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USA - garden - Importers / distributors

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

Miami, USA

Importers and distributors of ample flower products viz.,
Charolotte, M.Delbard, Carola, Virginia, Polo, Timeless, Vendela,
Columbian grown red pearls, etc.

Miami, USA

Importers and wholesalers of artificial plants, trees, flowers &
accessories, etc.

Rosemead, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of lucky bamboo dracaena stalks, money
tree pachira plants and bare rooted canes.

Boston, USA

Importers and wholesalers of twigs, baskets & garden accessories
catering to florists, garden centers, craft industry, etc.

Quincy, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of wide range of products specializing
in floral and home decor.

Menasha, USA

Distributors of floral, nursery and greenhouse supplies.

Tacoma, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of fresh flowers, plants, floral
supplies and giftware.

Dix Hills, USA

Distributors of greenhouses, solariums, conservatories, accessories,
replacement parts for hobbyists and commercial growers.

Salem, USA

Wholesalers of greenhouses viz., stretch greenhouse, lean-to
greenhouse, double-wide greenhouse, gable greenhouse, econo
greenhouses, deluxe cold frame, gable cold frame, accessories for
gardeners & growers, etc.

Tuscaloosa, USA

Distributors of address markers, decorative signs, mailbox posts,
statuary, sundials, doorbells, doormats, door knockers, doorstops,
downspouts, faucets, flags, fountains, furniture, garden bells,
garden sheds, garden signs, gazebos, gazing globes, gift
certificates, greenhouses, hammocks, herb markers, hose guides, etc.

Dayton, USA

Distributors of burlap nursery squares, rolls, bags, greenhouse
coverings and other nursery products.

Pompano Beach, USA

Wholesalers and distributors for nurseries, grower & landscape
supplies viz., bio barrier superabsorbents, mycorrhizae, slings,
root control bags, landscape fabrics, pruning shears florimulch,
backpack sprayers, nutri-pak(R), smart pots, etc.

Earth City, USA

Distributors of plant rooting hormones, controllers, misting &
watering accessories, watering systems, lighting & accessories,
horticultural products, etc.

Camarillo, USA

Distributors of horticultural supplies viz., custom shade cloth,
containers, media, fertilizers, injectors, hand tools, carts,
dollies, wheelbarrows & cold frame structures, etc.

North Kansas City, USA

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of flowers, plants & floral
supplies viz., fresh flowers & greens, blooming & green plants,
decorative florist supplies, permanent flowers, baskets & pottery,
ornamental items and everyday florist supplies.

Milwaukee, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of benching, containers, fertilizers,
greenhouse repair, greenhouses, ground cover, heating & ventilation,
injectors, irrigation, labels & makers, landscape edging, lawn &
garden, plant packaging, plant protection, plant support,
polycarbonate extrusions, polyfilm & accessories, pot covers &
sleeves, rooting/seeding, systems, safety, seeders & propagation,
shade, soilless media, sprayers, etc.

St Louis, USA

Distributors of horticultural products viz., chemical applicators,
safety & storage, lawn & garden supplies, books & parts,
fertilizers, injectors & soil test equipment, greenhouse covering &
greenhouse accessories, soil conditioners, growing media, wetting
agents, heating, cooling, ventilation & humidification equipment,
horticultural supplies, tools, landscape products, power & manual
horticultural equipment, plant containers, etc.

Grand Rapids, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of horticultural supplies viz., turf &
landscape management, greenhouse & nursery operations, lawn &
garden, commercial growing, ponds & water gardens, wild bird
supplies, etc.

McMinnville, USA

Distributors of horticultural products viz., lawn irrigation, low
volume irrigation, mist propagation, nursery carts, pipe fittings,
pressure regulators, pruning tools, pumps rooting hormone, shutters,
solenoid valves, spades, thermostats, timers, anti-transpirant,
automatic roof vent, ball carrier, batten tape, containers -
greenhouse, containers - nursery, cooling systems, crop cover, drip
tape, fertilizer injectors, etc.

Lakeland, USA

Distributors of agricultural, horticultural & industrial products
viz., Polysack - shade cloth & net, Decade - shipping containers,
Medius - homogeneous horticultural foam, Dongjin - floral
propagation trays, etc.

Bantam, USA

Importers of flower bulbs viz., Allium, Amaryllis, Amaryllis,
Anemone Giants, Crocus, Freesias, Fritillaria, Hyacinth, Iris,
Lilies-Asiatic Hybrids, Lilies-longiflorum-Asiatics, Lilies-Chinese
Trumpets, Lilies-Oriental Hybrids, Miscellaneous Bulbs, Muscari,
Narcissi, Paperwhites, Ranunculus, Scilla, Tulips, etc

Ipswich, USA

Importers of finest quality topsize flowerbulbs viz., Allium,
Amaryllis, Anemones, Camassia, Chionodoxa, Crocus, Lily, daffodils,
Tulips, Freesia, Daylilies, etc.

