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USA - computer products - Importers / distributors

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

Timonium, USA

Wholesalers of Bags & caps, corporate uniforms, corporate gifts,
office & computer accessories, private label products, arts &
crafts, home products, US flags, banners, tin can holders, etc.

Morenci, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of quality products viz., stainless
product, automotive, awards & recognition, badges, bags & travel,
bandages & dispensers, business & desk, calendars & planners, clocks
& watches, computer accessories, drinkware, electronics, first aid
kits, food & drinks, gift sets, golf products, healthcare,
housewares, key holders, magnets, notepads & cubes, pens & pencils,
personal care, pocket & personal, sports & leisure, stress balls,
tools & lights, wearables, etc.

Glendale, USA

Importers and distributors of educational foreign books and
multimedia materials in a variety of languages viz., Italian books,
Spanish books, French books, English books, Books on tapes, Children
books & resources, Teacher resources & tools, Multimedia materials,
Software, Video & dvd, Music, Souveniers & gifts, Cultural related
material, etc.

New York, USA

Distributors of Chinese-English dictionaries and reference
materials, CD-Rom, Chinese Books, English-Chinese Dictionaries,
Learning Chinese, Learning English, etc.

Torrance, USA

Distributors of electronic components, hand tools, wiring & cabling,
computer accessories from the leading brands viz., 3M, Arcolectric,
Branson, BI Technologies, Cooper, Dennison, Desco, Edsyn, Greenlee,
Hexacon, JDV, Linstrom, Loctite, Master Appliance, Molex, Plato,
Qualitek, Zyxel, etc.

San Diego, USA

Distributors of computer supplies viz., monitor filters, soft
keyboard protectors, carrying cases, custom logo or blank mouse
pads, security products, surge suppressors, desk accessories,
ergonomic supplies, etc.

Anaheim, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of computer products and accessories
viz., PDA cases, CD/DVD cases, camera cases, tablet PC cases,
mice, pointers, keyboards, keypads, cables & hubs, drives,
storage devices, etc., for laptops, PDAs & cameras.

San Juan Capistrano, USA

Distributors of computer ergonomic health and safety products viz.,
swooper, back pillows, stance, air cleaners, filters, chairs,
copy holders, headsets, cordless, keyboards, glare filters, etc.

San Diego, USA

Wholesalers of custom printed mouse pads & promotional products
viz., hard top, fabric top, liquid filled, window & framed,
3-dimensional, ergonomic gel filled, translucent gel, etc.

Louisville, USA

Distributors of notebook batteries & laptop batteries for the
portable computer industry, battery packs, charger & adapters
for notebook computers, camcorders, digital cameras & cellular

Brea, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of printer toner cartridges & inkjet
cartridges from the leading brands viz., Xerox, Sharp, Brother,
Canon, etc.

Atkinson, USA

Distributors of fine art inkjet inks viz., lysonic inks for IRIS,
lysonic media for IRIS, quad black inks for IRIS, small gamut inks
for IRIS, cave paint inks, fine art inks for IRIS, lysonic roll
media, lysonic ink for Epson, etc.

Canton, USA

Wholesalers of inkjet cartridges, including OEM compatibles, empties
and blanks.

San Clemente, USA

Distributors of cartridges, refill kits & remanufactured cartridges
for both inkjet and laser printers from the leading brands viz.,
Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Compaq, Apple, HP, etc.

Thorofare, USA

Distributors of printers, fax machines, computer and printer

Valley Forge, USA

Distributors of remanufactured laser, ink jet, fax & copier
cartridges from the leading brands viz., Apple, Astro Bryce,
Canon, Compaq-Pagemarq, Dataproducts, Datatech, Epson, Fuji,
Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM, Kirk Rudy, Konica, Lexmark, MCS,
Mita, NEC, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, Prism, QMS, Rena, Ricoh,
Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox, etc.

Palmdale, USA

Distributors of laser cartridges and printer ribbons.

Oklahoma City, USA

Distributors of computer related products viz., furniture for
computer rooms, network centers, work stations, magnetic tape,
optical discs, CDs, laser labels, etc.

Bothell, USA

Distributors of network building blocks viz., hubs, transceivers,
switches, ethernet adapter cards, repeaters, etc.

