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Agriculture products exporters database

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Total profiles: 584

Country: China
Description: Frozen strawberry, frozen asparagus we can supply
Chinese frozen or fresh vegetable to you. We in this line since
1996. As fresh ginger, garlic, fuji apple. Frozen strawberry,
asparagus, green beans broccoli, cauliflower, mixed vege., carrot,
sweet potato, potato ect.

Country: China
Description: Professional producers and authorities exporters
of wild mushroom and Chinese truffle.

Country: Thailand
Description: We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a
well established company in Thailand, actively involved in the
export of various kinds of rice. Our company specializes in
exporting all kinds of Thai rice to our worldwide customers. We
also have the infrastructure for dealing with rice from milling to
sorting to polishing and packing according to the importers
requirements. Tep Phanich exports Thai rice of all in customized
packing sizes to cater to customer’s requests. Our company primary
product is the premium grade Thai Jasmine, a long grain rice, with
unique fragrant and taste. Apart from Thai Jasmine rice, our
company also supplies many varieties found in Thailand.

Country: Turkey
Description: Our company makes caper-export. We want to give you
some information abaut our product. Our company presents to your
likings directed to the nature with special taste; to reap naturel,
selected and run with modern techonology without addition. We have
started caper-export this year. Due to the fact that we meet dense
demand and interest we give room to different products near the
caper. Our main target is the most attracting price and the best
quality product.This year caper is in barrel quality. But the next
season with the interest and suggestion caper will be presented
different weight and dimensions in glass jar.

Country: China
Description: Leading Chinese supplier of peanut, including all
grades of HPS peanut inshells, HPS Virginia kernels, HPS Hsuji type
peanut kernels, and all grades of blanched peanut kernels. The
annual turnover is 8000 MT.

Country: Iran
Description: We are glad to introduce ourselves as the leading
mechanical seal & sealing material manufacturers (including
different powder raw materials(silicon carbide, tungsten carbide.),
Parts of the Mechanical seal (Silicon Carbide Rings, Tungstan
Carbide Rings, Ceramic Rings, Graphite and hard carbon rings, O
rings and Complete Mechanical Seal) in China and take the liberty
to write to you with the hope we are able to serve your company
with the competitive quality and price.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of industrial and
automotive fasteners, tractor parts, combine spares, forged and
mashined components. Products include bolts, nuts, pins, washers,
studs, threaded rods, fingers, harvesting blades, pins,

Country: India
Description: We are pleased to inform you that we are exporters and
agents for dried pink roses, marigold, jasmine.

Country: USA
Description: We are the exporter company of Poultry, such as turkey
or chicken leg quarters, thighs, drumsticks.

Country: USA
Description: We are a USA representative for an European official
distributor of genuine parts for The CNH group (Case New Holland);
New Holland, Fiat Agri and Ford Tractors - agricultural equipment,
Fiat Kobelco, Fiat Allis, Fiat Hitachi, Hitachi - earthmoving

Country: China
Description: As leading producer of animal hair products in China,
factory constantly innovates traditional technology during process
in order to produce quality products in the most efficient way.

Our main products:
1.Horse tail hair series: Horse tail hair and horse mane hair in
double drawn and single drawn, in natural color of white, black,
gray, brown and mixed; bow hair refinely processed for strings of
musical instruments; horse root tail hair, horse body hair and
horse fetlock hair. Normally we offer natural color horse tail hair
products, horse tail hair bleached white is also available at
customers specific requirements. For detail, please click relative
2. Horse tail hair fabric series: Horse tail hair lining cloth;
cotton covered horse tail hair lining cloth; horse tail hair fabric
for decoration and industrial use, in plain weave and in jacquard
weave, in over 100 designs and colors difference. Please click
relative links to see detail specification and photos of horse tail
hair fabrics we provide.
3. Animal hair series: We offer a variety of animal fine hair, like
raccoon dog hair, fine goat hair, badger hair, yellow weasel tail
hair, squirrel hair, etc. Also we offer bristles dressed in
different way, sheep hair for carpet-making, goat guard hair and
lamb goat guard hair for industrial felt making, aminal hair
processed pure natural articles.

Country: Kenya
Description: We are a company based in Kenya and involved in
production of many types of horticultural products including,
fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. We can send our products to any
part of the world. We have a large irrigated land for production.

Country: Argentina
Description: Trading company based in Buenos Aires with almost 30
years of experience in trading of agro commodities from Argentina
(extensive natural pastures and cattle with premium traceability)
to the rest of the world. We are specializing in fresh, chilled, or
frozen organic Patagonian lamb meat and, organic and traced cow
meat (beef). Other products: Ostrich meat, white alubias, black
beans, carioca beans, pop corn, honey, garlic, raisins, prunes,
blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Country: China
Description: Chinese focus pesticides product enterprise which
professionally manufactures high quality Inseticides, Herbicides
and Fungicides. We hope to have a good chance to establish a good
business cooperation with you.

Our strong products as follows:
Our company is the sole manufacturer of this product which get
registration in ICAMA with registration certificate No.LS 20001400
in China. Annual output:150MT.

Our company occupies the first position of acetamiprid production,
it is designated as the sole formulating unit of industry standards
in China. Registration certificate No.:LS20021090.

Our company is one of the earliest producer of this product in
China. Registration certificate No.:LS20011795.

OMETHOATE(70-80Technical, 40 EC, 50SL)
Our company is the largest producer and distributor of this product
in China. Registration certificate No.:PD 85142-10.

Our company is the earliest developer of this product in China.
Registration certificate No.:LS99546.

CYANAZINE(Technical, 50wp, 40sc)
Our company is the first-rate supplier among the manufacturers of
this product in China. Registration certificate No.:LS20020980.

We have passed ISO9002 International Quality System Certificate in
1998.And we have our principia as customers needs comes first. So
we can offer you the best quality, price and timely delivery.

Country: China
Description: Our company is the large multi-exporting group in the
northern China, dealing in many items, mainly supplying minerals
and raw materials, natural resources, graphite products, NPK
fertilizers, all kidney beans, various packing bags, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the oldest and well reputed exporters of
various agri commodities like sesame seeds (natural + hulled), hps
groundnut kernels, safflower seeds, niger seeds, shorghum & various
spices like fennel, fenugreek, ajwain, dill, turmeric, pepper,
ginger. We also export castor oil & its derivatives and also
extractions like soyabean, castor, groundnut etc. We import various
pulses like green moong, pigeon peas, black matpe, chick peas etc
we solicit your inquiries and assure your our highest quality
products and efficient services.

Country: India
Description: We are an ISo-9002 Co. recognised by Govt. of India.
We are leading manufacturers and Exporters Of Hand Tools, Tractor
Linkage Parts, Stainless Steel Utensils.

