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Archive import leads

Date: 14.02.2003

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[Bangladesh] Raising machine
[Belgium] Fish net
[Belgium] Hatching, water supplying machine
[Benin] Laptop/notebook/DVD/VCD/digital camera/optical frame/GSM
[Brazil] Knitting machine needles
[Cambodia] Korean used car spare parts
[Canada] Glow in the dark epoxy paint
[China] Aluminium UBC & ISRI tense scrap
[China] Nylon bristle
[China] Polarizer for c-band circular antenna
[China] Printing materials
[China] Textiles fabric stock like linen, etc
[China] Water heater
[Czech Republic] CD R drives
[Egypt] Plywood
[Estonia] 100% cotton yarn for knitting
[France] Martial arts weapons
[Germany] Fashion clothes
[Germany] Innovative drinks for the European and international market
[Germany] Varistor (high energy)
[Hungary] Medical tester
[India] Beads
[India] Chemicals in aerosols
[India] Grey & finished fabric urgently
[India] Jewellery/ stationery/ gift & novelties
[India] Mobile phones
[India] Paper film
[India] Raw mulberry silk yarn
[India] Refurbished cdma2000 1x mobile phone
[India] Spun candle making machine
[India] Tattrone fabric
[Iran] Ferro manganese
[Korea] Blasting nozzles
[Korea] Chemical lace fabrics
[Korea] Corduroy
[Korea] Diet spray
[Korea] Gold bars
[Korea] Motherboard PCM 5862 made by Advantech
[Korea] Plush bracelets for kids
[Korea] Pranlukast hydrate
[Korea] Resin & enamel
[Korea] Spare parts
[Malaysia] Steel coil
[Malaysia] Unique promotional gift
[Netherlands] Fresh cantharellus cibarius
[Nigeria] All items
[Pakistan] All type of fabrics
[Pakistan] Caller ID phone
[Pakistan] Infant milk formulas
[Pakistan] Seamless - SS metal flexible hose
[Pakistan] Stretch georgette fabrics
[Pakistan] Vaccines
[Pakistan] Various types of papers
[Philippines] Music components system
[Russia] Polyamide textured yarn
[Saudi Arabia] Flame retardant polyester yarn
[Spain] Tantalite
[Switzerland] Shunt valve
[Tunisia] Stock jeans, for men, women and kids
[Turkey] %100 nomex transfer printing felt
[Turkey] 100% polyester sewing 40/220/2 5000m
[Turkey] Ferroalloys
[Turkey] Locks
[Turkey] Non woven adult diapers & work gloves
[UAE] Smart chip cards
[UK] Gold lacquered aluminium/aluminium fin stock
[UK] Ground almonds
[UK] Mobile phone suppliers in Japan
[Uruguay] Stock textiles of polyester
[USA] Mobile taco carts
[Vietnam] Computer hardware
[Vietnam] Hydraulic presser 3, 000 tons inquiry

Date: 13.02.2003

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[Australia] Fabrics swimming wear
[Bangladesh] Car 500 cc to 800 cc
[Bangladesh] Dump truck
[Bangladesh] Gift wrapping paper
[Belgium] Any kinds of products which are related to computer
[Belgium] Korean velvet
[Belgium] Label for bottles
[Benin] Desktop computer sets & laptop/notebooks
[Benin] Notebook/laptop computer set systems
[Benin] T-shirts, underwears for both sex, children\'s wears etc
[Bolivia] Brand vehicles
[Brazil] Express coffee machine
[Brazil] Fabrics
[Brazil] Lipoxidase enzyme in dry form
[Canada] Hemp jewellery, sunglasses, wood body piercing jewellery
[Canada] Herbs, aromatic plants dry
[Canada] Small tools, electronics
[China] 140gsm or 157gsm
[China] Acelan yarn
[China] Chrome tubing/piping
[China] CPU HDD
[China] HDPE
[China] Off grade LDPE
[China] Silent generator
[China] Tungsten hexachloride (WCL6)
[Colombia] Gasoline engines and motor pumps
[Colombia] Maelic anhydride and acrylic acid
[Colombia] Pigments for polyurethane foam and stannous octoate
[Costa Rica] Semiprecious gems
[Denmark] Network equipment
[Dominican Republic] Ladies apparel
[Dominican Republic] Plastic disposable products
[Dominican Republic] Wedding album
[Egypt] Light and sound architecture and entertainment
[Egypt] Plastic machines
[Egypt] Water purifiers and dispensers
[El Salvador] Normal printed Koshibo/bubble
[El Salvador] Stock lots branded shoes: Nike, Addidas
[Germany] Cooling system
[Germany] DVD players
[Germany] Fabric stock
[Greece] Automatic or semi-auto sealing machine for easy open cans
[Greece] Electronic dynamometers cranes
[Greece] Household appliances, electrical & electronic equipment
[Greece] Uninterruptible power supplies UPS & electric generating sets
[Hungary] Skincare & mask
[India] Coated abrasive products
[India] Dead burnt maganesite, olivine, calcined bauxite, ball clay,
[India] Ferro-silicon
[India] Fully automated machine for making compact fluorescent tubes
[India] Garment printing label
[India] Garment sand etc
[India] Hollow cathode lamp
[India] Paraffin wax
[India] Red ginseng
[India] Saw chains
[India] Sodium nitrite NaNo2
[India] Stainless steel wire
[India] Stainless steel wire scrubber
[India] Sulphuric acid pumps and valves
[India] Various types buttons in bulk
[India] Veneer plant from India
[Indonesia] Nokia 7650 / 8310 / 3310
[Iran] Batteries for mobile phones
[Iran] CD-R
[Iran] Chargers of mobile phones
[Iran] Lead ingots
[Iran] Resins
[Kenya] Crude corn oil
[Kenya] Evaporated milk 410grams & 170grams
[Korea] Blue jean
[Korea] Keychain with plastic animal or man
[Korea] Mail box
[Korea] Phenol, dimethylamine, 37% formaldehyde
[Korea] Plastic roll for making flexible plastic ruler
[Korea] White glue stick net weight 8, 15, 25 grams
[Korea] Wood for concrete form
[Laos] Diet spray (burns fat)
[Malaysia] Surgical
[Maldives] Perfumes
[Nigeria] House hold equipments, electronics, gift items, sport wears,
[Pakistan] Acrylic tow wool tops
[Pakistan] Chemicals
[Pakistan] Chemicals
[Pakistan] Lathe machines, welding machines
[Pakistan] Stainless steel sheet/coils 430 type
[Pakistan] Textile machinery
[Philippines] Oxalic acid & other chemicals
[Portugal] Grey fabrics
[Romania] White mustard seeds
[Russia] CDMA phones new and refurbished
[Singapore] Disposable syringes
[Singapore] Fabric – stock lot knitted
[Spain] Mobile phone toy in Taiwan or China
[Spain] Tyres cars
[Sri Lanka] Perfume solutions un concentrated / concentrated
[Togo] GSM mobile phones
[Togo] Readymade garments
[Turkey] PVC blade coating head machine
[Turkey] PVC factory
[Turkey] Railroad rails
[UAE] Naphthalene
[UAE] Urgent CDRS
[UAE] Used line for producing MDF sheets
[Uganda] Dent repair kit
[UK] Brand new mobiles
[UK] Electrical, electronic and electomechanical component
[Uruguay] Ceftriaxone sodium
[Uruguay] Polar fleece
[USA] 10K Nokia 3360, FOB USA in physical stock
[USA] All writing and stationary items
[USA] Band saw machine CNC machining centre
[USA] ESD metal wrist strap
[USA] GSM 900 MHz used, refurbished or new, low prices old models
[USA] Immediate biker water bottle
[USA] Motorola IDEN I1000 plus
[USA] Notebooks and laptop computers
[USA] Rayon knit woven baby sundress
[USA] SONY PS1 and PS2 systems
[USA] Specialty steel sheets
[Uzbekistan] Machinery produce PP sacks
[Venezuela] Acrylic fingernails
[Vietnam] Bottling line SGNQ4 5
[Vietnam] Secondary hot rolled steel coil
[Vietnam] Steel billet and steel materials

