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Importer / distributors and wholesale company guide USA

USA - industry - Importers / distributors

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

Charlotte, USA

Dealers in both new and used textile quality control instruments in
the world viz., Paramount Instruments, Shirley Development Ltd.,
Comten Industries, Taber Industries, J.A. King & Company, Denver
Instruments, and Industrial Laboratory Equipment Company.

Kent, USA

Distributor of commercial laundry equipments, coin operated laundry,
dry cleaning and used equipments.

Darlington, USA

Distributors of drycleaning equipments viz., spotting tables,
tunnels, air compressors, conveyors, chillers, irons, vacuums,
washing machine laundry, washing machine wet cleaning, boilers,
pressing machines, shirt finishing equipments, ironing boards, etc.

Warren, USA

Distributor of industrial raw material including pigments, resins
and filler materials, specializing in service to the coating,
adhesive, rubber and plastic industry.

Mason, USA

Distributor of industrial solvents, chemicals and lubricants.

St. Louis, USA

Distributor of paint and coatings additives, personal care
chemicals, industrial cleaning, inks, lubricants, oleo chemicals,
polymers, pigments, resins, solvents, and other chemicals.

Los Angeles, USA

Distributors of grease & lubricants, plastic, coatings, cosmetics &
food, printing ink, adhesives sealants, etc.

Phoenix, USA

Distributors of gas outlets, zone valves, master & area alarm
systems, oxygen & nitrogen dioxide regulators, gas manifolds,
ceiling columns, floor pedestals, headwall systems, medical air
compressors, air treatment packages, vacuum pumps, portable nitrous
oxide sedation units, oxygen/air flow meters, suction regulators,
emergency oxygen equipments, etc.

Long Island City, USA

Distributors of compressed gases and metalworking equipment for
aerospace, airlines, automative repair manufacturing, construction,
electronics, environmental, pharmaceuticals, pipe fabrication, food
& beverage, heating, ventilating & air conditioning service,
plumbing, welding and cutting, etc.

Lafayette, USA

Distributors of oils, solvents, and other lubricants for industrial,
construction, and agricultural applications.

Phoenix, USA

Distributor of industrial lubrication products & equipments viz.,
pumps, lube systems beels, gear reducers, couplings, power
transfers, nozzles, couplers, spray lube, aerosol coatings, meters,
adapters, hose clamps, grease, oil, air, water, fuel, valves,
cylinders, etc.

Jonestown, USA

Distributor of lubricants, grease, and filters viz., bar & chain
lubricants, bearing lubricants, chain drive lubricants, circulating
oils, commercial engine oils, compressor lubricants, concrete form
oils, cylinder oils, gear lubricants, heat transfer oils, hydraulic
oils, metalworking fluids, aircraft oils & greases, rust
preventatives, spindle oils, stoddard solvent, transformer oils,
transmission oils, turbine oils, two-cycle oils, vacuum pump oils,
way lubricants, white oil, windshield washer solvent, food grade
lubricants, etc.

Rockford, USA

Distributor of industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, solvents
and chemicals viz., calibration fluids, precision grinding, metal
forming, cold forming, production machining, industrial cleaners,
fluid management, etc.

Bay City, USA

Distributor of automotive and industrial lubricants, filters, tires,
equipment and a variety of other automotive products of leading
brands viz., Castrol, Conoco Philips, Pennzoil, ServicePro, Quaker
State, Shell, Bridgestone, Firestone, Summit tires, Towmaster.

San Diego, USA

Distributors of a wide range of plastic films for covering and
protective applications viz., anti static fire retartdant, plastic
sheeting, black polythylene, vapour block, tub cover, carpet cover,
counter top cover, desk cover, floor cover, door jamb cover, glass
cover, etc.

Shiner, USA

Distributor of engineering and industrial plastics, Sheets, rods,
tubes and custom machined parts, polymide materials, truck bed &
hopper liner system, etc.

Arlington Heights, USA

Distributor of fiberglass, thermoset plastic resins, glass, carbon
and aramid reinforcements, fillers and accessories viz., polyester,
vinyl ester resins, speciality resins, gel coats, pigments &
putties, foams & elastomers, additives & fillers, adhesives, mould
releases, catalysts, etc.

Dorchester, USA

Wholesaler and distributor of ceiling fixtures, CPG seaboard,
cutting boards, graphic systems, hyzod solar glaze, metal sheeting,
plastics, Acrylic fabrication kit, sign materials, dow corning
silicone, etc.

Salem, USA

Distributor of silicone remover, RTV silicone adhesives/sealants,
silicone greases, instant adhesives, threadlocking & threadsealing
compounds, aerosol products, antiseize compounds, etc.

Kresgeville, USA

Distributors of X-Acto, Xuron tools, US-Bronze powders, Preval
Sprayers, Durolite bulbs, Sewing accessories, Ultimapoly thread,
Madeira thread, extension sewing tables, Lucite spool holders, etc.

Bridgeport, USA

Wholesalers of waxes & oils for the following industries candle ,
paper & industrial, artistic wax, crayons, graphic arts, jewelry,
sculpture, pencil & chalk, cosmetic & medical, adhesives, additive
component, coatings, building material, food & household, etc.

Brooklyn, USA

Distributors of steel pipe, valves, fittings and pipe accessories.

Bridgeville, USA

Importers and distributors of metals and scraps, ingot molds &
engineered castings, chemicals, china ware, laundry detergents,
charcoal, & groceries, etc.

Gainesville, USA

Importers of chemical raw materials for the following fields water
treatment, petroleum chemicals, industrial chemicals, feed,
pharmaceuticals and speciality chemical markets.

Louisville, USA

Distributors of Thru-the-W, Water Source & Unit Ventilator from the
leading brands viz., Mcquay International, Zoneaire, General
Electric Zoneline, etc.

Rockford, USA

Wholesalers of high-reach equipment, large booms, aerial boom lifts,
scissor lifts & lift equipments from the leading brands viz., JLG,
Snorkel, etc.

Coatesville, USA

Wholesalers of wire rope, chain, cable & industrial lifting
products, cordage alternate lay, braided, bridge strand, bronze,
nylon, cable laid, poly/nylon, etc., from the leading brands viz.,
Cargonet, Mulox, Penco, Redi-Grip, Saf-T-Grip and Tufskin.

Casselberry, USA

Distributors of cargo-handling & rigging equipment viz., blades,
rigging hardware, wire rope, cargo restraints, slings, chains,
buckets, steel products, mining supplies, wearing apparel, etc.

Miami, USA

Wholesalers of wire rope, chains, steel cable & supplies viz.,
hooks, swivels, fittings, stainless and galvanized cable, blocks,
tie-downs, flat hooks, triangles, thimbles, snap hooks, connecting
links, turn-buckles, clips, eye bolts, links, shackles, etc.

Miami, USA

Distributors of marine & industrial products viz., yachting &
industrial rope, chain, cable, rigging supplies, wire, hooks &
slings, eye bolts, pad eyes, rope counter, rope cutter, sash cords,
shackles, snaps, swivels, thimbles, thurnbuckles, twine, etc.

West Hurley, USA

Wholesalers of aircraft cable, chain, wire rope, rigging equipment,
rope, climbing gear, lifting slings, etc.

Miami, USA

Wholesalers of rope, chain, wire rope, slings, nylon slings, lifting
equipment & rigging supplies, nylon slings, chain assemblies & chain
ropes, cordage (all types), mooring & dock lines shackles, hoists,
winches & blocks, load binders, etc

Minneapolis, USA

Importers and distributors of fine quality sisal baler & binder

Las Vegas, USA

Distributors of wire rope, cable, rigging hardware & wire rope
slings viz., blocks & sheaves, cargo tie-down, chains & lever
hoists, cordage, hillman rollers, lifting clamps & trolleys, rigging
hardware, safety products, slings, stage rigging, wire rope, etc.

West Stockbridge, USA

Distributors of insulated polystyrene forming systems from the
leading brand viz., Lite-Form.

Whitewater, USA

Distributors of stainless steel bulk tanks of the leading brands
viz., Surge tanks, Sunset tanks, Digistar scales, Weightronix,
Mueller tanks, Tecumseh compressors, Copeland compressors, Deloval
tanks, etc.

Madison Heights, USA

Distributor of extrusion, replacement barrels, screws, valves,
nozzles and screw tip designs

Shrewsbury, USA

Distributes new screws and barrels for injection molding machines,
remanufactured screw and barrels, hot running systems, hot oil
temperature control units and components.

Jenison, USA

Distributors of Tannewitz bandsaws, Max Disk Sanders, Max Industrial
Line, Ramco wide belt sanders, Gluco injection molding, etc.

St Petersburg, USA

Distributors of HVAC equipments viz., caulking compounds, commercial
grilles, registers, diffusers, commercial & residential steel &
aluminium grilles, duct board fabrication hand tools, meters &
instruments, etc

Dayton, USA

Wholesaler & distributor of plumbing supplies, industrial
equipments, heating & cooling materials, electrical equipment,
waterworks supplies, pumps, fastners and electronics.

Ft Lauderdale, USA

Distributors of commercial & industrial chemicals & engineering,
housekeeping, air conditioner maintenance products viz., biological
products (bio-1), degreasers, alkaline degreasers & coil cleaners,
handsoaps, odor controls, bloodborne pathogen clean-up kits, etc.

Arlington Heights, USA

Distributors of high quality drilling fluids, waste water treatment
for offshore oil production platforms as well as industrial
applications, concrete waterproofing for underground structures,
lining systems for liquid containment on projects ranging from
landfills to flood control and non-oil & gas related drilling
applications including foundation, water well and horizontal

White Plains, USA

Distributors of chemical based products with applications ranging
from consumer to industrial and aerospace.

Omaha, USA

Distributors of solvents, biodiesel and methylated seed oil.

Rowland Heights, USA

Distributors of reverse osmosis drinking systems, filters &
membranes viz., replacement filters & parts, whole-house water
filters, shower filters & bath balls, etc.

Vista, USA

Distributors of reverse osmosis filtration systems, membranes,
filters and related components.

Van Nuys, USA

Distributors of water purification products viz., storage tanks,
iron filters, multi-media filters, deionization systems, ultraviolet
sterilizers, bacteria filter, ultra filters, ion-exchange resins,

Scottsdale, USA

Distributors of reverse osmosis, home water filtration systems,
water storage tanks, RO filters & membranes, shower filters, etc.

Blue Bell, USA

Distributors of vegetable based oleochemicals, adhesives, industrial
surfactants, concrete chemicals, flavor & fragrance chemicals,
industrial chemicals, etc.

Monument, USA

Importers & distributors of activated carbons viz., coal base
powdered virgin, activated carbon for liquid, granular virgin coal
base, carbon pellets, wood base powdered activated carbon, granular
virgin coconut shell based activated carbon, etc.

Blue Bell, USA

Distributors of automatic parts washer systems, cleaning chemicals,
wastewater evaporators, paint over rust, hand cleaner, etc.

Tucson, USA

Distributors of cleaning & descaling products viz., lime-eater,
bathroom, toilet bowl cleaner, pool & spa, cooler treatment &
seaspots for household and industrial applications.

Tampa, USA

Distributors of hoists, degreasers, beam clamp, brake winch,
trolley, rust remover, coolant and cleaners.

Irvine, USA

Distributors of industrial maintenance products and specialty
chemicals viz., solvents, sealants & coatings, degreasers,
lubricants, patching compounds, drain products, pesticides,
deodorants & disinfectants, boiler treatments, cooling tower, safety
supplies, personal care, mats & matting, sanitizing towels, paint
removers, descalers, graffiti removers, carpet protectors, steam
cleaners, fleet maintenance, grounds care, polishes, etc.

Philadelphia, USA

Distributors of industrial and lab chemicals.

Evanston, USA

Distributors of precious metals, precious metal salts, compounds and
solutions viz., gold, iridium, palladium, platinum, silver, mercury
& mercury salts, etc.

Mars, USA

Distributors of organic solvents, epoxy resins, hardeners,
industrial lubricants, etc.

Staten Island, USA

Importers of castor oil-based chemicals for the coatings,
lubricants, urethanes, friction and pharmaceutical industries.

Brooklyn, USA

Distributors of nylon, polycarbonate, acetal and other engineering

Jericho, USA

Distributors of thermoplastic resins for molders, extruders and

Westlake, USA

Distributors of thermoplastic resins viz., thermoplastic
polyurethane, color compounds, nylon, polycarbonate, polycarbonate
blends, thermoplastic elastomers, acetal, polyester, etc.

Mayville, USA

Distributors of industrial plastics and metals.

San Francisco, USA

Distributors of agricultural products, industrial specialty
chemicals and raw materials.

Vero Beach, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of lubes, seals, chemical dyes, ballistol
lubricants, polymers, etc.

Morgan Hill, USA

Distributors of silicones, epoxies, urethanes, solder & solder
pastes, tapes & labels, acrylics, cyanoacrilates, anaerobics, hot
melts and dispensing products.

Mission Viejo, USA

Distributors of prime and wide-specification resin, polyethylene,
polystyrene & polypropylene for injection and extrusion

Radnor, USA

Distributors of industrial, medical & specialty gases, welding
machines, accessories and protective equipment.

Indianapolis, USA

Distributors of welding supplies, industrial gases and mixtures.

Wheeling, USA

Distributors of industrial & medical specialty gases, welding
equipment, propane and fire protection equipment.

Philadelphia, USA

Distributors of refrigerants and all associated refrigerant
management services.

Ridgefield, USA

Importers of natural, modified natural and synthetic materials viz.,
cellulose, guar gum, tapioca, sucrose esters & monagum.

San Diego, USA

Distributors of marine hardware, marine paint and industrial tools.

