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Company: Exotix CO. drinx & snax
Address: Turmus street 12 a
Zipcode: 42206
City: Netanya
Country: Israel
Tel: 00972 9 88 55 440
Fax: 00972 9 86 52 485
url: http://

On behalf of our company,EXOTIX CO. drinx & snax; Our company HQ is located in Orlando,Florida,USA.We are manufacturer of softdrinks and our products are being bottled on three different plants; Florida,California and in New York. So, for example about " The New Generation if Softdrinks " , Guarana Golly ; The products formula was developed in the US, by a Florida Corporation. The formula is based on seeds of the real GUARANA fruit,from trees of the Rainforests in Brazil, so therefore it's loaded with Natural energy. The softdrink was created in Florida, some years ago,and has slowly been building it's own place on the US.market.Furthermore was the softdrink in question ,chosen by Walt Disney World,to be represented as the beverage of the Millenium celebration and still has contact with Disney.

Our carbonated drink is soft, flavorful and energetic! It should be served cold!It can also be used as a mixer for other beverages, such as whiskey, rum,vodka or your choice of drink. It's available in 12 oz (355 ml) Cans or 2l bottles.You are most welcome to visit our website www.guaranagolly.com To sum it up; We have a great product and we are interested in distribution outside USA,as well and we turn to you to be our importer/distributor in Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa.

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