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Italy - Importers / distributors

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Previews of importers in our database

Description: Importer of fruit

Description: Distributors of micro-electronics industry materialsm
components & capital equipment, etc.

Distributors of planetary gear, hydraulic motors, wheel, slewing
drives, truck drives, etc.

Description: The group is one of the world's leading producers, processors, distributors and marketers of fresh fruit, vegetables, plants
and flowers. The group is present throughout the world, employing
up to 10,000 workers including permanent and seasonal ones.
Our own production areas are concentrated primarily in Argentina,
Brazil and Spain. Has been in business since 1966, constantly
innovating in order to provide its customers with a complete range
of fresh products the entire year round, hard at work in both
hemispheres to exploit their complementary natures. Their fruit
and vegetables are always fresh and harvested during their
natural seasons without having to submit to traumatic
preservation processes.

Description: Importers and wholesalers of pharmaceuticals viz., Italian
products, Spanish products, veterinary products, baxa products,
international generics, etc.

Description: Wholesalers of Italian designer apparel,
leatherwear and fashion accessories.

Description: Distributors of pharmaceuticals and GSL products.

Description: Distributor of specialty and performance chemicals.

Description: Distributors of salon equipment and beauty furniture viz.,
shampoo units, styling units, reception desks, seating displays, barber
chairs, chair bases accessories, trolleys, manicure tables, stools,
hood dryers, posters, etc.

Description: Distributors of industrial sensors and safety devices from
the leading brands viz., Euchner, Visolux, Schleicher, Elobau, ASO,
Pulsotronic, Sensopart, Di-soric, etc.

Description: Distributors of industrial air compressors
and vacuum pumps.

Distributors of safety valves, liquid level gauges and coded
pipe couplings.

Wholesalers of Italian sterling silver jewelry viz., bracelets,
necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, pendents, bangles, etc.

Importers of Canadian salmon, smoked wild canadian salamon, smoked
scottish salmon, ell & grouper, fresh iranian caviar, bottargo,
smoked strugeon californian swordfish, yellowfin tuna, truffles, etc.

Wholesalers of Baltic amber jewelry, beaded & costume jewelry,
venetian lampwork glass beads, venetian watches, etc.

Distributors of costume jewelry, metal bijoux, silver jewelry,
accessories, boxes, etc.

Wholesalers of antique furniture viz., bookcases, chest of drawers,
bedside cabinets, credenzas & servants, writting tables, chairs, sofas,
mirrors, dining tables, etc.

Distributors of screen-printed badges & transfers, reflective
products, heat application machines, label tapes & embroidered
badges, safety, leisure & sportswear decoration, etc.

Distributors of fibre glass products from the leading brands
viz., Saint Gobain, Vetrotex, etc.

Distributors of bentonite and clay minerals for the construction,
furniture, ceramic & chemical industries.

Distributors of check valves & filters, directional control
valves, metering valves, pressure relief & safety valves, pumps,
sensing valves, etc., used for the following applications viz.,
offshore oil & gas, seismic-survey, subsea-engineering,
civil-engineering, gas-turbine systems, engine emission control,
hydraulic power units, chemical injection, steel making, etc.

Distributors of diaphragm valves, process valves, & fluid
control equipment.

Distributors of seafoods viz., crabs, shrimp, eel, lobster, etc.

Worldwide distributors of LPG units and electric windows
systems for automotives

Distributor of basil sauce, tomato sauce and other typical products
viz.,Pesto alla Genovese, Tomato Sauce with onions & garlic, Tomato sauce with chili & herbs, Tomato sauce with basil, Garlic puree, Chili puree, Basil puree, Dried toamto puree, Black olive puree, Halal products, Koshar products Tomato sauce with mushrooms& peppers, Tomato sauce with courgettes
& aubergines, etc.

Wholesalers of designer clothing for women and men, leatherwear and fashion accessories, shoes and leather goods

Distributor of high tecnology components produced by important
leader companies in electronics, and is also specialised
in supplying fiber optic devices.

Wholesalers of fine and extra fine woollen fabrics.