Date: 12.02.2003

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[Argentina] Machine/tools garden parks maintenance
[Australia] Float glass for windows
[Australia] Marble floor wall tiles
[Bangladesh] Frozen paratha making machineries
[Bangladesh] Melamine moulding powder and melamine glazing powder
[Barbados] Ladies apparel
[Belgium] Switching power supply
[China] Graphite plate
[China] Notebook computer
[China] Plumbous sheet
[China] PU for golf gloves
[China] Trimethylacetochloride
[Colombia] Korean spare parts for Daewoo automobiles
[Egypt] Medical instruments
[Egypt] Raw material of plastic (ABS) powder
[Ethiopia] Cylinder liners
[Ethiopia] Sheet metal
[Germany] Cell caoutchouc / Soft Neoprene
[Germany] Hotel supplies
[Germany] Natrium cyanides
[Greece] Car & truck spare parts
[Greece] Motorcycle accessories
[Greece] Tyre tubes
[India] Acrylic waste
[India] Computer
[India] Copper clad laminate
[India] Fly back transformer
[India] Hospital items
[India] Knitting textile machinery
[India] Machines for disposable glasses
[India] Papaya
[India] Paper waste
[India] Polyester texurised yarn
[India] Polypropylene yarn
[India] PP woven sheets
[India] Snap off blades, cutters, razor scraper blades
[India] Stocklot, B - grade paper & packaging material
[India] Sulphuric acid
[India] Sun abrasives, cheil grinding
[India] White aluminium oxide- grinding stones
[India] White printing compound for medical socks
[Iran] Monitors
[Israel] Tri band phones
[Kenya] Stickers
[Korea] Automotive filters
[Korea] Branded men’s dress shoes
[Korea] Capacitor for motor, ball bearing
[Korea] Diaper, sanitary napkins and under pads
[Korea] Ginseng extract
[Korea] Hydrogenated oil (tallow base)
[Korea] Intercom system
[Korea] Kidney beans
[Korea] Non-ferrous metal scrap
[Korea] Wet towels for Korean restaurants
[Libya] Radio broadcasting
[Malaysia] Automotive electric mirrors
[Malaysia] Milles steel billets
[Mexico] Charcoal for barbecue
[Mexico] Reset chip for HP4100
[Mongolia] Construction building materials equipment
[Morocco] Imitation jewellery
[Morocco] Painting items
[Morocco] Polyurethane product: TDI (toluene di-isocyanate)
[Nigeria] Food and agricultural products
[Nigeria] Textiles, readymade garments, mobile phone, electronics,
[Pakistan] Kraft liner paper
[Pakistan] Melamine
[Pakistan] Paper
[Pakistan] Pharmaceuticals
[Pakistan] Pharmaceuticals
[Pakistan] Phenol
[Pakistan] Tracing fabric & tracing paper
[Peru] Filter for cigarette
[Poland] Cotton and yarn
[Romania] Laptops notebooks
[Romania] Refurbished GSM mobile phones
[Russia] Hanging facade systems
[Saudi Arabia] Hair clip
[Singapore] R600a (Iso-Butane)
[Slovak Republic] Bimetallic components valves
[Syria] Insulation products
[Tanzania] Agricultural equipment
[Tanzania] Computers
[Tanzania] Electronics
[Tanzania] Information technology
[Tanzania] Knitting yarn
[Tanzania] T-shirts
[Turkey] Automatic cruise control & speed limitation
[Turkey] Cutting machine for rolls of toilet paper
[Turkey] UV coating machine
[Turkey] White acrylic tow
[UK] Blood glucose meter
[USA] 10K each of Motorola V60 and 66, Siemens 45
[USA] Acrylic plastic
[USA] Automatic capacitor winding machine
[USA] Digital cameras
[USA] Furniture
[USA] Hard drives
[USA] Ice box cooler
[USA] Iron steel pipe
[USA] Miniature DC water pump for electronics cooling application
[USA] Off grade purified terephthalic acid
[USA] Panties & brassieres
[USA] Sports shoes (brand-names)
[USA] Stove tops ovens
[USA] Various medical equipment
[Vietnam] Blades shaping machine
[Vietnam] Marine fan
[Vietnam] Ship equipment
[Yemen] Machines