Country: China
Description: Kindly let us introduce ourselves as a leading
manufacturer and exporter of textiles, garment, vermicelli(bean
products), dehydrated {including AD(air dried and FD(freeze
dried)), IQF(individual quick frozen ), BQF(block quick frozen),
salted, frozen, kept-fresh, vegetable. Fresh Garlic, fresh garlic
cloves, quick-frozen garlic cloves, crushed garlic. Frozen beef
meat, frozen chicken meat, frozen rabbit meat, instant noodles,
fresh ginger, crushed ginger, wheat flour, Fuji apple, mushroom,
etc. The detailed packing specification and other terms are subject
to the your requires. We hope to get your help to export our
foodstuff, and we do expect to cooperate with well in price and
quality and service.

Country: Ukraine
Description: Supplies the wholesale batches of the white mustard,
forage wheat, food wheat, peas, soya, corn and other products. The
packing and the quality of products correspond to European
standards. The company exports agricultural products and it has the
many-year experience of interaction with the foreign firms.
Proposes also collaboration in the joint cultivation of any
culture, which grows in the climatic conditions of the south of the
Ukraine. In 2003 we are ready to begin the joint production of the
white mustard, seeds of coriander and pumpkin.

Country: India
Description: We are bulk suppliers of natural colors, herbal
extracts, Aloe extracts, phyto-chemicals, and oleoresins. Our
integrated project has the plantation, collection herb processing,
extraction, manufacture of phyto-chemicals, herbal pharmaceutical
formulation, and marketing, which will guarantee product quality,
as we deal from herb to drug. Another competitive edge of the
company is its echo-friendly planning as we are
planning to develop all our resources through cultivation only,
which in long run will save precious forest resources and echo
balance, which will open up a new line of products which cannot be
taken up at present, due to restrictions on the collection of
endangerous species.

Country: China
Description: Our company is manufacture of functional sweeteners,
the main products include Isomaltooligosaccharide-900,
Isomaltooligosaccharide-500, Maltooligosaccharide, High Fructose
Syrup, Dextrose Monohydrate, Maltodextrin, Fructooligosaccharide
and High Maltose Syrup etc, which are used as the food ingredient
and food additives in health food and beverage. Now we have been
the largest manufacture of production Isomaltooligosaccharide in

Country: India
Description: We are one of the manufacturer of quality fish meal
and traders of rice bran and shell grit. If interested, please
contact us.

Country: India
Description: We are pleased to inform you that we are exporters and
suppliers of medicinal plants & herbs and dried flowers such as 1.
Swallow wort flowers- calotropis gigantea ( asclepiadaceae ) 2.
Dried Roses 3. Dried marigold etc. Kindly contact us for your
requirements which will be executed promptly.

Country: Nigeria
Description: Pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading
farmers/exporters of Raw Cashew Nuts from African sectors. We have
a large plantation and as such have unending supply throughout the
year. We have a very strong, credible clientele for real buyers on
Letter of credit basis.

Country: India
Description: We are producer of high quality oyster (plureotus
florida & sajurcaju) calocybee indica mushroom. In processed
mushroom we deal in pickles, mushroom snacks, mushroom soup

Country: Ethiopia
Description: We are a best coffee exporters in Ethiopia. We export
organic washed and unwashed coffee types to all over the world.

Country: India
Description: We are suppliers/exporters/international traders in
sugar, rice, wheat, cashew nuts & other agro commodities, sea food,
general merchanise etc. Contact with full requirement, quantity,
destination port, payment terms, target price etc.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We have been doing business for nearly ten years as
manufacturer & exporter of Humidifier used for various industrial
fields such as agricultural industry (greenhouse for mushroom,
orchid, propagation room, research chamber, storage room, tobacco
factory), timber, poultry and textile industry so on. And the major
features of our products are as follows: -.Centrifugal principle
applied -.Completely droplet-free aerosol mist -.Easy to clean -.No
high pressure pumps or water filtration necessary -.Nozzle-free
reliability -.Powerful and heavy duty atomizer -.Little space
required -.Low energy consumption -.Maintenance free squirrel cage
motor with built-in thermal overload switch.

Country: China
Description: Our firm specializing in aloe Vera scientific growing,
researching and processing it to be intermediate products with high
quality and competitive price for sales, These products are aloe
vela juice, aloe Vera dice, aloe Vera gel and aloe vera powder
including heat dried powder, spray dried powder and freeze dried
powder. All of which have been widely utilized as additives in the
field of health foodstuff, beverage, soft drink, pharmaceutical
cosmetic, shower cream, handy cream and liquid soap etc. These
inermediate products are all from ourselves offering raw material
of aloe vera whole leaves gained in our own aloe vera cultivation
plantations covring 10, 000ares in the beautiful hainan province of
P.R.of China.

Country: China
Description: Processor of Shandong Province Peanuts which is the
most rich resource of peanuts in China. All products have been
exporting to international market with good credit standing through
guaranteed reliable quality, competitive price and prompt delivery.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are exporters of rice, chillies, wheat, sesame
seeds, fresh fruits (kinno / mangoes), onions, potatoes & all kinds
of foodstuffs from Pakistan. Upon receipt of specific enquiry we
shall quote our rock bottom prices with other details.

Country: India
Description: We would like to introduce our selves as the leading
producers of castor oil and castor seed cake in Hyderabad. We have
got a experience of producing castor oil and its graders since
1990. We can offer you the most competitive prices and quality in
the field.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are one of the most active exporter of life fresh
water aquarium fish. We are offering now the new FISH OF LUCK
CALLED LOU HAN, Chinese people believe that this fish (of which has
chinese characters on their body) will give luck to the people who
keep them. An adult champion quality LOU HAN could worth US$1
million, we are not only breeding but we also create the best
quality LOU HAN by carefully selecting the best blood line, contact
our email address for pricing, we export only small LOU HAN from 3
weeks of age with guarantee untill 1 month of age.

Country: China
Description: China processor and exporter of fruits and vegetables.
Our major products are of strawberry, asparagus, black fungus,
bamboo, water chestnut, ginger, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn
etc. We are exporting these products now, if you are interested in
please contact us for details. We are the biggest processor and
exporter of frozen strawberries in China for all Chinese varieties,
upto 3000mts every year.

Country: Turkey
Description: We produce and export conventional and organic Turkish
dried seedless sultanas with the best quality and best service by
using the highest technology.

Country: Turkey
Description: Our company manufactures milking machines, fixed milk
systems, oily and dry vacuum pumps, pulsators, animal equipment and
spare parts. We have a big share in the Turkish market. If you are
interested in dairy farm equipment, please let us know.

Country: Iran
Description: We are a leader manufacturer of PC, PMMA, ABS and PS
sheets in Iran with ISO 9002 Certificate from RWTUV of Germany.
Our Multi-wall PC sheets are produced at the thickness range of 4-
20mm (double-wall and triple-wall) and the max. width of 2100 mm.
Flat sheets of PC and PMMA are produced at the thickness range of
2-12 mm and max. width of 2050 mm. The polycarbonate sheets have
Anti-UV layer with 10 years warranty according to our sales
conditions. Our sheets have various applications in Agricultural,
constructions and automobile industries.

