oil.

[Turkey] Spindles and split drums for textile machines
We want to buy spindles and split drums for textile machines. We could
send the detailed picture with measurements to the firms that desire to
produce the goods.

[Pakistan] Oil seals
We need to import nbr oil seals and oring in following size and dimensions
for tractors. Manufacturer/traders/ contact us. Sizes for oil seals and
seals 45x72x12 35x55x12 80x110x12 40x17x52 34.9x46.4 X6 AND ORING SIZE 2MM 21.89x2x2.3 16MM 3.5MM 32x3.

[India] Yellow corn/white corn
I am looking for a reliable supplier for large quantities of Yellow
corn(#1 and #2) and White corn (#1 and #2) for my buyers. I need the
lowest possible prices. Interested supplier may contact immediately as we
have some urgent requirements. I require an NCND and agent fee agreement
for two USD/MT (one each for me and my agents at various locations) to
ensure smooth long lasting business relationship.

[Turkey] 50.000 unit GPS modem
We need bulk amount of GPS MODEM products urgently. Please reply with
the details of company and product info, price for bulk buy (ie.
50.000 ea. as several order), stock level, realization time,
shipping method, etc.

[Slovakia] Grapevine
We would like to buy grapevine - red varieties. Amount is 40.000 pieces.
Preferred countries are Hungary and Serbia but not limited. We will
consider every offer so don’t hesitate to contact us.

[Bangladesh] Natural gas treatment plant for Bangladesh
Bangladesh Government invites sealed Bids under International Competitive
Bidding (ICB) procedure for the Design, Supply & Installation of a skid
mounted 60 MMSCFD capacity Gas Treatment Plant (Silica gel desiccant
type), Pipeline and associated facilities on a Lump sum turn-key basis to
be installed at Fenchugang Gas Field under Moulvibazar district of
Bangladesh. Summary of Tender Requirements: -One no. 60 MMSCFD capacity
solid desiccant (Silica gel) plant to process gas from Fenchuganj well
#2,#3 and #4 complete with all components & auxiliary facilities. -Gas
gathering pipelines from well #3 to well #2 -Gas engine driven electric
generator(s) with associated controls and power distribution system to
meet the power requirements of the Fenchuganj Gas Field. -Two condensate
storage tanks of 4500 bbl capacity complete with handling facilities for
the produced condensate. -Fire fighting system. -Buildings & Civil works.
-Supply of spares for two years operation. -Overseas and onsite training
of personnel on operation and maintenance of gas & condensate processing
plants. Reputed engineering companies manufacturer, fabricators and
suppliers with a minimum of 10 years experience in supply and installation
including design & engineering and or commissioning of a minimum 4 gas
processing plants (minimum two of them solid desiccant silicagel type, one
having 30 MMSCFD or above capacity and minimum one plant through ICB out
side the bidder’s country) are eligible.

[India] 4000 tons of LMS/HMS and shered scrape
We would like to buy from you for 4000 M.tons LMS/HMS and SHERED SCRAPE per month. And we are agent for waste knitted cloths and cotton cloth (Cutting Waste) and stock lot for waste paper (factory rejected printed non printed coated and uncoated paper) and we are indenting agent for all kind of
products in india kindly give us your current position with quotation and
your samples to the above said address.

[UK] Construction/building products for UK market
We are working with an agency in the USA to import American construction/
building products into the UK. Exclusive ageements possible for major
importers/distributors. Products shortly to be available are:-
1)Construction Plant
2)Roof Lights
3)Heat Pumps (Ground Source)

[Saudi Arabia] Surplus of leather shoes
Surplus stock of leather shoes , men , women and childern

[UK] Wheel balancers, Tyre changers, budget cars
We are a UK company wishing to import the following in bulk:
- wheel balancers
- tyre changers
- budget car tyre
We are interested in both new and used of these products

[South Korea] Casio, Alba, Nike, and Armani Watches
We are looking for Casio, Alba, Nike, and Armani Watches.
Please send us your company infomation and the quotation of watches.

[Norway] Gallone glass bottles
1000 ml Gallone glass bottles

[Turkey] Surplus stocks of bearings
Surplus stocks of Bearings with following Brands :FAG, SKF, INA, TORR,

[France] Newsprint, offset paper, cardboards
We are an international trading company and we are looking for producers
able to deliver us great quantities of newsprint, offset paper in roll,
formats, reams, and all types of cardboards paper in regular basis
manufacture and in destocking.

