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Importer / distributors and wholesale company guide USA

USA - books - Importers / distributors

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

Portland, USA

Wholesaler of sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, decorative painting,
floral and garden, crafting & hobby supplies, glues, adhesives,
tapes, novelties, yarn & needle work, gifts & gift wraps, projects &
kits, books & patterns, etc.

Yale, USA

Wholesalers of macrame cord, beads, rings, purse snaps, chair
frames, lamp frames, project books, etc.

Chicago, USA

Distributors of books viz., academic, children's, Spanish, computer,
general trade markets, small and independent publishers, etc.

San Francisco, USA

Distributors of books, periodicals, cultural products in the field
of literature, history, political science, language, arts, etc.

Santa Barbara, USA

Importers, wholesalers and distributors of maps and road atlases,
guidebook titles, map accessories, globes and digital geographic

St Paul, USA

Distributors of independent publishers in a wide range of subject
areas viz., Avant-Garde literature, Latin American studies, Women's
studies, etc.

Lewisville, USA

Distributors of medical, scientific, business and law books.

Charlotte, USA

Distributors of books, video and music products to libraries, book
publishers, movie studios, and music labels.

La Vergne, USA

Distributors of Christian books and other products.

Evanston, USA

Importers and distributors of French, Spanish, German and Italian
language books viz., novels, anthologies of both prose and poetry,
literature, history, philosophy, language learning resources,
dictionaries, and other reference materials.

San Diego, USA

Distributors of books viz., general interest, computer and business
books, etc.

Yellow Springs, USA

Distributors of album stamping, presses & accessories, photo &
scrapbook album, repair disbound books, bind dissertations, restore
antiquarian books, slip cases and archival boxes.

Lanham, USA

Distributors of books, viz., Beyond the Bookstore-Brian Jud, Past,
Present, and Future-Jason Epstein, The complete guide book to
Marketing-David Cole, The complete guide book to Publicity - Jodee
Blanco, How to work with Printers & Graphic Imaging services to
assure quality, Stay on schedule & control costs-mark beach, Jump
start your book sales-Tom & Marilyn Ross, Kirsch's handbook of
Publishing Law-Jonathan Kirsch, etc.

Timonium, USA

Wholesalers of non-returnable comic books & related merchandise such
as news & information in the comic book industry viz., batman mini-
bust, superman and lois lane holiday 2004 collector's plate, ans-
cyborg maquette, zatanna animated statue, premier collection white
queen 12" statue, thor statue, marvel universe-longshot bust, modern
era X-men-sabretooth medium statue,barbie as Halle Berry catwoman
doll, hellboy movie 8-inch previews exclusive action figures, etc.

Port Chester, USA

Distributors of books & professional development materials, videos
in the latest hot topical areas in the educational arena featuring
famous authors and gurus including well known names such as William
Glasser, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Thomas Lickona, Thomas
Armstrong, Bruce Buehler, Spencer Kagan, Sandra Reif, etc.

Newburyport, USA

Distributors of educational textbooks viz., classical, arts,
philosophy, political science, public administration, science,
modern languages, Latin, Greek, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

Elizabeth, USA

Distributors of books in English on Korea-related topics viz.,
Korean language textbooks, dictionaries, Korean history & culture,
art, travel, cooking, novels, folktales, politics, children's books,

Boxborough, USA

Distributors of school paperbacks, teaching materials, young adult
paperbacks, and short stories viz., Abel's Island, The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Ajeemah and His Son,

Saddle Brook, USA

Distributors of supplemental materials for grades pre-K through 12
viz., remedial, multicultural, advanced placement materials, etc.

Athens, USA

Distributors of textbooks and course materials to distance education

Rockville, USA

Wholesalers of educational paperback for schools and teachers from
preschool through grade 12.

Miami Lakes, USA

Wholesalers of college textbooks.

Akron, USA

Wholesalers of wide range of books viz., separate college level,
medical level, high school level and trade level books.

Red Hook, USA

Distributors of the popular pagemarker, line of bookmarks, custom-
designed bookmarks, custom ornaments, elegant magnets, pins in
etched metal, etc.

