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30-08-2001 to 08-09-2001

[AE] Chemicals
[AE] Galvanized steel coil
[AE] Potato Starch
[AE] Various Chemicals
[AE] Aluminum foil for cigarette packing
[AE] BOPP Film
[AE] Calcium silicate board
[AE] Chemicals
[AE] Cigarette Paper
[AE] Paper board for cigarette packing
[AE] Potato starch
[AE] Requirment of Potato Starch
[AE] Step down transformer
[AE] Used Cigarette Packaging Machinary
[AR] Cotton tampons
[AR] Electric Heaters
[AR] Minibikes
[AR] Oil filled Radiator Heaters
[AT] 5-pocket Men-Jeans
[AT] Connector pin and socket
[AT] Innovative promotional articles
[AT] Leather garments
[AU] Computer parts
[AU] Cotton denim material in bulk
[AU] Australian Wines
[AU] Baby items
[AU] Batteries and chargers-European or US.Manufactured
[AU] Newsprint paper
[AU] Paraffinic Mineral Oil
[AU] Polymeric Service Pits
[AU] Sleepwear and kidswear fabrics
[AU] Stainless Steel Plates Laser Etched
[AU] Suiting fabrics and sleep wear
[BD] 2ND hand machine
[BD] Circular Knitting Machine
[BD] CRT (picture tube) of b&w and color TV
[BD] Machinery for composite acrylic sweater factory
[BD] 2ND machinery
[BD] Acrylic Biended Yarn, Cement Clinker
[BD] Acrylic Yarn Manufacturing Machinery
[BD] CD-R silver/silver in bulk pack./JEWEL BOX.
[BD] DBP(DI-Butyl Phthalate), VAM (Vinyl Acetate Monomer),
[BD] Garments Eyelet & Bar tek machine
[BD] Machinery and Equipment`s for salughtering Plant
[BD] Newsprint
[BD] Offset Paper
[BD] Paraffin wax
[BD] Printed Matters
[BD] Shrink Wrap packing machine, Shrink Wrap Sample packing Machine
[BD] Spare Parts of Industrial Voltage Stabilizer, Uninterruptible Power Supply
[BD] Super enamel ware, Bearing for fans (cealing), Capacitor for Fans (Cealing)
[BD] T.S.P (fertiliser)
[BD] Talking Toys
[BD] Used Looms
[BD] Used spinning mills
[BD] WARP knitting needle
[BD] Wood Seasoning & Wood Working Eqipments and Machinery
[BE] Drinking straw extruding m/c
[BE] Equipments
[BE] Equipments Urgent demand of used Construction equipments
[BE] High precision turned parts
[BE] Lether skins for upholstery
[BE] Propelled snowthrower
[BE] Regenerated polypropylene staple fibers
[BE] Safe's locks
[BE] Toluene, tri alkyl benzene
[BG] Chemical products
[BG] Diverter Valve for Countertop Water Filter
[BG] Snack & chips products, milk powder,potato flour
[BG] Paper cups
[BG] Textiles machinery
[BG] Used truck for petroleum products
[BH] Construction Equipments
[BJ] Notebook computers, mobile phones, pharmaceutical formulations
[BJ] Consumer goods
[BJ] Secondhand products
[BJ] Ssecondhand items
[BO] Full automatic pet bottle blowing machine
[BR] Fluorescent Lamps and Electronic Components
[BR] Touchscreen, Touchscreen Kiosk
[BR] Bracelet
[BR] Brass Tube
[BR] Bullet Proof Vest
[BR] Carpet
[BR] Electronic Components
[BR] Epoxi Resin
[BR] Fluorescent Lamps and Electronic Components
[BR] Laundry Equipments
[BR] PC spare parts
[BR] Red Ginseng Products
[BR] Reflective Sheeting
[BR] Semiconductor Design House (Fabless)
[BR] Touchscreen, Touchscreen Kiosk
[CA] Male Condoms
[CA] Motorolla Walky Talky Accessories
[CA] Quality wheat (1800 MT/month) wanted
[CA] Bicycle surplus
[CA] Carbon papers
[CA] Computer parts
[CA] Fruit Juices
[CA] Internet phone
[CA] Leaf Spring
[CH] Stocks
[CH] Aluminum foil for cigarette packing
[CH] Blood pressure measuring instrument
[CH] Chitosan
[CH] Diethanolamin, phosphorus trichloride, sodium hydroxide
[CH] Paper
[CH] Shuttle-cook with lum. painting
[CI] Cow medicine-anit MG4
[CM] Cosmetics pharmacuetical products underwears and garments
[CM] Garment, electronics computers,underwears watches
[CM] Computer parts
[CM] Machinery for the production of bags
[CM] Medical and industrial cases
[CM] P.V.C sheets, pvc floor carpets, rug
[CM] Skin Care,Hair Care,Dentical Care Products and Food items
[CM] Wheat
[CN] 300mt dried snow crab shell per month
[CN] Abrasive paper(silicon carbide)
[CN] Diethanolamine, phosphorus trichloride, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid.
[CN] Eee
[CN] Electrical conductive oil urgently
[CN] Fashion fabric for made in caps and hats from korea
[CN] Grinding wheel(silicon carbide),
[CN] Lanolin Natural, Ox-hoof Grease, Natural
[CN] Off-grade and waste plastic
[CN] PIR sensor, light-control switch, PIR lamp, smoke alarm etc.
[CN] Polyethylene Wax PE 130
[CN] PTT fibre
[CN] PVC scrap
[CN] PVC Tapes In Bulk
[CN] Raw Red Fox Skin
[CN] Selenium ore powder
[CN] Snow crab (chinoecetes opilio in Latin) legs shells
[CN] Toys
[CN] Washing powder products
[CN] Activated carbon
[CN] Battery
[CN] Chickens
[CN] Construction project
[CN] Conveyor belting
[CN] Cool-processing Mould Steel
[CN] Detergent powder
[CN] Diethanolamine, phosphorus trichloride, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid.