Date: 11.02.2003

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[Bangladesh] Blanket
[Bangladesh] Craft paper for carton, writing offset paper
[Benin] Bed sprade
[Benin] GSM cellular mobile phones
[Cambodia] Wheel, tires, take off tires stock tires
[Chile] Motorcycles
[China] Children jean (age 8 - 12)
[China] Digital camera battery case, video camcorder battery case
[China] Fingertip toothbrush
[China] Plain aluminium zinc alloy coated steel sheet in coil
[China] Spandex yarn
[China] Stock lots
[Colombia] Digital plotter
[Dominican Republic] Hotels products
[Egypt] Car audio, TV, DVD
[Germany] Equipment hoist flags
[Guatemala] Comax intercom
[Guatemala] Nylon scrubber PAD
[Hong Kong] Hand free telephone set with speaker
[Hungary] Binoculars, scopes
[India] Garment sand etc
[India] Metal powder, pig iron, ERW tube
[India] Portable ultrasonic cleaners
[Indonesia] Machine drinking straw
[Ireland] Climbing equipment
[Ireland] Wedding dresses & accessories
[Israel] Commercial ovens
[Israel] Iron waste suitable for use with building material
[Japan] Carbon steel seamless tube
[Korea] All kinds of stock denim fabrics
[Korea] Barium carbonate
[Korea] Fabric stock
[Korea] Lot stone necklaces
[Nigeria] HMS 1&2
[Pakistan] Industrial chemicals, carbon steel seamless pipes, pumps
[Pakistan] Paper making felts forming wires
[Pakistan] Printing chemical for rainbow effect on paper /film
[Pakistan] Used knitting machines
[Peru] Fabrics
[Poland] Car related items
[Poland] Digital medical equipment
[Poland] Fishing hooks
[Russia] Spare parts for production of starter batteries
[Slovak Republic] Metal coating of plastics
[Switzerland] Joint sealant
[Thailand] Nail polish brushes and caps
[UK] All types of products
[Uruguay] Air conditioner for motor truck
[USA] Biker water bottle
[USA] Computer and TV tubes
[USA] Denim for men & women
[USA] Sewing machines and shoes
[USA] Step-down transformers
[Vietnam] Security systems and machines for supermarket
[Vietnam] Steel milling production line

Date: 10.02.2003

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[Australia] Dynamometers
[Australia] Muslin white
[Australia] Recycled polypropylene resin
[Australia] Textile/wool garment
[Austria] Computer hardware
[Bangladesh] Raising machine
[Bangladesh] Textile machinery
[Canada] Fax & photocopy paper
[Chile] Door locks
[China] Clock
[China] Copper scrap
[China] Frozen saury
[China] Nylon bristle
[China] Pacific halibut H+G+T
[China] PTA off grade
[Denmark] Boxes made of paulownia tree
[Denmark] Electric vehicles
[Dominican Republic] 20, 000 bee plush
[Dominican Republic] Equipments and machineries
[Dominican Republic] Heavy equipment parts
[Germany] Clip-on toys
[Ghana] Hand tools kits, drilling machine, cutting machines, milling machines
[Ghana] Jewellery
[Guatemala] Automotive filters
[India] Machinery for aloe vera
[India] Safety match manufacturing machinery
[India] TPR & PVC material
[Italy] Drinkable water filter
[Italy] Polyester, viscon yarn,
[Japan] Lingerie manufacture
[Korea] Annealed ductile iron castings
[Korea] Bronze valves
[Korea] Corvina, sea food
[Korea] Macadamia
[Korea] Recycled TFT LCD pane
[Korea] Steel hardware part cabinet
[Korea] Stock goods
[Korea] Toothpick dispenser 90, 000 pcs
[Korea] Wool/nylon knitted fabric only Korea supplier
[Malaysia] Car sun visor extensions
[Pakistan] Air compressors/spare parts, oven filters/filters
[Pakistan] Pana flex
[Peru] Industrial sewing machine and computerized embroidering machine
[Poland] Bathroom scales
[Saudi Arabia] Machineries
[Singapore] Name card holder/ shoe bag/ cups in a can/ picnic kit/ toiletry
[Slovak Republic] Miscellaneous
[Slovak Republic] Money detector key chain
[Swaziland] Small radio
[Turkey] Excess prime or secondary steel sheet or coils
[USA] Cotton printed fabrics
[USA] Machine & hand knit sweaters
[USA] Polypropylene
[USA] Winding machine
[Vietnam] Super micro mills

Date: 07.02.2003

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[Australia] Cotton fabric muslin
[Bangladesh] Machinery socks making
[Bangladesh] Sizing chemical, maize starch, con starch, mutton tallow
[Canada] Boats, ships and scrap
[China] Beech saw logs
[China] Cattle hides
[China] Euro shoe quota
[China] Iron oxide
[China] Shoe polish
[China] Sports shoes international brand
[Denmark] Electric scooters
[Egypt] Stickers and labels for cars and buses
[Germany] Go lighter
[Germany] Nike Shox & Nike ACG
[Greece] Watch testing instruments
[India] Beryllium copper / cold forging extrusion machineries
[India] Dhaincha seeds
[India] FR2 PCB
[Indonesia] Rock sugar
[Indonesia] Steel scrap
[Iran] Organic fig powder
[Israel] Kern 2500 & bowe 507 machines and spares
[Italy] Plasma TV
[Italy] Small wooden vases and fabric flowers and ribbons for packaging
[Korea] 2nd-hand Aoki blowing machine
[Korea] Dodecyl benzene sulfonate sodium salt
[Korea] EDTA 4Na
[Korea] ERW pipe
[Korea] Non ferrous scraps
[Korea] STPP (granule, tech grade)
[Korea] Trip trailer
[Mauritius] White flour
[Netherlands] Fresh cantharellus cibarius
[Pakistan] Artificial jewellery
[Pakistan] Electrical bulbs, welding electrodes
[Pakistan] Jeans Butto, Rivet, accessories, PU lather, string
[Pakistan] Seamless - SS metal flexible hose
[Pakistan] Second hand clothing & blankets
[Pakistan] Stainless steel metal flexible hose stock lots
[Philippines] Bulk chemical
[Philippines] Deltamethrin, diquat & other pesticides & herbicides
[Philippines] Shaping table
[Russia] Equipment for radio communications
[Singapore] Switches, LED
[Slovak Republic] Polyester/cotton blend yarn
[Spain] Waste scrap copper or aluminium cables
[Swaziland] Fleece jacket red
[Sweden] Leather and leather garment
[Switzerland] Premiums
[Syria] PU/ PVC leather
[Turkey] Frozen fish
[Turkey] Paper to make napkins & towels
[Turkey] Raw PS material
[UK] Leather working gloves
[UK] Men’s basketball American style hip-hop shoes
[USA] Auto parts
[USA] Construction machinery
[USA] Corrugated plastic sheets