[Norway] Wooden toys, babywear+shoes, nursingwear
Small company, interested in small quantities of; woodentoys, babywear,
baby/childrenshoes, babygear, maternitywear and nursingwear. Also
interested in distributorships in Scandinavia.

[Egypt] Wooden safety matches plant
May I introduce myself as an investor studying establishing a WOODEN SAFETY
MATCHES PLANT in Africa. I am currently looking for a provider of machinery
and raw material for the a.m. plant. Please advise if you provide such

[Australia] 2nd hand mobile phones
Require 2nd hand mobile phones, 5000 units. Must be ready to use, please
state model and your best FOB price in US$

[Australia] Squid
Squid to be used as bait

[Australia] Canned fish, Tuna and Salmon
Canned fish: skipjack tuna chunks in brine / oil 24/425g
pink salmon in brine 24 or 48/200g net
all prices C&F Fremantle / Melbourne Australia.

[Sri Lanka] Dried fish and sprats

[Bangladesh] Used / Second Hand Flat Knitting machines
We are a reputed New and Second-Hand Textile Machinery, Accessory,
Needle & Spare Parts Trading Company in our Country. We have been
supplying various machine, like: Spinning, Weaving, Circular /
Flat Knitting, Warp knitting, Processing & Finishing, etc. At the
moment we are finding few sets of Used / Second Hand Flat Knitting
machines for collar cuff, meanly 14gg. We are very glade if we are
able to works with your good company. please send us your full
mailing address, company activities & updated used machines list
for sale (if any)

[France] Concrete-reinforcing steel
We are an international trading company. We are looking for producers
able to deliver us great quantities of concrete-reinforcing steel
and any other and produced out of steel in regular basis manufacture
and in destocking.

[Pakistan] Coated duplex board, second hand shoes, chemicals for soap
We are interested in the import of following items for pakistan.
Please refer our offers to the concerened exporters of the world.
1. Coated duplex board (manila back)
2. Second hand shoes of all kinds.
3. Chemicals used in soap industries.

Date: 21.02.2003

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[Australia] Towels
[Austria] Nokia mobile phone
[Barbados] Panadols and breeze detergent
[Benin] Notebook/laptops computer
[Bolivia] Corduroy
[Bolivia] Denim fabrics
[Cameroon] GSM mobile phones and caller ID phone
[China] Wood pulp
[Costa Rica] Tetrahydrofurane
[Czech Republic] Michelin tires
[Czech Republic] Novelty
[Germany] Magnets
[Germany] Pickup/amplify pack Mitsubishi ignition
[India] ABS plastic shells for study chairs
[India] Chlorinated paraffin wax, mixed oil
[India] Nickel carbonate
[India] Paraffin wax
[India] Pulses, beans, peas, lentils etc
[India] PVC Covers for mobiles/cell phones
[Indonesia] Mobile phones mainboard for Nokia, Ericsson
[Moldova] DVD ROM, CD ROM, MP3 discs
[Moldova] Instant cappuccino equipment
[Romania] Textile and apparel, big quantities, stock lots
[Senegal] Refined vegetable oil
[Slovakia] Tatra 815 truck
[Turkey] Artificial flower
[UK] Product to introduce into the UK market
[USA] Gas masks
[USA] Gillette Mach3 Cart4's
[USA] Wooden cricket sets

Date: 20.02.2003

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[Bangladesh] Electrical electronics instruments, machinery and tools,
[Belgium] Economic lamp
[Brazil] Safe box
[Canada] Generic pharmaceuticals
[China] Chemical for medicine
[Dominican Republic] Tires and tubes for all kinds of vehicle
[Hungary] Cosmetics, healthcare
[Hungary] Industrial valves, fittings
[India] Brass fittings
[India] Nylon tyre cord fabric
[Korea] All kinds of stock denim fabrics
[Korea] Cosmetics
[Korea] Nike shoes
[Singapore] Bee pollen, chitosan
[Singapore] Electric supplies
[Slovenia] Royal jelly
[UAE] ATV`s parts
[UAE] CAR audio
[USA] A-4 copy paper
[USA] Dog's bed
[USA] Furniture
[USA] Small digital timer