Astoria, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of commercial fishing supplies, sport
fishing, marine supplies, industrial supplies, rigging &
hydraulics, life raft service & safety, etc.

Narragansett, USA

Distributors of marine hardware and rigging supplies viz., blocks,
chain, fittings, wire rope, synthetic rope & netting for industrial,
institutional & commercial fishing.

Cleveland, USA

Distributors of fluorescent lights & glare filters from the
leading brands viz., True-Lite & Glare Guare.

Prospect Heights, USA

Distributors for graphic art line film processors viz., odor control
sticks, handy trimmer, air cleaner, vastech processors, pump, micro
switch, drive motor, switch, sprokets, circuit breakers, gears,
solution thermostat, speed control, elastic hold down, etc.

Mahwah, USA

Distributors of used directors, converters, extenders, switches and

Cerritos, USA

Distributors of hose and hydraulic component products.

Los Angeles, USA

Distributors of electrical products for commercial, industrial,
entertainment, institutional, etc.

Roanoke, USA

Distributors of ferrite cores, connectors, EMI/RFI shielding Zip-On
jacketing, wire-cable management accessories, iron powder cores,

St Louis, USA

Distributors of industrial paper supplies, maintenance, janitorial,
chemical products and disposable food service products.

San Antonio, USA

Distributors of portable and truck mounted cleaning equipment &
supplies for tile, carpets, upholstery, etc.

Ft Wayne, USA

Distributors of the ZOK 27 compressor washing fluid for cleaning gas
turbine compressors.

Minneapolis, USA

Distributors of sanding belts, discs, cloth bands & cartridge rolls,
resin fiber discs, bonded abrasives, cut-off wheels & flap discs,
abrasives, flapwheels, paper sanding discs, etc.

Norcross, USA

Distributors of coated abrasive, abrasive discs, abrasive sheets,
brushes, buffing & polishing, fibre discs, sand paper products, etc.
for use in auto body repair, woodworking and industrial fields, etc.

Loveland, USA

Distributors of industrial abrasive & sandblasting medias viz.,
green & black silicon carbides, nuclear & standard grade boron
carbides, white & brown aluminum oxides, steel grit & ballast
blends, hexagonal boron nitride, steel shot & grit, chilled iron
grit, ballast & aggregate blends, aluminum oxides, silicon carbides,
copper slags, etc.

Norcross, USA

Distributors of industrial grinding & abrasives products viz., shock
absorber rods, strut rods camshaft lobe grinding, knife grinding,
disk brake rotors, steel bar grinding, washers, springs, valve
seats, saw blades, etc.

Atwater, USA

Distributors of pressure sandblasters, blast cabinets and equipment.

Albertson, USA

Distributors of brushes and cleaning products for industrial

Dyer, USA

Distributors of carpet cleaning products & equipment, janitorial,
air duct cleaning supplies, etc.

Huntersville, USA

Distributors of solvent recovery and industrial container washing

Valley View, USA

Distributors of air dryers, filter systems, solvent recovery
systems, annunciators, alarm horns, etc.

Cranberry, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of pressure washers, parts and
accessories viz., high-pressure pumps, high pressure hoses, trigger
spray guns, spray nozzles, unloaders, wands & lances, etc.

Arcadia, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of pressure washers and related parts,
agricultural sprayer parts, pest control sprayers & accessories.

Homerville, USA

Wholesalers of pressure washers, painting & janitorial supplies,
chemicals, accessories, etc.

Bridgeport, USA

Distributors of Hotsy industrial pressure and parts washers.

Wyckoff, USA

Distributors of crest ultrasonic tabletop cleaners, accessories and
solutions to clean jewelry, bio-medical equipment & small industrial

Fort Worth, USA

Distributors of high-pressure washers to mobile power wash contract

Waukegan, USA

Distributors of water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Pensacola, USA

Distributors of equipment parts and accessories form a leading brand
viz., Wallace & Tiernan.

Newton, USA

Distributors of diamond cooling tower sand water filters.

Houston, USA

Distributors of silicone products, urethane compounds, adheasives,
epoxies & tapes with custom packaging and fabrication capabilities.

Irwindale, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of waxes & customized wax solutions
viz., candles, sport, sealing, casting, extruded, microcrystalline,
natural, custom products, parrafin, standard waxes & blends, etc.

Phoenix, USA

Distributors of advanced semiconductors for portable, wireless,
computing, consumer, networking, automotive and industrial end-
product markets.

Jackson, USA

Distributors of steel, industrial supplies and plastics.

Hibbing, USA

Importers and distributors of mechanical & electrical industrial
power transmission products viz., bearings, electric motors,
controls, material handling components, belting & mechanical power
transmission, controls & sensors, etc.

Toledo, USA

Distributors of power transmission products viz.,belt drives, speed
reducers & gearboxes, couplings, chain drives, etc.

Dothan, USA

Wholesalers of abrasives, adhesives, hand tools, power tools and
accessories, spray equipment, coatings, fasteners, packaging
materials, safety equipment & other industrial supplies.

Hackensack, USA

Distributors of electrical & mechanical parts to petrochemical,
utility, steel, paper mill & marine industrial markets. new,
rebuilt, obsolete and hard to find items viz., adjustable speed
drives, commercial appliances, circuit protective devices,
distribution equipment & switchgear, emergency lighting equipment,
metal & polycarbonate enclosures, excitor regulators, portable heavy
duty hand lanterns, industrial heating instuments & gauges, lighting
lamps & fixtures, motor & controls, motor brakes, generators, power
& process supplies & regulators, etc.

Dixon, USA

Importers and distributors of high quality American & industrial
tools & supplies viz., calipers, vernier calipers, electrical
calipers & accessories, gages, indicators, holders & bases,
endmills, micrometers, etc.

Auburn, USA

Distributors of industrial & marine trade products viz., tapes,
abrasives, electrical & safety products, tools, etc.

Winona, USA

Distributors of industrial and construction supplies viz., fastners,
hydraulics & pneumatics, tools & accessories, cutting tools,
material handling, etc.

Troy, USA

Distributors of Rainbow Products viz., upholstery tool, dusting
brush, floor & wall brush, crevice tool, attachment caddy &
inflator/coil cleaner tool.

Chino, USA

Distributors of industrial products viz., assortments, bearings &
roller chain, bins & cabinets, control cables, electrical
accessories, fastners & general hardware, filter regulators &
lubricators, filters & stainers, hydraulics, industrial hose,
industrial fittings, lighting, lubrication, malleable pipe fittings,
material handling, pneumatics, refuse bidy parts, etc.

Charleston, USA

Wholesalers of industrial supplies serving the construction,
manufacturing, mining and timbering industries.

Brownsville, USA

Distributors of automation products, inductive, photoelectric,
capacitive sensors, heating elements, chairs, carts, lockers, mats,

Louisville, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of industrial maintenance equipment,
chemicals & lubricants, hand & power tools, safety equipment, power
transmissions from the leading brands such as Ingersoll, Rockwell
Automation, Dodge, Reliance, Noritaki, Nachi, LPS, GE, Simplex,
Loctite, Parker Pneumatics, Ohio Gear, Master XL, Union Chain,
Sioux, U.S. Tsubaki Chain, Nord Gear, Lincoln Motors, Baldor, Boston
Gear, Woods Controller/Inverters, etc.

Wichita, USA

Distributors of industrial products viz., hydraulic & pneumatic hose
& equipment, air compressors, high force tools, bearings, power
transmission, electric motors & controls, conveyor & elevator
belting, accessors, industrial hose & fittings, sheet rubber, etc.

Warrenville, USA

Distributors of various industrial products viz., abrasives,
adhesives, electrical tapes, heat shrink, brady labels,
maintainenece supplies, tapes & dispensers, packaging supplies,
safety tools, etc.

Cleveland (Parma), USA

Distributors of products to the automotive, tractor, fleet, off the
road equipment, industrial, maintenance, mining viz., assortments,
electrical maintenance, fleet & industrial maintenance fastners,
hydraulics, industrial chemical products, industrial protective
coating, professional grade cutting tools, screws & pins, shop
supplies, etc.

An independent Stocking Distributor of ferrite cores.
Since that time, the company has grown into an
authorized distributor specializing in ferrite cores,
connectors, EMI/RFI shielding Zip-OnŽ jacketing and
heat shrink tubing. Also an authorized reseller of
iron powder cores.

Wholesale distributors of passive and electromechanical

Supplier with a primary focus is on capacitors, circuit protection
devices, inductors, resistors, potentiometers, connectors,
surface mount components, opto devices, relays and switches.

A worldwide distributor of electronic and electromechanical
components serving military, aerospace, and industrial

Has been supplying wiring materials since 1970. Located
in a southwestern suburb of Minneapolis, and distribute
electrical products throughout the United States,
Canada, Mexico, and internationally.

Distributor of relays and through hole and surface
mount electrical surge protection components.

Distributor of interconnect, passive, and electromechanical

Independent stocking distributor of excess inventory, obsolete
and hard to find parts. Specialises in integrated circuits,
semiconductors, hard drives and peripherals

The world's largest broadline semiconductor supplier with over 30
years of service to the industry.

Founded in 1992 and has been dedicated to providing the industry
the finest quality specialty fastener and electromechanical

Distributor of copper and fibre wire, connectors,
racks and complete interconnect systems.

Specializes in encapsulated power transformers, pc
mountable and magnetic latching relays.

A leading supplier of thermoelectric modules and
related equipment to industry and research institutions.

Distributor of industrial electronic components

Full stocking distributor of integrated circuits,
memory, transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors,
& connectors. Military and commercial, new and
obsolete, and especially hard to find components.

Distributor of wire, cable and tubing specialising in
products suitable for the military and aerospace markets.

Supplies quality companion products for wire bonding
and die attach.

Sells electrical equipment and hard to find circuit
breakers online.

Distributor for both large and small, high quality
knobs and handles of 900 different varieties.

Distributor of electromechanical hardware and
fasteners since 1953.

Representing a Hong Kong based manufacturer of printed
circuit boards. Specializing in gold boards for
ultrasonic and thermalsonic wire bonding

Manufacturer's representative for silicone rubber
keypads and elastomeric connectors.

Worldwide distributor of electronic components to the Computer,
Medical, Telecommunication, Electrical and Industrial market.

The #1 supplier of PCB signal relays in North America,
as well as a leading supplier of electromechanical power
relays, automotive, general purpose, and state-of-the-art
solid state PhotoMOS relays.

Distributor of electromechanical components such as
fasteners, clamp, clips, wire routing, wire management,
hardware, and tools.

A value-added distributor for industrial connectors,
military connectors, and mil spec connector.

Distributes connectors, switches, optoelectronic and
fiber optic products, electronic components, subassemblies,
batteries, sensors, keyboards, fans, blowers and motors.

Distributor of magnetic core materials and tape for the
magnetics segment of the world wide electronics industry.

Representing quality manufacturers of electrical products in the
Construction, OEM, MRO, and Industrial markets.

Importers of chemical products acids, agricultural
chemicals, chemicals and allied products, herbicides
and fungicides,pesticides, pharmaceutical raw materials,
solvents, resins and gums, specialty chemicals, and
industrial chemicals.

Incorporated in 1944 and is now the largest distributor
of heat shrinkable products and electrical insulation in
the Midwest. The heat shrinkable tubing, extruded tubing,
sleeving and other electrical interconnect products are
used in a multitude of different applications from wire
harnesses and cable assemblies to catheters to battery packs

Specialize in the sale of RF and Microwave components,
subsystems, software and services, to customers located
in New York, NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Supplies connectors and provides assembly, kitting,
marking, packaging and wiring of connectors.

Key component supply partner for many leading manufacturers,
direct OEM, and commercial customers throughout the America's.

Distributor for board level components, power distribution
and electro-mechanical needs.

One of the largest, most extensive resources for lamps,
ballasts and sockets. Specializes in serving the
electrical wholesaler with a vast selection of
products and a wide array of services.

Well known distributor in the lighting business with
over 23 years serving as a rep for many lighting and
electrical manufacturers.

One of the leading wholesaler and distributors of highest
quality aftermarket products in the collision industry.
The principal product line consists of the most comprehensive
"OEM" replacement automotive lighting products, which
includes composite/replacement bulb type headlamps,
parking/cornering lamps, side marker lamps, signal lamps,
fog lamps and tail/rear combination lamps.

Supplier of complete kit consisting of HID bulb
and ballast for use in variety of lighting systems
mostly for custom applications.

Distributor of industrial raw materials including pigments,
resins and filler materials, specializing in service to the
coatings, adhesive, rubber and plastics industry.

Wholesalers of superior quality of a broad line of farm, industrial and
blacksmith supplies viz., bca/fyh bearings allied locke, don dye bearings
aetna bearings, g&g tubing & shafting, g&g sprockets & hubs, elston
gopher kondex, kats engine heaters, morse industrial chain, hub city spray-on
products, neapco pioneer quick couplings, hydraulic hose, hydraulic hose

Distributor of surface mount (SMT) and through-hole assembly
and rework equipment, including pick and place machines,
reflow ovens, and inspection equipment.

Distributor of plastic engineering and commodity resins
and additives.

Wholeseller, manufacturing agent, and importer / exporter of
raw materials (textiles, synthetic resins, embroidery threads)
used in textile and plastic industries.

Suppliers of thermoplastic raw materials and services to
the plastic processing industry. Buyers and sellers of
scrap and surplus plastic materials.

Mexico based firm involved in buying and selling of off-grade,
near prime and scrap plastic resins, recycling services, toll
grinding service. Distribution of a variety of plastic resins.

Provides Klockner,Eastman, Shell, DuPont, plastic films
including PVC, PS, PET, APET, PS.

Reseller of virgin , regrind , and scrap plastics resins,
specializing in injection grade and engineering polymers.