Date: 06.02.2003

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[Argentina] Plastic extruder machine
[Bangladesh] Reconditioned shuttle looms
[Bosnia-Herzegovina] Hardware - new and used parts
[Brazil] Apparels of air ionizer
[Brazil] Machines that weld T-shaped stainless steel tube
[Brazil] Pneumatic components
[Brazil] Recycled tire machine
[Brazil] Rolling machines
[Canada] TV universal remote control
[Chile] Industrial motors
[Chile] Table cloths
[China] Artificial leather
[China] DVD & MP3 player
[China] Spray can
[Czech Republic] Welding technology
[Egypt] Crank shafts used for disel engines
[Egypt] Horizontal boring machine
[Egypt] Urso deoxy cholic acid
[Germany] Car audio products
[Germany] Horse and riding sport equipment
[Germany] Remote-controlled racing cars
[Greece] Household appliances, electric & electronic equipment
[Greece] Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) & electric generating sets
[India] High speed steel scrap solids
[India] Plastic granules
[Indonesia] Laptop
[Iran] Automotive fabric, knitted velour, printed velvet, upholstery
[Israel] Low power RF (audio) band jammer
[Italy] Pickled cold rolled coil
[Italy] Pyton reticulatus taned leather
[Japan] Round shape leather straps
[Kenya] Bottle working machinery
[Korea] China fabrics
[Korea] Polypropylene resin
[Korea] Sodium citrate
[Korea] Steel scraps melting
[Korea] Synthetic leather shoes
[Korea] Used acetate cigarette filter rod making machine
[Pakistan] Machines & equipments
[Pakistan] Machines, tools
[Pakistan] Non reusable syringes
[Pakistan] Textiles & knitting machinery
[Pakistan] Tower casings
[Russia] Chipboard and hardboard mfg. plant
[Taiwan] Computer parts
[Taiwan] Fabrics / lace
[Taiwan] Good quality of fabrics in various of designed pattern
[Tanzania] Cosmetics, etc
[Tunisia] Car spare parts
[Tunisia] Plexiglas
[Turkey] All kinds of denim fabric
[Turkey] Auto parts
[Turkey] Liquid soap pump
[UK] Foldable stool
[USA] Levis jeans
[USA] Medical instruments
[USA] Nokia and Samsung
[USA] Office furniture MDF
[USA] Paper & sanitary
[Vietnam] Machinery line to produce ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3)
[Vietnam] Printer

Date: 05.02.2003

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[AE] Cosmetics, body & hair care products, perfumes
[AE] Winston and Kent cigaret
[AM] Stocklot knit fabric
[AR] Fine red and white and sparkling wines from Mendoza, Argenti
[AU] Urea, yellow corn #2, feed barley
[BD] Double decker bus, mini bus & buses
[BD] T.S.P (fertilizer)
[BJ] PC/Laptop, GSM phones, DVD &VCD players
[BR] Bulk black pepper and spices
[CH] Currency exchange in Swiss francs
[CN] Artificial leather(pu)
[CN] Natural raffia glass from Madagascar
[CN] Plastic scrap
[CN] Polyurethane condom
[CN] Projector screen fabric
[CZ] Shampoos and toothpaste
[CZ] What you offer
[EE] Crude oils/D-2/Jet
[EG] Woven fabric
[ES] Canned vegetables
[ES] Computers components
[ES] Nokia mobile phones
[ES] Soft drinks
[ES] Steel coils and strip
[ES] Sunflower oil
[ES] Titanium dioxide
[ES] Tyres from Asia
[ET] Almunuim molds
[GB] Sugar, wheat
[GB] Zodiac signs
[HK] Electric lightbulbs & fluorescent tubes
[HK] FUJITSU notebook
[HK] Home textile
[HK] Pen with light
[ID] France lace
[ID] Italy, German, Taiwan, China, Au
[ID] Korean Tulle
[IL] 1000 used diesel Daihatsu engines, 1000 used Diesel Isuzu engines
[IN] 100 TE air/hyd, operated wheel mounted jack assembly (power riser)
[IN] 1-3-5 Tri Oxane - 2 MT
[IN] Ambulances with single stretcher
[IN] Cast rolls
[IN] Centrifugal compressors
[IN] Condensate pump for BPA platform
[IN] Cryogenic temperature measuring and controlling systems
[IN] Durum wheat
[IN] Energizer batteries
[IN] Ferro phosphorus
[IN] Gas turbine driven centrifugal compressor packages
[IN] Glove leather
[IN] Heavy duty kneading machine (capacity-1 litre) as per specifications
[IN] High pressure cementing units
[IN] PC, digitizer, plotter with software
[IN] PVC leather
[IN] Refrigerator
[IN] Scraper traps
[IN] Second hand computers
[IN] Shoulder ballast cleaning machines
[IN] Spares for maintenance of 140 tonne goftwald diesel hydraulic breakdown cranes
[IN] Textile raw materials
[IN] Tyre
[IR] Lubricants
[IR] Plywood
[JP] Car accessories
[JP] Your items
[KP] Levonorgestrel
[KR] 100% cotton bandana
[KR] D2 gas oil
[KR] Gift item
[KR] Jet fuel
[KR] Memory card for Playstation2
[KR] Perfume, skin care cosmetics
[KR] Picnic basket
[KR] Tent, backpack and sleeping bag
[KR] T-shirts
[MY] Calamansi
[MZ] 200 000mts of portland cement
[NL] Chewing gum production line
[NL] Cordless drilling machines
[PE] Branded garments, fragrances, leather goods
[PK] Warper for tricot machines
[RO] Yellow mustard seeds
[RU] Radiators, boilers, and other items for central heating
[SN] Stationery, office material, and computer material
[TR] Denim and polyester fabric
[TR] Hometextile
[TR] Raw MDF 1700 x 2100 x 3 mm
[TW] Beauty & salon products
[TW] Carbon monoxide detector
[TW] Security system
[US] Acrylic blanket
[US] Camping tent
[US] Heineken lager beer bottle 65CL/CAN 33CL
[US] Jasmin rice from Thailand
[US] Motor oil
[US] Security/surviellance devices/cctv
[US] Stock lots for clearance
[US] Surgical equipment, disposable bags and disposable surgical dressings
[US] Systems, monitors and key boards
[US] Table mats/napkins
[US] Used computers: PII, PIII
[VN] Cast polimer