Montara, USA

Distributors of LAN & WAN products from the leading brands viz.,
Adtran, Ascend, Compatible Systems, Cray, Livingston, Microcom,
Motorola, Proteon, Shiva, US Robotics and 3COM.

Newbury Park, USA

Distributors of data communication products viz., ISDN, frame
relay, analog and digital networks with PCMCIA V.34 modems,
DSU/CSUs, multiplexers, routers.

Stamford, USA

Distributors of voice/data interconnection & internetworking
products viz., cable testers, cat5 connectivity, coaxial products,
crimp tools, cutters/scissors, fiber patch cords, fiber preparation,
fiber test equipment, fish tape, fluke multimeters, home cabling,
etc., for LAN's & WAN's.

Dayton, USA

Distributors of computer connectivity products viz., adapters,
Apple/Mac compatible, audio/video, bulk cable, cable management,
cases/case mods, CATV/SATV, closeout, connectors, firewire, gender
changers, I/O cards & devices, ink jet cartridges, KVMs/switchboxes,
network cables, network electronics, PC cables, etc.

Concord, USA

Distributors of computer cables and accessories viz., gaming
devices, multimedia, mouse, keyboard, hub networking, ups/power
supply, phone & modem, USB/firewire hubs, switch boxes, Cisco
routers, etc.

Fremont, USA

Distributors of computer cables. data switches, KVM devices,
connectors, keyboard, mouse adapter, mini gender changer, modem
cable, etc.

Waukesha, USA

Distributors of computer cables and other connectivity solutions.

Croydon, USA

Distributors of computer cables & accessories, transformers, network
hubs & switches, fiber optic cabling products and OEM services.

New Milford, USA

Distributors of transit cable & connector products from the leading
brands viz., Airtronics, Amphenol, Arrow Heart, Bendix, BICC-
General, Cannon, Cinch, Daniels Manufacturing Co, DDK, Kitazawa,
Electric Works (KEW), Marinco, Matrix, etc.

Seattle, USA

Distributors of voice and data communications products, fiber
optics, cabling systems, etc.

Las Vegas, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of computer accessories, cables,
networking, autoswitches, dataswitches, etc.

ClearWater, USA

Distributors of computer cable and connectivity products viz.,
network electronics, network cable, hardware, multimedia products,
power surge products, SCSI products, switch boxes, tools, test
equipment, USB products, etc.

Carol Stream, USA

Distributors of data communication products including structured,
copper and fiber optic cabling, etc.

Mooresville, USA

Distributors of high-quality datacom, telecom, computer, audio,
video and other connectivity products.

Roswell, USA

Distributors of cable and network products, fiber optic products,
wire & cable, residential cabling, outside plant products, raceway,
racks, cabinets, tools & test equipment, security products, surge
protection products, firestop products, etc.

San Jose, USA

Distributors of CPUs, memory modules, storage products, motherboards
& other peripherals for PCs and notebooks.

San Clemente, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of electronic, computer components and
Mass Storage products.

Fremont, USA

Distributors of peripherals, media, SDRAM, video card, DDR and
memory components.

Walnut, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of computer components, accessories,
cables, keyboards, mice, wireless networking, routers, motherboards,

Farmingdale, USA

Distributors of enclosures, RAID systems, servers and storage

Farmington, USA

Distributors of the latest computer furniture viz., file server
racks & computer racks, wire shelving, computer switches, server
shelving, computer furniture, work centers, hospital cleanroom
furniture, printer stands, wire shelving racks, presentation stands,
computer cabinets, relay racks, electronics cabinets, keyboard
trays, training tables, equipment racks, etc.

Santa Clara, USA

Distributors of memory for a range of platforms viz., Flash memory,
Apple Mac memory, Cisco memory, Compaq memory, Dell memory, Gateway
memory, HP memory, IBM memory, etc.

Oldsmar, USA

Distributors of static and video RAM.

Carrollton, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of CPUs, storage products, motherboards,
multimedia products, communication peripherals, video graphic
cards, monitors, notebooks, etc.

Indianapolis, USA

Wholesalers of network hardware and data cabling solutions such as
computer cables, networking cables-CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, fiber optic,
cable connectors, bulk cables, cabinet enclosures & racks, cable
management products, premise wiring products-patch panels, modular
plugs, jacks, face plates, cabling tools & testers, network cards,
hubs, switches, cable/DSL routers, wireless access points, modems,
power protection products (UPS-Uninterrupted Power System), etc.

