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Finland - Importers / distributors

Members can find the full contact list here

Previews of data available to our members

Wholesalers and distributors for unique gifts & home decors
viz., household & decorglasses, amusing pocelain dishes for children &
adults, ceramics & metal for interior decoration.

Distributors of computer software and add-on's.

Distributors of safety relief valves, pressure reducing valves
and associated products.

Distributors of check valves & filters, directional control
valves, metering valves, pressure relief & safety valves, pumps,
sensing valves, etc., used for the following applications viz.,
offshore oil & gas, seismic-survey, subsea-engineering,
civil-engineering, gas-turbine systems, engine emission control,
hydraulic power units, chemical injection, steel making, etc.

Importer and marketer of machine tools, accessories
and spare parts. The company's main partners are
Czech and Polish machine tool manufacturers.
Additionally it represents some Italian and Chinese
companies. An important part of the company's
operations - in addition to new machinery - is
the sales of repaired and second-hand machine tools.
The company also operates its own maintenance and
spare parts service.

Distributor of zippers, threads, cords, elastics,
linings, buttons, grippers, interlining, tapes,
reflective ribbons and safety fabrics.

Distributor of business gifts including calculators,
garment, pencils etc.

The leading Finnish trading company which is engaged in
retailing in close cooperation with their retailers
and in wholesaling directly to industry, restaurants
and other wholesale customers.

Imports mainly tools, machines, tractor parts, accessories,
fasteners, tyres for agricultural machines and batteries
from 20 different countries. Exports to Europe and to
the Far East. Their product range includes approximately
35000 items which are mainly sold in Finland but also in
the Baltic Countries through different dealer networks.

Supplier of furniture fittings, specialising in import
and wholesale business.

Importer of lubricants, oils, grease, sprays

Finland's leading distributor of industrial chemicals and plastic
raw materials. Has subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
and Russia. Overseas units account for approx. 25%
of their net sales.

Is an independent distributor, entirely State-owned company
and is administered and supervised by the Ministry of
Social Affairs and Health. Company has a monopoly in
Finland on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages containing
over 4.7 per cent of alcohol by volume.

Company which is established in 1894, is a Finnish
multi-branch industrial and pharmaceutical supplier
specialising in technical trade in its home markets
in Finland, the Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia.
Total annual sales for the Group are approximately
200 million euros.

The operations of the group have been restructured
into three specialised business areas based on
the company's traditional three product groupings:
raw materials and semi-finished goods; machinery
and equipment; and healthcare products. These
business areas form the Group and operate under
the Parent mother company.

Supplies thousands of products for industry, trade
and the public sector. The Group has hundreds of
established contacts to manufacturers throughout
the world and is in touch with the latest
achievements in international science and
technology. Also utilises efficient storage depots
and tank parks, modern logistics, and fast data
communications networks.

One of the leading importers and suppliers of professional
video, audio and stage and TV studio lighting systems.
Customers include corporate and educational AV facilities,
theatres, multipurpose halls, sports arenas and the
entertainment, media, film and broadcast sectors. Company
represents some of the finest brands and manufacturers
in the industry, which are managed by established industry
professionals and product specialists.

Finnish company specialised in ship electrical installations
and service, including turnkey deliveries. Also supplies
various electrical units and spare parts for ships.
In addition, they represent several manufacturers of
electrical control and communications systems and equipment
for pleasure craft.

Leading distributor of pharmaceutical products in Finland.
It also markets high-quality healthcare and well-being
products, which are sold in pharmacies and in health food shops.

Marketing company, wholesaler and pharmaceutical distributor
with a comprehensive coverage of products and equipment
for healthcare, medical treatment and research. Company
operates as an active and important partner for healthcare
in its main markets, Finland and the Baltic countries.

One of the Nordic regions largest and oldest health and
medical care distributors. Since 1907, company has
been supplying pharmacies and the health care with
most of the things that are needed for effective
health care.

Distributor of pharmaceuticals on the Finnish health
care market. Provides you with total coverage/overall
service in warehousing, distribution, supportive
additional services and state-of- the-art information
to all health care suppliers in Finland.

Markets, distributes and supports wireless communication
products and solutions.

