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USA - food - Importers / distributors

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

New Orleans, USA

Suppliers to the diverse needs of importing and exporting, custom
manufacturing, ingredients for manufacturing, and food
service/retail distribution.

Pompano Beach, USA

Suppliers of speciality foods

Los Angeles, USA

Distributors of seafood fresh and frozen seafood, as well as
frozen prepared appetizers, entrees, and desserts since 44 years.

Richmond, USA

Wholesaler and distributor of all kinds of food proudcts including

Addison, USA

Distributor for suppliers serving industries including paint and
coatings, adhesives, asphalt, automotive, building, chemical,
electronics, flooring, food, foundries, graphic arts, printing inks,
oil and grease, paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, putty, caulks,
sealants, rubber, detergents and wallpaper.

Elmsford, USA

Distributor of paint and coatings, plastics, adhesives, printing
ink, paper, textile food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Los Angeles, USA

Distributors of grease & lubricants, plastic, coatings, cosmetics &
food, printing ink, adhesives sealants, etc.

Fayetteville, USA

Distributor of a full range of food additives, food processing
chemicals and specialty chemicals viz., acidulants, alcohol,
denurated, aloe, ammonium phsphates, anti-caking agents,
antioxidants, ascorbic acid, baking soda, baking powder, benzoic
acid, butter powders, powder flavors, buttermilk powder, calcium
caseinate, calcium chloride, citric acid, colors, natural &
artificial colors, corn syrup solids, creamer, decorettes,
dehydrated fruit, dehydrated vegetables. dextrose, eggs, powdered
emulsifiers, essicum, ethylene glycol, fat replacers,etc.,

Long Island City, USA

Distributors of compressed gases and metalworking equipment for
aerospace, airlines, automative repair manufacturing, construction,
electronics, environmental, pharmaceuticals, pipe fabrication, food
& beverage, heating, ventilating & air conditioning service,
plumbing, welding and cutting, etc.

Sanford, USA

Importers of fine foods viz., apple pies, pastry, joconde sheets,
hellema cookies, chocklates, jaka chocklates, danish, tartes, cream
rolls, cream puffs, eclairs, etc.

Woburn, USA

Distributor of fresh meats, poultry, seafood, and specialty
groceries viz., dairy & cheese, smoked products, charcuterie,
branded beef, lamb, fancy desserts, bakery ingredients, chocklates,
fresh produce & juices, fresh & frozen pasta, sea food, pork,
poultry, etc.

Hollywood, USA

Distributors of dry food, frozen food from leading brands viz.,
American Roland Food Corp, Baumer Foods, Bertolli, CCDA (Dannon
Water), Clorox, Reynolds, Advance foods, Bakery Chef, Chef
Solutions, Cremes Unlimited, Dannon Yogurts and Holiday Foods, etc.

Chicago, USA

Importers, distributors and wholesalers of Asian & oriental food
products, grocery, resturant and food service products.

Northbrook, USA

Distributor of gourmet speciality gift foods viz., choclate, candy,
cookies, coffee, tea, crackers, cheese, etc.

Brea, USA

Distributor of health and natural products viz., bread and bakery,
desserts and snacks, fruits and vegetables, baby food, baking
ingredients, candy, gum & snacks, coffee & coffee substitute,
juices, meat, poultry & sea food, soup, herb tea, herbs, garlic,
homeopathic, minerals, sports nutrition, etc.

Baltimore, USA

Wholesaler and distributor of high quality greek cheeses, olives,
olive oil, pasta, speciality coffee, macroni, flour, dolmades,
Bulgarian sheep milk cheese, Vavel products, coffee pots & sets,

Kensington, USA

Distributors of plastics and chemicals viz., antiblock additives,
antioxydants, antislip additives, antistatic additives, block
additives, blow agents, bopp, coatings for food products, etc.

Charlestown, USA

Distributor of refrigerated food products viz., milk, flavoured
milk, juices, bacon, lemonade, butter, margarine, shakeups,
applecider, eggs, puddings, whipped cream, flavoured drinks, yogurt,
creams, cheese, carbonated beverages, muffins, cookies, etc.

Surry, USA

Wholesalers of hams & smoked bacons, grocery & sausages.

New York, USA

Distributors of sweetners, non-dairy creamer, stuffing mixtures,
crumbs & cracker meal, snacks & snack mixes, speciality items, etc.

St. Paul, USA

Distrubutors of restaurant products viz., spice, meat, dry and
canned products, frozen sea foods, fresh produce, refrigerated
products, noodle products, tableware, glassware, disposable paper
products, cleaning supplies, etc.

New York, USA

Importers of spices, herbs, sweets, coffee, tea & healthy snacks,
essence & flavouring, fruits, gourmet & spec foods, nuts & seeds,
oils, olives, pastries, pickles, breads & papadum, incense sticks &
accessories, etc.

St. Louis, USA

Importer and Wholesaler of Italian food products viz., pizza, pizza
sauce, baked spinach pizza bread, pasta dough, mama's tomato sauce,
lasagne & sauce, pesto sauce, rusotto-yellow rice, pasta with garlic
& olive oil, etc.

Piscataway, USA

Importers and Distributor of food products viz., spaghettini,
capellini, spaghetti, linguine, rigatoni, penne rigate, etc.

Calera, USA

Distributor of food & beverage, cleaning materials, equipmenet,
chefex, disposables, healthcare, etc.

Severn, USA

Importer and Distributor of food and food products viz., soups &
sauces, fruit salads & vegetables, upscale bread & desert items,
Latin cuisine, gourmet tea, Asian cuisine, poultry, Veal, pork,
lamb & deli meats, seafood, Mexican, cheese & dairy, cakes, pies,
oils, frozen & dry goods, gourmet coffee, paper goods & disposables,
resturant equipment, etc.

Grand Rapids, USA

Distributor of food products viz., beverage, dairy, disposables,
fresh produce, frozen foods, grocery, meats, poultry, sanitation,
seafood, tabletop & supplies.

Saint Louis, USA

Distributor of foodservice of leading brands viz., Anchor, Saralee
Foods, Tyson, Campbell's, General Mills, McCaine, Singleton,
Pillsbury, etc.

Cincinnati, USA

Distributor of foodservice viz., dairy, dry goods, foodservice
equipments, greek foods, meat, fresh box, frozen meat, paper
products, poultry, fresh produce, salads, seafood, frozen food, etc.

Plymouth, USA

Distributor of frozen food products viz., chicken, turkey, beef,
seafood, pasta, bakery, breakfast items, desert items, sandwich
items, etc.

New Orleans, USA

Importers and Distributors of ready-to-eat cereal, condiments, cream
of coconut, corn, corn meal products, power drink mixes, wheat &
rice flour, powder gelatines, dry fruits & nuts, fruit juice
concentrates, oils, pasta & pizza, etc.

Woburn, USA

Distributor of fresh meats, poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables,
minatures and specialty groceries.

Mount Sterling, USA

Distributors of dry food & beverages, frozen food, dry grocery,
frozen grocery, health & beauty, foodservice, candy, snacks, non
foods, etc.

Sugarcreek, USA

Distributor of fresh cut beef, ground beef, fresh cut pork, veal and
lamb, etc.

Wentzville, USA

Distributor of poultry, meat, prepared foods, fruits & vegetables,
desserts, dry goods, sea food, appetizers and potatoes, etc.

Glen Burnie, USA

Distributor of foodservice and equipment viz., glasses, soda,
plates, oven, carryout tray, bag, mop, bucket, dish machine and
chemicals, etc.

Le Mars, USA

Distributor of beef, poultry, pork, seafood, appetizers, potatoes,
vegetables, hotdogs, soups. etc.

