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Seafood exporters and manufacturer database

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Latest data

Country: Philippines
Description: Importer of live spiny lobsters from palawan,
Philippines (South China Sea). We can export in the metric tons
with minimum lead time of 3 weeks.

Country: Vietnam
Description: We are a trading seafood company in Viet Nam. We
supply dried & frozen seafoods from Viet Nam such as black tiger
shrimp; kinds of fishes such as mackerel, grouper, tuna, catfish,
baby octopus, squid, scallop, swimming crab. Most products are
frozen and packing upon customers' requests. We are sure you will
be satisfy with high quality of seafoods from Viet Nam. We are
expanding our market worldwide based on our good service and
quality. If you should need any further information about Viet Nam
seafoods, please contact with us freely.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are one of reputed Manufacturer, Packer, Processor
and Exporters of Frozen Seafood products in Pakistan since 1983. We
offer are as follows; 6x40fcl frozen Indian mackerel AA grade, IQF
10kg per cartons. size; 4/6pcs, 6/8pcs and 8/10pcs per kg.

Country: Zimbabwe
Description: Agents & distributors of all major seafood and fish
companies in SA & Zimbabwe. We deliver to your doorstep!

Country: Myanmar
Description: Our company are exporting such varieties of fish and
sea food, such as tilapia, rohu, mirigal, yellow crocker, hilsa,
baramudi, magur and many more. If u need further informations about
our offer and company, u can contact directly by either e mail or

Country: Singapore
Description: We are specialize in manufacturing of surimi based
products such as fish balls, fish cakes, fish dumplings, prawn
balls, cuttlefish balls, seafood sticks, mini chikuwa, scallop
cakes, mushroom balls etc... We have obtained HALAL & HCCP
Certification and markets are Malaysia, Burnei, Mauritius,
Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand.

Country: Australia
Description: Exporters of wild short fin eels (Anguilla Australis)
Sized 250 grams +.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We export frozen fish incl shrimp, prawn, various
fresh-water fish @ sea-fish. We process according to the EU standard
& prefer air shipment for maintaining quality.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are exporter and buying agent of seafood. We want to
contact with seafood importer. We also make shipment by air.

Country: Sri Lanka
Description: We are a Sri Lankan Sea Food Company. We export reef
fish, tuna fish, dried shark fins and dried sea cucumber. Any other
sea food can be supplied depending on it's availability in Sri

Country: Thailand
Description: Our major business in exporting seafood products such
as soft shell crab, Shrimp, and Surimi Based-Products. We also offer
Rice and Teakwood(Tectona Grandis).

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of frozen marine products having two
facilities approved for export. Our products are: squids /
cuttlefish / octopus and shrimps

Country: Thailand
Description: We are Soft-shell crab farmer which we interested to
worldwide customers and distributors of seefood. Soft-shell crab is
becoming to popular seafood in many countries and one of American's
favorite seafood delicious.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are a big, reliable and serious fishing company in
Turkey (Izmir), which processes and exports every caliber shrimps.
At present we have a lot of stripped shrimps as follows:
Stripped shrimp (penqeus sp) 350-400 pieces (1 kg, 0 water)
250-300 pieces (1 kg, % 30-35 watery).

Country: Brazil
Description: We have been operating in Brazil since 1999 as a very
important processor and exporter of fresh and frozen tilapia fillet,
Tilapia fish. We have an extensive experience in Tilapia fish
production, as well as quality control, and HACCP Certification.
We would be pleased to send you further information - quotation
payment terms, delivery terms, lead time, and prices - upon request.

Country: Israel

Description: Recently developed an innovative computer program
specifically designed for fishpond management. The development of
"MEYDAG" came about due to an increasing need for a modern and
comprehensive management tool for Aquaculture and to provide
professional and technological solutions for a dynamic and expanding
market. MEYDAG is an essential tool which maximizes economic potential
of the fish farm, reduces risk and increases profits, and which
provides extensive reporting and analysis options.

Importproducts: Unique and patented products.

Country: Morocco

Description: We produce and export canned sardines: good quality and
competitive price.

Country: USA

Description: Marketing arm of Seafood Marketing International Plc, UK.
Multi-National company, with its Head Office in Manchester, England. It
has other factories in England and also in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Specializes in frozen Seafood Products and exports to every country In
Europe, as well as the USA. Now intent on increasing its sales into the
USA and proudly announces that it has completed the construction of its
new Processing factory in Chittagong, Bangladesh, enabling it to export
its high quality products from a source country.

Country: Oman

Description: Exporters and agents for frozen seafood, land frozen and
trawler frozen including cuttle fish, tuna and many other varieties of
fish items.

Country: China

Description: We are the biggest Chinese crawfish producer and direct
exporter till now we have built three processing factories of ourselves
which all got EU approval.