Date: 19.02.2003

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[Australia] Razor wire
[Bangladesh] Narrow fabric loom, needle loom (used)
[Benin] Bed sheets, belts, soccer balls, laptops, computers, GSM
[Brazil] Shaving blades
[Canada] Elastic thread
[Canada] Fabrics
[Chile] Textile sub-materials
[China] Casting forging
[China] Giant brand mountain bikes
[China] Wax emulsion 15mt
[Colombia] Sandpaper, tapes packing adhesives tapes
[Colombia] Video door phone
[Czech Republic] Welding machines
[Dominican Republic] Labelled machines
[Dominican Republic] Shoes floors for children and ladies
[Ecuador] Bolts and nuts
[Egypt] Ductile pipes/testing machine
[Egypt] Need fishing tackles & equipment
[Germany] Notebooks and washing machines
[Greece] Sugar and cocoa
[India] Food processing equipment
[India] Roller insect screens & awning parts, fabric
[India] Spinning lathe
[Indonesia] PCB converting monitor TV
[Israel] Key chain
[Italy] Cycas revoluta
[Korea] Alcoholic beverages
[Korea] Aluminum hydroxide
[Korea] Black peat moss
[Korea] Fiber glass mat, roving cloth and glass cloth
[Korea] Mandarin fish (siniperca scherzeri)
[Korea] Micro fibre fabric 95%nylon / 5% spandex
[Korea] Optical frames & lenses, sunglasses
[Kuwait] Military trucks (4x4)
[Malaysia] Disposable thermoforming PP cups
[Morocco] Sewing thread
[Nigeria] Sunglasses, optical frames, and parts
[Pakistan] Crystal ball pens
[Pakistan] Label tape and buttons
[Pakistan] Laboratory glassware
[Pakistan] Textile machine
[Pakistan] Velvet
[Poland] Electronics
[Poland] Used agricultural, building and transportation equipment
[Russia] PE welders, PE film
[Saudi Arabia] Driveway alert alarm
[South Africa] Foam box
[Thailand] Benz spare parts
[Thailand] Brasing, copper alloys
[Thailand] Photo lacquer from Korea
[Thailand] Plastic binding
[Thailand] PVC flooring
[Turkey] Active carbon
[Turkey] Zinc dross, zinc ashes, brass ashes
[UAE] ATV (all terrain vehicle) 4 wheel drive
[UAE] Galvanised sheets rolls
[UK] 100, 000 dozen socks
[Ukraine] Tools abrasive material
[Uruguay] CCTV, control access
[USA] 50K new GSM phones, any brand, at $25 ea. fo
[USA] Bathroom accessories
[USA] Motorola iDEN i1000 plus
[USA] Steel wire rope
[Vietnam] Fiber-glass, unsaturated polyester resin, marine paint & glue
[Vietnam] Granite cutting machines
[Vietnam] Machine for making consetina barbed tape
[Vietnam] Mineral water pot, ozoner food washer

Date: 18.02.2003

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[Bahrain] Motor parts
[Bangladesh] Hardware, conductor (bare), conductor (insulated)
[Belgium] Ink cartridges, printers and so on
[Bolivia] PVC laminate and plastic
[Brazil] Capacitor
[Brazil] Packaging machines
[Chile] Solar energy
[China] Calcine petroleum coke
[China] Car amplifiers
[China] Dry red wine
[China] DVD & MP3 player
[China] High speed hook
[China] Rail
[China] Special paper
[China] Steel pipes
[Colombia] Low carbon wire, ferromanganese
[Colombia] PVC resin
[Denmark] Electronic components
[Dominican Republic] Polisher machine
[Dominican Republic] Solar panels and its components
[Egypt] Aluminium die casting machines
[Egypt] Equipment used in petroleum station
[Ghana] Perfumes
[Hungary] Industrial electronics
[India] Surgical gauze swab machine
[India] Used blown film plant for LDPE / LLDPE
[Iran] Ceramics & tiles
[Kenya] Crude corn oil
[Kenya] Plastic paper bag manufacturing machine
[Korea] ACB and ATS
[Korea] Denim, cotton fabrics stock
[Korea] ECG electrodes
[Korea] Kraft paper
[Korea] NIKE sports shoes
[Korea] Peeled and undeveined tail off shrimps
[Korea] Polar fleece
[Korea] Toilet plunger
[Latvia] GSM/ CDMA phones, spare parts
[Morocco] Computer
[Pakistan] Copper scraps
[Pakistan] Stationery
[Pakistan] Textile machines
[Peru] Couche paper
[Poland] Steel profile
[Russia] Polyester
[Russia] PVC film for PVC floor cover
[Singapore] Desk fan as gift
[Singapore] Nissin
[Singapore] Tabasco sauce
[South Africa] Monitors
[Switzerland] Remote control
[Taiwan] PP resin for PP
[Turkey] Coordinate measuring machine
[UAE] BOPP, OPP and PET film
[Uganda] Office safes
[UK] Ginger
[UK] Raw materials cosmetic preparation
[Ukraine] Juicing beer making equipment
[USA] Knife
[USA] Plastic blow-moulded products
[Vietnam] Stainless steel
[Yugoslavia] Inner - tubes for vehicle tyres