[CN] Digital camera
[CN] Electrical conductive oil urgently
[CN] Frozen mexcio squid meat
[CN] Imported machinery
[CN] Lan Card, 56K Int Fax modem(Lucent chip),IEEE1394 NIC
[CN] Metal wire and rattan wares
[CN] Nude batteries
[CN] Packing paper
[CN] Photomodule, serial eeprom, thermistor
[CN] PTT fibre
[CN] Raw Red Fox
[CN] Seaweed
[CN] Shark fin & bird net
[CN] Snow crab (chinoecetes opilio in Latin) legs shells
[CN] Sodium silicate
[CN] Used Car
[CN] Velour printed beach towels ,bath towels & face towels
[CN] Waste aluminium scraps
[CN] White oil for cosmetic products
[CO] Aquaculture accesories and aquarium products
[CO] Solar products (panels, hats, small vents-fans)
[CO] Access control and cctv
[CO] Electric Tooth Brushes: Urgently need a manufacturer
[CO] Inkjet cartridge for printers
[CO] Solar powered auto vents (fans) for cooling cars when parked outside
[CR] Bicycle parts/hand tools/bolt and nuts and t-shirts
[CR] Optical equipment and instruments
[CR] Real state in costa rica and investor oportunities
[CR] Teaching equipment
[CZ] SiC polishing paste
[DE] 3000 megatons of charcoal
[DE] Aluminium round wire
[DE] Electronic windspeed indicator
[DE] Machinery for food industry
[DE] Polo shirts, t-shirts, socks, underwear, sweaters
[DE] Stainless steel- and steel-copper wires
[DE] Steel (BER 048)
[DO] Card printing and security products
[DO] Ballet and Dance Clothes
[DO] Parafin
[DZ] Memory and CPU
[DZ] Artesian well machine and packing machine
[EE] Computer hardware
[EG] Circular Textile Machines Needles
[EG] Fishing tools and equipments.
[EG] Used cars and spare parts
[EG] 3200 mm working width 8-12 colours stork rotary printing
[EG] Circular Knitting Machines
[EG] Heat Shrinkable Joint for Telecom
[EG] Neckties, Bowties and Scarfs
[EG] Packaging Materials
[EG] Polyethylene HPDE raw material
[EG] Pre-Manufactured Yarn and Plastic Raw Materials
[EG] Refined Suger `ICUMSA 45` from anywhere
[EG] Silicon carbide to buy
[EG] Stationery and Office Furniture
[EG] Stenter machine
[EG] Textile
[EG] Used Car Motors
[ES] 50000 units of NOKIA 8210
[ES] Kraftliner and white kraftliner paper
[ES] Paper DIN A 4
[ES] Semihermetic oilfree compressors 0.8 to 3.8 bars abs.
[ES] Towels
[ES] Cebolla frita
[ES] Neoprene factory
[ES] Papel aluminio domestico
[ES] Pipe repair system
[ES] Sunflower oil
[ES] SVGA 14 monitors
[FR] Teak logs
[FR] Home decoration
[GB] Knitwear and wovem clothes
[GB] Used carpet machines
[GB] Calcium Alumina Silicate
[GB] Computer peripherals: CD`s, labels etc
[GB] Copier Paper and Newsprint
[GB] CSA cement
[GB] Rubber Balls
[GB] Self Adhesive Paper
[GB] Steel framed tarpaulin covered canopies
[GH] Pakistani Rice 25% Broken, Brazillian Sugar
[GH] Pakistani Rice 25% Broken, Brazillian Sugar
[GR] 24 volts car chargers adapters and ac/dc adapters
[GR] Rubber Tiles
[GR] Stop-police Traffic paddles
[GT] Industrial chemicals and minerals in general
[GT] Kitchenware, household and textiles
[GT] Mushrooms
[GT] Spare parts and filters
[GT] Vehicle tube and truck tires
[GU] Any gecko things
[HK] 5000 units split type air conditioner
[HK] Lens, Solution, Clearer Machine
[HK] Maxon motor
[HK] 290T nylon tafetta stocks
[HK] ABS Fashion Buttons and Polyester Lining.
[HK] Aliminium Tube
[HK] Junction brand tyres
[HK] Metal spring for toys needed
[HK] PVC Floor & Venetian Blinds
[HK] Velcro (hook and loop)
[HR] Steel wire ropes, fittings for wire ropes, chains, polyester webbing sling, [HU] Car coffee mug
[HU] Champignon
[HU] Engine rebuilding machines
[HU] Strip for electrical contacts
[ID] 2 Co line Phone.
[ID] Union ring
[ID] Used textile auto laser cutting machine
[ID] Used Textile Laser Cutting machine
[ID] 5,000 cbm Logs PangkalanBun - Calcutta
[ID] Cotton embroidery machines
[ID] Disposal Syringe with needle
[ID] Second-hand radios, TVs, tape recorders and microwaves.
[ID] Tuna LongLiner Purchase Enquiry
[ID] Urgent need for 2 Co line Phone.
[IE] Party eyemask
[IE] Plastic Travelmugs
[IL] Cash registers & barcode readers at competitive prices for importing to israel
[IL] NOKIA 8210 mobile phones
[IL] Stocklots of shoes and footwear
[IL] Four Wheel Mini Tractors
[IL] Handsfree Kit
[IL] Men, children shoes and fotwears
[IL] Scooters
[IN] `Machines for making: Stainless Steel Scrubbers` to India
[IN] 100% pure henna powder
[IN] 132 kV S/C Line (on D/c Towers) - 314 Km approximate
[IN] 220 kV D/C Line - 100 Km approximate
[IN] Allyl Estrenol
[IN] Borax
[IN] CD-RW media
[IN] Claw foot bath tub (cast iron)
[IN] Copper clad laminates.
[IN] Cryogenic Valves
[IN] Digital voice recorder
[IN] Dry dates
[IN] DVR digital voice recorders
[IN] Embossed rolls for floor designs.
[IN] Fixed Series Capacitor package for 400 KV Transmission Line at Sub-station
[IN] Gifts
[IN] Gum Rosin WW
[IN] HMS #1 as per ISRI Specs
[IN] Linen/Flax fabric immediately
[IN] Mini Refrrigerator-Automobile
[IN] Portable vcd
[IN] Re-conditioned Printing Machines of make Adast dominant 4 colour, interested
[IN] Rubber hoses
[IN] Saffron
[IN] Soda ash
[IN] Stainless Steel Scrubber making Machine
[IN] Tungsten filament manufacturers/suppliers
[IN] 14` Circumference Mooring Rope. 180Ft long. -Quantity-7 Nos
[IN] All types of polyethylene bags
[IN] Automatic blood and other blood fluid culture
[IN] Automatic fully/semi accelerometer calibration system
[IN] Automatic tuberculosis culture
[IN] Bicycle for 5 children
[IN] Breech lock heat exchangers as per data sheet
[IN] Bullet proof jackets
[IN] CAL Petroleum coke
[IN] Candy Vending machine
[IN] Car accessories
[IN] Carboxy methyl cellulose
[IN] CNC chunker
[IN] CNC turning center
[IN] Coaxial/drop cable
[IN] Computer cabinets
[IN] Computer hardware
[IN] Computer parts used/new
[IN] Computerised length measuring machine with motorized control
[IN] Degasser of copper alloys
[IN] Demulsifier - 70 MT
[IN] Digital voice recorders
[IN] Double way hydrate with SS landing valve
[IN] Dry cleaning machines
[IN] Emboss rolls
[IN] Ferromanganese
[IN] Fishing tackles
[IN] Fresh catalyst for fccu unit of petroleum refinery
[IN] Gauge block laser interferometer instrument
[IN] Gift Artciles and Novelties made from Sea Shells
[IN] Gifts
[IN] Gum Rosin WW
[IN] Haemodialysis machines
[IN] Halogen bulbs
[IN] Health care products.
