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Archive import leads

Date: 05.12.2002

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[Australia] Nude figurines
[Australia] Vitamins & natural assets
[Azerbaidjan] Methanol
[Benin] Garments, new textile material, beach umbrela, handbag
[Benin] GSM phone, computers, DVD and VCD, compact video
[Benin] Pharmaceutical finished products, medicines, GSM
[Brazil] Toluene diisocyanate
[Canada] Motherboards
[China] N-amino ethyl piperazine (AEP)
[China] TPU scraps, regrind, offgrade
[China] Waste Isopropanol IPA
[Denmark] Boxes made of paulownia tree, plastic cups
[Denmark] Electronic components
[Egypt] Core carton
[Egypt] Diving & swimming tackles
[Egypt] Galvanized steel sheets
[Germany] T-shirts/polos
[India] All kinds of yarns, fibers, fabrics
[India] Knitting and textile machinery
[India] Railway line, grooved rubber pad, cranes
[India] Tube light fittings & CLF tings from China
[Madagascar] Paraffin wax
[Malaysia] Plasma TV and TFT monitor
[Malta] Mild steel bars
[New Zealand] Wood working machines
[Pakistan] Belting
[Pakistan] Belts
[Pakistan] Electronic sensors for paving machine
[Pakistan] Used electric motors & their scrap
[Poland] 100% polyester lining
[Poland] Alkalization machine
[Poland] Stretch films
[Singapore] Absorber
[Slovakia] Money detector key chain
[South Africa] Houseware and life improving products
[Spain] Promotional gifts
[Syria] Yarn
[Togo] GSM mobile phones
[Turkey] Gray cardboard & kraft paper
[UAE] Acrylic-yarn 28/2, poly/wool fabrics, poy, textured
[UAE] Truck used tire
[UK] Audio visual pre recorded media
[Uruguay] Machinery for fabricates midsole and outsole
[USA] Gilette products (Mach 3, Gilette blue etc),
[USA] Intel processors PIV 2.4Ghz OEM tray 50-100K per month,
[USA] Large stock lots of anything

Date: 04.12.2002

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[Argentina] Aerosol valves
[Argentina] Batteries boxes/cages for cars
[Argentina] PC accessories and parts
[Bangladesh] Computer accessories & computer related products
[Bangladesh] Ladies evening wear
[Bangladesh] Paraffin wax
[Bulgaria] Plastic glides
[Canada] Designer bag, apparels, accessories, watches
[Canada] Elastic thread
[Canada] Optical lenses, frames sunglasses
[Canada] Sexy lingerie
[Chile] Inflatable boats parts
[Chile] Knitting machine
[China] Adhesive
[China] Decal and label
[China] G30 (G95mm) glass envelope
[China] Granite
[China] IC
[China] Inverter supply
[China] Office collection
[China] Reverse parking sensor
[China] Silk yarn
[China] Titled IC
[China] Viscose/spandex tops
[Croatia] Civil engineering product, repair products
[Croatia] Twill cotton and polycotton
[Cyprus] T-shirts
[Egypt] Braiding machine
[Egypt] Electric products, electronic products, polymers,
[Egypt] Material of PET
[Egypt] Polyester yarn
[Greece] Gifts
[India] Birch plywood & birch veneer
[India] Honey
[India] Household items
[India] Jute bags
[India] Long pepper
[India] Paint brushes
[Iran] Animal feed/fish meal, soy bean meal, maize (yellow corn)
[Iran] Floor strainer
[Iran] Stainless steel and carbon steel
[Italy] Men’s and women’s sweaters, trousers, jackets, shirts
[Italy] Mug, T-shirt, promotional item
[Kenya] Computers and laptops
[Korea] 100% wool underwear for winter season
[Korea] CCTV camera & capture card (board)
[Korea] Computer Pentium II
[Korea] Garment stock
[Korea] Golden materials
[Korea] Ladies fashion engineer boots
[Korea] New idea good
[Korea] Used machines for water packaging and food processing
[Korea] Wireless phone duplexer
[Kuwait] Pipes
[Kuwait] PVC pipes
[Kuwait] Security products
[Kuwait] Steel products
[Kuwait] Valve
[Malaysia] Dashboard wood veneer products
[Malaysia] Speaker cable
[Mongolia] LAN, modem, network adapters
[Morocco] Straps for ladies strapless clothes, brassiere
[Netherlands] Polyresin products for gardens and lawns
[Nigeria] Ladies` bras and panties
[Nigeria] Optical frames best quality
[Nigeria] Pharmaceuticals drugs
[Pakistan] Different Dupont brand fabrics
[Pakistan] Fan balancing machine
[Pakistan] Milk powder
[Pakistan] Multi port valve
[Pakistan] Nail files
[Pakistan] Polyethylene (PE) rigged film
[Pakistan] Potato chips plant
[Pakistan] Solar cells and complete equipment
[Pakistan] Stainless steel scrap
[Pakistan] Used computers and monitors
[Pakistan] Used embroidery machines
[Philippines] Cotton wastes
[Philippines] Polyurethane panels
[Saudi Arabia] CD holder
[Saudi Arabia] CDR, cameras, webcams
[Saudi Arabia] Machine for making cellophane container
[Spain] Cotton and polycotton fabrics
[Spain] NOKIA 5210
[Switzerland] Plastic safety fencing
[Syria] Yarn
[Thailand] Tooth brush holder
[USA] Hard drives
[USA] PHS phone
[USA] Refined gold
[USA] Steel shelving
[USA] Steel strapping material
[USA] Stick pens
[USA] Track suites, polo shirts, dress shirts, T-shirts
[USA] Tractor, generator and skidder
[USA] Various lighters
[Vietnam] Automatic squid fishing machines; luminous tape
[Vietnam] Steel
[Vietnam] VoIP, IP PBX equipment

