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Agriculture products exporters database

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Country: Thailand

Description: Introducing our self as one of the leading exporters
from Asian continent, having branches all over Asia. Primarily we are
exporters of all kind of agriculture products which includes:
Frozen shrimp, canned tuna in (tomato sauces, vegetable oil),
saladien, frozen chicken, cereals, rice, frozen fruit, Canned fruit
in (syrup, or concentrate juice), vegetables (frozen, canned), all
kind of sauces, beans, cashew nuts, peanuts etc., with, packaging
which suits to your requirement.

Country: USA

Description: We puy earth moving eq.

Country: Egypt

Description: We are an Egyptian company dealing with produce and
export rice and flax fiber in Egypt, we have good quality and
competitive price, looking for importers.

Country: India

Description: We are manufactures and exporters of diesel engines
ranging from 3.5 hp to 25hp single and double cylinder air and water
cooled pumping sets from 2" x2" to 6" x 6" and gensets from 4 kva t0
15 kva single and three phase. This products are used for
agriculture, industrial and domestic purpose. Besides diesel engines
we are having our own casting and forging plants, we make any casting
and forging parts as per buyers specifications.

Country: China

Description: We are a large company working in various products Imp.
& Exp. ranging from agriculture to machinery. Now I would like to
introduce our new product: green sea camellia oil--high grade green &
healthy cooking oil. The camellia oil is taken from the seeds of
camellia in the forest and extracted with modern technology,
containing 82.3% oleic acid and over 94% unsaturated fatty. Eating it
often can prevent you from such disease as the cirrhosis of blood
vessel, hypertension, coronary heart disease and so on.

Country: Kenya

Description: We are Kenya's only horticultural portal and post offers
to sell fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers from growers in east
Africa. We are constantly looking for new markets and business leads
for our subscribers in the USA, Europe, Middle and the Far East.

Country: Brazil

Description: We are growers and exporters of very good quality fruits
in Brazil. Specially Papaya. We are looking for importers,
distributors and or buying agents.

Country: USA

Description: Beans/ lentils / berry fruit / Dates / dried fruits/
fruit puree/ IQF fruit.
Grains/ tree and ground nuts / raisin/ seeds/specialty sugars.
Third party certified organic, Consolidation services, lees than FCL

Importproducts: New Zealand and Australia certified organic, food,
beverages, and sauces. South African Dried fruit, Chinese seed and

Country: Greece

Description: Our company was established in 1972 and is specialized
in propagation of the finest Cretan Olive trees (Olea Europaea var.
microcarpa - "Coroneiki")
Cretan olive trees are well known since the ancient years for
producing the highest quality olive oil in the Mediterranean.
Decades of experience and high-end technology allow us to produce top
quality trees at reasonable prices. Export Capability: 100, 000 trees
per year.

Importproducts: One of our company's new targets are a leading
position among Greek importers of palm trees. We are therefore
looking for a palm tree supplier for a long term business
relationship, capable of exporting to Greece big quantities of high
quality Palm Trees of different sizes.

Country: Iran

Description: One of the members of Iran Horticulture produce
Exporters Union. This society produces and exports different fruits
and vegetables. This cooperative society works under inspections of
ministry of cooperatives and agricultural specialists and use modern
methods like organic products and biologic combat against pets and
plants diseases. It also uses modern packing in order to deliver its
products to international markets.

Country: Egypt

Description: We can supply superior quality with competitive price
and standard export packaging. We look forward to do business with
Marjoram 20 kg /bag
Basil 25 kg /bag
Coriander 35 kg /bag
Fenne l50 kg /bag
Chamomile flowers 12.5 kg /carton
Chamomile powder 20 kg /bag
Anise 50 kg /bag
Parsely 20 kg /bag
Parsely leaves 10 kg /bag
Dill 25 kg /bag
Spearmint leaves 5 kg /carton
Spearmint (grinder) 25 kg /bag
Peppermint (grinder) 25 kg /bag
Molokhia leaves 5 kg /bag
Molokhia (grinder) 20 kg /bag
Sunflower seeds (white) 25 kg /bag