A distributor for Ace boat and personal watercraft lifts and
accessory products.

The world's largest distributors of industrial equipment.
Atlantic represents the leading manufacturers of heavy duty
diesel engines and automatic transmissions. The company is the
premier source for Detroit Diesel, MTU, Carrier Transcold and
VM Motori engines and Allison transmissions.

Distributor of specialty automotive and industrial fasteners

Distrbutor of a complete line of static control products including
work stations, ultra light and standard weight garments, gloves,
static shielding cart and product covers, mats, wrist straps,
cords and field service kits.

Distributor of supplies industrial workbenches, LAN furniture,
Lab furniture, bench accessories, ESD products, production
tools, monitor arms, keyboard trays, CPU holders, &
pneumatic cut / crimp tools.

Supplier of ESD control products, training, engineering
and custom designing to help eliminate damage to electronic
products and assemblies from static charges.

The largest stocking warehouse distributor of ESD products,
representing well over 100 manufacturers like 3M, ACL, Tech
Wear, Metro, Angelica, Hauser, IAC, Richmond, Simco, Luxo,
Lindstrom, Xcelite, Monroe, and Weller

Distributor of static control products

Distributor of a wide range of cleanroom and static control
products, including many from a select group of manufacturers
recognized as industry leaders.

Plastic materials and speciality polymers distributor for protection
and prevention of ElectroStatic Discharges.

Distributor of ESD equipment. Line includes ionizing
bars and blowers, static generators and power units

An independent stocking distributor resource for (Consumer and
Industrial Semiconductors) of European, Japanese and American
components. Over 8,000,000 parts are stocked in their
Hillsborough NJ warehouse.

Supplier of electrostatic discharge control products
designed for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Distributor of ESD and anti static, static control products

Manufacturer's Representative for a variety of ESD supplies. Line
includes ESD coatings, grounding accessories, meters and floor finishes.

Supplier of ESD auditing kits, instrumentation, grounding
accessories as well as information on ESD seminars and
training materials

Distributor of products for static prevention. ESD control products
include: wrist straps, ionization bars,ion guns, overhead ionizers,
wrist strap monitors, wrist strap testers, heel grounders, static
meters,ESD field service kits, room ionization systems, flooring
and much more.

Regional distributor (Florida)of industrial matting and supplies,
also carries a small selection of ESD products and grounding

Suppliers of both general-purpose and high-performance plastic materials

Leading distributor of ESD control and clean room products, our expansive
warehouse stocks the product lines of hundreds of manufacturers

Distributors of static control products and ESD accessories. Selection
includes wrist straps, mats, bags, sprays, computer covers, and field
service kits.

Distributor of switching and linear power supplies, DC-DC converters,
transformers, connectors, encoders, speakers, buzzers, and cable

A magnetic and inductive components distributor. Offers a full line
of hard and soft magnetic materials. The primary market is OEMs
and transformer manufacturers.

Distributor of active and passive components. Military and
Commercial parts.

The largest stocking, independent distributor of inductive components
in the world today.

Illinois distributor of selective soldering systems, resistance
welding, terminals and insertion equipment, coil winding systems,
and other production equipment.

Supplier of laser, semiconductor, lab and test equipment.
Used optical components and lab equipment.

Distributor specializing in current and hard to find equipment
not stocked elsewhere, as well as original factory replacements
for discontinued products.

Supplies the highest quality reconditioned test and
measurement equipment. This test equipment includes
spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal sources,
logic analyzers, RF and microwave equipment, meters,
frequency counters, power supplies, and oscilloscopes.

Manufacturers agent and distributor for products directed
toward Back End Test and Finish processes.

Supplier for solder bar, solder paste, solder wire, soldering
tip, soldering iron, soldering station, solder wick and Dross

Specializes in supply of products and services for
inspecting BGA’s and improving rework processes. This
includes BGA-100 Series of inspection scopes for viewing
underneath BGA packages and our affordable BGA mirror.

Supplier of equipment, accessories and supplies to the
semiconductor and thin film components manufacturers in
designated territories east of the Mississippi river.

One of the largest providers of test, measurement & control
instrumentation in the US.

Supplier of a range of equipment from Tektronix, Kenwood,
Fluke, LeCroy, Instek, Minolta, LeCroy, PTV and Agilent.

Distributor of visual inspection equipment and printed
circuit board manufacturing equipment.

Distributor of soldering, assembly and production
equipment and supplies for the electronic industry.

Suppliers of used automation equipment to the
electronics manufacturing industry.

Distributor of assembly equipment for circuit board
fabrication, inspection, and assembly, plus consumable
materials including solvents, chemicals, and hand tools
and are located at New York, USA.

Industrial distributor of compressed air and vacuum equipment
offering Quincy and Sullair air compressors and Zaks compressed
air driers.

Distributor of compressed air products serving Nebraska, Iowa
and South Dakota.

Distributors of electric motors and pumps.

Distributor of new and used AC and DC motors.

Distributors and stockists for over 4,000 new / used / surplus
& remanufactured motors

Electric motor and pump distribution and repairs based at
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stocks a full line of complete units and parts for all types
of starters, alternators, and generators on passenger cars,
trucks, motorcycles, marine, recreational vehicles, heavy
equipment, forklifts and agriculturial equipment.

Distributors for all types of electric motors including
swimming pool and spa pumps, pool filters and replacement
motors and the major brands include Leeson, Magnetek, Fasco,
Dayton, Baldor, Hayward, Sta-Rite and PacFab.

Stocks hundreds of products including AC motors, DC motors,
pumps, and IEC metric European motors with sizes ranging from
small HVAC/residential fan motors to industrial motors at up
to several hundred horsepower. Also stocks and supply AC
and DC motor controls, variable speed drives, power transmission
equipment and other related accessories.

Leading distributors of gearboxes, electric motors.

Supplier of electric motors, AC motors, DC motors, swimming pool
motors, spa motors, gearmotors and commutator motors.

Distributor for Teco-Westinghouse, Western Electric
motors and also authorized warranty repairs.

A motion control distributor and systems integrator specializing
in servo motors & drives, gear reducers, stepper motors & drives,
positioning systems, linear actuators, encoders, resolvers,
feedback devices, sensors, transducers and a myriad of
other products.

Supplies over 4,400 different models of AC and DC motors and
drives,electric motors, adjustable speed drives, AC motors,
industrial grinders, linear motors, and DC motors.

Distributor for AC/DC motors industrial controls
industrial & commercial pumps

Supplies premium motors, drives, controls, and more.

One of the largest Toshiba distributors in the U.S.
Has a large stock of Toshiba Motors and Toshiba Variable
Frequency Drives. A Reliance 5 Star distributor, a
Baldor 4AW distributor and also a Leeson Electric certified

Specialist supplier of fans, heaters, AC motors, DC motors,
brakes and parts.

Offers electric motors with custom built control panels

Authorized distributor of ABB Drives and Motors, Baldor
Motors and Drives, US Motors and Gears, Siemens Motors,
Boston Gear and other lines. Motors and Drives has been
selling and supporting for over twenty years.

Authorized Distributor for Baldor, Leeson, GE, Lincoln, Leeson,
Marathon, Dayton, U.S, Zoeller, and fasco.

Distributors for numerous motor manufactures. Specializes in the
sale of new, new surplus and used electric motors. The primary
focus is the 100 through 5000 HP range.

Supplier of new and rebuilt AC and DC electric motors
from Baldor, Dayton, Marathon, and Leeson.

Leading distributor of electric motors and accessories.

A stocking distributor and authorized repair facility of
electrical motors.

One of the largest stock of modern frame electric motors
in the nation. We specialize in medium voltage mill and
chemical duty applications, stocking explosion proof,
totally enclosed-fan cooled, and weather protected type II

A leading distributor of products for the electronics
industry. The largest stocking warehouse
distributor of ESD products, representing well over
100 manufacturers like 3M, ACL, Tech Wear, Metro,
Angelica, Hauser, IAC, Richmond, Simco, Luxo, Lindstrom,
Xcelite, Monroe, and Weller.

A manufacturers' representative offering equipment
to the semiconductor industry for use in failure
analysis, product engineering, test, and production.

Suppliers of pre-owned semiconductor test systems. Focused
on Advantest,Agilent (Hewlett Packard), Ando, Credence, LTX,
Megatest, MOSAID, Teradyne, Schlumberger, and SZ systems.

A wholesale electrical distributor located in Cincinnati, Ohio

Supplier of a wide range of electrical products, located in
the New England area.

A master distributor of industrial maintenance items electrical
specialty products and industrial maintenance products.

Supplies wiring products, cable ties, shrink tubing and

Provides surplus and new parts for Honeywell and Yamatake
Distributed Control Systems.

Electrical wholesale company

Supplier of aluminum and stainless electrical enclosures
meeting NEMA standards.

Supplier of new, used and reconditioned low and medium voltage
air circuit breakers, Switchgear and associated parts.
Most of the equipment stocked are manufactured by General
Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, Allis Chalmers, ITE, ABB,
Square D, Federal Pacific, ASC and McGraw Edison.

With over 50 years combined experience in electrical
industry are a leading distributor of electrical products.

The dominant electrical distributor in the Pacific
Northwest and Alaska.

Supplier of electrical/electronic industrial automation
products. With Allen-Bradley as the main control product
line, OneSource continues to be Southern California’s
premier distributor for quality products and customer

Wholesale supplier of circuit breakers since 1987,
has become one of the leading and innovative suppliers
of new, reconditioned and obsolete styles, redefining
the way companies purchase circuit breakers.

Distributors for 100 brands of encoders including
Fanuc, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Indramat, Kuroda,
Sumtak, Tamagawa, SanyoDenki, BEI, AllenBradley, Micron
and Unimate.

Agents for Chily Precision Industrial Co. in North America
and have over twenty years of OEM switch experience.

North American distributor for the German manufacturer,
Pantron Instruments, GmbH. Also distribute Di-soric, SNT,
and EGE Electronik lines of quality sensors.

Distributor of Machine Vision; brands supported include
Halcon, Allen-Bradley, Acuity, Cognex, Opteon, and

Stocking distributor of circuit breakers for equipment

Distribution company specializing in the electric utility
industry. Began operations in Atlanta, Georgia in January 1998
as the exclusive distributor of Horstmann Faulted Circuit
Indictors in the United States and Mexico.

Distributor of solenoids, ceramic and neodymium magnets
and wire.

A value-added distributor and packager of electrical,
data/telecommunications, utility/high voltage and
industrial/automation products and solutions.

Distributing engineering and commodity grade plastic resins
and polymers nationwide.

Distributor of plastic resins, headquartered in Chicago.
Sales and distribution centers nationwide.

Distributor of injection molding polymers resins, Delrin, Zytel, Crastin,
Rynite, Hytrel, Magnum, Nylon, and other plastic resins.

Distributor of a line of fluoropolymer resins from
major manufacturers. Distributes worldwide.

Supplier of custom colored salt and pepper resins for
injection molders.

Distributor of name brand and generic engineering
thermoplastics including ABS and Acetal.

Distributors of engineering, and commodity plastics, such as
acetal, nylon, fluoropolymers, ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene,
polypropylene, polystyrene and polyurethane, for OEM markets.

Wholesale polyester resins, gelcoats, a variety of applications.
Moldmaking silicones, latex and accessories.

Distributor of circuit breakers, together with more than 2.5
million parts.

Distributor of electrical parts for industrial, residential and
commercial projects.

Distributing coilcraft and surface mount inductors and coils.

Distributor of power protection equipment including
installation, maintenance and repair.

Source for thermal solution products and electronic components-
industrial cooling fans, cpu fans, blowers, capacitors,
resistors and inductors.

A wholesale electrical distributor and power distribution
offering a full line of electrical equiptment,design and
build products to meet custom power distribution needs.

Electrical products and tools for residential, commercial and
industrial needs.

A large inventory of electrical supplies including circuit breakers,
panels, thermostats, baseboard heat, light fixtures, bulbs, dimmers,
smoke detectors, wire, cable, motors, tools, fans, devices, fittings,
connectors, fuses, testers, boxes, conduit, EMT, disconnects, saftey
switches, and timers.

An online, no charge refrigerant listing service for buying
and/or selling virgin, reclaimed, dirty, or mixed refrigerants

Stockists for a complete line of Heating, Ventilating, Air
Conditioning (HVAC) and industrial supplies, tools, equipment
and machinery for residential and commercial applications.

Distributors of the finest heating and airconditioning

Represent manufacturers of the highest quality products
available, and we are committed to providing unparalleled
service to our customers before, during, and after the
sale within the HVAC industry.

Stockists for over 100 product lines for all your HVAC
control needs in commercial, industrial, or residential

A collection of independent corporations that are wholesale
distributors of plumbing supplies, industrial equipment,
heating and cooling materials, electrical equipment,
waterworks supplies, pumps, fasteners, and electronics.

Offering a complete line of HVAC products and accessories
for every need.

Wholesaler of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration products with an emphasis on Indoor Air
Quality and Energy Efficiency

Distributor and supplier of PVC Cooling Tower Parts
and tower-related items.

Wholesale refrigeration, air conditioning and heating
parts and equipment.

Largest independent supplier of heating, ventilating,
air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) equipment
in the United States and a leading competitor in the
industry internationally.

Distributor of solar powered attic fans.

Official distributor of The Industry’s Leader Heat-N-Glo
products for Arizona and New Mexico.

Internet based distributor of hvac and refrigeration controls.

Supplying Grundfos and G and L centrifugal pumps, commercial and
residential pipe repair kits, valves, recirculation systems,
plumbing and HVAC supplies and instant hot water systems.

A full-service distributor of heating and cooling equipment
and parts.

Suppliers of industrial controllers and sensors, temperature
controls, pressure sensors, co2 sensors, power meters and
vfd drives.