Burr Ridge, USA

Wholesalers of wide range of books viz., medical, technical, school
& college textbooks, trade, fiction & non-fiction, atlases,
childrens, globes, microfilms, magazines, periodicals journals, etc.

Philadelphia, USA

Distributors of wide range of books in European and Asian academic,
English-language books from the world's top universities and
publishers viz., Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands),
Goteborg University (Sweden), Leuven University Press (Belgium),
National University of Singapore, Almqvist & Wiksell International
(Sweden), Garant Publishers (Belgium), J.C.B. Mohr (Germany),
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers (India), Institute of Economic
Affairs (Great Britain), Spokesman (Great Britain), HES-DeGraaf (The
Netherlands), Urim and Keter Publishers (Israel), Pensoft Publishers
(Bulgaria & Russia), and VSP Science (Netherlands).

Miami, USA

Wholesalers of books, manuals, reports, tapes, CD s, shareware and
CD-Roms on popular subjects viz., business opportunities, self-
improvement, career and general interest.

Chicago, USA

Importers and distributors of unusual publications, aberrant
periodicals, saucy comic booklets, and assorted fancies.

Philadelphia, USA

Distributors of wide variety of books in entertainment and other
subjects viz., self & home improvement, Science, education, business
books, etc.

Seattle, USA

Distributors of books, travel maps, and tarot decks, viz., Self-
help, health, fitness, natural health, natural medicine,
vegetarianism, organic gardening books, Intelligent Patient Guide
series-books on cancer for people with cancer and their families,
book on herpes, cookbooks and tarot books, etc.

Charlottesville, USA

Distributors of books viz., history, transportation, crafts,
cooking, gardening, aviation, food & wine, quilts etc.

Iowa City, USA

Distributors of ethnic cookbooks, literature, proverbs and folktales
in Czech, German, Scandinavian, Finnish, Polish, Italian, Dutch,
Slovak, Scottish, Ukranian and Irish descent.

Seattle, USA

Distributors of books viz., self help, humor books, popular gift
books, butterfly artwork prints and posters such as The road to
success, Achieve your dreams, Motherhood is not for wimps, Piano
chord, Guitar chords, etc.

Astoria, USA

Distributors of wide range of books viz., African, American, Greek,
Ibo & Spanish titles on environment, cultural diversity, nature &
fascinating stories for adults and children.

Burlington, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of wide range of books viz., Coming to
America-The Kids' book About immigration, Losing uncle Tim , Let's
talk about feelings-Ellie's Day, What's a virus anyway? The Kids'
Book about AIDS, The divorce workbook-An interactive guide for kids
and families, Let's talk trash- The Kids' book about recycling, Love
and anger-The parental dilemma, Safe at last-A handbook for recovery
from abuse, I want to play, etc.

Lebanon, USA

Distributors of character education materials & educational services
for the catholic and christian communities viz., scripture, the
documents of the church, the best research in pedagogy and

Gainesville, USA

Distributors of a variety of study & reference materials specialized
in accounting and aviation.

Bunnell, USA

Distributors of books, videos, training materials, tools, and
softwares for the foodservice, restaurant and hospitality industry.

New York, USA

Distributors of an array of illustrated, non-fiction coffee table
books on a wide range of subjects such as children's books, art,
animals & nature, crafts & how to books, transportation, mythology,
travel and general interest.

New York, USA

Distributors of a variety of youth entertainment products focused in
three areas viz., entertainment, comic book publishing & toys such
as feature films, DVD/home video, video games & television &
character based apparels, collectibles, snack foods and promotions.

Portland, USA

Distributors of books from the leading publishers viz., Graphic Arts
Center Publishing Company, Alaska Northwest books, WestWinds press,
Whitecap books, Epicenter press, Wolf Creek books, The CIRI
Foundation, Roundup press, W W West Inc, Alaska Native Heritage
Foundation and Stoecklein Publishing specialized in the following
subjects such as regional, gardening, photo essay, nature, travel,
cooking, and children's.

San Francisco, USA

Distributors of all graphic novels & trade books, action, fantasy,
romance, comedy, underground titles, shonen jump, action, video,
books, backlist, magazines, etc.