Country: Thailand

Description: It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the
prospective exporters of Thailand supplying various types and
qualities of rice and grains to importers worldwide.
For more than 30 years experience in our domestic rice market, we
have the sufficient facilities dealing with rice. These process are
started from the milling-to sorting-to polishing and packing stages
until the consignment is ready for shipping, we can assure you that
we are in a favorable position to meet with any of your requirements
and satisfaction.
The following are our main products lines:
Thai white fragrant rice (hommali, jasmine rice) Thai white rice Thai
white broken rice Thai white glutinous rice Thai black glutinous rice
Thai red rice Thai parboiled rice Thai brown rice Thai fragrant brown

Country: Kenya

Description: We are growers and exporters to wholesalers and
retailers of assorted dry flowers in Kenya. We also produce compost
suitable for organic farming. We use our own packing material (boxes)
or your own ready made packaging material with your label. Our dried
flowers are dyed various colors, but we are flexible to dye your
color preference.
We also take orders for clay flower pots. Different designs are
accepted, minimum order not less than 50 pieces per design. We are
looking for importers of our products from all over the world. We are
ready to send colored photographs of the various flowers and clay

Country: Ecuador

Description: Our company is a producer of macroscopic and microscopic
algae for use in food industry, pharmaceutics industry and cosmetic

Country: Poland

Description: Our Company export:
- Meat (pork, beef). - Poutry: chickens, ducks, turkey geese - whole
and part, frozen or chilled.
- Canned vegetables.
- Canned meat.
We import:
- Seeds: sesame, cumin, sunflower seeds (USA or Canada origin).
- Dried fruit: raisins (Iran), figues, dates, apricots.
- Beans: soy beans non-GMO - from CANADA, white beans, yellow peas.
- Meals: soybeamn meal, fish meal.
If you can provides full specification and competitive price, please

Country: Hungary

Description: Live animals: slaughter bull, heifer, cow, calf,
pregnant heifer, milk cow, corn, animal feed.

Country: Egypt

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves, as a trading
company member of the Indian "Aditya Birla Group" of companies as
well as a sister company to "Alexandria Carbon Black" in Egypt.
We are technical agents, importers, suppliers and exporters for a
wide range of products with all grades for all industrial sectors
especially in textiles, yarns, chemical and jute...rice and orange.
In this opportunity we would like to inform you that we could supply
rice from Egypt and India and import wheat and flour wheat and bran
wheat to Egypt with a best price if you have any inquiry do not
hesitate to contact me.

Country: Russia

Description: Hereby we would like to introduce ourselves as Russian
wholly private owned import export grain trading company.
Presently we are in position to offer you feed wheat wheat, fed
barley, of Russian origin.

Country: Azerbaijan

Description: We represent firm specializing in cultivation and
exporting of licorice root of high quality. We search for real firms
importers or reliable buyer agents wishing to get or sell our
production. Licorice root from Azerbaijan, offered us, ecologically
pure, and on quality and contents of useful elements exceeds
available on the world market analogues. At that our prices rather
reasonable and you can be convinced, that they are lower existing in
the world market.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are growers and packers of fruit and vegetables
specialized in UK market but would like to expand our sales to other
European countries.

Country: Turkey

Description: Tractor spare parts for Massey Ferguson, New Holland,
Ford, Fiat, Steyr and UTB Universal Tractors. We are the dealer
company of Massey Ferguson and New Holland. At the adition to this we
are the manufacturer of tractor spare parts.

Country: Paraguay

Description: Paraguayan agro products to deliver. Certified organic
sugar, oilseeds, edible oils, timber, charcoal briquettes, cigars,
stevia, aloe vera, pickles, concentrates, yerba mate, and several
agro products.

Country: India

Description: Fresh fruits and vegetables i.e. snow peas snap sugar,
chilly, cherry tomato, capsicum, baby corn, litchi.