[IN] High Frequency Reciprocating Ring System (Hfrr) For Testing Hsd Lubricity
[IN] High Stability 3 Phase Ac Power Source With Harmonic Generation
[IN] HMS #1 as per ISRI Specs
[IN] Kitchen knife
[IN] LD Scrap & HDPE Tarpaulins
[IN] Lead (metal)
[IN] Linen / flex fabric
[IN] Liquid Nitrogen Plant With Min. Capacity 40 Litre/Hr
[IN] Machines for making: Stainless Steel Scrubbers.
[IN] Mechanical and Electronic carousals
[IN] Melting Scrap and Aluminium Scrap
[IN] Needle Punching Machine
[IN] Non woven fabric stichbond
[IN] Nylon bristles for paint brushes
[IN] Ophtalmic operating microscopes-floor mounted-88 numbers
[IN] P.V.C. corrugated/strechable moulded pipe for sink/ basin water outlet
[IN] P.V.C. Waste Pipe moulded corrugated/strechable for sinks and basins
[IN] Pharmaceutical products
[IN] Plastics and connectors for cell phone chargers
[IN] Playing Cards
[IN] Poly Rim--- 10000 No_
[IN] Polypropylene granules
[IN] Portable vcd
[IN] Portable vcd players
[IN] PP packaging strip
[IN] PS /2 Keyboard adapter
[IN] PVC film
[IN] PVC Sheet/fabrics for Making School Bag
[IN] Raw-cotton from C.I.S countries
[IN] RBD Palm oil
[IN] Reqirement of machineary
[IN] Resinated Lignite, an Oil field chemical -650MT
[IN] Roof Stitching Wire Ropes-Use: In Coal Mines/Fields
[IN] Screw making machine of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.
[IN] Sodium Perborate 96%
[IN] Sodium sulphite solid
[IN] Spiral CT scan machine
[IN] Stainless steel wire 1.36 mm and 1.06 mm dia
[IN] Stainless strips/slit coils, sheet, hr coils, pipes
[IN] System for type testing of vibration test for powder and energy
[IN] Tetra ethylene glycole
[IN] Timber import to India
[IN] Titanium dioxide
[IN] Toilet Soap Noodles
[IN] Toys and dolls
[IN] Transformer 66/11KV
[IN] Tungsten filament
[IN] VCD portable
[IN] Vitrified high gloss ceramic floor tiles
[IN] Wools and wastes
[IR] 2 Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate
[IR] Ammonium chloride 99.5%
[IR] Optical frames , all kinds , all groups
[IR] SIMAX cookware
[IR] Used Korean monitors
[IR] Walkman, discman
[IR] Aluminum foil
[IR] Automatic Ignitor for Gas water Heater
[IR] Bridal Head Dresses
[IR] Equipment of vast phase 3
[IR] Facial and carrier tissue/fluff pulp
[IR] Laptops
[IR] Phtalic anhydride and Styrene Monomer
[IR] Secretarial of purchasing and contracts dept.
[IR] SIMAX cookwear
[IR] Used Korean monitors
[IR] Wire Rod Size 6.5MM
[IT] Fog light for cars
[IT] 100 % Pure natural latex for mattress manufacturers
[IT] Anywhere suppliers of bicycles
[IT] Device for Welding plastic tapes
[IT] Electronic material for industries
[IT] Wood
[IT] Wood garden fornitures
[JM] Display fixtures
[JO] Cosmetics and textiles
[JO] Machines
[JO] PE pipe and flange
[JO] Plastic machine-line
[JO] Bosch accessories
[JO] Graphite poles
[JO] Stainless sheets
[JO] Taxi meter
[JO] Taxi meter
[JO] Textiles and garment accessories
[JO] Used PCs and notebooks
[JP] Glass wool products suppliers
[JP] Homepage drawer
[JP] Pick proof door lock
[JP] Single use camera's shells
[JP] Brick-tile style pavement.
[JP] Conveyer chain & chain coupling w/cover
[JP] Educational wooden block toy
[JP] Electric scooter
[JP] Hotel furniture
[JP] Metal casting
[JP] Sea bream(Amadai), scabbard fish
[JP] Steel plate and stell pipe
[KE] Heavy Equipment
[KE] Medical Goods
[KE] Paper
[KE] Zyxel modems
[KH] Cassava
[KR] Amethyst and Citrin
[KR] Bamboo
[KR] Bowling balls (L/C will be open with in days)
[KR] Bowling shoes
[KR] Digital Camera
[KR] Household, bath, kitchen products
[KR] New chemical items
[KR] Non-ferrous metal
[KR] One way clutch bearing
[KR] OPP film for used tape!!
[KR] Pack bag with LED
[KR] Paint raw materials
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Portable generator-sets
[KR] Promotional products
[KR] Proximity switches and photo sensors
[KR] Recordable greeting card
[KR] Scuba diving gear bag
[KR] Small generator-sets
[KR] Soy germ
[KR] Stock lots, over products
[KR] Tectum Panel
[KR] Traffic safety products
[KR] Used Tyres and Rims
[KR] Whirpool bathtube
[KR] \`Kenko Plus\`
[KR] `Tea-Bag Packing Machine`
[KR] 10/100 network card (PCI type only), USB mini mouse.
[KR] 100 % Silk Scarves
[KR] 100% polyester spun yarn, 40`s/1 for weaving
[KR] AC/DC Motor for grinder or handdrill
[KR] Air Freshener
[KR] All type of construction equipments
[KR] Bamboo/rattan basket
[KR] Bicycle
[KR] Calcium Silicate Board
[KR] Camping products including camping acc.