Date: 04.02.2003

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[Argentina] Fuses and automatic circuit breaker
[Argentina] Plastic extruder machine
[Bahrain] Branded computer & computer components
[Bangladesh] Automatic paper bag manufacturing machine
[Bangladesh] Chemical items
[Brazil] A/V systems
[Chile] Snow chains for tractors/snow shovels
[China] Ostrich leather
[China] PO powder
[China] Sulfur
[Dominican Republic] Candy & sweet cookies
[Ecuador] Machinery
[Egypt] Calcium hypo chloride for swimming pools
[Germany] 30, 000 low-end laptops
[Greece] Gift boxes for jewelry
[Greece] Leather & fabrics
[Greece] Sheets, plates and scrap metal
[Hong Kong] CDr, CDrw
[Hungary] Auto parts & medical instruments
[India] Acrylic scrap, off-cuts and rejected sheets
[India] Computer surplus stock/excess stock
[India] Exhaust fan 12Z
[India] Mobile phone accessories, battery chargers, hands free kit
[India] Mole skin woven and knitted fabric
[India] Nokia 3310
[India] Ram, memory- 64 Mb/128 Mb
[India] Stock lots black abaya fabrics
[Indonesia] A-scan equipment
[Iran] Japan made scissors notions
[Korea] Beans for cultivating bean-sprouts
[Korea] Dehydrator
[Korea] Finished leather
[Korea] Japan cosmetics
[Korea] Oak tree: quercus acutissima
[Korea] Poly/rayon fabric from China
[Korea] Specialized color cosmetics/skin care products
[Korea] Web cam for PC
[Korea] Wooden chopstick
[Malaysia] Bicycle
[Malaysia] Canon copier machine
[Pakistan] Compressors
[Russia] Food additives, ingredients
[Russia] Sandwich-panels and metal construction
[Singapore] Syrup containers for vending machines
[Spain] Hunting dogs
[Syria] Computer component, peripherals, accessories
[Syria] Computer monitors Samsung 15
[Tanzania] Flags
[Tunisia] Second hand cars parts
[Turkey] Aircraft
[Turkey] Galvanize iron wire mesh
[UK] Callaway HX Blue Golf
[UK] Chrysotile asbestos fibers
[UK] Hardwood furniture
[UK] Nokia 6310i or similar current model
[UK] Secondary aluminum DIN226 & UNI5076
[Ukraine] Photocopy paper
[USA] Aluminum gravity castings and machining
[USA] Box clasp bracelets
[USA] Fabric
[USA] Juice concentrates, purees, pulp, IQF
[USA] PVC resin
[Vietnam] Cold rolled steel sheet
[Vietnam] Hot dip galvanizing system
[Vietnam] Life jacket

Date: 03.02.2003

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[Argentina] Machine for manufacture latex gloves
[Australia] Bed sheets from China & Pakistan only
[Australia] Bowling ball
[Bangladesh] Sugar (S-30)
[Bangladesh] Used rapier loom (saurer-400)
[Bangladesh] Used vehicles
[Bangladesh] Wheat
[Brazil] Cotton white
[Canada] Garlic, shallots, ginger, mushrooms, sesame and poppy seeds
[Canada] Optical fiber scope
[China] Activated carbon manufacturing equipment
[China] Aromatic diffuser (kits/device)
[China] Butyric acid
[China] Medical baby fetal doppler
[China] Mobile phones
[China] Second hand torchon lace machine
[Colombia] Manometers fire extinguisher
[Czech Republic] LDPE, HDPE
[Dominican Republic] Accessories for confessionary clothes
[Dominican Republic] Equipment and machinery
[Dominican Republic] Shoes floors for children and ladies
[Egypt] Black & white CRT 14 inch from China
[Egypt] Galvanized steel sheets
[Germany] Diamonds
[Ghana] Coconut charcoal
[Greece] Kitchen plastic products, hinges, drawers, metallic & chrome
[Guatemala] Reinforcing rod (bar)
[India] Digital clinical thermometers
[India] Glass strain viewer (polariscopes), glass working tools
[India] Polypropylene yarn grade / ruffia grade
[India] Polyurethane foam scrap
[India] Slipring induction motor
[India] Tetra ethyl lead
[Israel] Exhibition accessories & stand displays
[Jamaica] Granular chlorine
[Korea] Acrylic blanket
[Korea] Anthracite coal
[Korea] Brand leather goods
[Korea] Samsung & Nokia mobile phones
[Korea] Silver pens
[Korea] Wall panels
[Malaysia] Car weather strap
[Pakistan] Alcohol & vinegar
[Pakistan] Fluorescent paint
[Pakistan] Pharmaceutical
[Pakistan] Trimming garments fashion accessories
[Poland] Alkalization machine
[Poland] Notebooks, LCD monitors, SDRAM and DDR memories, etc
[Singapore] Remanufactured hand phone
[Togo] Use toys/clothing/shoes/bags
[Turkey] Coke (electrode/foundry/metallurgical grades)
[UAE] Wire collating machines
[UK] Pharmaceuticals product
[Ukraine] Condensed and evaporated milk
[Uruguay] Polyethylene
[USA] Clear laminating pouches
[USA] Rubber tires
[USA] Wire rod
[Vietnam] Mineral water pot, ozone food washer
[Vietnam] Sulbutiamine

Date: 31.01.2003

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[Argentina] Lamps/fluorescent light
[Austria] Polypropylene resin
[Bangladesh] Electrical meter
[Benin] Bracelets necklaces/imitation jewelry
[Canada] Jeans
[China] Hydrogen peroxide 50%
[China] Steel wire
[Colombia] Enameled steel sheet
[Colombia] Methyl metacrylates, polymethyl metacrylates, biocides,
[Colombia] Pumps, dosifier pumps, blowers, water meters and valves
[Denmark] Clothing
[Dominican Republic] Military uniforms
[Egypt] Crops and spices and seeds
[Egypt] Textile materials
[Greece] Furs
[Hungary] Brake hose rubber tube
[India] CDMA technology mobile phone
[India] Laptop batteries, laptop adapters & accessories
[India] Organic nitrocellulose compound
[India] Printer cables, camera cables, CPU cooler fans, cases, keyboards
[India] Zirconium sponge
[Iran] Flrfenicol, diclazuril
[Korea] 100% polyester woven fabric all kinds of t/c all kinds of spandex
[Korea] Chromium trioxide (CRO3 99.7%)
[Korea] Fashion sun glasses and sport glasses
[Korea] Film of 5l/6L toner cartridge for laser printer
[Korea] General sand for using construction work in China
[Korea] Home appliances sports & leisure goods, stationery & gift,
[Korea] Office chair
[Korea] Part of office chair
[Malaysia] LPG gas
[New Zealand] Steel strapping, steel strips
[Norway] Small vacuum pumps
[Pakistan] 2484mt ferro silicon
[Pakistan] PET blow molding machine
[Pakistan] Raw synthetic rubber
[Pakistan] Shoes accessories, chemicals
[Poland] Party cosmetics
[Poland] Plastic straws
[Portugal] Cotton seeds for dairy cattle feed
[Romania] 100% PA dtex156/68
[Russia] Impact copolymer
[Russia] PC and peripherals
[Russia] Printing machines
[Russia] Steam boilers
[Saudi Arabia] Daewoo brand new engines
[Senegal] Plywood, hardware
[Slovakia] Welding wire
[Taiwan] Dry rose for use of beverage
[Tunisia] Recordable CD blank
[UAE] R12 refrigerator gas
[UK] Mobile phone GSM CDMA
[USA] Ink & cartridge
[USA] Modula desks
[USA] Thermoset plastic piston
[Venezuela] Machinery PSE
[Vietnam] Secondary hot rolled steel coil