Minnetonka, USA

Distributors of Pillsbury foodservice baking mixes, Hungry Jack,
Martha White, Pet evaporated milk, Robin hood - the interactive
baker, Red River Cereal, etc.

Brooklyn, USA

Distributor of high quality cheese, tomato, flour, miscellaneous,
non-food products, etc.

Cedar Falls, USA

Distributor of high quality foodservice equipment, restuarant
equipment and supplies to foodservice establishments, care
facilities, and schools.

Portland, USA

Wholesaler of quality food products viz., cheese sauces, pasta,
meats, gyro, seafood, fried foods, mushrooms, breads, soups and soup
bases, beans, milk & eggs, prepared salads, oils, shortening,
butter, pickles & olives, vegetables & fruits, flour & baking
supplies, spices, salad dressings, condiments, misc. food products,
food service equipment, paper goods, janitorial supplies, etc.

Grand Rapids, USA

Wholesalers of fresh produce of fruits and related items viz., dried
fruit, nuts, juices, birdseed, charcoal, salad dressing, full range
of organic produce & fresh herbs, etc.

Portland, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of wide range of fruits from apples to
zucchini, vegetables & herbs and deli items, salads and pizza.

Seattle, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of lettuce, bunch vegetables, misc.
vegetables, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, garlic,
squash, root vegetables, citrus, apples, melons, berries, tropical
fruits, misc fruits, herbs, gourmets, etc.

Bonita, USA

Distributor of frozen avocado pulp.

Watsonville, USA

Wholesalers and Distributors of conventional and organic fresh
vegetables and fruits.

Dinuba, USA

Wholesalers of farm fresh quality fruit viz., peaches, plums,
nectarines, apricots, white flesh peaches, white flesh nectarines,
kiwifruit, persimmons, pomegranates, pluots, apriums and fresh
prunes, etc.

Middle Town, USA

Importers of fresh, frozen and dried mushroom viz., chanterelle,
porcini, morel, black trumpet, hedgehog, yellowfoot, fairy ring,
truffles, st. george, cauliflower, parasol mush, blue foot, saffron
milk-cap, yellow knight, silk grey, purple mousseron, etc.

Westbury, USA

Importers of cashew nuts, Brazilnuts, hazelnuts, pinenuts, raisins,
coconut, banana chips, peaches and pears, prunes, tropical fruit,
dates, currants, coconut, chinese apples, orange peel, glace fruits,
cocoa powder, etc.

Elk Grove Village, USA

Distributor of edible nuts and sesame seeds, snack 'n' crunch mix,
chopped macadamias, pine nuts from the leading brands viz., Fisher,
Evon's, Flavor Tree, Sunshine Country, and Texas Pride.

Yonkers, USA

Distributors of nuts viz., almonds, cashews, peanuts, mixed fruity,
mixed health, pecans, pistachios, seeds, & candies viz., bubble gum,
candy corn, gummy bears, jelly rings, lollypops, mint balls, vanilla
caramels, strawberry creams, spearmint, gift baskets, etc.

Madera, USA

Wholesalers of high quality gourmet nuts & foods, dried fruits, etc.

Bronx, USA

Importer of nuts and snack seeds viz., pistachios, cashews,
macadamias, mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,
confectionery treatss, etc.

Minneapolis, USA

Distributors of full range of food and non-food products viz., dry
groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen foods, fresh processed
meat products, dairy products, health & beauty aids, paper products,
cleaning supplies & small household items.

St Augustine, USA

Distributor of natural, organic and speciality foods viz., tofu,
frozen vegetables, easy meals, pasta sauces, cheese, tongul tuna,
crackers, nut & seed butters, cakes, fruit spreads, frozen fruit,
smoothie makers, cookies, juice & fruit,concentrates, sweeteners,
necessities, etc.

Savannah, USA

Distributor of food products viz., hot dogs, smoked sausage, smoked
meats, deli, etc.

Eagle, USA

Wholesalers of plastic containers and glass bottles viz., cosmetic
plastic container, candle containers, clearance plastic containers,
gift basket containers, food-grade packaging, food storage, water
storage, custom decoration, etc.

Hubertus, USA

Wholesalers of nuts, candies, snack mixes, chocolates, gourmets
food, holiday candies, cookies, gourmet coffee, fruits, etc.

Phoenix, USA

Distributors of coffee, bagged snacks, candy, beverages, breakroom
supplies, sodas, pastry, micrwave entries, disposable kitchen
supplies, etc.

San Leandro, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of products viz., vending, office
coffee, mobil catering, coin laundry industries, cold beverages,
candy, snacks, hot beverages, coffee equipment, water coolers, cups
& paper goods, pastry, refrigerated foods and frozen foods, novelty
ice creams, etc.

Lenexa, USA

Distributors of popcorn products viz., popping & topping oils,
kettle corn, sweet corn, hot dogs, gourmet buns, peg pack candies,
shaped ice, slush syrups, yogort mixes, ice cream cones, corn dog,
flowering onion, waffle corn mixes, etc.

Breda, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of popcorn, popcorn machines and
popcorn supplies viz., popcorn poppers, cotton candy machines, snow
cone machines, microve popcorn, popcorn for home use, marly's
gourmet popcorn, cool drink dispensers, slush machines, etc.

Folsom, USA

Distributors of a range of food ingredients including starches,
sweeteners, acidulants, dairy powders, food chemicals, and
concentrates, etc.

Buffalo Grove, USA

Distributors of speciality ingredient to the industrial food &
pharmaceutical industries viz., confectionery, gum & stabilizers,
cheese & dairy powders, powdered cellulose, meat products etc.

San Diego, USA

Importers and wholesalers of gum, rosin, soy, and neem based
products viz., Indian neem oil, Brazilian neem leaf extract,
Brazilian neem tea, Indian neem bark powder, etc.

Brookside, USA

Importers of La Molisana pasta and Real Torino breadsticks, Real
Torino pasta, tortellini, and sauces, etc.

North Truro, USA

Wholesalers of quality culinary herbs & spices, extracts, teas,
dehydrated vegetabels, nut, seeds, botanicals, essential oils,
potpourri ingredients, fragrance oils, etc.

Bridgeport, USA

Wholesalers of waxes & oils for the following industries candle ,
paper & industrial, artistic wax, crayons, graphic arts, jewelry,
sculpture, pencil & chalk, cosmetic & medical, adhesives, additive
component, coatings, building material, food & household, etc.

Chicago, USA

Wholesalers of melt and pour soap base, coconut oil, palm oil, olive
oil, and other oils and butters.

Franklin Square, USA

Wholesalers of Italian Bread and Rolls, Portuguese Rolls, muffins,
danish, cookies, cakes, croissants and bagels.

Charlotte, USA

Wholesalers of bagel, bagel chips and breads, snacks, wraps, etc.

Burlington, USA

Distributors of bragels, cream cheese, coffee, premium smoked
turkey, jalapeno cream cheese, chopped green chilies, sliced
tomatoes & lettuce on a fresh bagel, light herb garlic cream cheese,
sweet red peppers, muenster cheese, etc.

Phoenix, USA

Distributors of Roman Meal, Aunt Hattie's, D'Italia breads, etc.

Bakersfield, USA

Distributors of sourdough and sweet dough products, bread and roll
products, etc.

Irvine, USA

Distributors of Hawaiian shave ice products & accessories.

Belle Chasse, USA

Distributors of ice shavers, snow cone, snow ball, hawaiian ice,
machines, flavors, etc.

Salt Lake City, USA

Distributors of fine shaved ice products, snow cones, flavors, etc.

Chicago, USA

Distributors of liquid, frozen and dry egg products viz., standard
whole egg, free flow whole egg, standard egg yolk, free flow egg
yolk, angel egg white, standard egg white, eggs mix, frozen whole
egg, frozen sugar yolk, frozen salted yolk, frozen egg whites, etc.