Professional Manufacturer's Representative group, serving the
electronic, industrial, and aerospace OEM markets in the
Southwestern and Southeastern United States.

Independent wholesaler of industrial and consumer electronics products

Major supplier of industrial cooling systems and professional
engineering services.

Supply the original fabric air duct system. Draft and noise
free airdistribution.

A distributor for Hobart Ground Power for over 30 years offering
new equipment, used equipment, service and genuine Hobart parts.
Also distributors for Trilectron air conditioners and ground
power equipment.

A full line industrial, security, and datacom distributor. We supply
a wide range of products and equipment to plants, hospitals, schools,
government agencies, service centers, etc.

Distributor of industrial electronic control products such as drives,
wire duct, push buttons, and terminal blocks.

Leading distributor of industrial line of batteries.

Specializes in the wholesale buying and selling of
surplus, excess, closeout and obsolete materials.

Specializing in hard to find contacts and coils for
Allis-Chalmers, Siemens-Allis and Furnas.

High quality electrical enclosures and electrical supply
products. Offers a broad line of UL approved enclosures
made of 304 and 316 stainless steel, powder coated carbon
steel, 5052-H32 aluminum and fiberglass reinforced polyester.

Wholesale electrical distribution market since 1981 of
products like of cable ties, fastners, and accessories

A full line of electrical supplies including circuit
breakers, fuses, electric motors, generators, electric
panel boxes, electric meter bases, and related electrical
products and supplies for residential, commercial, and
industrial use.

Offers military circular electric connectors, connector
accessories, custom design connectors, custom design cable
assemblies and harnesses to almost any requirement, fiber
optics cable assembly and components, tool and mold making,
industrial connectors, shipboard electrical equipment mounts.

Distributor of temperature sensors, pressure sensors,
lighting control for commercial and industrial applications.

The leading global distributor of wire, cable, communications
connectivity products, and "C" Class inventory components.
Founded in 1957, the company now employs more than 5,000 people in 180
cities throughout the world.

Marketer of electrical construction materials, home appliances,
residential building materials, automation control products,
wiring devices and electronic materials and components.

Stockists for a large inventory of all types of electrical equipment.
Types of gear available are panels, buss duct, disconnects, panelboard
switches, buss duct switches, starters, contactors, mounting hardware
and breaker enclosures.

Electrical distributor of lighting, motor control, distribution and
wiring devices.

Importer of rubber gasket. Supplier of molded, extruded, lathe cut
and die cut parts made from rubber/thermoplastic rubber materials.
Specialize in finding standard parts to meet customers needs and
in producing custom parts to meet nonstandard applications.
Company focus on providing time/money saving approaches to
purchasing agents and innovative solutions to engineers.

Distributor of safety equipment to the petroleum and chemical industries
throughout the Gulf Coast region. Has six regional hubs and 156 branches
and field locations.

Premier supplier of fabricated foam plastics serving the southeast
region of the USA.

Specializes in the marketing of electrical/electronic wiring accessories.
All of our products are designed to the highest quality industry

Distributor of welding equipment, industrial and specialty gases,
and safety equipment.

One of the largest distributors of floor sanders, edgers,
buffers, sandpaper, finish, and much more.

Leading distributor of scales, balances and weight handling equipment
with clients worldwide.

Wholesale distributor and assembler of all types of hose/fittings
for the petroleum and chemical industries.

Distributor of heating equipment

Distributor of industrial supplies including adhesives
and silicone sealants.

A full-line distributor of hot melt equipment, adhesives,
and mold release agents for industrial use.

Distributor of industrial adhesives, coatings and tapes.

Distributor of cyanoacrylate adhesives for medical and
industrial applications.

Master distributor for Ingersoll-Rand air compressors, offices
located in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida.

An independant distributor of plumbing, heating, pipe,
valves, fittings and industrial supplies. We carry a full
line of manufacturers such as Jenkins, Powell , Kohler,
Weil-Mclain, and Chicago just to name a few.

Wholesale distributor located in Orlando, Florida, specializing in the
HVAC, LP & Natural Gas temperature controls market.

Full service distributor, designer, manufacturer, warehouse and
precision converter of PVC flexible, rigid, and expanded
films, supported and unsupported.

Global distributor of a range of thermoplastic resins for
molders, extruders, compounders, and other plastic manufacturers.

Buys and sells scrap film and bags. Site contains photos of
their products and company information. Located in Louisiana,
United States.

Specialty engineering resins distributor with an extensive
inventory, serving processors with small to medium-sized

International trading firm buying and selling a range of
plastic resins .

Purchaser and supplier of engineering plastic resins including
acetal, acrylic, ABS polycarbonate and Noryl.

National distributor of a variety off spec. and prime general
purpose plastic resins.

One of the largest industrial lubrication distributors
in the country with customers in the mining,
manufacturing, railroad and construction industries.

Buyers of abrasives-sterilizer jars.

Stockists for complete range of tools and building
materials for both industrial and residential purposes.

Importer and agent for specialty tires and tubes. Industrial
uses including forklifts, mining, farm equipment and trucks
as well as consumer tires.

Distributor specializing in bearings, roller chain,
sprockets, gears, v-belts, sheaves, pulleys, speed
reducers, electric motors and controls.

Iso 9002 certified distributors of electrical connectors
and connector accessories.

Distributor of welding, mining and industrial equipment.

Supplier of boiler controls & air-conditioning controls
manufactured by Honeywell, Fireye, Armstrong Pumps,
McDonnell Miller, Watts Regulator, Ametek Gauges,
Maxitrol, Crane Valves, and Protection Controls.

One of the nation's largest stocking distributors of
HVAC and Refrigeration controls, we offer replacement
controls from most of the top manufacturers in the

Leading supplier of aprons for food service, promotional,
and industrial uses

HVAC wholesale suppliers.

Distributor specializing in custom built pumps and
a variety of high efficiency boilers

Worldwide industrial gases, vacuum technologies and
distribution services company

Supliers to heating professionals throughout the supply line,
by offering them heating replacement parts, burners, nozzles,
& additives

Wholesale distributors HVAC/R equipment including residential
and commercial controls, draft controls and venting equipment,
and hydronic and steam specialties.

Distributors of brand name, specialty engineering thermoplastics.

Representative agency specializing in sales of
plastic films, pressure sensitive products and
custom coating and laminating services.

Distributor of fiberglass, thermoset plastic resins,
glass, carbon and aramid reinforcements, fillers and

Supplier of additives and low melt batch inclusion bags and
film to the rubber and plastic industry.

Distributor of plexiglas, velcro, silicone and cutting
boards. Supplies and equipment for the sign, graphic
arts, printing, display, architecture, and contracting

Manufacturers' representative. Custom design and
manufacturing assistance for die casting, bevel gears,
molded rubber and plastic parts, metal to plastic
converting, and sand blasting.

Wholesale distributor of chemicals and plastic materials. Clear,
tinted, matte, opaque and expanded vinyls. Polypropylene
film and sheet. High density polyethylene.

Distributor of natural and synthetic water-soluble polymers to
the paper, textile, adhesives, and other specialty industries.

Leading lubricant distributor providing to industrial,
agricultural and fleet clients.

Distributor for specialty compounding and blending for
metal working.

Distributor of products for aerospace, industrial, marine
and automotive markets in addition to aircraft parts.

Distributor of synthetic lubricants, compressor oils, and
descaler products.

Importer and distributor of specialty chemicals and plastic
raw materials. Based in Maine.

Major distributors of plastics.

Suppliers for Heavy Duty shrink wrapping of industrial
equipment, boats and for shipment and storage.

Stockists a wide variety of foam, including polyester,
polyethelene, expanded polstyrene, filter foam, hi and
low conductive, and polyurethanes.

Distributors of U.N. approved industrial packaging
including all sizes of plastic pails, cans, drums and IBC's.

Full service distributor of industrial and merchant/retail supplies

Distributor of industrial packaging, equipment, supplies and systems

Distributor of a wide variety of containers serving the petroleum,
chemical, paint, adhesive, environmental, and food related industries.

Distributor in the Upper Midwest, serving customers by providing
packaging products and services to the personal care, food, health,
pharmaceutical, industrial, and chemical markets.

Major distributors for industrial supplier of tape and tool products.

Distributor of specialty automotive and industrial fasteners.

Automotive maintenance supplies & parts specializing in
the fast lube industry

A raw materials distributor supplying paint, ink, plastics,
adhesives, and roof coating manufacturers with pigments,
resins, fibers, dispersions, and additives.

Suppliers of replacement and innovative retrofit parts
for the bottling industry.

Supplier of steel drums and other industrial containers for
packaging chemicals and hazardous materials.

Distributors of engineering and industrial plastics.
Sheets, rods, tubes and custom machined parts.

Wholesale distributor of food service disposables, towels, tissues,
industrial packaging, retail packaging, janitorial
hardware and supplies.

Wholesale distributor of unfabricated steel/pipe products, including
stainless steel/aluminum.

Distributor/manufacturer representative of narrow woven fabrics, webbing,
cord, elastic, binding tape, hook and loop fasteners, thread and
plastic hardware. Company has expanded into the fields of orthopedics,
apparel, luggage, filtration, uniforms, solar energy, fishing, sailing,
golfing, footwear, firefighting and automotive.

Wholesale distributor of hardware and locksmith supplies.

Distributor of scales and force measurement products of
many major manufacturers including Mettler-Toledo scales,
A&D, Accu-Weigh/Yamato, CAS, Chatillon/Ametek scales
and Chatillon force gauge measurement equipment, Davenport
and Lloyds material testing equipment, Detecto, Doran,
Intercomp, MSI, Pennsylvania and Ohaus Scales.

Distributor of silicones, epoxies, urethanes, adhesives, mold releases,
coatings, lubricants, tooling boards, solders, fluxes and
fluid dispensing systems.

Distributor of metals, specializing in aluminum extrusions.

Distributor of high performance metals and related services to
the global transportation industry. Ready to meet the unique
and exacting requirements of the aerospace, marine, defense,
rail, truck, trailer and related markets. With annual revenues
in excess of $300 million and more than 25 strategic locations
around the world, they are the largest metal service center
dedicated to serving the transportation industry.

Has over 70,000 individual items in stock around the world,
including a vast array of aluminum sheet, plate, rod, bar
and roll form sections, tubing, pipe and extrusions.
In addition, they stock a selection of cupro-nickel, titanium,
alloy steels and other high performance metals.

United States' largest distributor of industrial, medical, and
specialty gases and related equipment, safety supplies and
MRO products and services to industrial and commercial markets.

Distributor of O-rings, seals, gaskets, custom molded rubber parts,
Dupont and Kalrez.

Distributor of battery and battery-related products for the automotive,
commercial, industrial, golf, RV, marine, telecommunications,
and high technology markets.

International distributor of high performance flexible
composite products tapes, fabrics, belting, PTFE, silicone
coated, Kapton, UHMW, pressure sensitive, FEP, TEF, and
related items.

Distributor and repackager of silicones, epoxies, urethanes.
Serving most industrial markets, including moldmaking,
electrical, aerospace, appliance, utilities and many others.

Distributor of adhesives & sealants, non-destructive
testing (NDT) supplies & accessories and custom packaged

Distributor of National Starch and Chemical packaging and
woodworking adhesives, and TACC solvent adhesives.

Supplier of adhesives, release agents, coatings, and sealants.

An international trading firm for industrial chemicals and plastic

Distributor of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial, intermediates,
nutritional, as well as personal care and cosmetic chemicals.

Distributor of plastic engineering and commodity resins and additives.

Wholeseller, manufacturing agent, and importer / exporter of raw
materials (textiles, synthetic resins, embroidery threads) used in
textile and plastic industries.

Suppliers of thermoplastic raw materials and services to the plastic
processing industry. Buyers and sellers of scrap and surplus plastic

Mexico based firm involved in buying and selling of off-grade,
near prime and scrap plastic resins, recycling services, toll
grinding service. Distribution of a variety of plastic resins.

Provides Klockner,Eastman, Shell, DuPont, plastic films
including PVC, PS, PET, APET, PS.

Reseller of virgin , regrind , and scrap plastics resins,
specializing in injection grade and engineering polymers.

Founded in 1962 as a distributor of Original Equipment or O/E
equivalent Import Auto Parts. Company imports and distributes foreign
car parts. What started as a regional operation has now grown to
unlimited boundaries. North Carolina was chosen for its two fine sea
ports and Charlotte as ground point zero for outgoing distribution
because of it's international airport and it's ground shipping hub for
trucking companies, UPS, Fed. Ex., etc.

Distributor and converter of plastic films and sheeting.
serving the printing and packaging industries. Also offers
inventory and in house converting operations.

Distributor of polyester, polypropylene, nylon, transparency, window
films and laminations

Distributor of industrial packaging supplies and equipment.

Distributor of poly bags, films, wraps, tapes, strapping, strapping
equipment/service and packaging products.

Distributor for glue adhesives.

Distributor of adhesives for industrial and manufacturing use.
The product line includes cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, structural
acrylics and epoxies.

Full line distributor of industrial adhesives including products from
Bostik, GE silicones, Tamms, Cox, EFI and Denver foam. Products
include epoxies, silicones, hot melt and others

Distributes dispensing guns, static (motionless) mixers and cartridges
adhesives, sealants and chemical processing applications. Products
sold in North America, Asia, South America and Mid-East.

Distributor of industrial adhesives and dispensing equipment.

Full-service, stocking distributor of pumps & systems with over 35 years
experience serving the industrial and municipal markets in Southern
California. Represents only the best names in the industry, manufacturers
of world-class Centrifugal, Rotary Gear, Air-Operated, Sanitary,
Sealless, and other pump types and mixing equipment.