Date: 03.12.2002

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[Argentina] Machines and components for the manufacturing of
[Argentina] PC TFT monitor
[Austria] Multilayer and SMT printed circuit boards
[Brazil] Iron
[Brazil] Polystyrene molding and frame machinery
[Canada] Internet phone
[China] Electronic cell phone shield & cell antenna
[China] Glass for lighting
[China] Nickel cathodes, nickel sulfate
[Cyprus] Disposable medical products & medical equipment
[Denmark] Razor blades and razors
[Egypt] Screw making machine
[India] Colored glass tubes, sheets, etc
[India] PVC corrugated/stretchable molded pipe for sink/basin
[Iran] Air filtration media
[Iran] Food processing machinery
[Iraq] CNC turning m/c
[Italy] Audio cables for musical instruments
[Ivory Coast] Original inkjet cartridge HP
[Korea] Chop stick (made by wood)
[Korea] Clock (small metal or aluminum)
[Korea] Dental equipment
[Korea] Golf putting greens
[Korea] HDPE, MDPE, PVC and petroleum jelly compound
[Korea] Price labeler
[Korea] Sulfite paper and glassine paper
[Malaysia] Gel facial mask with special ingredients
[Malaysia] Overstock cosmetics
[Morocco] Beech wood, etc
[Netherlands] Fresh mushrooms
[Nigeria] Men’s wears
[Nigeria] Underwear
[Pakistan] Copper cable
[Pakistan] Electric motor capacitors
[Pakistan] Sheets & coils
[Pakistan] Spectrometer
[Pakistan] Stock left /leftover
[Pakistan] Timber & timber allied product
[Pakistan] Used, circular knitting machines
[Peru] Monosodium glutamate
[Romania] Various equipment for military use
[Russia] Optical sensor H2000
[Russia] Silk and embroider machine
[Russia] Spare part for chairs
[Saudi Arabia] Machinery for producing copper tubes, capillary
[Singapore] Metaldehyde 50% WP % 99% tech
[Slovakia] Key-chain
[Sri Lanka] Vegetable seeds
[Switzerland] Scooter
[Taiwan] Screen printing machine, plain screen printer
[Thailand] Hair cutting razor blade
[Turkey] Acrylic fiber
[Turkey] Caustic soda liquid
[Turkey] Cream al. tube filing machines
[Turkey] Dental instruments-porcelain
[Turkey] Dipping means: latex 41 %, ammoniac 25 %, rezorcin 50
[Turkey] Gutta percha (dental)
[Turkey] Rubbers: SKI-polyisoprene, SBR-1500, SKD-2 polybutadien
[Turkey] Softeners: stearin (acid stearik), naftolin ZD
[Turkey] Touch screen restaurant POS system hardware
[UK] Mattress wire
[Ukraine] Stop valves
[USA] AC power inverter
[USA] Branded perfume
[USA] Men/women suits
[USA] MSG and acetic acid
[USA] Non-woven PP bags
[USA] PS plate
[Uzbekistan] Dry ice manufacturing equipment
[Vietnam] Auto door
[Vietnam] Plant to produce motorcycle engine
[Vietnam] Steel billet & steel scrap
[Vietnam] Wood processing line

Date: 02.12.2002

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[Australia] Sequin/bead fabric, motifs, trims
[Brazil] Tire recycling machinery
[China] Extension board
[Cyprus] Medical - cardiology disposable
[Cyprus] Motorbike & scooter spare parts
[Cyprus] Toys
[Germany] Smoke detectors
[Greece] Shoes for children
[India] Alcohol breath analyzers
[India] Fitted bed sheets
[India] FM or AM/FM portable radios
[India] GI wire
[India] Grain
[India] PNT
[India] Seamless low fined 'u' bend tubes
[India] Seed potatoes
[Japan] Wall paper/synthetic fiber
[Korea] 430 stainless steel
[Korea] Anglers head wear (cap, hat)
[Korea] Billet
[Korea] Bubble (air cap) sheet making machine
[Korea] Cotton fabric
[Korea] Low carbon special steels
[Korea] Nylon yarn-polyamide 6 multifilament nylon yarn
[Korea] ZF transmission parts
[Libya] DAF trucks LHD
[Malaysia] Mixed scrap integrated circuits or sorted integrated
[Morocco] Sewing thread/ embroidery yarn/viseline
[New Zealand] Baby wear
[New Zealand] Quilting, cadding machine
[Nigeria] Complan food, hovotest tablets, pfizer products etc
[Pakistan] Compressors
[Pakistan] Embroidery machine
[Pakistan] Fabrics
[Pakistan] Gems testing instruments
[Pakistan] Micro fiber peach, sharpa (fur)
[Pakistan] Narrow fabric printing machine
[Pakistan] Seafood
[Pakistan] Steel sheets
[Pakistan] Textile (spinning) machinery
[Pakistan] Watches electronic
[Peru] Powder milk, bananas, peas
[Saudi Arabia] Filling machine
[Slovakia] Lighters
[Switzerland] Promotional watch and merchandising products
[Turkey] All kinds of denim fabric
[Turkey] Filers (carbon black): N-220, N-330, N-660
[Turkey] HMS scrap
[Turkey] Nylon fabric for manufacturing school bag
[Turkey] Optical lens
[Turkey] Polyester -polyamide: PES-DTEX 1100, PA-DTEX 940
[Turkey] Polyester yarn
[Turkey] Shoes
[Turkey] Vulkacit merkapto, vulkacit DM, vulkacit CZ
[Turkey] White filers: borusil -P, ZnO
[UAE] Hardware, electrical and building material
[UAE] Scarves
[UK] Khaki clothing
[Ukraine] PET-granulated, dried squids, dried white baits
[USA] 35mm single - use camera
[USA] Geneva his and hers watches in gift box
[USA] Mixing bowls
[USA] Perfumes
[Vietnam] Hydraulic presser