Country: China
Description: The third largest enterprise of Agrochemicals in China
since last 3 decades, with 10 subsidiary manufacturers. All of them
have passed through ISO9001, and most of those products are
exported to more than 65 countries and regions all over the world.
Here we are in a position to supply you our main crop protection

Country: Malaysia
Description: We are big manufacturer and exporter especially for
Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa L) products. We have finished products
such as Jam, Concentrated and Tea. We also sell a raw material
(Dried Hibiscus) for export market.

Country: China
Description: Leading manufacturer in China of aquatic equipment
such as air-pump, water-pump, air-compressor and vortex blower,
filter, chiller & heater, aquarium, air stones aquarium
accessories, etc., and other products as tea-set, coffee maker,
kettle, tea-making accessories etc. a large range of products
selectable, We have a strong R&D team and perfect quality control
system (ISO9001-approval) to ensure perfect products/services and
necessary OEM/ODM projects.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are one of the manufactory of special type plant
oil in Indonesia. We specialize in Patchouli and Clove Leaf Oil.
Recently we have developed new item, which named Cheiba oil
(applied for soap and cooking oil industry). We can supply high
quality essential oil with the best price could offer.
For this time being, our production capacity for:
-Patchouli oil: 1, 000 kg /month -Clove leaf oil: 20, 000 kg/month
Our packaging is 200 kg/drum. Please advice your detail product
specification requirements, and we would be most pleased to
provide you our further quotations.

Country: China
Description: A professionally managed Indo Chinese joint venture
garlic company exporting garlic from China to world wide.

Country: Ecuador
Description: We are a Calla (zantedeschia) growing farm located in
Ecuador. We dedicate our production to top quality product. We also
provide other type of flowers, as roses, tropical, summer flowers,
etc. chosen from the best farms in Ecuador.

Country: Ukraine
Description: Ukrainian machine-building plant and its priority
direction is designing and manufacturing of the equipment for grain
handling, storage and processing as well as adjacent branches. The
offered range of the equipment allows to decide questions of
transportation on various distances and height of loose products.
The large attention is given to complexes for mechanized unloading
and loading of a grain for lorries or rail-carriage, transport
systems on grain storages, aspiration and pneumatic equipment,
processing and drying of a grain.

Country: China
Description: As a well-known trading company(ISO9002) in China, we
specialized in exporting pesticides of China orgin to all over the
world. Our products cover a wide range of good quality pesticides
and are very popular in Asia, Europe and South America. Many
products we have the most competitive prices and high quality in
China such as Propizamide, Oxadiazon, Paraquat, Imidacloprid,
Amitraz, Aminotriazole, Atrazine, Hexythiazox, Fenitrothion,
Oxyflurofen, PMIDA, Glyphosate, etc. Especially, our corporation is
the only company who exports Propizamide as exclusive product. We
are looking for export opportunities in your territories as your
esteemed organization dealing in same area.

Country: Thailand
Description: We are grower and exporter of fresh cut orchids,
foliages, tropical flowers and live plants from Thailand.

Country: India
Description: We are a essential oils trading company based in India.
We are interested in exporting essential oils like lemongrass oil,
citronella oil. Our oils will be of aromatic quality & free from any
adulteration. We are looking forward for long term relationships in
the European Union.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of beedis and beedi leaves and beedi
tobacco since the last 20 years and can suffice requirement s of any
kind of quality. if interested you can contact the undersigned.

Country: Tunisia
Description: Our company exports its olive oil products to a variety
of customers dispersed through out the world. Our products are:
1/organic extra virgin olive oil: certified ECOCERT
2/extra virgin olive oil: certified by the great rabbinat of tunisia
3/virgin olive oil
4/refined olive oil
5/olive pomace oil
6/agroalimentary products: artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, caper,
green olives, Cayenne pepper, chilly sauce. note: we deliver our
products either in bulk or packed in different sizes (glass
bottles:0.25L, 0.5L, 0.75L, 1L or metallic tins: 3L or us gallons).

Country: China
Description: We are a company specializing in agro-products processing
and export. Our major products are garlic, groundnuts, ginger, chilli,
pumpkinseeds, asparagus, dates, potatoes, taro, etc.

Country: Honduras
Description: We are exporters of palm kernel cake from Honduras /
Latin America. Please feel free to ask for a quotation.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Specialist in manufacturing backpack brush cutter,
water pump, knapsack sprayer, 2 stroke engine 33c.c., 40c.c. and
related accessories. Try to contact importers and agencies. OEM
cooperation is also welcome.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We produce best quality spice like chili powder,
turmaric powder, cumin powder, etc. We are able to supply our
product any country in the world.

Country: Uruguay
Description: Our company is a livestock exporter form Uruguay, we
are representatives of the holstein, jersey, normand, heredord,
angus, limousine and charolais, breeders association of Uruguay.
Also exporters of ovines and horses. We would like to contact with
possible clients interested in importing livestock of excellent
quality and low prices, or a representative of our company in
different countries. We may quote cif prices.

Country: India
Description: We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to your
good selves as manufacture/suppliers of Rice, Pulses, Spices, and
other food commodities. We have all types of powder spices, other
whole spices; Rice packed in consumers as well as bulk packing like
Rice is in 5 kg, 20 kg, 35 kg and 50 kg bag. We are having our
office in Asia biggest food market.

It has come to knowledge that you are one among the potential Buyer
for the above items. Your interest in the above will help us to a
good business together. Note: rice, wheat, pulses, and sugar are
very cheaper in India than any other country and we can supply you
at very low prices. Payment terms through irrevocable sight LC.

Country: Georgia
Description: Our company produces cigarettes for Georgian market. We
are very interested in buying Iranian tobacco. We look forward to
Iranian Tobacco producers.

Country: China
Description: Manufacturing of animal health products veterinary
drugs & feed additives). Since establishment it has 10 years'
production history. So far, our products have gained a large part of
world market. Including: zoalene, diclazuril, folic acid, calcium
pantothenate, toltrazuril, febantel, fipronil?. If you are
interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact with
us. I guarantee to provide you with first-rate product and service
and offer the best competitive export price.

Country: Italy
Description: Delizie del Sud arises from its members’ experience in
the agricultural world. Their aim is to carry on a very simple idea:
to bring out and promote all over the world the “Made in Apulia”,
first of all olive oil, glory and pride of our region; wines of
excellent quality at the right prices; vegetables, cheese, precious
pasta and refined bread.

The great project we intensely worked on has been to create an agro-
alimentary chain made up of producers and transformers. They carry
on a deep work of technical assistance to the agricultural firms and
constantly check the stages of transformation, packaging and
stocking to better show off the peculiar features of our products.

Country: Ecuador
Description: We are producers of fresh bananas, cavendish variety;
our production is 100.000 boxes per week. We are looking for buyers.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of all forms of spices like
turmeric, chillie, cumin, cloves etc.