Leading distributor of chemical specialities in its area
and the top player in certain markets and product segments.

Import and wholesale company for automotive spare parts and
accessories, tools and components for vehicle industry.
Presents well-known brand products of leading manufacturers.
Products are sold through the dealers around the whole Finland.

Main line of business is importing and distributing car audio products.

Importer and a wholesaler of electronics components and
acessories since 1963. The most important product groups
are car radio acessories, passive and electromechanical
components, power units, cables and connectors
and tools and chemicals.

Wholesale dealer of components, service equipment, spare
parts and tools for electronic industry in Finland.
Clients include industrial maintenance and desinging units,
defence forces, audio/video-service companies, domestic
equipment dealers, technical education institutes and
other schools generally.

Distributor of stationery and sports products to tools, consumer
electronics and mobile phones.

Importers of machinery, different devices, dyeing colors, chemicals,
lubricants and other additional equipments for textile, plastic
and paper industries.

Distributor of top-quality technically advanced products
from leading manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

The product programme comprises six main groups:
- equipment for vehicle service and repairs
- machines and equipment for working environment
- machines and equipment for cleaning
- hydraulics, compressed air and industrial automation
- control and on/off valves, valves for the processing industry
- industrial accessories and cutting tools for machining

Distributor of drive shafts, gear boxes and spare parts,
water pumps and accessoires, fuel pumps and accessoires,
vacuum compressors, stub axles, bogies and wheels,
water filters, fountain pumps and accessoires, respirators.

Skilled technical wholesale trading company engaged in
electronic components, mechatronics, and measurement
technology. Product fields of the company include
electronic components, industrial sensors, batteries,
motors, machine vision systems, bar code readers,
fibre optics as well as vibration and sound level meters.
Represents industry leading brands, such as Brüel &
Kjær, Harting, Litton, Molex, Oriental Motor, Panasonic
and Seiko Instruments.

Distributor of building supplies, timber and board products,
hardware, tools and interior decoration products. Facts: 17
units in Finland, Turnover 387 million euros, 950 employees
2nd largest distributor of building materials in Finland

Importer of toys, gifts and party products.

Importer and distributor of video camera's, dvd players,
television sets, digital camera's etc

We do import wholesaling and export of promotional products
and also marketing in Finland pad, silkscreen, and foil stamping
machines produced in Far East.

Finnish import- and wholesale company, founded in 1993. Our
wide range of products include saunabath and bathroom
related gift- and furnishing products.

Our company is located in Hamina, southern Finland, about 40 km
from the Russian border. We specialize in a wide range of
services directed at Russia such as:

- Exporting goods to Russia and other CIS countries
- Importing and exporting of products and raw materials
to and from Finland
- Consultation with respect to doing business in Russia
- Handling, warehousing, forwarding and transportation of goods
- In our office we can serve you in five languages: English,
Russian, Dutch, Estonian and Finnish

Finnish company that specializes in importing and
distributing top-of-the-line car audio.

Importer of machine tools for the plastic and metal industry.
Specialities are machine tools with auxiliary equipment and
accessories for injection moulding and metal machining.

Wholesale of organic food
00810 Helsinki

Importer and wholesaler trading wth DIY electrical accessories
and installation material, consumer electronics, electrical
heating appliances and professional electronics for
construction industry and small house building, as well as
outdoor and decorational lighting.
FIN-00810 Helsinki

One of the biggest wholesalers in bicycle and scooter parts and
accessories in Finland. Dealer network includes independent
bicycle shops as well as sport chains and department stores,
totally round 1200 retailers throughout Finland. Exclusive
importer of such brands as Continental, KMC, RST, etc.
FIN-33900 Tampere

Importer and wholesale in Finland with its own purchasing department
and as well as own forwarding department. The main import countries are
situated in Far-East and Europe. The main product areas include:
household, toy, stationery, gift, Christmas, carnival, cosmetic, bag,
porcelain, Easter, garden furniture and many other sundry items.
FIN-33101 Tampere

Distributor of reagents for molecular laboratories, and cell and tissue
culture laboratories, consumables for molecular laboratories, diagnostic
kits for clinical, environmental and food laboratories, and microtiter
plate readers, fluorometers and luminometers.
20520 Turku

Distributor of electrical measuring instruments
02631 Espoo

Independent and highly professional importer and wholesaler in Finland
with its own purchasing department and as well as own forwarding
department. The main import countries are situated in Far-East and
Europe. The main product areas include: household, toy, stationery,
gift, Christmas, carneval, cosmetic, bag, porcelain, easter, garden
furniture and many other sundry items.
33101 Tampere

Distributor of high quality and professional lead-acid battery
back up solutions to Telecom-, UPS and Power plant applications.