Importproducts: Packaging materials.

Country: Estonia

Description: Front Loader "Krabi 3405.12".
One-bucket excavator "Krabi 3409".
Cassava harvesting machine "CHM-3407".

Country: Ukraine

Description: We have a possibility to supply big wholesale lots of
pumpkin seeds to you. Our firm occupies a leading position in Ukraine
in the field of growth and sale of pumpkin seeds. Experience, gained
during 7 years of productive work, allows us to deliver products of
high quality to our clients. And this can be confirmed by our
wholesale buyers from many countries all over the world.

Importproducts: Sort: "Hundred pounds"
Price: $1450* per ton (size of a seed is 10+ millimeters)
$1400* per ton (size of a seed is 10 - 12 millimeters)
$1150* per ton (size of a seed is 8 - 10 millimeters)
Sort: "Ukrainskaya krupnoplodnaya"
Price: $1450* per ton (size of a seed is 11 + millimeters).

Country: Thailand

Description: We are the exporter from Thailand. Our business is aim
to supply the high quality of products with reasonable price, deliver
on time, and satisfied our customers to reach their satisfaction.
Main our products can be separated into 4 parts, the first one is
tropical fresh fruits and vegetables, the second one is canned foods,
the third one is frozen foods especially fruits and vegetables, and
the fourth one is rice and grains.

Country: India

Description: We are exporters of medicinal seeds, herbs, powders and
oils such as sandal wood oil, powder, jojoba oil. Our company
specialized in Aromatic plants, seeds, roots, leaves, we have
specialized research team to procure products as per the customers
requirements totally committed to product reliability and customers
services, company posses the requisite technical knowledge and
expertise to fully understand and meet your requirements honestly and

Importproducts: Medicinal seeds, herbs, powders, aromatic plants,
roots, leaves, tree seeds, sandal wood oil, powder, jojoba oil.

Country: China

Description: We have produced and exported frozen vegetables to
Europe and Japan for 20years.Our main products: carrot, asparagus,
cole, onion, burdock, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, pea pod, green
bean, broad bean, sweet corn, etc.

Country: Spain

Description: Import-export of metric oil seals.

Country: Spain

Description: We are a international trade company located in Spain.
We offer Spanish products to international markets and introduced
international products to Spanish market.
We can offer you:
- Wine, different quality, price red wines.
- White Tuna canned in olive oil.
- Frozen food: meat and cooked food.
- Salted cod and frozen cod.
- Asparagus.
- Red Pepper canned.
We have a lot of food products canned. We offer biological products,
wines processes without the assistance of agro-chemicals allow for
some of the highest quality organic wine. We also offer avocados,
citric, sweet potatoes and potatoes, mangoes, tomato, cucumber
Hollander style, beans, aubergine and courgette, all of them are
biological cultivated, classified and identified with the
particularities of the farmer.

Country: Argentina

Description: Agricultural tours to Argentina. At your selection,
grains, cattle, farms, vineyards, food industries, port facilities,
dairy, poultry, etc. Analysis and reports, investments and others.

Country: Bangladesh

Description: We involved in trading business and the field of our
activity are given below for your kind record:
A) Working as importer, distributor and agent of Internationally
reputed manufacturer for the sale of their products in Bangladesh.
Field of interest mainly poultry and feed mill (Raw Materials)
B) Exporter - mainly jute yarn.

Importproducts: Meat & bone meal, soybean meal/cake, corn gluten
meal, fish meal, yellow corn, feed supplements, mineral, additives,
premix, etc.

Country: Turkey

Description: We produce and export all kind of dried apricots at our
factory 10.000.m2, with iso-9001-2000, for the world quality.