Date: 17.02.2003

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[Argentina] Latex gloves making machine
[Australia] Bowling ball manufacture
[Bangladesh] Machinery and plant--plastic injection moulding machine
[Bangladesh] Printing machinery
[Benin] Consumer electronics/computers
[Bolivia] Brand vehicles
[Brazil] Apparels air ionizer
[Brazil] Package for cosmetics
[Brazil] Scrap of CD's press process
[Canada] African wax, prints, soso wax, and lace material
[China] 2rd hand weaving machine
[China] Children jean age 8 12
[China] Crude oil, soy bean
[China] Lamp of lamp power supply
[China] Urotropine
[Egypt] Hooks for fishing
[Egypt] Hotel safes
[Germany] Gas cooker
[Germany] Imitation jewellery
[Germany] White fabric
[India] Beauty kits
[India] Chair components
[India] Compact fluorescent tubes/lamps
[India] G.I. wire
[India] Image clocks
[India] Necklaces and other jewellery with electric light pandent or
[India] Parchment paper, grease proof paper
[India] Power saving lamps
[India] Spare parts heavy earthmoving equipment
[India] Suede fabric in knits and woven
[Indonesia] PP injection material
[Italy] Canned tomatoes
[Japan] Wall paper/synthetic fibre
[Kenya] Telecommunication equipment
[Kenya] Textile fabrics accessories
[Korea] 1, 4 - cyclohexane dimethanol (CHDM)
[Korea] 90min 800mb CDr
[Korea] Aluminium pouch pack
[Korea] Home appliance, clothing, footwear & gloves, leisure goods,
[Korea] Home shopping TV
[Korea] Import micro fiber fabric 95%nylon / 5% spandex
[Korea] Industrial staple making M/C & brad nail making M/C
[Korea] Italian brand handbags
[Korea] Plastic bobbin
[Korea] Stainless steel 304 (SUS 304) scrap
[Korea] Wet towels for Korean restaurants
[Korea] Wireless phone antenna, adaptor & duplexer
[Lithuania] Leather ladies handbags, gents wallets
[Malaysia] All kinds plastic scraps from factories
[Morocco] Footwear & leather goods
[Morocco] Labels in plastic for shoes
[Morocco] Stock lot of aluminium chairs & steel tables
[Nigeria] Electric household appliances
[Pakistan] Calvin Klein underwear men’s, women
[Pakistan] Fabric
[Pakistan] Garment accessories, button rivet, trimming
[Pakistan] IRRI 6 rice
[Pakistan] Welding equipment & machinery/machinery industrial
[Peru] Rolls plastic aluminium disposable packing food
[Poland] 100% polyester lining
[Poland] Leather and artificial leather fancy goods
[Russia] Electric wiring devices
[Russia] Printing machines
[Saudi Arabia] Filling machine
[Saudi Arabia] Imitation jewellery
[Singapore] Embroidery products
[Singapore] Polyurethane glue & machine
[Sri Lanka] Polyester chips
[Switzerland] ISDN adapter, modem
[Switzerland] ISDN controller, router
[Switzerland] LCD industrial monitors
[Switzerland] LCD monitors
[Switzerland] TFT monitor
[Taiwan] Glass jar
[Thailand] Curtain fabric
[Thailand] Photo lacquer
[Thailand] Plastics comb binding
[Turkey] Auto spare parts
[Turkey] Buttons
[Turkey] Crepe knitted fabric
[Turkey] Nissan Patrol 3200 TDI complete engine
[UAE] Daewoo spare parts
[UAE] High lighter stationery
[UK] Mobile phones
[UK] Woollen rugs, scarves
[USA] Building materials
[USA] CD wallet and all kinds of bags
[USA] Grocery items
[USA] High intensity LEDs
[Vietnam] CR/ HR steel in coil
[Vietnam] Kraft paper
[Vietnam] Stationery


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