Products include:
- Lead-acid batteries
- Ni-Mh batteries
- Li-Ion batteries
- Military products
- OEM products
- Torches
- Battery chargers
01721 Vantaa

Distributor of a broad range of products including power supplies,
frequency control products, RF& Microwave components, specialist
niche semiconductors and GPS positioning products.
02600 Espoo

Distributor of electronic components and system products. Company's
headquarters is located in Oulunkylä, Helsinki. They also have
sales office in Oulu. Warehouse resides in Vantaa, near by
Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
00641 Helsinki

Distributor and stockist of technical equipment. Product selection
includes industrial valves, actuators and various types of industrial
and electronic equipment. Clients are primarily chemical, petrochemical,
wood-processing, steel, mechanical engineering companies, water
treatment plants, the food industry, shipyards, and power plants.
02430 Masala

Distributor of audio equipment, communication equipment, AV,
components and measuring instruments.
02180 Espoo

A Finnish distributor, wholesaler and service provider whose
product and marketing service palette encompasses all aspects
of healthcare. Company has subsidiaries in the Baltic
countries, and covers all the Nordic countries through a
network of distribution partners.
02101 Espoo

Import and distribution of top-of-the-line car audio.
90520 OULU

Distributor of windsurfing products
45200 Kouvola

Import and wholesale of saunabath and bathroom related gift- and
furnishing products.
20540 Turku

Importing company of automation components in Finland.
2201 Espoo

Distributor of a wide range of chemicals for industry in Finland, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Has a leading position in the distribution
of industrial chemicals in Finland.
02611 Espoo

Distributor of commercial steels and special steels, tubes and profiles,
metals and metal alloys, and special products from lifting equipment
to driver´s seats. The range includes a number of international brand names.
The products come from selected manufacturers, the majority of them in Europe.
02611 Espoo

Distributor specialized in the delivery of machinery, equipment and special
products for industry. The wide range of products comprises several groups:

- Machinery and equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical/beverage industries
- Components and systems for rolling stock
- Civil engineering products
- Special machinery for the metal and paper industries
- Equipment for filtering of water and other liquids
- Auxiliary equipment for power plants
- Special equipment
02611 Espoo

Imports, distributes and markets pharmaceuticals, veterinary
preparations, diagnostic products, rehabilitation equipment
and OTC-products. Specialises in health care supplies since
1930s when company acquired the trading rights in pharmacy
products. Cooperates with international manufacturers
well-known for their quality products and expertise.
02611 Espoo

Leading distributor of industrial chemical specialties, plastics,
and basic chemicals in Finland, the CIS and in the Baltic States.
Company has sales offices in Finland, the Russian Federation,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
Annual sales EUR 130 million (2001). Also the leading Western
distributor of speciality chemicals in the former Soviet Union.
00210 Helsinki

Distributor of industrial chemical specialties, plastics and basic
chemicals in Finland, the CIS and in the Baltic States.
00211 Helsinki

Importer of motor boats, Mercuri motors and motor consoles.
02270 Espoo

Importer of motorbikes, scooters, fourwheels, snowscooters,
08200 Lohja

Wholesale of materials and equipment for vacuumforming, thermoforming,
finishing, decorating
01730 Vantaa

Import, export and sale of plastics processing equipment.
04360 Tuusula

Imports and exports technical equipment and systems for both marine
and industrial use and provides engineering, installation and
service for these equipment and systems. Has a dealer and service
network in Finland (31 points) and representative agreements with
25 international leading principals.

Distributor of brand watches

Distributor for presentation equipment

Importing and marketing of high quality reagents for diagnostics and
research. Provide their customers with a wide range of products in
the line of microbiology, pathology, clinical chemistry, cell biology
and cytogenetics. Diagnostic and research antibodies and reagents
for molecular biology have high priority in our company.