Country: Jordan
Description: We produce wide range of veterinary drugs:
(antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, anticoccidials, vitamins, premixes,
aerosols, pharmaceuticals for farm animals, anthelmintics and

In addition to wide range of agricultural products: as:
(insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and public health).
We are looking for a large company dedicated in veterinary and
agrochemicals distributions to represent us in your region.

Country: China
Description: As a leading reliable company, we are specialized in
offering you specifications of garlic Cloves in brine with high
quality and competitive price. It is good material to produce
ingredients and olive products. Having done this business more than
ten years, we are at a good position to meet your demand. We keenly
wait for you specific enquiry, as we will be happy more than to
serve you.

Country: China
Description: We are professional exporter with more than 15 years
experiences in: pumpkin seed, pumpkin seed kernels, sunflower seed
kernels, buck wheats and buckwheat kernels. More details please
contact with us directly.

Country: India
Description: We are India’s export firm on path of progress. We
rexport all types of agri products like grains, beans, spices,
seafood, snacks, papad, mathiya etc, sandalwood products, dry fruits
and nuts etc.

Country: USA
Description: License our organic growers project from native
American Pharmacy. One license per country. Our main agricultural
formula can't be copied or broken down. For all soils with all
crops. Very high profits doing final blending in your country with
our equipment. We provide training and send agronomist to help you.
No other equipment is needed; Our formulas are good for the
environment. Licensee has total control of his market with no
competition. When doing final blending locally your liter cost can
be as low as $1.29. Similar formula sells in the U.S. for $21.00 per
liter. Sell to all farmers not just organic growers. Chemical
farmers reduce pesticides, water and urea or NPK getting higher

Country: Bulgaria
Description: We are specified in the producing, processing and
exporting of bird feeding seeds. Our main business is canary seeds,
millet and pumpkin seeds. Also, we are producing bird food by
clients recipe and export pumpkin oil from Hrvatska.

Country: Indonesia
Description: The tropical fish exporter: aquarium, freshwater,
marine, pond, plants, eel, frog, bird, soft turtle exporter

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are exporters of jute and jute goods from
bangladesh. Our products cover: jute & jute products: raw jute
bangla white, bangla tossa, bangla white cuttings, bangla tossa
cuttings. Finished jute products: jute hessian cloth, hessian bags,
jute hessian sheets, jute gunny bags; std b'twills bags, b'twills
binola bags, a'twills bag, l'twills bag, sugar twills bag, std
cornsacks, light cornsacks, heavycees, lightcees, coffee bags, jute
carpet backing cloth (CBC), jute twines, yarns etc.

Country: Iran
Description: We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one
of the producers and exporters of cut flowers & cut greens. If you
are interested, we can supply the best quality with suitable price
at the earliest time in all of the year.

Country: Greece
Description: We produce and market Greek extra virgin olive oil of
unparalleled quality and sell it at very competitive prices.
We sell in bulk and in glass bottles in different volumes.
We are looking for interested parties wishing to import it into
their own countries.

Country: India
Description: We are a company engaged in making professional quality
lubrication equipment as grease guns, oilcans/ oilers, rotary &
lever action barrel pumps, professional manual oil & grease handling
equipment as filler pumps, oil dispensing systems. We only make high
end products. Our company is interested in making exclusive
distributors in UK, Germany, Scadinavia or any other first class
European Market. We are leading exporters to American continent

Country: Brazil
Description: We are a Brazilian trading house that works with the
exportation of commodities, our main products are refined cane
sugar, soybeans, yellow corn, wheat, coffee and cocoa. We also have
available other products such mineral water, wines and furniture.

Country: China
Description: We are a supplier for hand tools and garden tools.
Our main products are: hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, wrenches,
tape measures, saws, pliers, spades, shovels, trowels, rakes,
secateurs, pruners, loppers, grubbers, hoes, cultivators, hand
forks, sprayers, carts, work gloves, and a lot more.

Country: India
Description: Exporter of Indian herbs and medicinal plants.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of fish meal, soya bean D.O.C. agro
products and animal feed ingredients.

Country: China
Description: We specialize in ITC power with the support of an
experienced engineering team; product designers and ISO qualified
production plant. Our products range includes air-cooled petrol &
diesel engines, generators, water pumps, power washers, tilling
managers and so on. We have teamed up to provide you with the best
products, technical support, and service. The city we locate is one
of the main ports in Southeast of China and is very convenient for
the shipment of goods and your visit as well.

Country: China
Description: Our company specialized in exporting of frozen
vegetable and fruit, our primary export IQF & frozen dehydrated
strawberry, IQF yellow peach, IQF Broccoli, cauliflower, Spinach,
Ginger and various frozen Dehydrated vegetable and fruit. Our
product have been exported to Europe, North America, U.K. and
Middle-East countries and our customers were satisfied to their
excellent quality. Additionally, our trading department deal in
sweater, geta, tea set, crystal ball, activated bleaching earth and
sandstone, etc.

Country: China
Description: We are a Sino-Japan Joint Venture. Since 1994, we
cooperated with Japan and began our ice cream stick business in
Jilin Province, North China. It's our expertise that manufacture and
export Ice Cream Stick to worldwide food industries. Main overseas
markets include Japan, USA, South Korea etc. Our annual output has
reached 350, 000ctns. In fact, we've been a heavyweight in the range
of ice cream stick. All ice cream stick is made of Chinese White
Birch Wood. We can manufacture over 30 specification114x10x2mm,
93x10x2mm, 114x14x2mm114x15mm, 125x10x2mm, 135#145#155#etc.
Customers'sizes are accetable. Other products: ice cream
spoon/coffee stirrer/chopsticks etc.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are one of the leading exporter of agricultural
items that includes tea, jute, leather, fresh vegetables, rice,
poultry. We offer very competitive prices for all items with assured

Country: Portugal
Description: We produce high quality hoses and fittings for
agriculture, construction and industry. We are looking for new
clients in the export market. If you need any kind of hoses, please
contact us, we will be very happy to serve you.

Country: Nigeria
Description: We introduce our company, an aqua life venture from
Nigeria that is into exportation of tropical live fish, aquatic
plants, reptiles, birds and amphibians. We would like to do business
with you, kindly contact us for further information.

Country: Malaysia
Description: Based in Selangor State, Malaysia and we produce a
range of water Soluble NPK fertilizers in powdered form. Our
products are especially good and effective in improving the quality
and substantially increase the yield of fruits and vegetables. Our
water soluble NPK fertilizer can be applied by foliar spray or
irrigation system.

Other than that we also supply straight fertilizers such as Mono
potassium phosphate, Mono ammonium phosphate, Potassium Nitrate and
Calcium Nitrate. We have been established our market into Taiwan,
Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Australia, Malaysia for a number of

Country: India
Description: We are manufacture of micro nutrients under brand
liquid Life-An ideal tonic for plants growth. We also have Special
nutrients for soil lack of sulfur, ferrous, boron etc. under
different brand name. We have also manufacturer liquid for garden
plants which is 100% herbal, Eco friendly & safe consumption. Pl.
contact also for 100% Eco-friendly, herbal pesticides.

