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Company: "Think outside of the box"
Address: Maapilei Egoz 82
Zipcode: 67437
City: Tel-Aviv
Country: Israel
Tel: 972-577-381580
Fax: 972-3-6310511
url: http://

"Think Outside Of The Box" is a new company (we exist for less than 2 years). We had developed and we are distributing a game, which developes creative thinking. The game was initally designed for managers, but we soon discovered that young people- at school and college - are very fond of this game as well. The game is a success in Israel and we sold more than 14.000 here (Israel is a small country and this number is very impressing here). We also have distributors in U.K. U.S.A, France and other French speaking countries. We are looking for serious distributors in other countries. I am one of 2 owners of the company. The other owner is Yarin Kimor- a well-known Israeli journalist and a specialist in creative thinking.

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