Distributors of jet injection mixing (JIM) systems for processing chemicals.

European distributor of passive and electromechanical components for industrial use.

Distributor and importer of professional video and film equipment

Distributor of professional lighting, cameras and projectors for movies.

Import, marketing, distribution, installation and after sales service of
machines, equipment and technical accessories. Main product lines are:
healthcare equipments and accessories laundry machines and accessories,
boatequipments, surface foils and glues for the woodworking industry.

Professional sound and lighting distributor. Main clientele includes public
and private organisations, construction industry, communal instances,
educational institutions etc. Offers long line of tested solutions
for concert halls, sport arenas, auditoriums, restaurants, clubs, school
gymnasiums, churches, theatres etc

National computer products retailer, chain of 42 local stores serve
customers all over Finland.

Distributor and systems integrator of audio, video and lighting equipment
for the professional and broadcast industries. Distribution works closely
with its specialist dealer and contractor network covering the whole country

Distributor of valves and fittings

Importer, wholesaler and retail chain developer in the sporting and recreational goods markets. The nationwide chain of Sportia retailers offers a wide selection of high quality sporting products. The chain comprises approximately 70 stores throughout Finland.

Operates Finland's largest privately owned food store chain that has over 140 neighborhood stores, chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets

With its comprehensive range of wholesaling operations and 36 cash-and-carry Metro outlets, company provides extensive services to its clients, large scale catering companies and local retailers alike.

Leading Finnish trading house and an expert in the global market. Specializes in international trade, imports, exports and wholesale business.

Represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery, equipment and chemicals for the forest industry. Importer and distributor of machinery and equipment for electrical engineering and airfield lighting and security systems. Also an important supplier of raw materials for the glass and ceramics industry.

Distributor of ingredients, machinery and equipment to the bakery industry

Distributor/importer of wine

More importers Finland
Agriculture products, City: Helsinki
Alcoholic beverages, City: Espoo
Auto supplies, electronics, Christmas products, recreational products, household products, tools, City: Hyvinkää
Bicycles, City: Tampere
Candlesticks, jewellery, art glass,table silver, bronze, jewellery, City: Turku
Cars, City: Helsinki
Chemicals, City: Äetsä
Chemicals, City: Imatra
Clocks, watches, gifts and promotional products, City: Siilinjärvi
Clothing, City: Helsinki
Components mainly in the shipbuilding sector, City: Turku
Computer equipment, City: Espoo
Consumer products, electronical products, City: Tuusula
Different kinds of electrotechnical materials, equipment, machines and special tools, City: Helsinki
Different products, City: Kuopio
Different products, City: Tuusula
Electronics, City: Hyvinkää
Electronics, City: Kauniainen
Espresso machines, both commercial and machines for home, City: Karpero
Fasteners such as screws, bolts and rivets, City: Vantaa
Food products, City: Mustasaari
Food, City: Vesanto
Frozen Lobster tails, bathrobes, City: Turku
Garments and textiles, City: Lahti
Garments, City: Turku
Heavy machinery and spareparts, City: Honkajoki
Home and office design furniture, City: Helsinki
Leather, City: Toijala
Lumber, City: Porlammi
Machines for forestry, grader blade, other hardened steel products, City: Jyvaskyla
Motor helmets, City: Helsinki
Motorcycles, City: Piikkiö
Polypropylene woven bags, plywood, City: Finland
Products and raw materials, City: Hamina
Professional hand tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, sawing blades, machines and fastening supplies, City: Espoo
Riding equipment: clothing, saddles, boots and accessories, City: Lempäälä
Saunabath and bathroom related gift- and furnishing products, City: Turku
Sport goods, specialising mainly in hunting, sport shooting and security products, City: Tampere
Springs, City: Finland
Technics, construction materials and nettings, City: Helsinki
Textiles, City: Karjaa
Timber, City: Helsinki
Timber, City: Helsinki
Timber, wood, City: Helsinki
Various beverages, City: Helsinki
Various products, City: Helsinki
Vodka, City: Helsinki
Wines and spirits, City: Helsinki
Wood raw material, City: Helsinki

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