Country: Australia
Description: Our core business is to supply of raw sheep and lamb
skins to tanners and dressers worldwide. The company is a quality
and service driven business and work very close with its clients to
assure personalised service and to establish mutually beneficial
long-term relationship.

Country: India
Description: We are the exporter of agriculture processed products &
Spices. We are giving best quality products. We have our own unit
for the processed Spices. Our products have "AGMARK" certification,
for its best quality. "AGMARK" certification is given to those
products, which are of international quality in India.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are exporter green coffee bean Robusta, Arabica and
Cloves from Indonesia. We are looking potential buyer and importer.

Country: Spain
Description: We're one of the leading manufacturers of animal
feeding products in Europe. We produce all kind of items: milk,
additives, vitamins and other kinds of products. We export our
products to Europe and South America. Now, we're looking for new
importers or distributors of our products.
We mainly deal in additives, milks, vitamins. If you're interested,
we could send you our full product catalogue and specifications for
your better reference.

Country: Vietnam
Description: We are specialized in producing materials used in the
processing of animal feed, marine feed and fertilizer: cuttlefish
meal, fish meal, crab shell meal, shrimp shell meal, scallop powder,
squid meal and others in mixed forms. All products are made in
strict accordance with customer requirements. The company's have
been exported to Japan, Thai land, Taiwan, Phillipine, China, etc.
Crab shell meal, fish meal, steamed bone meal are also most favor in
Japan and Taiwan Market.

Country: Singapore

Description: Provide online marketplace services for agricultural
product like: coffee, tea, sugar, rice, rubber, palm oil, etc. We
provide posting and auction service for our registered member.

Country: Saudi Arabia

Description: Dates processing and packing in consumer packing and in
bulk water bottling in different sizes chispy packing.

Country: China

Description: We are the leading company trading agaricus, bags,
ceramic & polyresin gifts from China.

Country: Thailand

Description: We are pleased to offer various of Thai rice as we are
agent of biggest Thai rice exporter.

Country: Pakistan

Description: Partnership firm, established in 1969 register with
Registerar of joint stock companies Government Pakistan
Registered as export/Import Controller of Import & Export Govt of
Pakistan. Member Chambers of commerce & Industries Karachi member
Pakistan Fresh Fruit exporter processor association.
1. Fresh fruits & vegetable.
2. Dry fruits.
3. Foodstuff.
4. Textile material.
5. Minerald.
6. Handicraft.

Country: Egypt

Description: It's great pleasure for us to supplying your request
from the following items:
== Calendula flower.
== Caraway seeds. == Fennel seeds. == Parsley. == Dehydrated onion.
== Ground-nuts. == Dill weed. == Dill seeds. == Parsley. == Parsley
== Basil. == Spearmint crushed. == Chamomile flowers grade 1. ==
Chamomile whole flowers. == Chamomile crushed. == Chamomile seeds. ==
Chamomile powder. == Marjoram. == Date.
== Mullein.

Country: Russian Federation

Description: Russian leading trading company, dealing with spices,
herbs, ingredients and sausage casings for 9 years. We are searching
for direct producers of above mentioned goods.

Country: India

Description: We are leading agro portal providing information on agro
commodities in India. The main commodities we cover are cotton, rice,
wheat, pulses, oilseed, sugar, tea and coffee. We are also leading
cotton trader in India exporting and importing cotton in India.

Country: Spain

Description: Small plantation situate in Alcoy, Alicante, that it has
produced and grown olive oil for many years. Actually, with a radical
change in the commercialization and production departments, we are
directly selling our products. Our star product is the olive oil
arbequina variety, with a quality level and the process is basically
craft industry.

Country: India

Description: We are rice millers and exporters having all-round
specialization in the most privileged crop of natural fragrant long
grain Indian Basmati Rice.

Country: India

Description: Export commodities are:
Medicinal herbs
Oil seeds

Country: Russian Federation

Description: Our company in Russia has an opportunity to sell
fertilizer diammonium phosphate (NH4)2 HPO4 P2O5 53% min N 20% min.

Country: India

Description: We are dealing in agri business, such as raw jute,
animal feed, pulses, guar gum.

Country: China

Description: Has a history of 45 years. It's awarded as one of the
State's 500 biggest enterprises in terms of trade volumes in 1992.
It's located in Zhengzhou city, the capital of Henan province. Our
main exporting products include Chinese peanuts, sesame seeds, garlic
products, ginger products, chilies, fruits zanthoxyli, fennel seeds,

Country: Philippines

Description: We are a company engaged in importation of tapioca
chips, pellets and starch. We also engage in production,
manufacturing and processing of fruits, fruit concentrates and dairy

Country: Indonesia

Description: We are a trading company located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Dealing with agriculture product: crude palm oil, stearin, etc.
Chemicals: citric acid anhydrous bp, aluminium sulfate, etc
We are strong enough in crude palm oil, got a located volume min.
5000 Mt each month from one of largest factory in Indonesia.

Country: Saudi Arabia

Description: Our company is involved in insurance and re-insurance
activities other divisions in exporting & importing items to the
local and international markets.

Country: France

Description: Our Company fits into three fields of activities:
1. We manufacture a range of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, which
are designed to ensure that dairy cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry
receive the correct amount of vitamins and major minerals, required
to achieve maximum performance.
2. We create products for Animal Hygiene.
3. At the same time, we have developed solutions to dry animal

Country: India

Description: Company is actively involved in international trade -
exports/imports - international trade Liaisoning.
Our main products:
I. Agricultural products.
II. Textiles.
III. Fabrics and made ups.
IV. Yarn.

Country: China

Description: Member of chamber of commerce for import and export of
foodstuffs, native produce and animal by-products. Shandong is most
famous area growing peanut worldly.

Country: China

Description: Joint venture between Qingdao China and Overseas.
Located at the very beautiful city - Qingdao, Shandong province where
is the largest base of vegetables and fruits in China. The products
here available including the famous Fuji apples, tentsin ya pears,
green /white asparagus, strawberries, green beans etc. In a word, all
products that can be seeked in China almost can be found in this

Country: China

Description: Set up in 1956 as a state-owned middle-scale enterprise
for general processing of aquatic products. Our plant passed the
HACCP certification for the United States imported aquatic products.
To fully activate the quality management, we are engaged in the
ISO9000 quality certifying system recently. Our products are sold to
various countries and regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia, New
Zealand, the United States and European, etc. The squid product sets
include squid tube, squid fillet, squid roll, squid flower, etc.

Country: China

Description: We specialize in process and export agro-produce. The
follow is our main business area:
1. Spices: cassia whole, cassia broken, cassia oil, cassia leaves,
star aniseed, dried ginger, ginger powder, chilli powder.
2. Soy sauce.
3. Pules.
4. Canned fruit and canned vegetable.