Date: 29.11.2002

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[Australia] Sequin/bead fabric, motifs, trims
[Bangladesh] Jute yarn manufacturing plant.
[Brazil] Water and beverage equipment
[Canada] Gearbox
[Canada] Natural sea sponge
[Chile] Steel flanges
[China] Fresh garlic
[China] Naphthalene
[China] Profile grinding machine
[China] Storm door closer - powder coated
[Czech Republic] Stainless steel netting
[Egypt] Medical equipment
[Egypt] Polyester yarn
[Egypt] Sport shoes
[Egypt] Syringes
[Egypt] Wire steel shaping machine
[Electronic key board], interested in 37/49 & 76/88 keys digital
[France] Branded perfumes and cosmetics in stock lots
[France] Electronic scooters
[France] USB memory stick
[Germany] Food
[Germany] IDS 3317 Moulds and tools for shoe industry
[Greece] Car batteries
[Greece] Door handles, hinges, closers, locks
[Greece] Engines, construction m/c, generator set
[Greece] Mother of pearls, seashells & corals
[Greece] Portable welding sets & water flow switches
[Greece] PVC resin
[India] Box making/stitching machine
[India] Hollow cathode lamp
[India] Metallic materials
[India] Musical key board
[India] Nigerian teakwood logs
[India] Scrap latex gloves
[India] Stearic acid
[India] X boxes and PS2
[Iran] Motorcycles parts
[Israel] Hands free car speakers
[Japan] Wooden furniture folding table
[Jordan] Footwear
[Korea] Baby related products
[Korea] Fancy yarn
[Korea] Nylon yarn-polyamide 6 multifillament nylon yarn
[Korea] Plastic resins and products
[Korea] Various used construction equipment
[Lebanon] Woolen polishing pad
[Netherlands] Fresh wild forest mushrooms in big quantities
[New Zealand] Baby wear
[Pakistan] Camera & security system division
[Pakistan] Chemical use in dying & processing industries
[Pakistan] Fabric & yarn
[Pakistan] Radio sets
[Pakistan] Used blanket & curtain
[Poland] Chemicals for pharmaceutics and pesticide industry
[Poland] Fishing tackles
[Poland] Imitation jewelry
[Poland] PET copolyester 9921W 9922 W clear
[Puerto Rico] New cellular phones
[Russia] Building materials
[Singapore] Paper cup forming machines
[Switzerland] Gift items, medals, buckles
[Switzerland] Used car engine
[Syria] Stainless steel coils
[Thailand] CD-R from China
[Turkey] Soap wrapping + labeling machine
[UK] Fashion accessories and gifts
[UK] Hard drive chassis
[UK] Pasta making plant for Ghana
[UK] Promotional business gifts
[USA] Iranian handmade Persian rugs
[USA] Manufacturer product
[USA] Military accessories, no arms
[USA] Motorcycles and scooters
[USA] Steel strapping band & stretch film
[Uzbekistan] KOMHO tires
[Vietnam] Equipment for artificial wood board processing
[Vietnam] Monitor and case
[Vietnam] Plastic for motorbikes' parts
[Vietnam] Screw units machine

Date: 28.11.2002

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[Algeria] Fire hose equipment
[Bangladesh] Raw jute bangla tossa (all grades), ban
[Belgium] Airbag inflator
[Belgium] Copper scrap
[China] ABC brand batteries
[China] Ball pen with squeezable animals upside
[China] Christmas light
[China] Decal and label
[China] LCD polarizer
[China] Rubber bands
[China] Toilet paper dispensers
[China] Used press
[Czech Republic] Bare boards
[Czech Republic] Electronic components
[Czech Republic] Second hand machinery for meat industry
[Denmark] Car accessories
[Egypt] Chemicals
[Egypt] Packaging machines for macaroni/ noodles
[Germany] PC-terminal
[Germany] Shock absorber, damper
[Greece] Chemicals
[Greece] Digital satellite receiver & indoor antennas
[Greece] Electronic locks, card locks, scales, electronic
[Greece] Metered aerosol valves
[India] Ceramic tiles
[India] Glucometers, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers
[India] Grey & finished fabric
[India] HR coils 50000 tons per month
[India] Paraffin wax
[India] Peroxide
[India] Plastic chairs and other household items
[India] Suxamethonium chloride
[India] Warp knitted grey fabrics for upholstery
[India] Zirconium metal
[Indonesia] Mobile phone
[Indonesia] Nylon chip
[Japan] Aluminum die casting and hard glass
[Korea] Copper scraps
[Korea] Fancy/mini furniture
[Korea] MP3 players
[Korea] Small motor
[Kuwait] Electrical bulbs
[Malaysia] Desiccated coconut
[Pakistan] All kinds of pharmaceutical raw materials
[Pakistan] Medical equipment and disposable
[Pakistan] Used computers
[Poland] Machine for plastic processing, forms, tools boxes
[Poland] Stainless steel wire
[Romania] Food and household products
[Romania] Long grained rice
[Russia] Heating systems
[Russia] Raw materials for use in the manufacture of paints
[Saudi Arabia] Home appliances, consumer electronics
[South Africa] Used PCs & monitors & notebooks
[Spain] Metal gifts
[Thailand] Film capacitor, welding machine
[Thailand] Wall tile, buildings materials, electrical goods
[Thailand] Wireless credit card payment terminal
[Turkey] Automatic pencils and bags
[Turkey] Copper scrap
[UA] Used notebook computers
[UAE] Female instantaneous coupling - valves
[USA] Clay target, trapshooting, clay birds
[USA] Infant's wear stock lots
[USA] Mexican horse tack and saddles
[USA] Stunguns
[Vietnam] Diodes & production line of power capacitors