Global distributor of a range of thermoplastic resins for molders,
extruders, compounders, and other plastic manufacturers.

Buys and sells scrap film and bags.

Specialty engineering resins distributor with an extensive
inventory, serving processors with small to medium-sized

International trading firm buying and selling a range of plastic resins.

Markets ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resins in the
United States, Canada, Mexico and in Central and South America .

Purchaser and supplier of engineering plastic resins including
acetal, acrylic, ABS polycarbonate and Noryl.

National distributor of a variety off spec. and prime general purpose
plastic resins.

Distributing engineering and commodity grade plastic resins
and polymers nationwide.

Distributor of plastic resins, headquartered in Chicago.
Sales and distribution centers nationwide.

Distributor of injection molding polymers resins, Delrin, Zytel, Crastin,
Rynite, Hytrel, Magnum, Nylon, and other plastic resins.

Distributor of a line of fluoropolymer resins from major manufacturers.
Distributes worldwide.

Supplier of custom colored salt and pepper resins for injection molders.

Distributor of name brand and generic engineering thermoplastics
including ABS and Acetal.

Distributors of engineering, and commodity plastics, such as
acetal, nylon, fluoropolymers, ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene,
polypropylene, polystyrene and polyurethane, for OEM markets.

Wholesale polyester resins, gelcoats, a variety of applications.
Moldmaking silicones, latex and accessories.

Direct importers of industrial rubber.

Importer of rubber products.

Importer of fabricated rubber products.

Distributor of electrical, industrial and electronic components.

Distributor of high performance marine accessories for both
the retail and wholesale boating marketplace.

Distributors of a wide range of plastic films for covering and
protective applications.

Distributors of engineering and industrial plastics.
Sheets, rods, tubes and custom machined parts.

Distributors of brand name, specialty engineering thermoplastics.

Representative agency specializing in sales of plastic films, pressure
sensitive products and custom coating and laminating services.

Distributor of fiberglass, thermoset plastic resins, glass, carbon and
aramid reinforcements, fillers and accessories.

Supplier of additives and low melt batch inclusion bags and film to
the rubber and plastic industry.

Distributor of plexiglas, velcro, silicone and cutting boards.
Supplies and equipment for the sign, graphic arts, printing,
display, architecture, and contracting industries.

Manufacturers' representative. Custom design and manufacturing
assistance for die casting, bevel gears, molded rubber and
plastic parts, metal to plastic converting, and sand blasting.

Distributor of natural and synthetic water-soluble polymers to the paper,
textile, adhesives, and other specialty industries.

Full service distributor, designer, manufacturer, warehouse and precision
converter of PVC flexible, rigid, and expanded films, supported and

Distributes a range of pre-colored, glass filled, flame
retardant, engineering thermoplastics for the automotive,
electronic and computer industries.

Importer of rubber hose, gasket etc. Distributor of rubber parts.
New Jersey

Distributor of Machine Control and Automation Specialty Electrical

Full service distributor of industrial control products.

National distributor of quality hearth products, offering over 2,100
stocked items to meet the needs of the hearth and specialty products
industry. Serving hearth retailers and chimney service professionals
around the world.

Importer of industrial hose.

Import distributor of rubber products.

Importer of rubber gloves.

Importer of fabricated rubber products.
New Jersey

Importer of molded rubber products.
New Jersey

Importer of rubber gasket, moulded extruded rubber goods.
New Jersey

Importer of rubber stopper, cork etc.

Importer of rubber hose.
New Jersey

Importer of fabricated rubber product.
New Jersey

Importer of fabricated rubber products.
New Jersey

Importer of fabricated and moulded rubber products.
New Jersey

Importer of rubber gasket.
New Jersey

Importer of rubber gasket, hose etc.
New Jersey

Importer of rubber gasket, seal, o-ring etc.

Distributor of quality electrical products to industry and the
Portland, Maine

Wholesale distributor of diamond products used by the stone
industry for cutting, core drilling, grinding, and polishing.
Also distributor of manual and electric cutting machines.
San Leandro, CA 94577

Distributor of liquid, dry and chemical fertilizer application
Salina, KS 67402-2807

Wholesale power generator and distributor serving Southeast Alabama
and Northwest Florida.
Andalusia, Ala. 36420

Distributor of quality products for all your printing, industrial,
janitorial and packaging needs.
Anchorage, AK 99501

The Southwest's largest independent distributor of industrial gases,
specialty gases and welding supplies. Locations in AZ, NM, and CA.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Distributor of insulated, drystacked masonry system
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Representatives, engineers, and distributors of control valves, flow
and level measurement and signal conditioning equipment for Arizona,
Western New Mexico, and Southeastern Nevada.
Mesa, AZ 85202-7371

Distributor of air, steam, and liquid handling and treatment
Little Rock, AR 72209

Distributor for machine tools for the metal working industry.
Broomfield, CO 80030

Distributor of magnets used in thousands of applications.
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Exclusive distributor of heavy equipment products
Henderson, CO 80640

Distributor of kitchen and bath cabinetry, built-in entertainment
centers, wet bars, and wall units, highlighting available products
and factory surplus stock.
Denver, CO 80223-3814

Distributor of name brand tools including Little Giant
Ladders, moisture meters, flashlights, gas detectors,
thermometers, electrical analyzers, safety gear, and
tool bags.
Ventura, CA 93003

Distributor of new and reconditioned brand name power tools.
Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Warehouse distributor of gasoline engines, generators and
parts, and lawn and garden repair parts.
Porterville, CA 93257

Nationwide automotive, marine and industrial tool and
accessories warehouse distributor.
Largo, FL 33777

Distributor of automotive service equipment, specializing in lifts,
wheel alignment, brake lathes, balancers, and tire machines.
Portland, OR 97293

United States distributor of streamer and confetti launcher
systems and related products.
CT 06484

Distributor of production supplies, test equipment and broadcast
products into the OEM, MRO and field service markets.
Duarte, CA 91010

Distributor of tools and supplies for construction and industrial
equipment needs, including aviation, forklift, electrical and
mechanical, refineries, railroads, and shelving.
Denver, Colorado 80207

Distributor of tools and supplies for construction and industrial
equipment needs, including aviation, forklift, electrical and
mechanical, refineries, railroads, and shelving.
Denver, Colorado 80207

Distributor of machine tools including grinders, lathes, drillers,
conventional machine tools, and related software.
Denver, Colorado 80219

One of the leading distributors of standard and line pipe in the
United States.
Denver, Colo. 80264

Distributor of fastening equipment made by Duo-Fast, MAX, Senco,
Paslode, Stanley, 3M and others.
East Hartford, CT 06108-3465

Distributor of light construction equipment, tools and materials for
construction and industry.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Industrial distributors of pipes, valves and fittings.
East Windsor, Ct. 06088

Distributors of copper based alloys with an abrasive waterjet
cutting system.
Hartford CT 06114

Distributor of lighting, wire and cable, gear and other electrical
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

Connecticut based distributor of machine tools: barfeeders, boring
mills, drill and tapping cnc, grinders, lathes, saws etc
North Haven, Connecticut

Distributors for stocking gas pressure regulators, gas
meters and remote totalizers.
Norwalk, CT 06851

Distributor for binding and fastening needs products, including
adhesives, sealants, packaging, vibration dampening and
other products and applications.
Torrington CT 06790

Distributor of structural steel products.
Marseilles, IL 61341

Distributor of electrical and electronic components, equipment and
Tucker, GA 30084

Manufacturers representative and specialty distributor of abrasive
products to industrial metalworking manufacturers and full-line
industrial distributors.
Norcross, GA 30010

Technical distributors of precision measuring instruments.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Distributor of electrical and industrial supplies, automation
products, motors, drives, generator systems, HVAC products; data
communications, energy management service.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007

Distributors of air compressors and air products.
Bensenville, IL 60106

Distributor of cold rolled, galvannealed, galvanized stainless,
sheets, coils and blanks.
Chicago, Illinois 60614-8007

Wholesale distributor of plumbing supplies with locations in Chicago
and Buffalo Grove.
Chicago, IL 60619

Gas tank construction and petroleum equipment distributor for gas
stations, bulk plants, convenience stores, and truck stops.
Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411

A full service stocking distributor of geothermal heating and
cooling systems.
Greenville, IL 62246

Distributor and service provider of industrial supplies for
combustion and boiler control, temperature control, and burners.
Mackinaw, IL 61755

Distributor of various aluminum products and a complete line of
aluminum coil products.
Bay Head, NJ 08742

Distributor of packaging, industrial products, and handling
Northfield, IL 60093

Distributor of heating and cooling equipment.
Franklin, MA 02038

Distributor of environmental supplies and equipment for industry.
Montgomery, IL 60538

Distributors of varied line of products. Includes bicycle child
carriers, forged steel vises, and woodworking hammers and mallets.
North Aurora, IL 60542

Distributor of electronic components and equipment and has been
reliably supplying Manufacturers, the Electronics Service
Industry and the Public
Rockford, IL 61103-6693

Distributor of insulated concrete forming products.
Rockford, IL 61101

Distributor of new clutches for tractors, medium/heavy duty trucks,
automobiles, and off-road industrial equipment.
Rockford, IL 61125-5305

Distributor of grinding services, grinding wheels, metal working
fluids, and cutting tools.
Rockford, Illinois 61109

Distributor of tank truck and liquid & dry bulk equipment including
hose, hose assemblies, valves and couplings.
Romeoville, IL 60446

Applications distributor of surface preparation products for the
glass, metal and plastic industries.
Romeoville, Illinois 60446

Distributor for pneumatic components and supplies
Wheaton, IL 60187

Distributors of alternative refrigerants, Enviro-Safe, tools, And
McLeansbro, IL 62859

Distributor for electric, power, cordless and professional
industrial heavy duty tools.
Honolulu, HI 96819

Distributor of carbon, alloy and stainless steels, nickel alloys,
aluminum, titanium, brass, and copper, known as Castle Metals.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Distributor of mechanical and industrial insulation, heating
and air conditioning, duct work, registers and grills, tapes,
fasteners, sealants, coatings, and weather-proofing supplies.
San Antonio, Texas 78201

Distributor of lighting products for commercial and residential use.
Fixtures, light bulbs, ballasts, and lamp parts.
San Antonio, Texas 78212

Distributor of molded and insulated case air circuit breakers,
starters, contactors, switches, switchgear and substations.
Sanger, Texas 76266

Distributor for Japanese name brand industrial products.
Stafford, TX 77497-2056

Distributor of janitorial and paper supplies.
Texarkana, 75503-3539

Distributor of photovoltaic panels, manufacturer of
solar power systems and water pumping systems.
Tomball, Texas 77375

Distributor of truck mounted tanks for hauling and delivery
and above ground storage tanks.
Texas 75710-2014

Hydra-Cell industrial pump and parts distributor
Wichita Falls, TX 76310

Supplies interconnection tools for the Electronics,
electrical, telecommunications & datacomm industries.
Midlothian, VA 23112

Distributor of both new and used concrete pumps as well as
concrete placing system and accessories.
Purcellville, Va 20132

Distributor of heating oils, gasolines, diesel fuels, bulk
lubricants and propane gas.
Suffolk, VA 23434

Wholesale distributor of outdoor power equipment.
VA Beach, VA 23455

West Coast distributor of products designed to increase
horsepower and mileage of select vehicles.
Eastsound, Washington 98245

Distributor of portable and hand-held, gas powered equipment
including brush cutters, hedge trimmers, edgers, blowers,
chain saws, and drills.
Suite B, Auburn, WA 98001

Distributor of ceramic packages and silicon wafers for the
semiconductor industry. Specializing in PGA's, Flat Packs,
Sidebraze DIP's, Cerquads, Leaded Chip Carriers, LCC's,
Cerdips, TO Headers, Silicon Wafers.
San Hose CA 95135

Distributors and representatives specializing in oil, gas, and
petroleum equipment.
Miami, FL 33186

Distributor of a range of ultrasonic hardness, scratch and
wear testers and scanning acoustic microscopes.
Allentown, PA 18106-0129

Manufacturers representative and distributor for a range of
non destructive testing (NDT) products.
Temple Hills, Maryland 20748

Manufacturers agents and industrial distributors of ultrasonic,
spin, vibration, hot plate and thermal staking and welding
machines for the assembly of thermoplastic parts.
North Providence, RI 02904 3020

Quality figure molds and mould making materials and hard to
find casting supplies. Distributors of Lee Precision Re-
leading equipment.
Eastsound WA 98245

Distributors for Hooker Headers and Strange Engineering.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Distributor of comprehensive line of farrier and blacksmith tools.
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Distributor of undercarriage components for construction
and mining equipment.
Puyallup, Washington 98372-4117

Distributor for industrial brakes and related components.
Olalla, WA 98359-0310

Wholesale distributor of agricultural, aquatic, pest control,
industrial, turf and ornamentals chemicals.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Distributor of electrical equipment and supplies for
residential, commercial, industrial and government markets.
Lynchburg, VA 24501

Distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems.
Greensboro, NC 27419-8508

Component distributor located in the Carolinas, representing
Parker Hannifin. Products include power units, pumps, motors,
cylinders, rotary actuators, valves, filters, regulators,
lubricators, and fluid connectors.
Charlotte, NC 28269

General line distributor of industrial supplies.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Wholesale distributor of heating, ventilation and air
conditioning parts and equipment in New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
and Delaware.
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Parts and accessories distributor for power actuated tools, electric
chain saws, generators, furnaces and gas portable forced air
Grand Rapids, MI. 49514-1727

Distributor for electrical, mechanical and pneumatic tools for all
phases of construction and industrial use.
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Distributors of power tools, hand tools and accessories from leading
Tempe, AZ 85283

Distributor of aftermarket undercarriage and non-undercarriage
replacement parts for construction, logging, agricultural and mining
DeSoto, TX 75115