Country: Indonesia

Description: We are "The Source" of ornamental freshwater fish in
Indonesia. We have stations in Sumatra, Sulawesi, & Kalimantan.We
supply bred & wild fishes. Breeder & exporter of freshwater
ornamental Fish in the City of Bogor, Indonesia.

Country: Pakistan

Description: We are importer/exporter from Pakistan since 1970.
We can supply you long grain white rice (IRRI-6).

Country: USA

Description: Worldwide shipper, trader, exporter of pulses, seeds,
hay, grains, potatoes, onions, fruits, vegetables, tomatoes,
cucumbers, citrus.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Formal- registered company in Indonesia. Specialized in
supplying vegetables for export and local demand. We rely on quality
and cleanness of vegetables. Owning field itself and supporting by
talented farmer to plant any vegetables. Our range product is as
follows: saffron, bamboo shoot, red onion, leek, potatoes, sweet
potatoes, coconuts, cucumber, green bean, carrot, leafy vegetables,
cabbage, big ginger, red chili, green chili, cassava, banana blossom,
and red peanut (kidney bean).

Country: China

Description: Our company located in Shandong province of China, and
which is the hometown of Confucius & Mencius, a center of culture
&tourism with a long history of trading abroad. It is the
comprehensive corp. We can supply native products as follows, fresh
garlic (product), ginger, onion (product), apple, dehydrated
vegetables, all kinds of beans, canned fruit and asparagus.

Country: Indonesia

Description: We are order to make nursery. Our specialty is Rhapis
Excelsa. We do stock of Excelsa plant (minimum 0.85 metre height). We
will beat any competitor price. Our R&D focuses on the quality of our

Country: Indonesia

Description: We are a company who are handle agriculture product
likes coffee beans, cloves, vanilla. And we contact directly from the
farmers. Please let's us know your require for our products and we'll
serve you as.

Country: Italy

Description: Produce simple and compound fertilizers,
phytostimulants, nutritional activators, simple and compound
microelements, humic extrats, phytoregulators, microganular
fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, biological fertilizers, plants

Country: China

Description: We are one of lead export, import, agent company located
in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu, china and would like to have an honor
to cooperate with you. Our main trade is chemicals, pharmaceuticals
raw materials, grains, fertilizers, sugar and others as seafood,

Country: China

Description: We are an important exporter of agriculture by-products
in China, especially for garlic and chili. We have large number of
clients in North America and Asia. In order to promote our company,
we are looking for partners and clients in Europe.

Country: Turkey

Description: One of the leading company in the production of layer
and broiler hatching eggs, day-old chicks, pullet and feed. To
produce the most qualified products by using high technology with
combining our existing experience and knowledge.

Country: China

Description: Deal with the delicious edible mushroom specializing in
Yunnan's wild mushrooms and frozen hachinoko (Vespula flaviceps
ssp.lewissii), the products are mainly exported to Japan, France,
Italy, and The United States. We have been adhering to the principle
of mutual benefit, honoring contracts and the quality first, and have
gained good faith and widespread renown. We are looking forward to
have extensive trade with old friends and as well as new friends
abroad and developing closer business partnership in sincerely

Country: Hungary

Description: We would like to offer you fresh mushroom, canned
mushroom and asparagus conserve. Also we offer pumpkin jam.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are one of the leading establishment of agricultural
commodities especially in field of pulses for import & export all
over the world.

Country: Singapore

Description: We are a trading company based in Singapore and export
large quantities of Fresh Lucky Bamboo, Fresh Cut Orchids and Fresh
Greenery to all parts of the world.

Country: India

Description: Exporter of various products.

Country: China

Description: We corp. handle with Fuji apple, ostrich meat, mushroom,

Country: China

Description: The company is the biggest manufacturer of fishing gears
in China, is one of the main members of the Chinese association for
fishing vessel and fishery machinery.

Country: Argentina

Description: We are only a group of professionals, trying to find
real buyers for Argentines grains. We didn’t need LOI or BCL, to give
you the quotations. All contracts will be made, only face to face in
the offices of the sellers.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Exporting agricultural products to Europe and the U.K.

Country: France

Description: French company specialized in the exportation of used
farm machinery such as:
- Tractors; - Combine harvesters;
- Self propelled forage harvesters.

Country: Malaysia

Description: Our company are able to meet any demands for fertilizers
such as Ammonium Nitrate, Urea N-46, DAP & NPK. We are not acting as
brokers to the suppliers. We are actually part of the group that
manufacturers the materials concerned and our source is direct from
the manufacturer.

Country: India

Description: We are exporters of Knit- wear garments. We have lot of
coir-peat for export. The raw coir peat is used for making compost
fertilizer and the washed (as per your specs) for nurseries and

Country: China

Description: We are a state-owned company, we have own planting base
for cultivating the many kinds of vegetables, such as: chili, carrot,
cabbage, ginger, garlic, onion, and so on. Also have own processing
factory for producing (dehydrated, fresh, frozen). We have been
exported the above products to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe, USA
for almost ten years.

Country: Korea (South)

Description: We have been exporting 2 cycle brush cutter and their
spare eparts to several countries. Moreover, we can supply
agricultural machine, such as power tiller, automatic paddy thresher,
combine harvester, brush cutter and other agricultural machine.

Country: USA

Description: License our Kozgro Organic Products project. One per
country. Our organic agricultural formula can't be copied or broken
down. It works in all soils with all crops. Owners make very high
profits and final blending can be done locally with our equipment. We
provide training and send agronomist to work with you. Exporting not
allowed so each owner has total control in his market with no
competition. Marketing plan is to sell to all farmers not just
organic ones so chemical growers can reduce pesticides, water and
urea or NPK while obtaining higher yields, healthier crops, longer
shelf life and make more profit. Most of our projects are owned by
smaller companies, not agricultural people.

Country: Vietnam

Description: We would like to send you our list of main products for
your reference as follows:
Broken Cinnamon;
Betel Nut;
Malva Nut;
Anato Seed;
Seasame seeds;
Whole black pepper, etc.

Country: China

Description: Specialized in development of marine resources
industrial enterprise which incorporates research, trade with
industry. The company devotes itself to the production and
development of sea product series, aquatic food series, and aquatic
feed series, among which the "Plasma protein powder hydrolysate" of
sea product series is listed as the recommended product by the
national authorities.

Country: Korea (South)

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of agriculture
field such as promotion of plug tray production system, the seedling
production in Korea.

Country: Thailand

Description: We are the rice and any kind of agriculture product
exporter in Thailand.

Country: Egypt

Description: We are one of the major companies in agricultural field
and products in. We give great attention in exporting agricultural
products to the world to competitive prices.

Country: China

Description: If you are interested in superior quality garlic and
nature truffle products with available price, contact us with no
hesitation please. We always can meet your requirement.

Country: Singapore

Description: We are major exporter in Asia and our main products are
as follows:
1. Rice
2. Tapioca starch, pellets, chips, pearls, etc
3. Edible oils
4. Fertilizer – NPK.