Apex, USA

Distributors of computer cables, computer adapters, audio-video
cables & adapters, switch boxes & KVMs, VGA multipliers-splitters,
USB, firewire, printer inkjet cartridges, networking, quality
testers & tools, PC hardware, computer cooling items, input devices,
telephone accessories, satellite-items, DC power supplys, etc.

Groveport, USA

Wholesalers of computer parts including CPU fans, power supplies,
i/o cards, removable drive drawers, etc.

Fremont, USA

Distributors of SUN and Silicion Graphics workstations with system
enhancement products, monitors, disk & tape subsystems, memory,
graphic upgrade, mass storage, etc.

Shelton, USA

Distributors of IBM, Compaq, Toshiba and other branded computers &

McAllen, USA

Distributors of memory for desktops, laptops, servers and printers.

Tempe, USA

Distributors of DEC, IBM, HP, Cabletron and others providing turn
key solutions for LAN/WAN projects.

Chatsworth, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of hard drive storage (SCSI and IDE),
notebooks, computer servers, USB, firewire devices, etc.

Denver, USA

Distributors of computer hardware and custom system builder.

Conifer, USA

Distributors of AMD CPUs, MSI motherboards, Elements CD-ROMs,
monitors & modems, D-Link networking equipment, Symantec/Norton
Antivirus, EVGA nVidia video cards, IBM hard disk drives, Fujitsu
hard disk drives, Lite-On drives, Logitech keyboards & mice, Zonet
networking equipment & modems, CTX monitors, Dell laptops, etc.

Boca Raton, USA

Distributors of new surplus computer peripherals, accessories,
hardware & software.

Minneapolis, USA

Distributors of custom built PC systems from the leading brand viz.,

Cincinnati, USA

Wholesalers of computer components viz., VGA, mainboards, printers,
sound cards, CPU, modems, cooling fans, etc.

Flushing, USA

Distributors of palm-top multi-language computer translating

Plainfield, USA

Distributors of wireless devices viz., phones, PDAs & handheld
computing devices, integrated devices, modems, accessories,
software, wireless data solutions, etc.

Melville, USA

Distributors of high technology active components viz., analog,
communications, discretes, optical, logic & peripherals, memory,
microcontrollers, system on chip (SOC), board level and computer
system products.

Phoenix, USA

Distributors of advanced semiconductors for portable, wireless,
computing, consumer, networking, automotive and industrial end-
product markets.

San Jose, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of electrical supplies & industrial
automation productsviz., PLC, VFD, sensors, UPS, industrial
computers, motion & motor control, power supplies & barcode.

CPU wholesaler. memory modules (DDR, Rambus, DIMMs, SIMMs)
from major manufacturers.
Miami, Fl 33122

Distributes a range of pre-colored, glass filled, flame
retardant, engineering thermoplastics for the automotive,
electronic and computer industries.
Marietta, OH 45750

Distributes a range of pre-colored, glass filled, flame
retardant, engineering thermoplastics for the automotive,
electronic and computer industries.
Marietta, OH 45750

Distributor of Data-Comm, Computer, and electrical products
including fiber optic, Cat 5, Cat 5E and Cat 6 for the
electrical, datacommunications, and telecommunications
MO 63702

Founded in 1974, is a national supplier of data communication
cables, connectivity products and computer cabinets & racks.
Malvern, PA 19355

Offers you a purchasing alternative for hard to find
board level components for the electronics/computer
industry. We have the ability, through our supplier
network, to buy any part by any manufacturer.
Tomball, TX 77375

Distributor of computer batteries and accessories
Newbury Park, CA 91320

Distributor of electronic, computer, telecommunication, wire and
cable products
DE 19801

A worldwide leading hybrid distributor of electronic
components and computer and communications products.
Greenwich, CT 06830

Importer and exporter of electronic semiconductors, active and passive
components, RF products, and computer subsystems for US companies.
San Jose CA 95131-1316

An industrial electronic-electrical distributor of control products,
computer cabling products, chemical cleaners and lubes.
Stockton, Ca. 95205-2450

Importer & distributor of servicing & repair components for
Tv / vcr repair facilities, Video repair, Servicing companies,
Audio repair, Computer monitors,and automotive audio.
New Jersey 07871

Worldwide distributor of electronic components to the Computer,
Medical, Telecommunication, Electrical and Industrial market.
Middleboro, MA 02346-0800

Manufacturer's representatives for thermal management
solutions for telecommunications and computer server
Houston, Texas 77092

An ISO 9002 certified, factory authorized stocking
distributor for dozens of leading engineered fastener,
electronic hardware, and mechanical component lines
specified by the electronics, telecommunications,
medical, computer, aerospace, instrumentation and
other high-tech industries.