Distributor of Berco undercarriage parts to the original equipment
manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

Wholesale distributors of heavy equipment engine and transmission
parts and components.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Distributor of scuba high pressure breathing air compressors, air
compressor filters, lubricants and belts.
Coral Springs Florida 33067

Distributor of German made air compressors for SCUBA and SCBA
applications including high pressure breathing air compressors.
Coral Springs, Florida 33067

Distributors of paper products, films, nonwovens, tissues and
pressure sensitive tapes to a variety of industries.
Seymour, CT 06483

Processing distributor of stainless steel, aluminum, and cold rolled
strip coil. Their goal is to offer raw materials from a world-wide
group of manufacturers capable of meeting the increasingly difficult
quality standards of today. Has approved-supplier relationships
with many of the world's top producing mills.
Hatboro, PA 19040

Distributor of all types of new and used laundry machinery and
laundry equipment such as washers extractors, dryers, garment
finishing equipment, boilers and hot water heaters
Chandler, AZ 85225

Distributor of electrical, electronic, industrial, safety, power
transmission, automation and control, and cutting tool supplies.
Charleston, SC 29418-5912

One of the nation's largest direct marketers of industrial supplies
and equipment.
Melville, New York 11747-3151

Representation of technical products in the Southwestern United
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Distributor of a wide selection of solenoid and air actuated valves,
industrial pumps, liquid level controls, pressure switches and
electronic drain valves.
US-Charlotte; NC 28227

Wholesale hardware distributor with 52 years of service
offering hard-to-find items.
Spokane, WA 99220-2664

Master distributors for Perkins, Reman, Hatz Diesel and GM
Powertrain engines, parts, service, and sales.
Vancouver, WA 98661

Distributor of electrical supplies for industry.
Everett, WA 98204

National distributors of personal and industrial safety
supplies, including safety equipment, material handling
supplies, maintenance products, spill cleanup, and labware.
Janesville WI 53547-1368

Distributor of cutting tools and abrasives.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226

Distributor of plastic knobs, cranks, levers, appliance feet
and application-designed knobs for utility, electronic and
instrument control.
Thiensville, WI 53092

Distributor of heavy equipment in the states of Nevada, Utah,
and Wyoming.
Salt Lake City UT 84104

Food service equipment, commercial heating and air
conditioning distributor.
Charleston, West Virginia 25302

Distributor of pipe, valves and fittings.
Huntington, WV 25705

Distributor of Cooper fuses and arresters, as well as cutouts,
insulators, contact parts, and mountings.
Huntington, WV 25773-6668

Master distributor for Bonney Forge, Ladish, Stockham & Apollo
Ball Valves.
Houston, Texas 77018

Distributor offorce gauges, height gauges, micrometers,
verniers and video inspection equipment.
Brownsville, Texas 78520

Stocking distributor of aluminum brazing sheet and foil for
the aerospace and automotive heat transfer markets.
Union, NJ 07083

Distributor of Anvil, Zero Plastics, Calzone and Pelican
carrying cases and shipping containers. Fieldtex soft-sided
sales cases and cases for oxygen bottles.
Palmer, MA 01069

Distributor of High Explosives, Blasting Agents, Electric & Non-
Electric Detonators and Accessories. Six locations in the Northwest
and Alaska.
Olympia, WA 98501

Distributor of solar powered attic fans.
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Distributor of technologies for gas and liquid Flow measurement,
level measurement, and pressure measurement, including products,
accessories, system integration, training and service. Products
are marketed to major clients in the chemical, petroleum, power,
phamaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, metal processing,
automotive, environmental, and OEM industries.
Markham, Ontario L3R 3W3

Distributor for new and used industrial sewing machines. Parts,
needles, supplies, and service. Represents AMF-Reece, Brother
International, Juki, Pegasus, Pfaff, Rimoldi, Singer, Strobel, and
U.S. Blindstitch.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Distributor offer products to the sewn products, screen printing,
and embroidery industries.
Norcross, GA 30093

Wholesale supplier of industrial sewing machine parts,
supplies, and equipment.
Inwood, NY 11096

Distributor/dealer of industrial sewing machines and accessories.
Andalusia, AL 36420

Wholesale distributor of industrial sewing and cutting machine parts
and factory supplies.
Miami, FL 33166

Distributor of innovative men's, women's and children's apparel
construction components to the international garment industry.
Components include: pocketing, linings, interlinings,
waistbands, elastics, Q-Loop* belt loop tape, Ban-Rol*, fabric
printing, die & table cut components, Quick-Stretch* the "clear
elastic", bias binding and home furnishing fabrics.
Chicago, IL 60661

Worldwide wholesale distributor of industrial sewing and cutting
machine parts and supplies.
New York, NY 10010-2758

Distributor of stainless steel anchor connectors, shackles and
turnbuckles, radar reflectors, trapeze handles and marine
Newport RI 02840

Distributor of new, used, and rebuilt diesel engines, components,
and parts including Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel brand
Houston, TX 77029

Distributor of electrical cable equipment and engineering supplies.
Houston, Tx 77008

Distributor of specialty marine products to the commercial,
government and recreational mariner; both sail and power.
Minneapolis, MN

Distributor/manufacturer representative of high quality marine
related parts and accessories to over 65 countries worldwide.
Westport, CT. 06880

Distributor of marine safety equipment
South Toms River, NJ 06757-5232

Distributor of laboratory products, equipment and accessories
Depew NY 14043

Distributor of performance steel braided rubber and teflon hose.
Also anodized aluminum and ss hose fittings. AN and MS adapter
fittings in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium,
brass, monel and magnesium.
Barstow, Maryland 20610

Distributor of Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget restoration
and competition parts.
Lakewood, OH 44107

Largest light duty rear end distributor in Texas.
Baytown, TX 77521

Nation's largest distributor of tires, wheels, suspension products
and accessories for Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.
Compton, CA 90220

A distributor of automotive refinishing and detailing products.
Childersburg, Alabama 35044

Distributor of woven wire cloth, and industrial supplier of
stainless steel wiremesh and copper woven metal screen.
Hayward, California 94545

Distributor and fittings fabricator of high density polyethylene
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Distributor of refractory materials and related accessories.
Newburyport, MA 01950-4017

Distributor of Chinese refractories minerals. Products include
magnesite, bauxite, flint clay, graphite, quartz and wollastonite.
Torrance, CA 90501

A heavy duty truck parts, equipment, and accessories distributor
serving southern New England.
Seekonk, MA 02771

Distributor of industrial pipe, valve, fittings and controls.
Worcester, MA 01613-0947

One of the largest independent distributors of equipment parts
in the world.
Fairfield, CA 94534-4203

With nearly 200 branches and major regional distribution centers and
over 25 years in the business, company is one of North America’s
largest industrial distributors. Provides a wide range of products
and systems related to bearings, mechanical and electrical power
transmission, motion control, material handling, and fluid power for
the MRO and OEM markets.
Dania, FL, 33004-2

As a single source supplier of industrial components, company is an
authorized distributor for more than 150 of the industry's top
manufacturers, and 350 product niche manufacturers. Carries than 1
million parts and components nationwide.
Pompano Beach, FL, 33064-2

Full service distributor of plumbing products.
Aurora, IL 60507

Wholesale distributors of electrical, plumbing, heating and
cooling appliances. Provides location, contact information and
company history.
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Complete line petroleum equipment distributor that specializes in
underground and above ground storage tank removals, installations
and upgrades.
Louisville, Kentucky 40206

Distributor and retailer of woodworking and boat building
supplies including a wide variety of adhesives, fiberglass,
fasteners, hand tools, paint, and marine supplies.
Bristol, RI 02809

Distributor of rough and high vacuum pumps and systems.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

Distributor of gasoline, oil products and lubricants.
Midvale, Utah 84047

Distributors of geosynthetics and erosion control materials.
Vancouver, WA 98661

Distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, parts, tools, and
Harvey, Louisiana 70059-7060

Distributor of carpet cleaning equipment and supplies, vacuums,
truckmounts, portable extractors and floor buffers.
Phila, PA 19134

Distributor of oil, lubricants, service station supplies, automotive
supplies, commercial/industrial supplies, and manufacturing upplies.
Ellenwood, GA 30294

National distributor of lapidary equipment, rock tumblers,
abrasives, faceting and cabbing machines,laps, diamond discs
and diamond saw blades.
Norway, MI 49870

Wholesale distributors of water treatment systems.
Clarksville, Ohio 45113

Distributor for major pump and tank manufacturers to the
septic industry.
Rahns, PA 19426

Distributor of custom and specialty wastewater treatment products,
chemicals, related equipment, micronutrients, macronutrients,
aeration systems, grease trap treatments and related products for
the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
Carrollton, GA 30117

A leading distributor and service provider of pressure washers,
parts washers, waste water recycling, evaporation, and specialized
treatment systems for industrial and commercial use.
Grandville, Michigan 49418

National distributors of water treatment equipment. Specialize
in chemical metering pumps, pH and conductivity controllers,
storage tanks, water meters and mixers, and water management
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Distributor of environmentally friendly absorbent products for
spill cleanup and other uses.
Warsaw, Missouri 65355

Distributor of precision measuring equipment, gage repairing
and calibrating service.
Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408

Distributor of thermometers and other temperature measuring devices.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

Instrumentation distributor of gauges, RTD's, calibration
equipment, thermocouples, valves, manifolds, and regulators.
Houston, Texas 77041

Distributor of test instrumentation and accessories for vapor,
pressure, flashpoint, distillation, and density.
Latham, New York 12110

Distributor of lubricants, grease, and filters.
Mason City, IA

Distributor of oil, lubricants and fuels for commercial and
industrial uses in the Southern USA.
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Distributors that represent over 40 manufactures of industrial
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

Distributor of solid surfacing material.
Wilmington, MA 01887

Distributor of motion control and factory automation products.
Includes servo motors and drivers, gear reducers, stepper motors and
systems, linear actuators, and encoders.
Woburn, MA 01888

Distributor of boat, snowmobile, watercraft, and utility trailers in
the New England region.
Worcester, MA 01604

Distributor of industrial safety products, including footwear,
eyewear and personal protection equipment and training.
Wilmington, MA 01887

Distributor, and fabricator of industrial flooring, steel and
aluminum gratings, and grip strut gratings.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Industrial distributor specializing in pneumatics and central
industrial packaging.
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-1483

A full-line, service-oriented distributor of electrical supplies and
equipment. Selling to contractors, OEMs and industrial, commercial
and institutional users.
Livonia, Michigan 48151-6300

Stocking distributor of commercial and industrial insulation.
Midland, Michigan 48642

Distributor of electrical supplies.
Romulus, Michigan 48174

Distributor of industrial abrasives, grinding wheels, tools and
Troy, Mi 48034

Michigan based pump distributor, service and supply company for
municipal and industry applications.
Waterford, Michigan 48329

Distributor of wholesale electrical equipment. Twelve locations in
lower Michigan.
Warren, MI 48093

Distributor of windshield repair resin and supplies.
Laurel, Mississippi 39441

Distributor of commercial laundry and drycleaning equipment and
Barrington, NH 03825

Distributor of sealers and waterproofing products for concrete
Surry, NH 03431

Distributor of tires, wheels and other automotive enhancement
Akron, Ohio 44310

Distributor and showroom for a complete line of automated wire
processing, soldering, and cleaning equipment.
Akron, OH 44320

An international chemical distributor in the rubber industry. Whose
products include accelerators, non-staining antioxidants,
activators, resins and fillers.
Akron, OH 44320

Distributors of heating and plumbing supplies.
Akron, OH, 44310

Distributor of air-operated double diaphragm pumps, pumpac mag-drive
and ebara pumps, winters gauges.
Aurora, OH 44202

A distributor of new and used machine tools.
Bedford (Cleveland), Ohio 44146

Distributor of new and used, industrial and breathing air
compressors and accessories.
Columbus, OH 43206

An independent distributor specializing in rubber products: hose,
conveyor belting, packing and allied items.
Springboro, OH 45066

Distributor of adhesives, sealants, castable urethanes and release
Columbus, Ohio 43232

Regional distributor of motion control products and systems Serving
Ohio, Ky, Indiana and W. Virginia.
Cincinnati, OH 45242-2860

Industrial distributor for both hydraulic and pneumatic components.
Cleveland, Ohio 44132

Distributors of tool steels, powdered metals and alloys
Rockford, Illinois 61109

A full line distributor of industrial friction materials for all
off-highway and in-plant applications.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Distributor of Increte systems provides materials, training and
support to contractors in the southern Ohio region.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

A wholesale electrical distributor who specializes in assisting
engineering departments at OEMs'.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Distributors of fine paper, industrial and communication products.
Florence KY 42042

A wholesale distributor of electrical components and controls.
Includes list of locations in the greater Cincinnati area.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Distributor of bearings, industrial rubber parts, hydraulic
and pneumatic products, drive components and specialty items.
Cleveland, OH 44115

Fluid handling distributor specializing in positive displacement,
precision metering, mixing, food, and waste water pumps.
Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Distributors of filters, filtration, ultrapure water, pollution
prevention, water and wastewater treatment equipment.
Cleveland, Ohio 44125

Wholesale distributor of plumbing, electrical, heating and specialty
parts and supplies. Based in Cleveland with 5 locations in Northern
Euclid, Ohio 44132-2615

Distributor of high-quality propane-fueled products.
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Distributor of aluminum trailers for all needs.
Delta, Ohio 43515

Distributor of computer cooling fans, power cables, cpu coolers,
heat sinks, memory coolers and cases.
Metairie, LA 70033-3098

Distributors of durable hitches like the patented B & W turnover
ball gooseneck hitch and quality all-steel horse, stock and flatbed
trailers by Titan.
Missoula, MT 59808