Distributors of quality seafood products such as the liveliest fish,
the liveliest lobsters,and tastiest shellfish for over 40 years.

Distributors of costume jewellry and fashion accessories viz., bangles,
chains, charms, bracelets, croci, crystal connection, earrings,
electoformed, enamel, belts, fashion sunglasses, foulards, tattoo, etc.

Distributors of speciality chemicals to the following industries
pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber, coatings, composites, electronics,
water treatment and detergents, etc.

Distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients viz., coatings,
building, cosmetics, plastics & elastomers, lubricants & formulators, food, pharmaceuticals, detergents, resins, textile, paper, etc.

Distributors of natural and synthetic fibers upholstery and furnishing

International traders of green coffee and cocoa beans.

Green coffee importer and trader in Italy.

Importers of liqueurs from the leading brands viz., Fernet-Branca,
Punt-e-Mes, Brancamenta, Villa Branca, etc.

Wholesalers and distributors of fine yarns, alpaca/wool, apaca/cotton
blends, kid mohair/silk blends, etc.

Deals with clothing, accessories and leather goods from
the most prestigious Italian brand names, purchasing stocks
and sample collections from the world’s best-known fashion
houses and re-selling them to retailers in selected areas
throughout the world.

Distributor of metal detectors, georadars, training collars,
gate openers, power inverters, forklifts, and other

In 30 years of dedicated service to this sector
of catering equipment it is one of the world's
leading suppliers of professional espresso coffee
machines and certainly one of the most dynamic.

Worldwide distributors of LPG units and electric windows
systems for automotives

Distributor of musical instruments, professional audio equipment
and theatre amplification systems.

Distributor of a broad range of more than 7000 articles of very good
quality capable of satisfying all productive demands of the food
processing industry:
- Bovine - hogs - poultry - rabbit meat processing industry
- Fishery processing
- Fruit and vegetables processing
- Restaurant and catering organization
- Confectionery industry and bakery products
- Large food distribution

Distributor of Italian food, olive oil and wines

Major distributor of fresh fruit from Italy, Spain, Turkey,
Central and South America to Eastern block countries. Also
company imports and distributes fresh food produce to
wholesalers and supermarket chains throughout Italy.

Leading supplier of laboratory products with a growing emphasis on
international markets. Has 300 sub-dealers and 39 exclusive agents
throughout the whole country. In Italy their customers are the
laboratories of over 10.000 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
life science industries, hospitals and universities.
I-20153 Milano

Distributor of electrical measuring instruments
48018 Faenza (RA)

Distributes best quality fruit and vegetables coming from various
areas in Italy and the Mediterranean basin and, to enable the
supply of seasonal products, directly imports from Chile, Uruguay,
Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil.
36 UZZANO (Pistoia)

Wholesaler of fruit and vegetables from Italy and various
other countries.
50127 Firenze

Distributor of baby products in Italy with affiliate shops.
Business Interests:

- Production of strollers, high chairs, baby walkers and
similar articles.
- Exportation of the produced articles.
- Exportation of several baby products.
- Distribution with agents and local distributors in Italy.
- Distribution with local business men in foreign countries.
- Importation of several baby products.

70020 Bitritto

Distributor of:
- Precision tubing in stainless steel and special steels
- Copper tubing with and without PVC sheath
- Galvanized steel tubing and conduit for electrical systems
- Forged fittings, Flanges, Bolts and Nuts, Packings
- Air distribution pots and seal chambers
- Syphons, Snubbers
- Reducing filters
- Steam traps
- Forged globe, gate and needle valves
- Cable trays
- Explosion-proof and watertight electrical fittings
- Special electrical cables
- Supplies of "low value" primary and secondary materials
- Measuring instruments for Research Laboratories
- Measuring Instruments for Pressure, Temperature, Flow andLevel
20053 Muggiò (MI)

Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
I-40129 Bologna

Distributor of Prescale Fuji film products.
27057 Varzi - Pavia

Importer of marbles and granites.
11 - 70033 - Corato (BA)

Importer of marble.
62027 San Severino Marche (MC)

Wholesale suppliers of Italian fashion leather shoes, footwear.
27029 Vigevano (Pavia)