Greenwich, USA

Wholesalers of tulips, daffodils, speciality bulbs, landscapers,

Coppell, USA

Importers and distributors of garden products from the leading
brands viz., Hoogendoorn Automation Climate Control & Labor
Management systems, Green Meteor irrigation & gutter products,
Oerlemanns plastics, Swingtec sprayers, Berg carts, Mardenkro
shading, Paskal clips, Bato buckets, Netafim irrigation, Hanna
instruments, MicroGrow climate control systems, Lankhorst
twine, etc.

Houston, USA

Wholesalers of all types of home & office accessories viz.,
electronics, fund raiser items, gift baskets, health & beauty,
holiday gifts, home decorations, housewares, jewelry collection,
merchandise kits, kitchenware, garden decor, luggage, medieval
legends, memo holders, business gifts, patriotic products, product
pictures, etc.

Blaine, USA

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of gifts viz., home decor,
garden decorative accessories, tabletop products, fashion jewelry,
fountains, garden sticks, garden statues, wall hanging, decorative
mirrors & frames, wall plaques, home & office furniture, pillar
candles, ball candles, gel candles, candle stick, candleholder,
stationary accessories, etc.

Colorado Springs, USA

Wholesalers of fresh flowers viz., raphaela, peekaboo, alsmeres
gold, konfetti, lily elite, waxflower, willow curly, bird of
paradise, eucalyptus silver dollar, misty blue limonium, etc.

Watsonville, USA

Distributors of Johnsen Nurseries viz., stephanotis, larkspur, iris,
gardenias, hydrangeas, statice, gypsophila, eucalyptus, ivy calla,
lillies, leptospermum, tuberoses, heather, solidago, etc.

San Francisco, USA

Importers and wholesalers of quality novelty items viz., flowering,
fruiting branches & vines, roses, domestic field flowers, etc.

Camarillo, USA

Wholesalers of floral supplies viz., craft materials, decorative
packaging items, fancy ribbons, holiday merchandise, floral
designers, craft merchandisers, interior design professionals, party
planners, balloon designers, wedding planners, gift
basket/decorative packaging services, etc.

New York, USA

Importers & wholesalers of fine blooms & plants viz., sunflower,
eucharis lily, french tulip, calla lily, hyacinth, viburnum,
flowering cherry, white dogwood, lavander lilac, wax flower, circus
rose, black baccara, ilios, rose, leonidas rose, etc.

Oakland, USA

Importers & wholesalers of wide assortment of flowers viz., roses,
tulips, lilies, orchids, callalilies, hydrangeas, carnation,
freesia, etc.

Fort Lauderdale, USA

Wholesalers of fresh cut flowers & greens viz., lilies, ivory
vendela, coral movie star, pink peckoubo, vibrant magenta hot
prince, striking purple rose, blue curiosa, casa blancas, devotion,
bergamo, stargazer, arena, carnations, daisies, gerbera daisies,
fugi mums, heliconias, ginger, birds of paradise, orchids, etc.

Lane Carpinteria, USA

Wholesalers of fresh cut flowers viz., acacia, daffodils lavender,
fresh poppy pods, extra large agapanthus, dahlias, leis-double
protea, king, ageratum, delphinium, volkerfrieden leis-single
protea, pincushions, allium, drumstick, doobie starts, lilac-
california bush, pumpkin tree, allium in the hood, dusty miller,
lilac-dutch, pansy, amaranthus, echinacea, lily of the valley,
ranunculus, etc.

Silver Spring, USA

Wholesalers of fresh floral bouquets & cut flowers viz., english
garden, fantasy, dutch windmill, gingham madness, jambalaya, country
farmer, meadow, fire & ice, sea breeze, sun goddess, etc.

Parma, USA

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of floral products viz.,
flowers, plants, foliages and floral supplies.

Sewell, USA

Wholesalers of flowers, fruits, botanicals & other supplies viz.,
bottled beverages, candies, cheese, cookies, crackers, nuts,
preservatives, sauces, sausages, snacks, tea & coffee, farm fresh
fruit, canned meats, etc.

Chino, USA

Importers & distributors of permanent floral viz., fall, tropical,
spring, stems, christmas, greenery, home interior, etc.

New York City, USA

Wholesalers of novelty and domestic cut flowers viz., atropa,
babiana, blue lace, hepatica, sanguinaria, calla, kochia, stock,
celosia, lachenalia, eucomis, nigella, zinnia, nicotiana,
eupatorium, orchids, oxalis, eustoma, euphorbia, etc.