Date: 30.01.2003

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[Argentina] Jean quality Levi’s 4 points
[Argentina] Raw brown sugar
[Bangladesh] Brake linings, clutch facings
[Bangladesh] Copra
[Bangladesh] Digital taximeter
[Bangladesh] Embossed roller and printing roller
[Cambodia] Spare parts, trucks & cars
[Canada] TV universal remote control
[China] ABS & hips scrape
[China] Chinese art, Chinese rugs
[China] Garments goods
[China] NP-112216
[China] Nylon bristle
[China] Razor blades, hurricane lantern, candles, etc
[China] Ruby red or imperial red raw blocks
[China] Scrap vessel
[China] Thick paperboard
[China] WTB live spiny rock lobsters /chilled fishes
[Czech Republic] Gold (aurium utalium)
[Egypt] Miscellaneous
[Germany] Computers
[Greece] Chipboards and hardboards
[Guatemala] Reinforcing rod bar
[India] Acrylic scrap, off cuts rejected sheets 100 mt per month
[India] Rock phosphate
[India] Tool kits
[India] XLPE conductor
[India] Yarns
[Indonesia] Rock sugar
[Israel] MIMAKI JV4 pigmented ink refill
[Israel] New or used machinery for RAM factory
[Korea] Dental equipment
[Korea] Electrical/electronic machine components & automation parts
[Korea] Hinge unit cellular phone
[Korea] Second hand truck engines
[Korea] The abomasum
[Madagascar] HDPE resin
[Nigeria] 128MB SDRAM PC133
[Nigeria] GSM mobile phone in all kinds
[Nigeria] VDV, handset
[Pakistan] Chemicals
[Pakistan] Compressors
[Pakistan] Textile machines
[Pakistan] Wheels or tires for baby stroller or pram
[Philippines] Puzzle mat, touch lamp, ironing board
[Poland] Steel profile
[Romania] Tinplate & easy open lids
[Saudi Arabia] Smoke detectors
[Singapore] 400/month computer system P II 266
[Singapore] Induction cap sealer machine from Korea
[Singapore] R600a (Iso-butane)
[Singapore] Refined sugar
[Spain] Canned tuna in cans of 1000 gr
[Spain] Soft drinks and energy drinks
[Spain] Tantalite
[Switzerland] Aircraft toys in plastic or metal material
[Thailand] Equipment
[Thailand] Shaving blades
[Turkey] Alternator 1000 kVA
[Turkey] Coal, steam coal
[Turkey] Non-woven adult diapers
[Turkey] Petcoke, petrocoke
[UAE] AC motor
[UAE] Capacitors
[UAE] Decorative acrylic mist effects with LED
[UAE] Metallic oxide varistor (MOV)
[UK] Galvanised wire hooks for plastics clothing hanger
[UK] PR 106 (non-sorted)
[Ukraine] Cocoa powder, dried fruits, nuts
[USA] 10K each of Motorola V60 and 66, Siemens 45 and 55
[USA] 10K Nokia 3360
[USA] Biker water bottle
[USA] Gas powered scooter
[USA] High end notebooks
[USA] Under and outer wear fabric
[USA] Wine cooler
[Vietnam] Lathe, punching and stamping, drilling machine and welding

Date: 29.01.2003

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[Australia] Surplus/liquidation items electrical, computers, clothing,
[Bangladesh] Miscellaneous products, toys etc
[China] AC brushless motor and speed controller
[China] Acrylic chenille yarn 6/1nm
[China] N-ocatanol and N-butanol
[China] SS316/SS304
[Czech Republic] Compact discs
[Egypt] (GE - brand) malleable iron pipes fitting
[Germany] Warm up pads
[Greece] Babies underwear, summer winter rompers
[Hong Kong] Monitors computer scraps
[India] Calendar machinery
[India] Christian catholic religious articles
[India] Optical ophthalmic raw glasses, optics
[India] PET/HDPE bottles RTS
[India] Printer cables, camera cables, CPU cooler
[India] Spandex yarns, strips, far infrared ray yarns for knitting
[Iran] Segment cutting hard marble
[Israel] Low power RF (audio) band jammer
[Israel] Tri band phones
[Japan] Auto parts
[Japan] Neck cooler
[Jordan] Fluorescent lamp production line
[Jordan] Printing envelope making machines
[Korea] HTV silicone rubber compound
[Korea] Peeled and undeveined tail off shrimps
[Korea] Poly/cotton and 100% cotton knitted corduroy
[Korea] Soap for motel
[Lebanon] CO2 laser engravers
[Lebanon] Futon mattresses
[Malaysia] Car weather strap
[Malaysia] Plastic promotional cup
[Mauritius] New fast food machinery
[Mongolia] Medical related products and equipment
[Morocco] Computers
[Netherlands] Fresh cantharellus
[Pakistan] Seamless - SS metal flexible hose
[Pakistan] Stretch georgette fabrics
[Russia] Laminating, winding and cutting M/C
[Russia] Ortho dichlorobenzene
[Russia] PET resin
[Russia] Printing machines
[Russia] Sisal twine
[Russia] Stainless steel
[Russia] Twine balling machine
[Switzerland] Snow-seats
[Syria] Used computers and cell phones
[Turkey] Finish paper
[Turkey] Fluorocarbon
[UK] Cotton polyester yarn
[UK] New budget tires
[UK] New wheel balancers, tire changers
[UK] Road studs Cats Eyes
[Uruguay] CCTV, control access
[USA] Used laptops
[Vietnam] Old newsprint
[Vietnam] Pharmaceuticals/chemicals rubber industry