Importer of medical consumables, electro-medical equipment and
the most technologically advanced health care products.
It-20 090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MIL)

Distributors of Italian cappuccino/espresso machines LaPavoni,
Gaggia, and Seaco, (available in European and American models).
Company also distributes the finest Italian coffee.
39040 Vahrn

Imports stationery and office articles from all over the world.
Company belongs to the most important importer trading group
in the stationery field in Italy. Established in 1985. Sole
agency from Japan, Germany, France, Spain.
42015 Correggio (RE)

Distributor of prefinished-hardwood(factory laquered), rubber
floorings for civil and industrial surfaces, P.V.C., linoleum
and related accessories. Also distributor of foam polyuretane
blocks, pots, china plates, refined crystal glass, cutlery in
stainless steel, hardware and utensils for house, work and hobbies.
36100 - Vicenza

Distributor of dried flowers and natural decorations.
39100 Bozen

Importer and distributor of exclusive branded products from
leading companies of the cycling world.
36060 Casoni di Mussolente VI

Distributor of spare parts for the marine and industrial field: specializing
in turbochargers, air compressors and pumps.
16128 Genova

An Italian introduced agent of electric motors and stainless steel
submersible pumps, drain pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps based
in Central Italy. Is looking for few companies to arrange an own
catalog and distribute them in Italy. Company has lots of good
clients such as resellers, electric assistance and repair,
industries end users consolidated by more than 20 years of activity.
63023 Fermo AP

Importer and exporter of branded toiletries and beverages
Naples, it 80026

Distributors of electronics, computers and laptops
20097 San Donato Milanese

Distributor of maritime interior decoration & giftware
25030 Paratico (Bs)

Wholesaler and exporter of lingerie and knitwear for lady, man and
Rovereto, IT 38068

Importer and distributor of high quality hi-fi parts: Lundahl,
OEP, Stevens & Billington, Riken, SCR. Located in Italy.
10060 Angrogna (Torino)

Wholesale of softwood, hard wood and panels.
Via Salaria Km 24

Represents a wide selection of non competing producers of wood products around the world
00189 Roma

Importer and distributor of wood from Europe, Asia, West Africa, South America
Roma 00172

Importer and distributor of wood

Importer and distributor of wood from North and South America
15060 Silvano D'Orba (Alessandria)

Distributor of sensors, transducers and ultra-thin batteries.
25125 Brescia

Activity spreads from retail pharmacies to international import export
and wholesale of medicines, from rehabilitation centers to distribution
and licensing support to international manufacturers. The group is made
up of about 30 companies, all operating in the distribution sector of
pharmaceutical and health care products. It has 350 employees, more than
500 freelance associates, 2 warehouses, 5 pharmacies, 1 herbal remedy
outlet, 8 rehabilitation centers, 1 test laboratory and an x-ray center.
80126 Napels

Trading company founded in 1982, and successfully operating in the area
of industrial automation. Today it offers a complete range of electronic
components to be used in several areas of industrial applications like
telecommunication, electric motor regulation, UPS, automation of tooling
machines, rectifiers, galvanic plants, electric traction, electric control
20133 Milano

Importer-exporter of finished leather
80143 Naples

Distributor of professional sound & lighting equipment
I-26845 Codogno

Marketing and distribution of food products to the food service sector and in the
door-to-door- distribution sector.
47900 Rimini

Representative and distributor for equipment and spare parts suitable
for various industrial field applications. Is one of the 16 international
branches of international company, which was established in the United
States in 1952 and today is headquarters for more than 35 offices and
warehouses worldwide. Distributor of valves, fittings, transformers,
analyzers, NEMA panel components, spare parts and components for turbine
controls, heavy duty dischargers, conveyors and feeders for solid
chemical powders, ashes or non homogenous materials, hydraulic turbines
mechanical seals and control and shut-off valves
50018 - Scandicci

Distributor of electro-instrumentation materials for the chemical and petrochemical industry
like valves and fittings, cable connection systems for use in subsea, topside
and hazardous areas, clamp connectors with a unique metal to metal sealing,
pressure regulators, gauge guards, filters and solenoid valves
20053 - Muggio/Milano