Glendale, USA

Importers & distributors of books & gifts related to Armenian
culture & history such as directories, bibliographies, yellow pages,
almanacs, cook books of Armenian, Persian & Middle Eastern in the
English language, publications about Armenians & Iran, books on how
to learn Armenian, dictionaries and other books related to Armenians
both on audio-cassette and in book format.

Minneapolis, USA

Distributors of Latin American, world literature, business
communications & commercial production, contemporary literature in
translation, emphasizing narrative, poetry, essays, etc.

Waterbury, USA

Distributors of Afro-American greeting cards, Kwanzaa cards, African
American, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic American, Videos
& DVD's, audio cassette, autobiography & biography, business-law-
medicine, childrens books, cooking, education & guidance, general
interest, history, music-art-theatre, pc compact disc, poetry,
religion, social issues, sports, posters & postcards, womens issues
& interests, etc.

Boston, USA

Distributors of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian language
learning materials viz., books about Asian art, history, literature,
Japanese haiku, Chinese commerce, Korean political history,
literature from Vietnam, Confucian philosophy, diverse selection of
textbooks, software, films, DVD's and books.

Union City, USA

Distributors of Asian award-winning children's books viz.,
adventure, biographical novel, classical novel, general fiction,
historical novel, kung-fu story, mystery & detective, romance,
science fiction, translated fiction, etc., for bookstores, libraries
and schools.

Springfield, USA

Distributors of South Asian books from India on various subjects and
in various Indian languages viz., Islam, Jain, Journalism, Language
& Literature, Science, Magazine, Medicine, Mehandi, Music, Dance &
Theatre, Nehru, Osho, Philosophy & Religion, Politics, Govt &
Military Science, Punjabi, Rabindranath Tagore, Science &
Technology, Sikhism, Tibet, etc.

Plano, USA

Importers of Persian books in Farsi, Farsi - English or English -
Farsi translator viz., Chehreh Haye Moosigi Iran-faces of Iranian
music, Ganjineh Akshaye Iran-treasures of Iranian pictures, Jone
Jonon-calligraphy album, Dastoor Zabon (Shiveh No) English grammar,

Eau Claire, USA

Distributors of therapy materials for speech-language pathologists
and related professionals viz., speech and language disorders,
learning disabilities, social skill difficulties, general
developmental delays, autism, cognitive delays, brain injuries or
strokes, etc.

Beverly farms, USA

Distributors of occupational & environmental health & safety books
for physicians, nurses and management professionals viz., Toolbook
for Health Care Redesign Hansten, Ruth & Washburn, Marilyn,
Dictionary of Epidemiology, John M, Epidemiology-Principles &
Methods-MacMahon, Brian & Trichopoulos, Dimitrios, etc.

Los Angeles, USA

Importers, wholesalers & distributors of general merchandise viz.,
groceries, baby products, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, hair
accessories, bath products, manicure, shaving lotions, deodorant,
cologne/perfume, soaps, dental, writing, note book, office supply,
paper, envelopes, folders, binders, coloring books, etc., from the
leading brands viz., Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette,
Revlon, Nestle and M & M.

Valley Center, USA

Importers and wholesalers of orchid plants, books on orchids & cut

Glendale, USA

Importers and distributors of educational foreign books and
multimedia materials in a variety of languages viz., Italian books,
Spanish books, French books, English books, Books on tapes, Children
books & resources, Teacher resources & tools, Multimedia materials,
Software, Video & dvd, Music, Souveniers & gifts, Cultural related
material, etc.

Miami Lakes, USA

Wholesalers & distributors of best sellers, regional titles,
hardcover & paper back books, childrens titles, audio books, etc.

Northridge, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of independent and small presses,
Novels, Short stories, Poetry, Memoirs, Essays, etc.

New York, USA

Distributors of Chinese-English dictionaries and reference
materials, CD-Rom, Chinese Books, English-Chinese Dictionaries,
Learning Chinese, Learning English, etc.