Stocking distributor of semiconductors, electronic components,
and computer products
Las Vegas, NV 92009

Distributor of RAV Anti Virus operating system, mailservers,
fileServer etc.
New Rochelle NY 10801

Buyer and seller of surplus computer peripherals, finished products,
electronic devices, and semi-conductors.
Newark, New Jersey 07105-3708


Wholesale distributor in Cleveland Ohio of computer hardware, computer
systems, computer components, peripherals, network cables, network
accessories and laser toner cartridges
Bedford Heights, OH 23660


Distributor of computer power protection products and batteries for
back up units
Chicago, IL 60607


Distributor of network and installation products (Wire,Connector,
Hubs, Switchers, Cat5 Products)
Newark, NJ 07114


Wholesale of computer components and cellular equipment
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302


Distribution and incorporation of industry specific printers, displays and
other products synergistic to their vertical markets. Also distributor of
electronic products ranging from Touch Screen Displays to Thermal Printers,
all from top leading manufacturers.
San Jose, CA 95112


Distributor of computer, PC and voice recognition headsets as well as
telephone and wireless headsets
Grove Village, IL 60007


Distributor of telephone headsets, computer headsets, cordless headsets,
videoconferencing equipment, speakerphones and other telecom products
Washington Court Quincy, MA 02169


Point-of-Sale Software and Hardware distributor
Carbondale, IL 62901


One of the largest international computer product distribution and
marketing organizations focused on Digital Video. Has established
a worldwide network of over 500 channel partners in 60 countries throughout
the world.
Burlington, MA 01803


Distributor of computer hardware, wireless communications and e-business
solutions to channel partners throughout the United States and Latin
Tucker, GA 30085


Distributor of computer and network related cabling and connectivity,
hardware, and accessories.
Olympia, WA 12015


Distributor of document imaging storage and retrieval hardware and software
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


Wholesale distributor of newly discontinued, factory refurbished and
constrained products with an emphasis on name brands such as IBM,
HP and Compaq. Stocks a large variety of products including: notebooks,
desktops, servers and parts.
Morrisville, NC 27560


Distributor of a wide range of name-brand products including CD-ROM Drives,
Recordables, Rewritables, CD-ROM Severs, CD-ROM Titles, Camera/Print
Servers, DVD-ROM/DVD-RAM Drives, SCSI Controllers, Sound Cards,
Video/Graphics Cards, Video Conferencing Kits, Storage Solutions,
Communications/Networking products, Input Devices, Mainboards, and
CPU/Memory products.
San Jose, CA 95131


Distributor of a full line of single board computers, Flash solutions, PC
Card disk drives, PC Card readers, PC/104 add-on cards, PC/104 peripherals,
alphanumeric displays, embedded software, and PC/104 enclosures.
Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


Distributor of computer products to VARs, OEMs, and system integrators
in the U.S. and overseas
Wood Dale, Illinois 60191


Distributor for Blank DVD-Rs Audio/Videotape, Computer data cartridges
and printer cartridges.
Glenview, IL 60025


A full service hardware distributor offering hardware store
and rental center franchises.
Knoxville, TN 37914


Wholesale distributor of business and office products,
computer supplies, office furniture, facilities and
maintenance supplies to the USA and Canada.
Smyrna, Georgia 30081-1266


Distributor of electronic components and computer parts.
Belmont, CA 94002


Distributor of computer products, embedded systems, semiconductors,
interconnects, passives, electromechanical, RF and microwave components.
Phoenix, AZ 85034


Distributor of antennas, cable amplifiers, cables, fittings, remote
controls, splitters, surge strips, Head Cleaners, DSS Accessories,
consumer electronics parts, computers and computer parts,
printers and printer parts and consumables.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317


National wholesale distributor of business products, including
office products, computer supplies, office furniture and
facilities and maintenance supplies.
Des Plaines, IL 60016-1267


