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Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.) Pty Ltd   The care and welfare of production and performance animals combines science, technology, animal husbandry and specialist products

RxUSA International, Inc.   Wholesale Drugs, Medicine and Medications, RX wholesale Inc, Lowest possible prices on wholesale drug exports, call now or inquire on line.

SafePharm Laboratories   One of the World's leading contract research facilities involved in the safety evaluation of speciality chemicals, performance chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, intermediates and medical devices.

Saffa Pharma International:   Saffa Pharma International: Owner Dr. A. Saffarnia, since 1976 in Service for Health: Pharmaceuticals, Reagents, Medical and Hospital Supplies, Health articles

Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.   Salix Pharmaceuticals focused on providing healthcare products for gastrointestinal diseases.

Sangart, Inc.   Sangart, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company founded by Dr. Robert Winslow, is dedicated to improving transfusion practices worldwide. The company is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of innovative transfusion medicine solutions.

Savan Group   Savan Group offer bulk chemicals, food additives, raw materials for pharmaceuticals, disinfectants and other associated products

Scantox   Scantox a CRO, contract research organisation carrying out research and tests as dermal and inhalation studies, minipig studies, genotoxicity, medical devices, toxicology, reproductive and safety pharmacology.

Schein Pharmaceutical, Inc.   Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Welcome to Watson's Web site, your portal to understanding our business and the vision, legacy, and quality that are shaping our impressive growth.

Schering Health Care, Ltd.   Schering Health Care Limited is a market leader in female healthcare, diagnostics, dermatology and therapeutics. Our business specialises in contraception, hormone therapy, ms, oncology, diagnostic imaging, radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine.

Scientific Medical Research   Specializing in the research of neurologic and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Scrxibe   Pharmaceutical Marketing and strategic marketing planning software created and engineer specially for the Pharmaceutical Marketing Industy, it allows and promotes thinking and strategic marketing.

Seacoast Medical   Seacoast Medical is a full line pharmaceutical, medical & surgical supplier, servicing the needs of clinics and physician offices nationwide

SellWiss Pharma Biotechnology   SellWiss provides for contract manufacturing of biotechnology-derived active pharmaceutical ingredients, APIs (novel biopharmaceuticals and biogenerics), from bacterial and mammalian cells (7.5 L - 500 L fermentation)

Serum Institute of India Ltd.   Serum Institute of India manufacturers of Vaccines & immuno-biologicals that include Tetanus Toxoid, Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Hepatitis-B Vaccines.

Servier Laboratories   French Pharmaceutical company specialized in Cardiology, Diabetes, Depression, Venous Disease

Shalina Laboratories Limited   Shalina Laboratories Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of health and personal care products based in India.

Shangyu Foreverchem Co., Ltd.   It is one of largest supplier of pharmaceutical products in China whose Usage is mostly for analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Shantha Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd.   Biotechnology for the preservation of life is a major concern and has been the single focus of our efforts in research, aimed at improving the quality of life. Developing India's first world class Hepatitis-B vaccine is the first step, and there are many to follow.

Shionogi Qualicaps Co., Ltd.   Shionogi Qualicaps manufactures empty gelatin capsules for the Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Industries. Shionogi has a long-standing tradition of producing high quality capsules and filling equipment.

Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals   House of Life saving medicines. Manufacturers - Exporters - Importers of specialised finished pharmaceutical products viz., Anti-Neoplastic, Anti-Tuberculosis, Anesthetic, Cardiovascular, Antibiotics, Vaccines, and Blood products.

Shreenath Chemicals   Chemical Manufacturer, Pharmaceutical Raw Material, Choline, Ferric Ammonium Citrate Iron, L Glutamic Acid, L Lysine Monohydrochloride, Calcium, Zinc, Magneseum, Sodium Citrate

Shritech Consulting, Inc.   Shritech Consulting, Inc. is a California based IT company.We provide IT solutions to healthcare and other industries.

Sierra Sciences Inc.   Sierra Sciences, Inc. is developing drugs and therapies to reverse the effects of human aging. Our near-term goal is to develop a drug that will temporarily activate telomerase expression and re-lengthen telomeres of aging human cells.