Sioux Falls, USA

Wholesalers of powdered, liquid, and frozen egg products viz.,
liquid whole eggs, liquid salted whole egg, frozen sugar yolk, angel
egg whites, standard egg whites, frozen salted yolk, etc.

Everett, USA

Distributors of eggs & range of egg products viz., whole eggs, egg
whites, yolks, peptex, hard cooked eggs, etc.

Fullerton, USA

Distributors of egg and dairy products viz., shell eggs, egg
products (pasteurized or dried), UHT milk products, sour Cream,
yogurt, premium coffee, etc.

Bunnell, USA

Distributors of books, videos, training materials, tools, and
softwares for the foodservice, restaurant and hospitality industry.

Minnetonka, USA

Wholesaler of upscale food & non-food products viz., beverages,
breads, pastas, choclates & confections, cookies, crackers,
pancakes, waffles, jams & jellies, nuts, puppy & kitty treats,
sauces, snacks, soups, spices & seasoning, syrups & toppings, etc.

Houston, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of farm fresh produce viz., potatoes,
fruits such as bananas, cigarettes, candy and beverages, etc from
leading brands.

South San Franscico, USA

Importers of fine food & wine viz., beans & vegetables, confections,
jam, syrup & honey, cookies, crackers, breadsticks, olive oil &
vinegar, tomato & sauces, cakes, wines & beverages, etc.

West Caldwell, USA

Importers and Distributors of highest quality organic fruits &
vegetables, fresh produce, flowers, deli & bakery products viz.,
Cheese, meats, salads, smoked fish, bread, cake, cookies,
condiments, speciality grocery, etc.

Gainesville, USA

Importers of chemical raw materials for the following fields water
treatment, petroleum chemicals, industrial chemicals, feed,
pharmaceuticals and speciality chemical markets.

Warren, USA

Distributors of clam meat & juice, cakes & stuffings, soups &
sauces, mussels & littleneck clams, speciality items, breaded
seafood, etc.

Lancaster, USA

Distributors of dairy, equine, specialty feeds & animal nutrition
products viz., fresh poultry, custom-cut meats, seafood, dry foods,
frozen food products, etc.

Morenci, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of quality products viz., stainless
product, automotive, awards & recognition, badges, bags & travel,
bandages & dispensers, business & desk, calendars & planners, clocks
& watches, computer accessories, drinkware, electronics, first aid
kits, food & drinks, gift sets, golf products, healthcare,
housewares, key holders, magnets, notepads & cubes, pens & pencils,
personal care, pocket & personal, sports & leisure, stress balls,
tools & lights, wearables, etc.

Sewell, USA

Wholesalers of flowers, fruits, botanicals & other supplies viz.,
bottled beverages, candies, cheese, cookies, crackers, nuts,
preservatives, sauces, sausages, snacks, tea & coffee, farm fresh
fruit, canned meats, etc.

McHenry, USA

Importers of premium quality fruits and vegetables in glass jars
viz., apples, bannanas, avacados, mangoes, melons, onions, peaches,
blue berries, tangarines, tomatoes, etc.

Cleveland, USA

Wholesalers of strawberries, tomatoes, all green leafy vegetables,
and all squashes, soft fruit, citrus, gift baskets, etc.

Gate City, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of farm fresh produce viz., vegetables
& fruits.

Forest Park, USA

Wholesaler & distributor of specialty produce viz., beans, bell
peppers, chile peppers dried, fruits, herbs, lettuce & assorted
greens, mushrooms, onions, & oriental specialities, etc.

Firebaugh, USA

Distributors of dehydrated vegetables viz., onion, toasted onion,
garlic, roasted garlic, parsley, aparaqus, red beets, etc.

Lancaster, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of farm fresh fruits, speciality
fruits, vegetables, speciality vegetables, fresh cut fruits, fresh
herbs, eggs & pickles, etc.

Ventura, USA

Distributors of farm fresh avocades, mangoes, limes, papaya, etc.

Anaheim, USA

Importer and distributors of snack foods viz., wafers, wafer sticks,
aloe vera dessert, energy drink, chips, biscuits & crackers, variety
of candy, disposable wooden & bamboo chop sticks, frozen fish,
frozen shrimp, canned tuna, canned fruits & vegetables, food
suppliments, instant noodles, vanilla beans, etc.

Jamestown, USA

Distributors of paper making chemicals, solutions, resins, vitamins,
drug, food & cosmetic, industry chemicals, polymers, etc.

Raleigh, USA

Importers of Indian pigments, dyes, food colors & raw materials for
the coatings, food, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Butler, USA

Distributors of absorbents, sweeping compounds, ice-melters, sawdust
& wood chips for smoking food.

Royse City, USA

Distributors of chemicals & speciality items viz., aerosols,
automotive & bus maintainence, carpet care, clean-up kits,
detergents & deodorizers, drainline treatments, floor care, food
service, gym floor care, hand care, ice removers, industrial
cleaners, non-aerosol pumps, odor control pumps, restroom & bowl
cleaners, solvent/ degreasers, waste water treatments, accessories,

St Louis, USA

Distributors of ice cream flavors, bases, extracts, candy pieces and
variegates for making premium ice cream.

St Louis, USA

Distributors of industrial paper supplies, maintenance, janitorial,
chemical products and disposable food service products.

Hamtramck, USA

Distributors of janitorial, safety, packaging, hardware and food
disposable products viz., brooms, brushes, mops, bins, boxes,
chemicals, dispensers, tape, tools, waste receptacles, etc.

Windermere, USA

Wholesalers of chemical and packaging components viz., oils,
vitamins, amine condensate, superamides, polyoxyethelyene esters,
sorbitan esters, glycerol, fatty, alcohol & sulfosuccinate esters,
lanolin & derivatives, preservatives, fine mist sprayers, lotion
pumps, etc., for the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Tucson, USA

Distributors of natural and organic products viz., cheese
substitutes, dairy, margarine & spreads, refrigerated tofu & tofu
Products, yogurt & kefir, beverages, breads & tortillas, desserts,
fish & meat, fruit & vegetables, meat substitutes, etc.

Neenah, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of bakery and food products from the
leading brands viz., Brechet & Richter, Brolite, Caravan, Puratos,
Roquette America, Sethness Products, Eagle Family Foods, Dennco,
Dawn Foods, Kraft, etc.

Fayetteville, USA

Distributors of natural, organic, fat-free, vegetarian, vegan,
wheat-free, dairy-free and macrobiotic food products.

Bronx, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of food products viz., boxed beef,
hanging beef, boneless beef cuts, dry aged prime & choice beef, ice
poultry, tray pack poultry, veal & veal products, lamb & lamb
products, provisions, offal & specialty cuts, etc.

Carlsbad, USA

Distributors of washdown and sanitizing equipment for the meat, food
processing, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Denver, USA

Wholesalers of all natural and grain fed buffalo meat products.

Chicago, USA

Distributors of poultry products from the leading brand Halal.

Chicago, USA

Distributors of natural sausage casings for the meat industry.

Cicero, USA

Importers and distributors of halal meats, hummus, olives, rice and
stuffed grape leaves.

Bronx, USA

Importers of perishable food products viz., chicken, turkey, pork,
beef, seafood, etc.

Miami, USA

Distributors of food processing equipments and supplies to meat
packing plants, retail meat markets, delicatessens and restaurants.

New London, USA

Distributors of food processing equipments consisting of
emulsifiers, vacuum sausage stuffers/fillers, transfer pumps and
mixer blenders.

Melbourne, USA

Distributors of meat processing equipments and spare parts to the
meat processing industry.

