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Pharmaceuticals   The website for pharmaceutical sales professionals and those interested in the pharmaceutical industry. Includes links to research sites, physician and formulary lookups, a vendor database and a classified section (listings for pharmaceutical sales jobs)

Calcigen Corporation   Calcigen Corporation specializes in novel platform technologies to produce high value biomaterials for applications in the rapidly growing biosurgery marketplace.

Calvert Preclinical   Calvert Laboratories - Professional Expertise Serving the Pharmaceutcial and BioTechnology Industries

Cambrex Life Sciences Corp.   The Cambrex Biosciences group is a leading global supplier to the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and Life Science communities. Main products and services offered include active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic pharmaceuticals

Canada Trials   Canadian listing of clinical trials, searcheable database of clinical trials and investigators profile, resources for patients and research professionals Clinical Trials Search   NCI's gateway to information on cancer clinical trials, including what they are and how they work, how to find ongoing trials, results from recent studies, and resources for cancer researchers conducting trials.

Canderm Pharma Inc.   Canderm Pharma Inc is Canada’s leading independent skin care company with renowned products such as Artecoll, Neostrata, Cliniderm, Rosacure Betacaine, Ultraquin, Lipsorex.

Cardinal Health   Cardinal Health is the leading provider of products, services and technologies supporting the health care industry.

Cell Molecular Technologies, Inc.   CMT is the premiere custom contract research provider available to life science professionals - from our core foundational services in molecular and cell biology to our custom reagent and HTS support programs, CMT saves time to maximize your resources

Celltech Group   Celltech Home,Celltech is a leading European biotechnology company, with a substantial long-term commitment to innovative drug discovery and development. Celltech's extensive late-stage product pipeline provides excellent prospects for sustained growth

CEM Corporation   Microwave Synthesis, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization & drug development. Focused Microwave Technology to increase productivity, yields and selectivity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Center for Clinical Research Practice   The Center for Clinical Research provides the foundation for excellence in clinical research practice through education, training, and ethical review.

Center for Drug Chemistry   Our main activity is the creation of medicinal preparations for treatment of cardiovascular, nervous and mental diseases and viral, bacterial and fungus infections.

CenterWatch: Clinical Trials Listing Service   International listing of clinical research trials; information about physicians and medical centers performing clinical research and drug therapies newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Centocor Inc.   Centocor is fundamentally changing the treatment of immune-related disease.

Centre for Photobiology and Photodynamic Therapy   Pioneering the development of Photodynamic Therapy for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Cerbios-Pharma SA   Cerbios-Pharma SA is a Swiss company founded in 1994 by the merger of BIOFERMENT SA and SAPEC SA. The merger created a new company which today has over 20 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of high quality active ingredients

Cerep   Cerep provides services in pharmacology,in molecular biology and lead development, in toxicology, metabolism and bio-availability, in combinatorial and computational chemistry, HTS, HTP, HTLD.

CF Pharma   CF Pharma is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) producing company specializing in critical and demanding technologies backed by GMP. DMF and CTD documents are available.

Changde Yungang Biotechnological Co.,Ltd.   a biotechnology enterprise. We specialize in the manufacture of microorganism reagent and pharmaceutical material. We are the largest bilesalts manufacturer in China. Most of Pharmaceutical materials are cholicacid serial products. Our high pure cholicaci

Changzhou Aitan Chemical Co.,Ltd.   China Changzhou Aitan Chemical Co., Ltd. (Former Jintan Auxiliary Agent Factory) is a technical Sino-America joint-venture company for research, development, production and sales.

Changzhou Dakang Health-care Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.   develope, cultivate Cordyceps militaris series products

Changzhou Friendship Fine Chemicals   has being focused on exporting fine chemical and intermediates (Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical).

Charles River Laboratories   Leading provider of animal research models, as well as a range of biomedical products and outsourcing services, for use in the discovery, development and testing of new pharmaceuticals

Charles River Toxicology   Charles River conducts acute through chronic and carcinogenicity studies in a range of species using both toxicologic and histopathologic endpoints, as well as specialty endpoints, including physiologic, pharmacologic and mechanistic evaluations.

Chemical Sources   Chemical Sources - Your outsourcing partner for fine chemicals. Our mission is to provide you with a single, easy to use, low cost solution for all of your chemical supply needs.

Chemische Fabrik Berg GmbH   CFB offers R&D, production and custom manufacturing to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc.   Biopharmaceutical Contract Sterile fill of Cartridges,Vials & Syringes

Children's Clinical Research Institute   Children's Clinical Research Institute CCRI Pediatric trials, handled with care.

Chronimed Inc.   Chronimed is a specialty pharmacy that distributes pharmaceuticals for people with chronic conditions, including HIV/AIDS, organ transplants, and diseases treated with injectable medications.

Collective Consulting International   CCI is a global pharmaceutical distributor with extensive experience distributing US pharmaceutical products to Europe and the NIS

CompuPharma   CompuPharma provides Blended Training Solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Bulk/API and other Regulated Industries that improve employee performance, regulatory compliance and operational effectiveness.

Concord International Trading Pty, Ltd.   Concord International's health food products are manufactured by international GMP-qualified pharmaceutical companies. Sunchih, Sunchih Premium, Vita Cordy, Lingchii.

Connecticut Coastal Research   Coastal Connecticut Research specializes in clinical trials of medications for women's health care conditions, including sexual dysfunction, menopause, and more.