Leading worldwide provider of IT products, logistics management and other
value-added services. Ranked 117th on the Fortune 500, the company and its
subsidiaries serve more than 100,000 technology resellers in the United
States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.
The company generated sales of $17.2 billion for its most recent fiscal
year, which ended January 31, 2002
Clearwater, FL 33760


Wholesale distributor of telecommunication and data network products.
Bristol, Pennsylvania


Wholesale distributor of excess, overstock and surplus computer hardware
and peripherals.
Oceanside, CA 92056


Distributor of marine electronics and electrical equipment, marine software
and computers, refrigeration and air conditioning systems and reverse
osmosis water makers for yachts and powerboats.
Portsmouth, RI 02871


Global channel provider of networking technology products. The Group is a
significant sales channel for Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and Avaya
Communication as well as other leading vendors of networking technology.
Provides a full line of connectivity solutions including products and
services for convergence technology, remote access, Internet and e-
business, virtual private networks, videoconferencing, wireless
connectivity and network security. The Group is also a leading provider of
a variety of branded, value-added services to support solution providers,
integrators, dealers and value-added resellers (VARs). Company is
comprised of individual operations under the Comstor (Cisco-focus), Voda
One (Avaya-focus) and Westcon (Nortel-focus) brands, to create a global
distribution business throughout North America, Africa, Asia, Australia,
Europe and South America.
Tarrytown, NY 10591-5167


Distributor of a full line of computer supplies , magnetic media,
forms, labels & bar-coding and data collection products, computer
room workstations and media storage units.
Columbus, Ohio 43221


Worldwide distributor of desktop binding machines and binding supplies,
laminating machines and laminating supplies, custom 3 ring binders and
digital inkjet printers and supplies.
Hot Springs, AR 71913


Distributor of passive and electro-mechanical components, computer
products, cable assemblies and assembled printed circuit boards
Pennsauken, NJ 08110


Wholesale distributor of semiconductors, computer platforms, peripherals,
and storage products of various types including desktop, high-end computer
and storage subsystems, fibre channel connectivity products, RAID, NAS and
SAN storage systems and back-up products. Company is an industry-recognized
specialist in storage products and is one of the world's largest storage-
centric value-added distributors.
San Jose, CA 95131


Distributor of power protection equipment
Escondido, CA 92029


Distributor and integrator of fixed wireless broadband solutions.
Products include access points, LAN cards, and radio modems.
San Jose, CA 95113


Distributor for motherboards, networking and PC cases.
South San Francisco, CA 94080


Distributor of hardware and software for 3D animation and digital video
Portland, OR 97229


Distributor of scientific software
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


Distributor of computer systems, components and peripherals.
Edison, NJ 08817


Distributor of workstations, servers and peripherals
Herndon, VA 20170


Distributor for all of your software and hardware needs in manufacturing
and engineering
Holladay, UT 84121


Distributor of patent pending interactive CD-ROM AVO-Card
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


Distributors, importers, exporters and brokers of name brand computer
Miami, FL 33181


Distributors of computers
Arlington, VA 22201


Distributors of computer hardware, software and related accessories
Manassas, VA 20110


Distributor of software products
Naples, Fl 34104-6138


Distributors of electronic products, including memory, semiconductors, and
Seminole, FL 33772


Distributor of computer components serving VARs and system integrators.
Philadelphia, PA 19154


Distributor and manufacturer of Alpine custom built computers.
Spokane, WA 99214-1933


Distributor of thin-clients/servers, LAN, WAN, Internet implementations and
wireless connectivity products
Denver, CO 80231


Distributor of IBM compatible PC's for wholesale and retail
Nanuet, NY 10954


Distributor of surplus PC products
Shelton, CT 06484-4703


Distributors of new and refurbished notebook computers
Omaha, NE 68106


Distributor of PCs, notebooks and computer parts
Jacksonville, Florida 32246


Distributor of electronics for tool cases, soldering stations, electronics
kits and computer networking and fiber optics products
Alexandria, VA 22312


Importer of cables, connectors, network supplies and fiber optic
Somerset, NJ 08873


Distributor of professional quality computer hardware
Lawrence, Kansas 66049


Distributors of software
Milpitas, CA 95035,


Distributor of workstations, servers and peripherals
Herndon, VA 20170

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

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