Country: Canada

Description: Fresh and frozen seafood, in all species of North Atlantic
products. Fresh/frozen groundfish, fresh/frozen shellfish, live
lobster, etc.

Country: Canada

Description: Live, fresh lobster, groundfish, saltfish.

Country: Canada

Description: Whole shell-on shrimp cooked and frozen at sea (pandalus
borealis) packaged in 5kg cartons.

Country: Canada

Description: Aspy Bay Oysters.

Country: Canada

Description: We process the following:
Cod- small, medium, and large choice cod.
Large & medium choice boned cod.
Semi-boneless cod.
Boned & bone in cod bits. Bone in cod chops, salted minced cod.
Pollock- medium & large choice, bone in pollock chops, choice boned
Cusk- semi-boneless cusk, bone-in cusk chops.
Hake- semi-boneless hake, bone-in hake chops.
Herring- smoked herring fillets, smoked split herring bloaters.

Country: Oman

Description: Processor and exporter of marine products (fresh and

Country: Canada

Description: Live Nova Scotia lobsters.

Country: India

Description: Frozen cuttlefish, squid, octopus, cut crab, deep sea
lobster, fish fillets.

Importproducts: Food processing chemicals.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are processors and exporters of frozen Top shell Meat
from the Black Sea area In Turkey. We also deal in wild mushrooms,
snail and tomato paste.

Country: India

Description: We can supply any other following items as per your order.
Frozen sea food items.
Frozen meat products.
Nuts and chips.
Home furnishing products.
Drugs and pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, herbal bath soaps, all
herbs, and spices.

Country: Czech Republic

Description: Joint-stock company belongs among the largest producers of
enamel and stainless cookware. The factory is founded in June 10, 1893.
Enameled cookware or household but for public catering too and also it
healthy enamel on the surface.

Country: India

Description: We offer fishmeal from India. We are manufacturers of
quality fishmeal best suitable for poultry, animal husbandry, pig
farms, horse breeding centers and also to Aqua culture, prawn culture
farms and many more who finds fish meal as their feed.

Importproducts: We import:
1. Chinese garlic.
2. Chinese herbal tea.
3. Palm oil.
4. Black matpe and other pulses.

Country: Indonesia

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the
leading Exporter and Agent of Canning and Frozen Seafood in Indonesia
with more than 16 years experience in various seafood products. The
company comprises of Canned Division, Frozen Division, Pasteurized
Crabmeat Division and Fish meal Division. We deal in canned product and
frozen product such as: canned baby clams, squid, crabmeat, shrimp,
snail meat/escargots, tuna, fried rice ingredients, cuttlefish and
other various fish.

Importproducts: We import scarves and other made ups.

Country: India

Description: We are suppliers of cuttle fish bone.

Country: India

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of ready-to-eat and
ready-to-cook varieties of fish products from the widest rich cost line
of Gujarat-India. We have been exporting to china and Japan, now
wanting to export to Europe and USA.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Cold storage company that located near to the fishing
ground. Red snapper, barramundi, grouper, red spot emperor, sardine,
giant threadfin are some of the fish that processed by this company.
The process that performed by this company are Fillet, WGS, WGGS, WR,
Steak, Block and IQF. This company has received HCCP certificate and
has exported it's products to many country.

Country: Peru

Description: Frozen giant squid (dosidicus gigas) tubes and or fillets,
sizes. 200-1.2 kg. Frozen squid (loligo gahy) actually not being
captured. Plant working under Haccp regulations, has authorization code
for EU.

Country: South Africa

Description: We offer marine products from South Africa:
- Fresh longline hake (merluccius capensis / paradoxus).
- Live west coast rock Lobster (jasus lalandii).
- Whole frozen Sardines (Sadinops sagax).
- Canned abalone (haliotis midae).

Country: Faroe Islands

Description: Since September/October I am appointed exporter, sales
negotiator, on fresh iced and wet salted saithe (pollachius virens) and
codfish. Can arrange supply agreements, for regular supply year round
each week 20 metric tones and more per week. Please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Country: Vietnam

Description: We are one of the leading seafood processor and exporter
of Vietnam especially for frozen products such as octopus, squid,
shrimp…. Do you know about Vietnamese fish sauce? You will have our
special offer with competitive price and reliable commitments on
delivery, quality, specification.

Country: Korea

Description: Wholesale seafood market in Korea is not only a leading
company for consignment sale from seller of foreign countries but
worldwide website for latest seafood offers(to sell-to buy).

Country: Pakistan

Description: We are the quality processor and exporter of frozen
seafood in Pakistan. We export a wide range of seafood items all over
the world. Our company is recognized by the name of sohni sea foods and
superstar enterprises. We wish to find new customers from allover the
world through your support. If you could help us in finding seafood
importers all over the world we would really appreciate this.