Des Moines, USA

Distributors of hot dog & sausage linking machines, coextrusion
systems, curing-marinating injectors, meat recovery system,
trimmers, skinners and meat, fish, poultry & lamb processing

Pittsfield, USA

Distributors of foodservice paper & plastic products, office
supplies, cleaning products & janitorial supplies & equipment viz.,
napkins, place mats, trays, stirrers, rubbermaid products, disposabl
es, party items, dishwashing supplies, deli containers, food trays,
baking cups, pan liners, wraps, foil & film, boxes for pizza,
popcorn, candy & bakery products, liquor, grocery, garbage &
disposal, aluminium plates & containers, foam trays, etc.

Oakland, USA

Distributors of rice cooker, thermo hot watre pot, thermo hot pot,
rangehood, dish dryer, soy milk maker, etc.

During this past half century it has maintained its roots
in importing from the Orient, but has also adapted to the
needs of the community by providing food products that are
healthy. The company sees itself as a blending of importing
bulk products and the packaging of the TOMOE Brand and
NATURA Brand to meet the customer's needs for quality
and freshness.

Established in 1975, is the largest importer and distributor
of fine wine, spirits and beer from Greece and Cyprus in
the United States

Importers of premium spirits from around the world
and markets them throughout North America.
New Jersey

Importer of several different neem products, including two
different grades of neem oil, powder, leaf extract and cake.

Distributor of shade-grown coffee.

Distributor of natural concentrated cleaning
products, herbal beverages, soy coffee & more.

Leading importer and distributor of neem products:
neem oil, neem cake, neem leaf extract and neem bark
powder into the United States. The imports are both
pure and emulsified (ready to use) type of neem oil.

A national distributor of chemicals for manufacturing,
research and commercial applications in the food processing,
science education, pharmaceutical and lab glassware

Importers of Wines from world over into the US markets.

Leading importers of coffee from Kenya and East Africa.

Importer of green bean coffee from the East African
countries of Kenya,Tanzania,Ethiopia and Uganda, and
all grades of Kenya Tea.

Importers of fine wines from all corners of the world.
Has distribution centers in the US and Europe.

Importers of fine New Zealand wine, specialize in
hand-crafted artisan wines from cutting-edge wineries
in wine's new frontier, New Zealand

Importers and distributor of high quality spanish wine viz.,
bodegas martinez bujanda, jaume serra, parxet and salnesur.

Well known supplier of heat shrinkable sleeves to the food,
pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Importer of glass and plastic bottles, containers, closures,
and packaging services for food, beverages, cosmetics and

Leadind distributors of the food service, janitorial,
sanitation, safety and allied industries. Territories
include Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Leading importer of Greek food items and ingridients.

Importers of biscotti/cookies, wafers, toast, breadsticks,
chocolate, panettone, pandora, Easter eggs from Italy

Importer of German gourmet foods in an assortment of tins with chocolates
and sweets

A full line foodservice distributor. Specialty is custom
cut meat.

Offers eclectic wines, imported cheese and hard to find beers.

Provides national distribution of foodservice equipment and supplies
at everyday low prices

Clothing, feed, riding equipment and supplies.

International food distributor.

Wholesaler of cold press extra virgin olive oil from Greece,
sold under the brand name "Da Prevoli."

Distributor of a wide range of food products
and canteen supplies.

Stockists for thousands of quality restaurant supplies,
bar supplies, catering supplies, cleaning supplies
including chemicals and equipment.Has been a leading
restaurant & food service supplier,and janitorial &
cleaning supplies & equipments since 1961.

Major distributor of all food packaging needs and supplies.

Leading supplier of aprons for food service, promotional,
and industrial uses

Importer of naturally aromatic aged basmati rice. Company imports
Pakistani basmati rice under three different name brands, zebra brand,
Data brand and sahar brand.

Importer of food products, including products from China and the Pacific
Rim. The company represents premier food companies involved in the
processing and marketing of: cane, beet sugars and corn sweeteners,
rice, flour, vegetable oils, bakery seeds, bread and food product
packaging, etc.
New Jersey

Importer -wholesaler-exporter of spices & basmati rice, henna

Importer and distributor of halal meats, hummus, olives, rice and
stuffed grape leaves for the retail and foodservice markets.

Manufacturer and importer of specialty food ingredients including rice
starches and flours rice protein concentrate and TomEssence a clear
tomato concentrate.

Importer and exporter of spices, rice, seeds & herbs in bulk
established in 1931.

Import Export Agency based in USA. Buyers of rice, wheat.

Wine importer and wholesaler. Distributes on a statewide basis and
sells to over 4,000 licensed customers. The California portfolio contains
premium wine producers from Oregon, California, France, Italy, Spain,
Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, New Zealand, Australia,
South Africa, Argentina and Chile. With average sustained growth of
70% over the last five years the company is quickly emerging as a
leading contender in California wholesale distribution.
Santa Cruz

Wholesale distributor of food service disposables, towels, tissues,
industrial packaging, retail packaging, janitorial
hardware and supplies.
San Luis Obispo

Wholesale distributor of premium pet food/supplies.

Wholesale food distributor - fresh/frozen.
Sun Valley

Distributor of conveyor equipment for case, pallet handling, product
handling such as foods, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Distributor of 3,500 products food products ranging from fresh beef,
pork, and poultry to canned goods, paper products, and an extensive
line of frozen foods.
Santa Maria

The largest Hispanic-owned food distributor in the United States.
Company employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. As evidence of
the success of the company today is that it operates more than
13 facilities throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Europe.
Company is dedicated to providing high-quality food and beverage
City of Industry

Food distributor of approximately 2500 items and their product mix
ranges from imported cheeses, olive oil, Kalamata olives, meat
and poultry to a variety of spices, paper goods, imported liquor,
beer and wine.
San Diego

Wholesaler of plastic food containers, candle containers, plastic bottles
and any other container or packaging need.

Distributors in providing packaging solutions for the food,
chemical, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

Distributor in the Upper Midwest, serving customers by providing
packaging products and services to the personal care, food,
health, pharmaceutical, industrial, and chemical markets.

Dealers of Uganda natural coffee beans.
Salt Lake City, UT 84125-0923

Importer of Ethiopian coffee.
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Importer of green Arabica coffee beans from Haiti
and wholesale to brokers or roasters.
Marietta, GA 30067

Fair trade importer of specialty green coffee beans and
premium roaster.
Americus, GA 31709

Importer of coffee beans from the Dominican Republic,
El Salvador, and Guatemala.
St. Simons Island, GA 31522

Imports specialty grade, rainforest alliance certified
coffee from El Salvador.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33330

Imports excellent grade coffee and chocolate from the Caribbean.
Miami, FL 33174

Importers of gourmet Brazilian specialty coffee and offers
retail & wholesale operations.
Orlando, FL 32819

Importer of fine green coffee beans from around the world.
Miami, FL 33131

Importer of the finest Mocha coffee Yemen offers
such as Sana'ani Mocha, Mattari Mocha, and Ismaeli Mocha.
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Importer of green coffees from East Africa
(Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda)
Rancho Santa Margarita,

Importer, distributor and agent for Southern California
for Lavazza Premium Coffee and Espresso

Green importer of estate coffees from 20 different world

Offers home coffee roasting equipment and the
largest selection on the net of excellent green
unroasted coffees

Distributor of candy, snacks, beverages, and office coffee supplies.