Country: India

Description: We are an exporter from India of all agro product
globally sesame-seeds (white hulled, auto-dried), or any other

Country: Ghana

Description: Our company dealing in the following plants and plant
products for export from Ghana: Aframomum melegueta, alstonia boonei,
ananas cosmosu, arachis hypogaea, argemone mexicana, azadirachta
indica, balantines wilsoniana, beilschmiedia mannii, bixa orellana,
bridelia ferruginea, calotropis procera, cananga odorata, canarium
schweinfurthu, capparis erythrocarpos, capsicum annuum, carissa
edulis, cassiata alata, catharanthus roseus, centella asiatica,
cinnamomum camphora, cinnamomum zeylanicum, citrus species, clausena
anisata, cochlospermum tinctorium, cocos nucifera, cola nitida,
combretum micranthum, commiphora africana, copaiba salicounda,
corynanthe pachyceras, crossopteryx febrifuga, cryptolepsis
sanguinolenta, curcurma domestica, cymbopogon citradus, cymbopogon
nardus, cyperus articulatus, cyperus esculentus, cyperus rotundus,
daniella ogea, daniella oliveri, datura stramonum, dioscoreophyllum
clumminsii, elaeis guineensis, erythrophleum suaveolens, evolvulus
alsinoides, gloriosa simplex, gloriosa superba, griffonia
simplicifolia, guibourita ehie, gymnema sylvestre, holarrhena
floribunda, hyptis spicigera, hyptis suaveolens, indigofera arrecta,
indigofera hirsute, indigofera species, irvinigia gabonensis,
lawsonia inermis, lippia multiflora, lonchocarpus cyanescene, lophira
lanceolata, mammea africana, massularia acuminata, melia azedarach,
mitragyna inermis, mondora myristica, moringa oleifera, myristica
fragrance, ocimum canum, paullinia pinnata, pellegrinodendron
diphyllum, penianthus zenkeri, pentadesma butyraceum, physostigma
venenosum, picralima nitida, piliostigma thonningii, piper guineense,
plumbago zeylanica, premna hispida, rauvolfia vomitoria, renealmia
battenbergiana, rhizopora racemosa, sesame indicum, solanum nigrum,
sphenocentrum jollyanum, synsepalum dulcificum, tamarindus indicea,
tetrapleura tetraptera, thaumatococcus daniellii, tieghemella
heckelii, trachyllobium verrucosum, tribulus terrestris, vanilla
planfolia, vernonia amygdalina, vetiveria zizanioides, virtellaria
paradoxa, voacanga africana, xylopia aethiopica, zanthoxylum
xanthoxyloides, zingiber officinale.

Country: Malaysia

Description: We are looking for importers and distributors world
wide. Product - multipurpose concentrated crystalline fertilizer.
Proven suitable for all plant wheat, barley etc. Turf grass, cow
grass etc.

Country: India

Description: We are manufacturers & exporters:
1. Diesel/patrol/gasoline portable engine parts
2. Fuel injection parts
3. Tractor parts
4. Agriculture spare parts
5. Scissor jacks of all types
6. Machnical screw jacks
7. Chain saw cutter parts
8. Lawn mover and its parts
9. Hadware items
10. Threaded bar
11. Nut bolts, washers
12. Hot & cold rolled bars.

Country: Czech Republic

Description: Our company is import/export company dealing with
agricultural products - fruits, vegetables and all kinds of oil seeds
(such as poppy seed, flax seed, mustard seed). We are also active in
the trade of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Country: India

Description: Manufacturer of oil mill machineries in different
capacities. Single, double, triple chambers oil expellers from one to
35 tons oil seeds crushing. In 24 hrs, vegetable refineries,
dehullers, decorticators, neutrlisers, dsc mills for cake powder,
conveyors, elevators, copra cutters, filters (oil & chemicals).

Country: Turkey

Description: We import all kind of pulses like, lentils, beans,
chickpeas, rice and even we import walnuts.

Country: Taiwan

Description: We have been manufactures of plastic woven nets since
1967, producing nets for agriculture fields, horticulture greenhouse,
construction, etc. For example shade nets, insect screen, hail
protection net, ground cover.

Importproducts: Agricultural netting, shade nets, scaffolding nets,
weed control mat.

Country: Vietnam

Description: We are import & export all vegetable and flower seeds.