[KR] Car Stereo Head
[KR] Carry shopping bag
[KR] Cigars
[KR] CNC controlled index table
[KR] Coaster (Glass Mat)
[KR] Coffee Cola
[KR] Compass
[KR] Cooling Fan
[KR] Copying paper and Art paper
[KR] Copying/Printing and Art Paper
[KR] Cotton waste for mushroom cultivation
[KR] Disposable razors
[KR] Disposal camera and personal cd player
[KR] Electric dictionery
[KR] Electric tooth brush
[KR] Electrical cord
[KR] EPS packing machinery
[KR] Extraordinary Items for selling through T.V. Home Shopping
[KR] Floating glass
[KR] Foodgrade
[KR] Glass fiber fabric
[KR] GLASSWARE - Magentis
[KR] Gum rosin & paraffin wax
[KR] Gym equipment/ Treadmill
[KR] HP Cartridge
[KR] HP Cartridge
[KR] Infrared heater
[KR] Kenko Plus
[KR] Kichenware ( vessel )
[KR] Kitchen Knife Set & Cutlery
[KR] Mechanical fan for homes
[KR] Methyl Anthranilate
[KR] MOP(muriate of potash)
[KR] Motorized skateboard
[KR] MTB style Fold bicycle.
[KR] New idea goods
[KR] Non ferrous metals
[KR] Optical frames
[KR] P&H spare parts
[KR] Paint raw materials
[KR] Paper
[KR] PET Recycle machine
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Polyester staple fiber
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Polypropylene
[KR] Proximity switches and photo sensors
[KR] PVC 2 layer for water bed making
[KR] PVC color and transparent adhesive sheet
[KR] PVC compound
[KR] Rechargeable battery
[KR] Safety triangle kits
[KR] Scallop shell
[KR] Searching CD(empty) manufactory for exporting,big quantity
[KR] Self adhesive tape to adhere to silicone rubber
[KR] Snakeboard
[KR] Stainless steel sheets
[KR] Stainless stell scrap
[KR] Stell billet
[KR] Stock
[KR] Stone cookware
[KR] Synthetic leather
[KR] Tectum Panel
[KR] Titanium dioxide pigment
[KR] Toggle, real horn
[KR] Traffic cone, safety mesh vest
[KR] TV monitor
[KR] Used Fin Press( Refrigeration)
[KR] Used Tyres and Rims
[KR] Used/scrapped pvc coated copper cable
[KR] Value tools
[KR] Various.
[KR] Veterinary finished products
[KR] Wasted non ferrous metals
[KR] Wooden products
[KW] Coton Fabrics
[KW] Arms & Ammunitions
[KW] Boilers and Pumps
[KW] Construction of water distribution project
[KW] Dancing Blanket
[KW] Generator
[KW] Generators, Pumps and DAC system
[KW] Handicap Lifts
[KW] Pipeline
[KW] Polybutylene Pipes & Fittings
[KW] Seamless Line Pipes
[KW] Sports equipment
[KW] Textile
[KW] Wheat Straw for animal feed
[LB] Fire rated door plant
[LB] HDPE bags, PE disposable gloves, plastic cups, crystal cups.
[LB] Irrigation water pump sets
[LB] Time attendance management & phone conference surveillance.
[LK] Plastic Bag Making Machine
[LK] Side Sealing Bag Machine Model No. EV26X40
[LK] Granite Block
[LK] Nylon Fish Net Yarn / Fish Net Twine
[LK] PP Resin
[LK] Rockwool and Glasswool
[LK] Web TV Set-Top Box Manufacturers
[LU] Beech lumbers
[LU] Frozen hake H&G
[LU] Ramin and sapelli lumbers
[LU] Ships
[MA] Spare Parts for Tractor
[MG] Sewing thread
[MK] Films,batteries,cameras
[MM] Heavy vehicles
[MN] Small Flour Producing Plant (500-1000kg per day)
[MN] Checking products for animals
[MU] Motorcycles
[MX] EPS processing machine, custom and block molding, screen process printing for EPS
[MY] Car Lift/ Garage Lift
[MY] Fluorescent Colour Paste
[MY] Musical Instrument
[MY] Rotary voltage selector
[MY] Various items
[MY] All Types of Paper Related Products-A4 paper, Kraft paper, Offset pape
[MY] Car Lift/ Garage Lift
[MY] Complete Equipment of Elite Riot Officer (ARMY)
[MY] Fluorescent Colour Paste
[MY] LateExamination Gloves
[MY] Noodle Making Machine, Noodle Cutter & Noodle Packaging Machine
[MY] Passport Manufacturer and Printing Machine
[NG] Aluminium extrusion, press and anopizinh plant
[NG] Bottomhole weaving machine
[NG] Business gift items
[NG] Cameras,Electronics goods, Computer (Note Book)
[NG] Computers & accessories
[NG] Executive pens
[NG] Foundry and metallurgical; laboratory and scientific equipment
[NG] Hand operated Blowing machine, Injection Machine and rope making machine
[NG] ID card printer ribbon/inkjet/toner cartridges
[NG] Machine parts and knitting needles
[NG] Mobile hand sets and asscessories
[NG] Office equipment.
[NG] Perfumed powdered laundry bulk detergent
[NG] PET bottles for pharmaceuticals
[NG] Plastic mat manufacturing machine
[NG] Ribbon for plastic ID card printers
[NG] Roller mill
[NL] Animal feed
[NL] Korean Fruit juice or concentrates
[NL] 100% Silk Ties & Angora Neatwear
[NL] 100% silk ties and angora neatwears
[NL] Baby hardware items everything excluded clothing
[NL] Bicycles
[NL] Small bulk mobile phones
[NL] SMART PDA like CellvicII
[NP] Photocopy Papers
[NP] Halogen heater,Kerosene heater and Quartz heater.