One of the largest franchisers of fast-food in the convenience store
industry. Covering every major food category Hot Stuff Pizza (R),
Smash Hit Subs(R), Mean Gene’s Burgers(R), Cinnamon Street Bakery(R).
Sioux Falls

Distributor of Coors, Miller & Boulevard Beers.
Hays KS 67601

Wholesale distributors of Chocolates Elrey gourmet chocolate
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Specialized snack food vendor and beverage distributor.
Danbury, CT 06810

Wholesale distributor of products such as beer, soft drinks, juice,
bottled water and more.
Wallingford, CT 06492

Distributor of premium wine and spirits in Chicago and surrounding
Chicago IL 60608

Wholesale food distributors serving food service accounts,
convenience stores, and independent grocers in Texas, Kansas,
Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
Weatherford, TX 76086

Wholesale foods supplier and distributor of fine southern
meats and groceries to the restaurant, grocery and food
service industries.
Surry, VA 23883

Cooperative wholesale distributor of organic produce, organic
foods, natural foods, personal care, herbs, supplements, pet
foods, to retailers, preorder coops, and buying clubs in the
Brattleboro VT 05304-8188

Natural food supplement brokerage company, representing manufacturer
lines to the health food retailers of the six New England states in
the USA.
Leeds, MA 01053

World's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, with 140
stores across the country and the District of Columbia.
Austin, TX 78703

Wholesale distributor of specialty coffee, food items, whole coffee
beans and coffee-related equipment.
Vermont 05676-1529

Wholesale foods supplier and distributor of fine southern meats and
groceries to the restaurant, grocery and food service industries.
Surry, VA 23883

Wholesale Distributors of Nuts & Dried Fruit
Novato, CA 94949

A wholesale distributor of boxed beef, pork, and lamb.
St.Cloud MN. 56301

Broadline food service distributor serving the western United States.
Seattle, WA 98106

Distributor of fresh herbs and mushrooms including matsutake,
chantrelles and others.
Seattle, WA 98107

Importer of Italian food: cakes, cookies, pasta, olive oils,
vinegar, bottled waters.
Lakeland Fl 33803

Importers of olive oil
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Food brokerage/import company: olive oil, anchovies, olives,
asparagus, vinegar, sardines, tortellini, peppers, capers, chutney,
escargot, clams, mussels, oysters.
Bellevue, WA 98015-4269

One of California's leading importers, processors, packers, and
distributors of Mediterranean specialty food products
Fresno, CA 93725

Distributor/retailer of food products
Modesto, CA 95354

Food Service and Retail Distribution
Pleasant Grove, CA 95668

Represents manufacturers of fresh and frozen food products for
sale directly to supermarkets and their distributors in the
Northern California and Northwestern Nevada marketing areas.

Wholesale importers of fine european foods and beverages
Columbus, GA 31904

Importer of pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, vinegar and other foods from Italy
Canton, MA, 02021

Importer of French, Italian, Spanish Foods & European Pastry Ingredients
Los Angeles, CA 90058

Importer and major specialties food supplier to foodservice
operators and specialty retailers
New York, NY 10010

Importer/distributor of macrobiotic food, sea vegetables, teas,
miso, brewed soy sauces, umeboshi plums, kuzu root, rice vinegar,
pickled daikon radishes, soy milk, whole grain pasta etc
Clinton, MI 49236

Distributor of natural and organic vegetarian foods to stores
throughout North America
Carpinteria, CA 93014

Multinational food importer specializing in meat, cheese, groceries,
fruit juice concentrates and fish products from around the world.
Products include frozen seafood, vinegar, olive oil, anchovies,
tuna, peppers, canned fruits and canned vegetables.
Los Angeles, CA 90058

Food Distributor
Eureka, CA 95503-6906

Food retailer with 194 supermarkets
San Leandro, CA 94577

Distributor of natural, macrobiotic and organic foods
Asheville, NC 28806

Distributor of food and non-food items to institutions, government
facilities, hospitals, military facilities, universities, exporters,
wholesale outlets and retail food markets
Agoura Hills , CA 91301

Distributor/importer of various sorts of rice
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Trading and brokerage company for the organic food industry.
Specializes in Italian products.
Seattle, WA 98155

Wholesale Bakery Products
Hayward, CA 94544

Food retailer with 12 stores
San Leandro, CA 94577

Major food wholesaler/distributor. Distributor of consumables to
the United States retail industry that includes supermarkets,
convenience stores, supercenters, discount, limited assortment,
drug, specialty, and other stores.
Sacramento, CA 95851

Importer of Italian infused olive oils, truffle oil condiments,
truffle sauces, balsamic vinegar, porcini mushrooms, farro
and many other specialty foods.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-3943

Importer of italian olive oils, imported cheeses, italian meats,
gourmet condiments, specialty seafood, imported olives.
New York, NY 10016

Importer of olive oil
Houston, TX 77057

Import of vinegar and olive oil.
Woodinville, WA. 98072

Importer/distributor of olive oils. Clients include distributors and
importers(of all sizes), food co-ops, retail chains & small stores,
restaurants, chefs, caterers, small businesses (gift baskets and
company gifts) and of course consumers at home.

Importer of virgin olive oils. Distributor to independent retailers
throughout the USA
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Importer of olive oil, vinegar, walnuts, grapeseed, truffles,
sesame oil, pasta and rice
Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

Importer of Middle Eastern foods, distributes to 46 states and six
countries, roasts a full line of Mediterranean nuts and seeds and
distributes a full line of Halal meat products.
Cicero, IL 60804

Distributor of closeout items. These include: groceries, health and
beauty, general merchandise, frozen food, clothing, and house
wares. Also deals in some industrial and raw material products.

Distributor of food-service related disposables, chemicals and
cleaners, party supplies and maintenance items.
Apex NC 27502

Importer of Middle Eastern foods and distributor of halal meats,
hummus, olives, rice and stuffed grape leaves for the retail and
foodservice markets.
Cicero, IL 60804

Distributor of fine beers.
Highland Park, Michigan 48203

Distributor of beer, wine and spirits in central and northern Michigan.
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858-1907

Fluid handling distributor specializing in positive displacement,
precision metering, mixing, food, and waste water pumps.
Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Independently owned broadline distributor of foodservice products
and medical supplies.
Canal Fulton, OH 44614

Distributor of foodservice equipment and restaurant supplies.
Dayton, OH 45402

Distributors of specialty foods, personal care products and gift items.
Madbury, NH 03820

A food distributor offering temperature controlled LTL and
truckload services in the Midwest.
Ankeny, IA 50021

Company is managing small premium gourmet food brands for both large
and small companies. Covers all the major channels of distribution
utilizing an extensive national network of distributors/
wholesalers and food brokers that serve:
- Supermarket chains & Independent stores
- Natural Food stores
- Gourmet & Department stores
- Specialty/Ethnic stores
- Gift Packers
- Convenience stores
- Club stores
- Drug/Mass Market stores
- Foodservice
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Importer of beers from all over the world.
Barnes Lane Chappaqua, NY 10514

Importer of Austrian wines.
Sedalia Missouri 65301

Tea and coffee importers and distributors.
Palm City, Florida 34990

Tea importers offering a fine selection of gourmet teas and
accessories, specializing in Hu-Kwa tea.
West Concord, Massachusetts 01742

National marketing and food buying cooperative, membership is
comprised of independent food distributors in the U.S., Panama,
Puerto Rico, and Canada, and includes broad liners, wholesalers,
retailers, system distributors, and center-of-the plate specialists.
Alpharetta, GA 30023

Full service specialty food distributor serving over 800
supermarkets throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Distributor of
specialty international cheeses, full line dairy, deli and bakery
products, organic foods, seafood, meats, ethinic specialties, salad
bar, frozen specialties, condiments, pet products, HMR and birdseed.
Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Retail and commercial cheese distributor
Manchester, TN 37355

Distributors of quality Hawaiian products, gourmet food gifts,
jewelry, fortune cookies.
Kailua, Hawaii 96734-0817

Foodservice distribution company supplying a broadline of food and food
related products to the middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky area.
Cookeville, TN 38506

One of the largest and most progressive independent foodservice
distributors in the southeast of the USA
Goldsboro, NC 27532

Distributor of a wide variety of branded candies.
Burlingame, CA 94010

Importer of Xingu Black Beer from Brazil.
Brattleboro, VT 05302

Importer and distributor of gourmet Spanish foods: Spanish-style
sausages, cheeses, and cured meat products.
Harbor City, CA 90710

Importers of exclusive Italian foods from Puglia, including pasta,
vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, bruschetta, and snacks.
Charlton, MA 01507

Distributors of industrial food ingredients including sweeteners,
food chemicals, starches, and proteins.
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Leading marketing-centered confectionery importer, concentrating on
developing brand names in the U.S. market through an experienced
management, sales and marketing team.
Nanuet, NY 10954

Broker, distributor and importer supplying the movie theatre and
specialty food trades with candy, cookies and confectionery
Farmingadale, NY 11735

Importer and distributor of kosher confectionery. Products can
be found throughout the United States and Canada, as well
as Europe, Israel, Australia, South America and Mexico.
Brooklyn N.Y. 11232

Long time importer of specialty foods, is adding over 170 new "ultra
premium" confectionery products from five. Company offers hundreds
of chocolate and pastry products suitable for the professional chef.