Importproducts: Watermelon, cucumber, tomato, hot chili.

Country: Hong Kong

Description: Our company is a professional supplier of Chinese garlic
and garlic seed for twenty years. Our products including: fresh
garlic, garlic seed, garlic powder, garlic flakes, granulated garlic,
fresh minced garlic, ginger, and peanut etc.

Country: India

Description: We are the leading herb growers / traders. Presently we
are dealing with coleus forskolii, withania somifera, Aloe Vera.
Contact us for your requirement with quality at any quantity.

Country: Iran

Description: We want to export eheat flour to abroad.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are professional manufacturer of irrigate system
(pipe, sprinkles, valve) and plastic machinery-mould.

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)

Description: Situated in Split, Croatia, Europe producer of healthy
delicatessen food products from Dalmatia. Has unique assortment of
salted fish specalties, olives, and olive oil - that captures the
tastes and aromas of the Mediterranean and Dalmatia. It is world of
adventure waiting for you.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Our company namely has been established 1995 and we are
engaged in the agriculture product with specially fresh vegetables
like a fresh green bean, hot chilly, gabbier, tomatoes, carrots,
broccoli, mushroom etc. and we have a some exotic fruits like a
maggots, pineapples, bananas, papaya, etc. our farming location on
west java -Indonesia.

Country: India

Description: One of leading Company in India. We are manufacturing
PVC pipes, micro irrigation, HDPE pipes, duct pipes, PVC sheets,
tissue culture, dehydrated onion, mango puree, solar etc.

Country: Australia

Description: Western Australia harvest Boronia oil. This year's crop
of Boronia Oil absolute has just been presented for market. This is a
unique and rare opportunity for suppliers to secure a reliable supply
of world class Boronia oil absolute straight from the farm gate.
Global suppliers of raw materials into the cosmetic, pharmaceutical,
aromatherapy, fragrance, food and other industries are invited to
take advantage of this opportunity.

Country: Poland

Description: We are leading Polish manufacturer of: -reversible
ploughs -conventional ploughs -culitivators -spare Parts

Country: India

Description: We are the manufacture of all kinds of spare parts of
diesel engine, tractor, automobile, compressor series.

Country: Latvia

Description: Our Company is engaged into the wholesale of fruits and
vegetables in Latvia. Now we are looking for the Supplier of fruits
from Europe, which could supply to us whosale deliveries of fruits
brought up from Europe.

Country: China

Description: Leading manufacturer of hand tools, such as axe head,
hatchet(with oak, birch, ash, fibre and hickory handle), splitting
wedge & maul, crow bar, wrecking bar, hammer
(stoning/machinist/sledge hammer), steel pick head and so on, and axe
head, hatchet, splitting wedge, hammer have been passed GS approval.

Country: Israel

Description: Import fruits & vegetables to Israel, export grapes from

Country: India

Description: We feel immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as
leading importers - exporters & reputed suppliers of medicinal herbs/
spices/ dry fruits/ vegetable seeds & herbal extracts.

Already, We are giving regular supply to many esteemed organization
like yours engaged in manufacturing: - herbal medicines, herbal
extracts, cosmetics, incense aggarbathies, r & d laboratories,
supplementary foods, health care products & many more.

Country: Egypt

Description: We are producers and exporters of essential oils, herbs,
seeds and spices. Our company is located at the heart of the
production area in Egypt "Bani-Suef" * THis means we are producers
before being exporters. Our good connections with the growers of
herbs, Well equipped processing factories and well educated stuff
enable us to provide our customers With high-quality products of 100%
Pure& Natural Essential oils and very good service so we can furnish
you with these kinds at the best possible price and quality. This
beside the very important information about the market situation and
very useful advices our customers As we wish to build long term
business relations.

Country: Sweden

Description: We are a consultant and marketing company. We help to
our customer to enter into the new markets. We work mostly with the
Middle East countries especially with Iran. We would like to make
business relationship with the importers of food stuff of different

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