[NP] Photocopier papers
[NZ] Adhesive Tape
[NZ] Disposable cameras
[NZ] First aid dressing/ plasters/bandages
[NZ] Leather or suede string 4mm flat
[NZ] Pink salmon can
[NZ] Premium grade high density polyethylene resins
[NZ] Safety belt / motor seat belt
[NZ] SHARK energy drink
[NZ] T-shirt stud
[PA] Cu, Ni & Buying of Al
[PA] Light bulbs, wall clocks, meat grinder
[PE] Buttons
[PE] Injection plastic machine
[PE] Nylon tire cord
[PE] Steel rail
[PE] Sterile gauze
[PE] Transfer paper
[PE] Women clothing and footwear
[PE] Women clothing and footwear
[PK] 1. 170D/24F (ABT 280 TMP) RAW WHITE
[PK] Aluminium Foil, Newprints Paper, Waste Papers
[PK] Asbestos Yarn
[PK] Electric Fusues
[PK] Motorcycle parts
[PK] Nails/Cod Pins for Hair Brush
[PK] Polar fleece fabrics and fur items
[PK] Polyester yarn
[PK] SS sheets and Coils 300 series
[PK] Used biscuit plant
[PK] Used Computers , Monitors, Parts
[PK] Anti-rabbies/anti-d
[PK] Asbestos Yarn
[PK] Braiding machines
[PK] Caustic soda
[PK] Corrugation Packaging Machinery
[PK] Cosmetics,Eyelashes,Blushon,Accessorries
[PK] DAp-fertilizer
[PK] Fiber fishing boats
[PK] Gas Flow Meter
[PK] Gifts and Beauty Items
[PK] Glassfibre cloth, yarn
[PK] High Density saturating Kraft Paper
[PK] MelaminE Powder
[PK] Nylon yarn for valcro hook and loop
[PK] Oil Seeds Require
[PK] Paper waste including magzines,farma and diaries lot.
[PK] Pasta and pizzas
[PK] Pharmaceutical Chemical
[PK] Phenol Crystal
[PK] Polyester fur, coudry, jersey and fleece fabrics
[PK] Polyester staple fiber
[PK] Reactive Dyestuffs, Leather Dyestuffs and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials.
[PK] Secong hand clothing/ shoes
[PK] Telephone Cables
[PK] Textile Spinning Parts
[PK] Used machinery
[PK] Used marine engines
[PK] Yarn nylon for hook and loop fastener (Velcro tape)
[PL] Bicycles, tents, rucksacks, flippers, sleeping bags
[PL] Blowing up toys
[PL] Christmas trees decorations
[PL] Corrugated board manufacturing lines
[PL] Healthy products
[PL] Leather fancy goods
[PL] PVC floor covering
[PL] Sports and tourists articles
[PL] Wather massage unit
[PY] Packaging Machine
[RE] Wooden plank / board
[RO] 14` SVGA Monitor
[RO] Computers components. Used monitors and systems
[RO] Plastic raw materials
[RO] Raschel bags
[RO] Scrap iron
[RO] Stamping machines for aluminum lids
[RO] Used computers and monitors
[RO] Welding equipment
[RU] Optical sensor H2000
[RU] (VVO-070) Equipment for processing of deep water red crab (Chionocetes opilio)
[RU] Automobile Spare Parts and Accessories
[RU] Cassette Recorders for PC!!!
[RU] Chicken
[RU] Fishing gear
[RU] Magnetite powder
[RU] Pantyhose and stockings needed
[RU] trade refrigerating equipment
[SA] Dental equipment and supplies
[SA] CD shaping machine, CD packing machine, CD printing machine
[SA] Signale materials
[SA] Sodium silicate
[SE] Stockfabrics,stockproducts in textile, jaquardfabrics, lace,guipur,curtians,partydressfabrics
[SE] Electro-Mechanic Components
[SG] Fishing tackle, rods, reels and accessories
[SG] Needle
[SG] Scrap LDPE Surface Protection Tape
[SG] Wholesale Designer Handbags Wallets
[SG] 16`L S/S pull handle
[SG] Aluminium Hydroxide
[SG] Candies and Sweet
[SG] Cyber CDs
[SG] Diamond Core Bits
[SG] Ethylene
[SG] Facial moisturizer meter
[SG] Indutrial Gas
[SG] Knives
[SG] Machines
[SG] OEM Manufacturer to Produce Rice Cookers
[SG] Rechargeable battery
[SG] Sanitary Hardwares and Fittings
[SG] Spare Parts Scrapyards
[SG] Used/new motor vehicle - Heavy commerical trucks
[SI] Hot and cold rolled steel plates
[SI] LCD monitor
[SK] Cookers
[SK] Bicycles & parts
[SK] Cookers
[SK] Variety of merchandise
[SN] Oil meter
[SR] Agro chemicals
[SY] Street telephone and exchangers
[TH] Fuel - Ethanol production plant
[TH] Paper Bag Making Machine
[TH] Tyre, truck tyre, bus tyre, another tyre
[TH] Machinery for botton jean
[TH] S.N.
[TH] Tyre, truck tyre, bus tyre, another tyre
[TO] DVD VCD Units and Discs
[TO] Print Cartridge Refilling Station Machinery
[TO] Toilet Paper
[TO] T-Shirts, Polo Shirts
[TO] Used Printers
[TO] DVD Machines & Disc`s
[TR] CD-Rs
[TR] Legumes
[TR] Medical
[TR] Mobile phone
[TR] Products for the African Market
[TR] Sunflower Oil, Sugar and Wheat
[TR] Teas
[TR] cotton, white, quality underwear for women, men & children
[TR] ABS scrap or regrind
[TR] Agriculture
[TR] Almond
[TR] Bearing
[TR] Bluejeans
[TR] Bulk teas
[TR] Compound termoplastic for stroller wheel
[TR] Dimer acid
[TR] English learning vcd kits
[TR] Fishing tackle
[TR] Glass fiber
[TR] Grape, natural grape juice, grape concantrate
[TR] Kirkuk crude oil 1.000.000bbl
[TR] Leather products
[TR] Legumes
[TR] Match splint
[TR] Medical
[TR] Medicine
[TR] Plastic sets for baby strollers
[TR] Promotional Items
[TR] RGS eagle henna
[TR] Rubber for retread
[TR] Satin strech fabrics
[TR] Screw
[TR] SECONDHAND computers/computer components/notebooks/pr?ters
[TR] Sugar
[TR] Sugar, wheat, sunflower
[TR] Towel
[TR] Triethanolamin,Costic(G),Urea,Labsa
[TR] Wheat
[TR] Wood
[TT] Canned Salmon, Cow Ghee
[TT] Fuel Injection Pump Calibrating Test Stand
[TW] Fancy yarn
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Kitchenware - ventilator, kitchen sink, kitchen counter
[TW] Marupa, sawn timber from Brazil
[TW] Mobile Phone Case
[TW] Motherboard
[TW] Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson Mobile Phone Handy
[TW] Steam Coal from Russia
[TW] Vitamins manufacturers
[TW] White sugar
[TW] Aluminium 7005
[TW] Cheap and low quantites for stockfabrics
[TW] Circular knitting machine
[TW] Electrical testing related equipments
[TW] French Fries
[TW] Frozen Black Tiger Head On
[TW] Ice bucket
[TW] Milling and drilling machine
[TW] Mini-scooter in stock
[TW] Mobile Phone Case
[TW] Motherboard
[TW] Motherboard
[TW] P.P.yarn (DTY).