Distributor of a wide range of erosion materials and revegetation
equipment worldwide. Worldwide consultant in technical and practical
erosion control and revegetation planning and application
Hygiene, CO 80533

Functioning as the international sales arm for top American
manufacturers, company offers a vast array of advanced products in
many industries: construction, earthmoving, technology and materials
to battery manufacturers, environmental supplies, road building
equipment, welding and pipeline supplies. Company has overseas
offices in London, Monte Carlo, Prague, Johannesburg, Rio de
Janeiro, Singapore and Costa Rica.
New York, NY 10004

Distributors of ornamental iron, castings, and other ornamental
Chicago, IL 60637

Nationwide distributor of ornamental steel, doorpulls, gate
hardware, bandsaws, bending machines, and security locks all
from Italy.
Bronx, NY 10466

Distributors of tires, home furnishings, farm aeration systems
and marine products.
Fargo, ND 58107-0390

Distributor for Knauer HPLC products and amino acid analyzers.
Specialists in HPLC detectors for non-chromophores.
North Potomac, MD 20878

Distributors of extensive range of pneumatic components and
accessories, many of them with a European or an Asian origin.
Includes focus on machine tool systems and robotic pneumatic
Clarkston MI 48348-1947

Supplier and distributor of over 45,000 model railroading
items, including American and European lines in N and HO
Newark, New York 14513

Distributor for lamps, ballasts, sockets, and batteries for
the US.
Irvine, CA 92606

Distributor of industrial metal and plastic containers, barrels,
and related container and material handling products.
East Rochester, New York 14445-0107

North Carolina based distributor of metric motors, motor components,
and gear reducers.
Charlotte, NC 28273

Full service fabricating equipment distributor, featuring
application assistance and offering press brakes, shears, lasers,
turret presses, plate and structural fabricating equipment, and
robotic integration.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Distributor for pneumatic, electrical and automation components
North Attleboro, MA 02763

Wholesaler of electrical supplies and equipment.
Laramie, WY 82072

Distributor of electrical, commercial lighting, residential lighting
and telecommunication products in the Chicago area.
Chicago, IL 60630

Distributor of products needed to distribute and control electricity
throughout a building. This includes items such as: wire, pipe,
switches, receptacles, light bulbs, ballasts, and transformers.
Their typical customers are contractors, maintenance departments of
manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools,
and governments.
Plant City, Fl 33564

Distributor of electrical and automation related products
Hayward, CA 94545

Full line stocking electrical wholesale distributor with four
warehouses in the state of Florida to serve their customers.
Headquartered in Orlando, company has been in business since 1987
and is serving the electrical industry, selling to contractors,
manufacturers and government agencies.
Orlando, FL 32803

Distributor of electrical products including fasteners, wire
connectors, lighting products, wire and cables, tools, dimmers,
boxes and fittings, fans, heaters, controls, distribution equipment
Southfield, MI 48034

Full service electrical distributor serving Western Pennsylvania
and Northen West Virginia.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Distributors of components for the microwave industry. Catalog
information, pricelists, and products available.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

Industrial distributor of metal finishing and blast cleaning
equipment and supplies.
Auburn Corners, Ohio 44255

Wholesale and retail distributor of diesel tractors.
Blanchester, OH 45107

Distributor of fiberglass pools and spas nationwide.

Manufacturers, importers and distributors of hardboard products for
industrial applications.
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Importer and agent for specialty tires and tubes. Industrial uses
including forklifts, mining, farm equipment and trucks as well as
consumer tires.
Miami, FL 33178

Supplier of brass model trains in HO and O scale from all American
importers including steam, diesels, rolling stock, cabooses,
freight, passenger cars and structures.
San Marcos, CA 92069-1455

Manufacturer/importer of hardware and equipment for poultry
suspension systems.
Gainesville, Georgia 30507

World's largest B2B distributors of semiconductors, interconnect,
passive and electromechanical components, enterprise network and
computer equipment, and embedded subsystems from leading
manufacturers and serving customers in 63 countries.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

World's largest provider of test and management solutions for
optical transport, access and cable networks, and the second largest
communications test company overall.
Germantown, MD 20876

Distributor of carbide and abrasive to the woodworking tooling
industry in America.
Statesville, NC 28687

Direct mill importer and broker of copper and copper alloy mill
E. Providence, RI 02914

A distributor of lamps, fixtures and ballasts to the US.
Fort Worth, Texas 76114

Marketing and Internet sale of lighting products manufactured by a
wide range of companies
Kirkland, WA 98034

Structural steel distributor of pipe, rectangular and square tubing.
Henderson, Colorado 80640

Distributor of nylon-coated, tinned and galvanized wire for
spiral binding; double-loop binding and stitching (stapling)
binding wire for the bookbinding industry.
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

Nationwide distributor of bindery products, supplying the
printing and copying industry with paper folders, drills,
slitters, bookletmakers, cutters, and many other paper
finishing machines.
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Representatives and distributors of structural process materials for
the composite, metal bonding and tooling industries.
Vaccum bagging materials, peel plies, mold releases, adhesives,
composites, fiberglass cloth, unidirectional, woven prepregs,
and carbon cloth.
Hampton, NH 03843

Distributors of terry cloth, bar mops, wash cloths, rags and
diapers for individuals and a variety of industria uses.
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Stocking distributor of aluminum extrusions, over 200 different
sections. Angles, bars, channels, tubes, mirror trim, boat trim,
sign frames, railing.
West Seneca (Buffalo), New York 14224

Steel stocking and service centre and distributor of racks and
shelving. Stocked and fabricatd products include beams and bars,
sheet and plate stock, piping and tubing, and fitting, flanges, and
valves in black or galvanized finish.
Houston, TX 77213-0940

International distributor of steel wire and related products.
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Distributor of various types of motion control products for
factory automotion machines.
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Distributor of rust proof aluminum railings for decks, porches,
stair handrails, and balconies.
Hastings, MN 55033

Distributor of stainless steel rod and bar.
Rancocas, NJ 08073-0223

Full-service distributor of stainless steel bar, wire and wire
rod through seven stocking locations located throughout the U.S.
Colmar, PA 18915

Califorinian distributor of pressure washers and parts.
Cathedral City, CA 92234

Distributor and quality rebuilder of laundry and drycleaning
equipment including pressing and finishing equipment, washer
extractors, and dryers.
Franklin, Virginia 23851

Distributor of diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricants, home heating,
cooling, and ventilating equipment.
St. Paul, MN 55119

Distributor of small wind turbines.
Stevensville, MT 59870

Distributor of small wind systems and standby and prime power
Rapid City, SD 57709-1116

Wholesale distributor of lighting products including; emergency
lighting, exit signs, recessed lighting, lamps,
ballasts and more.
Morrisville, PA 19067-9059

Distributor of synthetic lubricants, air and oil filters
and automotive appearance products.
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301-0633

Distributor of ladders, scaffolding, truck and van equipment,
gang boxes, and fall restraint equipment.
Villa Park, Il. 60181-1208

Wholesale distributor of hadfield grade manganese steel and
manufacturer of specialty welding electrodes, welding wires,
and fabricated steel parts.
Elizabeth, New Jersey, 07201

Stainless steel service center and distributor with a full
inventory of stainless and nickel alloy products.
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Distributor for stud welding products, plastic pipe and thread
protection products.
Little Rock, AR 72221-2407

Nationwide distributor of plumbing, HVAC, electrical and
hardware products.
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Authorized distributor for famous lines such as 3M, General
Electric, Thomas and Betts, Oz/Gedney, Metalux, Halo, Lightolier,
and Lithonia.
Davie, Florida 33324

Distributor for generator parts, instrumentation, engine controls
and related accessories to the power generation, marine and
automotive markets.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32120-9086

Distributor of boating and equipment trailers and their accessories.
Ft Myers, FL 33919

Leading distributor of vinyl fence products
Hudson, FL 34667

Distributors and manufacturers of standard and custom material
handling equipment.
Sacramento CA 95815

Distributor information on thermal printheads for a variety of
transfer industrial printers.
West Hills, CA 91307

Distributor of CAD/CAM applications
Fresno, CA 93727

Bulk lubricants distributor.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702-0801

Distributor of industrial gas, diesel, multi-fuel engines,
standby generators, prime power generators, rentals and parts.
Greenville, SC 29608

Distributor of coax, connectors, wire, baluns, and other products.
Landrum, SC 29356

Full-service stocking distributor of instrumentation and
control products for the OEM and user markets, provides
technical assistance, supply from inventory
Hartland, WI 53029


Distributor of motors from over 30 manufacturers in more than 12 countries
Plymouth, Minnesota 55447


Distributor of industrial and safety gloves
Portland, OR 97282-0345


Distributors of fire equipment, first aid and safety equipment
Haines City, FL 33844


National distributor of fire protection equipment from their
warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada. Represents the leading fire
equipment manufacturers, dealing only in the highest quality products
Las Vegas, NV 89102


Distributor and wholesaler of wheels, casters, material handling and
industrial equipment. Full material handling equipment distributor and
Fort Worth, Texas 76111


Distributor for tooling components, fasteners, spring
plungers, and shaft collars
Hillsborough, New Jersey 08844


Wholesaler and distributor of industrial and merchant
packaging supplies
Olympia, WA 98512


An international pharmacy serving physicians, hospitals, clinics
and patients worldwide. Distributors of USA-FDA approved medications,
drugs, medical equipment and supplies, and accessories.
Long Island City, NY 11101


Distributor of blasting products and supplies for mining, quarrying,
seismic exploration, avalanche control and construction applications
Lincoln, California


Distributor for industrial material handling equipment
Batavia, OH 45103


Distributor of plastic and wooden pallets, bins, totes, and
shipping containers
Chicago, Illinois 60629-0094


Distributor of quality fasteners and fittings to all types of industries:
transportation, industrial, OEM, construction, manufacturing and resellers
Lyons, IL 60534


Distributor of bolts, nuts and fasteners
Schaumburg, IL 60193


Distribution and incorporation of industry specific printers, displays and
other products synergistic to their vertical markets. Also distributor of
electronic products ranging from Touch Screen Displays to Thermal Printers,
all from top leading manufacturers.
San Jose, CA 95112


Wholesale distributor of specialty products for use in the Retail Point of
Sale, Hospitality, Auto-ID, Kiosk, Banking & Warehouse Automation
Cerritos, California 90703


One of the largest stocking distributors of bar code, Auto ID,
Point of Sale and RF products. Has a network of branch offices
and warehouses and serves VARs, resellers, and systems integrators
with a wide selection of products for a complete solution.
San Diego, CA 92121


Distributor of table linens, uniforms and laundry machinery.
Waltham, MA 02451-2326


Distributor of hot stamping foils. Specializing in metallic
and pigment foils for the graphics, book bindery, and plastic
Hudson, MA 01749


Full service distributor of winch and hoist equipment for the
marine, forestry, material handling, petroleum and drilling
Seatle, WA 98119


Distributor of high speed-laser, granite, marble, masonry,
cured concrete wet and dry diamond saw blades.
N.W. Grand Rapids, MI 49504-2672


Distributor of gate operators, industrial doors, and loading dock
Has an established wholesale department. This department caters only to
door installer/dealers, providing a full line of residential, commercial
and industrial door products.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


Distributor of furniture, auto, and marine fabrics, tools, and supplies to
the upholstery and trim industry since 1963.
Columbus, MS 39704-2467


Distributor of furniture fabrics and vinyls for the home furnishings and
commercial contract applications. Also supplier to the automotive
aftermarket by providing original replacement fabrics.
Tampa, FL 33673-1303


Distributor of Fabric, Vinyl, & Supplies for the following industries:
Residential Furniture, Commercial Furnishings, Automotive Tops & Interiors,
Marine & Outdoor Seating, Marine & Outdoor Tops & Covers, Foam Rubber
Birmingham, AL 35201


Distributor of upholstery vinyls and supplies
Houston, TX 77001-0008


Distributors of Upholstery Fabrics, Supplies, Tools and Trimmings, window
hardware, automotive fabrics, marine fabrics, automotive, drapery,
automotive material, vinyl, automotive vinyl, commercial vinyl.
New Orleans, LA 70186-6789


Full line stocking distributor with complete inventory of automotive,
marine, and furniture fabrics, vinyls, and supplies with branches in
Norwood, MA, Rochester, NY, and Richmond, VA.
Richmond, VA 23231


Wholesale distributor of decorative upholstery fabrics and upholstery
Louisville, KY 40201-2556


Distributor of janitorial sanitary maintenance supply distributor
St. Paul, MN 55101-2455


Distributors of floor cleaning systems
Mundelein, Illinois 60060-3808


Distributor of fine paper, food service supplies, industrial
and janitorial products
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74158-0000


One of the largest janitorial and paper products suppliers in the
south of the US. Service accounts such as schools, hospitals,
nursing homes, apartments, banks, restaurants, deli's, gas stations,
industrial shops, ships, offshore, industrial plants, doctor's
offices, dentists.
Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037-0074


Distributor to the bakery business and food service industry
Fairfax, Vermont 05454


Manufacturers Representatives for the Water and Wastewater Industry
Issaquah, WA 98027


Since 1975, company has served the chemical process, pharmaceutical, water
treatment, beverage, utilities, metals, plating, and general industries
with specialty chemical metering pumps, positive displacement pumps, self
priming pumps, centrifugal & ANSI pumps, agitators, tanks, heat exchangers,
Manchester, MO 63021-5353


Exclusive representatives for manufacturers of quality products for process
control instrumentation and power quality equipment with applications in:
- Petrochemical
- Utility and Power Generation
- Water and Wastewater Treatment
- Food Manufacturing
- Manufacturing
Berthoud, CO 80513