Simosis International   manufacturers and exporters of gums, cassia torae seeds, tamarind kernel powder, herbs, natural gum, gum karaya, india

Sincer Pharmchem Ltd.   China pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, drug intermediates and bulk drugs for export from china. Sincer Pharmchem is a team with more than 10 years experience in pharmaceutical international marketing.

Sirna Therapeutics   Sirna Therapeutics is a leading developer of therapeutics based on RNA interference (RNAi) technology.

SN.PM Plantes médicinales   Supplier of plant raw materials

Snow Mountain Botanicals   Medicinal herbs - Finest quality wildcrafted and organic medicinal fresh herbal extracts for herbal self-care. Mail order - Compounds - Simples-E-mail support - Custom formulations.

Speedel Pharma   Speedel is a biopharmaceutical company that creates value for patients, partners and investors by developing innovative therapies for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Sterling Rasayan Pvt., Ltd.   WholeSale Distributors, Importers & Exporters of Dairy Products like Skimmed Milk Powder, Full Cream, Whey Protein Concentrate , Bulk Drugs, Pharmaceutical

Stiefel Laboratories, Inc   Stiefel Laboratories is a unique skin care pharmaceutical company - dermatology is our entire focus, and has been for over 150 years.

Strathclyde Institute for Drug Research   SIDR identifies early-stage commercial opportunities in drug research, develops them through proof-of-principal stage, and seeks industrial partners for full development.

Straub Foundation   Straub Foundation is a unique community health resource, promoting clinical research, professional and public education programs, including university students/residents/post-resident research programs.

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp.   Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp. creates and develops medical therapies to battle various diseases based on the cellular stress response.

Surepharm Services Ltd.   SurePharm Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Drugs, Tablets, Powders, Veterinary and Herbal Products for the Industry.

Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory   Medical Device Testing, United Kingdom, Wound Management, Wound management materials, Woundcare, Wound care, Dressings, Disposables, Disposable, Single use, Single-Use devices, World Wide Wounds, Electronic Journal, Testing, Surgical Materials, NAMAS, UKA

Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals   Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals Australia supplies bodybuilding supplements, sports supplements and weight loss / fat loss supplements to all regions in Australia.

Synthon Chiragenics Corporation   Synthon Chiragenics Corporation is a world-leader in carbohydrate-based chiral technology for pharmaceuticals.

Sératec     SERATEC researches, develops and manufactures pure active ingredients, intermediates or ethical, rare, orphan drugs. SERATEC is particularly focused on process development and scale-up.

Tabcoat TC   Tabcoat Tc is a homogeneous ready mix for film coating of tablets, consisting of all the necessary ingredients such as film forming Polymers, Plasticizers, Pigments, Opacifier and other additives, Thane, Maharashtra, india

Tablet Dissolution Manufacturer UK G.B.Caleva   A company that specialises in the development and manufacture of laboratory instruments for tablet dissolution testing.

Taizhou Jiangbei Pharmaceutical Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Zhejiang Jiangbei Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(Formerly Taizhou City Jiangbei Chemical Factory) mainly manufactures rifampicin, rifamdin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide,ethambutol, ivermectin etc pharmaceutical intermediates and raw material medicines.

TCM Associates, Inc.   ISO 9001 and GMP contract manufacturing and packaging services for UK pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for clinical trials and contract manufacture including liquids, tablets, blister packs powders and pouches with isolator and clean room facilities.

The Bandish Group LLC   Professional Pharmaceutical Search Firm - Specializing in Career Development and Job Placements within the Pharmaceutical, Biotecnology, and CRO industries.

The Helios Group, Inc.   We are a consulting firm specializing in rendering high quality business and operational services to the R&D sectors of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The Torrance Company   With our extensive inventory of Vitamin / Mineral / Pharmaceutical Injectables, Complete I.V. Therapy Products – Solutions and Sets, Needles, Syringes, and Nutritional Supplements The Torrance Company will meet all your needs.

Tianhua Co., Ltd.   One of the largest sulfamonomethoxine manufacturer in china (100 Tone in 1 year). Producing universal antibiotic,china pharmaceutical,sulfa,animal remedy antigen and so on.

Traditional Tibetan Healing Inc.   Offers the best, most powerful herbal supplement remedies, carefully balanced ingredients, no side effects, excellent alternatives to conventional medications and treatments.