A wide selection of raw ingredients, semi-finished and finished
products and tools are available including premium Swiss Esprit
des Alpes Couvertures, Bombasei Chocolate decorations, Arte
Piatto Dessert sauces, Venuance Pearls, Frutta Prima and Confiseur
d’Or flavorings and fillings, amenities and Laderach Finished
truffles and pralines.

Importer, processor and merchant of nuts, from the Red River Valley
in Americas great plains.
Richmond, VA 23235

Direct importer of saffron, vanilla and other specialty foods
for the professional chef, supermarket buyer and home cook.
San Francisco, CA. 94110

Wholesalers of fine European Foods and Beverages. Importers of old
world foods to satisfy new world tastes. Company provides
high-quality European foods in attractive packages at
competitive prices.
Columbus, GA 31904

Importers of fine confectionery products from around the world, for
sale and distribution within the USA.
Hicksville, NY 11801-5114

Distributor of a wide array of confectionary and baked products.
Fort Washington, PA 19034

The largest importer, distributor and manufacturer of Greek
specialty foods in North America. Offers only the finest
Mediterranean foods including cheeses, olives, olive oils,
pasta and confectionery to both the retail and food service trades.
L.I.C., New York 11101

Manufacturer, importer/exporter, distributor, and marketer of pasta,
but also fine confectionery items from Costa. Directly owned by the
manufacturers and offers production flexibility for a variety of
products through their many facilities.
Warwick, RI 02886

Specialty ingredient broker to the confectionery, bakery & snack
industries. Importer of Glace' fruit apricots orange peel ginger.
Chicago, IL 60616

Leading importer /exporter and distributor, of pharmaceutical, food,
cosmetic, and industrial raw materials. Provide the best quality
material, packaging, and pricing sources from Australia, Europe, and
USA, have been supplying bulk quantities to several U.S. exporters,
distributors, and manufacturers for many years.
Fullerton, CA 92833

Distributor of organic fruit, vegetable, and oil-based ingredients
in the United States. Through valued relationships with growers and
suppliers, company can provide a diverse range of quality organic
food ingredients to the global marketplace while maintaining the
integrity of our environment through dedication to the principals of
sustainable agriculture (the OI Mission Statement).
Aptos, CA 95003

Importers of shrimp and of natural oils for food, cosmetic, and
pharmaceutical industries.
Wilton, CT 06897

Wholesale distributor of foods.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Wholesale beer and beverage distributor.
Sacramento, CA 95838

Northern California distributors of imported Italian gourmet and
specialty foods, providing wholesale products for the food service
Union City, CA 94587

Importer and Distributor of Gourmet Foods and Specialty Confections.
Farmingadale, NY 11735


Largest "Cash & Carry" closeout distributor in the Midwest with over 30
years experience locating, buying and selling closeouts. Products include:
novelties, toys, tools, hardware, school products, houseware, pet related
products, cleaning supplies, collectibles, sports products, beverages.
Taylor, MI 48180


Importers and distributors of confectionary including mallow
products and lollipops
Fort Worth, Texas 76111


Chicago area-based manufacturer/distributor of all varieties
of bulk and packaged sugars, dry and liquid sweeteners, corn
syrups, salts, dairy powders, food starches and chemicals, and
many other ingredients for processors and resellers.
Burr Ridge, IL 60527


Distribution of food service equipment and supplies
San Antonio, Texas 78218-0100


Distributor of fine paper, food service supplies, industrial
and janitorial products
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74158-0000


The largest independent grocery wholesaler in the Chicago area.
Supplies to supermarkets, convenience stores, mini marts and deli's.
Chicago, IL 60608


Distributor to the bakery business and food service industry
Fairfax, Vermont 05454


Suppliers and manufacturers representatives of leading candy and
confectionary brands designed specifically for the Concession Industry.
Farmingdale, NY 11735


Distributor of Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Milkshake Equipment
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Animal feed distributor and retailer in San Carlos, California. We sell a
vast variety of feed and bedding for pets, livestock, and laboratory
animals for pet and feed stores, laboratories and research facilities.
San Carlos, CA 94070


Food retailer with 125 stores, located throughout Arizona, USA.
Chandler, AZ 85248


Distributors of food from South America
Hialeah, FL 33012


Distributor of Vitamins, Supplements, Amino Acids, Protein Powder,
Weight Loss Gain Pills Caps Tabs, Total Body Fitness Building,
and Energy Boost.
Miami, FL 33184


Import of cigars from Latin America.
Miami, FL 33173


Multinational leader in the production and import of crabmeat
products. We support seafood distributors and wholesalers
nationwide with a unique seafood delicacy that is truly a part
of the American culinary experience.
Miami, FL 33176


These 220 warehouse-style stores stock about 10,000 items, including
groceries, paper products, cleaning supplies, and restaurant equipment,
in bulk sizes and quantities. The stores, which require no membership,
operate under their brand names in urban and suburban areas in Arizona,
California, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, as well as
City of Commerce, CA 90040


Independent distributor offers selling nutritional products.
Reno, NV 89502


Distributor of mix and machinery to produce churros
and cream filled churros.
Miami, FL 33166


Food, beverage and vending machine distributor in the major Los Angeles
Monterey Park, CA 91754


Representing 275 wine and spirits brands from 21 countries, company
distributed more than 1.2 million cases in 1999, or approximately 14.5
million bottles.
Chicago, IL 60608


Distributor of canned clam products.
Pocomoke City, MD 21851


International importer and exporter of various foodstuffs. Concentrates on
providing larger wholesalers and distributors with a variety of interesting
and diverse foods from around the world.
Prospect, IL 60056


New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive beverage alcohol distributor.
In their first year of operation, company achieved sales in excess of 245
million dollars as it represented the brands of the industry’s major
suppliers. The principals of the company are a veteran group of second and
third generation industry members who are dedicated to the future of the
beverage alcohol industry and are determined to maintain the industry
Carlstadt, NJ 07072


Distributor of beer
Millburn, New Jersey 07041


Full-service beverage distributor with wholesale operations doing business
in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. The company sells imported and domestic
spirits, wines, beers, non-alcoholic beverages and specialty products.
Birmingham, AL 35211-0047


Wholesale food distributor in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region.
Mechanicsville, VA 23116


Cooperative wholesale distributor of organic produce, organic
foods, natural foods, personal care, herbs, supplements and
pet foods to retailers, preorder coops, and buying clubs in
the Northeast.
Brattleboro, VT 05304-8188


Distributor of food service equipment and supplies to the Hospitality and
Construction Industries for ice machines, refrigeration, bar supplies,
washware, racking/storage systems and a variety of smallwares.
Jacksonville, Florida 32254