Date: 27.11.2002

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[Australia] Fabrics
[Benin] Laptops, computer systems, air conditioners, biological
[Benin] Vitamin and food supplements
[Brazil] PVC coil mat
[Bulgaria] Tap filter
[China] Acetic acid
[China] Safran
[China] Shot glass, glass mug, ceramic coffee mug
[China] Spring balancer
[China] Tellurium ingot or sticks
[China] Used machine tools
[Costa Rica] Air condition, windows units, refrigeration,
[Denmark] Electronic sports equipment
[Egypt] Electric products
[Egypt] HP, Canon, Epson toner and inkjet
[Egypt] Plastic moulds
[France] Digital voice recorder
[Germany] Food products and used goods
[India] Connectors
[India] Fabrics
[India] Ladies fashion garments and traditional garments
[India] Merbau lumber
[India] Waste cotton yarn
[Italy] Audio cables for musical instruments
[Italy] Electronic components
[Jordan] Spare parts new/used for small & heavy cars & trucks
[Korea] Alloy steel (MN steels)
[Korea] Cotton 100%, CM40 xCM40, 133x100 90
[Korea] Instructive toy, gift items for children
[Korea] Roll mill
[Morocco] Zippers & sliders
[Nepal] Fingerprint door locks
[Nepal] Pashmina shawl, pashmina and woolen sweaters
[Nepal] Photocopy papers
[Nigeria] Communicating products; cellular phones hand sets, head
[Pakistan] Modems external/internal, LAN cards, networking
[Pakistan] PII & PIII
[Pakistan] PVC sheet
[Pakistan] Rubber products for automobile
[Pakistan] Textile printing machinery
[Pakistan] Various hardware
[Russia] Non-woven cleaning clothes, sponges
[Syria] Medical and surgical equipment
[Syria] Yarn
[Togo] Computers both desktop and laptop notebook
[Togo] Phones, monitors, camera, VCD
[Togo] Power punch 119
[Turkey] Electric motors
[USA] Designer handbags and jewelry
[USA] DVD players
[USA] Handbags, wallets and backpacks
[USA] Interlock knits and bubble gauze
[USA] Jackets
[USA] Organic photochromic dyes
[USA] Total inventory lots
[Vietnam] Intel P4 CPU

Date: 26.11.2002

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[Australia] Electrical controllers
[Bangladesh] Aircraft container pallet loader, disposable plastic
[Bangladesh] Paper bag making machine and equipment
[Bangladesh] Taxi cabs
[Benin] Men & ladies pants, bras, etc
[Benin] SIM unlocked GSM mobile phones
[Chile] Gold, silver jewelry
[China] Cheap discman
[China] Nylon ottoman
[China] Print paper (water proof) and PVC card
[China] Valve
[Croatia] Batteries
[Denmark] Surveillance equipment
[Egypt] 200.000pcs of spark plug
[Egypt] Aluminum oxide
[Egypt] LAN cards, fax modems
[India] Copper cobalt nickel scrap or concentrate or waste
[India] Cored wires
[India] Debars
[India] P3 / P4 laptop components
[India] Polyester yarn
[India] Three color web forms mueller with numbering
[Iran] Brass pipe
[Japan] Gobelins of Teddy bear design
[Korea] 100% silk underwear and pajamas for women
[Korea] Baby shoes
[Korea] Copper cables scraps
[Korea] Hydraulic pump
[Korea] Hydrocarbon resin (korez)
[Korea] Laboratory chemicals
[Korea] Mop cotton, pigs broom, millet broom
[Korea] Phosphate rock
[Korea] Second -hand car
[Malaysia] IBM servers
[Malta] Novelty lamps
[Mexico] Molds
[New Zealand] Photocopy paper
[New Zealand] Plywood manufacturing plant
[New Zealand] Springs for furniture
[Pakistan] Bed Ford engine parts
[Pakistan] Moulds on lease or rent basis
[Poland] Kitchenware made of glass, chinaware and porcelain
[Poland] PET preforms, granulated PET
[Romania] All kind of food items
[Syria] Medical products for operating rooms
[Togo] Used clothing and shoes
[UK] HP original inkjet/toner cartridges
[UK] LDPE bags and woven PP geotextiles from flat looms
[UK] Roulette wheel
[USA] Christmas figures
[USA] Jewelry
[USA] X-ray film
[Vietnam] Swaging machine for wire rope ends

Date: 25.11.2002

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[Bangladesh] Machinery for leather goods factory
[Bangladesh] Machinery for socks making
[Bangladesh] Raising machine
[Benin] GSM mobile phones
[Cameroon] Camera
[Cameroon] Laptops, garments, lingerie, cosmetics, electronic,
[China] Electrical counter
[China] Leather scrap
[China] Programmable timer
[China] Samsung GSM A 408, T100, A 288, A628
[China] Thermocontroller
[China] Thermometer and hydrometer
[Colombia] PVC injected boots, nylon oxford
[France] WTB viscose rayon yarn
[Germany] Men’s wear, woman’s wear, children’s wear in all art of
[India] 8 micron BOPP film
[India] Citric acid, DCDA, hydrosulphite
[India] CT scan
[India] Electrodes
[India] HMS 1 steel scrap
[India] Hot melt glue sticks
[India] Shoe polish
[India] Subwoofer amplifiers, speakers, home theater systems &
[India] VCD/ACD/MP3 kit for educational work
[Japan] Brand sneakers + leather shoes
[Japan] Computer peripherals
[Jordan] Membrane press machines
[Kenya] Plastic paper bag manufacturing machine
[Korea] PP woven bag
[Korea] Soccer shoe outsole (the latest design)
[Korea] Specialized color cosmetics/skin-care products
[Korea] T-shirts
[Malaysia] Ginger
[Mauritania] Composite materials for making janitor brooms
[Mauritius] White flour
[Nigeria] Writing pens, fountain pens, calculators, etc
[Pakistan] Laboratory glassware
[Pakistan] Surplus stock computers & monitors
[Philippines] Shaping table
[Poland] Imitation jewelry
[Saudi Arabia] Hair clip
[Saudi Arabia] Prayer rugs, blankets and bed sheets
[Slovakia] Welding wire
[Sri Lanka] Canned fish processing plant-2nos
[Switzerland] Dyes for socks yarn
[Switzerland] Inflatable cushion with textile cover
[Thailand] Metal
[Tunisia] Car spare parts
[Tunisia] Second hand used cars and parts
[Turkey] Machinery for powder detergent filling into paper boxes
[Turkey] Paper box filling machine for powder detergent
[UAE] Tetra ethyl lead (TEL)
[UK] 100, 000 dozen socks
[UK] Decorative feathers
[UK] Semiconductor chip
[USA] Clear laminating pouches
[USA] Levi’s jeans
[USA] Vacuum forming machine