Country: Armenia

Description: Cigarette manufacturing company, our exclusive
production is 120mm long, with a hard filter holder and best quality

Country: Pakistan

Description: One of the leading rice exporters of Pakistan. With all
the latest milling facilities. Currently, we have supreme quality of
rice i.e. Super kernal basmati, basmati 385, pak long 386.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are a manufacturer of agricultural machines.
Cultivators, rotovators, dyke machines, etc.

Country: Ukraine

Description: We are suppliers in Ukraine for pumpkin seeds, walnut
kernels, soy bean, rape seeds, sunflower seed and other agri-foods.

Country: China

Description: China beans and animal fodder hay. We can supply origin
China alfalfa product.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Batak agriculture products (frankincense, gum arabic,
patchouli oils, cinnamon bark, coffee beans, joss powder) is offered
directly by the owner/the grower.

Country: USA

Description: We are U.S. registered exporters of agricultural
products such as rice, sugar, wheat, flour, milk powder, sea food,
poultry and dairy products, and we require partners to team up and
export products to the vast West African markets.

Country: China

Description: Following the industrial development policies of Kinming
City and Yunna Provice, nad setting foot on the rich biological
resoreces of Yunnan, we has adopted hi-tech means to make thorough
and extensive development of biological resources. Our projectors
mainly include: manufacturing agency & promotion and sales of natural
plants, natural pigments, health food, and famous nad special local
produce of Yunnan, as well as joint development of biological
resource projects, etc.

Country: Poland

Description: We are a manufacturer and importer of garden equipment:
hand sprinklers - 0.5 l, 1.0 l; hand pressurized sprayers - 5, 7, 9,
12 l and knapsack sprayers - 16, 20 l. The sprayers are applicable
for pesticide and fertilizer spraying in gardens and fields, washing
of cars and large sized machinery, cleaning and sterilization of
various sites. We also produce a version for disinfecting, painting,
washing and lime washing - Sprayer Jumbo Professional 12 l. We are
looking for importers and distributors of our products around the

Country: China

Description: We mainly export frozen meats, frozen and fresh
vegetables, dehydrated vegetables nuts, dried red chilli, peanuts and
pet food etc.

Country: Pakistan

Description: We are Government registered exporters of: licorice
roots/powder, red chillies whole/powder, pink/white rock salt, dried
fruits/nuts, footballs, cotton flannel car dusters etc.

Country: China

Description: Manufacturers and suppliers of botanical extracts in
China, it is a joint-venture enterprise registered in Yuyao High New
Technology Developing Zone, Founded in March, 1995. The products we
develop and produce include three series and more than 120 varieties
such as Tea Extracts (mainly for green tea polyphenols/ catechins),
Herbal Extracts, as well as Fruit and Vegetable Extracts, in which
there are about 50 kinds of standardized botanical extracts. Our
annual production capacity is about 120MT for Green Tea Extract and
160MT of other botanical extracts.

Country: France

Description: Commodity trading business that has focused primarily on
agricultural commodities. Trading as a principal it originates grain
and agriproduct purchases both through "Onfarm" and trade sources and
is a supplier to the milling, feedlot and stock feed industry as well
as the export market.

Country: Brazil

Description: We are pleasant to introduce our company dedicated to
the export and import activities in Brazil (Mercosul). At the moment
we are developing an agricultural business, which the main product is
fresh ginger roots.

Country: China

Description: We are a large company of 17 stuff with 28 years of
production history. We are specialized in manufacturing all sorts of
lawn mowers, hand tools, trolleys, barrows, mobile houses.

Country: Ukraine

Description: We are exporters of:
1. Pumpkin seeds;
2. Walnut kernels;
3. Rape seeds;
4. Soy bean;
5. Wheat (from Ukraine and Kazakhstan);
6. sunflower seeds;
7. Barley;
8. Maize.

Country: Turkey

Description: Our company was established in Konya at 1994. Our line
of business is preparing turn-key projects of animal feeding plants,
fruit and vegetables processing line, product processing plants.
Mostly we are managing the selection of the machinery and equipments
for above mentioned plants and supplying these equipments either from
inner market or importing from out of Turkey. Our company at the some
time exporter/producers.

Country: Ethiopia

Description: We introduce our company as one the major import export
company found in east Africa Ethiopia. We are currently exporting
different products from Ethiopia like, livestock, meat and meat
products, coffee, spices, sugar, and different kinds of cotton
products like t-shirts, underwear our customers found all
over the world.

Country: India

Description: We are exporters of fresh coconuts from India. We are
looking for a prompt abroad buyers.

Country: China

Description: Leading manufacturer of organic fertilizer and organic-
inorganic compound fertilizer in China. As a joint venture, we have
introduced advanced equipment, technologies and management from Japan
and have about twelve years' experience in producing fertilizer. Our
products have high reputation for superior quality and competitive
price at home and abroad.

Country: India

Description: We are one of the quality spices exporter from India.
We mainly deals with, chillies, turmeric, coriander, tamarind and
pickles. We can supply the best at very competitive price.

Country: China

Description: Now, we are selling soybean & corn with cheap price.

Country: India

Description: We can offer from India wheat, rice and sugar (cane).

Country: India

Description: We export thistle seed (niger seeds), which is being
used world wide as a bird feed seed for attracting the beautifully
colored finches and smaller song birds. Niger Oily Seeds are about
30% - 40% fat, 14% carbohydrite, 18% protein. Henna: herbal henna for
hair, coloured henna for decorating hands and body. Myroballan: for
leather tanning industries.
Essential oil and herbs such as myroballan, phyllanthus emblica
(amla), senna leaves, aloevera, psyllium husk, guar gum, ground
spices such as turmeric powder.

Country: India

Description: We are one of the giant Govt. recognized Golden Trading
House in India dealing in oil seeds like sesame seeds (natural &
hulled) & groundnut kernels (java & bold). Our products list also
includes spices (whole & ground), tobacco & tobacco products, pulses,
cut-flowers (roses grown in our own green-houses).

Country: India

Description: Our company is engaged in the manufacturing of
agriculture tractor parts. We also undertake to produce all metal
components as per drawings, samples, designs.

Country: India

Description: Engaged in different activities related to commodity
markets. List of commodities:
Grains: corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, barley, chic peas, rapeseed etc.
Flours: wheat flour, corn flour etc.
Feeds: soybean meal, corn meal, fish meal etc. Sugar: refined beet
sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar. Edible oils: crude and refined oils,
including soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, corn oil. Spices: ginger,
pepper, garlic etc.
Apart from the above we can supply all kind of agricultural

Country: China

Description: Our company lies in Zhangzhou city, Fujian province,
China, which is the main area of vegetable and fruit. We mainly deals
in producing and supplying the Chinese vegetable and fruits,
including frozen (IQF) & dried & fresh & slated.