Date: 28.01.2003

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[Argentina] Contactors, Siemens alike
[Brazil] Titanium dioxide
[Bulgaria] Plastic production
[Canada] Red kidney beans
[Chile] Footcare items, plaster bandage
[Chile] Stainless steel pipes, fittings
[China] Glass material (c-glass and B-glass)
[China] Tape used as hair clip
[Egypt] Diamond saw blades
[Egypt] Hotel safes
[Egypt] Pharmaceutical tabletting full line
[India] CPVC pipe fittings
[India] Wire mesh
[Iran] Production line of glass basin
[Ireland] Mini excavator
[Israel] Nokia mobile phones
[Israel] Roll up banner stand displays
[Japan] Raw material for plastic pressure pipe
[Jordan] Enamel cook ware
[Kazakhstan] Negative zinc coated plate alkaline batteries production
[Korea] Laminating floor
[Korea] Nail art related product
[Korea] PVC coated polyester tarpaulin
[Kuwait] Solar products
[Malaysia] Plastic cap liners or bag in box
[Nigeria] Food nutritional supplements, male potency drug etc
[Nigeria] HMS 1&2(80/20)
[Nigeria] Laptop computers, GSM mobile phones and blankets
[Nigeria] Solar accessories
[Nigeria] VCD/ CD
[Pakistan] Clothing, shoes, toys, curtains etc
[Pakistan] CNC lathe machine
[Pakistan] Crystal ball pens
[Pakistan] Packaging machine
[Pakistan] Types machinery
[Peru] Cellular phone
[Peru] Galvanized steel
[Philippines] Tissue jumbo rolls
[Poland] Some car related items
[Poland] Some digital medical equipment
[Romania] Paraffin wax bitumen
[Spain] Promotional gifts
[Switzerland] USB-pen-drive (64M-128-256M)
[Syria] Computer
[Syria] Copper sheet planet or machinery
[Syria] Fluorescent tube light
[Syria] Surplus card boards
[Thailand] Denim fabric
[Turkey] Auto full engine
[Turkey] Waste paper & plastic scrap
[UAE] Sick or closed industry
[UAE] Wood for concrete form
[UK] Cerelac
[USA] Eyeglass frames
[USA] Notebook
[USA] Phone cards
[USA] Stock lot jackets
[USA] Transformer
[Vietnam] Aluminum ingots
[Vietnam] Automatic Welding System to weld big oil tank
[Vietnam] Machine plastic dustless chalk
[Vietnam] Metal working machines making metal accessories leather
[Vietnam] Speakers
[Vietnam] Steel sheets

Date: 27.01.2003

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[Australia] Earthmoving bucket
[Cameroon] Cosmetics, lingeries, electronics, laptops, computers
[Cameroon] Electronics and laptops
[Cameroon] Laboratory equipment for the diagnosis of HIV AIDS
[Cameroon] Lingerie, laptops, cell phone, DVD players, cosmetics
[Czech Republic] Excess inventory
[India] Green mung beans
[India] Light diesel oil -LDO
[India] Natural silk waste, silk yums etc
[India] Rough diamonds
[Iran] Floppy disk drive (FDD)
[Iran] Imitation jewelry
[Iran] New products
[Malaysia] 5000 MT CPO p/month
[Malaysia] PP woven bag cloth
[Malta] Master foods products - Mars chocolates, Snickers, Twix
[Pakistan] Edible oils and ghee chemicals
[Pakistan] Engine and transmission case
[Poland] Pentium III, Pentium IV processors
[Poland] Soap
[Romania] Copper cathode
[Saudi Arabia] Washing powder raw materials
[Taiwan] Fresh garlic
[Taiwan] Furniture
[Taiwan] Seafood products
[Taiwan] Second hand torchon lace machine
[Turkey] CD-R
[Turkey] Fitball (Swiss ball) made of rubber or PP
[Turkey] Freon 12, 22, 134A gas
[Turkey] Fruit juice
[Turkey] Second hand (used) sock machines
[Turkey] TiO2, rutile, chlorine process
[USA] Disposable camera
[USA] Urea 3 600 000MT

Date: 24.01.2003

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[Australia] Branded baby & kids wear small lot
[Australia] Chartering cargo vessel
[Australia] Soy processing equipment soymilk, soy cheese
[Austria] Trophies in glass
[Bangladesh] Soda ash light
[Benin] Medicines, food items, garments, GSM phones, computers,
[Brazil] Activated coal
[Cameroon] Cosmetics, lingerie, electronics, laptops, computers
[Canada] Amber jewelry
[Canada] Cultured pearl jewelry
[Canada] Denim for men & women
[Chile] CD plastic box
[China] Abalone meat
[China] Alum frame for in-line skate
[China] Aluminum scrap
[China] Blue tooth learning kits and development products etc
[China] Ceramic powder
[China] Mini cooking plate
[China] MOP and other semi precious beads
[China] New cheaper toy and gift ware products
[China] Pacific halibut
[China] PP film
[China] Sodium bisulfate
[China] Surgical made in USA of J&J brand
[China] Synthetic and manmade fiber
[Colombia] Blister cutter thermocontract PVC film, PVC film
[Cyprus] Used outboard engines, used electronics, used jet-skis
[Czech Republic] Spray guns, paints
[Czech Republic] Table football and hockey
[Egypt] Bus components and accessories
[Egypt] Computer case
[Egypt] Speakers
[Egypt] Textile products
[France] Agricultural machines
[Germany] DDR ram
[Germany] Decoration items, gifts
[Germany] Fashion clothes
[Germany] LED-panels
[Hong Kong] Al and steel scrap, iron ore, steel billet
[India] 4 Layer MLB
[India] Computerized looms and weaving machines
[India] CR sheet, red hard winter wheat, Thai rice
[India] Jewelry/stationery/gift & novelties
[India] Papaya
[India] Precision measuring instruments
[India] Self adhesive shim tape made from hardened steel for
[India] SS scrape grade 304, 316, etc
[India] Toluene / isopropyl alcohol / isobutanol / acetone
[Indonesia] 2nd hand or used computerized sock knitting machines
[Indonesia] Stock lot clothes
[Iran] Copper powder
[Iran] Oiled coil DIN 1623 ST 1203
[Iran] Paper for G-16 & KBA Rolland 600 D printing machine
[Israel] Toyota Land Cruiser
[Korea] Alaska pollack
[Korea] Nylon scrap
[Korea] Thermostatic shower mixers
[Kyrgyzstan] A4 (80), A3
[Pakistan] E1 bit error rate testers
[Pakistan] Malleable iron pipe fittings
[Pakistan] Metallic yarn (golden & silver thread)
[Pakistan] Phenol
[Pakistan] Soybean seeds
[Pakistan] Textile cotton waste/cotton waste mushroom
[Pakistan] Textile machines
[Russia] Plasma TV & PDP
[Russia] Ski supplies
[Singapore] Auto grill machine
[South Africa] Denim fabric-12-14oz
[Sweden] Raw unprocessed cashew nuts
[Tunisia] All accessories bag & handbag, schoolbag
[Turkey] Stock Sony products
[UAE] Naphthalene
[UK] Absorbent cotton for medicine use
[UK] Computer hardware
[UK] Envelopes
[Uruguay] Belts vehicles machines
[USA] Variant Jordans, Gucci, Louis Vuitton bags
[Vietnam] PS offset printing plate making machine automatic HAN
[Zimbabwe] Rubber sheet