Date: 22.11.2002

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[Australia] Silver bars
[Bahrain] Machines
[Bangladesh] Chemical items
[Cambodia] Used wheel, used tires, take-off tires and stock tires
[China] Nokia mobile phone
[China] Polypropylene, polyethylene
[China] PTA powder
[Costa Rica] Transformers
[Cyprus] Electronic gadgets
[Germany] Decor paper
[Germany] Pharmaceutical magnesium chloride
[Ghana] Cooking oil
[Ghana] Paper
[Hong Kong] Artificial flower and candles
[India] Earthmoving equipment spares
[India] Miniature digital cameras
[India] Mobile phone accessories, chargers, hands free kit,
[India] PVC/PVDC film and Al foil for packing of tablets
[India] Steel scrap - HMS I (railway or train scrap or equal)
[India] Tires
[India] USB printer cable, USB camera cables, connectors
[India] White printing compound for medical socks
[Iraq] Screen printing machine
[Korea] 700Mhz, GSM mobile phone
[Korea] ERW pipe
[Korea] Fabrics for silk, ramie, reyon, cotton, hemp
[Korea] Incense sticks
[Morocco] Copper pipe extruder
[Pakistan] Furnace oil
[Pakistan] Laptops/notebooks
[Russia] Sisal twine
[Russia] Twine balling machine
[Saudi Arabia] Spare parts of trucks & heavy machines
[Singapore] TEAC, Pioneer, LG, IBM HDD
[Turkey] Stock lots of sport shoes
[UK] Mobile phones
[USA] SLCO, REBCO, BLCO, ILCO, D2 & jet fuel
[USA] Steel scrap type HMS1 & HMS2
[USA] Steel sheet
[Vietnam] Seamless steel pipe

Date: 21.11.2002

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[Australia] Earthmoving bucket
[Australia] Memory modules, computer components, and TFT monitors
[Brazil] Latex glove machine
[Canada] Gillette Mach III blades in 4
[Canada] Gold rough diamonds
[China] Bicycle dynamo set
[China] Computer parts
[China] Waste plastic
[Czech Republic] Stock lots
[Egypt] Toys
[Germany] Pendants/lockets for keys
[Guatemala] Alphanumeric paper in coils
[India] 3D film sheets
[India] Hard drawn seamless copper tubes
[India] Mobile phone accessories, chargers, hands free kit
[India] Natural silk waste, silk yarns etc
[India] NTC thermistors
[India] Safety razor blades
[India] USB printer cables, USB camera cables, connectors,
[Indonesia] AU metal gold bullion 1kg /12.5 kgs bar
[Iran] 1000MT of flat steel bar grade 55CR3
[Korea] Aluminum coiled sheet
[Korea] Any items loved by women
[Korea] Knit fabrics
[Korea] Label and poly bag & carton manufacturing machinery
[Korea] Soy beans sunflower seeds
[Korea] Yarn for sweater
[Mauritius] White flour
[Mongolia] Electrocardiographs, magnetic resonance
[Nepal] PVC compound, resin, DOP, CPW, PE, PP
[Nepal] Used embroidery machine
[Netherlands] Fresh wild mushrooms
[Pakistan] CD-R and computer peripherals
[Pakistan] Machinery
[Pakistan] Used electric motor
[Poland] Pentium III, Pentium IV processors
[Russia] Napkins made of from tissue paper
[Russia] Pipes and other black metals
[Singapore] Instant noodles
[Singapore] Plants - cymbidium pot plants
[Taiwan] Second hand torchon lace machine
[Turkey] Second hand (used) sock machines
[USA] NOKIA cell phones
[USA] Stainless steel food trays
[USA] Urea 3 600 000MT
[USA] Wine and spirits for duty free
[Vietnam] Zipper bag sailboat 50 - cotton swab
[Zambia] Industrial chemicals

Date: 20.11.2002

Click here for full buy leads and contact details

[Bangladesh] Paper processing
[Bangladesh] System auto car wash
[Cameroon] Laptop computer
[China] Crepe paper for masking tape
[China] Zinc sheets
[Czech Republic] Jeans, T-shirts, blouses
[Denmark] Merchandizing & promotional items in bulk
[Germany] Laptops/notebooks from Taiwan
[Germany] Pharmaceutical magnesium chloride
[Hong Kong] Portable CD players
[India] 80gsm A4 size papers
[India] Aprons (textiles)
[India] Export to USA
[India] Human blood bags
[India] Optical raw glasses
[India] Railway track sleepers
[India] Second hand machinery for making liner crowns
[India] Synthetic pyrethroids water dispersible powder
[Indonesia] Jewelry boxes
[Iran] Pigments
[Japan] PIV 2.4 CPU
[Korea] Feet message
[Korea] Paper rod (or bar)
[Korea] Small motor (capacity 110 ~ 220V)
[Korea] Textile fabric (wool-70% + acrylic 30%)
[Korea] Wine and water glasse4s
[Madagascar] Grey portland cement type 1
[Malaysia] Car sunvisor extensions
[Malaysia] Jaguar tail lights
[Malaysia] Korean / Japanese cars new parts
[Malaysia] P4 2.0G & 2.4G (400Mhz & 533 Mhz) CPU
[Malaysia] Universal car headlights
[Nigeria] Leather garments, fur garments
[Pakistan] Jet fuel & furnace oil
[Singapore] Used auto spare parts
[Syria] Aluminum wire scrap
[Togo] CDrams and GSM
[Tunisia] Car spare parts
[USA] Printing paper
[USA] Steel scrap type HMS1 & HMS2