Distributor of icemaking and beverage dispensing equipment
Pensacola, FL 32514


Distributor of products for Convenience stores, restaurants, hotels,
grocery stores and any other user of ice and/or beverages.
Phoenix, AZ 85017


Restaurant equipment distributor serving a five state area with two
locations and over 20 employees.
Bozeman, MT 59771


Manufacturer's representative of food service equipment,
tabletop, smallwares and furniture.
Overland Park, KS 66214


A diversified food processor and food distributor with
businesses in egg products, refrigerated grocery products,
specialty dairy products and refrigerated potato products.
Minnetonka, MN 55305


Distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies.
Woburn, MA 01888


Established in August 1996 quipped with little more than a phone,
a computer and a dream. The company began as a small food
distributor, buying and selling food products. They have developed
close relationship with many of the nation's leading manufactures
and suppliers, which allows them to offer high quality food at
the lowest possible prices. Their services now includes
independent and chain groceries and supermarkets, convinience
stores, food manufactures and processors, brokers, warehouses,
wholesalers and suppliers of equipment and services to the food
store industry. Convinience stores make up over 40% of their retail
Brooklyn 11229


Distribution of (frozen) food to Russia
Huntingdon Valley 19006


Importer and distributor of Italian and French specialty food: truffles,
oils, cheeses.
Long Island City, 11101


Leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies.
North Riverside, Illinois 60546


One of the largest providers of equipment and supplies to the
foodservice industry.
Glendale Heights, IL 60139


Importer and wholesaler of distilled spirits, beer and wine
City of Commerce, CA 90022


Importer and retailer of fresh caviar from around the world.
Philadelphia, PA 19123


Importers and sales agents of Italian, Greek, Spanish and Mediterranean
foods for the retail and foodservice markets.
Glenview, IL 60025


Importers and distributors of fine quality British food products.
Nashua, NH 03062


Importer and distributor of goods for coffee houses.
Plymouth, Michigan 48170


Worldwide importer and retailer of caviar, foie gras, chocolates,
condiments, coffee and tea.
New York, NY 10014


Spice importers (finest quality paprika, saffron, cardamom).
Mount Olive, NJ 07828


Importer of quality herbs, spices and seasonings from around the world.
Supplier of flavorings to food manufacturers, gourmet specialists and
health food stores throughout North America.
Portland, OR 97202


Importers of arabica and robusta coffee, with special emphasis on
Asian and African origins.
New York 10005


Importers and exporters of salt worldwide.
Orem, UT 84097


Importer of Italian olive oil, vinegar, gourmet pastas and sauces,
chocolates, vegetables, biscotti, truffles and specialty foods.
College Point, NY 11356-0180


Importer and distributor of halal meats, hummus, olives, rice and stuffed
grape leaves for the retail and foodservice markets.
Chicago, IL 60622


Retailer and importer of beluga and osetra caviar.
Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85259


Importer of wood products, sugar and other commodities directly from
Brazilian mills.
Atlanta, GA 30350


Direct importer of Iranian and Russian caviar, foie gras, smoked fish
and caviar accessories.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314


Importer of spices, teas and coffee.
Anaheim, CA 92806


Importer and exporter of spices, seeds and herbs in bulk
Brooklyn, New York 11225


Global green coffee trader and importer supplying major U.S. coffee
New York, NY 10006-2701


Importer and processor of high quality spices, seeds, herbs and
dehydrated vegetables.
Roselle, New Jersey 07203


Importer of specialty green coffees that are environmentally sound,
socially-just and economically viable.
Portland, OR 97209


Imports premium spirits from around the world and markets them throughout
North America
Paramus, New Jersey 07652


Importer and wholesaler of distilled spirits, beers and wines
Glendale, CA 91221-1086


Importer and distributor of olive oil.
Raleigh 27615


Importers of specialty foods covering North America.
New York, NY 10025


Importers and exporters of canned seafoods, fruits and vegetables.
Clearwater, Florida 33755


Importer and exporter of organic commodities and ingredients including
certified organic cocoa products, dried fruit, nuts, spices, and sugar
cane products.
Arlington, MA 02476-0003


Importers of Italian wines into the United States, and New York,
New Jersey and Pennsylvania distributors of wines and spirits
from around the world.
Hohokus, NJ 07423


Importer representing several Italian wine labels and regions including
Veneto, Piemonte and Tuscany. Online portfolio of wines and a newsletter.
Larchmont, New York 10538-4016


Importer and distributor of Spanish wines.
Roseville, MN 55113


Importers of New Zealand Wine, specialized in hand-crafted artisan wines.
Sebastopol, CA 95472


Importers of fine Italian wines.
Hawthorne, NJ 07506


Importer and wholesaler of wines from around the world
Houston, Texas 77018


Importer of international and American wines, specializing in Italian
selections such as Sagrantino, Chianti, Barolo, and Pinot Grigio.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Importers and distributors of gourmet fruits and vegetables.
New York 10920


Importers of premium teas, tea cozies, and accessories.
Madison, CT 06443


Importer of loose teas in bulk, and retail packing in tins and mini-chests.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania


Importer of fresh fruits and vegetables specializing in berries,
mangos, asparagus and onions. Serving wholesalers and retailers in
USA & Canada
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309


Greek olive oil importer offering gourmet and organic olive oils.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278


Importers and distributors of italian vinegar
Miami Beach, Florida 33141


Importer and supplier of dried fruit, edible seeds and nuts.
Traverse City, MI


Tea importers of gourmet teas and accessories, specializing in Hu-Kwa tea.
West Concord, Massachusetts 01742


Importer of fine teas and teaware.
Klamath Falls, OR 91603


Importers and exporters of commercial foodservice equipment with catalog.
New Rochelle, NY 10801


Wine marketing importer-wholesaler exclusively selling the estate wines of
German wine growers and producers.
Springfield, Virginia 22153


Importer and distributor of almonds, walnuts and other nuts.
Albany, CA 94706


Represents, imports, and distributes chocolates and
international wine and spirit specialties. Also
consultants to a variety of suppliers as to the
specific needs and requirements of the US market.
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927


Importers of great wines, spirits and beers from around the world
Franklin Park, IL 60131


Major distributor of wine, beer and spirits in the Chicago area
Bannockburn, IL 60015


Importers of wines from Chile, Argentina and Spain.
Springfiled, VA 22153


Importer/marketer of estate wines of German wine growers and producers.
Springfield, Virginia 22153


Importer and source of fine wines from around the world, with an extensive
network of affiliated distributors throughout the United States.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401


Buys and sells deeply discounted merchandise for the discount retail
industries. The area of concentration are products primarily targeted for
the hardware, building materials, housewares, sporting goods, health and
beauty, and food industries.
Austin, Texas 78734


Importer of Spanish wine, specifically from the Catalan region.
Ponte Verda Beach, Florida


Importers of fine European food and liquors.
Chicago, IL 60646


Importer of specialty foods and confections.
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663


Importer of specialty gourmet food items from Spain including olive oil,
olives, vinegar, saffron, sauces, seafood, and sweets.
Seattle, WA 98117


Importers of Lebanese and Moroccan wine and beer and exotic spirits
from Australia, France, and Thailand.
San Diego, CA 92126


Importers of Chinese herbs, offers a wide selection of herbs in the
industry to many well-known American herbal product companies.
Oakland, CA 94607


Importer of toys as well as one of the largest distributors of candy
Northridge, CA 91324


Manufacturers, importers & distributors of food specialties
Cicero, Illinois 60804


Importer and distributor of fine wine to Chicagoland's restaurants and
wine shops.
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018


Importer and wholesaler of distilled spirits, beers and wines.
Glendale, CA 91221-1086