Haverford, USA

Distributors of remainder books viz., coffee table books, gardening,
cooking, children's, how-to, self-help, religious and psychotherapy,
craft, military and civil war and selections of fiction and non-

Maplewood, USA

Importers and wholesalers of archaeology, art, architecture, travel
books, museum guides, etc.

Clinton, USA

Distributors of audiovisual recordings, cassettes, compact discs,
videos, audio books and DVD'S, album cases for audio, books, videos,
compact discs and DVD'S.

Owosso, USA

Wholesalers and distributors of books and audio-visual materials to
the library and medical markets viz., Audio-Visual Material, Bar
Codes, Cataloging, Comprehensive Reporting, Custom Invoicing,
Duplicate Order Alert, Electronic Ordering, Free "Time Saver" Forms,
Processing, Price Variance Protection, Publisher Prepayment,
Standing Order Service, Theft Detection devices, Toll-free Phone
Service, Interactive Telephone Order Entry System, etc.

New Castle, USA

Distributors of the books published by the American Antiquarian
Society, the Bibliographical Society (UK), the Bibliographical
Society of America, the Bibliographical Society of the University of
Virginia, the John Carter Brown Library, etc.

Linden, USA

Distributors of magazines viz., Today's Black Women & and Just for
Black Men, word up magazine, Russell Simmons' One World, Trace from
London, Bernard Bronner's Upscale, Tae Kwon Do Times, Baseball
America, Hype Hair, etc.

Kensington, USA

Distributors of books related to musical intruments music editions,
recordings, videos, books and accessories, such as mandolin, guitar
and other fretted instruments and other books viz., A Century of
Musical Humor & Show Business Whit - Walter K. Bauer, Exercises for
Musicians-How to Combat Effects of Postural Stress, etc.

Kansas City, USA

Distributors of humor books, calendars, and gift and stationery
lines, best-sellers, collections, general non-fiction trade, gift
books viz., A+ Teachers-by Erika V. Karres, Off the Record-by Graham
Nash and Manuscript Originals, Compass of the Soul-by Lynn Robinson,
Pure-by Anne Geddes, E-Mail to the Front-by Alesia Holliday,
Teachers With Class-by Marsha Serling & Sonia Feldman, The Get Fuzzy
Experience-by Darby Conley, When Body Language Goes Bad-A Dilbert
Book-by Scott Adams, etc.

McCall, USA

Distributors of the Jerry Kuhnhausen-VSP gunsmithing, gun repair and
gun rebuilding manuals, gunsmith training manuals, VSP gunsmithing
shop manual series books and other publications on guns and firearms

Lanham, USA

Distributors of books from the leading publishers viz., Aegis
Publishing Group, AltaMira Press, American Contract Bridge League,
The American Golfer Inc, American Media International, Aqua Quest
Publications, Inc, Aquamarine, Kiplinger Books, Lake Isle Press,
Larson Publications, Lebhar-Friedman Books, Lone Eagle, etc., on
various subjects such as sales, marketing, order fulfillment,
fiction and non fiction credit and collection services.

Salinas, USA

Distributors of quality independent comics viz., Battle Royale to
Johnny, Goth Comics-goth and goth-related items (such as Johnny the
Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Lenore, Serenity Rose, Bear, Emily the
Strange, Writhe and Shine), Manga Trade Paperbacks (Viz., Tokyopop,
ComicsOne, Gutsoon, and more), Kid-Friendly Comics, Other
Merchandise - such as T-shirts, DVDs, Toys, Compact Discs, and other
non-printed merchandise.

Long Beach, USA

Distributors of classic American newspaper strips including Flash
Gordon, Mandrake, The Phantom, Prince Valiant, Rip Kirby, Reg'lar
Fellers, Rip Kirby, Secret Agent X-9, Smilin' Jack, The Spirit,
Superman, Tarzan, Terry & the Pirates, Twin Earths, The Yellow Kid,

San Francisco, USA

Distributors of all sorts of weird 'n' wonderful subversive
literature, graphic novels, tattoo & art books, underground &
alternative books, comics & magazines, asterix, audio, automotive,
beat generation, blues and jazz, calendars, classical, etc.

Members can find the full contact details of these companies here

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