Date: 19.11.2002

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[Argentina] Palm pilot with barcode scanner made in Asia
[Austria] Gold bullion
[Bahrain] Suzuki GSX750P
[Bangladesh] Alu foil printer, PVC film & blister foil plant
[Bangladesh] Disposable plate, glass production machine /plant
[Bangladesh] Rubber thread
[Belgium] Photo album
[Brazil] Embarkation for fishing
[Brazil] GSM
[Bulgaria] Keyboards, mouses, multimedia speakers
[Cambodia] Korean used car spare parts
[China] 3COM 56K modem
[China] 50000MT sulfur 99.5%
[China] Door hardware
[China] Epson LQ680k dot-matrix printer
[China] Magnesium alloy
[China] MP3 player
[China] Naphthalene refined for concrete additive
[China] NOKIA mobile phone
[China] OKI 14ex laser jet printer
[China] Propionic acid 3--5 FCL(20')/m
[China] Rigging tools
[China] Small motor
[China] Sony monitor CPD-G220R
[Colombia] Fabrics
[Colombia] Materials for caps
[Czech Republic] Excess inventory
[Czech Republic] Stock lots
[Ethiopia] Sunflower seeds
[France] Frozen pork leg
[Gabon] Sport wears/jogging suits and ready made garment for
ladies and gents/textiles and fabrics, computers/parts/GSM
mobiles phones and stationery
[Germany] Denim fabrics
[Germany] Geneva watches
[India] 5000 cellular phones
[India] Ball powder for manufacture of 7.62 mm bullets
[India] Computer USB cables, keyboard, connectors, excess stock
[India] Condoms
[India] Gift album manufacturing machine
[India] Inhaler for diabetics (insulin injection substitute)
[India] Light diesel oil -LDO
[India] Micro-crystalline wax (white)
[India] Mobile phone accessories, chargers, hands free kit,
decoration etc
[India] Paper / board / films/ foils etc
[India] PVC plastisol/ink/paste for PVC Dotting of knitted gloves
[India] Security and anti-riot products
[India] Sub standard textile fibers and fiber wastes
[Indonesia] Gold jewelry boxes
[Iran] Fiber board for producing printed circuit boards
[Iran] Galvanized steel
[Iran] Saurer S 400 and sulzer P 7100
[Iran] Stock items and second hand machines
[Israel] Water level switch
[Japan] Clothing for children
[Japan] Label stock or Silicone Released paper (separator) for
adhesive tapes
[Korea] Attractive sales promotional gifts
[Korea] Bicycle
[Korea] Cosmetics
[Korea] Klystron
[Korea] Malleable iron pipe hangers
[Korea] PP woven bag
[Korea] Prismatic lens for cat eye in road
[Malaysia] Automotive control cables from Korea
[Malaysia] Gift items
[Malaysia] Wireless security webcam system
[Malaysia] Working coverall, gloves (leather, semi-leather,
safety boots, raincoat), denim shirt
[Moldova] Steel billets
[Netherlands] Soya bone for chicken food
[Nigeria] Keyboards and 3 1/2 floppy drive
[Pakistan] 4000 metric tons copper scrap
[Pakistan] Belting
[Pakistan] CAT 365 Excavator and CAT
[Pakistan] DVDR
[Pakistan] Fertilizer plant and caustic soda plant
[Pakistan] Industrial supplies
[Pakistan] Looms in 153
[Pakistan] Paper making felts and forming wires
[Pakistan] Razors
[Pakistan] Tower casings
[Pakistan] Worsted-weaving yarn E 796
[Panama] Buses: Mercedes Benz engine
[Peru] New and retread tire
[Poland] Electric tools for construction
[Poland] New NOKIA mobile phones made in China
[Poland] Playstation 2, PS-one and Gameboy advance in bulk
[Poland] Refurbished laptops
[Russia] Decorative front panels for building
[Russia] Skis and ski supplies
[Russia] Twine balling machine
[Saudi Arabia] Hair clip
[South Africa] Auto parts
[South Africa] Refurbished notebook and desktop computers
[Spain] 100, 000 plastic (HDPE) pallets 1200 X 1000
[Thailand] Dip galvanized steel sheet
[Thailand] TPU sheet
[Thailand] Used/second hand computer & accessories
[Togo] Pharmaceuticals order
[Turkey] Bearings
[Turkey] Excess prime or secondary steel sheet or coils
[Turkey] Non woven fabric used in medical dressing field
[UK] Fuel oil
[UK] Metal scrap
[UK] Portland cement
[UK] Used mobile phones
[USA] Dog's bed
[USA] Easy open plastic pill dispensers
[USA] Garment stock lots
[USA] HP toner/cartridges/printers
[USA] RNT4031100/2
[USA] Steel binder clip parts to assemble
[USA] Steel wire rope 6, 0mm
[USA] Sunflower seed
[USA] Universal inkjet refill kit
[Vietnam] Drum bitumen in small lots
[Vietnam] Stainless steel material
[Vietnam] Waste paper
[Zambia] Industrial chemicals

Date: 18.11.2002

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[Australia] Square drive wood screws, automatic lens darkening
[Austria] Solar-powered systems
[Belgium] Wire, cable machine tools
[Benin] Computer peripherals and GSM mobile phones
[Benin] GSM phones, laptop computers, foodstuffs, beverages,
[Benin] Laptop/notebook computers
[Brazil] General lothing -building materials -fishing materials
[Cambodia] Used wheels, used tires, take-off tires & stock tires
[China] Cork products and granulated cork from China
[China] Offset printing machine and coating machine
[China] SPHC HR coil
[China] Tetrahydro thiophene
[China] Waste plastic
[Colombia] Blankets, chemicals for chicken farming industry, snap
[Colombia] Electronics parts, semiconductors and transistors
[Colombia] Sanitary towels machinery
[Czech Republic] PEX pipes
[Denmark] DF-F350-A2E4 4GB HDD
[Denmark] Merchandizing & promotional items in bulk
[Denmark] Nylon key chains
[Guatemala] Electric wires, cables and lighting
[India] CD cases
[India] Dial thermometers, pressure vacuum gauges, etc
[India] Ladies handbags
[India] Latest frames
[India] Nozzle oxygen for plasma cutting m/c (assembly of copper
[India] Perfumes
[India] Pin cylinder lock capsules
[India] Railway track sleepers
[India] USB cables, USB connectors, crimping tools, keyboards
[India] Yellow fin tuna
[Indonesia] Chemicals products
[Indonesia] Electronic and electric products
[Indonesia] Gold jewelry boxes
[Indonesia] Green snail shell, abalone shell, mother of pearl
[Indonesia] HMS#1&2
[Iran] BOPP films
[Japan] Clothing
[Japan] Epson PBF-56F
[Kenya] Solar products
[Korea] Attractive sales promotional gifts
[Korea] Brand new tires
[Korea] Digital satellite receiver
[Korea] Enamel cookware
[Korea] Fetal bovine serum
[Korea] Functional health foods for sexual stamina
[Korea] Gold bar / dust / ingot
[Korea] Hard anodized casserole
[Korea] Office chair
[Korea] Plastic bobbin
[Korea] Pollock fillet, surimi, mince
[Korea] Sand
[Korea] Wooden chopstick
[Korea] Wooden furniture plant for Cambodia
[Kuwait] Mild steel square bar/ flat bar
[Kuwait] Steel billets
[Malaysia] Cartridges
[Mexico] Dried dog and cat food
[Mexico] Electric bicycles and electric scooters tricycles
[Mongolia] Building materials
[Netherlands] Fresh cantharellus cibarius
[New Zealand] Golf club stock lots
[Norway] Small vacuum pumps
[Pakistan] Chemicals
[Pakistan] Fire fighting equipment and system
[Pakistan] Raw rice
[Pakistan] Stock lots of garments
[Saudi Arabia] SD ram
[Singapore] Plastic scraps, silicone rubber scraps
[South Africa] Foam box
[Spain] Canned tuna
[Spain] Oil palm refined and crude
[Thailand] TPU sheet
[Turkey] Mesh fabric for lining
[Turkey] Powder detergent producing line
[Turkey] Refrigerator and freezer
[Turkey] Sony products
[Turkey] Sugar
[UK] Cerelac
[UK] Data storage supplies
[UK] Fiber optic products
[UK] Footwear, bags, cloths and cosmetics
[UK] Ladies fashion belts
[UK] Men’s velour fabric jogging suits
[UK] Moet champagne
[UK] Well know brands for supermarkets
[UK] Wig
[USA] Beet sugar
[USA] Breath freshener
[USA] Cellular telephone accessories
[USA] Eastern European or Turkish glassware
[USA] GSM, old model phones, low price
[USA] Masking tape
[USA] Promotional campaign towels
[USA] Steel binder clips
[USA] White mulberry & wild lettuce leaves