Distributor of laboratory and process control instrumentation, test and
measurement applications, and data acquisition
Radnor, PA 19087


Distributor of powder coating and metal finishing to manufacturers in
San Diego, Los Angeles, Mexico.
San Diego, CA 92126


Distributors of drilling mud and cable & rotary equipment
Miami, FL 33054


Manufacturer's representative, distributor, and reseller of industrial
equipment based in Miami, Fl. U.S.A. with regional offices located in
Panama City, Panama. Complete/total distributor of power transmission
and material handling equipment. The territory they cover is the
Caribbean, Central and South America. Primary clients are in the
following industries: Cement, Mining, Sugar Mills, Steel Mills, Bottling
plants, etc.
Miami, FL 33122


Wholesale distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies, represents
more than 300 top quality manufacturers
Miami, FL 33168


Distributor of tires, tubes and tires related products, with distribution
centers strategically located through out North America, the Middle East
and the Far East to serve our customers worldwide.
Miami, Florida 33178


Distributor of pressure treated wood, hardware and dock accessories for
marine construction and other exterior uses
Naples, FL 34104


Full service theatrical equipment stocking distributor specializing in the
sales, rentals, and service of all major manufacturers of lighting
products, Control Equipment, Photographic and Other Unique Lamps, Color
Correction Filters and Related Accessories for the Photographic, Film,
Video, Theatrical and Entertainment Industries. We are stocking
distributors for the most popular names in Photographic Lighting and Grip
Equipment such as Mole Richardson, Arri, Lowel, Matthews, Avenger, Strand,
Desisti, Bogen/Cine, FlexFill, Frezzi, LTM, The Great American Market and
many others.
Miami, FL 33161


Master distributor of speciality component parts
Bloomingdale, IL 60108-7070


Worldwide leader in the metals distribution and processing industry. As one
of the top 20 steel service centers in the United States with facilities
throughout the world theyservice small clients but also companies like
Fortune 500 Companies, such as Boeing, General Electric, and United
Exton, PA 19341


Distributor of SMT adhesives, soldering flux, carbon paste,
solderable copper paste, silver paste, and various dielectric
pastes for both SMT and PCB industries.
Prosper, TX 75078


Distributor of laminates, prepreg, imaging, and drilling
products in the Midwest, USA.
Eagan, MN 55121


Distributor of silicon-on-insulator (soi) wafers, and non-
silicon wafers available in diameters from 50mm to 300mm.
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-8061


Distributor of industrial fuses, and accessories.
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069


Distributor of mix and machinery to produce churros
and cream filled churros.
Miami, FL 33166


Distributors of cleanroom and static control products
including specialized contract cleanroom product cleaning,
conversion, and packaging services.
Fairborn, OH 45324


Distributor and manufacturer's representative of test and
measurement equipment.
Carrollton, TX 75006


Distributor of electrical equipment and components for
industrial MRO and OEM applications and the commercial MRO
market with products for building and facility maintenance.
Buffalo, NY 14220


Distributor of calibration and test instruments.
Rochester, NY 14624


National warehouse and distributor of air filtration products.
Specializing in HEPA and Ashrae filters and all cleanroom
Allentown, PA 18103


Distributor of sterile and non-sterile latex, nitrile and
vinyl gloves, apparel, wipes, and cleaning and disinfecting
North Bergen, NJ 07047


Distributor and systems integrator specializing in industrial
automation and control systems.
San Rafael, CA 94901


Distributor and integrator of process controls equipment
including extrusion controls for temperature, power and
Matthews, NC 28106


Wholesale distributor of business and office products,
computer supplies, office furniture, facilities and
maintenance supplies to the USA and Canada.
Smyrna, Georgia 30081-1266


Wholesale distributor of HVACR equipment and supplies, controls, valves,
tubing, parts, fish cookers, grills, heaters, propane and natural gas
supplies, regulators, industrial and commercial controls, thermometers,
pressure switches and related items
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401


Distributor of bearings, castings, forgings and roller chain.
Cleveland, Ohio 44105


Distributor of products and services for process, electronic
and semiconductor manufacturers.
Wylie, TX 75098


Stocking distributor of imaging products for industrial and
machine vision, including cameras and lenses. Site lists
represented companies and product lists.
Carlsbad, CA 92008


Distributor of failure analysis, test, measurement, and sample
preparation equipment for semiconductor manufacturing.
Chandler Heights, AZ 85227


Independent stocking distributor of active, passive military,
industrial, and commercial parts.
Tampa, FL 33611


Distributors and manufacturers' agents of testing equipment for
producers and converters of paper, film and foil products.
Hadley, NY 12835


International distributor of calibration and test instruments,
representing nearly 200 manufacturers.
Rochester, NY 14624


National wholesale distributor of business products, including
office products, computer supplies, office furniture and
facilities and maintenance supplies.
Des Plaines, IL 60016-1267


Authorized distributor, Direct Color Systems full color
printers for signs, plaques, badges, tags, photo ID cards.
Melbourne, FL 32940


Distributor of name brand industrial cleaners, new and used
cleaning equipment.
Duluth, GA 30096


Distributor of industrial seals of all types including: gaskets, "O" rings,
mechanical seals, sheet rubber and oil seals. Represent the JM Clipper,
Anchor, Sepco, Durametallic, Grafoil, Borg Warner, U.S. Seal, Durabla and
Utex lines.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Distributor of thermal insulations and accessories for
industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.
McKees Rocks, PA 15136


Distributor of Associated Spring/Raymond Die Springs, compression,
extension, torsion, nitrogen, metric and custom springs. Also
distributor of die maker supplies, industrial supplies, tooling, and
material handling equipment.
South Holland, IL 60473


Distributor of industrial products for maintenance, manufacturing,
metalworking & municipalities
Melrose Park, IL 60164


One of the nation's largest direct marketers of industrial
supplies and equipment
Melville, New York 11747-3151


A leading international distributor of industrial chemicals and raw
materials. Delivers chemicals around the world and provides the
essential link between manufacturers and end users of chemicals.
The added value we provide includes blending, dilution, mixing
and packaging. In addition we take care of storage, transport,
technical services and just in time deliveries, all according to
the specific needs of each one of their 50,000 customers.
Houston, TX 77007


Industrial distributor for hydraulic and pneumatic components.
Cleveland, Ohio 44132


Distributor of industrial and large commercial floor cleaning machines.
Stocking Alto-American Lincoln, Nilfisk Advance, and Factory
Cat, as well as used and rental machines and chemicals.
Ashland, Virginia 23005


One of the leading wholesale warehouse suppliers of pipe and tubing,
valves, fittings, and piping accessories in the United States.
Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, they use their extensive inventories,
vast distribution network, and close relationships with US and Foreign
manufacturers to provide our customers with a level of service, product
availability, and competitive pricing rarely found in the industry.
Brooklyn, NY 11232


Importer of parts manufactured from many different materials and processes.
Raleigh, NC 27613


Importers of polyester staple fiber for the US textile and nonwovens
Also, cotton, polyester, polyamide and blended yarns, polyamide chips, and
name brand socks.
Burlington, NC 27216


Importers and wholesale distributors of woven and nonwovens fabrics for
agricultural, covering, technical, industrial and consumer product
applications. Also, a range of woven, bulk, burlap and mesh bags.
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852


Importers of a wide range of industrial yarns for knitting and weaving,
from cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide, spandex and blends. Also, specialty
New York, NY 10018


Distributor of a full line of tooling and composite materials including
bagging film, sealant tape, release agents, breathers, bleeders, vacuum
pumps, valves, and hoses, pressure sensitive tapes, high temperature
tapes, epoxies, adhesives, abrasives, cutting tools, fiberglass, velcro,
air tools, rubber and much more.
Lindenhurst, NY 11757


Importers of flat and jacquard woven textile fabrics for upholstery,
bedding, apparel, luggage and bags, and industrial applications. Detailed
catalog, with fabric constructions and technical data.
Haledon, NJ 07538-0250


Distributor of combustion equipment and combustion systems for
industrial, municipal, cogeneration, and independent power producers
Monroe, Michigan 48161


Distributor of lab supplies from over 1000 manufacturers
Vernon Hills, IL 60061


Distributor of laboratory instruments, supplies and chemicals. Products
for specific lab and field applications are featured along with
products for niche markets like paint, petroleum, water, wastewater,
bioscience, safety and industrial labs.
Swedesboro, NJ 08085-0099


Distributor of scientific instruments, equipment, supplies, workstations
and chemicals used by research laboratories; diagnostic instruments, test
materials and related products for clinical laboratories (serving over
350,000 customers)
Pittsburgh, PA 15275


Distributor of analytical chemistry equipment and supplies to federal and
state government research and testing laboratories
Vienna, VA 22182


Full-line distributor of laboratory equipment, furniture, supplies and
reagent chemicals with over 40,000 line items listed
South Plainfield, NJ 07080


Distributor of quality products used in life science, pharmaceutical,
biomedical, environmental and industrial laboratories
Albany, NY 12201


Distributor of lab equipment and supplies, safety equipment, material
handling items, first aid and facility identification products
Janesville, WI 53546


Distributor of 300,000 items of laboratory equipment and supplies. Complete
line of laboratory equipment, furniture, chemicals and supplies for life
science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental, petroleum and industrial
Albany, NY 12205


Distribution of scientific supplies, operates in 18 countries, employs
more than 6,000 people and serves the industrial, pharmaceutical,
educational and governmental markets
West Chester, PA 19380


Importer of electronics, electrical components, cables and industrial
equipment for US companies.
Lacy, WA 98509


Distributor of complete supplies for cleanrooms and laboratories
Encinitas, CA 92024


Mid-Atlantic regional wholesaler of office products serving the retail
office products dealers in the USA since 1967
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134


World's largest distributor of office products and an industry leader in
every distribution channel, including stores, direct mail, contract
delivery, the Internet and business-to-business electronic commerce.
Delray Beach, Florida 33445


Distributor of business furniture, computer furniture to business,
institutions and governments worldwide.
Wyncote, PA 19095-1936


Distributor of office furniture including chairs, lockers, lamps, panels,
stools, tables, mail sorters, trash cans etc
Milwaukee, WI 53203


Distributor of furniture, equipment, products and information technology
Charlotte, NC 28213


International distributor of office supplies and paper
Boise, ID 83728-0001


Distributor of 25,000+ business office products, office furniture, computer
supplies and janitorial supplies
Oakland, California 94621


Largest distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related
equipment, safety supplies and MRO products and services to industrial and
commercial markets.
Radnor, PA 19087


Wholesale of surplus including used office machines - Bursters, shredders,
checksigners, letter openers, inserting machines, paper folders, Bank
equipment surplus such as, coin machines, encoders, microfilmers, data
processing equipment, Digital cameras, polaroid cameras and film, 35 mm
film, in date and close-dated. VCR's, camcorders, Sporting goods
Surplus new and used business telecommunication equipment (PBX and
telephones) in the Lucent / Avaya product line, D7G bulldozers and other
heavy equipment, Surplus electrical inventory, Surplus toner, cartridges,
used cartridges, magnetic media, data tapes and cartridges, Video tapes
and DVDs.
San Diego, CA 92103


One of the world's largest distributors of forest, agricultural and steel
products in North America.
Has more than 180 distribution and stocking locations across the U.S., and
full-service transportation Distributor of Hardwood or Softwood Lumber,
Boards, Structural Panels, Engineered Panels, Engineered Lumber, Steel,
Grains, Fertilizers, Poles, Piling and Logs.
Portland, OR 97208


Distributor of electronics tools, tool kits, test instruments and shipping
cases to field service technicians
Denver, CO 80231


Direct importer of Industrial Plastic Laminates, distributor of
high quality FR-4 and G-10 epoxy sheets and canvas and linen
phenolic sheets.
Pocono Lake, PA 18347


Distributor of engineering plastics in sheet, rod and tube.
Eden Prarie, MN 55344


Distributor of vulcanized laminates: G-7, G-10, and G-11. Main distributor
in the USA for canvas and fine weave canvas laminates.
Wilmington, DE 19803


Distributor of sheets, tubes, rods as well as tools for the industry.
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


Wholesale distributors of plastic sheets, rods, and tubes.
Austin, TX 78660


Full Service distributor of PVC, Polypropylene and high density
Polyethylene sheet, film and a complete line of quality ring metals, premium
quality chipboard and PVC foam.
Dominguez Hills, CA 90220


Distributor of double polished clear and tinted PVC film, extruded PVC,
expanded vinyl, press-polished flexible and rigid, polypropylene film
and sheets.
New York, NY 10016


Distributor of surplus, closeouts, & manufacturer's liquidations
of tools, tool accessories, hobby supplies and abrasives
Bristol, PA 19007


Distributor of a full line of mechanical insulation products for
use in commercial and industrial markets. Also distributor of a
full line of heating, ventilating and air conditioning products.
Services all market segments from large commercial shops to
residential heating and cooling contractors, with products ranging
from heating and cooling products, prefab ductwork and
everything in between.
Wilmington, MA 01887


Full-service distributor offering a wide range of power tools and
accessories, generators, compressors, pumps, hand tools, safety
supplies, concrete forming hardware, concrete curing chemicals,
grout, fasteners, and anchors. Also carries a complete line of
miscellaneous products such as shovels, picks, ladders, measuring
tapes, saw blades, drill bits, taps, and abrasive products.
Birmingham 35222


Distributor of commercial and industrial lighting products and hand dryers.
Louisville, KY


Southern Tennessee's largest selection of lighting and accessories,
featuring over 8,000 items on display, distributor of lighting accessories
Huntsville, AL 35801


Importer and stocking distributor of bearings and seals for
industrial applications.
Oakland, CA 94601


Importer of hot air tools and blowers.
Romeoville, IL 60446

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