Country: Vietnam

Description: We mainly process and export the following products
* Shrimp (Frozen) (main product) - Giant fresh water prawn - Black
tiger (HOSO, PTO, HLSO, PD) - White / pink (PD, PUD) - Cat tiger (PD,
* Clam (Frozen boiled meat or salted clam meat) - Hamaguri - Akegai
* Hairtail.
* Baby cuttle fish.
* Baby octopus.

Country: UK

Description: Smoked salmon producer using Scottish superior grade
farmed salmon.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Was initially established to meet the demand of Seafood
from Far East and European market and gradually developed to handle
other types of products such as Frozen, Fresh, Dried and Salted Seafood
for the international markets.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are exporting various kinds of seafood, Teak and other
valuable hardwood, parquetry, sauna wood, garden furniture from

Country: India

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of
all kinds frozen seafood products under aqua pearl brand. We are having
modern equipment factory with fully hygienic conditions.
We are looking for sole importers to represent us for our products. If
you are interested please let us know.

Country: USA

Description: Buyer/seller of H/G pollock, herring, salmon, and H/G cod
mainly from Russia. In addition we can offer several products from our
own plant in South America. These products include, fishmeal, hake h/g
and fillets, shrimp and seabass.

Country: China

Description: As one of the largest import & export seafood companies in
Guangzhou, we handle with seafood for ten years. Our products include
Alaskan Pollock Fillet, Squid, PUD Shrimp, etc. All products have HACPP
Certificate. Any serious orders are warmly welcome.

Country: Peru

Description: Based in Peru, and fishes and sells chilean seabass,
grouper, yelowfin tuna, big eye tuna, mahi-mahi, percebes, scallops.

Country: India

Description: A brief note of the products we specialize in:
Whole / cleaned
Fresh water scampi
Hoso / hlso
Live & frozen lobster
Live mud crab and frozen swimming crabs
Whole / cleaned / tubes / rings / tentacles
Whole / cleaned / fillets / wings / tentacles shrimps tiger, white,
brown, parapenaeopsis stylifera, metapenaeus dobsoni
HOSO / HLSO / PUD / PD / PTO / CP fishes reefcod, seerfish, ghol, red-
white snappers, silver-black pomfrets, indian mackeral, halibut, sole,
barracuda, rohu, mrighal, pabda, eel, yellow-silver-black croakers,
japanese thread fin bream & other sea breams, big eye ilisha (kattie),
silver bar, hilsa ilisha, katla, pearlspot and many more.
In all forms.
Our clients includes European union/HACCP approved factories.

Country: USA

Description: We are major distributor and processor of salmon caviar in
United States, with market share in Europe and Japan. We also do trade
in other types of caviar and currently produce the following types of
Chum salmon caviar.
King salmon caviar.
Pink salmon caviar.
Sockeye salmon caviar.
Paddlefish caviar.
Boefin caviar.
American sturgeon caviar.

Country: Sweden

Description: Working with complete renovation or rebuilding of fish
processing machines. We have over 25 years of experience, formerly in

Country: India

Description: We can source any kind of quality seafood from India.
Offers given from EU approved quality packers only. Can offer shrimps,
cuttlefish, squids, octopus, fishes, mussels etc.

Country: India

Description: We are traders of quality seafood in India. We can arrange
to supply from some of the best EEC and HACCP approved plants in India.
Some of the products we deal are cuttlefish whole, cuttlefish cleaned,
squid whole squid whole cleaned, squid tubes, stuffed squid, baby
squid, baby octopus, shrimps, scampi.

Country: India

Description: We supply qualitative frozen seafood from India and the
middle East Asian countries throughout the world. Contact us for more
details and competitive offers.

Country: Namibia

Description: Seafrozen horse mackerel (Trachurus Trachurus) sizes
16cm+, 20 cm+ and 25cm+. Product is packed in a master carton of 30 kg
net weight. Each carton contains 3 blocks of 10 kg net weight each.
Each block is in a plastic pouch. Product is stored at minimum minus 15
degree centigrade. Each carton indicates the catching vessel's details
stamped on the end and is marked with the Namsov logo, Product of
Namibia and Frozen Horse Mackerel.