[TW] Polyester
[TW] Polyprophylene resin for bopp film.
[TW] Used motorcycles
[TZ] Maize
[TZ] Ships
[UA] Slabs
[UA] Wire galvanizing equipment
[UG] Rehabilition of 132Kv transmission line
[UG] Various type of papers
[UK] Construction earthmoving and mining equipment
[UK] Electronic components
[UK] Fabrics, curtains, upholstery, bed covers, urgs and throws
[UK] Fake fur sheepskin coats
[UK] Filter rods for cigarettes, acetate tow, plugwrap paper, carbon, plasticiser
[UK] Footwear, stationary, ready made garments
[UK] Pens kits for making wooden pens
[UK] Plastic raw material, machine for making moulds, plastic injection machine
[UK] Steel mills
[UK] Voltage switchgear, multicore cables, gas turbines for power generation
[UK] All sorts of domestic/industrial chemicals for u.k
[UK] Bluelingue fillets 4tons one shipmt
[UK] Childrenswear stocklots
[UK] Coca Cola / Diet Coke bag in box
[UK] Coca Cola / Diet Coke bag in box
[UK] CSA cement
[UK] Fresh Tuna loins
[UK] Frozen straw berry from egypt
[UK] Gold carat 24 and gold bars
[UK] Milk powder
[UK] Rubber Balls
[US] 20,000 New SVGA Monitors ASAP!
[US] 45mm Rotary Blades for cutters
[US] A MFG that can make 500+ laptops a month
[US] Ammonia Nitrate
[US] Architectural and ornamental metals
[US] Leather and tarpaulin
[US] Mahogany Doors
[US] Men`s wear
[US] Plastic covers for notebook
[US] Product/cosmetic, fragrance, beauty products
[US] Ralph Lauren Randolf Red Bedding
[US] Reflective
[US] Safety Reflector Triangle
[US] Scooters50cc
[US] Socks
[US] Stainless steel hardware for furniture-drawer pulls
[US] Thailand rice
[US] Thermal cut off components
[US] Wood kits for children. Small order $300 - $500/mo.
[US] 100 ml Crown Finish Glass Bottles
[US] Aluminum caps for cosmetic supplies
[US] Aluminum Frames for doors and windows
[US] Animal Feed Supplements
[US] Automobile Mats
[US] Baby diapers
[US] Bags - for phenolic resins
[US] Blankets
[US] CD Duplication/Replication
[US] Cloth inserted neoprene rubber
[US] Computer keyboards
[US] Conveyor chain
[US] Cooking Oil (hydrogenated)
[US] Copper Tubing
[US] Cork and cor products
[US] Dipstick or oil indicator stick
[US] Disposable baby diapers
[US] DVD`s,toys,notebook PC`s,and Tommy,fubu,nike,addidas items
[US] DVDs,and Tommy,fubu,nike,addidas items
[US] Excess inventory of pc hardware with cash
[US] Fishing Trawlers for Tuna
[US] Glass chess sets
[US] Golf Equipment
[US] Handspring Visor Prism handheld PDA
[US] Hanger
[US] Heavy machinery and equipment
[US] Human Hair Manufacturers
[US] Hydraulic hose cutting and crimping machine
[US] Import and export
[US] Japanese Furnishings
[US] Jewelry
[US] Karaoke Machine
[US] Kimono
[US] Koling Air
[US] Laminating machine
[US] Lucky sticks
[US] Medical accessory
[US] Metal suppliers and fabricators
[US] Motorcycle Front Wheels
[US] Motorcycle/AllTerrain Vehicle Accessories Wanted Immediately
[US] Mouth Piece for Baseball Players
[US] New or Used Laptops
[US] Novelty LIghters
[US] Paper- poly bags for resins
[US] Parts for Automotive
[US] Plastic and paper bags
[US] Plywood or hardwood manufactures
[US] Pocket digital camera
[US] Polyester Yarns
[US] Pork Lard
[US] Purchase Ammonia Nitrate
[US] Pure lard cubes
[US] Raised Access Flooring for Computer Rooms
[US] Raw Asbestos (Long Fiber)ISO 700
[US] Raw materials for petrochemical products.
[US] Reflective tape & triagle
[US] Refurbished PCs and Laptops
[US] Small submersible 12 volt water pumps or bildge pumps
[US] Small video cameras and miniature video transmitters
[US] Solk flowers and containers
[US] Staple fiber
[US] Steel Molds
[US] Sulphate bleached pulp
[US] Super absorbent microfiber material
[US] Sweatsuit/t-shirt/jeans
[US] Tantalite TA205
[US] Thermal cut off components
[US] Toiletries
[US] Truck Parts
[US] Uncut (Rough) Emeralds and other gems
[US] Urea
[US] Wall Coverings
[US] Wall Coverings
[US] Windmills for electric power
[US] Wood Contract Bid
[UY] Air conditioners (only split type)
[UY] Automatic Transmision
[UY] Cable TV service
[UY] Cable TV supplies for Uruguay market
[UY] Neopreno
[UY] Plastic trays for packaging (frozen food, fruits, vegetables), Plastic films for food preservation
[UY] Tempered and Floating Glass
[UY] Toys and novelties
[UZ] Packing equipment to pack with PP film.