Date: 23.01.2003

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[Bangladesh] Complete spinning mills for production of acrylic
[Benin] Air-conditioning
[Canada] Monitors
[China] 150, 000 pcs non-stick pan
[China] Hot or cold roll steel sheet
[China] Nylon fishing nets, mowing line
[China] Reusable endoscopic biopsy forceps
[China] Tape used as hair clip
[China] Toys
[Croatia] Cable accessories (low and medium voltage)
[Denmark] Bitumen feedstock
[Denmark] Computer part accessories
[Egypt] Speaker factory production line - new or used
[Egypt] Stickers and labels for cars and buses
[Gambia] Nokia 3310, Nokia 3330, Nokia 8210
[Germany] Original Nokia items
[Greece] Brass bulhead lamps
[India] 20 to 40 Plasma TV's / Month - 42 ", 50" and 60 "
[India] Beauty parlour, healthcare, facial, skin, hair care
[India] Brass scrap
[India] Centrifugal pumps
[India] Cut/uncut diamond
[India] Ferro silicon granules or lumps
[India] Fitted bed sheets
[India] Mobile Phones & its accessories excess stock/surplus
[India] PVC/PP gutter system
[India] Rough diamond in bulk
[India] Ultrasonic cleaners
[Indonesia] Second hand mould for electric household appliances
[Iran] High pressure hoses
[Iran] Imitation jewelry
[Iran] Rigid PVC foam sheet machine
[Israel] Hot rolled steel coils
[Korea] All kind of `Planter & Urn` decorative article
[Korea] Computer parts
[Korea] Spare parts
[Korea] Stainless steel in coil and sheet
[Korea] Test equipment for rubber
[Korea] Used cars
[Malaysia] Used computer parts and notebook
[Morocco] Laser stamping or punching and cutting M/C
[Nigeria] Men’s/ladies/children’s wears/underwear/footwear
[Pakistan] Alcohol & vinegar from dates
[Pakistan] Industrial chemicals raw
[Pakistan] Kraft liner paper
[Pakistan] Melamine
[Pakistan] Monobloc, aerosol & tin cans
[Pakistan] Pharmaceutical used machinery
[Pakistan] Vaccines, monobloc cans, infant milk formula
[Singapore] Czech made carbon steel razor blades
[Turkey] Fruit juice
[Turkey] Vulkollan made parts
[Uganda] Photocopy paper
[UK] Disposable syrings with needles
[Uruguay] Gas boilers
[USA] Avirex, Gucci, Ice-Berg, Prada, LV, Polo, or any other hip
[USA] Plasma TVs 40-60inch
[Vietnam] Steel, stainless steel, brass/copper

Date: 22.01.2003

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[Bangladesh] Any kind of stock fabrics
[Brazil] Surfboards
[China] Mobile phone
[China] TSP fertilizer
[Cyprus] Tyres
[Czech Republic] Laptop compaq
[Czech Republic] Melamine coated chipboards
[Egypt] PVC resin K67 for Egypt
[Ethiopia] Woodfree whitebond paper
[India] Civilian aircrafts
[India] CRGO seconds silicon steel
[India] Pulses,beans, peas,lentils etc
[India] Steel billets
[India] Wheat flour
[Iran] Urea
[Japan] Steel plate/coil
[Korea] Anglers head wear cap, hat
[Korea] Hot or cold rolled carbon steel strip
[Korea] Workbench
[Malaysia] Nokia 8310 & 3310 mobile phones
[Malaysia] PP woven bag cloth
[Nepal] Sunflower seed cooking oil
[Pakistan] Fashion garments accessories
[Pakistan] Medical equipment
[Pakistan] Towel dyeing bleaching finishing plant
[Romania] Banking equipment
[Romania] Wool yarns for knitting
[South Africa] Bread makers, toasters, kettles, sandwich makers
[South Africa] Carcass meal bone meal
[South Africa] Hurricane lanterns
[Syria] 200 mt white paraffin wax fully refined
[Turkey] Cold rolled steel strips
[Turkey] Ring spun polyester
[UAE] Motor cycle spare parts
[UK] Food items
[UK] Reinforced iron rod
[UK] Wooden watch boxes
[USA] Cork/cork products
[USA] Talking beer bottle opener
[Vietnam] Used single jersey four track circular knit

Date: 21.01.2003

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[Benin] Ladies wears, used clothing, shoes, bags, cars, brassier,
[Brazil] Aluminum lamina for blind (shutter)
[Brazil] Butyl acrylate, titanium dioxide, phthalic anydride and
[Canada] Polyethylene equipment covers and drapes
[China] Aluminum scrap or scum
[China] Hot roll steel sheet
[China] Sulfur
[Croatia] Blankets
[Dominican Republic] can fish
[Egypt] Multimedia
[Egypt] Raw material of plastic (ABS) powder
[Estonia] 100% cotton yarn for knitting
[Greece] Motor vehicle tires & alloy wheels
[Greece] Vehicle spare parts & accessories
[India] Computer cables, connectors, keyboards, mice, excess
[India] Copper tubes/ flats
[India] Ferro silicon
[India] Heavy melting scrap
[India] Spices products
[India] Turmeric fingers
[Korea] AC motor for power brush
[Korea] Cowhide wet blue whole double butts split leather
[Korea] Offset press (printing machinery)
[Korea] Used computer
[Malaysia] Unique promotional gift
[Mexico] Cosmetic bags
[Netherlands] Fresh wild cultivated mushrooms, fresh fruit
[Pakistan] Chemicals
[Pakistan] CNC lathe machine
[Pakistan] Industrial, agriculture v belts
[Pakistan] Second hand clothing/used shoes
[Poland] Bathroom scales
[Spain] Air-conditioning
[Switzerland] Aluminum ingot
[Switzerland] Second hand computers
[Turkey] Medical equipment
[USA] Diamond and CBN tools
[USA] Fruit design fork


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