Date: 15.11.2002

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[Australia] Terry towel pieces
[Bangladesh] China used shuttle loom
[Bangladesh] Dengue test kit
[Benin] GSM cell batteries, GSM mobile phones, laptop computers
[Bulgaria] Carbonless, thermal & offset paper
[Bulgaria] Mouses, keyboards, multimedia speakers, LAN cards
[Bulgaria] NCR carbonless, thermal & offset paper
[Canada] Electronic gifts
[China] Logs or timbers
[China] Polyester staple fiber
[China] Smelt equipment for smelt high titania slag
[China] Sodium feldspar (albite)
[China] Sodium salt
[China] ZLD-109 aluminum alloy
[Colombia] Crystal balls for Chinese checkers
[Costa Rica] Electrical suppliers
[Czech Republic] Heating radiators
[Czech Republic] Tires
[Egypt] Plywood
[Egypt] Yellow corn
[Germany] Equipment to hoist flags
[Greece] Beverages, tobacco and cosmetics
[India] 5000 cellular phones
[India] Cables, connectors, keyboards, mice, LAN products
[India] Chemicals
[India] Dry fruits
[India] Gas water heater
[India] Hats (fabric and straw) for winter/spring
[India] Mobile phone accessories, hands free kit, chargers,
[Indonesia] Glacial acetic acid (food grade) and sodium
[Indonesia] Stock lots of knit fabrics
[Iran] Thermocouple
[Jamaica] Granular chlorine
[Korea] Construction materials & its manufacturing plants
[Korea] Cosmetic brushes
[Korea] Mirror with fur
[Korea] Natural herbal stamina health foods
[Korea] Prismatic lens for cats eye in road
[Korea] Seed cakes for fertilizing on soil gularly
[Korea] Wheat germ oil, olive oil, squalen, beheny alcohol, oleyl
[Kuwait] Air conditioners
[Lebanon] Modern furnitures
[Nigeria] GSM cellular handset phone, DVD
[Pakistan] Coated paper & paper board
[Pakistan] Mechanical coated paper
[Pakistan] Shoes accessories
[Philippines] Auto parts
[Portugal] DVR and surveillance video systems
[Russia] Isobutylene, phenol, methanol, formaline
[South Africa] Rice/maize
[Spain] Machine blowing tumblers
[Spain] Packed refined sugar
[Spain] Pet food
[Turkey] Excess prime or secondary steel sheet or coils
[Turkey] White acrylic tow
[UAE] Heavy polyethylene HDPE
[UAE] Tube for motorcycles
[UK] Gasoline engines
[UK] Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHZ socket
[Ukraine] Materials for bouquet decoration
[USA] Bisibuthiamine
[USA] Dental NTSC intraoral camera format
[USA] IDE CDRW's for systems
[USA] Intel CPU BX80526H1000256
[USA] Liquid petroleum gas
[USA] Steel wire rope 6, 0mm
[USA] Vintage motorcycles & parts
[Vietnam] Waste paper