[VE] Crude Ethanol 1 million liters
[VN] Carpet tile
[VN] Notebook Toshiba
[VN] Used machinery 85% new
[VN] Automatic Welding Machine
[VN] Beehive box & bee hang
[VN] Bolt and nut
[VN] Car used ship , breaking ship
[VN] Carpet tiles
[VN] Composting equipment
[VN] Crude squid liver Oil & squid liver powder
[VN] Crystal ( glass ) beads
[VN] Demoliship
[VN] Dyestuff (HAN-082)
[VN] Electrical Wire
[VN] Handphone sets - Brandnew & second-hand
[VN] Lather
[VN] Paper for making air filter
[VN] Processing Line
[VN] Security Equipment for Police use (HAN-085)
[VN] Survey and Hydrographics Testing Equipment
[VN] Telecommunication wire
[VN] Welded steel pipe
[VN] Welding Wire (HAN-079)
[YE] Sports equipment
[YU] Cocoa
[YU] Equipment
[YU] Medical Equipment
[ZA] Horse Mackerel
[ZA] Car Speakers ,6 inch round 3 way ,200watts
[ZA] Air pogo stics
[ZA] Blankets
[ZA] Copper
[ZA] Horse Mackerel 5KG/10KG
[ZA] Platinum
[ZA] Polypropylene
[ZA] Telephone On -Hold- Equipment (Musical)i
[ZA] Unknown
[ZM] Buses
[ZW] Motor Spares - Engine & suspension parts

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15-08-2001 to 30-08-2001

[AE] Cigarette Paper and Aluminum Foil
[AE] Paper Board
[AE] Step down transformer
[AR] Motorcycles
[AR] Bow & Arrow
[AR] Motorcycles
[AR] Oil filled radiator heaters
[AR] Wire wrapped jewellery
[AU] Spinner blade assembly
[AU] Cigarettes
[AU] Fabrics
[BD] ERW Pipe
[BD] HMS iron scrap, copper scrap, rockphosphate, fire fighting eq
[BD] Paper Machine Felts & Qires,Chemical
[BD] Printing Machine
[BD] Sodium Sulphate Salt Cake Anhydrous
[BD] Wood pulp for paper manufacturing plant
[BG] All for swimming pools
[BR] Machinery to Manufactur Small Brushes from Korea
[BR] Small Plastic Toys
[BR] Sugar in containers
[CA] Coil Springs and Pipe Hangers
[CA] Commander switches
[CA] Protein - Lactalbumin
[CA] Square d twin breakers
[CA] Thai Broken Rice
[CA] Very old square d breakers
[CH] Used monitors 14` and 15`
[CH] Ursodeoxycholic acid
[CM] Garments computers cosmetice electronics.
[CN] Liquid Crystal Thermometer Sticker
[CN] 30 different solar products for export worldwide
[CN] Cable
[CN] Japanese pigskin
[CN] Nickel mine and nickel metal
[CN] Plastic scrap
[CN] Polyethylene, polypropylene and PPR
[CN] Textile products
[CN] Thiocyanates
[CN] Tin can end
[CO] Accass control and CCTV
[CO] Computer parts
[CO] Displays and clothing hangers
[CO] Engine, chasis and transmission parts, brakes for vehicles
[CO] Inkjet cartridge for printers
[CZ] Automatic Lubricator
[DE] Amino acid as animal food additive
[DE] Computer parts
[DE] Cooking oil
[DE] Steel (BER 048)
[DO] Elactrical cables for high and middle tension
[DO] Kitchen Stuffs
[EE] Plastic bags
[EG] Under wear clothes
[EG] Energy Efficient Equipment and Materials
[EG] Marlboro Red/White-Bar Code 5-Original
[EG] Packaging Materials
[EG] Plastic beads
[EG] Refined Suger `ICUMSA 45` from anywhere
[EG] Soybean Meal
[ES] Cebolla frita
[ES] Mobile phones:Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, etc.
[ES] Paper A4 fotocopy
[ES] Pintura
[ET] Sanitary Materials
[ET] Stationery Materials
[FR] Samsung N100
[FR] All products
[FR] Fiber and waste textiles
[FR] Static paper and pmma
[GB] Calcium Alumina Silicate
[GB] Rough Diamonds, Gold, Platinum & Palladium
[GE] Amino acid as animal food additive
[GR] Polyester textile for tents,umbrellas
[HK] Lens, Solution, Clearer Machine
[ID] Doughnut Fryer
[ID] Chicken Farm Products
[ID] Cosmetic jar cream
[ID] KSBC-electric
[ID] Material
[ID] Pharmaceutical glass bottles
[ID] Weights for asphalt
[ID] Wireless hands free for handphone/mobilephone
[IL] 2-way radios
[IL] Electric bicycle
[IL] Noise cancellation headphone
[IN] CCTV Cameras,
[IN] Chinese 1/3 color and black and white board cameras
[IN] Spring coiling mac, plasic moulds,hose clamps making machines [IN] Bible Paper
[IN] Acrylonitrile bulk
[IN] Base Oil & lubricating oils.
[IN] Calcined petroleum coke
[IN] Chinese 1/3 color and black and white board cameras
[IN] CNC boring machine with swarf removal
[IN] CNC chucker
[IN] CNC spot welding machine complete
[IN] CNC turining center
[IN] Cord conveyor belting 1500MM wide -2.3 KM
[IN] EFSW PIPES IS-3589 GR. 410 Size 20` to 36`
[IN] Ferromanganese
[IN] Fuel for Cetane Engine
[IN] Inmotion pitless electronic weigh bridge
[IN] M.T.M.O.P.-- 10,000MT
[IN] -N/N belt total strength1200/270Kg
[IN] Reference Fuel for Cetane Engine
[IN] Rhodes Grass Seed
[IN] Spectometer
[IN] Stainless steel welding electrodes and wires
[IN] Steel cord conveyor belting 1500MM wide ST 1600 with cover 14MM
[IN] Stell bare line pipes
[IN] Tablets- pyridostigmine bromide
[IN] Umbrella Cloth
[IR] Citric acid momo
[IR] Commerce GuestBook-machinery for sleeves labeling system
[IR] Diagnostic kits
[IR] Extractors
[IR] Fuel injector pump
[IR] Laptops
[IR] Phtalic anhydride and Styrene Monomer
[IT] Wood
[JO] Car Wash Machine
[JO] Artificial leather
[JO] Carbon steel exchanger
[JO] Computer monitor
[JO] Corn starch
[JO] Furfural
[JO] Medical and lab
[JO] Mesuring instruments
[JO] Paper and paper machine
[JO] Plants and machines
[JO] Polyester staple fiber
[JO] Satellite digital receivers
[JO] Silk acetate and non-woven fabrics
[JO] Tools for heat exchangers
[JP] Cement mixer and cement transportation pump
[JP] screw type pump
[JP] Abrasive products for DIY
[JP] Cement mixer and cement transportation pump
[JP] Hai cutting Razor Blade and Simple Razor Blade
[JP] Hardware
[JP] Non-ferrous metals
[JP] Nonwoven abrasive pva sheet
[JP] Screw type pump
[JP] Wire mesh
[JP] Worm gear speed reducer, conveyer chain
[KE] Ultrasoft polyproplyene sheets
[KR] Genuine HP inks
[KR] PET bottle and preform
[KR] Secondhand Auto Parts Mold
[KR] `Value tools `
[KR] Air bed & jet pump (from china,ugent)
[KR] Air bed with pump
[KR] Amethyst, Citrin, Agate
[KR] Baby strollers / Jogging strollers
[KR] Budlding materials
[KR] Canned fruits and all kind of nuts
[KR] Car Stereo Head
[KR] Cement Sand Making Machine
[KR] Cola & cidar
[KR] Commerce-Banner Advertising.