Northport, USA

Wholesalers of flowers viz., spray chrysanthemums, hydroponics
roses, Colombian flowers, roses, carnations, poms, tulips, French
tulips, lilies, iris, freesia, hyacinth, etc.

Boston, USA

Wholesalers of specialty cut flowers roses, hydrangea & herbs viz.,
viburnam 4h, wax eric, discolor leucadenron, dogwood flowering
branches, emu eggs, monstera leaf, myrtle, narcissus, trop
pineapples, tuberose, tulip, tulip assorted case, etc.

Detroit, USA

Wholesalers of flowers, foliages, tropicals, exotic greens, oasis
products viz., noble fir, balsam, douglas fir, white pine, cones and
decorative items.

Novato, USA

Distributors of organic flowers, fresh fruits, gourmet gift baskets,
vase, holiday wreaths and gifts.

Rosemead, USA

Distributors of indoor house plants, lucky bamboo (dracaena), ficus
retusa, money tree (pachira), and anubias (aquarium plants).

Fort Lauderdale, USA

Distributors of tropical and blooming plants viz., dwarf hibiscus,
azaleas, hydrangeas, calla lillies, reigor begonias, sweetheart ivy
baskets, lipstick hangers, for the horticultural and floral

St Parkland, USA

Wholesalers of foliage, blooming plants, outdoor plants, dish
gardens, totem, topiaries, terrariums, bromeliads, orchids, lucky
bamboo, etc.

West Windsor, USA

Importers and distributors of tropical cut flowers & foliages viz.,
anthuriums, orchids, gingers, birds of paradise, heliconias, protea,
dendrobium, phalaenopsis, oncidium, etc.

Independence, USA

Wholesalers of green moss, Spanish moss, display moss & wire
baskets, floral, craft, interior display, pet supplies and topiary.

Valley Center, USA

Importers and wholesalers of orchid plants, books on orchids & cut

Mt View, USA

Importers of exotic tropical flowers, anthuriums and foliage.

Kea'au, USA

Wholesalers of cut tropical flowers viz., anthuriums, heliconias,
ginger, orchids, foliage, orchid plants and Hawaiian leis.

Liberty, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of floral supplies including plants and
cut flowers.

Farmingdale, USA

Wholesalers of fresh cut flowers and exotic flora viz., alium,
alstromeria, amaryllis, anemone, anthurium, asparagus, asters,
astilbe, bear grass, birds of paradise, bouvardia, boxwood, brunia,
calcynia, calicarpa, calla lily, carnations, casablanca, etc.

Charleston, USA

Wholesalers of cut flowers from the leading brands viz., Florallife,
Continental Floral, Norben, Knud Nielson, Smithers-Oasis, Floral-
Pak, John Henry, Candle Artisans, Syndicate Sales, Vacuum
Ornamental, Floral Craft, Highland Supply, etc.

Atlanta, USA

Wholesalers of fresh flowers and plants viz., orchid plants,
heliconias, tropical flowers, etc.

Garden City, USA

Importers of cut and uncut flowers and plants.

Atlanta, USA

Importers & wholesalers of cut flowers.

Hilo, USA

Wholesalers of tropical flower viz., anthuriums, orchids, lei items,
heliconia, protea, foliage, etc.

Miami, USA

Wholesalers of roses, carnations, chrysantemums, fillers, tropicals,
wedding flowers, combo boxes, greens, etc.

Albuquerque, USA

Distributors of equipments for the lawn & garden, landscape,
commercial greenhouse and golf trade.

Atlanta, USA

Wholesalers of unique decorative products for the home and garden
viz., suffolk fairies, America's garden, Batrix Potter, water
fountains, peanuts garden collection, home styles pottery, etc.

Seymour, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of birdbaths, packet seeds, topiary
systems, iron works, pottery, garden accent lines garden

Garden City Park, USA

Wholesalers for chimney caps, wood heat vents, cupolas &
weathervanes & other home & garden items viz., full size copper
weathervanes, cottage weathervanes, weathervane accessories, copper
finials, cupolas, metal ceilings, oak grilles vents & registers,
wood floor medallions, copper roof vents & flashings, gutter
accessories, underground garbage cans, fireplace & chimney dampers,
chimney caps exhausto chimney fans, etc.

Lennon, USA

Wholesalers of garden products viz., gnomes 15inch garden, 8 inch
garden, etc.

Shoreline, USA

Distributors of Ecogrow line of plant nutrients, orchids, colossal
cucumbers, titanic tomatoes, gigantic greens, systems, mediums,
videos, stimulants, pumps, bug control, timers, air purifiers etc.

Navasota, USA

Wholesalers of container grown and containerized shade and
ornamental trees, landscape trees, etc.

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

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