Date: 14.11.2002

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[Australia] 12V motors with 240 volt transformer
[Austria] Electrical vehicles of all kinds
[Austria] Solar-powered systems
[Azerbaijan] Peanut
[Bangladesh] CNG filling station
[Bangladesh] Duplex board
[Bangladesh] Poly pouch for 7 pcs panty
[Bangladesh] Wallpaper, wallmate
[Belarus] Used PC equipment and telephones
[Belgium] Hair cloth interlining
[Belgium] Hand tools
[Belgium] Wire, cable machine tools
[Benin] Used summer clothing, lingerie - brassieres,
pharmaceutical drugs
[Brazil] Threads and wire steel
[Canada] Cell phone adapter
[Canada] HD`s
[China] 1088B PP raw material
[China] ATV motorcycle
[China] Beryllium ore
[China] Canned lychee
[China] Cotton fabric (CD 14x14 60x58 67)
[China] Headphones with microphones
[China] Plastic ball (BB gun shaped plastic ball)
[China] Scrap metal
[China] Zinc sheets and leather
[Colombia] Acupuncture needles
[Colombia] Anti-riot uniform and anti-riot helmet
[Colombia] Bulbs: incandescent, mix lights, mercury, sodium,
metalar halide; outlets and breaker
[Colombia] Crystal balls for Chinese checkers
[Colombia] Disposable clothing for surgical uses, oxygen
pressure regulator and surgical gloves
[Colombia] Merchandising products
[Colombia] Nylon and polyester fabrics
[Colombia] Papers: bond, emaled, chemical, autocopier and
printing inks
[Colombia] Pneumatic cylinders, valves, filters
[Colombia] Semiconductor and fly back transformer
[Colombia] Steel wool wire (steel wool quality)
[Colombia] Valves, pipes and accessories
[Czech Republic] Ballistic helmets
[Egypt] Elevators
[Egypt] Medical bone equipment
[France] EDC C2H4CL2
[Germany] Doctor/wiping blades (of plastic)
[Germany] LED-panels
[Germany] Microphones, headphones etc
[Germany] Valve caps (lighted/fluorescent) for car tires
[Germany] White fabric
[Greece] Catering products
[Greece] Packaging m/c, paper process m/c, graphics m/c
[Greece] PVC canvas
[India] 20s mono yarn
[India] 60s single P/V yarn
[India] Cabinets, keyboards, mouse, printer cables, CPU cooler
[India] Circular saws
[India] Compatible cartridge for inkjet printers
[India] Crawler chain spares
[India] Crimp yarn
[India] Diode in 4007
[India] Dry fruits all types
[India] Five Star hotel supplies
[India] Hearing aid batteries
[India] Import of wax
[India] Lace braiding machines
[India] Measuring equipment
[India] Mobile phone blue tooth hands free kit, accessories,
[India] Mono ethylene glycol
[India] Non CFC refrigerant
[India] Paper from Korea
[India] Paraffin wax, fully refined 100 ton per month
[India] SS-AL-SS circle cladding machinery
[India] Sub standard textile fibers and fiber wastes
[India] USB printer cables, connectors, HDD, FDD, monitors,
[India] White printing compound
[Indonesia] Crude palm oil (CPO)
[Indonesia] HMS 1&2
[Iran] Art paper
[Iran] Crude sunflower oil
[Iran] Round steel bar grade 20MNB4
[Iran] Steel wire rod grade C15E2C
[Iran] Used copier machines
[Israel] Empty HP cartridges and toners
[Israel] Galvanized and pre painted steel coils
[Israel] Roll-up banner stand display from China
[Israel] Transformer toroidal
[Italy] Batida de cocco
[Japan] 7" LCD panel
[Japan] GSM phones
[Japan] Joint sealant
[Kenya] Chemicals
[Kenya] Motor vehicle spare parts
[Kenya] Personal Computer, laptop and PDA
[Kenya] Stone crushing machinery
[Korea] Adapter
[Korea] Aluminum ingot (min 99.7%)
[Korea] Annealed ductile iron castings
[Korea] Ball bearing slides - 35mm height
[Korea] Branded soccer shoes
[Korea] Cigar jack
[Korea] Color pigment
[Korea] Consumer electronics
[Korea] Dicumyl peroxide
[Korea] Disposable camera & film
[Korea] Knockdown greenhouse, oil painting
[Korea] Latex surgical gloves
[Korea] Miscellaneous goods for outdoor activity
[Korea] Nail-art-related product
[Korea] Natural herbal stamina health foods
[Korea] New items
[Korea] Old aircraft of all kinds
[Korea] Opel speedster
[Korea] Polo sport, DKNY, Tommy
[Korea] Secondary st. steel strip
[Korea] Soccer shoe outsole (the latest design)
[Korea] Steel scrap
[Korea] Ultrasonic facial sauna
[Korea] Wireless mouse & wireless keyboard
[Lebanon] Bar accessories and pastry accessories
[Malaysia] Batteries cell
[Malaysia] Canned and frozen meats
[Malaysia] Tools and accessories
[Morocco] Baby diaper
[Netherlands] Fresh cantharellus cibarius
[New Zealand] House ware
[Nigeria] Pharmaceuticals
[Nigeria] Writing pens, fountain pens, calculators, etc
[Pakistan] Chemicals
[Pakistan] CNG station complete/turbo air compressor
[Pakistan] Crystal sugar, yarns, fabric, skimmed milk powder
[Pakistan] Electric terminals
[Pakistan] Farm equipment
[Pakistan] Frozen chicken
[Pakistan] Pana flex
[Pakistan] Panty hose
[Pakistan] Raw rice
[Pakistan] Rubber, plastic toys
[Pakistan] Used textile machinery
[Peru] Industrial sewing machine and computerized embroidering
[Poland] Ferric pigments
[Poland] Motors and engines for air conditioners
[Russia] Cobalt / nickel salts
[Saudi Arabia] Fiber cement boards and corrugated
[Saudi Arabia] Refined white crystal sugar eec2
[Saudi Arabia] Tin free steel sheets and electryol tin plates
[Spain] Canned tuna
[Spain] Fish oils
[Spain] NOKIA 8310
[Syria] 1000mt soda caustic solid 98
[Syria] 400 mt white paraffin wax
[Syria] Air conditioner
[Thailand] Glass bottle
[Thailand] Lens cleaning cloth (optical cloth)
[Thailand] Metal
[Thailand] Stationery
[Thailand] Traymats made of polystyrene
[Thailand] Vending machine factory
[Togo] Rice, flour, sugar, powdered milk and garment
[Turkey] Bearings
[Turkey] Crude oil and gas oil
[Turkey] Electrical heater
[Turkey] GPS
[Turkey] LABSA (linear alkyl benzene sulfuric acid)
[Turkey] Mesh fabric for lining
[Turkey] Non woven fabric used in medical dressing field
[Turkey] SKF brand ball bearings
[Turkey] VCD with MP3
[UAE] Naphthalene
[UK] Branded toiletries
[UK] Computer component
[UK] Golf umbrellas
[UK] Medical hypodermic needles
[UK] Semiconductor chip
[UK] Steel beam
[UK] Wig
[Ukraine] Car parts for Daewoo cars
[Ukraine] Materials for bouquet decoration
[Ukraine] Quilting equipment
[USA] Aircraft cable
[USA] Cacao beans
[USA] Clear laminating pouches
[USA] Coil springs and pipe hangers
[USA] Food transport tanker trailers
[USA] Jet fuel
[USA] Naphtha and LPG
[USA] Notebook
[USA] Overstock of cosmetics
[USA] Used air conditioners
[Vietnam] Mineral water pot, ozone food washer
[Zambia] Industrial chemicals


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