Importer of meats, sugar and other foodstuffs.
34122 Trieste

Leading supplier of lab products in Italy with 40 agents covering all the
Italian territory serve about 12,000 customers with more than 250,000 items.
20153 Milan

Importer and distributor of high quality hi-fi parts: Lundahl,
OEP, Stevens & Billington, Riken, SCR.
10060 Angrogna (Torino)

Italian importer of Canadian salmon into Europe.
36060 Romano D'ezzelino (Vi)

Importer/distributor of road construction and maintenance plant and equipment
26843 Castelnuovo Bocca D'adda

Importer and exporter of primarily granite blocks from around the world.
Volargne (Verona)

Distributor of shock absorbers, taps and gauges
40019 S. Agata Bolognese (BO)

Distributors of trade marked, class-1 flame retardent fabrics for the
contract market, from polyester.
20092 Cinisello Balsamo

Wholesale distributors of textile fabrics, trimmings and accessories to
the footwear and garment industries
40131 Bologna

Worldwide distributors of latex examination and surgical gloves.
50 00142 Roma

Distributors of broad range of cutting tools and associated consumable
items. Includes HSS and tungsten carbide tooling, metalworking fluids,
abrasive finishing and polishing products, and laser and other
marking devices.
11 - 40011 Anzola Emilia (BO)

Distributor of split systems air conditioners such as high wall, floor/ceiling,
cassette, and ductable. Also distributor of fan coils and chillers
and air curtains.
33070 Vigonovo (Pordenone)

Distributor of metal detectors, georadars, training collars, gate openers,
power inverters, forklifts, and other electronics.
40026 Imola

Italian company operating in the market of cosmetics. Operates as agent
and distributor of several cosmetic lines and customers are supermarkets
and department stores, perfumery chains, and wholesale distributors.
20088 Rosate

Distributor of promotional products
20144 Milano

Wholesale of undergarment for babies.
54100 Massa

Distributor of spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, and other natural
nutritional supplements.
43045 Fornovo Taro (PR)

Distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients,medicinal and
aromatic plants, bee's products, food ingredients
212-20099 Sesto G Giovanni

Specialises in the widespread distribution of chemical products and
other specialities for different industrial end uses. The company
operates in the domestic market in partnership with some of the
most important international chemical companies. Products include:
polyurethane, plastic materials, paint and varnishes, adhesives,
detergents and water treatment. Company has also collaboration
with a distributor of chemical specialities in the coating market.
20014 Nerviano (MI)

Distributor of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Synthesis
Chemicals, Intermediates and Health Food Products.
20032 Cormano (MI)

Importer, exporter and distributor of stock lots, toiletries, household,
cleaning products etc.
20080 Trezzano Sul Naviglio - Milan

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Cleaning, protection and beauty products, City: Pove Del Grappa
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Clothing,shoes of major brands, City: Napoli
Food, raw materials, City: Milano
Food/beverages, City: Lamezia Terme
Fruit, City: Genova
Furniture, City: Miami
Garments, City: Cusago
GSM,consumer products, City: Massa
HardMetal Cutting Tools, City: Casagiove
Helmet, City: Modena
Machine tools, City: Bologna
Machine tools, City: Cardano al campo
Machine tools, City: Milano
Machine tools, City: Milano
Machine tools, City: Trezzano sul naviglio
Measuring equipment, City: Segrate
Oriental furniture, City: Brugherio
PVC - PP Copp Homo and Atatic - LDPE -HDPE- LLDPE, City: Belluno
Seafood, City: Sanremo
Second hand machine tools, City: Italy
Stones: marbles and travertines, blocks, slabs, City: Marina di Carrara
Tools and machine accessories, City: Cologno monzese
Tools and machine accessories, City: Genova
Tools and machine accessories, City: Milano
Tools and machine accessories, City: Parma
Tools and machine accessories, City: Tortona
Tools and machine accessories, City: Milano
Vodka, City: Bologna
Vodka, City: Brescia
Vodka, City: Genova
Vodka, City: Savona
Wall coverings, City: Hone

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