[KR] EPS packing machinery
[KR] EVA mat
[KR] Fishing goods (lures, kooks, floats, lead sinker, rods
[KR] Flexible pencil
[KR] Garments, apparel, clothing
[KR] Genuine HP inks
[KR] GSM cell phone
[KR] GSM mobile phone
[KR] Halogen heater & Halogen lamp
[KR] Japanese steel scrap
[KR] Li-ion Rechargeble Button Cell Battery
[KR] Mini-Magnetic Massager
[KR] Mother tubes for pipe & tubes
[KR] Paper Board
[KR] Paper Product
[KR] Phase change material
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Plastic scrap
[KR] Production line of DC motors for automotive parts
[KR] Sodium lauryl sulphate
[KR] Sweater
[KR] Talc
[KR] Titanium dioxide pigment
[KR] Toy
[KR] Tuna (big eyes & yellow fin)
[KR] Used / scrapped pvc coated copper cable
[KR] Used cigarette packaging machinary
[KR] Used cigarette packaging machinary
[KR] Used metal moulds
[KR] Used Motorola Microtac Phones
[KR] Used Tyres and Rims
[KR] Wireless cb radio
[KW] Polyelycols
[KW] Big order of plastic thermos
[KW] Dry Hay
[KW] Machinery for the production of vacuum blood cllecting tube
[KW] Polyelycols
[LB] Different items.
[LB] Hotel door access controls
[LB] Automatic pick and place surface mount machine
[LB] Material (textile) for various sports items
[LK] Medical Equipment - Dental Chairs and E.C.G. Recorders
[LK] Re-Chargeble Lanterns/ Torches - Electric or Solar.
[LK] Engineering Equipment / Special Equipment
[LK] Metal Arch Underpass
[LK] Mobilephones ( handphones)
[LK] Plastic Pallet and Plastic Casing
[LK] Writing Paper
[MN] Used home appliances
[MN] Used or new equipments for under ground garage....
[MN] Winter sports related used or new equipments and boots
[MT] Settings for diamond jewellery
[MY] Military and Fire Fighting Equipment
[NG] Kenekalon, TV-RON & TAYO Fibers
[NG] Autoparts
[NG] Computer parts, mobile phone parts
[NG] Strong adhesive for shoes
[NG] Traffic/road caution lighting and display
[NP] Khukuri gurkha knife
[NP] Paper
[NZ] Flashing Paper neon Sign
[NZ] Corona Beer
[NZ] Machines
[PE] PET textile grade chips
[PE] Clothing
[PE] Coaxial connectors
[PE] Front shovel loader
[PE] Fusing machine
[PE] Key blank making machine
[PE] Polyester and pronting machine for textiles
[PK] Beauty + nutrition products swiss made only
[PK] Bolonder powder
[PK] CD-R Making Machines
[PK] DAP-fertilizer
[PL] Copper clad laminate (for printed circuits)
[PR] Snake boards
[PY] Television
[RO] Used computers and monitors
[RU] Phones CDMA
[SA] Detergent raw materials
[SE] False Eye Lashes, False Nails and Nail Files
[SE] Household- hobby and repair glues
[SR] Restaurant machine such as a \` chow-mein machine \`
[TH] CNG/diesel duel fuel conversion kit
[TR] Atactic Polypropylen
[TR] Brake Disks
[TR] Car spare parts moulds
[TR] Citric acid monohydrate BP93
[TR] Curtain
[TR] Machinery for wooden ice-cream sticks
[TR] Paintball
[TR] PP Type J-700
[TR] RGS eagle henna
[TR] Second Hand Pfaff 563 Sewing machines
[TR] Vynilacetat monometer, butyl acrylate
[TW] Monitors LCD/TFT (Best Prices)
[TW] Cordless drill distributors
[TW] Liquid Crystal Thermometer Sticker
[TW] Natural 100% pure henna powder
[TW] Plastic Injection Molding Machines.
[UK] Childrenswear stocklots
[UK] Lundry film/dry cleaning bag, resealable bag
[UK] Abrasives, garage hand tools, power tools
[UK] Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom appliances
[UK] Blue lingue filleted 4 tons to fra
[UK] Blue lingue from icelandic/faroe island urgently
[UK] Childrenswear stocklots
[UK] Condensed milk from australia sought for tofee mfr
[UK] Cooked crab claws
[UK] Photographic Equipment And Accessories
[US] Corrugated Box and Paper Machinery
[US] DIFCO Antiserum - E Coli Salmonella Shigella more
[US] Home entertainment equipment
[US] Lead
[US] Scrap/waste paper
[US] Stainless Steel wire mesh
[US] Sterling silver jewellery
[US] 50,000 lbs paraffin wax
[US] Abaca fibres
[US] Alloy Castings
[US] Aluminum Scooters
[US] CDA 102 copper tube
[US] Construction Materials
[US] Corrugated Box and Paper Machinery
[US] Demand Bags
[US] Exclusive products
[US] Hands Phone, Cellular and Accesories
[US] Hewlett Packard Pavilion desktops
[US] Home entertainment equipment
[US] Motor oil / Brake fluid / Small parts
[US] Newly invented health, medical products
[US] Packaging
[US] Screen printer, t-shirt printer and presses
[US] Silicon bronze tube/pipe
[US] Solid color tams
[US] Stainless Steel wire mesh
[US] Steel products
[US] Store returned bedsheets, pillowcases, comforters
[US] Table Grape
[US] Trimmer Line
[UY] Emergency phone for elevatores or hands-free emergency phone for use in elevators
[UY] Electronic Gruops
[UY] Manioc Starch
[UY] Medicines for cancer treatment (Chemotherapy)
[UY] Paradiclorobenceno
[UY] Tires crushers machinery for apply in recycle use
[UZ] Production line to produce cotton yarn.
[VE] Polypropylene
[VE] Chemical products
[VE] Medical and surgical supplies
[VN] Crystal Jewelry
[VN] Electric Cooker
[VN] Felspar Mine Exploiting Machine
[VN] Inventories
[VN] Magnetic recordable part contained inside 1.4MB floppy disc
[VN] Spare parts and consumables for copying machines
[VN] Stocked Goods
[VN] Welding Wire
[YE] Motorcycle helmets
[ZA] Telecommunication product
[ZA] Gold Bullion
[ZA] Rough Diamonts
[ZA] Toiletries

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