Transport Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   Transport Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing a proprietary iontophoretic drug delivery technology applicable to multiple dermatological diseases, with an initial focus on herpes labialis, or cold sores.

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development   The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development is an independent, academic, non-profit research group that provides strategic information on improving the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical development, research, and utilization.

Uniroyal Pharmaceuticals   Pharma, Pharmaceuticals, New generation antibiotics, Generic formulations, Liquid orals & Dietary suppliments

University Products LLC   Anaplasmosis Vaccine made by University Products L.L.C. does not cause Neonatal Isoerytholysis. This Veterinary Vaccine for Anaplasma marginale causes Bovine Anaplasmoisis, known as Tick Fever and Anaplaz.

Vamsi Labs Ltd.   Manufacturer and exporter of Bulk Drugs, APIs, Paracetamol, IP, BP, USP, R Salbutamol Albutarol Sulphate, Salmeterol XinafoateT

Vanguard Pharma   Vanguard Pharma offers healthcare staffing services, medical staffing and pharmaceutical marketing solutions. Contact pharmaceutical and medical sales recruiters for pharmaceutical sales positions.

Vasundhara Rasayans   Vasundhara rasayans provides a full searchable database for manufacturing chemicals for pharma based companies and related pages on the world wide web.

VaxGen, Inc   VaxGen, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of biologic products for the prevention and treatment of human infectious disease.

VersaPharm Incorporated   VersaPharm Incorporated developsand markets specialty prescription products to the United States: Pharmaceuticals for Tuberculosis, Hemophilia, Anthrax, STD, blood disorders and other diseases.

Vetal Veterinary Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals   ozelbirisaret, vetal veteriner aşıları üretim ve pazarlama A.Ş., vetal veteriner asilari uretim ve pazarlama A.S., vetal veterinary vaccines and pharmaceuticals company first produced pox for sheep-goats and some clostridial vaccines. Today, the company p

Virax Holdings, Ltd.   Australian biopharmaceutical, development company in immunotherapeutics for autoimmune diseases, AIDS, cancers, infectious diseases based on patented Co-X-Gene platform technology co-expressing antibodies and T cells.

Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals, Inc.   Advanced encapsulation services for nutritional supplements using gelatin and non-gelatin based capsules.

Voyager Pharmaceutical Corp.   Voyager Pharmaceutical Corporation is rapidly bringing to market a patented treatment that stops the progression of Alzheimer's. Our focus is finding cures for Alzheimer's and other aging diseases

Wales Cancer Trials Network   The Wales Cancer Trials Network website provides information on cancer research in Wales, current trials that are up and running, training, events and meetings. It also provides links to useful partner organisations and patient information services.

Warner Chilcott Public Limited Company   An international pharmaceutical company focused on three core therapeutic areas: women's healthcare, dermatology and urology.

Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc.   Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Welcome to Watson's Web site, your portal to understanding our business and the vision, legacy, and quality that are shaping our impressive growth.

Weifang Sunwin Chemicals Co., Ltd.    A large manufactory of pharmaceutical Intermediates,pesticide Intermediates, feed additive,food additive in China

Wholesale Chemist   Wholesale pharmacy medicines, excellent prices, genuine quality

William Ransom Son plc   William Ransom Plc of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The UK's premier producer of natural, botanical and plant extracts for the food, drink, pharmaceutical and related industries and contract manufacturers of liquid pharmaceuticals.

Windhover Informations, Inc.   Health care industry insiders provide analysis & data on pharma biotech device & diagnostic company strategy & trends. Deals & technology...

Wolfe Laboratories Inc.   Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. provides contract research and development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Xi' An HongChange Biologicals Ltd.   We are the leading manufacturer and exporter specilizing in Beta Cyclodextrin with production capacity of 560 mts annually , have 16 years of manufacturing experience.

Xinhua Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant   Xinhua Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant is the largest Iohexol,Cyromazine,Fmoc- Amino Acids,Boc- Amino Acids manufacturer in China.

Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical   Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were marged and renamed to Astellas Pharma Inc. on April 1, 2005.

Zyber Pharmaceuticals   Zyber Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical sales company that distributes pediatric specific and family health medications, including Pediatex products for children.

ZymoGenetics, Inc.   ZymoGenetics targets promising protein therapies.

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