Country: China

Description: Established in 1955, we are one of the leading exporter
of natural plant resources in China.
Our products: peeled dried ginger whole /slices, apricot kernel, root
of balloon flower, Chinese thorowax, root of large-flowered skullcap,
corktree, coptis chinensis franeh, achyranthes bidentatabi,
chuangxiong, elevated gastrodia tuber, eucommia bark, dangshen,
pinellia tuber, hoelen and other Chinese herbs.

Country: India

Description: Manufacturers of neem (Azadirachta indica) based
products like biopesticides, botanical fungicides, urea coating
agent, organic manure, etc. And also neem based herbal cosmetics like
lipsticks, deodorants, hair oil, anti-lice, etc.

Country: India

Description: We are a company the provides all kinds of fertilizer,
micro nutrient and pest control remidies / solutions at a very
nominal fee. Currently we are manufacturing a full range semi organic
fertilizer with added micro nutrients for soils with low microbial
activity resulting from over-use of chemical fertilizers.

Country: China

Description: One of the 100 largest group company of Hebei province
corporations scope of foreign trade business. Meat & apratic products
(boiled beef, frozen broiler parts, pork meat);
Fruits & vegetables (pear, garlic);
Aquatic (frozen prawns);
Preserved & sundry goods (chopped pork & ham, fried broad bean);
Fruit juice & drinks (airen) brand drinks);
Cereals & beans (small red beans, groundnut kernels);
Arts & crafts.

Country: India

Description: We are leading exporters of major agricultural
commodities from India. We deal with groundnuts, peanuts, cashews,
pepper, sesame seed and many more crops all new.

Country: Null

Description: We take the opportunity to introduce our company as a
pioneer and leader in export of all kinds of Iranian dates and dried
fruits such as pistachios, almonds, walnut, dried apricots, dried
figs, and raisins to name a few.

Country: India

Description: We are exporter from India. Exporting the following
1. Agricultural commodities: rice, rice bran, rice flour, spices,
spices sowder, pulses, herbs, herbal products.
2. Spices.
3. Aromatic oils.
sandal wood oil, marigold oil, davana oil, olive oil, neem oil…
4. Herbs.
5. Cotton products.
6. FRP products.
7. Water treatment resins, cations and anions.
8. Edible iodised salt.
9. Sea shells, crab shells and many other shell products.
10. Industrial valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, knife valves,
heavy duty valves, valve accessories, flanges, etc.
11. Nuts and seeds.
12. Tea and coffee beans.
13. Agricultural implements like tractors, power tillers, wheel
barrows etc.

Country: USA

Description: We deal directly with the mills, refineries and
manufacturers. Therefore, our prices are very competitive. Our
mission is to provide the best quality products at very competitive
prices, giving the best valued to meet our clients desired
specifications. Our policy is to satisfy our customers and maintain a
long-term business relationship.

Country: Egypt

Description: Our company is concerning in food exporting, our job
consistently achieve the product and service expectation of our
customers in cost effective, environmentally responsible manner.
We provide bulk-packaged food products, or as customer requirement.
Food product we can supply is as follows:
1) Fresh Fruit and vegetables.
2) Rice.
3) Beans.
4) Pickles.
5) Olive oil.
6) Canned Food.

Country: Vietnam

Description: We are an exporter of the agricultural products in
Vietnam for many years. Specially Robusta coffee beans; Our coffee is
grown in "Tay Nguyen" plateau (Daklak and Gialai provinces). So
coffee beans are high quality. At the present, we are exporting
Coffee beans into European and Middle East markets.

Country: India

Description: Refer to above subject, we would like to introduce
ourselves as one of the leading merchant export/ import houses, based
in Bombay, India having associates in Dubai [UAE] London [UK] and at
Houston [USA]. At present, we are exporting rice, spices, beans,
mango pulp, tomato pest, and many more agro / food products.

Country: USA

Description: Organization created to promote the idea of Dog Daycare
to busy dog owners, to help dog daycare owners network and improve
services and to help those who wish to start one in their town.
A Dog daycare is a place where compatible dogs can go to socialize
with other dogs under the supervision of a dog handler. Some of the
obvious benefits are the ability to socialize with other dogs, play
and exercise, and the owner gets a very tired and relaxed dog back at
the end of the day.

Country: Pakistan

Description: We are leading exporters of Pakistan white rice viz.
Irri-6, Irri-9, basmati, super basmati, all kinds of parboiled (sela)
rice, hard milling wheat, sesame seeds, spices whole/grounded,
liquorice roots & all other varieties of foodstuffs from Pakistan.

Country: China

Description: Our company is a large manufacturer of all kinds of
beans and we always supply all kinds od beans a large quantity to the
world every year. And Heilongjiang province is an original place of
all kinds of bean. The quality is the same to the export.

Country: China

Description: We supply: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanut,
pinenut, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, roasted and salted pumpkin
seeds. Our company is a Chinese professional native and special
products and foodstuffs export corporation.

Country: China

Description: We are one of the largest importer and exporter
specializing in frozen river shrimp in China. We have our own
workshop and freezing house. And the wild alive shrimp comes from the

Country: Morocco

Description: One of Morocco’ s market leaders in spices, dried
fruits, seeds and nuts and some canned foods. We have been in import
and distribution of the above mentioned goods for over thirty years.
We require from our suppliers good quality products, decent
packaging, and prompt delivery time.

Country: Colombia

Description: We are growers, packers and exporters of exotic fruits
and vegies-including organic certified products.

Country: Brazil

Description: We are a broker company located in S?o Paulo –
Brazil. We deal with all kinds of vegetable oils and derivates, as
well as frozen foods, such as chicken.

Country: UK

Description: One of Europe's largest growers and suppliers of top
quality fresh cut Nordmanniana Christmas trees. An ISO 9002 Quality
Assurance accredited company.

Country: China

Description: We are a high-tech corporation registered in
ZhongGuanCun Science & Technology Zone, the world famous higg-tech
zone. Our main line is environmet protecting and agriculture. Till
now, we have run in good status for about 4 years.
In agriculture circle, we have devoted ourselves in high-tech
agriculture for more than 2 years.

Country: China

Description: My factory make all kinds of bamboo charcoal products
such as cushions, pillows, waistcoat, absorber for bad smell
(pollution air), shoe-pad etc. All of them are made of the bamboo
charcoals, which can absorb the bad smell, sweat, pollution air. They
can be used in the refrigerator, wardrobe, beds, shoes or as your
clothes etc. It is green and health products. That kind of products
have been recommended by the environment protector organizement of
China. It is very new items.

Country: Malaysia

Description: Our company has over 10 years of experience in supplying
NPK fertilizers.

Country: Brazil

Description: We are a company based in Brasilia - capital of Brazil
and we are in direct contact with many important sellers in Brazil,
as well as world wide. We have established business together with
some of the greatest agriculture industries in the world. We deal
with a great variety of products such as sugar, soyabean, yellow
corn, feed barley, handcraft, fruit, wood, Guaran? natural of Amazon,
metals and much more.

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