One of California's leading importers, processors, packers, and
distributors of Mediterranean specialty food products (olive
oils, vinegars, Spanish olives, capers)
Fresno, CA 93725


Importers of shrimp and of natural oils for food, cosmetic, and
pharmaceutical industries.
Wilton, CT 06897


Importer and exporter of international gourmet cuisine.
Miami, FL 33138


Importer, distributor and wholesaler of Spanish wines.
Roseville, MN 55113


Importer, exporter, trader and broker of nuts, seeds and dried fruits in
Hauppauge, NY 11788


Importers of fine confectionery products from around the world, for sale
and distribution within the USA.
Hicksville, NY 11801-5114


Roasting company, importers of fine 100% Arabica coffee, offers gourmet
coffees, flavored coffees, teas, and private label coffees.
Jacksonville, AR 72076


Distributor of foodservice, janitorial, supermarket and institutional
Warren, OH 44484


Wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating and AC, electrical,
refrigeration, industrial, lighting, kitchens and commercial food service
Lexington, KY 40555-5487


With over 75 stores strategically located in 4 Midwestern states, company
is dedicated to providing superior customer service and restaurant quality
foodservice products. Products distributed: Produce, dairy, frozen foods,
meats, seafood, pork, poultry, baking items,
canned goods, paper products, party decorations, janitorial supplies, light
cooking equipment
Grand Rapids, MI 49501


Nation's leading wine importer
Old Brookville, NY 11545


Importer and purveyor of distilled spirits and wine products
Mira Loma, CA 91752


Full-service beverage wholesaler specializing in alcohol-based products
Lewiston, Maine 04241-1936


Wine importer and marketer with eight world-class producers
New York, NY 10112


National importer, distributor and broker of “Exclusive Fine Wines”
in the United States.
Minneapolis, MN 55426


Wine importer and distributor in Illinios, California, New York, New
Jersey, Colorado, Florida and Maryland. Importing lines from Eastern
Europe, Australia and around the world.
Vernon Hills, IL 60061


Importer of italian and latin wines
Boca Raton, FL 33487


Wine, Spirits, Beer, Champagne, Distributor, Wholesaler in California
Orange, CA 92865


Importer and wholesale distributor of fine wines and spirits, specializing
in the wines of Italy, Portugal, France, Romania and Switzerland.
Mount Vernon, NY 10550


Distributor of wine and spirits.
Mansfield, MA 02048


Distributor of European beer and wine. Importer of wines from Poland,
Romania, Yugoslavia, Moldova, Georgia and beer from Czech republic,
Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.
Des Moines, WA 98198


Food service equipment parts distributor. Also distributor of
refrigeration equipment, slicers, blenders, beverage equipment.
Edgemont, PA 19028-0596


Wholesale cooperative distributor of natural foods which has been serving
customers throughout the Midwest since 1974. Specializes in natural and

organic foods, supplements and other products that support a healthy
lifestyle and are free of chemical preservatives and artificial
Serves retail natural food stores, traditional grocery stores, buying
clubs, buying services and other accounts such as restaurants, food service
kitchens, and bakeries
Iowa City, Iowa 52240


Importer of brands of teas from England, Ireland, Scotland,
Wales and South Africa
Palm City, Florida 34990


Distributors of brewing grains including Thomas Fawcett & Sons, Malteries
Franco Belge, Hugh Baird & Sons, Gilbertson & Page and Canada Maltings
Rouses Point, NY 12979-0665


Worldwide distributor of potable water, bottled or in bulk.
Bensalem, PA 19020


Importer of fine South African wines.
Charlotte, NC 28234


Wholesaler, importer and distributor of Irish Specialty Foods
and Gifts.
West Chester, PA 19380


Importer and distributor of cigars and cigarettes.
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477


Importer of beers from Britain to the US.
Ellicott City, MD 21043


Importer and distributor of fine Italian wines to the U.S.
Hohokus, NJ 07423


Importer of frozen and preserved foods to the United States and Canada.
Darien, CT 06820


Importer and distributor of teas from Ceylon, China and India to retail
and wholesale customers.
Bloomfield, CT 06002


Importer of British groceries and sweets, frozen food, scones
and clotted cream, videos, fine bone china and gifts.
Largo, FL 33777


Cooperative wholesale distributor of organic produce, organic foods,
natural foods, personal care, herbs, supplements, pet foods, to retailers,
preorder coops and buying clubs in the Northeast.
Brattleboro, VT 05304-8188 320-E


Importer and distributor of single garden and blending teas from
plantations in Sri Lanka, China, and India. Black, green
and organics.
Bloomfield, CT 06002


A broadline foodservice equipment distributor in Northern California
distributing foodservice equipment and related products to restaurant
supply and institutional foodservice supply establishments in Northern
California, Nevada, Hawaii.
Novato, California 94948


Wine importer who represents over 25 growers of estate bottled wines in
Burgundy, Chablis, the Rhône, Loire Valley, Alsace and Southern France as
well as some of the best wines available from Bordeaux, Spain, Portugal,
Italy, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Eastern
Birmingham, Alabama 35242


Distributor of a full range of food additives, food processing chemicals
and specialty chemicals.
Fayetteville, AR 72702


Distributor of fine beverages serving the Central Florida Region
Orlando, FL 32868-5061


Distributor of sugar free products and books about sugar and chemical sugar


Distributor of games, cards, toys and candy
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


Importer and wholesaler of essential oils
Roxbury, PA 17251


Distributor of fresh produce, frozen food and restaurant supplies
Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Distributor of ice cream products and supplies


Importer of wines and spirits from Italy and Spain
Columbia, Maryland 21045


Distributor of candy, grocery, and tobacco products.
Bismarck, ND 58502


Distributor of Nitro-pak dried eggs and Mountain House freeze dried food
Durango, CO 81301


Distributor of coffee
Austin, TX 78708-1515


Distributor of sunflower kernels for snacks and baking
Grandin, ND 58038


Distributors of beer, wine, tea, water and new age beverages.
Birmingham, AL 35209


Importer of fine swiss confections, culinary ingredients and culinary
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Importers of fine gourmet fruits and vegetables.
Congers, New York 10920


Distributor of McCormick brand dry seasoning mixes, extracts, sauces and
food coloring


Distributor of premium fruit based smoothies, granita's and frozen


Importer of Luksusowa potato vodka as well as various European and Polish
Brooklyn, NY 11237


Importer of Italian foods, including pasta, olive oil, cakes, cookies and
bottled water
Lakeland, FL 33803


Distributor for AlpineAire Foods, plus emergency and survival supplies
Sun Valley, ID 83353


Importer of Xingu Black Beer from Brazil
Brattleboro, VT 05302


Importer of Kryshtal vodkas and Belarusian liquors
Newburyport, MA 01950


Importers of arabica and robusta coffee, with special emphasis on Asian and
African origins
New York, New York 10005


Distributor of coffee, flavored coffee, tea, iced tea and cocoa
North Haven, CT 06473


Distributor of Zen Bakery and The Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Co. all natural
muffins and pastries
San Diego, CA 92110


Distributors of botanically-based products for personal and skin care,
nutrition, hair, and total body care
Laguna Hills, CA 92654


Importers of shrimp and of natural oils for food, cosmetic, and
pharmaceutical industries.
Wilton, CT 06897


Importer of essential oils from distillers with Ecocert organic
certification and manufactures classical aromatherapy products
Rockwall, TX 75087


Distributor of farm raised salmon
Belfast, Maine 04915


Distributors of industrial food ingredients including sweeteners, food
chemicals, starches, and proteins
Fort Mill, SC 29715


Distributors of fruit, vegetable and specialty produce business
Watertown, MA 02172


Importer of wines and spirits from Italy and Spain
Columbia, Maryland 21045


Distributor of candy, grocery, and tobacco products
Bismarck, ND 58502

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