Country: India

Description: Shrimps: Headless: White/Tiger/Black Tiger/Brown/Flower/
Pink/Scampi Grades: U/5, 5/8, 8/12 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/35, 36/40 up
to 51/60.
Headon: all varieties grades: U/10, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/60, 61/70.
Pud: 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/60, 61/80., 80/120, 100/200 up to
700/1000. Pnd: U/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/35, 36/40, 41/50 up to
Whole: U/50 50/100 100/150 150/300 up to 700/1000 Fillets/Roll: U/1 ?
2/4 5/7 8/12 13/20 up to 61/80. Whole Cleaned: U/1 ? 2/4 5/7 8/12 13/20
Whole: U/3 3/6 6/10 10/20 20/40 40/60 Tubes: U/10 10/20 20/40 40/60
60/80 Tentacles & rings: assorted whole cleaned: u/10 10/20 20/40 40/60
Tubes with tentacles: tube – tentacle ratio 65:35/as per buyers rqmnt.
Pomfret – sliver/black whole- 300/400 400/500 500/600 600/700 up to
1000 Gms Salmon: 2 – 4 Kgs / Piece. Mackerel: 5- 8 Pcs & 8 – 12 Pcs.
Rohu: 500 Gms To 3000 Gms Or Gutted Iqf/Iwp 2 Kg To 4 Kg. Ribbon Fish:
100/200, up to 1000 Up. Spanish Mackerel/King Fish – 300/500 up to 2 Kg
Pearl Spot & Tilapia: Assorted.
Live Mud Crab: 250 Gms, 300, 400 & up to 500 Gms sea blue swimming
crab: 100/150 up to 300.

Country: Norway

Description: We are importing fresh and frozen Atlantic cod from
Russian trawlers. We export frozen herring, mackerel, and different
kind of white-fish to Russia and Europe. We represent Vester?len
Hermetikkfabrikk regarding export of canned cod-liver and other kind of
konserves. Please contact us for a commercial offer.

Country: USA

Description: Highest quality fresh and air dried seaweed for the
seafood, restaurant, animal feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical trade. Up
to 25% protein content. World's lowest prices. All seaweed is tank
raised from our own priority strains.

Country: Italy

Description: Processors of seafood for retail market.

Country: Estonia

Description: Trading company dealing in trade of consumer goods - food
and non-food as well. For some years past we have been done much
business with companies of former USSR, viz. Russia, Byelorussia,
Ukraine, Baltic States and other regions, where we have bonded stores
and distribution network. We have, for some years past been
successfully representing the world famous brands of foodstuffs on the
market of former USSR and have considerable experience in positioning
the goods and trade on the CIS market on former USSR republics. At
present time we has large experience in producing food-stuffs with
private label on the factories of Asia and Europe.

We are in position to offer pre-cooked frozen breaded fish fingers,
burgers, fillets producing in Estonia. Quality is excellent but
prices are lower then European.
One of the lines of our activity is trading chemicals and fertilizers.
We represent interest of biggest manufacturers of chemicals products in
Russia and Ukraine, Estonian producer of chemical PNK fertilizer Terra
Humin, Russian producer of peat for agricultural needs.
We are seeking for reliable partner which would be interested in
cooperation regarding export of the products we offer.

Country: Montecarlo

Description: Trading company representing for southern Europe Freiremar
group and Marubeni group we're well introduced in Marocco, Mauritania,
Senegal, Indonesia, China, Peru, Kenia. Opened to study any proposal.

Country: India

Description: We are a leading frozen seafood exporter and buyer agent
in India. We have been in this field for the last 20 years. We are
exporting our products mainly to Japan, U.S.A, CANADA, Europe and
Middle East. We would like to know more about your company and
products. If interested we can supply good quality material from
EEC and non EEC approved factories. We have good connection with all
leading approved processing units in India. If interested kindly
contact us for further details.

Country: Netherlands

Description: Fish and shrimp processor.

Country: Japan

Description: If you are looking for a second hand commercial fishing
vessel please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a comprehensive
listing of commercial vessels and ships that are very competitively

Country: Sultanate Of Oman

Description: The company is one of the large shareholding joint stock
companies in the Sultanate of Oman engaged in fisheries sector and
involved in the processing and marketing of fish and fish products. It
operates both in the local and international markets. The company is
also engaged in teh exploitation of Dermersal and pelagic fish
resources by deploying hired fishing trawlers from Europe and South
East Asia.
Majority of the company's products are exported to Europe, USA, Middle
East and South East Asia. Processing and cold storage facilities spread
over various parts of the Sultanate of Oman cater to the requirements
of a variety of markets. Following are the some the major quantity of
fish/species handled by us. Red snapper, kingfish, trevally, red sea
bream, groupers, gold fish, emperor, thread fin bream, croakers,
squids, grunts, bluefish, grey mullets, red mullets, rabbit fish, scad,
cuttle fish, lobsters, shrimps, parrot fish, ribbon fish, etc.

Country: Denmark

Description: We are Danish-Polish joint-stock company, situated in
Denmark with good access to the Polish market and production facilities
in Poland.

Country: Iceland

Description: One of the largest seafood producers in Iceland. The
company owns 5 trawler and 2 processing plants. The total catch quota
in Icelandic water is around 15.000 tons. The main species is cod,
redfish, saith, haddock, prawn and scallop.

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