Conpharm AB   Conpharm is an independent pharmaceutical companyheadquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. The company develops and markets, through licensees,pharmaceutical products based on substances extracted from the Podophyllum plant

Corium   Corium develops, engineers and manufactures drug delivery products and devices that utilize the skin and mucosa as a means of transport.

Cosmopolitan Trading   Cosmopolitan Trading, Seattle, herbal industry bulk supplier, manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade extracts, kava specialist, quality Saw Palmetto, Ginger and other herbal extract products, extraction equipment.

Courtin Warner, Ltd.   Courtin & Warner, specialist supplier of pharmaceutical active materials.

Covance Clinical Research Unit   Covance is a comprehensive, biopharmaceutical development services company with preclinical and clinical research operations across the globe. Covance's purpose is to lead advancements in drug development through science, service, and shaping solutions.

Covance Drug Development Services   Covance is a comprehensive, biopharmaceutical drug development services company with preclinical and clinical research operations across the globe.

CTBR Bio-Research   Leading provider of animal research models, as well as a range of biomedical products and outsourcing services, for use in the discovery, development and testing of new pharmaceuticals

Cue Biotech Inc.   Cue Biotech is a drug discovery company focused on bringing to market a portfolio of advanced therapeutics that target G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs).

Curatrial SMO for Clinical Research   CuraTrial is a major Site Management Organization for clinical research and trials in Europe with their own network of medical associates/investigators

Curis, Inc   Curis is a therapeutic drug development company, focusing on regulatory pathways that control repair and regeneration using proteins or small molecules to modulate these pathways.

Custom Gas Chemical Delivery Systems   GDS specializes in orbital welding and cleanroom fabrication of ultra high purity fluid systems for the Microelectronics,and Optoelectronics industries.

Cutting Edge Information Consulting   Cutting Edge Information provides Real-Company examples to answer your most important questions about outsourcing, brand management, succession planning, reputation management and other key business issues.

Cyano Biotech GmbH.   Cyano Biotech identifies and characterises natural products by screening cyanobacteria and optimises bioactive compounds regarding harmacological needs employing combinatorial biosynthesis generating novel lead compounds for the pharma industry.

Cyto Pharma de México, S.A.   Cyto Pharma Medicina Alternativa provides only the best quality products in the alternative medicine field ! laetrile also known as vitamin B-17 Amygdalin or Amigdalina made from Cyto Pharma.

Cytochroma, Inc.   A Canadian Drug Discovery and Development Company

Cytopia Pty, Ltd.   Cytopia is a Melbourne-based drug discovery and development company committed to redefining the way medicines are discovered

D K Healthcare Resources Inc.   D&K Healthcare Resources, Inc., is one of America's leading regional pharmaceutical distributors.Our primary business is to supply pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medicines, health and beauty productsto independent and regional pharmacies.

Datatrak International, Inc.   DATATRAK International is the leading ASP provider for the clinical EDC industry.

David Thompson Applied Statistics   DTAS provides statistical services for pharmaceutical research and development

DCAT The Drug, Chemical Associated Technologies Association, Inc.   DCAT - The Drug, Chemical & Allied Trades Association - A business development association whose member companies manufacture, distribute or provide services to the drug, chemical, nutritional and related industries.

Destiny Pharma, Ltd.   Our primary mission is to identify and develop patented therapeutic pharmaceutical technologies for exploitation by the pharmaceutical industry.

Detroit R Inc.   A company dedicated to providing the highest quality environmental health and toxicology products in the areas of eicosanoids and CYP450s.

Diagnos-Techs, Inc. - Clinical and Research Laboratory   Diagnostechs, Inc. - Originators of Clinical Saliva Testing for Female and Male Hormones

Discover Research   Discover Research for clinical drug testing in Maryland. Trials may include studies on hypertension, migraines, heart failure, circulation and diabetes

Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   Dragon Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an emerging international biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of genetically engineered human proteins for therapeutic use.

Draxis Health Inc.   DRAXIS Health Inc. is an emerging Canadian pharmaceutical company with four operating business units. The Veterinary Pharmaceutical Unit (operating under the name Deprenyl Animal Health, Inc.) researches, develops, markets and sells prescription pharmaceuticals.

Dream Pharma Ltd.   Pharmaceutical wholesaler- distributor in UK. We distribute prescription drugs, counter Medicines, Medical supplies, Parallel Imports and health & beauty products at a wholesale price.

Drug Delivery Companies Report   The Drug Delivery Companies Report operates as a partnering information resource within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors worldwide

Drug Discovery Development Magazine   Discusses the latest Drug Discovery & Development research tools and technologies, as well as their use in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Drug Discovery Online   Resource for professionals in the drug development industry- Information on drug discovery and early-stage drug development, discovery technology and more

Drug Information Association   Provides a neutral global forum for the exchange and dissemination of information on the discovery, development, evaluation and utilization of medicines and related health care technologies.

DrugShorts   DrugShorts helps those in healthcare know what drugs are currently on backorder, allocated or discontined status. We may also be able to find and sell some of these items to you.

DTC National   The DTC National Conference and Exposition is the most comprehensive DTC and E-Pharmaceutical conference in the industry.

Duchesnay Inc.   Duchesnay, the pharmaceutical company which markets Diclectin, the only approved pharmacological treatment indicated against nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, morning sickness, NVP.

Eco Animal Health   high quality medicines for production livestock and companion animals

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